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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 21, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> breaking right now violent protests erupt in north carolina on the heels of another deadly police shooting. several officers are injured trying to calm the crowd. >> only on "action news" a local police station under lock and key amid reports that officers hired a prostitute to pay them a visit. >> happening now, we're just about an hour away from the launch of our 6abc weather balloon. we can't wait. we'll check back in live with karen rogers in just a bit. >> good morning everyone its 5:30 on this wednesday, september 21st. first up we have dave murphy and matt pelman. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. and it's a great day for a weather balloon launch or whatever also you want to do. the morning winds are calm. we have some cloud cover still spilling in off that southern area of low pressure. it looks like most of the shower activity will stay to our south today. and overall we're going for a mix of clouds and sun with more sun to the north, more clouds to the south, kind of like what we saw for most of yesterday. visibility a bit of an issue
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in some spots. you can see some gray blobs showing up on the map here or there. that's an indication that there is some patchy fog although officially our visibility readings are not that bad so hopefully the fog treats you okay this morning. if you encounter some of that thick stuff you'll want to slow down obviously. ninety nine philadelphia, 63 in reading where karen rogers is getting ready for that launch. 62 in allentown. 66 in wilmington and 72 down in cape may. she's out there in berks county park. as we take a look at dewpoints it is still a little bit on the sticky side in southern areas where you see these 70's, mid 60's not too bad with the humidity and we do expect these numbers to drop as we move through the day. temperatures on the other hand are going up. 68 degrees by 7 o'clock. 74 by 10 o'clock. 81 today by noon clock -- i said that yesterday, noon clock, what the heck. okay, noon. and then 86 degrees is your high by 3 o'clock. and so it is going to be toasty with humidity dropping. matt, as we head into the weekend it is finally going the feel a lot more like autumn, kind of nice since autumn arrives tomorrow morning. details ahead in the seven
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day. >> noon clock makes sense. the rest are zero clock. good morning day of the. i have been scouring the cameras for the fog of which you speak and i found a little bit in burlington county. this is 295 at 656. southbound come the headlights down toward camden county. you can see we're moving along okay but it is a little bit soupy in parts of burlington county this morning. nice and clear in delaware county along i-95 and also clear because the northbound construction crews here by 420 have packed up. they've been back up and picking up their cones so should be completely gone soon but no northbound delays as you head toward the airport. and construction crews have left the vine street expressway. everything's reopened here by the schuylkill. if you missed them, do not fear, they'll be back tonight starting right around 11 o'clock. near plymouth country club there's a crash this morning shutting down plymouth road. sandy hill or germantown pike are some alternates. word of a new crash in new hanover along deep creek road at schultz road. also some overnight work on the northeast extension northbound side past lehigh valley. one lane out of commission on
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this wednesday morning, tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. this is breaking right now. the city of charlotte north carolina is in an uproar this morning. officers hurt and a rioting crowd tear gassed. roads have been closed all in the aftermath of a police involved shooting of a black man. police say this man had a weapon much his family is arguing that he did not. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is following the story for us live in the satellite center and has the latest on what we know. good morning, annie. >> good morning tamala. those protests went through the night and grew increasingly violent as 33 went on. it center around a deadly police-involved shooting where 43-year-old keith lamont scott was killed. now, police say he had a weapon but now his family is disputing that. this was the scene in charlotte, north carolina last night. from above you can see as protestors attacked marked police vehicles. you can see that puff of smoke. police used tear gas to try and get the crowd under control. 12 officers were injured including one hit in the face
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with a rock. that violent scene stemmed from the deadly police shooting that happened here at this charlotte apartment complex earlier in the day. police say it was there as officers went to look for a suspect with an outstanding warrant. instead, they saw 43-year-old keith lamont scott. police say he he had nothing to do with the warrant. according to officers' accounts, scott got out of a vehicle with a gun, then got back in. when officers approached he allegedly got out of the car with the gun again. >> one of the officers felt a lethal threat and fired his weapon because of that. >> reporter: scott died at the hospital. police say they recovered a gun at the scene. his family is now disputing that. >> it wasn't no gun. it was a book. >> they said hands up. he he got a gun, he got a gun. pow, pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: and the officer involved in this shooting is on administrative leave which we're told protocol. the process also came -- protests came hours after the protests were happening in
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tulsa oklahoma where an unarmed black man was shot earlier this week. will. reporting live from the sat center annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> annie thank you for that. and the suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings now faces federal charges. the court complaints filed late yesterday give a chilling glimpse into what authorities say motivated ahmad khan are a hematoma the afghan born u.s. citizen bought bomb ingredients on ebay and recorded a video of himself igniting a blast in the backyard. in a handwritten journal he talked of being a marter and warned that bombs would resound in the sheets. rahami remains hospitalized after a shootout with police on monday. the fbi had investigated him two years ago but dropped the case due to a lack of evidence. >> new this morning, gunfire in wilmington delaware seriously injured a young man. the action cam found a heavy police presence on the 200 block of east 14th street late last night. they say someone shot a man in his 20's several times. police are still working on finding the shooter and the reasons why. trenton police officers are under investigation over
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claims they hired a prostitute while on duty. sources tell "action news" that they brought the call girl to the k-9 unit headquarters on the 1200 block of east state street and say an officer concealed the woman's identity from cameras mounted outside. however she was caught on surveillance inside. >> the fact of the matter is i will not tolerate any activities conducted in my office that, you know, my officers are involved in that is going to reflect poorly on this city or on this police department. >> trenton k-9 headquarters is now closed and authorities would not confirm whether the officers under investigation remain on active duty right now. 14 year veteran of the philadelphia police department has been arrested on drug charges. police say 43-year-old officer william branish jr. tried to send a package in the mail containing marijuana. the package was returned which is what started the investigation. the force has suspended the officer for 30 days with the
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intent to dismiss. >> a delaware family out for a bike ride saved a dog trapped on a railroad bridge. the blond beagle wareless queued on sunday over the chesapeake and delaware canal. when rescuers got to her she was shaking in fear stuck between a bridge and concrete support brace. the dog is safe and calm at the brandywine valley spca in new castle. she'll be held for at least three days for her owner to claim her before she will then be made available for adoption. beautiful dog. >> absolutely. >> 5:37 now. great day to throw up a weather balloon. >> why not, right? karen is out there in berks county getting close to launch. storm tracker6 live double scan right now shows you we are dry this morning which is perfect for a balloon launch. as we take a look outside we have some clouds still left over from yesterday over the ben franklin bridge. overall today will be a clouds and sun mix with more clouds to the south, more sun to the north and that's because of that southern area of low pressure that's still stubbornly rotating down to our south. temperature currently is 69 degrees. the dewpoint is up there at 66
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in philadelphia but it is falling already this morning and we he do expect it to get a little less humid as we you go throughout afternoon. in the northern suburbs places like berks county and lehigh valley it's not humid at all. winds north-northwest at 6 miles per hour. just a little bit on the light side. and there is some patchy fog around this morning as well. there's satellite showing you that system to the south. looks like sprinkles and showers probably maintain a track to our south so we're not really expecting much moisture today. but we are looking at cloudier skies to the south, more of a clouds and sun mix in the i-95 corridor and even more sun the farther north you move through the region. it's also going to be warm over the next 12 hours. by 8 o'clock, 68 degrees. but by 10 o'clock, up to 74. and as soon as noon we're already into the low 80's. and then by 3 o'clock, that's your high. 86 degrees today, a mix of clouds and sun, again more sun to the north, more clouds to the south. and high temperatures across the region around 3:00 or so look to be in the mid 80's in allentown reading wilmington, trenton, philadelphia, low 80's in millville and dover
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and down the snore cape may, 76, about 78 on the beach today in atlantic city. a little stickier the farther south you go but again there humidity level dropping off. nice night for phillies baseball. partly cloudy and pleasant 79 degrees for the first pitch, 73 in the ninth inning. fleece beat the socks last night. has been we get a shot. tomorrow fall arrives at 10:21 in the morning butter it's going to feel like summer in the afternoon. we're squeezed between a you believe can of areas -- a couple areas of high pressure. 86 degrees is the high tomorrow. couple of tropical storms one of them karl still looks like it's going to threaten bermuda this weekend. lisa which formed just before the noon show yesterday looks like it will go straight up into the north atlantic and not be an issue. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 86 today clouds and sun warm. tomorrow 86, low humidity lots of sunshine but not exactly feeling like fall. and then warm and more humid on friday with a high of 88. it now looks like that next front is coming in faster so that we'll get a shower on friday night versus saturday
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morning. and that's good for temple football fans as homecoming kicks off in the morning on saturday. they actually have festivities on campus on friday night as well but saturday great afternoon for football with a high of 76. the eagles breezy and cool, 72 on sunday. >> yeah, that's the late game, too, 4:25. >> yeah. >> thanks, david. 5:40 now. "action news" is giving you a fascinating look inside weather forecasting. karen rogers, what's going on. >> reporter: that's right, we're getting ready to launch our very own 6abc weather balloon. want to see the "action news" van go in the edge of space? no kidding you can. i'll have the details coming up. >> a man accuses nascar of keeping minorities out of the pole position in a $500 million lawsuit. matt. >> people are raising into work this morning doing fine along 95 through delco because the northbound overnight construction headed towards philadelphia international airport is now completely gone. we'll check some other work
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zones, talk about a pair of accidents in montgomery county when "action news" continues on this wednesday morning. >> ♪ i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes.
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>> today is the day that we finally get a look at something special. >> karen rogers is lie in exeter berks county where she's going to put the "action news" van and some weather equipment into the stratosphere. karen.
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>> how cool is this. taking you and side the forecast so you can see the backbone of the forecast, how it all happens. here we have it laid out. over here are kristen and joseph part our 6abc team watching this balloon. joseph is an aerospace engineer, worked at the international space station. this is the actual balloon 800 get launched twice a day around the world. this is biodegradable made out of tree s it will blow up to about 5 feet in diameter and get this, it's going to rise into the atmosphere at a rate of a thousand feet a minute. so, this is what happens. they're going to be -- you can see all this happening as they employee it up. they're going to be blowing this up and filling it with legal yum. here are the gauges for that. when it gets up to about 90 to 100,000 feet and we're talking into the stratosphere, about twenty miles from the surface of earth it's going to burst and that's why it needs this parachute has its very own parachute that's going the take it down and you'll be able to track all of this, get the weather date tax the temperature, the pressure. you're going to be able to click on to see the whole link and do that and
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actually watch it happen. burst and come back down because we've got this go pro camera and this gps and satellite tracker so that we're going to be able to actually find it. i'm going to hop in the news van and track it. it usually lands, you know, we think about that 20 miles from the site. sometimes as far as a hundred miles. the jet stream is pretty light. next we'll have to if it. it's going to be exciting. stick around. wake up the kids. all happening in exeter township. karen rogers channel6 "action news." >> you know what would be cool. >> what? >> if an astronaut is like oh, there goes the news van again. >> if he takes a selfie and uploads it. >> that thing is made out of tree sap. who knew that. file that under who knew. good morning matt and tam. just a couple things for you to know. looking good for the most part along here along 202 in chester county. how nice has it been to have that third lane in each direction that opened this summer. we haven't seen normal delays, they're no longer normal along 202 and we like that.
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this is the scene along 202 by 401. overnight tonight along 401 in west nantmill we'll have resurfacing work starting at 7 o'clock. at that point you might want to avoid 401 but no need to right now. you do need to avoid plymouth road by limb monday country club this morning. overnight accident has it closed. sandy hill road or germantown pike some alternates around that. there's a crash in new hanover montgomery county. this is east of 663 along deep creep creek road at schultz road. also still have that water main work going on until 6:00 this evening here in horsham township. babylon road shut down has been for the last couple days. willow brook or keith valley are alternates. this is our first morning commute without the east side of bristol road, just east of york road. that closed yesterday for six weeks, all part of the ongoing construction in that area. to get around that new closure, i would stay on almshouse roads or down on street road as alternates there through warminster. and in medford today and
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tomorrow, 9:00 until 3:00 they're closing dixon town road by stokes road. hawkin road or medford lakes roads some alternates around that. time for the commuter report brought to you by the waze app. overnight construction cleared out on 295 in gloucester county. now in west deptford watch out far a vehicle stopped on the road. that's the northbound side of 295. matt. >> thank you a matt. a wild chase played out on highway patrol dashcam in utah the trooper thought he had his man but the driver then backs up here with his pickup into the patrol car and threatens the trooper with a knife before then speeding away again. the trooper keeps his cool calls for backup and starts trailing the driver again. the pursuit ends in a parking lot where the driver rammed the freezing rain's car one more time. he stepped out of the pickup and police took him into custody. >> new this morning, a georgia man wants to take nascar to court for what he says is racial discrimination. terrence cox the third filed the $500 million lawsuit on monday. the ceo of diversity
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motorsports claims that nascar refused to work with him and tried to prevent him from increasing the number of african-americans in the sport. nascar released a statement defending its drive for diversity program which has been in place since 2004 and says that it intends to fight this lawsuit. and i love this story. a bridal party in lancaster county took pictures. they didn't do it with flowers they did it with pup peels. the bride works for two rescue organizations so when a litter of coonhound boxer mixes came in days before her big day she decided to include them as part of the photos. >> my entire bridal party was able to focus on just loving on the puppies and interacting with them instead of being concerned about how do i pose, where do i stand do i look okay? >> those are the cutest puppies. i bet you they got homes in no times. the pictures have gone viral getting more than 10,000 likes and indeed at least one of the dogs lab adopted. five are still up. if you need a dog those are some cuties. >> puppies go better with everything. >> yeah, they do. >> 5:48 now.
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and the u.s. geological survey's linking up with nasa and it all has to do with rising rent. >> coming up later a hit-and-run victim in northeast philadelphia is now being investigated as a robbery suspect. >> ♪
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>> the man has a swing. our own matt o'donnell put his golf skills to good as you use. he teed off. tournament funds a nonprofit called bringing hope home. that organization pays bills for families dealing with cancer treatment. david and i, i can't say we went golfing. we sat there and watched matt golf while we were betting.
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>> ground balls into the creek. >> they do great work. bills really can mount quickly when you have a relative with cancer, so they do a great job. it's great to be a part of it. >> nice of you to do it. >> fun to play golf. [laughter] >> outside this morning along city avenue, i don't know if we're having fun but it's not a bad time at conshohocken avenue. headlights coming northbound toward the schuylkill. midday work on city avenue each day this week down around overbrook but that doesn't start until 9:00 a.m. so, right now you're looking good. mass transit we got new schedules updated interim schedules on a few of the regional rail lines this week. already this morning couple paoli thorndale line trains are running about 10 minutes behind but overall not too bad and we're still on target to return to normal weekday schedules come early to mid october so just a couple more weeks of strife on those regional rails david. >> strife, what a word. all right, storm tracker6 has been showing us that we're dry today. it is going to be warming up pretty quickly so shorts and t's probably work. it's a little cool in the northern suburbs with temperatures in the low to mid
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60's but there's not much wind this morning. if you're running errands today, early might be better than later in that it's not going to be as uncomfortable heater-wise. 68 degrees by 8 o'clock, by 10 o'clock 74. by noon up to the low 80's and we're he going for a high of 86 at 3 o'clock this afternoon. humidity on the way down today. more clouds to the south. more sun up north. matt. >> thank you david. the u.s. geological survey is moving saying the rent is too darn high. the agency pays $7.5 million a year at their current location in menlo park, california. the rent is expected to double when their lease runs out next year. the usgs has called the campus home since 1954. it plans to move into the nasa aims research center nearby. the survey plans to invest the cost savings into early. quake warning systems. >> it is 5:53. up next, a new jersey woman is clamped for what she did when her roommate decided he did not want to have sex with her. >> breaking overnight a protest over a deadly police-involved shooting in north carolina turns violent. we'll have a full report
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coming up at 6:00 a.m. >> ♪
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>> from our new jersey news room a 61-year-old trenton woman is accused of stabbing her roommate after he refused to have sex with her. sharon harry faces aggravated assault and weapons charges. prosecutors say the man was seriously injured on friday night. harry's bail is now set at
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$10,000. she's also not allowed to have any contact with this victim. there's a new twist in pedestrian crash that we first broke here on "action news" morning. the reportedly hit and run at a wells fargo parking lot may have started way rob he re. the victim is telling police he was held up at bustleton and bleigh while using the atm. he came back to retrieve his card and the suspected robber was there armed with a nye. the robbery victim said he ran over him in self-defense. he's an immigrant in the country and is unfamiliar with the law. >> still ahead the replacements. if you bought one of those samsung phones that have been blowing up but still want a new samsung phone, help is on the way today. >> also a karen rogers is live in berks county where she's conducting a weather experiment. >> ♪ >> blank. >> we're so excited about this taking you inside the forecast. here's the weather balloon. the team has calculated how much helium needs to be put in place. they're hooking it up right now. you're going to see this balloon being inflated live
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coming up. >> ♪ katie mcginty: franny, johnny, mikey, maureen, jimmy,
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone. it's 6 o'clock on this wednesday september 21st. we're following breaking news. >> protests erupt in north carolina over the deadly shooting of a black man by a police officer and the violent demonstrations have gotten worse overnight. we'll have the latest in a live report from our satellite center. >> former eagles running back lesean mccoy is now facing a civil lawsuit over a nightclub brawl in olde city. >> and the action cam is live in berks county for our countdown to liftoff. you see the team there with karen rogers getting everything ready to go. she will be activating that weather balloon in about 40 minutes. >> looks like they


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