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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  September 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> good afternoon, it is sunday, september 25. here's some of the stories worry worry -- we're following on "action news." the search is for answers continues today in wilmington after the tragic death of two firefighters we're live. a boating accident has
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claimed the life of a marlin's pitcher jose fernandez. plus a pedestrian has died after a hit-and-run in philadelphia's rawnhurst section. those stories, but first let's get the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast with meteorologist chris sowers. good afternoon, chris. >> reporter: good afternoon, nydia. it's gorgeous. it's been a long time since the numbers have been this cool midday. the poconos 59 degrees in the higher elevations. 64 in in allentown. philadelphia, 67, millville, 67. cape may, 68. dover, 67 degrees. here's satellite and radar all the cloud cover yesterday's cloud cover is down to the south following the cold front through the virginias and into the carolinas. perfect football weather, eagles taking on the steelers, 425 start time, 71 degrees that will
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be the kickoff temperature 4:25 p.m., the numbers will fall during the game. 56 degrees for the 4th quarter. gorgeous weather, northwesterly breeze 8 to 10 miles per hour. the winds will not be a factor for this game. we had the coolest morning since june 9. tonight it will get colder tonight, showers possible monday night into tuesday morning. we're tracking a second cold shot into thursday. thursday will be interesting there will be areas that may not get out of the 60s for highs thursday. when i come back i'll have havel the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> now to the latest on the devastating fire in wilmington, delaware, that claimed the lives of two firefighters and injured two others. today investigators are back out at the scene searching for the cause. "action news" reporter, bob brooks joins us live from the scene. bob, what's the latest?
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>> reporter: nydia, it's a neighborhood it's quiet today, i feel like everyone here is in shock, it's so tragic what has happened, behind me you can see the investigation happening right now, we do know that more firefighters are still in the hospital trying to recover, you're asked to keep them in your thoughts and prayers and the families who have suffered major loss in your thoughts and prayers, as well. it's the call you dread at the scene of a fire, may day, five firefighters trapped inside a burning home. >> the firefighter trapped in the rear of the basement. >> reporter: these are the moments yesterday where chaos broke loose on lake view road. the floor of the home collapsed and the firefighters fell in the basement. >> did you make contact with the two firefighters. >> negative. >> the location is the basement. >> reporter: three firefighters were pulled out, but fighter jerry fickes would succumb to
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his injuries. we are told the 4th firefighter christopher leach was trapped for an hour. >> do you have anyone else inside? >> reporter: one toward the rear of the structure under the floor. we have verbal contact we are. >> we believe two have been removed and one near the rear of the structure. >> reporter: lieutenant christopher leach was brought out covered in an american flag. a ceremony was held yesterday at the lieutenant's alma mater, it was heartbreaking to see so many tears especially those of his family. they turned to god and prayer as they begin the morning process. >> for those who believe in your love, death is not the end. >> reporter: back out here live, it's tough to hear that radio transmission and see the video of everything that was going on yesterday at the scene, but back out here you can see the
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investigation in full swing trying to figure out what sparked the flames to go up for the tragedy to happen. as soon as we get any details on this, we'll bring it to you. reporting live from wilmington, bob brooks. nydia. >> thank you,. we're following breaking news, out of florida, miami marlins ace pitcher, jose fernandez was killed in a boating crash off miami beach early this morning. authorities held a news conference about an hour ago. they say the coast guard spotted an overturned boat on a jetty at 3:30 a.m. the boat had a quote severe impact with the jetty. there is no indication that alcohol or drugs played a role. they are calling it a tragic. >> it's a tragic loss not only for the family, friends but the marlin community the state of florida, major league baseball
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and anyone who met this gentleman. he was a credit to the community he was involved in everything they could be to give back. it's a great loss, a tragic loss. >> fernandez escaped cuba to become one of the top pitchers in baseball. the marlins released a statement saying they are devastated by the tragic loss. back here we have learned that a man has died after being hit by a car and thrown 50 feet in philadelphia's rawnhurst section. the driver took off. the it happened before 2:00 a.m. at the intersection of cold front and bly avenue. the 51-year-old man was rushed to the hospital where he died. police found the car a short time later with a busted windshield. they are teacher e searching for the driver. trenton police are looking for this missing child. 10-year-old shane crawford, 4'4". and ways 60 pounds.
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he was seen friday night around 10:00 p.m. he was wearing blue jeans and white t-shirt and blue sneakers. if you see him call trenton police (609)989-4000. in washington state, the suspect in a shooting at a mall friday night is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. 20-year-old arcan cetin, a turkish immigrant opened fire inside a macy's store. they are searching for a motive. for the 5th night protesters marched through charlotte, north carolina. the protests have taken place every day since keith scott was shot by police officer. the gun pictured at the scene is the gun they recovered from scott. they said he was wearing an
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ankle holster. they found his prints and dna and blood on the gun. lawyers for the family casts doubts on the police account. turning to politics, hillary clinton and trump will face off in their first debate tomorrow night. according to a new business washington post poll, the candidates are 2 percentage points a part. abc has more on the debate and how they are preparing. >> reporter: t-minus one day to the epic face off, the stakes couldn't be any higher. hillary clinton offered a ticket to the best seat in the house to donald trump's reality tv nemesis, mark cuban. trump took to twitter offering an invitation of his own
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saying -- gennifer flowers reportedly told the new york times, yes i will be there. the trump campaign will not say whether an actual invitation was extended. >> we're going to show the whole world that america is back! >> trump attending a rally in virginia taking a break from debate prep where's holding questions and answer sessions with former mayor rudy rudy giu. clinton deep in briefing books and mock debates, her team revealing a tightly debate secret the person picked to play her opponent, a long time aid known to be shrewd and combative.
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>> that was abc cecila i can't can't -- vaga reporting. the debate airs live on 6abc at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. there's much more to come on "action news" this noon. an e coli outbreak has sickened people in several states including in pennsylvania. details in "healthcheck." plus, old meets new when the chamber orchestra of philadelphia opens its new season, we've got a sneak peek in the 6abc loves the arts. plus, meteorologist chris sowers returns with the full accuweather fall forecast. you're going to like it when "action news" returns.
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we're just a few minutes away from the start of philadelphia's colorful annual tradition, the puerto rican day parade. it is filled with mucous and floats, the grand stand is set up at eakens oval. you can hear all the sights and sounds live in 20 minutes or 15 minutes. the live broadcast begins at 12:30 p.m. after this newscast. thousands of people walked and ran through the streets of philadelphia to help fight child cancer. organizers hope to raise $1 million for peed at twrik cancer he -- peed -- pediatric cancer research for children's hospital of philadelphia. whether you're walking or running, it's a great day out there. it's about time to have cool
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canadian air in here. all the 90s we're done until next summer. we'll enjoy nice fall-like weather. it's a beautiful beach day, chilly on the sand, temperatures in the 60s, you have a nice refreshing breeze, look at the sunshine, a gorgeous afternoon out there. double scan live is clear, no rain expected today or tomorrow. tomorrow night into tuesday morning there could showers, that's a ways away. 67 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 42. nice and refreshing, pressure holding steady. winds out of the north/northwest at 5 miles per hour. as mentioned earlier, the winds is not going to be a factor for the eagles steelers game it's light and gentle in a northerly direction. wilmington, 67, dover, 67. cape may and atlantic city, 68 degrees. poconos 59 degrees at this hour in the poconos with the wind out of the north at 13 miles per hour. may be somewhat of a windchill
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this afternoon. winds out of the north northwest at are 5 to 10, very, very light and gentle. here's satellite and radar and we're clear east of the mississippi river from the gulf coast all the way up to maine, just a couple of clouds up across the carolinas. our next weather maker is this cold front pushing through the high plain states. you can see showers embedded within that frontal system. 85 in saint louis. 90 in memphis. 62 in omaha, 67 in bismarck. you can see how we have a cooler slice of weather across the mid atlantic and the northeast, another cooler shot back here. this warm air will get pinched off, we'll never see the 80s return to the area. we'll stay in the 07 ts all week long. the humidity will stay in check, as well. we're not looking at uncomfortable conditions returning anytime soon.
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beautiful fall weather today, monday looks as nice. sunshine to start, increasing clouds, a little bit of light rain moves in after midnight. that sets up a damp tuesday morning commute. looks like the timing is going to work out good where the heaviest rains pull away in time for the morning commute. future tracker 6, nothing going on this afternoon. lots of sunshine, clear as a whistle overnight tonight. tomorrow morning, sunshine, increasing clouds during the day. here we go, monday night into tuesday morning, this is 2:30 a.m., you could see the downpours working off the coast and out to sea. by 10:00 a.m., we're looking at increasing sunshine across the western suburbs and that clearing line marches east during the day. rainfall totals, most locations between a quarter and half inch. there could isolated heavier amounts, but it doesn't appear to be a huge rainmaker for the delaware and lehigh valleys.
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73 in reading. millville, 72. cape may, 71. trenton, 72. sunny skies and nice. overnight tonight, clear and chilly. 42 in the lehigh valley. reading, 43. millville, 47. philadelphia bottoming out at 51. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 73 degrees wall-to-wall sunshine today, 75 for tomorrow. increasing clouds, morning showers tuesday, stays nice, though, only 74. 75 wednesday, thursday is cooler, that's the reinforcing shot of cool air, it's a struggle to reach 70. friday and saturday looking good, highs around 72. >> it's crisp and cool, i love it. >> reporter: feels almost halloweenish. it's fall. >> yes. you can find storm tracker 6 live double scan radar at any time of day on our website a young deer got caught in
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the floodwaters in iowa. they called police, but the police said there was nothing they could do. three men jumped into action. one jumped in and helped the deer. >> it feels good to come together to save wildlife. it's a lot of animals who won't make it through the flood, we're able to help the animal, that feels good. >> sunk see the deer was pulled to safety and then it was set free. >> we'll be right back. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable.
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because it's your turn to get ahead. not a cloud in the sky, a beautiful shot there, via, sky6 live hd of the commodor barry bridge, it is 12:21, 67 decreases. we're looking at a high of 73. in "healthcheck" at noon, an e coli outbreak has sickened people in four states including pennsylvania. the center for disease control said seven people got six and five had to be taken to the hospital. the slaughterhouse in massachusetts has recalled various types of beef reveal and bison products. >> the chamber orchestra of
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philadelphia is getting ready for its season. karen rogers has 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: fort chamber orchestra season opening, the show is titled haydn, mozart and the red cliff. and ode to the musicians featured by the orchestra. >> it will be classical composers and classical premier. that is what i like about it. it's old and new together. >> reporter: shell perform mozart's pee piano concerto number 3.
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she'll play a world pra mere work -- premier work. it's called red cliff based on on a classic chinese war story. >> we hear a lot of asian flare, there's specific elements in there which makes it really exiting. >> reporter: the audience will get to hear the orchestra perform works by ebert, haydn and agiota. >> reporter: for tickets and showtime go to the arts in, or visit 6abc loves the arts for other area events. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. >> there's much more to come on "action news," carson wentz and the eagles face their toughest test yet, as they get ready to take on pittsburgh this afternoon. sports is next.
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today for two teams. so far they have yet to lose one this evening. the eagles play the steelers at 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. the steelers have not beaten the eagles in philadelphia for more than 50 years. carson wentz says it's going to take an effort to beat the pittsburgh team. >> it's cool to be 2-0 and we've done good things, every week you want to see where you're at and where you measure up, the steelers present a big challenge, we'll be ready for it. >> if the eagles beat the steelers they will be off to a
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3-0 start. like that, like the weather. it's all good today. >> reporter: perfect conditions for this, lots of sunshine out there, comfortable cool as we like to call it. 73 degrees is the forecasted high today. i'm not 100% sure we'll reach 73. we're in the 60s under full sunshine. 75 tomorrow, sun and clouds, tuesday morning there could showers around, by afternoon we return sunshine. >> puerto rican day parade is next. "action news" continues tonight at 6:00 p.m. for chris sowers gray hall and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. we'll you back here at 6:00 a.m. next weekend. ank you to 6abc and our
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moderators are: diego castellanos, anchor of puerto rican panorama walter perez, anchor, channel 6abc. we also welcome our judges for today's event: isabel "chiqui" garcia angel fuentes jackie rocco parade opening one of the can i go tears here is danny garcia, i want to focus on him a little bit, i don't think people quite understand, this is a world champion, born and raised in philadelphia, a great boxer, probably one of the great of his generation, he doesn't get the media attention. >> unbeaten. >>


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