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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  September 25, 2016 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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it takes a little relief. >> can you believe any of this, i believe and i'm watching this. some opponents make mistakes. >> the event of football the eagles have it. >> keep sending the message to the guys we will remain aggressive. >> at the 50, the 45 and 30 and 20 and back at the ten for five he is in. >> if i want to give it to the guys we can make plays and we always want to make plays and that is what happened. >> welcome to wentzilvania. >> believing in each other and at the five and he is in, touchdown! warner. >> show up and this is going to be a test of where we are right now. >> this was a full fledged
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route. >> not denied and will blow their necks and they were not going to let him have hands on. >> i wonder if the house has tear, they are not comparable today and today their team has been terrible. ♪ this is action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ they have not played anybody, wait till they play the steelers welcome to sports sunday alongside 97.5 the fanatic, i'm ducis rodgers and they ruin the record of 3-0 and i would love to say i knew it all along and i'm flabergasted and no why to expect them to win the game or dominate the pittsburgh steelers who is the best team in the nfc east and may have proven it today and what did we learn
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about the team we didn't know before today? >> i'm so stunned. really what they did today was beat that team in the trenches and beat them up and that is a pittsburgh steeler team and good offensive line and they reduced them to nothing today. >> usually what the steelers do to rest of the nfl and we bring in jeff skversky, jeff. >> hey guys the wentz wagon is wheeling along without a bump in the road can you believe quarterback carson wentz breaking tom bradys record for the most passes without interception and the first in history to start 3-0 without a turn over, let's turn to the highlights the eagles come out swinging against the steelers today and everyone wants to slap carson wentz's hand and hand it to the kid the eagles come out flying scoring six on the seven drives and second quarter jordan matthews with 12 yours and 8 touchdown in the last game answer 10-0 eagles and we go to the third quarter and the eagles
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pick up where they left out off third and eight and wentz this trouble rolls out, finds darren and watch him go mighty house 73-yard touchdown and longest catch in 22 years and up 20-3 and the steelers yes they are desperate to score and go on fourth down not up in here malcom jenkins and eagles allowed 20 points this year the fewest in the nfl and next eagles possession and wednesdayel small from wilmington delaware scores his first touchdown and leads them with 79 yards on the ground and 23-3 eagles and high 5s and the biggest hand in the building and big ben in trouble and fletcher stripped it and brandon graham recovers, the eagles had all three teams and played to 14 points or less and has not happened in 24 years and kenyan and through the end and eagles
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score 21 points in the third alone so the eagles up 31 points to start the fourth sorry big ben no fly zone and looking for the touchdown at the linc and rodney mccloud picks it up and rothlisburger and 23-0 for the first time and defensive coordinator jim schwartz and him on the sidelines and eagles undefeated heading in the bye and it's early and ranked one in the nfl with points and points differential. >> talk more about carson wentz it seems like the city was right if or the situation and it was like a heart broken city he comes in and he is prince charming. >> a box of lucky charms the eagles the way it transpired and wentz was starting ducis rodgers and the kid gets better every week and you saw the sprawls
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with the where with all and a little aaron rodgers stuff and realizes where the line of scrimmage is and doesn't go past that and floats the touch pass that is a pass mcnabb never could make and never had the touch pass and floats it to him and well coached and offensive line played tremendous today and they had the long drives kept the steelers on the field and kept the eagles defense off the field where they remain fresh all game long. >> look certainly good and more on wentz day from jamie apody. >> there have been so much made about similarities between carson wentz and ben rothlisberger and wentz played like a vet and big ben made a mistake and wentz just couldn't wipe the smile off his face. >> i'm having a lot of fun, fun out there and everyone gos out with high expectations and we are playing football. >> making it look easy and wentz
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hold the nfl record for most passes to start a career without interceptions and not only playing great for a rookie he is playing great for a quarterback period and in turn so are the eagles. >> the kid has been the most consistent player on offense and played one game in the nfl and played for the first few weeks and you can tell the kid is special. >> impressive what he is doing and everything is right here to see him fall off or see the rookie mistakes so far they have not done that. carson is great, extremely poisoned. >> matthew and his buddy spent hours working on the game and end zone celebration did you see this collaboration? >> keeping it all business, i will have to ask him more and he may give you more in depth review on that. execution and the first game was like dude he was running to me and i'm so nervous and made the whole thing up and he had swagger and surprised and executed well. >> hopefully that is a
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celebration many times and wentz is 3-0 and the green dress and you asked for it you got it and once again i will be packing it in my suitcase for detroit in a few weeks. >> thank you jamie. >> go green and mentioned they are well coached and what do you think of a rookie couch? >> you can make a case for him his game planning and his play calling have been impeckable and ran the ball fake off the reverse five times with different variations off of it and he knows what he is doing that is the one thing i thought he would struggle with on the sidelines because andy reid struggled with it, this guy has been in tune with everything, every week he throws a new wrinkle in the game plan we will return to the offensive line and what changed after a sub par performance with chicago on monday. >> look at the blocking on that.
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welcome back to sports sunday more on the eagles 34-3 victory over the steelers today and mike there are plenty of areas in which to give credit but what did you see from the offensive line? >> offensive line was the best part of today and really protected him and had all day to do what he wanteds to do back there and small off with some
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great blocking and got tired of hearing how good the steelers were defensively all these years and battled with the team and power ranking number one and two and geared up today and much more on what happened today and why here is espn. [whistle] let's start with the score yes it's true the eagles kept ben to just three points and defensive coordinator jim schwartz did not list rothlisberger and coverage defense and four sacks of big ben came on four or fewer rushes and it's the first time since 2014 that ben rothlisberger was sacked four times with four fewer rushes and in the locker room i asked frank wright what was the one task that carson wentz made that really gave him
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the wow factor and it was the 24 yard complex that was second in nine from the 49 eagles and were up 20-3 at that point and wentz just dropped a teardrop over the coverage with great anticipation and touch. frank wright said quote it was unreal. so here is something funny after the game malcon jenkins said everybody has been waiting for wentz to make the rookie mistake and has not happened and what do you mean inside or outside. he said everyone even in the locker room. what if the mistake doesn't happen or come and he said quote we will win a lot of games. all right good insight there and let's talk about the defensive back other than mills who was in a tough position and how do you think the secondary looked out there? . >> it was a really good game and the only catch two with
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interceptions and jenkins had a couple interceptions as well and a great play and come up with that somehow and interception turn over, their whole defense is flying around and the mentality that schwartz has put on this team, the front has been great and secondary today played well as well and jenkins said today it started up front. >> defensive line to wear them down and get more pressure we sat back in zones to make sure that he didn't have any quick reads and couldn't get anything over the top. i think we have a good game plan going in it and guys executed on every level with d lines and linebackers are secondary and pretty much every level had a big game. >> still ahead here a check on the rest of the nfc east and redskins and giants. one aired out for jackson. it's the rest of the day's sporting news coming right up on action news sports sunday.
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have the birds winning. >> nfc may be the give back from the football gods and misery and lucky season and destiny and they win the east and go far in the playoffs and might as well go for the whole thing. >> my wife asked me about it. your wife thinks you are going to the superbowl. >> good sign for the eagles 75% of teams that start 3-0 made the playoff and before we get ahead of ourselves the eagles don't return home from four weeks from today with sam bradford and the best start since 2009 another bradford touchdown today and giants and redskins as a giant temper tantrum and the giants receiver upset eli manning and
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picked off by the redskins and shot to win it and manning and win by the skin of their teeth 29-27 it's their first w. all right let's move on. the bears beat up by the birds on monday night today dallas does it to them. how about prescott the other rookie in nfc playing well and first touchdown and he gets to throw an interception dallas wins 31-17 and the all time leading rusher shaun running and two rushing touchdown against arizona for the first time since 2013 with the eagles. mccoy a buck ten on the ground he is in the end zone and bills winning big 33, 18. baseball now the phillies have a major meltdown against the mets suffering their worst shut out loss in the history of the rivalry and if you can stomach it here we go and 10-0 lead phillies gave up the runs to end
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the series in the 7th and grand slam of frank her man and mets win 17-0 and the worst shut out loss by the phillies in the history of this rivalry. very sad news one of the best young pitchers in baseball jose fernandez died in a boating accident in miami and 24 and rookie of the year in 2013 and a two time all star and marlins cancelled the games today against the braves and phillies and mets had a moment of silence before the game to pay respects to fernandez and back to you. >> another sports death that caught us off guard arnold pull narrow palmer down and before tiger woods he made the game popular with the arnie's army and he was 87 years old and we are back after this. ♪
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sponsored by audi challenge all givens. exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and sunny start on monday and rain likely into monday night and high temperature coming in 76 and early rain on tuesday and afternoon sun and hold in the 70s, 75 on wednesday and clouds and 71 and a few showers possible on friday and temple at home and 72 and ducis rodgers and mike back to you. thank you melissa and the eagles next week we don't have a game, we have a bye week and saying you won a game but i think the bye week is good this time of year and my logic and follow it all week long they are told how good they are and going in the next game that is cause for a let down with another week you can bring them back down to earth and will scatter all over the place and told how good they
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are and work with them and bring them to earth and we asked the players about the bye and don't seem to be sweating it. >> i'm excited about a bye and worry about that and i think we have a good enough team and players and everything that we will keep this open. >> it's good and bad at the same time and guys are smart to take care of their bodies and get ready to come back. >> we need to rest right now obviously we got a long way to go after the bye week and we are in a good spot. >> four of the next five games on the road any concern there? >> i don't have a concern at detroit and no concern at washington i think they are both winnable games can you imagine the team starting 5-0 who would have taken the odds on that at 5-0 with sammy sleeves coming back. >> are we getting ahead of ourselves? >> no. 5-0 with minnesota coming. >> what is wagon. >> that will do it for our show for mike, and jeff, jamie and the crew, i'm ducis rodgers and we will see you next time.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm ducis rodgers. >> tonight we are taking you inside the auto industry. >> the latest tech, industry trends and the hottest new cars. >> its 6abc's auto experience. >> every vehicle evokes character. >> "you are what you drive" >> it can reveal a driver's personality. >> people want a car that is sexy. >> what's under the hood speaks to its strength. >> americans love their vehicles. >> an evolving dashboard exposes a car's intellect. >> yeah we've come a long way >> the smallest detail can illustrate luxury. >> i think it has the coolest door handles in the industry. >> every detail is part of the feeling. it's what makes the auto experience. >> hello, everyone and welcome to 6-a-b-c's auto experience. >> we usually do this at the end of january during the philadelphia auto show. >> we'll be back there again


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