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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  September 24, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning, 5:30, saturday, morning, i'm brian taff. we have breaking news. "action news" has just learned that a firefighter has died battling a blaze in wilmington. at least one other firefighter, four children and one adult have been hurt in that fire. a live picture the action cam live at kirkwood highway, a half block away from where the house erupted into flames. you can see crews still on the
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scene right now. we are told several firefighters rushed into the home, the flames shooting from the roof after 3:00 a.m. they did manage to get the people inside out. this is video from the fire early this morning, as firefighters inside part of the home collapsed. wilmington firefighters road for help, neighboring fire companies including claymont rushed into help. they specialize in collapses of this size. one firefighter died we just got video of this this morning, a flag-draped body. that is the body of a firefighter. a second firefighter was found injured, the extent of the person's injuries not known or
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any identities all of this emerging as we speak this morning. , as mentioned five civilians inside the house, four of them children treated for smoke. we have several crews on the scene working to get the information on this saturday morning, stick with us, as we learn that information. looking at our weather conditions, sky6 live hd looking outside, cooler temperatures moving into the delaware valley as we look over atlantic city, chris sowers is joining us with a look at changes coming in for the weekend. good morning, it's finally going to feel like fall around here. yesterday, close to 90 degrees, today the mid 70s at best. everybody sick and tired of the heat and humidity, we'll catch a little break. looking outside at the philadelphia international airport, the cold front is pushing through right now. the breezes are picking up. numbers to the northwest, 57 in the poconos. 61 in allentown.
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70 philadelphia. reading, 67. millville, 68. trenton, 62. atlantic city, 68. you can clearly see the cooler numbers off to the north, binghamton, new york, 49 degrees. they are in the 30s in saranac lake, buffalo, 52. there's the cooler air in the process of sliding to the south. cold front right there, that ribbon of clouds that's the cold front that will progress southward throughout the day. temperatures will top out in the low to mid 70s. 75 degrees coming off yesterday's high of 89. clouds and sun by afternoon turning breezy and of course a lot cooler with the high of 75. speaking of cooler, look at the temperatures, first thing tomorrow morning, 46 in allentown. 42 in the poconos. we have a few mornings still to go when i come back in just a few minutes, i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> all right, chris, thank you so much. a massive manhunt underway for a
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man who went on a killing spree inside a maul north of seattle washington. four women are dead, a man is critically wounded. >> reporter: cascade all units, male in the mall with a long rifle. >> reporter: by the time police and ambulances converged on the cascade maul, the gunman escaped. he left behind at least three dead in a shooting spree with no known motive. >> it was like a shot and two seconds later another shot. crazy. >> reporter: the washington state patrol said authorities are searching for this man who walked into macy's and opened fire. >> it was a shooter armed with a long gun. >> reporter: he reportedly fled on foot. the maul 65 miles per hour north of the seattle was evacuated.
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>> we have to clear the entire building before we can send ems in. >> reporter: command set up a mobile center as as the manhuntt up underway. >> get indoors and be secure, if you see something say something. >> back here at home, a i don't think man is clinging to life after being shot in the street. this is new video from where he was found 4300 block of north franklin street in hunting park. he is in critical condition at temple. investigator are looking for clues to the motive and the shooters identity. >> it was a scare for philadelphia police and the bomb squad, center city was descruchted -- disrupted by calls for a suspicious device. in light of the bombings in manhattan and new jersey, authorities are taking no
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chances. >> reporter: the scene was 21 penn market in center city. firefighters were called after being something suspicious in front of the fire house. >> pvc pipe. >> reporter: others in nearby buildings told to shelter in place, traffic was cordoned off. chop chop was over the scene as they and had the suspicious device. >> we were able to to visually clear the items, so he hit it with a disrupter, to determine that it was empty. there was nothing inside. >> reporter: the item was the deemed harmless, soon other calls came in of similar pipes being found from market to south street. an investigation by central detectives, determined the items in question rolled off the madison concrete construction
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truck that was located at 16th and vine. >> it was an honest mistake, but it caused disruption and panic. >> reporter: in the wake of the terror bombing attacks in new york and new jersey, the philadelphia bomb squad have been responding to an increase in call it is about suspicious items. >> there's been a significant increase, we're happy about that, we're happy to see that people are being vigilant and becoming involved in the process of keeping the city safe that's a good thing. >> reporter: now, police say they have not accounted for all 17 pipes scattered along roads way in center city. if you see one don't touch it, call police and let them handle it and don't be overall concerned. by the the driver was cited for failing to properly secure his cargo. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> campus police at rutgers university are investigating a parking lot dispute in which a shot was reportedly fired on the
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school's campus in living ton in pis -- nobody was hurt in all of this. turning to politics, there are two men vying to replace kathleen kane in attorney general's office, they are hoping to start with a clean slate. vernon odem has their story. >> reporter: it is inevitable that the shadow of kathleen kane who recently resign after a corruption conviction hangs over the race for a new ag. democratic nominee josh shapiro and john fafferty, he pointed out that shapiro has never been a courtroom prosecutor. >> reporter: the commonwealth of pennsylvania has suffered for 3 1/2 years under someone with
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little experience managing the officer. >> shapiro a county commissioner was a veteran harrisburg lawmaker. he has been reformer, in montgomery county. >> i kicked out the wall street in montgomery county, i should the first marriage licenses to same-sex couples. my opponent has been a long time harrisburg politics he has been a captive of the far right been leading the charge against the women's right to choose. >> reporter: shapiro has president obama, to hillary clinton to governor wolf. rafterty has the first responders union and the state chamber of congress. >> ag for me means attorney general not aspiring governor, we all know he wants to be governor. >> reporter: this race for
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attorney general in pennsylvania this fall will be impacted by the clinton, trump smack down, how much of a drag will the loser at the top of the ticket be on key down-ballot races. vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> streets in philadelphia will be closed to vehicular traffic today and wide open to pedestrians all part of the streets program. the routes go river to river along south street and up the schuylkill river trail. streets in west fairmont park will be closed inbservance of the activities. cars will be towed if they are parked on the streets today. a firefighter is pulled from the rubble of a burning home in wilmington and firefighters battle a different blaze at an air force base in california. that for the third time.
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>> reporter: the headliner coming up this morning, are the colder changes that are coming our way. that's ahead of the air mass that will get in here tomorrow morning, the details coming up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. ♪
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grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few. now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics, exclusively at acme. a live look at our breaking news this morning in wilmington, delaware, the scene of a devastating house fire as you watch firefighters standing in what must be shock this morning and certainly no degree of devastation, we have learned one
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firefighter is dead saturday of this blaze. at least one other injured, also five civilians who were inside the house are hospitalized this morning, they were taken to get check for smoke inhalation, the 1900 block of lake view road in wilmington. the fire broke out after 3:00 a.m. this morning. we're told 3:15 a.m., we have just gotten video of the body being pulled from the scene. you cannot see the body, but you can see the response by firefighters, a very somber scene as they pulled what we are told is the flag-draped body of their fellow firefighter from the scene here. it is not clear if the deceased firefighter is from the wilmington fire department, elsmere or claymont fire departments. several were called to the scene as a result of the size of the fire and the fact that the house collapsed as firefighters were responding.
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as a result, overly fire companies were called in here. we can give you a look of the scene of the fire as it played out. i've just been given another update here, two firefighters are in critical condition, that one firefighter is dead, but two others now in critical condition. this a look at the fire as it erupted 1900 block of lake view road after 3:00 a.m. five people inside, four of them children, one adult, all of them taken for smoke inhalation, you can see the scene here, firefighters were on top, obviously this is before that scene collapsed and firefighters were trapped inside the building. we are, of course, waiting to get all the information, it is fast emerging this morning and we'll pass it along to you as we get the latest. fire cruise at air force base in california had to battle a fire that burned dozens of acres.
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downed power lines in the area could be to blame, that according to authorities there. turning our attention to the accuweather forecast. meteorologist chris sowers giving us a look at what's going to be a cooler weekend. >> reporter: we're potentially looking at the coolest weather since spring. that will be a pleasant change. it's been a brutal stretch of weather over the last several months. one of the hottest summers we've seen. it will come to an end and we'll move into a fall-like pattern. as we look live on sky6 live hd over the ben franklin bridge, just a couple of clouds upstairs and a nice little breeze is beginning to pick up. double scan live is clear, although there's the possibility as the front pushes to the south, one or two areas picks up a quick-hitting sprinkle or shower. there's activity up near new york city, we're not anticipating anything at all
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like that. 70 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 61. pressure rising. winds shifting out of the north/northeast at 15 miles per hour. 50s well up to the north, higher elevations places like tanersville, poconos, 56 degrees, coatsville, 68. saint david, 66. center city, 70. sea isle city, 73. on the boards in atlantic city right now showing 69. satellite and radar there's the cold front right there. that's a canadian air mass speak running through. for the most part there's not much moisture associated with it, just a couple of spritzes and sprinkles. we have water vapor image, the different air mass sinking as far south as the virginias and the carolinas, once it locks in it will stay there for sometime.
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as a matter of fact all week the temperatures will be in the 70s. forecast for today, there's the front dropping to the south, it pretty much sits there as we head into sunday, we'll call it comfortably cool, perfect weather fore the eagles, steelers game. the weather this weekend looks picture-perfect. there's the front dropping to the south, one or two sprinkles are possible, most of us staying dry, later this afternoon, clouds giving way to some sunshine, it's no not a completely cloudy day. we'll go mainly clear overnight tonight. that will allow the temperatures to drop off. wait until you see the morning lows in a second. clouds, breezy, 75 in the city. high temperatures topping out around 72, 73 in the north and west. winds out of the north northwest at 35 to 15 miles per -- 5 to 1r hour. 1:00 p.m., 70.
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3:00 p.m., 72. 5:00 p.m., 75. we'll call it breezy and cooler and chilly overnight tonight. 43 degrees outlying suburbs, 53 for center city under mostly clear skies. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, isn't that a nice sight? 75 today for the temple homecoming. 73 tomorrow afternoon, sunny and pleasant, feeling like falls. morning lows in the 40s and 50s south and east. 76 degrees monday and tuesday, wednesday, thursday, actually, brian the whole week high temperatures will be feeling like fall with the combination of clouds and sun or more clouds and sun. >> you have to take a week off, it's a cut, copy paste forecast. >> reporter: it's an easy one. >> you can finder the seven-day forecast at weather.
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>> saturday morning, i hope it's a good one for you as you look live from sky6 live hd, temple university from the center city skyline. early this morning, the sun has not risen yet, but when it does, we're in for a cool, comfortable day. health check, circadian rhythm could have an effect on breast cancer. in a study researchers found slight variations in a gene involved in circadian rhythm can cause cancer cells to spread. 99% of women survive five years after the initial diagnosis. smoking can leave a permanent mark on your body and now we know on your dna, that's according to a new study from north carolina. smoking cany change
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wegmans ez meals. [alright] at the commodor barry bridge on this saturday morning, sky6 live hd giving us a view of the still dark morning sky. 35:55 a.m., 70 degrees right now. we now live in a virtual world from texting to banking and then playing games. when you're online, all your
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information is vulnerable. you need to take steps to protect your privacy. here's nydia han. >> reporter: no matter what website you're on it's likely your every move is being tracked. we have steps to take control of your person information. this has probably happened to you, when you search for a medical condition online, related ad pops up on your screen. >> it's tracking, it happens all the time, we think companies should tell you what information is being collected and used. >> reporter: there's page after page of advice to protect your privacy. first install an add blocker, like privacy badger. number two, check your phone setting to see which app is tracking your location and turn off any that don't need to know where you are. if you visit an unfamiliar
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website that demands your e-mail, go to a website where you can get a functioning e-mail that self destructs. and be caution of google. >> it's collecting information about you. >> reporter: you can see how much google tracks if you look under my account and activities. there are duck.go that don't track their users, you can delete the records of what you search and the youtube videos you watch. more consumer reports tips that protect your privacy at nydia han channel 6 "action news." >> an update on our breaking news, one firefighter dead two others in critical condition at a house fire in wilmington, the very latest live. plus, the stork is no longer delivering babies, we'll take a look at a new film with a new
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angle on where babies come from. we'll look inside the new african-american museum set to open its doors today. stick around, "action news" will be right back.
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>> it is 6:00 a.m. on this saturday morning, i'm brian taff. we begin with breaking news in wilmington, delaware, this morning. the action cam live near the ruins of a burned out home in wilmington. we now know that one firefighter is dead saturday of this, two other firefighters are in critical condition this morning. this is a heartbreaking video coming in moments ago to "action news," firefighter carrying the body of one of their own, flag-draped body emerging from the rubble of the fire on the 1900 block of lake view road in wilmington. a very grim scene there. and more new video coming in seconds ago. this to share with you, it shows the ambulance leaving the scene getting a police escort. we do not know if that is the body of confirmed dead firefighter or one said to be in critical condition this morning. we'll get much more in the way of detail as the


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