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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  September 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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morning rush hour delays. then hours later at 11:00 a.m., ahmad khan rahami was captured in linden new jersey. >> we have live team coverage today chad pradelli is at 30th street station where security is being elevated. we begin with john rawlins live in linden new jersey where that active investigation continues. john. >> reporter: that is correct, a lot of investigators at multiple locations at this point. authorities wander to track and backtrack this suspect's movements over the last several days. concern is of course over any possibly unknown or undiscovered devices or material. also a question is was he working alone or did he he have help? the 28-year-old terror suspect ahmed rahami wounded but alert. this postal worker heard the gunfire. >> when i stood at the door we could here more pops going on maybe 15 orb twenty more shots.
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>> reporter: what did you see. >> i just saw police vehicles charging coming from all over. >> reporter: the suspect's capture came after a tavern owner called police about a sleeth vagrant in a door way. an officer arrived. >> he attempted to wake the individual and he he realized immediately this is the individual that was wanted and within seconds that individual began firing and thank god our officer had his vest on u saturday a pipe bomb exploded in seaside park prior to a marine corps char the run. this evening in manhattan a lamper blast injured 29. later a second pressure cooker bomb was discovered and diffused reportedly a cell phone and a fingerprint found on that device were tracked to rahami. >> we have directly linked rahami to devices from new york and saturday in new jersey. >> reporter: backpack explosives were found in elizabeth new jersey. as of this afternoon it hasn't been ling to do rahami. his long time home above the family's fried chicken store is not far away.
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investigators searched that location as shaken resident and customers realized the suspect had grown up here. >> the dad and him were always just together at the shack. frequently have the little son but they've never hired nobody else. it's always just them two a family business. >> very friendly girl gives my girl free chicken. you would never suspect anything like this. >> reporter: there are reports that rahami a naturalized u.s. citizen had visited afghanistan the land of his birth as an adult. mccann the last customer you heard from there said the suspect had never given him a sense that he was politically outspoken or radicalized in any way. he said he seemed to be a common ordinary 28-year-old who liked to talk about occasionally baseball and also about cars something he really liked is cars. live in linden new jersey john rawlins channel6 "action news." back to you all. >> john, a surprise to those neighbors. thank you. our team coverage continues this monday with increased security at local train stations. >> "action news" reporter chad pradelli live at 30th street
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station with details on this part of the story. chad. >> reporter: yeah, ryan, it appears train traffic is getting back to normal. obviously a lot of cancellations and delays early this morning. ripple effect from what happened in elizabeth new jersey. take a look at the sign here at 30th street station. you can see most if not all of the trains are now on time. transit police were out in force with bomb sniffing dogs at 30th street station this morning amtrak tells "action news" it has increased security up and down the northeast corridor and riders noticed. >> it was just so much security i've never seen it this busy like this before. >> i think the world is in a bad place. i feel pretty lucky to be safe with my family right now. >> reporter: septa says it has increased k-9 patrols and police presence. chief thomas says he had been in contact with his counterparts up north and in philadelphia sharing intelligence. he stresses there there's no information to believe philadelphia is at risk but people need to be alert and if
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you see something, say something. >> there's been great success this weekend with average citizens, you know, joe citizen, calling 911 and saying, there's something suspicious here. that's how we protect people. >> reporter: and chief nestel says if you wander to report something suspicious you need call 911. i'm live at 30th street station chad pradelli channel6 "action news." >> all right, chad, thank you. and our coverage of the bombings in new york and new jersey continues on the 6abc app. we of course will alert to you any developments in this ongoing investigation. and bring you live updates as they happen. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. >> both of the presidential nominees are responding to the bombing attacks today. at temple university hillary clinton mostly focused on courting millennial voters by announceing a new plan to make college more affordable. she did take a moment to thank those working to keep us safe
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after the incidents in new york and new jersey. clinton cast herself as the most cal if i'd to fight terrorism. >> we must remain vigilant. this is a fast moving situation. and a sobering reminder that we need steady leadership in a dangerous world. >> clinton is now going to new york city to meet with the leaders of egypt ukraine and japan all of them in town for the united nations general assembly. donald trump meanwhile rallying in fort myers florida noon. earlier he was also in new york to meet with egyptian president abdel fattah al-sisi and in colorado this weekend the republican nominee took credit for announcing that a bomb was behind saturday's explosion in manhattan that before authorities publicly disclosed the cause. trump says he believes there is a foreign connection to this attack but declined to point to any evidence backing up that claim. >> it is time for a check of the rainy accuweather forecast. it's been a wet day a across the delaware valley. heavy rain fell this morning
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and left behind humid weather and cloudy skies. let's check in now with meteorologist adam joseph at the big board with the details. hi adam. >> it was a beautiful sight to see this much needed rain not only for us locally here in the delaware and lehigh valleys but all of the major cities along the eastern seaboard especially in boston southern new england where they have been dealing with an extreme drought after a very dry hot summer. the boundary still draped just off of our coastline and pushing back into eastern virginia and north carolina. so most of the heavy rain has now pushed off the coast and we just have some lingering light showers in parts of southern new jersey and delaware. really it's just patchy at this point but again you can see the heaviest rain well off the coast and this is heading to the north and to the east so it's not backing in but there's an area to the south that we'll watch that may try to once again clip southern parts of new jersey overnight tonight and southern parts of delaware. there's no flood warnings but there's a flood advisory until 4:30 this evening so for less
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than a half hour more for southern new jersey and southern delaware. just means there's residual street flood. a lot of runoff because the ground has been so dry it's hard to seep a lot of this water in. watch for pockets of rain on some area roadways. rainfall totals we picked up between two and 4-inches in southern new jersey and delaware. that was a jackpot area and then another area in berks county and parts of the lehigh valley while in philadelphia just over an inch during the day today. we'll talk about a drier but still humid accuweather forecast coming up and let you know when that sunshine will shine brightly again sharrie in just a little bit. >> we'll be standing by for it. adam thank you. be sure to track the rain as it moves through the area on use our interactive live radar to see what to expect right where you live and show us what you're seeing. share your weather photos and your videos with us on social media. >> opening statements began today in the so-called bridgegate trial. two former allies of new jersey governor chris christie bridget kelly and bill barone
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flee he are facing fraud and conspiracy charges. they're accused of closing lanes on the george washington bridge to create gridlock as punishment for fort lee's mayor's failure to endorse christie. federal prosecutors allege christie himself knew about the plan as it was happening. that's a claim he has always denied. the governor has not been charged with any wrongdoing but could be subpoenaed to testify. the civil trial in that deadly center city building collapse began this morning. the trial will determine who is negligent and what they would need to pay the victims' families the lawsuit was filed on behalf of six people killed and 13 injured when a four story brick wall collapsed at the salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market back in 2013. >> time now for the "action news" traffic report. >> he let's send things over to matt pelman keeping track of a wet monday commute. hey matt. >> a little bit damp out there for sure as we head home on the first afternoon of the work week brian and sharrie and more than a little bit slow on 95 northbound side but it's normal stuff coming away
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from the betsy ross bridge we're backed up headed towards the work zone at cottman avenue:ier there was an accident on 95 northbound by washington avenue close to penn's landing. that luckily is cleared out of the way. and while we're here let me remind you, wednesday night of this week they are closing the southbound 95 off-ramp to aramingo avenue here at the betsy ross bridge interchange for long term construction. you only have a couple more days to use that ramp before it closes long term. in center city this is the vine street expressway. busy in both directions not unbearable it is damp of course and construction note here the vine will close each night this week starting around 11 o'clock for overnight construction. crash this afternoon near pottstown is along arm and hammer boulevard close to industrial highway. fire police helping you around it. overturned vehicle accident near trenton the shoulder squeezing by on 29 northbound past 129. things are getting back to normal on amtrak but we have updated interim schedules on four of the septa regional
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rail lines with the normal delays accompanying those new schedules. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this monday afternoon. crash reported along henry avenue close to roxborough walnut lane golf course, just 6 miles per hour around that accident scene. we'll check it again brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> matt thank you. well, he is known as a pioneer in civil rights icon. john lewis was and still is a giant of the movement. the georgia congressman is in philadelphia today to receive the prestigious liberty medal as we take a look back at his humble beginnings. john robert lewis comes from a big family and born in 1940, one of 10 children. >> all of this used to be a field. we all had our chores that we had to perform. john's chore was to feed the chickens. >> as a young boy lewis decided he wanted more than the work in the fields. >> protesting his parents when they had one of his chickens for dinner.
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>> but the civil rights movement unfolding the young john lewis was inspired. at age 16 he conducted his first formal protest at the whites only public library in troy alabama. the following year lewis wrote a letter to dr. martin luther king jr. and dr. king wrote him back. lewis embraced the philosophy of a nonviolent movement for change. he would be arrested time and time again for the cause. john lewis called it liberating. >> it showed him that being arrested for the right thing wasn't the end of your life. >> he would later share the stage with dr. martin luther king for the march on washington, a march for jobs and freedom. >> we do not want our freedom gradually but we want to be free now. >> the following year the civil rights act was signed into law ending discrimination in schools, work places and public facilities but there was more work to do. blacks were still being denied the right to vote.
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john lewis would help organize a march from selma, alabama, to montgomery to demand fair voting rights. they made it only blocks to selma's edmund pettis bridge where they were pretty with resistance. john on his knees his arm raised in self-defense as a state trooper delivered a skull cracking blow to his head. that day would become known as bloody sunday. congress would later pass the voter rights act of 1965. >> the sill rights movement didn't just help black people. it helps mercury claim its legacy of democracy. >> freedom isn't free and john robert lewis has undoubtedly paid the price to pave the way for others. ly. >> quite the story quite the man. we of course will stream our coverage of the liberty medal ceremony tonight on beginning at 7 o'clock. >> i had the honor to meet and interview the man. exceptionally kind.
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>> i would agree. >> the philadelphia eagles are preparing for their matchup against the bears tonight. sports director ducis rodgers is in chicago with a live report next. >> plus some gas stations in the south are starting to run out of gas. we're following the latest on the pipeline leak when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> the eagles face the bears tonight in monday night football. the birds are coming off a win over the browns from last week and they're hoping to keep that momentum going. "action news"'s ducis rodgers live now in chicago of course where that countdown to kickoff is on, ducis. >> reporter: sharrie, second game of the season under the bright lights of monday night football last week the newcomers carson wentz and do you go pederson performed well in their debut.
4:17 pm
recently jaime apody caught up with coach pederson to talk about that. >> in the end zone and it is a touchdown for chicago. >> job at sand beating the bears on monday night football. how much different of a challenge are they than the browns. you know, what do you have to prepare for going to soldier field. >> first of all their first home game and that crowd in soldier field having been there it can be very loud. jay cutler obviously used to be quarterback and it can get very hot and very effective -- he can beat you. especially at home. defensively they've got a group that's a tenacious group much like our group they come off the ball and they can get after the passer so it's a different set of challenges than the week before but at the same time we approach it one day at a time and prepare and get ourselves ready for it.
4:18 pm
>> ♪ >> catch the game tonight over on phl17 at 8:30. we'll bring you a pregame show count down to kickoff at 8 o'clock live from soldier field here in chicago. coming up at 5 o'clock, we'll hear from the man of the hour, of the season, one carson wentz. reporting live from soldier field in chicago, ducis rodgers. brian back to you. >> ducis thanks very much. pipeline leak in alabama is causing gas shortages across the southeast. some stations in atlanta and northern georgia started running out of gas last night. the stations that do still have gas are experiencing long lines and are increasing prices. the shortage comes after a section of the colonial pipeline closed earlier this month because of a leak. the company that operates it has been scrambling to get it back online. they're in the process of building a bypass line to get fuel flowing again. well, the problems continue for samsung after two of the company he's galaxy note7 smartphones reportedly caught fire in china.
4:19 pm
chinese news reports say one phone caught fire and another exploded over the weekend but samsung says it investigated the reports and found in battery issues. samsung announced a recall for some phones in china but says the note seven sold in that country uses a different battery. now here in the united states there's been 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage as a result of those fires. >> now here's a look at today's closing numbers as we start the week and the indexes all down today but just marginal moves here. the dow down nearly four points nasdaq nine and a half s & p 500 barely down a point at all today. >> also falling a bit today is the rain. no complaints because we need it. >> we do need it. let's check in with meteorologist adam joseph. >> the garden the lawn extremely happy. this monday we take a look at a gloomy sky ominous looking clouds over center city live on sky6. not releasing much in the way of rain at this hour in
4:20 pm
philadelphia but still some light showers as you head to the south and east patchy in nature. storm tracker6 live double scan this was extremely colorful early on in the day but the bright colors are off the shore indicating the heaviest rain has now pushed on to the east but we're still dealing with some heavier downpours in sussex county in delaware near llewes bethany beach down to seaford georgetown and some of this may start to creep back up to the north and clip parts of cape may county and even southern parts of kent county but for the most part our immediate viewing area just seeing a couple sprinkles near atlantic county as well as northern and southern parts of new castle county. rainfall totals decent in philadelphia, over an inch so far today t hamburg in berks county 3-inches, exton in chester county just over 2-inches of that beautiful rainfall. berlin township, 2.58-inches and newport cumberland county just over 3-inches so we had kind of a target area with the
4:21 pm
heaviest rain southern new jersey and delaware and also around berks county as well as parts of the lehigh valley. temperature-wise only in the 70's but doesn't feel like it because that humidity like yesterday remains very tropical, a lot of water content in the atmosphere and that's what where you know out some of, rang out some of that rain. the heavy rain rolled through. now off the coast but the front is going to stall to the south and east and that could bring waves of some at least light showers in southern areas tonight or tomorrow morning. so, mist and drizzle overnight and areas of fog with that humidity remaining high, 63 allentown, 70 philadelphia, 67 in millville. future tracker6, 7 o'clock tomorrow morning, cloudy again areas of fog but there could be some showers in southern parts of the area where that front is still positioned but by tomorrow afternoon those showers move on, stays cloudy at the shore but philadelphia to the north and west tomorrow afternoon expect some
4:22 pm
brightening and breaks of blue. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast tomorrow is brighter to the north and west after some early fog at 84 degrees. sunny warm and somewhat lower humidity on wednesday, 86 degrees. and also a autumn arrives on thursday not going to feel like it. bright sunshine, 86 with the humidity coming back up and very warm and very muggy for the first full day of autumn on friday at 88 degrees. but there are changes for the cooler in that seven-day forecast and we'll chat about it in the next half hour. >> all right. bound to happen sometime. >> uh-huh. >> thanks. >> still to come on "action news" an accident involving a tow truck shuts down a very busy road. >> plus, philadelphia police are trying to track down the suspect who grabbed an employee from behind and robbed a dunkin' donuts. we'll show you more surveillance video when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
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i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president. i just cannot support donald trump. >> philadelp hia police are asking for your help today in tracking down a man they say
4:26 pm
robbed a dunkin' donuts. this is surveillance video of the crime from thursday at the store on the 3200 block of north broad street in north philadelphia. police say the suspect went behind the counter, grabbed that worker from behind and pointed a gun. the employee opened the register and gave the suspect money. no one was hurt here. in roxborough the search is on for the suspect who robbed a 7-eleven store at the 6100 block of ridge avenue. this crime happened in late august. police say the suspect went behind the counter pointed a gun at that worker. the suspect got away with all of the money from the cash registers but no injuries here, either. >> police are investigating an accident that happened this morning in northeast philadelphia. this was the scene a little after 5:00 a.m. on the southbound lanes of roosevelt boulevard near welsh road. police say a tow truck rear-ended a tractor-trailer. officials closed the road while they investigated. the tow truck driver suffered some minor injuries. >> and still ahead here on a monday afternoon officers
4:27 pm
ambushed. we've got the latest on the weekend shooting that targeted two area police officers plus find out how the community is rallying tonight around the victims. >> plus, flames tear through a former restaurant in wilmington. find out why crews had to call in a fire boat for help. >> ♪ pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors.
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in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> it is 4:30. we're following the latest on the terror investigation stretching from new york city
4:29 pm
down to the jersey shore. authorities say they have no reason to believe there are any more bombs or any more suspects. >> police arrested 28-year-old ahmad rahami in linden new jersey around noon today. they say he opened fire injuring two officers before he was shot and taken into custody. it is believed he is responsible for the saturday bombings in seaside park and the one that happened in manhattan where 29 people were injured. >> our investigators also searched his last known address in elizabeth, new jersey, where five devices were found near a train station overnight. president obama addressed the nation today from new york. >> moments like this i think it's important to remember what terrorists and violent extremists are trying to do. they are trying to hurt innocent people but they also wander to inspire fear in all of us. we all have a role to play as citizens in making sure that we don't succumb to that fear. and there's no better example of that than the people of new york and new jersey.
4:30 pm
>> well, "action news" has complete team coverage of the investigation. coming up at 5 o'clock. >> meanwhile a philadelphia police officer continues her road to recovery after being ambushed friday night. she and a number of other victims were shot by the suspect before he was cornered and killed by other officers. "action news" reporter bob brooks live this afternoon outside penn presbyterian medical center and bob, you've got the latest. >> reporter: brian, sergeant sylvia young was fired at almost 20 times luckily she is still alive only shot in the arm we're hearing here at the midlantic center she's in good spirits. after being shot at 18 times in her cruiser it's reported philadelphia veteran police sergeant sylvia young is on the road to recovery. today we're told she's resting at penn presbyterian medical center after being shot in the arm multiple times. this past weekend young was one of two officers shot, the other u. penn police officer ed miller. they were attacked by nick
4:31 pm
loss glenn. glenn was shot and killed by police after he first ambushed sergeant young in her car on sansom and 52nd. here the chilling radio call for help. >> i'm at the mcdonald's off 53'd street. help me please. >> video captures glenn wandering the streets with a 9-millimeter handgun after he shot sergeant young he opened fire into the maximum level lounge shooting the manager and a bartender in the leg. continuing down sansom he shot and killed 25-year-old sara selah and shot another man in the chest. the video he cap they captures e moment ed miller is shot in the leg. moments later officers gunned glenn down. >> she's a great officer, great person, great mother. >> that's steve weiler with the fraternal order of police. he says they're donating all proceeds from their tailgate to officers young and miller. all are set to attend at 7:30.
4:32 pm
officer miller has been released from the hospital. again detectives say this was a planned ambush-style attack, that a note was found on glenn detailing his hatred for police specifically his patrol officer. reporting live bob brooks channel6 "action news. sharrie. >> all right, bob, thank you. from our delaware news room now a vacant restaurant in wilmington is now destroyed. the action cam was there as the former up the creek restaurant on east seventh street went up in flames. the fire broke out around 6:00 this morning and placed under control about a half hour later. crews had issues with nearby hydrants so they brought in a fire boat to pull water from the brandywine creek. the restaurant closed down several years ago. so far no word on how the fire started. >> a robber is accused of using a screwdriver to threaten a clerk in spring garden. the surveillance video shows the man stuffing merchandise from the right aid pharmacy on the 1900 block of fairmount avenue into a large bag. one employee confronted that
4:33 pm
man on his way out the door and the suspect started swinging a screwdriver. he got away with more than $200 worth of items. philadelphia police and the fbi hoping someone recognizes this man. he's wanted for a bank robbery at the td bank branch in chestnut hill. investigators say he passed a teller a note thursday afternoon demanding cash. if you recognize this man you're asked to contact police. >> heavy rains from this morning caused some flooding along the coast of new jersey. take a look here. deep water was covering long beach boulevard in surf city. the harvey cedars beach patrol posted this video on twitter as a reminder to drivers to stay off the flood et cetera streets. >> meteorologist adam joseph. flood warnings issued and then canceled today. are we done with the rain. >> for the most part. there is light showers patchy mist and drizzle. the heaviest rain is over. we could see light showers develop at the shore but that is about it. as we take a look at the radar
4:34 pm
storm tracker6 live double scan you can see again this front is now to our south and east. we had very heavy rain today for boston and hartford new york city philadelphia washington richmond. we're getting clipped a little bit in southern new jersey with a little extra coming up the pipeline and that can clip southern parts of new jersey andy including ocean city a little later on this evening or overnight. temperature there right now 71. as we look at the beach cam a few folks strolling along. dewpoint at 71 degrees with an easterly winter at 12 miles per hour and dewpoints are still very summer-like from new york city right down to richmond, up are 60's to 70's. you have to go i was the way to buffalo to feel some of that drier more comfortable air with dewpoints in the 50's and unfortunately that really true dry fall air not really going to puncture back in through the rest of this week but we'll talk about an eventual cool down in that accuweather forecast and i'll let you know if also we'll see
4:35 pm
any more needed rainfall around here with that seven day coming up in just a little bit. >> knock those fall allergies out of the air. >> kind of cleanses the air. >> thanks adam. you can track the rain as it moves through the area on use our interactive live radar. share your weather pictures and videos on social media. >> civil rights activist and long time georgia congressman john lewis as we told you earlier is in town to receive that prestigious liberty medal tonight and he's keeping a busy schedule leading up to the main event. this morning he joined the fight to protect the camden row home where dr. martin luther king jr. lived in the 1950's. dr. king stayed at 753 walnut street while he studied at crozer theological seminary. the home was slated for demolition but congressman lewis is now among those calling for an historical designation to make sure it stands forever. >> and i would love to come
4:36 pm
back here and visit when the marker is placed and this building is restored. it will be a day of jubilee he. >> congressman lewis' own work in fighting for civil rights earned him the liberty medal which he'll accept tonight at the national constitution center. we'll stream the ceremony live. >> summer is almost over but concern about sharks have arisen again on parts of the east coast. monica malpass now live in the news room with the details that no doubt everyone is going to want to hear monica. >> absolutely brian. that's right swimmers at one popular florida beach are being told to stick to shallow water for that exact reason. that's after three swimmers were bitten in three hours along the same stretch. we'll have the latest on their conditions. also a big night of course for watching football here but how do you keep that watching from lasting around your waistline for the rest of the season in health check we'll have some tips on enjoying
4:37 pm
football snacks but not overdoing it. it's easy to do when they're sitting right next to you on a table by the couch, right. we'll have those stories and more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00. brian we'll see you that again. >> see you shortly monica. thank you. the philadelphia flyers surprised some lucky he college students with free preseason tickets today. the team set up a booth at the temple university campus to give away ticket at the student activities center. prehe sees son hockey kicks off next week at the wells fargo center. the flyers host the islanders on tuesday the 27th. >> wow. season back already. >> i can't believe it. >> yeah. next on "action news" at 4:00 showing kindness in the midst of a terror investigation. we'll explain this now viral interaction coming up in big talkers. >> plus, self proclaimed coffee critics stand firm behind their favorite brand. but could you tell the difference in a blind taste test? find out which companies are getting the thumbs up from consumer reports in what's the deal today. >> and meteorologist adam joseph, he'll be back with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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>> ♪ >> uniformed security guards are patrolling a mall in minnesota which was the site of the terror attack over the weekend. a man went on a stabbing spree there hurting nine people, all of them have since been released from the hospital and are recovering from their injuries. an off duty police officer shot and killed the suspect saturday night.
4:41 pm
22-year-old dahir adan had worked as a security guard at one of those stores. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. syria's military says the ceasefire brokered by the u.s. and russia is already over. in statement today the country's military commands blamed rebel groups for undermining the agreement which went into effect just last week. those rebel groups say if the government -- it's the government that violated the pac blocking the delivery of much needed aid. u.s. officials say they stand ready to work with russia to strengthen the terms of that truce. thousands of life jackets covered the grounds in front of parliament in london today. actor 50's say they were worn by a migrant at some point and they are a reminder of the plight of migrants and refugees around the world. the un estimates that 11 people die every day in search of a better life. >> ♪ >> all right, brian, time for the big talkers on this monday and we start with an act of kindness that's going viral online. it comes in the wake of the
4:42 pm
bombing investigations in new york and new jersey. a starbucks employee was caught on camera taking time to bring coffee and pastries to first responders sunday. well, they were at the scene of the explosion in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood. the treats brought a much needed break to the police officers and firefighters who had been on scene for hours. a student run news team from the university of central florida captured this moment there. pretty cool. which has been viewed more than 9 million times now on facebook. the he says he hopes it inspires others to bring more positivity to their every day lives. here's one that should possibly, you know, jog your childhood memories. a store that is solely dedicated to a famously curious little monkey needs help to keep its doors opened. anline petition has been started to save the world's only curious george store. remember curious george? well, that petition was started by the owner of the
4:43 pm
cambridge store because developers are threatening to buy this property in massachusetts and close it down. it sits in what's known as harvard square. the petition says curious george was sort of born and raised in massachusetts since the book's authors margaret and ha ray settled there after escaping europe during world war ii. it's also said to be the only children's bookstore in that area so the push is on to keep it opened. >> yeah. it's still on. my kids are into it. >> good. >> good full circle. >> spans generations. >> time to get another check of the traffic report this afternoon. >> matt is standing by with the update for us. hi, matt. >> my neff news love it too. we've got stuffed georges, george books everywhere, yeah a popular guy that's for sure. several popular roads this afternoon giving us some issues brian and sharrie. one of them is 295 here in burlington county mount laurel. this is an accident that just happened a couple of minutes ago. northbound side of 295 right at 73. can you see the activity here off to the side? we're
4:44 pm
hearing that someone ran off the northbound lanes of 295. you have some emergency crews on the scene. i expect more emergency crews to arrive shortly. 295 northbound by 73 accident just coming in. we have an issue on 295 in gloucester county. it's downed wires partially blocking the ramp from the southbound side to paulsboro/clarksboro. luckily you can squeeze by. in trenton a serious accident involving an overturned vehicle. traffic is only getting by on the shoulder as you travel northbound on 29 past 129 canal boulevard and a little bit farther north in pennington got a gas main break blocking route 31. main street route 640 an alternate around that. down the shore construction continues to the great egg harbor bridge so in both directions you've got restrictions between marmora and somers point there by ocean city and we have been seeing slowdowns throughout the day as those left lanes remain blocked. nothing blocked here on the schuylkill this afternoon but of course it's crowded in the eastbound lanes by conshohocken and not far off
4:45 pm
in upper merion watch out for a crash along upper gulph road near gulph road 320. we'll check it again brian and sharrie coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> see you then matt thank you. still ahead here today, we are going to debunk some old myths surrounding a daily necessity for many of us. what is the best way to truly keep your coffee fresh? the answer coming up. >> all right. and let's step outside, shall we? sky6 hd giving us the live look over center city. those clouds and rain, it rolled in yesterday. how long will it linger around? meteorologist adam joseph coming up with that exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. >> ♪ as prosecutors, we checked out pat toomey's record...
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4:48 pm
one day is fine. >> did we get enough. >> we got plenty in certain areas. as we take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan you can notice that we just have some lingering showers here or there. the brighter echoes are now off the coastline bringing in the heavy rain with it but as we take a look at the 12-hour rainfall estimates, storm tracker6 live can also take a look back in time to see who got the majority of the rain or the jackpot of rain and you can see near cape may the tip there, near sunset beach, 4.7-inches of rainfall near mays landing and west of atlantic city 2.8-inches, millville near 4-inches, dover to fortescue over the bay about four and a half inches of rain early on today so some healthy amounts in southern areas and that's where we had some flood advisories. temperature-wise 71 right now in millville, trenton, 74 allentown and reading, 72 in wilmington. so, the numbers are close to normal for this time of year
4:49 pm
but it is not feeling very fall-like with that tropical humidity that remains intact along the east coast and that's what helps bring some of that very heavy rainfall. there was so much moisture sitting in the atmosphere that wrung itself out. now that front is slowly falling app parter and working to the south and east and clouds lagging back towards williamsport and there's a second front north of chicago that is moving through but right now chicago, all things are clear and if you know anyone who is at the game and would like to know what the weather is going to be like for the game, the kickoff there will 78 degrees in chicago, partly cloudy, by the fourth quarter 74 degrees with a southwest wind four to 8 miles per hour and again pretty clear, no weather worries. as we look back at home here for tomorrow morning, areas of fog, a few sprinkles around, maybe a little bit of mist at times especially south and east of philadelphia. 70 degrees at 6 o'clock. at 8 o'clock 71 and the same thing for kids if you're dressing them, dress them light tomorrow 'cause that humidity stays on the high
4:50 pm
side. tomorrow we'll be watching that front to our north and west so we're kind of between systems here. brighter to the north and west, cloud he dee to the south and east at 84 degrees. the second front comes through tuesday night, opens its door to fresh high pressure here on wednesday. yes, it's going to drop the humidity a little bit but the temperatures really not dropping at all. in fact still 10 degrees above average sitting at 86 degrees for the middle of the week. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast tomorrow some improvement in the afternoon especially north and west with brighter skies. sunny warm 86 on wednesday. the humidity starts to creep back in a little bit on thursday for the first day of autumn at 86. very warm, very summer-like and muggy on friday. upper 80's for highs. and then a transition day on saturday. doesn't mean rain. it just means temperatures start to come back down. the humidity starts to drop in the afternoon. and finally feeling like fall on sunday with a high of just 72 degrees. very crisp and beautiful and then on monday, seasonable
4:51 pm
temperatures at 74 degrees. so, again, once we start to get that closer to normal people are going to go whoa, it's a little chillily. >> yeah. >> but we've been so abnormally warm around here and we stay that way through the rest of this week. >> okay. thank you adam. >> yup. >> "dancing with the stars," it is back tonight right here on 6abc. the competitors are ready to put their best foot forward while security officials will be on the lookout for any unplanned appearances during the show. last week protestors rushed the stage following ryan lochte he's performance. the men said they were angry over the olympic swimmer's scandal. the second week of competition kicks off tonight 13 pairs will dance to tv show theme songs and tonight's episode will include the first limb names you can watch "dancing with the stars" at 8:00 p.m. right here on 6abc. >> ♪ >> up next on "action news tonight coffee drinkers
4:52 pm
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get fios with virtual tech support for $69.99 a month. >> coffee drinkers choose to wake up to a cup made with ground beans a growing number are turning to fancier alternatives like gusty thunderstorm play or premium options. consumer reports tested 21 colombian coffees to figure out which ones are worth your money. if you want the freshest tasting coffee good whole beans a try. experts focused on colombian coffee ground in whole bean ranging from five to $25 a pound. the experts tasted blind. and found a few that rated excellent. the top rated is longoli from counter culture.
4:55 pm
it's a complex. at 59 cents for a 6-ounce cup it might seem steep for home brew but it sure beats coffee house prices. nine of the colombian cough fees are very good. these whole beans from al laying grow colombia from whole foods have notes of citrus honey milk chocolate and hints of malt and toast. at 23 cents a cup it's a consumer reports best by. another best buy's kirkland from costco. this medium dark roast has chocolate notes and hints of dried fruit and consumer reports tested preground cough fees that were also very good. girlfriend value ya''s colombia ground coffee with fruity top notes for just 16 cents a cup. to keep your coffee fresh you put it in the fridge right. wrong. >> do not keep coffee in the refrigerator or freezer where it can pick up moisture and flavors from other food and heat and light can oxidize the bean's oil. just put it in an air tight container in a kitchen
4:56 pm
cabinet. >> what goes best with a cup of coffee? some say another cup. i am one of throws who says that. two more cups. if you want the best tasting coffee consumer reports advises you to avoid grinding your beans at the market because your coffee he can pick up flavors of other beans. >> uh-huh. finally at 4:00 two high school football teams in michigan helped a young boy live out his dream. robby heals who has down's syndrome normally sits on the sidelines as the water boy but his teammates surprised him friday allowing him to suit up with the team and score a touchdown during the game. robby's mother who is battling cancer fell to her knees overwhelmed by the sight of seeing her son run into the end zone because she had no idea that these two teams had planned his surprise for her. >> what a great moment. >> it is. >> and that will do it for "action news at 4:00 for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli adam joe's i'm brian
4:57 pm
taff now here's monica malpass. >> coming up next at 5:00 we'll have the latest on the suspect in the weekends bombings of new york and new jersey. we will talk to the organizer of the charity race that was the scene of that first attack. we'll talk about whether the race may still happen. aaa sales the prices of gasoline will keep going up thanks to a major pipeline break in the south. carson wentz gets ready for his prime time debut also a the birds get ready for the bears in chicago. of course we'll be there live. those stories and more coming up next at 5:00. third president?
4:58 pm
male teacher: and the largest planet? male teacher: someone we haven't heard from. female teacher: anyone else? through internet essentials, comcast has connected more than 3 million people in need to low cost, high speed internet at home,
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helping to make sure that every hand in the classroom goes up. male teacher: okay, veronica. amphibian. male teacher: excellent. welcome to a brighter future. comcast. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> authorities say their hunt is over for the man behind saturday's terror in new york and at the jersey shore. 28-year-old ahman rahami was captured in a gun battle with police in north jersey today. investigators say he is the man seen on this surveillance video near the scene of saturday night's bombing in manhattan. monday night, rick is on special assignment, brian taff joins us this evening and of course the big story on "action news" is the arrest of that man accused of being a
5:00 pm
home grown terrorist. >> he is accused of a trail of terror in two states starting saturday morning in seaside park new jersey. that's where a pipe bomb went off along the route of a marine corps charity race. then saturday night 29 people were hurt in a blast in manhattan's chelsea section. and last night five explosive devices were found in elizabeth new jersey at a train station there. that caused major morning rush hour delays within hours officials named rahami as their suspect and hours later he was captured in linden new jersey, two stories on this tonight. abc's elizabeth hur in linden new jersey is where we start now. >> reporter: good evening to you, the suspect is in the hospital and in surgery. this after that shootout with police that happened just lined me here. as for the two officers wounded in that shootout we are told they will be okay. the manhunt for the suspect ending in a shootout injuring 28-year-old ahm


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