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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  September 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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home grown terrorist. >> he is accused of a trail of terror in two states starting saturday morning in seaside park new jersey. that's where a pipe bomb went off along the route of a marine corps charity race. then saturday night 29 people were hurt in a blast in manhattan's chelsea section. and last night five explosive devices were found in elizabeth new jersey at a train station there. that caused major morning rush hour delays within hours officials named rahami as their suspect and hours later he was captured in linden new jersey, two stories on this tonight. abc's elizabeth hur in linden new jersey is where we start now. >> reporter: good evening to you, the suspect is in the hospital and in surgery. this after that shootout with police that happened just lined me here. as for the two officers wounded in that shootout we are told they will be okay. the manhunt for the suspect ending in a shootout injuring 28-year-old ahmed can rahami
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and two police officers. >> one of the officers was actually sitting in his police vehicle when he was shot at. i'm told the round went through the windshield and actually glanced off his forehead area. >> reporter: the takedown following a 911 call from a new jersey bar owner who told police there was a man sleeping in the hallway of his business. >> when the police officer arrived and -- to wake the individual and within a matter of seconds the suspect fired on him, he had his vest on and he was hit in his vest and so that -- that saved him. >> reporter: investigators now revealing they identified rahami as their suspect using a cell phone found attached to a pressure cooker undetonated on 27th street in manhattan. >> right now we're not actively seeking anyone. i have no indication that there is a cell operating in the area or in the city. the investigation is ongoing. >> reporter: that's one of four bombs discovered in new york and new jersey over the weekend. the latest in elizabeth, new jersey. not far from where rahami lived. >> vigilance is called for and it's very, very important if
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people see anything unusual particularly an unattended package that they report it immediately. >> reporter: and this afternoon abc news learned that suspect arrested here this morning, he is not cooperating, he's not answering any questions or even giving his name. so investigators are now in the process of using dna and other forensic evidence to try to positively link him to the explosions. elizabeth hur, abc news, linden, new jersey. back to you. >> all right, elizabeth, thank you. let's switch live to "action news"'s walter perez live in seaside park new jersey. walter that's where all of this began. >> reporter: that's right, brian. this is the place where it happened. the very spot where an improvised explosive device went off inside a municipal garbage can this past saturday morning. as you can see people have since left behind these american flags in honor of the event that was at least seemingly targeted by the bomber. frank costello admits he was overwhelmed by the number of people who showed up to take
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part in the second annual semper fi five can benefiting marines and sailors wounded in action. >> we knew we were going have a big turnout but not as big as we had. the lines were so long we could not get them all registered. >> reporter: as a result frank delayed the start of the race a twist of fate that lightly saved lives because the bomb detonated inside a garbage can was a few feet away from the path of the race. >> had the race gone off in time the 5k would have been right there where the bomb went off. >> reporter: one of a few people nearby was a race official who was stationed a short distance from where the explosion occurred. >> he turned around to walk back and the bomb went off two and a half blocks away so he saw it go up in smoke. >> reporter: fortunately no injuries were reported in the wake of that blast but local officials moved quickly to ensure the runners' safety. >> we need to shut down this run. shut down this run. >> reporter: we spoke with neighbors here who say they never heard anything quite like it.
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jean manfra lives half a block away from where it happened. >> it sounded like if you dropped a second of the building onto the street it was one loud boom and vibration. >> reporter: frank costello says that while this incident frightened him at first now he feels inspired to continue his mission to support the men and women who serve in the u.s. military. >> makes you want to come back bigger and stronger. >> reporter: and so semper fi will be held next year and hopefully costello says another event will be held in between to make up for what happened this past saturday. reporting live from seaside park, new jersey, walter perez channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you walter. our coverage of the bombings in new york and new jersey continues on the 6abc news app and we'll alert you to any developments in the ongoing investigation. also we'll bring you live updates just as they happen. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. >> federal courthouse in atlanta georgia was evacuated for several hours today when a suspicious package was found
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there. it all began when someone found a backpack in a trash can in the building's entrance. u.s. marshals ordered all workers out and called in a robot. it removed the backpack and x-rayed it. turns out that backpack an tote bag were only filled with old clothing. >> trying to decide whether lane closures on the george washington bridge were a conspiracy fueled by political revenge. two former allies of chris christie's trial started today. prosecutors claim in 2014 that fort lee's mary fused to endorse chris christie's reelection. five days of closures paralyzed traffic. christie himself has not been accused of wrongdoing. philadelphia police hope they can identify and arrest a man seen in this video robbing a family dollar store. the crime happened september 8th at that store in
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the 5600 block of vine street here in west philadelphia. you see the suspect there pretending to buy a couple of items but then he pulled out a handgun and demanded money from the cashier. he got away with about a hundred dollars cash. >> it's a prime time flight for the eagles tonight as they take on the bears in chicago. and for rookie quarterback carson wentz it's his first time on the national stage. "action news" sports director ducis rodgers live for us in chicago this evening and ducis, you've got a preview. >> reporter: yeah, brian, the pressure grows for this rookie quarterback. we have about three and a half hours away from kickoff between the bears and eagles here from soldier field in chicago. now, carson wentz looked pretty good in his debut last week against the browns but this is a different football tomorrow, it's on the road and it's against the chicago bears. i had some time -- i got a chance to spend some time with carson wentz last week. i can tell you he's a confident athlete who remains grounded through all this hoopla. >> what did sunday's opening
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season weekend do for you in terms of confidence. >> for this whole team the coaching staff just opening up like that the way we did going out and getting the w -- i know for myself it helped my confidence tremendously especially you know early in the game going down and getting that score right away just left hand me get out there get comfortable and we were just full speed ahead from there. >> reporter: you're very calm and cool on the field even in practice and doing interviews. to what do you attribute that. >> i think a lot of it is just my faith. you know, i think i'm very grounded. you kind of -- also my upbringing. parents raising us in kind of the north dakota roots coming out there. >> reporter: monday night football i imagine as a kid you watched it. what do you think it will be like monday night on the road in chicago. >> it will be an awesome atmosphere. that's what we're expecting. we're expecting -- it's a prime time game. as a kid i grew up watching monday night football all the time. i was real excited to turn it on. i'm going to be playing in it. it's pretty cool but at the end of the day it's still just a ball game and we got to go win it. >> reporter: i tell you he is captain cool.
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we're going to bring you this game tonight over on phl17. kickoff set for about 8:30. we'll bring you a kickoff show, count down to kickoff at 8 o'clock both over on phl17. zach ertz will not play in this game due to a rib injury. we'll talk more about that coming up next half hour. we're live in chicago, i'm ducis rodgers channel6 "action news." monica back to you. >> thanks ducis. back here we needed the rain of course but for many folks this morning's downpours were just a little too much all at once. commuters huddled under umbrellas and slickers as they made their way to work and school this morning. some tried to make a dash but ended up getting soaked. drivers of course had challenges with roads flooding and that meant that they got a bit of a late start at the office. >> yes, a rather difficult commute out there this morning hoping things have gotten a little better for the ride home. >> couldn't get much worse. let's go live to matt pelman and find out. >> that's a good way to look at it yeah couldn't have gotten worse. this afternoon i guess it's not quite as bad but still we've got major issues monica and brian. here on 95 since last we
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spoke, a vehicle broke down from the northbound lanes approaching cottman avenue up here in the worked the right --n the work zone the right lane is blocked. it's substantial from penn's landing through this point at allegheny up to cottman, 48 minute ride. that's more than a half hour delay on the northbound side. southbound near bridge street there was police activity. luckily that has cleared out so southbound is not so bad. northbound not so good right now on i-95. still have a crash to watch out for in upper merion along upper gulph road near gulph road 320. and there's still that overturned vehicle accident near trenton just a shoulder is opened along 29 northbound past 129 canal boulevard. little bit farther north in pennington a gas main break continues to close 31. main street 640 gets you around that. we've got a couple accidents in northern delaware this afternoon. one of them was closing harvey road. sounds like they're both in the process of clearing out now. and on the mass transit front a whole lot better than this morning but keep in mind four of the so that the septa regional rail lines are operating on new updated
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interim schedules on this monday. we'll check it again brian and monica in the next half hour. >> sounds good. still to come a miami neighborhood gets the all clear from its battles with the zika virus but another is still struggling. >> on health check we're tackling football snacking. you might be surprised by how much damage you can do to your diet. we've got some easy tips on how to limit the text at a lb's. >> well, after a soggy monday the vein moving out but now i'm tracking a different weather problem that could impact your tuesday morning commute. i'll explain in the accuweather forecast when "action news" returns.
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only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. >> beachgoers are being told to stick to shallow waters following three shark bites in three hours along the very same stretch. the attacks began yesterday morning. a 43-year-old man bitten on the lower leg. then 30 minutes later a second man was bitten on the hand. two hours after there a teenager was bitten on the thigh. two -- the two adults were hospitalized. >> on the campaign trail today, democratic nominee hillary clinton paid a return visit to philadelphia. clinton's visit to temple university today was aimed at getting support among the millennial voters. before her trip she accused
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republican nominee donald trump of giving aid and comfort to terrorists. she said his anti-muslim rhetoric actually helps groups like isis gain new followers. and trump tweeted out his congratulations to state and federal officials for arresting that suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings and the republican nominee took credit for announcing that a bomb was responsible for saturday's blast in manhattan. even before authorities had publicly disclosed the cause. he said he believes there is a foreign connection to the attack but he would not say where he got that information. >> ♪ >> on health check at 5:00 tonight one section of miami has now been declared zika free. it's been 45 days since the last infection in the wynnewood area of miami. so today health officials lifted their warning to pregnant women to stay out of the area. aggressive mosquito control and cooperation from the neighborhood and draining standing water stopped the spread although wynnewood is zika free the transmission zone in miami beach now covers most of the 7-mile island.
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the academy of american pediatrics says it's time to stop giving kids codeine. the doctors group says it still found in over the counter cough and cold medications despite growing evidence that it can cause life-threatening reactions and that can happen even at standard doses. the doctors say the rate codeine breaks down varies wildly from child to child. >> many folks will be watching the eagles and bears. chances are of course there will be food and drinks nearby. health experts say it is possible to actually consume between 1200 and 2,000 calories during a football game. that's almost a whole day's worth. a lot of it comes from what they call mindless eating. to avoid they say sit far away from the snacks. >> if you have to intentionally get up and walk over to it, it's going to significantly cut down on how much you eat. also, never eat right from the container or the chip bag. make sure that you put it on a plate so that you are aware of the portion sizes.
5:16 pm
>> easier said than do. be aware of who your eating with if they are fast eaters, slow down. don't try to keep up with them. it all sounds so easy on paper. >> if the nachos are good enough i'll walk a mile. problems continues for samsung's new phones with word of fire in another country he. >> gas stations high and dry about an out of commission gasoline pipeline. we'll tell you all about it when we come right back.
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>> ♪ >> aaa says gas prices will keep inching up while repairs are being played to a ruptured pipeline in alabama. in the south even finding gas right now is a challenge. pumps at some stations here in the atlanta georgia area ran dry last night and the station workers shut them off. georgia tennessee and the carolinas have all seen the biggest impact from the spill of a quarter million gallons of gas. north carolina's attorney general in fact says he's getting an earful from consumers complaining of price gouging. >> china is the latest country reporting problems with samsung phones. chinese news reports say one of the company's galaxy note7 smartphones caught fire over the weekend. another reportedly exploded.
5:20 pm
now samsung says it has found no battery issues with those chinese phones. the note seven sold in that country uses a different battery. in the united states, though, there have been dozens of reports of phone fires. a natural gas explosion took five lives today in eastern china leveling one building and damage, another. but it somehow left a table and chairs even the tablecloth intact at a restaurant. rescue crews had to dig through rubble by land to find five people injured -- by land to find five people injured. >> france honored those killed or injured in terror attacks. hundreds of families plus many injured in paris and nice were at the ceremonies today in paris. french president francois hole lands and other dignitaries were there. hollande denounced the attacks. the memorial also honored those killed by extremists in brussells belgium and three nations in west africa. they kicked offer the annual puerto rican festival
5:21 pm
today at city hall in philadelphia. >> ♪ music and a flag raising were part of the festivities led by mayor jim kenney and councilwoman maria quinones sanchez. the puerto puerto rican parade s this sunday you can watch it live right here on 6abc right after "action news" at noon. >> and still to come here on action news at 5:00 we get a check of the forecast. >> let's take you live outside right now sky6 showing you atlantic city beaches. big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions.
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> cecily tynan here to lay out our week ahead. how are we doing. >> we're drying things out after some much needed rain. haven't seen scenes like this in awhile. sky6 taking a look at the gloomy center city skyline with shades of gray, low clouds but for philadelphia and areas northwest the rain is really over. double scan live showing that we still have some light showers across parts of south jersey and delaware and there's some steadier rainier he dover and you can see how this is moving up to the north and the east. cape may sea isle city atlantic city you'll be getting some of this action as that front continues to slide off the eastern seaboard. but this was the heaviest rain in months. so far this september until
5:25 pm
today, we had less than a half inch of rain. today philadelphia 1.29 but some areas getting even more west cape may close to 5-inches of rain. that did cause some localized flooding. estell manor close to 3-inches, harrington delaware about three and a half inches and hamburg in berks county about 3-inches of rain. that also caused localized flooding this morning. temperature-wise definitely on the cool side thanks to the clouds and rain. normal high for this time of year is now down to 77. philadelphia currently only 71. dover 72. cape may 71. you can see where the clouds are the thinnest. temperatures are little bit warmer allentown 75, and reading currently 74. satellite6 along with action radar showing that the rain is pushing off but if you look at the cloud cover, this is going to be stubborn to clear out. and part of the problem overnight is the fact that winds will be light. the ground is very wet. and there's going to be a high moisture content in the air. so this means that we could have some patchy fog developing, some of it could be dense and could impact your
5:26 pm
morning commute. so you may want to plan accordingly. allow extra time tomorrow morning. philadelphia 70. allentown 63. cape may 71. and wilmington 67 degrees. future tracker showing tomorrow will be a transition day. in the morning 7 o'clock maybe even a few showers across parts of cape may, southern delaware. lots of clouds in philadelphia. some peeks of sunshine in the lehigh valley and it's one of those days that really depends on your location. areas farther north and west will see more sunshine. berks county, lehigh valley, the poconos. however, areas south and east the clouds are going to be thick and they will gradually be pushing away from the northwest to the southeast as we head through the day tomorrow and through the night tomorrow night. so, the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow morning fog, again some of it dense. some sunshine in the afternoon but again, more sunshine to the north and west. more clouds to the south and east. the high 84 degrees. wednesday sunny and warm, 86 and thursday, the autumnal equinox at 10:21 in the morning but it still feels
5:27 pm
like summer, 86 degrees and the first day of fall on friday, first full day 88 degrees but then temperatures beginning to trend down for the temple homecoming. 80 degrees. and much cooler air arriving by sunday. adam will talk about that in the accuweather 7-day forecast. guys. fall weather finally. >> thank you cecily. much more to come on "action news at 5:00. a soldier convicted of killing an allentown mother learns his fate. what a judge told him at sentence dag. >> not one but two unfortunate incidents on board a flight headed to a tropical paradise. we'll tell you what sent it straight back to the airport. >> good news for anyone using twitter. you can let your fingers fly more freely tonight. what change the company is now implementing. >> those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪ when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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>> hello again. rick is on assignment tonight. brian taff joins us. the man wanted in connection with three bombings in new york city and new jersey is in custody. how an attentive bar owner cracked the case.
5:30 pm
what hampered experts to get this fast moving for under control. eagles taking on the bears for monday neither football. jaime apody with a live reporter from chicago coming up in sports. >> ♪ >> but first we have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. those the words of new york city mayor bill deblasio today following the bomb blast in his city on saturday. >> the same suspect is connected to that blast and a bombing in seaside park as well as bombs found in elizabeth, new jersey. >> once police knew who they were looking for every law enforcement agency in the fry state area was put on alert. but it was a bar own interlinden new jersey who noticed a man sleeping in his hallway and called police for help. well, that man turned out to be rahami who reportedly had a gun. [gunfire] frightened residents hid behind their curtains as bullets new between police and
5:31 pm
rahami after a brief exchange the wounded suspect was taken away in an ambulance conscious and alive. >> in addition to the types of devices used the similars between the three incidents are that they occurred in high traffic areas where large gatherings of people were expected to be and because of that, officials with amtrak and septa are now taking another look at safety protocol here. "action news" reporter chad pradelli live at 30th street station tonight with more. >> chad. >> reporter: brian, it appears train service is getting back to normal here at 30th street station. if you were here this morning you took a look at the train information board, you saw a lot of cancellations, a lot of delays but now from the looks of it, it appears all trains are now on time. inside 30th street station, heightened alert after a rash of bombings in new york and new jersey. amtrak telling "action news" it is adding additional uniformed and plainclothes officers up and down the northeast corridor. riders welcomed the additional
5:32 pm
manpower. >> obviously a lot of police presence and that's why the trains are delayed so i think they're just trying to do a thorough job and make sure nothing else happens. >> it was just so much security. i've never seen it this busy like this before. >> reporter: septa is enhancing its security as well. k-9 units will be more visible and chief tom nestel says he's working with his counterparts across its region. he says there's no information that philadelphia is in danger but the message is clear. >> we pay attention to our surroundings. we call 911 when we see something. you say something. >> reporter: and again, tomness nestel saying if you see anything suspicious call 911. as for trains at 30th street station they appear to be on time. you'll see a heavy police presence as this ripple effect continues from what happened in new york and new jersey. i'm live at 30th street station chad pradelli channel6 "action news." >> thank you chad. our coverage of the bombings in new york and new
5:33 pm
jersey continues for you on the 6abc app. we will alert to you any developments in the ongoing investigation and of course bring you live updates as they happen. the 6abc app is a free download for your mobile device. >> terrorism is suspectd in minnesota where a man went on a stabbing spree at a mall this weekend. nine people were hurt and the suspect was killed by police. the fbi and other officials say 22-year-old dahir adan had worked as a security guard for one of the stores at that mall in saint cloud. police say he made at least one reference to allah and asked a victim if he or she was muslim before attacking. muslim leaders in minnesota spoke out in reaction to that development. >> and please let's spread love instead of hate and i'll say it again, isis does not represent us. it does not represent islam. >> now all of the people hurt in that stabbing have been released from the hospital. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on the minnesota mall attack as well as bombings in new york city and new jersey.
5:34 pm
you can watch that tonight following "action news" at 6:00. >> in lehigh county a soldier convicted of killing his girlfriend's mother will spend the rest of his life behind bars. today a judge sentenced caleb barns to a life sentenced without parole. the judge told barns you will be locked in a cage for the rest of your natural life for the murder of cheryl satisfy satisfy -- savonek. from our delaware news room now a vacant restaurant in wilmington was destroyed in a fast moving fire this morning. take a look at the massive flames that destroyed the up the creek restaurants about 6:00 a.m. crews had issues with nearby fire hydrants so they brought in a fire boat to pull water from the brandywine creek. however, they worked quickly and knocked the flames down in about a half hour. the cause is under investigation. >> philadelphia police are asking for your help tonight tracking down the man they say robbed dunkin' donuts.
5:35 pm
this is surveillance video from inside the store on the 3200 block of north broad street in north philadelphia. police say the suspect went behind the counter on thursday grabbed an employee from behind and pointed a gun. the employee opened the register and gave that suspect cash. no one was hurt here. in roxborough the search is on for the suspect who robbed a 7-eleven store on the 6100 block of ridge avenue. this crime happened in late august. police say the suspect also went behind the counter pointing a gun at the worker. the suspect got away with all the money from every cash register but did not hurt anyone in the process. in philadelphia spring garden section a robber is accused of using a screwdriver to threaten a clerk at a rite-aid. this surveillance video shows the man stuffing merchandise into a big bag at that pharmacy on the 1900 block of fairmount avenue back on the tenth. an employee confronted him on his way out the door and the man started swinging that screwdriver. he got away with more than $200 worth of merchandise. >> we have an update now to a
5:36 pm
story "action news" first brought you last month boy a rash of burglaries at day-care centers across the city. philadelphia police say they have now made an arrest. the suspect is michael harris. he's accused of breaking into 16 businesses between february and august of this year. in each case authorities say harris got into the day cares through a side door or window and that only cash was taken. >> it is time now for another check of the "action news" traffic report. >> over to matt pelman to see what's rolling out there or not in our "action news" traffic center. hey, matt. >> some traffic troubles taking your time as you try and head home on this monday afternoon monica and brian. on 95 we had earlier police activity. we had an earlier disabled vehicle. at this point our problems are gone. the lanes are opened. but the delay that's not gone yet. northbound side still backed up coming out of the city through this points at the betsy ross bridge on up to the work zone at cottman avenue where again all the northbound lanes are opened and warning/reminder for you. if you use this ramp, the one from southbound 95 to aramingo
5:37 pm
avenue, it is closing for nine months starting on wednesday night. it sounds like you will still be able to access the betsy ross bridge from 95 south. you just won't be able to go over to aramingo avenue. speaking of construction, more of it coming this week to the vine street expressway closing four nights tonight being one of them starting at 11 o'clock. and this afternoon you can see we're plenty busy on the vine especially eastbound because of those hefty 95 northbound delays. have a crash to avoid in glassboro along delsea drive 47 near william dalton drive. there's also one in pennsauken to watch out for along 130 at cove road, 616. we still have that gas main break in pennington blocking route 31. main street 640 gets you around that. meanwhile on the mass transit front this afternoon market frankford subway seeing some westbound delays because of mechanical issues. and we get new updated interim schedules today on four of the different septa regional rail lines media elwyn paoli thorndale lansdale doylestown and trenton line, some minor adjustments went into effect this morning. this afternoon on those regional rails we're seeing
5:38 pm
some delays of 10 to 15 minutes again all regional rails should be back on normal weekday schedules come early to mid october. monica and brian, back over to you. >> all right, matt. >> thank you. >> thank you. a plane heading to an exotic destination has to make a u-turn but that's just the beginning. still to come here tonight a jetblue flight lands safe in boston following a wild ride this morning. >> eagles in chicago for monday night football. ducis rodgers with a live preview coming up in sports. adam. >> monica the heaviest rain we've seen in over a month is now beginning to slide off the coast but some areas still could get clipped by another quick round of rain. we'll talk about it all in that accuweather forecast. >> throws stories and more when "action news comes right back. >> ♪
5:39 pm
newspapers know the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead. no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> airstrikes resumed in aleppo today after a ceasefire there fell apart. syrian activists and residents in the city said bombs were dropped on a number of rebel held neighborhoods. the ceasefire brokered by the u.s. and russia went into effect just a week ago bullet both sides have violated it. military said insurgents failed to add here to that agreement. it was a huge display of life jackets in london today. as a reminder of the plight of
5:42 pm
migrants and refugees. they were laid out. 2500 life jackets in all here worn by migrants including 625 used by children who attempted dangerous crossings. the united nations estimates that on average 11 people have that died every time during those attempts. >> firefighters in southern california are trying to get a handle on a fast moving blaze that's still burning out of control tonight inform fact it's burning at vandenberg air force base. it's at zero containment. about 250 firefighters including handled crews bulldozers and firefighting aircraft are working around the clock trying to contain the flames. a jetblue fight that had been diverted for mechanical issues was struck by light ling. the flight was leaded to bermuda from new york this morning. the plane landed safely at logan international in boston
5:43 pm
and fortunately nobody was hurt. >> jaime apody along with sports tonight. eagles-bears monday night football. >> i know. let's get it on. i'm excited. one game left and eagles fans hope it's worth the wait. the birds and bears getting ready for their monday might matchup. that's where we find ducis rodgers. ducis carson wentz is about to make his prime time debut. >> reporter: yes, jamie and it's on the road. a few days ago carson wentz told us the most hostile road environment he's ever played in was at the university of montana. this is not montana, this is soldier field in chicago in the n. one thing not working in wentz's favor tonight he'll not have all of his weapons. tight end zach ertz is out tonight. ertz has a rib injury. it was a significant part of the win last week over the browns. he had six catches for 58 yards. in his absence the other tight ends will have to step up. >> me and trey got to step up at the tight end position play a little bit better. i think all in all with just
5:44 pm
got to make plays. really help carson any way we can. >> i'm excited. whatever 33 want me he to do. i've always been like that since i came here. whatever they want me to do i'm extremely excited to do. monday night football in slick going to be a lot of fun. >> trey will a great camp. i know what he can do personally. i was watching since he was scout team offense versus our defense last year. he's a mismatch, confident, he'll go out there and make plays. he did he in the preseason. i'm excited to see what what he does. >> you can catch the game over on phl17. kickoff set for 8:30. we'll bring you a pregame slow counterdown to kickoff at 8 o'clock. once again both over on phl17. coming up next half hour in sports we'll turn our attention to the bears dangerous quarterback jay cutler n chicago i'm ducis rodgers channel6 "action news." jamie back over to youly. >> got to get pressure on him tonight. bears are three points favorites in this game. there's one expert picking the eagles. ron jaworski told me the birds
5:45 pm
will be two and o after tonight. >> ♪ >> they're a very young football team. and it's kind of interesting as i looked at the bears did he have on the coach's tape it's not the kind of defense i expected out of their defensive coordinator. vick is normally the mad scientist in the back coming up with all kinds of schemes. they're very van filament they don't do a whole lot because they're young and develop sewing that's an adan have -- advantage for carson wentz. >> you'll have your phone in your handled. be sure to follow us on twitter too. we'll be tweeting throughout the game. like the eagles the phillies are in a chicago state of mind they finish up their second to last home stand with the white socks starting tomorrow night at citizens bank park. the tim tebow era in baseball is officially under way. former eagles quarterback reported to the mets waving 15 he wore at florida. tons of fans were there watching his every move. the mets were even selling his
5:46 pm
jersey which i kind of never heard before for the lowest level of professional baseball. they might as well make something off of that. >> i guess. thank you jamie. >> if your tweets are always too long don't worry about it. twitter is giving you some extra space now. starting today photos videos polls and quotes will not count in your character total anymore on your twitter post. links will still be part of the 140 character count though. you can say mr. without having to edit yourself so carefully. all the better to communicate freely. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios, this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in, i know it's in, it's in but it's not working. i'm sending you a link to the my fios app that's going to let me see what you're seeing. really? mcenroe. see that cord? just plug it into the connector on the right.
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idonald trump says he alone can fix the problems we face. well i don't believe that's how you get things done in our country. it takes democrats and republicans working together. that's how we got health care for 8 million kids. rebuilt new york city after 9/11. and got the treaty cutting russia's nuclear arms. we've got to bring people together. that's how you solve problems and that's what i'll do as president.
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>> heavy rain this morning caused some flooding along coast of new jersey. deep water swamp long beach boulevard in surf city long beach island harvey cedars beach patrol posted this video on twitter. these are exactly the kind of conditions in which you should never drive through just turn around. you can tell -- you cannot tell how deep it is most of the time especially down the shore. >> very dangerous. >> adam is here. are we done with the flash flood possible issues. >> that's right. heavy rain is long gone at this point. southern delaware southern new jersey picked up a healthy amount of rain this afternoon and the same thing for the city. brighter colors plainly off the coast. there's another area south and west of cape may in sussex county delaware there may try
5:50 pm
ride up that border of cape play county southern parts of cumberland county and towards atlantic county. again, this is where we're seeing the solid area of rain still but again, the majority of of the heavier rain is well to the east. as we flip storm tracker6 live double scan into our 12 hour rain total mode here you can see the southern parts of cape play over four and a half inches of rain, the the same thing in and around kent county in dover millville three and a half inches of rain. healthy amount in southern areas and this is where we had some flooding earlier this afternoon. as we take a look at the action cam, capturing a pretty neat scene here with some of those leaves that have fallen. you can see the raindrops with some of the puddles but one thing to remind you now that we're going into the fall season and roads once they turn wet, leaves can act as black ice like in the winter, they're very slippery so just watch that when we start to see these rounds of rain come in as the leaves fall. a good soaking though he in philadelphia. we picked up 1.29-inches of
5:51 pm
rain today. if you take a look at the last month in total, won'tly had 1.26-inches of rain so we saw more rain today than we saw in a month's time span so this was much needed across a good portion of our viewing area. even throw we saw a little bit of flooding in southern new jersey and delaware, most of the rain was very welcomed. 75 allentown right now, 74 in reading, 72 in wilmington, 72 in millville. lower 70's at the shore. this was the coolest day in quite some time. however, it didn't feel that was cool because there will humidity remained on the tropical side so it wasn't all that comfortable out. the front is to the south and east at this point. really painfully slowly pushing to the south and east and again, southern areas still getting clipped by some of that light to moderate rainfall but for the most part philadelphia to the north and west we are done other than a couple of sprinkles or even a little bit of mist overnight tonight. satellite and radar some clouds increasing towards chicago. this is the next front that
5:52 pm
comes through here on tuesday night but ahead of it, not bringing any wet weather for the game in chicago, if you know anyone there, they're experiencing temperatures in the 70's, a pretty nice night for football for the eagles at the bears. southwest wind four to 8 miles an hour. back at home, a little bit of fog in areas tomorrow morning with that damp ground. it stays really humid as well with temperatures around 70 degrees between 6 o'clock and 8 o'clock in the morning and there could be some sprinkles or light showers especially the deeper south you go away from philadelphia towards southern new jersey and delaware. but for tuesday, overall we're between two front. that stalled boundary off the coast. the next cold front coming in from the north and west, 84 degrees. the brighter skies will be limited to the north and west especially in the afternoon tomorrow. again very humid. and then as that high pressure pushes in behind that second front on wednesday, it will bring a lot of sunshine but still really warm temperatures. 86 degrees.
5:53 pm
10 degrees above average but the difference on wednesday is you're going to feel a little drop in the humidity for the middle of the week. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, early fog tomorrow and then returning sun especially to the north and west. ly very warm on wednesday and sunny, 86 degrees. but again, drop the humidity a level before it starts to come back up again on thursday for the first day of autumn at 86 and then as we get into friday, very warm, very humid, 88 degrees to round out the work and the school week. and then we have a transition day on saturday. meaning we'll start on the humid side. it's warm at 80 degrees. dropping humidity as we go through the afternoon and we'll grab -- kind of grasp that fall feeling finally on sunday of 72 degrees for a high temperature and seasonable temperatures on monday of 74 degrees before they start to go back up a little bit at the early part of next week but overall much needed rain, check, some cooler temperatures, check but
5:54 pm
a little later down in that seven day. >> thank you so much. >> thank you adam. of course you can track the rain as it moves through on use our interactive live radar to see what to expect where you live and show us what you're seeing. share your weather photos and videos with us on social media. >> "dancing with the stars" is back tonight for week two. security officials will be on the lookout for any unplanned appearances during the show. last week you play have seen protestors rushing the stage following ryan lochte's performance. 33 said they were angry over the olympic swimmer's action in brazil. 13 pairs will dance to the theme of a tv show. tonight's episode will include the first elimination. you can watch "dancing with the stars" at 8:00 p.m. right here on 6abc. >> ♪
5:55 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer, overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo.
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next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. pat toomey. he's for wall street. not us senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> right now the "action news"
5:57 pm
team standing by with these stories and more next at 6 o'clock. investigators take down the suspect behind a weekend of terror in new jersey and new york. we've got team coverage from where it all came to an end. plus the organizer of a 5k race interrupted by the possibling talks about plans for next year. >> and hillary clinton rallies young voters here at temple university. those stories and more coming up next at 6::for rick williams adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody brian taff the entire "action news team i'm monica malpass. join me for "action news at 6:00 next. >> have a good night. as prosecutors, we checked out pat toomey's record...
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5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> monday night, jim is off, i'm monica malpass. in the news the bridgegate trial gets under way and hillary clinton rallies millennial voters at temple university. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the takedown of the man wanted for the bombing attacks in new jersey and new york. this is 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami moments after a gun battle with police this morning. he was discovered sleeping in a bar doorway in linden, new jersey, near his hometown of elizabeth. the weekend of terror started saturday morning in seaside park ocean county. a pipe bomb exploded in a trash can just before the start of a charity 5k benefiting marines. that night in new york city a shrapnel packed pressure cooker bomb detonateed injuring 29 people.
6:00 pm
let's go live to "action news" reporter john rawlins live in linden new jersey where the search for that bombing suspect came to an end this morning. john. >> reporter: hi, monica. well, the mayor here says the call about a vagrant came in about 10:30. the suspect was arrested but that came after a gun fight. the suspect was wounded. two police officers also hit by gunfire, one in the vest, the other in the head from a ricochet bullet. shortly after 7:30 this morning authorities released this picture of ahmad rahami. four hours later the 28-year-old terror suspect was on the ground after a shootout with police wounded, dazed but looking about. >> all of a sudden i just saw the two officers running behind their doors and then started shooting. >> reporter: the suspect capture triggered not about a call about a fugitive but about a sleeping vagrant in a doorway. an officer arrived. >> he ohio -- attempted to wake


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