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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  September 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning everyone, it is 6:00 a.m. on this monday, september 19 we're following breaking news. >> a device explodes overnight near a north jersey train station this comes with authorities already on a case with a blast in new york city and new jersey. >> surveillance cameras captures, deadly rampage in philadelphia that injuries people including two police officers. >> get ready for downpours this morning. >> david murphy and karen rogers on standby this good mor. >> reporter: a little sprinkle
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on the terrace. most of the heavy stuff is north and west of philadelphia. there are thunderstorms mixed in. the biggest areas of concerns is the reds and yellows in the chester county and getting into montgomery and bucks county. the second batch coming south of philadelphia in new castle county, delaware and areas west of dover. wherever you see the bright shades of red and yellows, that's heavy downpours. if you come under an underpass that's completed flooded, turn afternoon don't drown. periods of rain will be heavy. avoid flooded injuries whether you're behind the wheel or on foot the rift day and evening. 76 degrees is the current temperature. everybody in the 70s for the most part outside of reading. it's muggy out there.
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check out dewpoints, a lot of these numbers in the 70s that's oppressive humidity. 73 degrees and muggy by 7:00 a.m. 75 by 10:00 a.m., noon, 77. if we hit the high it will be early in the afternoon, i expect temperatures to fade a bit. periods of rain in the morning and some pockets linking in the afternoon -- lingering in the afternoon, as well. most of the rain today will be east of the i-95 corridor. but there's a chance of a second little wave that comes in the from the northwest later in the day. youyou have to be prepared to bn and out of this stuff all day long. we have better weather coming tomorrow and wednesday and the arrival of autumn on thursday. karen what have you got on? >> reporter: new jersey transit is resume service on the northeast corridor and the north jersey coastline after the explosive device was found at the elizabeth train station,
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that was causing huge problems with the police activity. new jersey transit is running, but expect delays with this. if you would rather take new jersey transit buses, or the private carriers, they are cross honoring tickets for the northeast corridor. amtrak running on a modified schedule because it's a fluid situation with the police activity, amtrak saying that we could expect cancellations or changes as the morning progresses, they are both running right now. boulevard southbound, a tow truck ran into a tractor-trailer. what a mess, they are blocking up a lanes southbound in the outer drive at welsh road. stick to the inner drive and get around the accident that's happening right there. let's go outside and see what the rain looks like. yes, it's slowing things down. this is exton, approaching 113. you can see the spray as the cars are driving.
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in some areas as david showed us on radar, you're getting heavy pockets of rain. we have an accident eastbound on the turnpike past morgantown, right lane blocked with this one, they are crawling along. >> let's talk about this tense weekend. we had several blasts rocking locations in manhattan and new jersey. right now police are questioning several people. let's go over to "action news" reporter katherine scott live at the satellite center with all the latest details. >> reporter: good morning, tam, it's unclear if the incidents in new york and new jersey are connected. the cell phones used were similar. five people were taken in for questioning for the fbi. a vehicle of interest stopped by fbi agents on the belt parkway in new york. it happened around 8:45 p.m. now the five people inside are being questioned.
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meanwhile, an unexploded pressure cooker with a cell phone and exposed wiring attached was sent to an fbi lab in quantico for analysis. the device was discovered blocks away from the blast in chelsea that injured 29 people. it's intact which is key as investigators look for dna to try to determine where the items were purchased and if the cell phone was ever used. it was set to detonate like this explosion, the impact that was caught on surveillance footage. video places a man at both new york scenes. >> was it a political motivation or personal motivation, what was it? we do not know that. >> reporter: in seaside park experts removed three pipes intertwined inside this garbage can along the route of the race meant to honor marines. the start of the race was
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delayed after an unattended backpack was found. nobody was hurt. >> trying to see how sophisticated the device was in terms of the timing elements and everything else. sources tell abc news, the fbi will be looking for additional suspects. >> and then there's this, breaking this morning, a device exploded near a north jersey train station. it happened in elizabeth as the fbi was trying to disarm it early this morning, it was one of five devices found in a suspicious backpack there. this incident forced officials to spend service along the amtrak northeast corridor, you see dogs at 30th street station in philadelphia. now, this video is what i just mentioned how the fbi seems to have accidentally exploded that device as they were trying to disarm it. again that video in elizabeth in north jersey, one of five devices found in a backpack. here's 30th street station in
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philadelphia where we have dogs going around making sure there's nothing untoward in philadelphia, no word if they found anything, but we would have known if they did. now, karen rogers will have another update on how this affecting mass transit coming up in a few minutes. >> surveillance video captured a portion of a deadly shooting rampage in west philadelphia. police say the shooting started friday night when nicholas glen ambushed sergeant sylvia young in her patrol car shooting 18 times before fleeing the scene. he went on the to shoot two people in a bar and two people in a car killing one of them. he fired on two officers in their vehicle and fired on a third responding officer in the hip and the leg. police fatally shot glen. one officer shot is released from the hospital. one is in stable condition. glen discharged his firearm at
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least 51 times during the incident. >> happening today, the bridgegate trial begins in newark, federal court with opening statements to begin this morning. they will died if the lane closures on the george washington bridge were part of a criminal conspiracy. two were accused of orchestrating the lane closures to punish the fort lee mayor for not supporting chris christie. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq to talk about the change at the pump and when i it's happening. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam, gas prices are soaring in the southeast as part of a key pipeline remains closed. gas is up 15 cents a gallon in georgia and ten cents. some states in the area have run
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out of gas altogether. the colonial pipeline carries gas from houston to new york cruise have been working to repair the damaged section of the line. stock ended lower on friday as they head to the fed meeting. economic news is the fed meeting and policy makers are expected to leave interest rates unchanged. >> okay, maribel have a great week. >> david, the rain is coming in, for some it's already here. >> reporter: what started out as rain north and west of philadelphia, it is creeping in closer. in south jersey it's starting to fill in a bit. let's head outside and take a look at sky6 live hd. there's the airport. might be a drizzle down there, but generally speaking the rain is still on its way in from the west. as we take a closer look at the northern suburbs. there are indications of recent lightning strikes in through here, there's one that happened
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north of malvern and north of the pennsylvania turnpike. this is pretty much moving from the southwest to the northeast you can see it. at the same time shifting farther to the east, if you get caught underneath with the heavy red that's producing isolated road flooding. i want you to be careful if you get into an underpass and you're coming up if you see the road is covered with water turn around and find another way to go. same story if you're walking around and see flooding. there could urbanized street and sidewalk flooding around here. the wide view shows you in allentown we're down to moderate rain, but still a lot left to go, it's a wet morning in the northern suburbs. as you go to the south there's a cluster of showers and thunderstorms that's doing a good job moving into delaware over the last 20 minutes or so. some of this coming up through areas west of millville and this is likely to come up into philadelphia before too much longer over the next hour or two. i expect it to get wet around here. as we take a look at
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temperatures, 70 degrees in allentown. 76 in philadelphia. 75 in cape may. very muggy out there this morning. future tracker 6 shows you between now and nine and up to 12 there's the likelihood of heavy downpours, most of this will shift to the i-95 correspond and that's -- corridor and that's where most of it will stay during the day. there's the possibility of more coming in even as late as tonight. up in the lehigh valley, cloudy skies periods of rain, high of 78 today. down the shore it's going to be muggy, periods of rain, 77 degrees, the rain lingering longer over by the coast. not raining all the time in sports, but at times you'll get the downpour. in philadelphia, periods of rain possible flooding on the streets 79 degrees is the muggy high early in the afternoon before we settle later on. the rain will taper off quickly this evening, with isolated spotty showers left over. we get late fog overnight and
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overnight low of 70. tomorrow there could lingering showers most of us bay the coast, although at times some of it might pop through philadelphia. obviously tomorrow's rain is not the problem that today's rain is. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 79 today, street flooding is possible. avoid flooded areas keep your on eye on storm tracker 6 live double scan or the storm tracker 6 live app before you head out and plan your route around the rain and the thunderstorms today. sun and clouds tomorrow, lingering showers, 84. after that, wednesday, thursday, friday, all look great. autumn arrives thursday morning, but it won't feel like it in the afternoon with the highs in the mid 80s. the coming weekend, not as warm on saturday, 82. sunday looks great for the eagles next home game. >> it's coming up very shortly after the monday night game. >> throwing a hissy fit. people who bought the iphone 7 are hearing a hissing sound.
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>> karen. >> reporter: look at the rain, it's coming down right now you can see on the 30 bypass, the rainier downtown is causing problems with traffic. we'll show you that. talk about accidents coming up. ♪
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look the view across center city, already seeing rain drops in our area, 6:16, 78 muggy degrees out there. >> karen rogers is following the wet roads and mass transit. >> reporter: you'll see delays with new jersey transit northeast corridor and north jersey coastline as well as amtrak running on a modified schedule. new jersey transit resuming normal service, as we continue to talk about the problem with the explosive device found in elizabeth. we're seeing the trains running that's better news, expect delays. morgantown turnpike, 6 miles per hour that's with an accident that's out there blocking the right lane. scraj -- jamming up traffic eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike. worthington road, you can see the rain constantly coming down.
6:17 am
we've got a lot of water on the roads. this is exton, chester county if you're coming in from phoenixville or chester springs you're driving through a good amount of rain and it is causing problems. i found someone on the waze app talking about flooding or ponding on the roads on 422. it's somebody who atlantic city no self esteem issues and reporting the rain on the waze app. we have an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, as you taking a wired look you can see the rain in malvern, phoenixville and norristown. storm tracker 6 live double scan, which is the best way to pinpoint where the rain is right now. we're talking about heading toward the i-95 area you can see all along the northeast extension doylestown, 422 on the 30 bypass, on route 3, highway one near media. we're getting heavy rain moving closer to the city with some of the cells jumping ahead. the same situation is new
6:18 am
jersey, we saw the batch of rain moving through northern delaware, also now cells hopped over the bay 49 in millville, getting soaked, as well as 322 near mays landing. >> a -- syria's fragile cease-fire is starting to unravel. tensions have increased between the american and russian brokers of the deal after syrian airstrikes on government forces. an air raid killed dozens of soldiers on saturday. happening today, the united nations will hold a summit on refugees and migrants with more people forced to flee their home than any time since world war ii. 65.3 million people have been displaced worldwide.
6:19 am
carson wentz makes his prime time debut tonight. wentz impressed eagles fans and nfl watchers over the browns last week. his teammates say he acts like he's been here before. >> he is very mature, not your typical rookie. at the same time he puts in his work just like everybody else. stuff happens on game day that should happen if you put in the work. >> eagles face the bears on monday night football tonight. count down to kickoff begins the 58:00 p.m. on phl17. >> in tech bytes, a possible glitch for the new high phones. some users say a hissing sounds starts. >> reporter: it doesn't happen with all iphone 7s. apple started distributing the 7s this week. >> lyft expects to rely mostly
6:20 am
on self driving vehicles in the in effect five years. memory awards trended all night on twitter thanks to the big hit game of thrones. leslie jones joked about the twitter hack telling the emmy accounts no one wants to steal. she said they should protect her twitter count instead. >> she made desperate pleas for help. >> reporter: those are your tech bytes. our invigorating ocean spray single-serve juice drinks
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6:23 am
the spray coming back on the windshields. no major problems right here, looks like we have people stopped trying to make a left turn. there they go, let's talk about a new accident, limerick, township line road at tangle wood drive blocking a lane. >> reporter: all right, karen, you showed us the rain on sky6 live hd. i'll show you on live double scan, where it's coming down it's coming down heavy. you want to avoid roadways and underpasses. it's in the heart of bucks county, chester county and montgomery county another batch in new castle county, delaware. and recent lightning strikes, as well. if you're dressing the kids, they may or may not get caught by this. arm them with umbrellas. otherwise it will be warm and muggy, periods of rain on and off through the morning. the afternoon will be less wet overall than the morning.
6:24 am
all green aircraft no major delays, we have rain in philadelphia, but all the big destinations are dry tam. >> happening today, civil rights activist john lewis will receive the liberty medal honoring men and women of courage who thrive for liberty for people around the world. 6abc is a proud broadcast partner once again this year.
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>> they turned back the clock for our national pastime in south philadelphia. more than two dozen teams from afternoon the country played vintage baseball at the navy yard. they wore vintage uniforms and played under the rules used in the 19th century. >> power house game of thrones took home best drama in the emmy awards. veep won a record breaking 6ingth emmy. let's talk about the red carpet fashions, kerry washington showed off the baby bump. she rocked a daring black strapless gown. homeland star claire danes got mixed reviews.
6:28 am
the don't list with a baggy frock. >> 6:28 breaking overnight, a suspicious device goes off at a north jersey train station as the fbi tries to disarm it. >> developing overnight, the search for the suspect in the new york city bombing leads to a traffic stop. now several people are being questioned.
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[chicken crows] honey what are you doing? watching a cow. oh, what's it doing? [cow crows like chicken] impressions. [cow crows like chicken] power up your morning with a new 300 calorie egg white grill. only at chick-fil-a. >> breaking now on "action news," more explosives are found in new jersey and there's a possible break in the new york city bombing. >> happening today, hillary clinton will make a campaign stop at a local college campus with a specific voter in mind. >> much-needed rain is moving into the region. accuweather and traffic are helping with you a rainy commute. >> good morning, 6:30
6:31 am
september 19. david murphy and karen rogers guess where it's raining now. >> reporter: starting to push into philadelphia. storm tracker 6 live double scan is showing that to you. there are lightning strikes north of philadelphia. the heavy stuff is coming down heavy enough where it could produce isolated street flooding here and there. you want to avoid any flooded areas. that's the situation, the heaviest stuffer in the middle of region currently. that's the issue today. the entire region could see periods of rain every now and then. street flooding could result. we want you to avoid flooded areas behind the wheel and on foot. 70 in cape may. it's muggy even in places where it's not raining. we'll stay in the 70s. noon, 77. high of 79 degrees probably early this afternoon before we see the temperatures fall back to the low 70s by dinnertime.
6:32 am
there's the chance of on and off heavy downpours through the morning and into the afternoon. later this afternoon, the better chance will be east of i-95. this morning we have the heavy stuff over the center of the region. when i step inside, the weather improves as we head forward in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have that coming up. karen rogers what do things look like on the roads this morning. >> reporter: we've got problems on the boulevard. southbound blocking up a lanes of the outer drive right at welsh road. the action cam was on the scene. you can see what happened, the accident involving that tractor-trailer. looks like a tow truck rear ended it. you can see the front end damage of the tow truck. an accident with a tow truck and tractor-trailer, blocking all lanes, the action cam was on the scene this morning and still affecting us southbound in the outer drive stick to the inner drive with the accident causing problems right now. let's take a live look you can see the rain drops all over the camera lens. it's been a while since we had a wet morning commute.
6:33 am
this is 202 at route 1 right here. we're look at this, the heavy rain affecting you as you're coming down. on the pennsylvania turnpike you're crawling along an accident in the rain 6 miles per hour. pennsylvania turnpike eastbound past morgantown police on the scene and the right lane blocked with this. another accident township line road at tangle wood drive. an issue with mass trans. we're talking about new jersey transit and amtrak running on the northeast corridor after an explosive device was found at the elizabeth train station. 15 minute delays on 3701 and 3703 canceled. we're seeing impact even though the trains are running tam. >> breaking overnight, several explosive devices we continue to talk about this found in the trash can near the north jersey train station, the contraption
6:34 am
went boom as the police were trying to detonate it. karen is talking about what it means for the morning commute. we went to give you another point of view on that as well and go over to annie mccormick at 30th street station with travelers are feeling the effects of the security scare, good morning, annie. no audio. >> sorry about that. obviously we have a frozen picture. we'll get back to annie's report as as soon as we can. authorities are investigating two weekend bombings one in new york city one in new jersey. they bear slearlts, -- similarities, but stop short of saying they are connected. katherine scott is live in the satellite center. >> reporter: sources say the fbi may be looking for additional systems, but we know they took as many as five into custody for questioning last night in
6:35 am
connection with to the blast in chelsea. two explosions in two states on saturday, 12 hours a part. whether they are connected remains under investigation. last night fbi agents stopped a vehicle of interest on the belt parkway in new york around 8:45 p.m. investigators are questioning the people inside. meanwhile, a pressure cooker with a cell phone and exposed wiring attached was sent to the fbi lab in quantico for analysis, the unexploded device was discovered blocks away from the blast in new york city that injured 29 people. it was likely set to detonate like this chelsea explosion. the impact caught on surveillance footage. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: surveillance video places a man at both new york scenes and authorities want to talk to him. >> at this time there's no evidence of an international terrorism connection with this incident, but, but, it is very,
6:36 am
very early in the investigation. >> reporter: in seaside park experts removed three pipes intertwined inside this garbage can after one pipe detonated near an mapped out route for marines. the start of the race was delayed after an unintended pack back was found in the area. nobody was hurt. >> trying to see how sophisticated the device in terms of the timing elements and everything else. >> reporter: multiple law enforcement officials tell abc news appears the cell cell phons used on the devices in new york and new jersey blasts appear to be similar. whether they are connected remains under investigation. live in the satellite center, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. authorities in minnesota are looking into whether a somali native who went on a stabbing spree was an isis
6:37 am
supporter. a new agency linked to the isis said adahn was dressed as a security guard when he attacked 9 people. it was a violate lent weekend for police in -- violent weekend for police who were fired upon. kaepernick will -- nicholas glet sylvia young in her police car. police officers finally shot glen. two men opened fire while smoking marijuana on philadelphia street, police gave chase and did not fire on the suspects, but took them into custody. hillary clinton will
6:38 am
deliver a speech temple university at noon and focus on millennial voters. clinton and trump focus on winning the 20 electoral votes it could be enough to swing the election either way. trump will be in new york city to meet the president of egypt. united nations is holding the general assembly this week. last week clinton announced she will be meeting with the president of egypt along with the president of the ukraine. >> let's go over to david with the weather and karen rogers has the morning commute. >> reporter: take a look outside and sky6 live hd has been looking dry across the region, but that's changing now. in fact not only is it cloudy and damp in philadelphia, you can see flashing of distant lighting strikes pushing into the area. let's look at the heavier downpour activity. philadelphia seeing a little bit
6:39 am
of this. the heavier stuff is north and west, moving off to the northeast and sliding toward the east. we see it filling in now, whenever you're underneath these reds and yellows and oranges, you're looking at heavy to steady rain. it could be racing the water on the roadway. if you get into a flooded area turn around and avoid it. some of the major highways are getting pounded. expressway, the blue route, the northeast extension turnpike is looking at heavy stuff. farther to the north we've slackened off. the heavier stuff is to the south. it's wet in allentown and back through reading. if we go farther south, you will see there's additional shower activity and thunderstorms pushing through the heart of delaware into parts of south jersey and there's the thunderstorm out to the west. as we take a look at temperatures, 76 degrees in
6:40 am
philadelphia. most of the us in the 70s, many of us looking at the high dewpoints giving us oppressive humidity. future tracker 6 shows you between now and 9 and noon there's more of the downpour activity. it could be that the heavier stuff is over by the shore. after that it stays to the east with the possibility development with additional showers closer to philadelphia and the northern suburbs later around dinnertime. by 11:00 p.m., cecily may have been more to show you on storm tracker 6 live double scan. warm and muggy, high of 79 early morning. upper 70s away from the shore, mid 70s down in cape may. future tracker 6 shows you there's a chance of a couple of showers east of philadelphia. some of that could be popping up closures to home. tropical storm carl is an issue in the atlantic. this is going to strengthen into a category one and possibly a
6:41 am
category two hurricane and then it gets ready to barrel into bermuda the second half of the weekend. if you have travel plans to bermuda you're probably going to be changing them. flooding on streets possible where you get the heavy downpours, tomorrow, sprinkles and showers around, but processing toward better weather. and then we get into wednesday, thursday, friday, autumn arrives thursday morning. partly sunny and nice for the eagles, high of 77. >> thank you, david. 6:41 a mystery no more a strange streak across the southwestern sky is explained. >> carson wentz is on a mission to approve he has more than beginners luck. in fact he will show you by driving a car. karen. >> reporter: the roads are wet and the accidents keep coming in. this is routes 100 northbound
6:42 am
near boot road you can see the flashing lights. we'll talk about this accidents and several others when "action news" comes right back. blinds to go's new motorized blinds and shades.
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quiet. convenient. and surprisingly affordable. right now, take 25% off all motorised blinds and shades. life's just gotten a little bit easier. blinds to go. blinds for life. news story arc device exploded near a north jersey train station this happened in elizabeth as the fbi was trying to disarm early this morning. it was one of five devices found in a suspicious backpack. the incident forced officials to spend amtrak service along the northeast corridor. karen rogers telling us, some of the service is back modified. action cam was in 30th street philadelphia where trains come
6:45 am
in this quarter. >> it's needed. i'm okay with it. >> i guess it's good they are being careful. but i would like to get home. police dogs are patrolling 30th street station let's head over to karen rogers with the latest in terms of transit. >> reporter: that's right it's creating problems with amtrak and with the northeast extension of new jersey transit, they are running but we're getting lists as we showed you a couple of minutes ago as some of the trains are delayed or canceled. expect delays with that. i want to talk about an issue that's affecting a lot of people, the rain on the roads and the accidents that are coming in. live on i-95 southbound at cottman, look at the number of vehicles left lane, a new accident just coming in, we see one of the advance moving unclear if they are stuck behind the two vehicles or how many
6:46 am
vehicles are involved with the accident. we can see the flashing lights, police arriving on the scene. a couple of vehicles westbound at i-95 southbound at cottman where the rain is coming down, an area that would be jammed anyway. police arriving on the scene right now. blocking at least the left lane look at how jammed you are on i-95 creating problems with the new accident the latest coming in. accident on the boulevard southbound a tow truck ran into a tractor-trailer. an accident eastbound on the turnpike, look at the speeds you're sitting at 4 miles per hour crawling along eastbound on the turnpike at morgantown because of an accident there. also where the rain is coming down. turnpike westbound past valley forge, new accident westbound, an accident where a vehicle spun out of control with the wet roads. let's show you the wet roads on storm tracker 6 live double scan. you can see the rain is heavy. it's pounding it's approaching
6:47 am
the i-95 corridor. it's hitting i-95 willow grove, jenkintown, route 3, route 1, chadds ford. it's a soaking in the area. >> a fireball captured on video in arizona turned out to be a plane crashing into the home. the plane was carrying four skydivers when it caught fire. everybody jumped out of the plane and suffered minor injuries. the two people inside the home amazingly were not hurt. eagles quarterback carson wentz will try to lead the team to a victory only this time the nation will be watching. the action cam was in the chicago when wentz and the birds arrived yesterday. we're teenage up with phl17 to provide live coverage. it begins with our pregame show countdown to kickoff on phl17.
6:48 am
>> david your tracking rain. >> reporter: i would give the kids umbrellas for the way to school and the way home from school, even if it's not rain where you are right now. we'll have have the seven-day forecast when we come right back.
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flames destroy what use to be a wilmington restaurant. it broke out on the 1100 block of east 7th street. the restaurant was called up the creek and already closed and abandoned. after years of business looks like it's completely gone now. fire officials say they could not get water from nearby hydrants, fire boat had to put out the flames. no injuries reported. >> reporter: let's look at the accident on i-95, creating problems southbound at cottman. an area that would be jammed anyway in the left lane. it's 23 minute ride southbound from woodhaven to the vine. as heavier rain moves in it will create more problems. new information, market frankford line disabled train at tioga. they are doing emergency track work. you have to board westbound and expect delays on the market
6:52 am
frankford line. >> reporter: on the big board we have storm tracker 6 live double scan, there are pockets of heavy rain and thunderstorms right to the north of philadelphia and speckled in through the northern and western suburbs, especially the immediate counties there's thunderstorms coming up from the south and basically the i-95 corridor is in the process of getting wet. 73 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 75 by 10:00 a.m. the high 79 around 1:00 p.m. periods of rain in the morning and more of that in the afternoon and evening hours could see pockets of leftover stuff. tam avoid floodinged areas. will -- flooded areas. >> will do, thank you david. sharks attacked three surfers off atlantic coast in florida near smyrna beach. all three victims were surfing at the time they were attacked. as prosecutors, we checked out pat toomey's record...
6:53 am
and we saw a guy who has our backs. toomey crossed party lines to support background checks.... that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. true independence, and real guts. that's how pat toomey is helping us, keep you safe. senator pat toomey, the best choice to protect pennsylvania. independence usa pac is
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inadvertently exploded five devices found inside a backpack. it went off as robot was attempting to disarm it. the explosion has led to delays along the northeast corridor. bridgegate trial opens
6:56 am
today involving two former chris christie aids. democratic nominee hillary clinton will make a campaign stop at temple university today. both clinton and trump are focused on winning the 20 electoral votes which could swing the election. >> reporter: this is going to be a tough commute on the roads and rails. we had an accident at i-95 southbound at cottman. there's a new one at girard blocking the left lane pushing off to the right, it's creating an extra slow go on i-95 southbound with two accidents one at cottman one at girard. we were talking about the problem with the explosive device found in elizabeth. northeast corridor is running, there you see the delays and canceled trains. market frankford line has troubles due to a disabled train. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live is focusing on the heavy downpours north of philadelphia. if you get caught under this you
6:57 am
could see lightning and thunder and you could ponding and puddling on roads. >> it's going to be an interesting commute. for david murphy, karen rogers, matt o'donnell, i'm tamala edwards. have a good monday.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking news. a new explosion overnight at a new jersey train station. after a backpack with five devices discovered near the tracks. authorities detain five people during a traffic stop at a new york city bridge. millions of commuters on edge. >> this is the nightmare scenario. >> the fbi and homeland security now investigating after a weekend of terror. >> explosion from a garbage pail. >> that blast on a crowded street injuring dozens. >> big black clouds of like smoke. >> another bomb going off at a charity race for the military in new jersey. and isis taking credit for an take at a minnesota mall. the candidates weigh in. >> we better get very, very tough, folks. >> it's always wiser to wait. >> as president obama and world


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