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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  WPVI  September 18, 2016 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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tonight on sports sunday, the eagles are in chicago, ready for a battle with the bears. >> i grew up watching monday night football. >> a guy like you? >> always pressure. >> reporter: i's monday night football, national tv and the national spotlight is on quarterback carson wentz. we go one-on-one with the eagles rookie. >> how far? >> we'll see what happens. we have to play monday night football in chicago. >> the focus is on more than football monday night as malcolm jenkins plans to make a statement on social injustice. >> cameras in my face. that's what keeps this conversation going. >> once they kick off, i's about the pig skin, not politic, just ask this guy.
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>> i am a bears fan. announcer: this is "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. how about president barack obama hearing some boos in philadelphia this week after saying he's a bears fan. let's kick off "action news" sports i'm jeff skversky with mike missanelli. obama likes the bears on monday night. what is your opinion? do you like the eagles or do you like the bears? >> i am very leery of this game. >> why? >> because jay cutler is a guy that can get the ball down the field. their quarterback right now, kell is going to be out. >> eagles/bears monday night. ducis rodgers is with the team in chicago tonight. >> reporter: the bears and the
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nation will soon see what the fuss is about. the eagles in chicago as one of the most talked about teams in the nfl. the birds arrived in the chicago area this afternoon. they are a confident bunch. they should be. carson wentz looked good and was named the rookie of the week and he has earned the trust of teammates. >> he's ready for any moment, but we'll see. >> houw mature does he seem to be? >> very mature. he put in work like everyone else. >> reporter: playing monday night is a new experience for wentz. not for the veterans. >> i grew up watching monday night football. we are here. you know, going into my dent year, but still exciting. >> reporter: when wentz walked in, there were plenty of eagles
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fans, but they can't recognize him. i'm ducis rodgers. back to you. >> didn't recognize wentz. the president of the united states, the vice president trying to convince barack obama to get on the wentz wagon. mike, are you on the wentz wagon? >> of course. how could you not be? he recognized things. he has the kill play early on. looks like he can do defense. i think the bears, in this game, are going to apply different kind of pressure. the blitz cleveland was using was not working. they are going to form exotic foundations for their quarterback. >> he was good in the bear game. the bigger issue, they won't have zach. how much does that change things for wentz? >> trey burke has to step up. i's a matter of confidence and trusting your players.
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they will use an offensive line man in other ways. they had matt coming in. if they can protect wentz, why not do the same thing as last week. i think there's going to be a blitz he doesn't recognize. >> let's go back to ducis rodgers, one-on-one with carson wentz. >> monday night football, i imagine as a kid you watched it. what do you think it will be like monday night, on the road in chicago. >> an awesome atmosphere. that's what we are expecting, a prime time game. i grew up watching it. i was excited to turn it on. i'm going to play in it. it's cool. we have to win it. >> i know you are a team first guy, but what has this been like for you? >> get on the wentz wagon. >> reporter: the president mentioned your name.
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what is it like for you? >> crazy how much we block it out and focus to win the week and ball games. i'm not oblivious, people are texting me and calling me names. the goal is to beat chicago. >> how far can the team go? >> we'll see what happens. we have to play monday night football. we'll see. >> come on, carson. come on. >> due sis trying to get him. >> one guy mentioned the sb word, just one person. a lot of callers last week were on the nfc east wagon where they they they can be a contender. i can't look at a game against the cleveland browns and say they can't be a contender. i hope they can be. i have to see more. >> as good as wentz looked, not
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everyone will go on board. espnage cyst will change. after watching wentz, he's now on board. >> you should get excited about carson wentz. i was a sensational performance. the first start of his rookie season and a guy that only played one pre-season game. how can you not project it as being a positive. >> it's game one. everybody gets embarrassed now and then. if you look at the building block, it's the waushg. you have to feel good. long term selection of the philadelphia eagles. >> even wentz said he's not naive to think every week will be smooth sailing. still to come, more eagles. jenkins plans to protest it.
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we'll talk about that and go one-on-one with doug pearson. the first coach to start a 2-0. announcer: "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. not only the eagles plan to
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make a statement against the
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bears, but jenkins says he will make a statement during the national anthem. colin kaepernick started to raise awareness for social enjustice. he spoke to coach pederson. as long as it's not a distraction, he doesn't have an issue with it. do you think this could divide the eagles team? >> i don't think so. it's well established. guys that want to protest are following the right to protest. it won't be a distraction. especially the guys that are well respected on the team. i'm pro-protest. i like that they are doing that. the one thing i would like to see now is take it up a step and be proactive donating time, money and efforts to fight social injustice. >> he says i's not a protest against the police, military or the flag, he just wants
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equality. >> has nothing to do with the military and the flag. but, it is a way -- we understand people get upset. that's part of it. that's what makes you guys with the cameras in my face and keeps the conversation going. so, sometimes you have a lot to go through. >> you don't think this will rock the boat. brandon graham and others will not participate. jenkins is standing up for what he believes in. pederson is okay with it. pederson aced week one, early estimating his coaching ability. >> i don't know, jeff. that's got to continue over a longer period of time. he hasn't made a mistake yet. we looked at errors of time management. he looked cool. i thought he was the mvp of game one. great play call. plays with team strength, which
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is a really good asset. so far, so good. >> we go one-on-one with coach pederson. >> it is a touchdown for chicago. >> he beat the bears on monday night football. how much different is the challenge? >> search for something. that crowd at soldier field can be very loud. jay cutler, the quarterback, gets hot and very -- he can beat you. defensively, i have fans or group. they can get up to the passer. e's a different set of challenges from the week before. at the same time --
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>> that was the philosophy. >> obviously. you want to win the battles. they are going to lose lain johnson. cutler stink. he maybes all kind of mistakes, but he is 7-3 against jim schwartz. 7-3 against the eagles, defensive coordinator. pederson is the best coordinator, jim schwartz for the waushg, jay cutler. this is a major story line. is getting to jay cutler the key to the game? >> jay cutler has had great sum sesz cht cutler is 7-3 in those game, worth 16 touch doup passes and five intersections. that was sacking him 28 times.
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they got to cutler, but didn't get to him in the critical situations. he has a strong arm and awareness to know when to deliver the football in critical situations. that hurt schwartz with the lions. i think that's a match up problem for the eagles in this game. >> he is on the same page. >> i like it. >> 7-3. he had the 7-3 stat in his head. >> maybe we can get on the same page. still to come on sports sunday, looking to bring the heat. wentz not the only quarterback turning heads. more sports, next.
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seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. sunday. all eyes on carson wentz.
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the eagles defense will have their eyes on jay cutler, who under pressure last week was under more pressure than any other quarterback. you have to get to jay cutler. >> you have to get to him with the front four. i think you will see a lot of punting and getting guys to come from different angles, things like that to pressure him. >> jenkins says he's a completely different quarterback when you hit him. >> all of a sudden, you get hits on him throughout the game, especially early in the game. usually, they turn into a different quarterback. when you watch cutl lecutler, h when he's getting hit a lot, you see the mistakes in passes. if he stays upright, he's as good as anybody in the league.
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all right, speaking of quarterback, sam bradford, remember him? of course we do. he was supposed to start for the eagles. instead he's with the packers. do you miss him? 286 yards passing, two tou touchdowns. he beats aaron rodgers. cowboys struggled without tony romo. prescott turning heads like wentz. dallas wins 27-23. the redskins lost their first two games, both, by the way, at home. they are already having probably reportedly problems with her cousins. how about the giants and eli manning. dazed and confused. zero offensive touchdowns. final drive. how about that. victor cruz sets up the game winning field goal. josh brown nails it. the winner, giants, 16-13 in
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crunch time. how about the new york giants, they are 2-0. all right, as we move on, we move on to baseball. ryan howard and the phillies. ryan howard not in the lineup today. this was supposed to be his farewell tour. he is hurt. his knee is bothering him. this could be the end of ryan howard, we will see. >> people were looking forward to giving him motivation. >> without howard, phillies are about to sweep miami, but they dropped the ball, including two in the eighth. hernandez, come on, puts the go-ahead run on. franco throws it away. phillies losing 5-. lots of error today, three of them against the marlins. much more to come on "action news" sports sunday. we'll be right back. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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donald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president.
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sports sunday sponsored by audi. >> final minute of the show. have we convinced you the eagles will be the winners tomorrow? >> wentz won't be as efficient and cutler will have success. i feel 21-20 bears. >> your key is carson wentz. mine will be the defense getting to jay cutler. the front four, cutler, as we talked extensively, a different quarterback. fletcher and company have to get to cutler, knock him down. that gets the eagles the 2-0. i like the eagles tomorrow. >> tomorrow i change my prediction. >> with mike elli.
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i'm je i'm jeff skversky. good night.
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>> i'm walter perez. >> and i'm jeannette reyes tonight/saturday on visions 2016. >> (knife chopping meat) >> an award-winning restaurant where tacos are served with a side of social justice. >> an effort to recruit more latinos to the police force. >> muerte. >> and teach children how to speak spanish. >> let's go. >> plus we meet some men making their mark on the football field and in the boxing ring. >> (boxing gloves) >> and visit some top spots for latin music and food. >> (music) >> hi everyone and welcome to a special visions 2016, our celebration of hispanic heritage month. >> we are at south philly barbacoa. >> it was just named by bon appetit magazine as the 6th best new restaurant in the nation! >> barbacoa is authentic mexican-style barbecue. >> but the husband and wife co-owners are doing much more than making award-winning tacos. >> here, the food is the platform in their push for immigration reform.


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