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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 9, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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police chase through the streets of philadelphia 90 minutes ago. a woman tried to run down cops and officers had to open fire. this thursday night, jim is off. i'm brian taff. the big story on "action news" is that police involved shooting in the port richmond section. let's get to bob brooks live at ann and richmond street where the crash came to a grinding conclusion, bob. >> reporter: brian, good evening. this was the end of the road. look behind me. you will see the violent ending. the big-time impact between the jeep. it was reported stolen in the police van. before all this happened, we were told there was another scene with the suspect of that jeep, a woman tried to ram other police cruisers and run over officers before she led them to this point here. this is ann street and richmond street. this is where it started. this is where it ended, excuse
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me, but it started at e street in clearfield. again, that jeep was reported stolen. it was spotted there. officers tried to pull it over, but the woman inside tried to run officers over. it prompted the cops on scene to open fire. she got away from that scene, led police on a brief high-speed chase here to ann street in richmond. before that, the suspect collided. a witness heard the whole thing go down. let's hear what she had to say. >> oh, yeah. very fast, high speed. there was, like -- flying down richmond street. scary. i went in the house because i was afraid. >> reporter: back out live here, you can see how much force had to have happened between the two vehicles for the jeep to end up like that. the good news is, none of the officers are hurt. no reports of officers hurt.
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as for the suspect inside, she was taken to a local hospital. she has minor injuries and has been placed under arrest. live in richmond, bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the morning team is on starting at 4:30 tomorrow. they have a latest overnight details on this breaking story. huddle up. we have news to tell you tonight. temperatures nearly broke a 77-year-old record. the heat wave is only half way done. it's sweltering inside many school buildings. the school district sent everybody home today. the public schools will be dismissed early at noon tomorrow. public, after school and athletic activities are canceled for tomorrow. we have the sweltering details. cecily? >> temperatures in record territory. the first line, they were the highs today. the second, the records and across the board, temperatures
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within one degree of the record high except for trenton. trenton tieing the record high of 95 set back in 1939. philadelphia, the record 96 also in 139. tomorrow's record high, 94, back in 1884, we will likely break that. then, these are the numbers that are important. this is how it felt today when you combined the heat with the dew point in the 70s. heat index soaring above 100 in many locations. it was oppressive. we have two more days before things change. satellite 6 showing there is a cold front trying to move down from the north. a broken line of showers and thunderstorms, but they are really beginning to fizzle out. that front will stall to the north tomorrow. what that means, we have another day of oppressive heat and humidity. the heat advisory has been
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extended until 6:00 tomorrow evening for most of the viewing area. i think it will be extended through saturday. the reason why future tracker is showing the heat index around 5:00, once again, near 100 degrees. i amtraking actual fall-like weather on the way. i'll let you know when in the accuweather seven day forecast. >> thank you. near record heat plus the humidity made fires oppressive in atlantic city. four firefighters were overcome by the conditions and transported to the hospital suffering heat exhaustion. all have been treated and released. they do not yet know the cause. now an "action news" exclusive. we told you about an off-duty camden county sheriff's deputy accused of a shocking case of road rage. the victim who says the angry officer pointed his gun at her. dann cuellar is live with the
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exclusive details tonight. dann? >> reporter: brian, after talking with state police, the victim gave her story exclusively to "action news." out of fear for her life, she asked we not show her face or give her name. >> when i found out it's a cop, it's a sheriff, i mean, i don't know what to do now. >> reporter: the 25-year-old victim says it was the morning of august 1st at 11:30 driving southbound on i-95 around mile marker 22. a man in a blue dodge dakota started honking at her like she was going too slow or something. >> he stuck his middle finger up. >> reporter: she shrugs her shoulders and the man scrambles for something and brandishes a handgun. >> he grabs the gun and says i'll shoot you. i slowed down. then i grabbed my phone. he was speeding up. as soon as he seen that. >> reporter: she managed to get
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the new jersey sticker on the truck. the police later arrested mcdonald, a man who happens to be a deputy with the sheriff's office. something the victim did not know. >> i didn't know he was a cop. i thought he was a regular guy having road rage or something. >> reporter: that makes the victim and family more nervous. >> my nerves are so bad, i don't know what to do. i fear for my life right now. i fear for my life. >> this is a cop, somebody that is supposed to be protecting us. >> reporter: deputy mcdonald has been suspended from the camden county sheriff's office pending aen investigation of the alleged incident on i-95. he turned himself in on charges of terroristic threats, position of a crime and released on bail after forposting 2$2500.
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i'm dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the arrest of two teenagers in bucks county cleared for thefts in philadelphia. james woodman and a 17-year-old were arrested in ben salem after a woman caught them breaking into her house earlier this morning. the pair carried out a string of thefts overnight. they took items from three dozen vehicles. police recovered stolen minivans and trucks. a truck spill on i-95 makes a lot of cents, literally. blank pennies were enroute to the philadelphia mint. clean up caused lanes along northbound 95 to be shut down for 13 hours today. at the split for eastbound i-295. the driver was able to pull out
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with minor injuries. they cited the 25-year-old. what to do with all the loose change? crews swept it up by hand and used a large vacuum cleaner to siphon up the remaining coins. a teen was clearly amused when he posted a video online hoping it would go viral. it did. tonight, the boy is likely not laughing out loud. it shows him luring a cat, which he proceeds to punch. now the teen is reeling. "action news" reporter, christie ileto has the story. >> reporter: they began investigating the incident earlier in the week after the video went viral. it got hundreds of thousands of views before being yanked off facebook. a teen recorded punching a cat on camera and posted it on his social media account. he spent the final days bragging
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about loads of friend requests and video views. one person asked why he hit the cat. he responded implying because it was ugly. >> oh, my gosh. oh, wow. >> reporter: it sparks this reaction from pet owners after the video was posted to "action news" facebook. >> it makes me cringe. >> reporter: delaware public health verified an investigation has been opened on the incident. the athletic director in newark confirmed to "action news" the teen in the video is a 15-year-old sophomore and was suspended from the football team for two weeks after the head coach learned about the posting. >> horrific. i can't believe a kid is doing that. >> it upset me very much. >> i think of my pet as a family member. so, would i go and hit a family member for no good reason? no. >> reporter: we did reach out to the author. our messages were not returned before the story aired.
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christie ileto channel 6 "action news." philadelphia city council was back in session today for the first time since the summer break. the big story is not what was on the agenda. it is the first time we heard from the majority leader. the fbi raided city hall last month. the investigation is part of a sweeping probe into an electrical bond. the focus is on possible misuse of union finances surrounding political campaign. he has not been contacted by law enforcement. >> my office will continue to serve the city of philadelphia. going to serve them with great pride and great dignity. >> a spokesperson declined to comment to "action news" today. seven democratic candidates challenging the incumbent tonight. a league of women's voters hosted this final debate. voters go to the polls tuesday, september 13.
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he declined to participate in the debate. allentown police will get pay raises. they settled on a deal and offers ppo health care plan. it could save the city $300,000 on health costs in the first year. 3% and 3.5% is more than the city wanted, but more than the fop requested. ♪ for the land of the free -- >> just a couple days away from the 15th anniversary of 9/11. the tributes have already begun. american flags flying to pope john paul ii high school. tonight's ceremony honored law enforcement and first responders for their dedication to service and a bagpiper performed.
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a new school year for a new school. the ribbon was cut on the elementary. it first opened in 1964. a brand-new building to replace the ageing structure that once sat there. it will serve students in middletown. it's part of the consolidation plan. still ahead here on "action news" at 11:00, coming in as the fifth north korean nuclear test plus, rockets red glare. a nasa space crash and a date with an asteroid. what it plans to do when it gets here. more than 5,000 wells fargo employees get the ax for a fraud that may have affected you. two days into heat wave number seven. two more to go, then welcome changes on the way. details in the accuweather seven day forecast. >> ducis rodgers hear from
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eagles, fans and players alike. expectations when "action news" continues. narrator: terrorism here at home.
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fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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breaking news out of north korea tonight. a south korean news agency is reporting artificial seismic waves in the nuclear test site. it's a strong indication p i don't think -- north korea conducted four tests earlier this year. part of it a push for a nuclear armed missile that could one day meech the u.s. mainland. 45 people are spending this night dangling high above the alps. the cable car is stuck and not
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everyone could be rescued before the point of being dangerous. helicopters were used to get the 65 people off the cable. it connects italy and france. as for the people still trapped in the chilly mountain air, they were provided with blankets, food and water to get through the night. 5300 wells fargo employees were fired. they opened millions of unauthorized accounts for customers to meet aggressive sales goals. wells fargo must pay $185 million fine. bank officials say they have refunded $2.6 million in fees associated with products that were open without customer authorization. now to the race for the white house tonight. it was a third party candidate making headlines today. libertarian candidate, gary
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johnson made a misstep in a television interview when questioned about aleppo, the syrian city in question about the refugee crisis. he said what is aleppo. he later tried to clarify. >> no excuse. i was thinking in terms of am anymore, aleppo. >> it's a disqualifying statement. >> fair enough. fair enough. >> in the meantime, green party candidate, jill stein campaigned in chicago. trespassing and criminal mischief in chicago on tuesday. hillary clinton said tonight she does not want the final weeks of the campaign focused on republican donald trump. clinton will give a series of speeches promoting a positive message. i began in kansas city, missouri at the national baptist convention. trump repeated his incorrect claim he opposed the war in iraq from the beginning.
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the republican campaigned in cleveland today. the scrutiny as he attacks clinton voting to authorize the war while in the senate. trump gave her a new nickname calling clinton quote, trigger happy hillary. lift off. seven year -- >> nasa's most ambitious mission blasted off tonight at cape canaveral. >> bringing back pieces of the asteroid to earth. the 4 billion mile round trip will take seven years. get two ounces of dust and gravel. the spacecraft will essential l vacuum it off. it dates back 4.5 billion years, the beginning of our solar system. incredible what the scientists are able to do. and what they can get out of two ounces. >> more than two ounces.
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come on. listen, we have serious weather coming our way. >> yes, two more days of oppressive heat and humidity and relief on the way. we are half way there. >> half way? >> half way. live double scan showing there is a cold front to the north and west. the problem, it's stalling out. you can even see the showers. they are trying to move to the southeast, really beginning to break up, which is a shame. we desperately need the rain. it's been a very dry summer. the past three weeks, philadelphia recording less than a half inch of rain. we have to go all the way back to july 25th for a storm that provided more than an inch of rain. we could use rain. not much in the seven day forecast. although, there's plenty of moisture, but stuck in the air. dew point 73 in philadelphia. dover 76. that's tropical. millville 75. then factor that with the temperature, the heat index, the
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way it feels, 92 degrees at 11:20 at night. it feels that oppressive. temperatures not cooling off much at all tonight. tomorrow, the bus stop forecast, calm winds and soupy air. so, the kids should dress for summer, if they can at 6:00, 78 degrees. by 8:00, already 80 degrees and tomorrow temperatures likely will hit a record high of 95, beating the record high of 94 set back in 1884. the heat index about 100 degrees. then the heat and humidity will intensify on saturday, ahead of a cold front, 96 degrees. the heat index, 103. the cold front moves through saturday night. could bring scattered showers and thunderstorms. not a lot of moisture with it. high pressure builds in. that will bring up lower humidity as we head through the day sunday and a beautiful start to early next week.
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the heat and humidity will be moving out. exclusive accuweather forecast. it will be sticky. scattered thunderstorm possible. the best chance north of philadelphia. poconos 95 degrees saturday. hot and steamy. 96 degrees, thunderstorms possible. overnight saturday and sunday will be a transition day, waking up with clouds. then sunshine is back by the afternoon. the humidity lowering. 88 degrees. if you are heading to the eagles game it should be nice. kick off temperature 84 degrees by the fourth quarter, 86 degrees, lower humidity. a good afternoon for tailgating. monday crystal clear skies, low humidity. we warm up to 86 an tuesday. wednesday could touch 90 degrees again. not talking about a heat wave. thursday, temperatures drop down to 79 degrees. september 15, the normal high is 78. the temperatures will be dropping around normal.
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right now, it feels more like july than september. relief is on the way. >> thank you, cecily. today marks the solidarity day for world heritage cities across the globe. member cities -- commemorating the event. international nonprofit that
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>> ducis rodgers is along now. do you have plans on sunday? >> yeah. we are all anxious to see what the team looks like, especially the young quarterback in carson wentz. babtism by fire is what he's into against the browns. the rookie will start the opener against cleveland. wentz has impressed the coaching staff from the moment he was drafted. the birds say he is ready for this big moment. >> exciting for me just to go into the season right now, say, okay, you know, nobody is talking about us. nobody respects us. great. i could kill it because the fact
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that we have to go out there, you know, line up and play football. >> talking about people not picking the eagles to do well. the addition of schwartz helped. the birds gave up rushing yards. shar schwartz says it's not a big deal. >> i don't carry those with me, man. i think it goes to what we talked about with the defensive line and what we saw from some of those guys. yeah, there's positive signs. yeah, we show them signs that we can execute and we are trending in the right direction. but, you know, let's note get ahead of yourselves. >> still ahead, in massachusetts on the eve of the hall
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the phillies road trip takes them to d.c. it is not a good thing. the phillies lost their last nine meetings with them. the phils bring the big boy bats to the yard. third inning, bourjos, a solo home run. they lead, 1-0. howard up with two men on. that is gone as well. his 21st long ball of the season. gives the phillies a 4-0
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advantage. harper in the fourth inning. asher picking the first game. 6-4. gomez pitches, they win 4-1, the first win in ten games against the mets. iverson will score the biggest score of his life. he'll be enducted into the basketball hall of fame. iverson showed up late. would you have it any other way. he will be enducted along shaquille o'neal. >> i used to brag to my friends and say, you know, like, after we play the lakers, you know, see shaq. try to get that. i put that high up on the glass. you know what i mean? that gave me added confidence.
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>> semifinals at the u.s. open. serena williams does not have it tonight. she's battling a knee injury. the last match 90 minutes. number one ranked. we saw venus earlier. the williams killer. jimmy kimmel live next. his guest is tom hanks. "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, jim gardner and the entire "action news" team, i'm brian taff. hope you have a great night tonight. see you tomorrow. p?p?o?gv
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