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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  September 19, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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w replace the number 4 with tonight's wild ball, number 3. making her a winner! (sally) thanks, wild ball! (vo) don't change the way you play, change the way you win! learn more at 5:00 a.m., monday, september 19. we're following breaking news. >> a device explodes overnight near at that north jersey train station this comes as authorities investigate a series of blasts in new york and new jersey. >> surveillance video captures part of a deadly shooting rampage in philadelphia that injured several people including police officers. >> accuweather is tracking downpours. >> it's bad timing especially
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with the morning commute. let's go over to david murphy and roj -- karen rogers. >> reporter: northern and western suburbs are getting hammered. reading is getting hammered, you probably still have leftover rain water on the roadways there. the movement is toward the northeast. if you're in allentown or bethlehem or easton, this heavier cell is on the way. easton is seeing this. mixed in with the heavy downpours you can see the flashing lightning bolts there are thunderstorms mixed in. honeybrook and the western edge of chester county just about ready to take on this. i could see brief gusty winds ahead of heaviest downpours, as well. the biggest issue is the heavy water getting on the roads. there's a cluster of showers and thunderstorms pushing from the south getting close to new castle county, delaware.
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looks like western kent county might get clipped. parts of south jersey, burlington county, in particular you see a break-away shower. issues across the region we're looking at periods of rain. it could be heavy obviously. street flooding a possibility of avoid walking or drive through any flooded areas. temperatures are warm and muggy. 76 in philadelphia. 75 in millville. 70 in allentown. 675 in cape may. the dewpoints are in the 70s that's oppressive humidity across the region. as we roll through the day it's going to be on the warmth and muggy side. 73 by 3:00 p.m. we'll get the high of 79 somewhere in the early afternoon hours and see the temperatures slide later. most of the rain is in the morning, we can't rule out lingering spotty downpours into the afternoon hours. karen rogers this will be an issue once it hits your neighborhood today. >> reporter: absolutely, we have other issues all right, starting with mass transit, the big story is the police activity at
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elizabeth that continues to cause problems with the trains. new jersey transit northeast corridor and north jersey coastline service is suspended because of the police activity there in both directions. that's expected to cause huge problems and delays in the morning commute. they are cross honoring tickets. you can take path, new jersey transit buses, private bus carriers, they will cross honoring tickets. northeast corridor and northeast suspended. amtrak said they are running, but on a modified schedule. expect to see delays or cancellations. they will update us through the day. they are running on a modified schedule with amtrak around elizabeth. an accident on the schuylkill expressway expressway eastbound a second ago was blocking all lanes. there was a tow truck on the scene, they cleared it out of there. traffic is slow, but at least at this point it's moving. meanwhile, we have an accident
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northbound on the boulevard -- actually southbound past welsh road. >> a device exploded near a north jersey train station, it was one of five devices found in a suspicious backpack in elizabeth. officials have suspended service along the northeast corridor. annie mccormick is live at the 30th street station with more on the story. >> reporter: you just heard karen say amtrak is working on a modified schedule. there are people heading down the stems, one of the trains that are moving is heading to boston. 515 train that is boarding now because of what happened in elizabeth new jersey, there was a package with multiple explosive devices. the video captures the loud boom as one device unexpectedly
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exploded. and that package holding five devices in elizabeth near the train station exploded this morning as the bomb squad was working to disarm it with the robot. two men discovered the suspicious device around 8:30 p.m. in a trash can around the area fortunate train station there. this is affecting amtrak and new jersey transit trains with some delays at 30th street station. police dogs are making the rounds here. a number of passengers were stuck overnight on amtrak trains last night while new york-bound amtrak trains were held in trenton and new jersey-bound amtrak trains were held in new york. you can see people boarding a 5:15 a.m. train that's heading to boston. it's one of the trains operating on a modified schedule at the 30th street station on the
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amtrak line. there's a number of delays you want to check before you head out. amtrak tweeted out a short time ago they are keeping people updated on their twitter page, when it's safe and the situation in elizabeth, new jersey be -- is revolved they will be, working on a full schedule. after an uneasy weekend with several blast in manhattan and new jersey, earlier. police are questioning several people. let's find out that part of the story from katherine scott live in the satellite center with all the details. >> reporter: it's not clear if the two incidents are connected. the cell phone used on the devices appear to be similar. last night in new york, five people were brought into be questioned by the fbi. >> reporter: a vehicle of
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interest stopped by fbi agents on the belt parkway in new york. happened around 8:45 p.m. now the five people inside are being questioned. meanwhile, an unexploded pressure cooker with a cell phone and exposed wiring attached was sent to an fbi lab in quantico for analysis. the device was discovered blocks away from the blast in chelsea that injured 29 people. it's intact which is key as investigators look for dna trying to determine where the items were purchased and if the attached cell phone was ever used. it was likely set to detonate like this explosion the impact that was caught on surveillance footage. video places a man at both new york scenes. authorities want to talk to him. >> was it a political motivation or personal motivation? we don't know yet. >> reporter: three peeps --
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pipes were found inside this garbage can the route was mapped out for the start of a marine charity race. an unattended backpack was found and the race was delayed, nobody was hurt. sources tell abc that the fbi is looking at that. surveillance video captured a deadly shooting rampage that went on over the weekend. nicholas glen ambushed sylvia young in her patrol car. the suspect fired 18 times before fleeing the scene. glen went on to shoot two people in the car and two people in a bar killing one of them. he went on to fire two officers in their vehicle and shot a third responding officer in the hip and leg. the hail of gunfire ended when
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police fatally shot glen. one of the officers shot has been released from the hospital. the other is in stable condition. it was determined that glen discharged his firearm 351 times during the incident. -- 50 times during the isn't. police stumbled upon a meth lab while serving a warrant in delaware. troopers went to arrested james murphy yesterday morning when they got there they found murphy and 30-year-old and a bundle of heroin and equipment for making meth. the two were arrested an charge with various drug offenses. >> the bridgegate trial begins in newark open court with open states set for this morning. the trial will determine if the 2013 lane closures on the george washington bridge were part of a conspiracy. two former allies of chris christie face fraud and civil rights and conspiracy charges.
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the governor has not been charged with any wrong doing, but he could be summed to testify during the trial. >> -- subpoenaed to testify during the trial. civil rights activist and long time georgia congressman john lewi sufficient will receive the -- lewis will receive the will i need liberty. 6abc is a proud broadcast partner once again this year. >> in the western suburbs also in the north we're starting to hear the storms coming. thunder andy heavy rain this morning -- and heavy rain this morning, that could be an issue if you're walk be or driving for that matter. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing you the cluster of heavy showers and thunderstorms east of lancaster starting to clip western chester county an up through the lehigh valley and berks county and another batch in dover and north an east. we'll show you a closer view of
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that in a second. let's get you outside, we have sky6 live hd at the airport. we're looking dry on sky6 live hd right now, but, of course, there's the possibility of rain later on of additional rain coming in toward philadelphia, as well. let's go ahead and get you to a closer view on radar. we are looking at the showers and thunderstorms especially to the north and west, if i go in closer, allentown this is pushing away from easton, the next batch is coming up. quakertown will be inundated with this, as well. most of the movement is toward the northeast, at this point. reading has gotten rid of the heavier downpours you had earlier. there will be ponding and puddling on roads. same thing in kutztown. green lane will be getting this. farther to the south we have a
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big area of precipitation pushing through honey brooks and chester county. coatsville is getting some of this, as well. as we see oxford down to the south getting close, as well. all this stuff is moving toward northeast. does look like it's making a shift toward the east. philadelphia is way over here, we've got a ways to go before it hits us. there's the second batch coming up from the south. this may be an issue for philadelphia right now. right now it's in the eastern shore of maryland on its way, the big issue is the heavy downpours producing problems on the roads. this stuff is going to be with us for most of the morning and maybe into part of the afternoon, too. 76 degrees in philadelphia right now. 75 in millville. future tracker 6 showing you how the heavy stuff is possible, straight through 9:00 a.m. the latest model shifts it toward the east by lunchtime. even at 3:00 p.m. there's the possibility of spotty downpours. at 6:00 p.m. there's additional
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stuff coming in. it's hard to know where the heavier downpours will be today. be a ware there is that problem and maybe check that storm tracker 6 live app on your smart phone before you head out just at that make sure you're dodging the bullet. periods of rain and road flooding possible, high of 79. muggy when it's not raining. tomorrow, a few showers, 84. 86 on wednesday, nicer, thursday 86. nice on the weekend, saturday, 82. sunday looks nice against the eagles home game against the steelers, but first we we have o get rid of the bears. >> the curtain has come down on the emmy awards. eagles player talk about carson wentz ahead of his prime time debut tonight.
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>> welcome back taking a live look the view out across penns landing. when you step outside, it's going to feel icky and muggy. >> it will be a slow commute for a lot of people, karen. >> reporter: this is exton, route 100 at commerce drive if you're coming up from
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phoenixville or chester springs or lionville no problems on route 100. let's check out mass transit. this is the big story today. so, new jersey transit, northeast corridor and north jersey coastline still suspended right now because of the problems in elizabeth in both directions, police activity continues. now amtrak has come out and said they are running on a modified schedule. they are still running the acela and the northeast corridor. they said you could see any other suspensions or cancellations as the morning progresses. we'll have to keep on top of this. it's a fluid situation with the police activity happening out there right now. problems with mass transit, as well. let's show you storm tracker 6 live double scan, you can see the precipitation that's most especially to the north ran west. we have heavy rain and lightning and storms. the rain is hitting hard in coatsville along the 0 bypass
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pottstown, 422 and pushing toward the city right now. matt and tam. >> eagles quarterback carson wentz will make his prime time debut tonight. kents could be the -- wentz could be the first rookie quarterback to win a second game in 50 years. they are saying he is showing signs of maturity in the nfl. >> he is not the typical rookie. stuff hams on game day should happen if you put in the work. >> the eagles face the bears on monday night football, we're teaming up with phl17 provides live coverage it begins at 8:00 p.m. with our pregame show countdown to kickoff on phl17. a stunt man hurls himself across a canyon we'll tell you more. >> new warning about a common drug prescribed to children for
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cough or pain. it's a warning about codine. >> reporter: we have heavy downpours related to thunderstorms. if you're dressing the kids we're not seeing rain everywhere, it might be a good idea to arm them with the umbrella on the way to school and on the way home just in case. i'll day planner forecast and check out conditions at the airport.
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>> reporter: good monday morning, time to get up and get out. let's check the roads. we're talking about the storms out to the north and west. we're dry on the ben franklin bridge, no problems, might want to head out if you can to avoid that wet weather coming your way shortly. let's look at this accident blocking the lane on the boulevard southbound outer drive at woodward street. watch from this blocking a lane and causing problems as you head out the door. >> reporter: absolutely, northern and western suburbs getting hammered with heavy rain. this is moving into northwestern
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chester county and northern bucks county. parts north and west getting hammered. another cluster is moving into southern new castle county before too much longer. we're expecting mainly cloudy skies, there will be periods of rain through 7, 10 an noon. there's a chance the northern and western suburbs will dry out a bit. it's one of those days you have to keep an eye on radar. high of 79 muggy conditions and that high early in the day. no major delays at the airport. for now it's not raining in philadelphia. tam. >> going on to "healthcheck," this story is new. the american academy of pediatrics is under the urging d health providers to stop giving codine to children. it's used in prescription pain medicines and over-the-counter cough formula. a report linked codine to life
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threatening or fatal breathing reaction. >> the emmys honor the best and brightest in television. >> we'll take a look at the winners in the morning buzz. heros what's coming up first look on "g.m.a." >> reporter: exclusive video of one man death-defying stunt. it was a freat -- feat even evil can kanevil couldn't achieve. >> it was hot and uncomfortable. realizing his daring dive was a proud themselves up. >> reporter: he stumed 2,000 feet in the -- he jumped 2,000 feet in the air 400 miles per hour. coming up at 7:00 a.m. we'll
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in the buzz we're talking about the emmys this morning they saluted the best at the 68th annual emmys.
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jimmy kimmel hosted. game of thrones was honored as top drama. tv show veep repeated the best comedy, other big winners included jeffrey tambore along with several other people associated with mini series, the people versus o.j. simpson. we'll tell you more as the morning goes on. >> a device explodes near a north jersey train station while the fbi tries to disarm it. impacts commuters in the area next. isis is claiming responsibility for a stabbing attack in a mall in the midwest. "action news" has hoar on these stories next. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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i know more about isis then the generals do. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think...
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those are sacrifices? more explode issues were found in north jersey and there's a possible break in the new york city bombing. >> happening today, hillary clinton will make a campaign stop at a local college campus with a specific voter in mind. >> much-needed rain is moving
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into the region, accuweather is traffic is helping you through the rainy morning commute. >> let's turn to david murphy and karen rogers. >> reporter: we have showers and thunderstorms pushing through mainly west of philadelphia, but they are pushing closer and closer to the i-95 corridor. right now we have some of this that is starting to push into northern and western chester county. there's a lot of this in northern montgomery county and northern bucks picking up some of this as well. allentown and reading you're seeing the heavier stuff. not as much lightning right now, but out in lancaster there's additional lighten activity out there. all this pushing toward the northeast at this point. we have issues today across the entire region especially this morning, but perhaps into the afternoon in parts of the area. periods of rain some of it at times will be heavy where little


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