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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  September 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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saturday morning, i'm brian taff. we begin with breaking news in wilmington, delaware, this morning. the action cam live near the ruins of a burned out home in wilmington. we now know that one firefighter is dead saturday of this, two other firefighters are in critical condition this morning. this is a heartbreaking video coming in moments ago to "action news," firefighter carrying the body of one of their own, flag-draped body emerging from the rubble of the fire on the 1900 block of lake view road in wilmington. a very grim scene there. and more new video coming in seconds ago. this to share with you, it shows the ambulance leaving the scene getting a police escort. we do not know if that is the body of confirmed dead firefighter or one said to be in critical condition this morning. we'll get much more in the way of detail as the morning unfolds
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today. now a look at the fire itself, as the flames shot through the roof of the home, a row home here, four children and one adult were initially trapped inside, they did get out alive, but as the fire raged part of the home gave way collapsing here, wilmington firefighters had to call for help. neighboring fire departments did what they are trained to do, they rush into help their brothers and sisters in what was emerging as a dire situation, we do not know the identity of the dead firefighter, which department the firefighter is from, wilmington, elsmere or claymont or one of the others that arrived on the scene to deal with the situation. as you can guess and as you might imagine firefighters were stunned looking at the tragic scene, one firefighter dead and two fellow firefighters injured. in the meantime we turn to our weather conditions and a live look outside from sky6 live
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hd. cooler temperatures moving into the delaware valley as we speak, chris sowers look at the changes that move in this weekend. >> reporter: so cool in fact we have frost advisories a couple of hundred miles away. the cooler air is work be its way in. feeling like fall this weekend, some of the coolest weather we've seen since the beginning of spring, arrives first thing tomorrow morning. nice stuff arrives. there's the adventure aquarium on the camden waterfront. philadelphia, 66. trenton, i don't know if you can see the blue across upstate new york, vermont, new hampshire that's the real cool stuff that's working down to the south. that arrives tomorrow morning. millville, 68. wilmington, 70. cape may, 72. the winds are humming out of the north 16 miles per hour. sustained in philadelphia.
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ten in allentown, 12 in wilmington, 13 in atlantic city. 8 miles per hour in trenton. all behind this cold front right here. that's the cooler canadian air mass to the north working its way south over the next 6 to 12 hours. starting out with a lot of the clouds associated with the front. 1:00 p.m., 70. 3:00 p.m., 72. 5:00 p.m., 75 that's the forecasted high for the today. breezy and cooler, 75 degrees coming off yesterday's 89. when i come back in just a few minutes i'll show you the overnight lows tonight, tomorrow night getting into the 40s west of philadelphia. coming up in ten minutes. >> thanks very much. new at 6:00, a crash in northeast philadelphia sheered a car into pieces and left the driver in critical condition. police say speeding was a factor in this crash. the car hit a dip in the road apparently going airborne into a tree and rolling over, all this happened at 11:00 p.m. bustleton
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avenue and county line road in somerton. the driver was flown to hanheman hospital for surgery. now to the fatal shooting of a black man by a black police officer in charlotte, north carolina. protesters took to the street last night. the wife of the man who was shot released video of the police stop and seconds before what you see, police did say "drop the gun." >> he doesn't have a gun, he has a pbi. he is not going to do anything to you guys, he has medicine. >> keith don't let them break the window, come out of the car. >> drop the gun. >> keith, don't do it. >> drop the gun. >> keith get out the car. keith, don't you do it, don't you do it. keith don't you do it!
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[shots fired]. >> police say keith scott was armed. two images show a gun not far from the body. one image puts the gun farther from the body. the wife's video does not provide full context of what happened. officer were in the area to serve a warrant on a different man. 40-year-old terrence crutcher was stranded black motorist shot by a white police officer in tulsa, oklahoma. betty shelby is charged with manslaughter. she shot crutcher when she said he tried to reach inside his car. he did have his hands up at one point here. two former philadelphia police officers have been watching the escalating tensions in charlotte and tulsa with more
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than a passing interest. they are brothers, twins and when they went to a life and death situation, it was a together. >> what happens to you, it's like, it wakes you up. >> reporter: few know the dangers cops face more than former philly police officers donald and brian mcmullen. in june 91991, donald was shot by the occupant of a car while conducting a routine traffic stop in west philadelphia with his partner and twin. >> point blank range fired between the eye and the socket. >> i had to save my life and my brother's life, and return gunfire. >> reporter: he made the decision in a split second. they are watching the coverage with keen interest in tulsa and charlotte. >> every situation they know is
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going to be dissected with the cameras that are out there. >> reporter: mcmullen was shot in the same philadelphia district as two recent shootings, in january, officer jesse hartnett was ambushed in his cruiser and last week sylvia young was ambushed and shot 8 times. mullen fears the attacks it will further galvonize police and the communities they work to protect. >> most police officers would rather have good communities supporting them, when they feel that trust, they can go out there and do a better job. >> reporter: the mcmullens retired after the shooting. one becoming a nurse and the other a physical therapist, they miss police work, however. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." a new poll shows hillary
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clinton seven points ahead of republican donald trump. both candidates are spending their weekend getting ready for the first presidential debate of the general campaign season. it will focus on making america more secure. it's prosperity and the direction that the country is heading in. meanwhile, one of trump's formal rivals has reversed course. ted cruz said he will vote for the outspoken billionaire. he said it is time to support his party's nominee, he said he will vote for him, but stopped short of saying why beyond the fact that he signed the pledge to do so. "action news" will cover the first presidential debate live from hofstra university. our coverage begins tomorrow night on "action news," my colleague sharrie williams and i will be at the site of the debate. a major makeover is in the
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works at one atlantic city casino. harrah's is spending $30 million to redo 400 hotel rooms and sweets beginning in november. it is expected to be wrapped up memorial day weekend. all this a race for atlantic city more successful casinos to stay competitive. >> fall is here and deer mating season is around the corner. okay, november, december are the worst months for accidents with animals. a driver hit a deer in greeneville, delaware. >> i'm not sure what happened, they said a deer crossed the highway from the side and jumped on my car and busted the window. >> according to penndot there were 3600 crashes involving deer last year, 6 of those were
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deadly. aaa say drivers should be attendive in the very -- tent arrive in the -- attentive in the early morning hours and early evening hours. overflowing its banks, a river in iowa spills into the streets causing floating woes for residents there. >> reporter: coming up in weather we'll have the all-important weekend forecast including the forecast for the eagles game and chilly nights, fall vas arrived! back to ther
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breaking news arc live look at firefighters mill around the scene of what has been ran awful morning frankly there. one firefighter is dead. two others are in critical condition saturday of this house fire in the 1900 block of lake view road, all of this unfolding after 3:00 a.m. this morning. five civilians were inside the house, four of them children. all of them did make it out of the house treated for smoke inhalation. again, one firefighter did die when the house collapsed. two others are in critical condition as we speak, we have several crews on the scene waiting to get the latest in fact, of course, we'll pass it along to you as we get it. >> parts of iowa are under
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water, several rivers are cresting, portable dams and barriers and pumps are being brought in. the flooding could close bridges one of the few ways out. iowa's flooding is closing in on a five hundred year flood of 2008. wisconsin got battered by flooding. so much extreme weather everywhere throughout the summer. this week we'll scale it back. >> reporter: finally, part of the reason why we're seeing the flooding, the pattern is stagnant it's not moving, where it rains it keeps raining where it's sunny it stays sunny. that pattern is about to breakdown and things will start moving across the country again that means cooler changes will move into our neck of the woods. we'll feel that later today with a nice, comfortable breeze, especially overnight tonight and into tomorrow some of the coolest air we've seen since spring arrived. double scan live is clear, with the passage of the front that is up to the north, pushing through
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the lehigh valley. there could sprinkles that develop as the front dives farther an farther to the south. starting out on the cooler side. we hit 76 degrees, tuesday, 82. wednesday, 86, thursday, 87. and yesterday's high, 89 degrees. i think it is safe to say at this point yesterday will probably the last day this year that you will need the air-conditioning, then again i had the air-conditioning on christmas day, so maybe not. 75 degrees is the forecasted high which is on par for this time of the year. the present temperature reading is the low for the day, 66 degrees. poconos, 66. trenton, 62. 70 in wilmington, 70 is the number for cape may. the big story out there continues to be this front here, you can clearly see it, this line stretch e stretching from west to east across the mid
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atlantic states. north of the lane we're seeing cool stuff coming in from canada. south of the line it's humid and warm with temperatures in the 70s across the carolinas and the virginias. once the front pushes through, there's a chance of a spritz or sprinkle accompanied with it, another chance of a shower monday night into tuesday morning, really that's it, most of the seven-day forecast is dry, temperatures are warm, it's nice and quiet across the lower 48 if you're traveling over the next couple of days. this is the air mass, look at the 30s showing up across southeastern portions of canada. this is the air mass dropping south across the mid atlantic and the northeast states. watch what happens over the next few days, 74, 75, the idea for today is clouds giving way to sunshine later on, first thing tomorrow morning, 40s everybody north and west of the delaware river. low 50s be south and east. tomorrow afternoon, football weather, temperatures struggling
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to reach 70 degrees. look at the surrounding suburbs mid 60s for highs. tomorrow night into monday morning, 41 degrees, 40 in the poconos. same number for reading, 48 in philadelphia. 45 up there in trenton. so our first real crisp, true, fall, weather air mass is on the way. breezy, comfortably cool. 70 degrees is the forecasted high. starting out with clouds and increasing sunshine. 73 by 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m., 75. overnight tonight, 53 for center city, winds subside out of the north at 5 to 10. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows temperatures in the 70s the whole way through, i can't remember the last time i could show something like this. monday, partly sunny, 76.
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monday night into tuesday morning, round of showers, afternoon it's sunny again. thursday, friday, saturday, it looks nice, the whole stretch temperatures in the mid 70s. >> love that. happening today, the smithsonian national museum african american culture will open to the public. it features 3500 artifacts, it explores slavery and jim crow and the african culture of sports and films. and it explores president obama's presidency. >> it explains we were standing on the shoulders of giants. so we are humbled that we'll be part of this story, but i think we think of ourselves as a small
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part of the story. >> the african-american museum in philadelphia will hold a watch party today to view the grand opening of the sister museum in washington. >> this is the somber and
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sobering scene in wilmington, delaware, as firefighters hold the body of one of their own from the rubble of a devastating
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house fire overnight. the house fire erupted after 3:00 a.m. we know the firefighter whose body is draped in a flag is one of three who were hurt there, this one, obviously has passed away. two others in critical condition this morning. they have been flown to christiana hospital. they have several crews on the scene we'll bring you the latest in minutes at 6:30 a.m. kmart has announced that dozens more stores will be closed by year's end. 64 more stores across the country will shut down by mid december. back in april, kmart announced it is closing 8 stores, two in our area. the stores on frankford avenue and 5th street in reading closed this summer. the store is struggling to compete with other large chains and ecommerce sights. 70,000 employees will be switching to new uniforms. it's the first change in nearly three decades. it affects pilots and flight
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attendants and workers, it's one of the last and most visible signs for the u.s. airways and american merger integration. and it's hanging on for dear life. that is what amg driving performance means. and this is where it lives. the 503-horsepower mercedes-amg c63 s coupe.
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everyone, 6:25 saturday morning, time for the tropical outlook, we're focused in on tropical storm carl. this storm is a couple of hundred miles away from the eastern seaboard. the good news it is not moving to the west, it is moving out to sea. the very latest it is 50 miles southeast of bermuda. there's saint george west of the center. maximum stained winds of 65 miles per hour. it's moving pretty quickly out of the northeast at 17 miles per
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hour. moving away from the east coast. sunday afternoon it's out in the atlantic and continues to pull away. as carl pulls away this way, that will allow cooler air from canada to seep in from the northwest that will dive southeast in the storm's wake. that storm pulls away and cool, fall conditions arrive later this afternoon. brian. >> thank you. the eagles are downplaying the showdown with the steelers. jamie apody has a giants sports platter for you this morning. >> reporter: well, it's almost time for the keystone showdown, how about this, the steelers has not beaten the eagles in philadelphia in 50 years, fans putting a lot of stockny one. the chance that the -- in this one, the place say it's just another game. >> everyone's got talent. every game starts zero, zero.
6:27 am
run these gis are a tough football team and they play football. >> phillies 3-2. bases loaded. 200s came in. mets take a 4 pf 3 -- 4-3 lead. cameron rup, phillies fall again. >> reporter: dave hextall in the second season. >> we have good practice today, we set basic systems in place, we'll try to do the same tomorrow. >> reporter: 4th ranked michigan at the big house in front 110,000 fans. >> it's your approach and
6:28 am
attitude. we have an unbelievable opportunity to go on the road into a great venue, another historical program and do something special. >> reporter: penn state michigan, it can be seen right here on channel 6. kickoff at 3:30 p.m. meantime, the owls host charlotte for homecoming at noon, they beat them 37-3 last year, the coach wants an encore. i expect our kids to play very well. >> reporter: interview with the coach this morning on temple football play book coming up at 9:45 a.m. on channel 6. that's sports, have a great weekend!
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morning, i'm brian taff. we have breaking news out of with him, delaware, a live look right now at the scene of a house fire that has left one firefighter dead and two others clinging to life at this hour this morning. all of this happened in the 1900 block of lake view road just after 3:00 a.m. this is a live picture as crews remain on the scene hours after the fire erupted. many of them still reacting and processing this grim news this morning, that one of their fellow firefighters has died and two others in critical condition. this morning i want to give you a look at what the fire looks like. just a few hours ago or minutes ago, as flames poked through the roof of that home, again, the 1900 block of lake view road. at some point, the flames became so significant, so many firefighters were on the scene
6:32 am
that the roof of the home collapsed. it is believed in the collapse one firefighter died and several others became injured. we know that at least two of those injured are in critical condition. a very grim scene unfolded moments after that. this is the moment when firefighters pulled the body of their fellow firefighter out of the rubble. you can't see it there, but the body is draped in the american flag. we do not know this morning the identity of the firefighter, the gender or which department the firefighter came from, so many responded to the scene, certainly once the house collapsed. claymont was there, else mere, wilmington on handle, it is -- on hand, it is believed others might have been there, as well. this is how it looked when one of the firefighters was escorted to the nearby hospital. whether that is the deceased firefighter or injured firefighter it's unclear. you can see the police and first
6:33 am
responders treated the escort to a nearby hospital. i'm being told that is the body of deceased firefighter being escorted by police. five people were inside the home this morning, five civilians one of them an adult, four children, all five did manage to get out, thanks to the horrorric of firefighters who rushed to get them out of the house, all of them are okay, non-life threatening injuries for the family or the people who were inside as i mentioned here. one firefighter has died. two others in critical condition. we have several crews working to bring you the latest information on this this morning, we, of course, will pass any new information along to you as the newscast continues this morning. in the meantime we turn our attention to the accuweather forecast him sky6 live hd taking a live look at the commodor barry bridge as the sun begins to emerge in the morning sky. a couple of clouds up high in
6:34 am
the sky keeping the sunrise at bay. cooler temperatures coming in, meteorologist chris sowers joining us with a look at how cool this saturday will be. >> reporter: it's funny, i can probably count on one hand since the beginning of july i turned the air-conditioning off. you probably won't need it again this year, at least i'm hoping. let's get you outside, appears we're heading into a nice pattern change here today. fall will move through and you will feel it. temperatures will struggle to stay in the 70s this afternoon. tomorrow, the temperatures will be in the 60s. this is nice stuff sky6 live hd down at penns landing, as you look closely, the flags are whipping in the winds there. as the breezes pick up it's in association with the frontal system that's pushing through. numbers wise it doesn't look too cool as of yet, the numbers won't climb too much higher. philadelphia, 66. millville, 68. trenton, 62. you can point out where the front is by looking at the
6:35 am
dewpoints. this is the way we measure the amount of moisture in the air. we go lower than 60 degrees that's a comfortable dewpoint. north of the front cooler and drier, south of the front, sticky, southern portions of south jersey, cumberland, cape may and atlantic county. dover, sticky with a dewpoint of 67. frontal system dropping to the south, it will continue to push south during the course of the day. more clouds than sun for the jersey shore, 72. city of philadelphia, clouds giving way to sunshine later on. 75. in the poconos, nice and refreshing with a breeze, 64 degrees. brian? >> all right, chris, thank you. we have developing news a massive manhunt for a man who went on a killing spree inside a maul north of seattle. four women are dead a man is critically unit. >> man ran into a women's hazy
6:36 am
with a long rifle. by the time the calls came in the gunman escaped. >> we're receiving shots fired at burlington. >> reporter: they believe shots were fired. >> reporter: he left behind three dead in a shooting spree with no known motive. >> it was like a shot and two seconds later another shot. crazy. >> reporter: the washington state patrol said authorities are searching for this man who walked into macy's and opened fire. he reportedly fled on foot, the mall 65 miles per hour north of seattle was quickly evacuated. >> now we have to clear the entire buildings before we can send ems in. >> reporter: police set up a mobile command center in the parking lot as the manhunt got underway. we're looking for a shooter, again, caution people stay indoors, stay secure, if you see
6:37 am
something say something. >> reporter: brian clark, abc news new york. >> back here at home, a young man is clinging to life this morning after being shot in the street last night. police are now looking for whoever pulled the trigger. this is new video from where the victim was found, the 4300 block of north franklin street in hunting park. he is in critical condition at temple hospital. investigators are looking for clues for the motive and the shooters identity. a federal judge has denied a public defender's request to rep man at that timen bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami. officials say he had that not been officially arrested by authorities just yet. he was injured in a shootout in linden new jersey. the bomb went off along ocean drive in seaside heights before the start of a charity race one week ago this morning.
6:38 am
that explosion shut down seaside park, one couple had to scramble for an alternative venue for their wedding. nora muchanic spoke to the couple. >> reporter: they say your wedding day is supposed to be the biggest day of your life, for katie and collin it almost didn't happen. they planned a reception at the saw mill in seaside park. what they didn't bank on was a terroristic explosion shutting down the area where the saw mill was located. >> i was like, okay, but wedding. i didn't know what to do. >> reporter: both jersey shore natives, they tied the knot in seattle where they live and wanted to we due their vows in front of friends and family. but in less than four hours, this part of town was sealed off and full of police. >> it become, are there more, they were investigating and finding things are other things
6:39 am
going to happen. >> reporter: when it was clear, the beach and boardwalk remained shut down. the event planner at the saw mill went into action and within ten minutes had a a new venue booked. >> i was glad i could help because she was panicked. >> i only have one job to do whatever she needs to keep our calm. >> reporter: the entire operation was moved to toms river where they pulled off the wedding party maybe not where they planned, but they made the best of it. >> terrible things can happen anywhere you are. coming together despite of that. >> it's about people and purpose it doesn't matter where you are as long as you're with the right people. >> reporter: katie and collin are heading back to seattle with the story of a jersey shore wedding they will never forget. nora muchanic channel 6 "action news." >> the so-called bridgegate trial continues on monday. yesterday the government star
6:40 am
witness david wildstein took the stand he testified in the trial of brigette kelly and bill baloney. he said he considered himself the bad cop who pushed christy's agenda at the port authority of new york and new jersey. he pleaded guilty for or which he -- orchestrating a traffic jam as political revenge. a date has been set for fault to go on strike by october 19 if a new contract is not reached. faculty pay was supposed to be raised by 12%. sticking points remain. streets in philadelphia will be closed to traffic this weekend and wide open to pedestrians all part of the philly free streets program. the route goes river to river
6:41 am
along south street up the schuylkill river trail up mlk drive to the falls bridge. fairmont park will be closed for activities. be sure to check, because in in some places if your car is on the road it will be towed this morning. the magnificent seven ride again, we'll look at the remake of this classic western featuring an all star cast. a restaurant has gone to the dogs. we'll show you a venue that's just for your four legged friends. plus, chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. "action news" continues on this saturday morning in just a moment.
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restaurant is love. the owner loves dogs and created meals for them. chicken with sweet potatoes, they do not have to beg for chicken at this particular table. >> reporter: very nice,. >> chris sowers is telling me we have officially achieved something. although achievement is a strong word. >> reporter: everybody give yourself a round of applause we cracked the top five of the number of 90 days in a year. let's get you outside, it doesn't appear we'll see any 90s the rest of the way until next year. cape may, we have folks on the
6:45 am
beach, lots of cloud cover upstairs this morning, the cold front is in the process of pushing through, winds are picking up, but it's a refreshing breeze out of the north/northeast. that will drop the temperatures down over the next 24 to 48 hours. the radars are clear, although a couple of spritzes and sprinkles can't be ruled out over the next couple of hours. 66. dewpoint, 58. pressure is rising, winds picking up out of the northeast at 14 miles per hour. this is what i was talking about in the terms of number of 90 degrees day. we are rank 5th. we 55 of them. 53 in 91. 1998, 49 years and this year 46 days.
6:46 am
60 in quakertown, saint david, 64. chester, 64. glass borough, 65. cinnaminson, 64. cape may, villas, sea isle city, close to 70 degrees this morning. now, as you flip it over to satellite and radar, the only thing that we're watching over the next couple of days is this air mass right here, where the air mass is canadian in nature, it's a different origin where the air is coming from. it will drop to the south and the east over the next several hours, better advantage shows all this is heading this way temperatures in the 30s and 40s this morning across the southern provinces of canada. we're not getting that low, but we could see lows dropping into the 40s as well as monday morning. over the next 48 to 72 hours, with a comfortable breeze it
6:47 am
will feel nicely. with high pressure in control we'll call it comfortably cool with the western suburbs never getting out of the 60s philadelphia, 71, 72. here's the front crossing the area. maybe a spritz or sprinkle around 10, 11:00. clouds giving way to sunshine later on. jersey shore looks like you will stay mostly cloudy from start to finish. temperatures in the mid 70s, clouds and sun, breezy, 74 in reading. philadelphia, 75. trenton, 73. cape may, 73. atlantic city 72, or 73. more specifically for the shorepoints on the sand, a ton of cloud cover today, late sun is possible, temperatures in the low 70s. nice and cool tomorrow refreshing breeze, high temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s. the ocean temperature is warmer than the air temperature today and tomorrow, it's sitting at 74. overnight lows 44 in reading, 43 in allentown. 53 for philadelphia. 48 in millville and trenton
6:48 am
47 degrees underneath the clear sky. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 75 degrees today clouds giving way to sun, sunny and pleasant tomorrow, high of 73. monday partly sunny, 76. monday night into tuesday morning, there could be a few showers and then afternoon sunshine wednesday, thursday, friday, 75, 75, 76. the funny thing it will feel cooler out there this weekend, a lot of temperatures for as cool as they look it's above average for this time of the year, only by a couple of degrees. you get the idea how bad it's been. >> it will feel cooler out there. you can get storm tracker 6 live radar at any time you choose at a new police athletic league center opened in center city, police, kids and mayor jim kenny is on hand. it is located 4000 block of ludlow street. pal offers sports and mentoring
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and special opportunities. approve this message.
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>> a rag tag group of villains come together to help a town. here's tamala edwards with a look at what's new at the box office. >> reporter: we have a pair of films hitting theaters this weekend, including annual all star cast on a modern take on a
6:52 am
classic western. >> a man carries a gun, he intends to use it. >> sam dead? pity. magazine nirvet seven features a gang of bad guys to save a town. as the rag tag group perhaps the town for a violent showdown, they find themselves fighting for more than money. >> every man has a right to choose the way he dies. we have nowhere else to go. >> reporter: storks put an new spin on the old question where do babies come from. >> in the beginning storks delivered babies, it wasn't always easy. no matter how tough or
6:53 am
impossible or brutal or inhumane or savage we would triumph over adversity. thank goodness we don't do that any more. >> reporter: the storks has gone from delivering babies to the more lucrative package delivery business, it's 18 years, one couple's son wishes for a sibling. it comes true when they activate the baby making machine. >> are you in love? >> are you in love? >> i'm in love, too. >> reporter: you can find out where any of these films are playing by going to for channel 6 "action news" i'm tamala edwards. >> the action cam was there
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this morning as flames devoured a row home in wilmington with devastating human results. one firefighter is dead today, two are in critical condition at this hour at christiana hospital. this fire breaking out the 1900 block of lake view road after 3:00 a.m. one firefighter dead two clinging to life. we'll have the latest in a live report in minutes at 7:00 a.m. him. in the meantime we turn our attention to the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and meteorologist chris sowers. good morning to you, brian we had cooler days over the last couple of weeks, for the first time this season you'll notice a dip in temperatures as the first true fall-like air mass from canada arrives later this afternoon. what's happening, the warmer temperatures are rising out to the west. the high plains temperatures
6:57 am
will be way above average. this cooler air from canada will drop down through the carolinas. the jet stream will look like this, cooler stuff to the west warmer stuff south and east. football game tomorrow, antonio brown and the mighty pittsburgh steelers heading to town. this is a good test for the birds. 66 degrees by the 4th quarter. lots of sunshine, beautiful for the game. >> big game, chris, thank you. the former director of media relations for septa has a new job as an author. pay to play, the debut novel is about an fbi agent investigating cruption in -- corruption in the philadelphia strip club century. bringing the plight of all timers to center stage, how a
6:58 am
father, daughter, acting duo is shedding light on a devastating disease, plus a school assignment in new jersey has gone viral, a young autistic boy is showered with gifts after admitting he has no friends. those stories in just a moment. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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grain free pet food committed to truth on the label.l when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. for your pet, we go beyond. >> good morning, 7:00 a.m. on this saturday morning, i'm brian
7:00 am
taff. we're following breaking news, in wilmington, delaware, as you look live right now, firefighters in shock this morning as they process the death of a fellow firefighter battling a fire overnight in wilmington, the 1900 block of lakeview road this is how it look as the flames destroyed the row home. flames emerged from the top of the row home. many, many firefighters responding to the scene. at some point, the scene became so disruptive, that the house, the roof of the house collapsed at that point we believe one firefighter was killed and two others are in critical condition this morning. and this is how it looked as firefighters did the unthinkable pulling the body of their fellow firefighter from the rubble of that destructive scene. that body is wrapped in an american flag, two others were taken to christiana hospital we


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