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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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video sparked more questions than answers about the charlotte shooting next. >> one of the areas i have been particularly interested in is the area of children. ♪ action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. >> a suspicious shut down several square blocks as they investigate and detonate as white plastic pipe here it is again counter terrorism units called in as well for something
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that fortunately turns out to be a mistake not a crime. friday night jim is off i'm monica malpass and we have an explosive situation just days after several real bombs were planted across the jersey shore north jersey and new york city and dan cuellar has been speaking with authorities tonight about operating in this climate with abundance of caution, dann. >> that is right monica the bomb squad and terrorism unit have uptick in calls to check out suspicious items and firefighter were calling about something resembling a pipe bomb. the scene was the fire station 2110 market in center city before 3:00 firefighter called after seeing something suspicious in front of the fire house. >> pvc was on both sides with duct tape and suspicious to be in front of a fire house. >> evacuated and other told to shelter in place, traffic was
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quartered off as bomb squad experts tried to see what it was and they were on the scene as a technician and bomb and helmet examined the suspicious looking device and shortly there after they blew it up. >> we were not able to see it but hit it with a disrupter to determine it was empty and nothing inside. >> it was deemed harmless but other calls started coming in of similar pipes on 22 from market to south street, investigation by central detectives determined the items in questions had rolled off of a construction truck located at a site at 16th and vine. >> honest mistake but it caused an awful lot of disruption and more than a little bit of panic today >> response gives rise to the times we are living in and in the wake of the terror bombing attacks in new york and new jersey the philadelphia bomb squad and counter terrorism united nations we are happy
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to see and obviously being quite vigil and they are becoming actively involved in the process of keeping the city safe and that is a good thing. >> now police say they still have not accounted for all 17 pipes that were scattered along roadways in center city if you see one don't touch it call police let them handle it but don't become overly concerned the driver of the truck will be cited for failing to properly cure his cargo live at police headquarters i'm dann cuellar channel six action news. >> a fourth night of process after releasing the video of showing the deadly video of lamont scott and a curfew in effect at midnight but yesterday it was not enforced immediately and demonstrations remained
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completely peaceful and tonight the marches and gatherings are of the same spirit and protesters demanding not only reform in the criminal justice system but release of dash cam and body camera video showing the confrontation that police had with the 43-year-old scott leading up to the fatal shots. his wife recorded these final moments on her cell phone and couldn't believe what was happening. >> drop the gun! drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun, he has a pbi he is not going to do anything to you guys, he just took his medicine. >> drop the gun! kids -- keith get out the car, keith don't you do it keith don't you do it. [gunfire] did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him? he better not be [beep] dead. >> scott was articled and freeze frames show several videos of
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what may be a gun but its proximity to scott is unclear, other witnesses said he only had a book. charlotte police chief is resisting calls to release the official video in the middle of the investigation saying that it could inflame the situation. the delta oklahoma police officer charged with manslaughter in the shooting of a black man there knew there was no gun in the suspect's car. her attorney today admits betty joe shelby had already checked the drivers side the front and back seat, the five year veteran turned herself into authorities today and released on bail, if she is convicted of intentionally killing 40-year-old terrence crutcher last weekend she can get four years to life in prison. two former philadelphia police officers have been watching the escalating tensions with more than a passing interest. they are brothers twins and they went through a life and death situation together. action news reporter jeff chirico has more tonight. >> when it happens to you it wakes you up. >> few know the dangers cops
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face more than former philly police officers donald and brian mcmullen. >> they did not want to be arrested. >> june 1991 donald was shot by an occupant of a car conducting a traffic stop in west philadelphia with his partner and twin. >> fired between the eye and the socket and i had to make a decision to save my life and my brother's life and return gunfire. >> brian made that decision in a split second so too did the officers involved in shootings in tulsa and charlotte and watching with a keen understanding. >> of course they are going to be on edge because every situation they know it's going to be dissected and with the cameras that are out there. >> he was shot in the same philadelphia district as two recent shootings in january officer jessie heart was ambushed in his cruiser and last week sergeant sylvia young was ambushed and shot eight times
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mcmullen fears attacks will further onize police officers and places they protect. >> they need community supporting them because when they feel that trust then they can go out there and do a better job. >> they retired from the force after the shooting and brian became a nurse and after a long rehab and recovery donald became a physical therapist and still misses police work however, in new jersey jeff chirico channel six action news. a break in the shooting death of an eight-year-old little camden girl and police have their man and u.s. marshals took 18 brown in his uncle's home in clarksville tennessee and fled there after the shooting of carter outside her home august 24, carters mother
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says brown did not intend to kill her daughter and had these words to say to him. >> this is an innocent child, it was an accident and i know you were not trying to harm my child, you know. wrong place at the wrong time. but i would have felt more comfortable of the person just coming out and just saying it. >> earlier this month police arrested the suspect's mother and girlfriend's and both facing charges for falsifying alibis allegedly and hindering the investigation. two more people have been arrested in the shooting death of a father hit by bullets driving his own car, 25-year-old ford and his three-year-old daughter in the back car seat and had her in there and drove through a gun battle in 5100 block of germantown and two bullets hit him and he crashed the car his daughter was not hurt, one suspect had already been arrested before today. police are asking for your help identifying a new person of interest in the murder of a woman here in yaden and gibson was found murdered yesterday morning in the 600 block of
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bailey road. officials were initially looking for her boyfriend but now say the investigation is focusing on a different man. this is surveillance video from a beer store at 59 and katerine in philadelphia, they found a trail of blood from the crime scene to this store two miles away and say the man in the yellow shirt is of interest. a 15-year-old new jersey student is facing weapons charges for allegedly bringing a loaded gun to school and prompted a lock down for 40 minutes at the high school this afternoon, no one was hurt. authorities charged two people after a five-year-old boy brought 30 packets of heroin to school and arrested his father and girlfriend and a teacher discovered the heroin in the child's lunch box earlier this month here at the international academy of trenton charter schools and he tested negative for any drugs in his system. still to come the president could face his first veto over
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right for a controversial 9-11 decision plus the simplest element in the universe may be to blame for a space x rocket explosion and cruz and a cue at the republican convention and does a wild turn in the campaign leslie. >> the coolest weather moves in this weekend and would you believe sunday morning temperatures in the 50s and 40s, more details on this big chill in the accuweather forecast. also high school huddle is minutes away and a stat about the eagles steelers match up and you may rest easy and help you figure out that game when action news continues tonight.
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around republican senator ted cruz and arch enemy of donald trump is now voting for the billionaire the men were presidential hopefuls who debated each other and cruz called trump a pathological liar
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and quoted cruz lying ted and insulted his wife and father to the jfk assassination and they say it's time to support the party nominee stopping short of endorsement. the first presidential debate is three days away and we are live from hoster university and join us this sunday from brian taff and sharrie williams and the site of the debate is where they will be and president obama vetoed to sue the saudi government and sets obama up for a possible first veto over ride by congress. both chambers passed the bill already by voice vote and it will remove the doctrine of sovereign immunity and holds that one country cannot be sued in another country's court. space x thinks it has figured out what caused this enormous fireball on a launch pad earlier this month and have been analyzing data including slow motion video from one tenth of a
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second before hand and discovered what they call a large breach in the helium system and it was obliterated and space x tonight says nearby support buildings and fuel tanks at the cape canaveral tanks are unscathed and no one was hurt and will have launches by november if they complete the investigation on time. health check the leading cause of injury and even death for older americans is on the rise and cdc says falling down for mid 60s and older 29 million older adults reported falling in 2014 that is more than 1-4 and that led to 7 million injuries and a little less than half the time of trip to the er tragically led to the death of 27,000 older adults and experts advice about talking to a physician about prevention advice and time to check the z
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accuweather forecast. >> turn off the air and find the flannels. >> chilly and storm tracker six double scan showing we are dry here and a few sprinkles across the poconos ahead of the front that will blast and sky six this is gorgeous at the sunsetting this evening, officially at 6:56 not a cloud in the sky. beautiful day today as long as you like things on the warm side, didn't feel like the first full day of fall, felt more like july allentown 90, philadelphia 89 degrees that is 14 degrees above normal. wilmington the same and trenton 88 atlantic city airport also very warm 87 and right now it's comfortable and philadelphia allentown 75, wilmington 73, cape may 73, reddening currently is 69 degrees and temperatures are really going to be tumbling behind this front. 76 along with action radar and
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if you look at this it doesn't look like much with a veil of clouds there, a few sprinkles but what this will do is open the door for air to come straight down from canada and that will cause falling temperatures so future tracker showing wake up tomorrow morning looking kind of gray with that front that is moved through and have clouds maybe a few sprinkles here and there but through the day those clouds will be pushing down to the south by 5:00 just along the coast and temperatures more than ten degrees cooler than today. 76 degrees in philadelphia which is about the normal high for this time and the year allentown 75 and cape may 72 and wilmington 74 and temperatures drop in the 50s and 40s on sunday morning as the canadian high moves right over us and this means i don't think we will see frost in the poconos but they will in the adrondiks and cat skills and kind of a sign our weather pattern is changing what that means great football
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weather head original the link and 71 degrees by the fourth quarter, 66 gorgeous weather and definitely on the chilly side, definitely want to take a jacket or sweatshirt and clouds in the morning and sunshine by the afternoon tomorrow and cooler and 76 great weather for the temple home coming game and sunday wall to wall sunshine pleasantly cool and 72 degrees but again temperatures this the 50s and 50s and 40s and sunday and monday as we head to work and school the clouds roll in late in the day 74 degrees and tuesday finally looks like we could get at least some much needed rain as the weak disturbance pulls showers our way and 74 degrees and we dry things out on wednesday 73, thursday and friday of next week will be gorgeous loads of sunshine, low humidity with temperatures in the mid 70s so we are officially saying good-bye to that summer heat temperatures this the 70s for the next seven days. >> thank you cecily. breaking news right now this is
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from burlington washington state just north of seattle washington where there is apparently been a multiple shooting, four people are dead in a shopping mall, here is all that we know at this hour police are looking for a hispanic male wearing gray clothing who fled that scene on i-interstate 5 leading out of the mall and gunfire and four people as we said have been killed at the cascade mall 65 miles north of seattle when we get more information we will bring that to you. ♪
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decked out in blue and yellow balloons and it's in the 4800ludlow street and offers programming for kids with sports, mentoring and educational opportunities and the philadelphia 76ers have a spanking new place to practice now how about this in the words of allen iverson and talking practice and the team cut the ribbon on 120,000 training complex, it's the largest in the nba on the camden waterfront along south front street and includes two regulation basketball courts, a 2800 square foot locker room and special hydro therapy rooms very nice. and then we have ap by here and the eagles are ready willing and able. >> the steelers have not beat
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the eagles in philadelphia in 50 years and carson wentz for his toughest test yet and fans putting stock in this one with so many hometown allegiance for both sides and to beat the first legit playoff team but the players are not. >> everyone has got talent and every game starts 0-0 so i know these guys are a good football team and tough football team and play physical but we will be ready. >> comedy of errors for the phillies and up 3-2 the bottom of the fifth with bases loaded and roman quinn forgot the baseball and mets a 4-3 lead and in the 7, 7-35 and runners on first and second and throws to third and uh-huh phils fall again 10-5 and flyers opened the camp and steven tearing the season liked what he saw from the guy whose were participating. >> thought we had good practices today and trying to set some
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foundations, set some basics in place and even in terms of basic systems and we are going to try to do this same tomorrow. >> penn pn state barely got by temple and tomorrow things get tougher and fourth ranked michigan at the big house in front of the fans and averages 53 points a game. >> it's your approach and attitude and we have an unbelievable opportunity to go on the road into a great venue and another historical program and do something special. >> a bit easier and host charlotte for home combing at noon and a team they beat last year and the coach wants an oncore. >> home coming in front of family and friends in philadelphia and expect our kids to play well. >> interview tomorrow on the temple play book 9:45 a.m. right here on channel six, that is sports. >> all right thank you jamie. philadelphia sports hall of
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famer and radio personality got a birthday surprise and sunny hill greeted to a warm reception in the section and when arrived he was escorts to a chair of honor and a night of memories began, his oldest friend of 72 years started off the evening and then many others spoke about his impact on their careers. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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jimmy kimmel live is next on channel 6 followed by night line and action news continues at 5:00 and for bryan bryan and sharrie williams and adam joseph and ducis rodgers and i'm monica malpass and have a great night and weekend, very good. ♪
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♪ come on that pass is a little low there we have an up set alert at cb west and salem and off to the best in four years and the high school huddle presented by gmc and i'm jeff skversky and we have highlights from the beggest games in the delaware valley including our game of the week plus games in south jersey high school huddle kicks off in 60. we are the cheer leaders of cherry hill high school and this is the high school huddle on 6abc go! 6abc abc huddle is brought by philadelphia super


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