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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  September 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday september 27th. here's what's happening. >> just criticized me for preparing for this debate. and yes, i did. >> hillary has experience but it's bad experience. >> whew. fight night. hillary clinton and donald trump face off in the first presidential debate. we are live with the best parts and reaction. >> accuweather is tracking wet weather that is already slowing down that morning commute. >> let's find out a little bit more about that. dave murphy is outside watching accuweather and of course karen rogers has got her eyes peeled looking out for any trouble on the roads. good morning. >> still a little drizzle drop here on the terrace. as you take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan we have the main body of rain now to the east of philadelphia with a couple of light showers in and around the i-95 corridor. down farther south in dover there's some steadier rain highlighted in yellow and that's in the process of crossing the delaware bay into cumberland county cape may county and probably atlantic
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county as well, so you still have another few hours perhaps of some rain and some of it could be staged as -- could be staged we'll -- steady. the break in the clouds will start to move towards the east as well. 67 degrees in philadelphia. some of your roads might still be wet even though it's been a hour after the rain has come through. in the northern and western suburbs probably getting a little better. 68 degrees in millville, 60 in allentown. not a lot of leaves on the road yet but if you see some of that be careful. when they get damp you can get slipping and sliding and the same thing is true if there's a little oil on the road. we have improvement. 66 degrees by 7 o'clock with early showers. 67 degrees with some sun starting to breakthroughs especially out west by 10 o'clock. and then the rest of the afternoon improved conditions up to 75 for a high around 4 o'clock. and more and more sunshine returning from west to east. karen, there's more unsettled weather in the seven-day from accuweather. i'll have details on that coming up. in the moon time that is a road that looks a little wet.
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>> it's wet its jammed. we've got an accident and i think the problem that we're seeing is even in the areas where the rain has already moved out like philadelphia, north and west, the roads are still wet so accidents are popping up. so, take it easy out there. we're looking live at i-95. this is southbound at the betsy ross bridge and you see this vehicle right here, we have an accident, it was blocking the left lane. we watched live when they stopped traffic and kind of pushed it off to the side right now so penndot still on the scene. it's off to the side but look how jammed are you on i-95 southbound at the betsy ross bridge. it doesn't take much with a lane blocked to create a delay in this area. already jammed from cottman avenue to aramingo avenue and this accident off to the side on i-95 southbound at the betsy ross bridge and certainly it's not our only one. we've got this one here, 95, 17 miles an hour at times ahead of it. the accident we had on the schuylkill westbound at the vine, that has cleared but look at the jam. still traveling only 9 miles an hour westbound on the schuylkill ahead of that earlier accident scene. and this accident on the schuylkill westbound at the boulevard, that's out there as
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we look live right here, the accident was right here. i'm not seeing the flashing lights right here so it looks like maybe they were able to move this out. schuylkill westbound at the boulevard there was an accident here that had been moved to the shoulder. it looks like they moved it out. a multi-vehicle accident norristown still out here blocking a lane on hawes avenue at main street. matt and tam. >> thank you karen. and of course we're beginning with the slowdown of the political season, hillary clinton and donald trump showed up battle ready in their first head to head debate. >> the gloves were off as both candidates went on the attack. >> secretary clinton tried to hammer home the idea that trump cannot back up a lot of his policies and promises and is not prepared to be commander-in-chief. trump app attempted to paint clinton as a politician who had decades in power but didn't bring the change need. a lot of jabs were personal but there were also clashes over policy as when the candidates butted heads over issues like race relations and law enforcement. >> everyone should be respected by the law and everyone should respect the law. right now that's not the case
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in a lot of our neighborhoods. >> now whether or not in a place like chicago you do stop and frisk which worked very well. but you take the gun away from criminals that shouldn't be having it. >> clinton and trump will meet for two more debates. the next is a town mall format in saint louis on sunday october 9th. >> people on social media followed the presidential debate very closely with opinions from all sides of the political spectrum. twitter reported overnight that the trump-clinton matchup was the most tweeted debate ever. television ratings for the debate will be released later today. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at penn's landing with reaction from last night's he show down. an. >> reporter: matt, like you said they're still waiting to get the television ratings about exactly how many people found in but -- tuned in. going into this first debate one out of five people said it could impact on who they're voting for. donald trump and hillary clinton facing off for the first time an estimated
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100 million viewers tuned into last night's debate. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyers' wishes when she releases her 33,000 e-mails that have been deleted. >> i made a mistake using a private e-mail. >> that's for sure. >> and if i had to do it over again i would obviously do it differently. >> reporter: national security, jobs and taxes were some of the issues discussed. along with some personal jabs. >> my tax cut is the big of the since ronald reagan. >> your plans would add $5 trillion to the debt. i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. and yes, i did. and you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to be president. >> i agree. she's got experience. but it's bad experience. and this country can't afford to have another four years of that kind of experience. >> reporter: some voters at a watch party at mcgillan's old ale house in center city last night had mixed reviews.
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>> that hillary really win. >> i think donald was babbling as usual. i think hillary is doing good. >> reporter: that was one of several watch parties around the area. that's because a number of businesses were actually treating this like the super bowl. reporting live along penn's landing, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> we brought you the debate live on 6abc. if you missed it head to our web site to watch the entire broadcast. just click on the story that says recap clinton-trump battle fiercely. we have an abc news fact check on claims made by both candidates. >> happening today, a key government witness will continue to testify today in the trial surrounding the bridgegate scandal. david wildstein worked for the port authority and pleaded guilty last year to causing traffic gridlock near the george washington bridge in 2013. yesterday he testified that governor chris christie's former campaign manager was
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aware of the lane closures. >> the transportation security administration which as we've seen earlier this year has had trouble handling its main task of securing airports may be asked to take on more responsibility. maribel aber is lie at the nasdaq in times square with our market watch report. maribel. >> reporter: good morning matt. some members of congress want the t.s.a. to do more to secure amtrak and commercial buses. a bill in the senate would require wider use of the t.s.a.'s terrorist watch list by train operators and expand security measures for buses and marine transportation. so right now just 2 percent of the t.s.a.'s budget goes to surface transportation and the the focus on trains and buses follows a recent discovery of a bag containing pipe bombs discovered at a new jersey train station. on stocks, stocks tumbled yesterday as investors worried about the state of germany's deutsch bank and jitters ahead of last night's presidential debate add to do that selloff. futures are pointing to a slightly higher open. we got a reading on home prices and report on consumer confidence due out later
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today. gas mileage ratings have dropped. the drop is the result of a change by the epa in how it calculates miles per month so the change could impact about 30 percent of all new car models according to some versions of the volkswagen passat and toyota camry hybrid fell by 2 miles per gallon in combined highway and city driving with the new calculations. that's the latest in business news from the nasdaq. back to you matt and tam. >> thank you maribel. time to talk accuweather. >> and a little bit of rain out there starting to clear philadelphia. as we take at a look at storm tracker6 live double scan most of this rain is now centered over south jersey. in a second i'll give you a closer look. we've got skies in -- sky6 in philadelphia from temple university. a little less murky than it was an hour ago. you can see the majority of the vein now down over dover delaware crossing the delaware bay and coming in toward cape may county, cumberland county and eventually atlantic county. starting to moisten up a
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little bit here. you had earlier rain in the predawn hours down south but now you're getting that second batch. philadelphia in the meantime just a little bit of a sprinkle or shower. in fact i think we'll go in a little bit closer here before we zip down to the south and -- maybe not but in any event there is just a light shower in philadelphia. obviously the western suburbs drying out. you're going to have to wait a little bit longer down by the shore. temperatures currently 60 degrees in allentown, 62 in reading, 67 in philadelphia, 66 in wilmington and 70 in cape may. as we take a look at future tracker6 this has been picking up the progression of the rain pretty well this morning. between now and 9 o'clock we expect this rain to be over by the coast and maybe getting off the coast shortly after 9:00. the other thing we'll be watching is clouds thinning outer starting outer in the northwest and winding up in the east. as we go through the morning and afternoon look for increased sunshine starting in the northern and western suburbs. in the lehigh valley clouds to sun breezy 74 is the high. at the shore we're going mostly cloudy to start out although there is the
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possibility of some late sunshine returning. and those showers centered mainly during the morning rush hour probably getting off the coast pretty quickly this morning. 75 is your high in philadelphia with clouds giving way to sun. breezy winds out of the west at eight to 16 miles per hour. overnight it gets cool dropping to 59 degrees with a few clouds but a lot of stars and winds really slackening off. then we look at tomorrow and future tracker6 has a little sprinkle or shower down the shore in the morning but the main bulk of the rain will be later in the afternoon or evening as a few sprinkles or showers start to build in and then eventually some steadier rain. and this pockets of it anyway could continue through thursday. and that's all because we've got an upper level low pressure system getting kind of cut off from the jet stream so it can't really move through. it does look like it will migrate between wednesday and friday from chicago down to a point just to our south and then kind of hang here for a couple of days and that will keep us fairly cloudy. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 75 today, clouds to sun, breezy, rain ending pretty quickly. tomorrow, sun to clouds, 75
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and as you just saw rain mainly at night. could be steady at times, though. and then that spills in through thursday with that low pressure center getting closer to us and thursday could feature periods of rain some of it steady, the high of just 69 on thursday. and then as that low takes its time departing the area, friday and saturday probably both maintain mostly cloudy sky cover and there could be a lingering shower around on friday and maybe another one on saturday. by sunday, it's clouds and sun, 75. and just a slight chance of a sprinkle or shower. >> okay, thanks dave. 6:11 now. lost at sea amount man survives more than a week in the atlantic ocean but his mother is still missing. >> last night's showdown is the most tweeted debate in history. see which moments are grabbing the most attention on social media. karen. >> we've got another new problem on 422 westbound at 29. a disabled vehicle right here so traffic a little slow in that area. we'll check that accident on i-95 when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪ [ clock ticking ]
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look here the view in atlantic city you see the camera jumping a little bit. a little bit of a breeze out there. we have been dealing with some rain this morning. 6:14, 67 degrees. >> how we doing with all those traffic problems with this rain, karen? >> you know, we've seen a lot of changes with this. early this morning we were saying, oh, no problems given
6:15 am
the rain. that's surprising. then the problems really started to pop up. right now we're looking live at i-95. this is southbound at the betsy ross bridge and we see he some heavier volume right now. an accident had been moved off to the side but you can kind of see how that traffic's really jamming on i-95 southbound. a spot that would be delayed anyway but with an accident that was blocking a lane it just created that extra jam. we're jammed from academy road now to past aramingo so a slow go there. let's check the accidents here that we've had on the schuylkill expressway. we had one on i-95 southbound as we mentioned at the betsy ross bridge. you're traveling 14, 17 miles an hour. we had an accident on the schuylkill westbound and that was near the vine. that had really jammed traffic. that one cleared and the delays are clearing as well. but still an accident on the schuylkill westbound at the roosevelt boulevard so we've had accidents on the schuylkill, accidents on i-95. in addition to that we've got a multi-vehicle accident out here and this is in norristown, three vehicles involved on hawes avenue at main street. so that one is creating problems as well as an
6:16 am
accident on layfield road at hoffmanville road. this one in new hanover township so that's a new one coupling in. a number of accidents coming in. we even have someone on the waze app reporting an accident on lincoln drive a minor accident that's near the walnut lane golf corso watch for that. this is likely the real reason for it all. it's the rain that's out hear there. so the rain has been shifting, clearing out from the northwest to the southeast also a it slowly pushes. if you're in the western suburbs you're already dry but the roads are still wet. even in the city there's only a couple sprinkles left but we can look into new jersey and delaware and that's where the bulk of the rain is still coming down at this point and that's create something problems. you can see in it dover, you can see in it fortescue raining pretty good in millville along 55 and mays landing, in hammonton just a little bit of rain but this is headed in that direction but even where the rain is finished the roads are still wet tam. >> thank you karen. a man lost at sea for eight days will be reunited with his family today in boston. but it will be a sad moment. a ship discovered 22-year-old
6:17 am
nathan carman floating on a life raft but nathan's mother 54-year-old linda is still missing and the u.s. coast guard announced it will not reopen the search for her. the carmans ran into trouble after leaving rhode island in their fishing boat last week. coast guard officials will interview nathan about what happened. >> security will be tight for a second straight day at the federal courthouse in charleston south carolina. jury selection continues today for dylann roof. the 22-year-old is that charged with killing nine people at an african-american church in charleston last year. prosecutors say roof had talked about starting a race war. roof sat with his attorneys and but avoided eye contact with potential jurors. we're learning more about a houston attorney suspectd in a violent shooting that injured nine people in houston. police say the man was wearing military clothing with a swastika had two guns and 2600 rounds of ammunition.
6:18 am
police searched the home of attorney nathan desai overnight plus his porsche but they have not officially identified him as the shooter. one person is still in critical condition. >> a commute is in an uproar over what one man claims happened at a georgia wal-mart. he says they refused to make a cake with the words blue lives platter. it was for a officer's retirement party. the wal-mart makers thought the request was racist and refused to make it. wal-mart has apologized and sent gift cards decorations and the original cake with the words blue lives matter. >> we've got umbrellas with some kids this morning as there are some drips falling off the leaves from earlier rain in philadelphia. most of your philadelphia sprinkles and showers are starting to lighten up but in south jersey there are some neighborhoods where the umbrella definitely is a good idea. this afternoon everybody is back to shorts and t's. i'll have your 12-hour
6:19 am
forecast coming up next and we'll check out conditions at the airport. >> in today's tech bytes the first debate between donald trump and hillary clinton was the most tweeted debate ever. >> what moments got twitter going the most? coming in third, the candidates' plans to defeat isis. >> trump's comments about the policing policy stop and frisk came in second. >> what do you think is number one? well, most tweeted moment of the night came when trump said he has a good temperament. >> roku's news streaming. >> comparable line model includes a usb port on the box. >> don't try this at home. a new video claims there's a hidden headphone jack in the new iphone7. and all you have to do to find it is drill a hole in your new phone. >> don't do it. it's a prank and the damage to your phone won't be covered by insurance. but i really miss that -- i miss that. those are your tech bites. >> have a good day. >> ♪ i love bread.
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>> hold as the rain swollen cedar rift crest. it is threatening thousands of homes. the river is already at major flood stage rising past 20 feet expected to crest today at 23 feet. this is brand new video out of taiwan. they're bracing for a third severe storm in just two weeks as typhoon maggie makes landfall along the island's northeastern coast. the storm is expected to dump heavy rain over much of the aisle happened along with wind gusts up to 140 miles an hour. makes everything around here look pretty mild. >> i was going say now it's just raining. >> yeah, we just have a bit of rain and it's much needed rain in our area. nonetheless it doesn't really help your morning commute. this is i-95 southbound at the betsy ross bridge. an accident has been moved off
6:23 am
to the shoulder but you can see how slow everything is. we're really jammed from academy road to past aramingo. extra heavy on i-95 southbound with that accident that had been blocking a lane. here's another new accident in upper providence montgomery county route 29 at 422, dave. >> all right karen on the big board that rain you mentioned is quickly pushing toward the coast. philadelphia still has a couple of leftover sprinkles and even in the northern and western suburbs there may be a drizzle drop and what have you coming down but generally speaking we are looking at the bulk of the rain moving toward the east. if you are in cumberland county, cape may and atlantic counties, though, you could get yourself into some pockets of steady rain so be careful of that. if you're dressing the kids and you're in south jersey umbrella is not a bad idea on the way in. as we go through the day it is going to be one of those days where it's better to get stuff done in the afternoon than in the morning if you have to be out there this morning, especially in parts of south jersey still wet. 66 degrees by 7 o'clock. more of the same by 10 o'clock and then we get into the mid 70's in the afternoon with a high of 75, clocking in at
6:24 am
about 4 o'clock. we have rain reported in a couple of spots as you would expect. boston still looking kind of wet. j.f.k. is driving out and philadelphia international airport as well. no major delays out there matt and tam. >> all right, thank you, david. it is now 6:24. coming up at 6:30 the campaigning kicks back into high gear for the presidential candidates. >> plus we'll have a live report on that first presidential debate. >> there were some fiery issues in the debate. i'm stephanie ramos in new york. details coming up.
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the moments that connect us don't happen overnight. they happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time. folgers, the best part of wakin' up.
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>> i goat it. it's very cute. >> it's called democratic donkey. >> ♪ [cheers and applause] >> late night debate ended with a harmonica battle. jimmy kimmel has jokingly launched his own vice presidential campaign so he challengeed senator tim kaine to debate. he talked about issues important to him including getting the monday after super bowl off and getting those pesky stickers off fruit. >> they do bother me too come to think of it. six teams up for elimination on "dancing with the stars" tonight. teams were each the losing pairs from last night's face off competition. two sets of partners had to perform the same style of dance the couple with the higher score gets to stay for now that. leaves six pairs in danger of going home. watch all the drama at 8::right here on 6abc.
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>> the first presidential debate in the books. a report from hofstra. >> where clinton and donald trump will be today when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> now on "action news," the gloves are off. hillary clinton and donald trump go head to head in the first presidential debate. >> deadly ambush. two gunmen open fire and three young men who were gathered outside an apartment building. >> early morning rain is making it a little bit of a tricky commute but accuweather says today will not be a complete washout. >> good morning. 6:30 on this tuesday september 27. standing by dave murphy and karen rogers. >> good morning, everybody. we had rain in philadelphia as you take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan, there are still a couple of light sprinkles around the city but generally speaking
6:31 am
the bulk of the rain is now pushed to the east of philadelphia. clearing a good portion of camden and gloucester and salem counties but still a problem for cumberland county and cape may county and eventually atlantic county. parts of atlantic starting to get it now. that continues to push over to the coast and should be gone by about nine or 10 o'clock this morning and then we're on the lungeout for some clearing. you can see that already happening on the western side of pennsylvania. the temperatures right now 67 degrees in philadelphia. 60 on the nose in reading and allentown. 65 in trenton. 66 in wilmington. and 70 in cape may. and as we roll through the day, 66 degrees by 7 o'clock. parts of the region still getting wet. but by 10 o'clock 67 with more sunshine reemerging. we continue to improve today. we get a high of 75 around 4 o'clock this afternoon and by somewhere between 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock a good portion of the area should be back into full sun. karen rogers we have more unsettled weather ahead in the exclusive accuweather seven day. you in the meantime have some unsettled traffic. >> yeah, the we had roads have created problems here.
6:32 am
we have a number of accidents, this one on the schuylkill westbound at the boulevard. still out here. we see police and penndot off to the side, though but watch for that one. check out the delay on i-95. look at the southbound traffic. so heavy here. it's now jammed from woodhaven road to past aramingo. you see a 33 minute travel time from woodhaven to the vine and that's all because of an accident on i-95 southbound at the betsy ross bridge. kind of hard to he see but the accident is right there off to the side so it was blocking a lane and that's what created the big delay on i-95 southbound traffic here at the betsy ross bridge, an accident still off to the side. we've got one in upper providence township happening right now on route 29 at 422 and a multi-vehicle accident in norristown blocking a lane on hawes avenue, matt and tam. >> all right, thank you karen. the dust has barely settled on the first presidential debate and already pollsters are he declaring a winner this morning. >> both donald trump and hillary clinton came out swinging trying to capitalize on each other's weak necessary
6:33 am
the exchanges often resulted in clears and jeers from the audience. >> abc's stephanie ramos has been covering the debate live from hofstra university. some memorable moments stephanie. >> reporter: oh, definitely, tam. good morning to both of you. the candidates hillary clinton and donald trump walking out on the debate stage shaking hands and taking a fighting stance. their first general election faceoff turning contentious and personal quick. >> i have a feeling that by the end of this evening i'm going to be blamed for everything that's ever happened. >> why not. >> why not, yeah, why not. >> reporter: it was a spirited debate full of interruptions. >> donald i know you live in your own reality but. >> oh, yes. >> but that is not the fact. >> but you have no plan. >> oh, i do. >> secretary. >> reporter: slamming each other on issues like climate change trade to stop and frisk. >> admitted it's a form of racial profiling. >> no the argument is that we have to take the guns away from these people that have
6:34 am
them and that are bad people that shouldn't have them. >> stop and frisk was that found to be unconstitutional and in part because it was ineffective. >> reporter: trump continuing to blast clinton on her stamina and strength but clinton shutting down that line of attack. >> well, as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a ceasefire, a release of dissidents and opening of new opportunities in nations around the world or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee he can talk to me about stamina. >> reporter: this marked the first time both clinton and trump shared the same stage side by side as they try to prove to voters they're the best person to lead the country. >> you decided to stay home and that's okay. >> i think donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. and yes, i did. and you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to
6:35 am
be president and i think that's a good thing. (applause). >> >> reporter: beginning the second presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump is set for october 9th in saint louis, missouri. in new york, stephanie ramos channel6 "action news." matt and tam. >> i think a lot of people will be tuning in for that one too, stephanie. the action cam was on the hofstra campus as the debate took place. we sampled student reaction from this viewing party. >> i'll be supporting secretary clinton. his plan is whibley ashy at best. >> i'm supporting donald trump because i'm a firm believer in the second amendment. >> the people need to be more aware. >> a lot of us aren't aware of what's going on. we definitely should he go out and vote. >> last night could really have an impact. according to a washington post abc poll just over a quarter of those under 40 say they are open to switching their vote as a result of the debate.
6:36 am
>> both presidential nominees are back in battleground states today. hillary clinton stops in north carolina while donald trump travels to florida. vice president joe biden will campaign for clinton in our area today. he'll be at drexel university this morning promoting national voter registration day. first lady michelle obama visits lasalle university tomorrow. >> detectives are trying to sort out a deadly triple shooting in front of a philadelphia apartment building. the action cam was along the 1300 block of east johnson street in germantown at 8 o'clock last night. a 22-year-old man was shot in the face and died at the hospital. a 20-year-old man and an 18-year-old man also shot both recovering this morning. police believe two different people opened fire with semi automatic weapons. >> the seven shell casings that we found were all within feet of where the victims had been shot. so it's an indication that our two shooters fired from pretty close proximity. >> so far no one has been arrested. detectives are hoping surveillance video can help
6:37 am
with the investigation. and investigators are asking for the public's help determining what sparked a deadly fire in wilmington over the weekend. firefighter jerry fickes and lieutenant christopher leach will be laid to rest with full honors. two others were critically injured saturday and remain in the hospital. the state fire marshal is asking for any possible witnesses to come forward. officials tell "action news" arson has not been ruled out as a possible cause. >> 6:37 is the time. the mayor of atlantic city says he has a solution to pay off debt while fighting off a threatened state takeover. mayor don guardian says the city's municipal utilities authority which is the water utility will buy the city owned former baeder field airport property for $100 million. the money will then be used to help pay down debt to the state. the deal will also keep the city's water utility out of state or private hands. >> getting some much needed rain now but it doesn't stick around all day. >> no, it does not already departing philadelphia and getting closer to the coast. storm tracker6 live double
6:38 am
scan shows that you philadelphia might have a little leftover sprinkle or shower around but generally speaking things are getting better and if we take that two dimensional view you can see that philadelphia itself looking good. there are still some heavier cells though down in south jersey and in some cases this could be piling up on the roadways a little bit so if you're in atlantic county cape may county or even back into areas of southern new castle county and certainly salem county, new jersey, be careful of this stuff as it is going to show you down a little bit as it pushes through. looks like it will probably be off the coast by about 9 o'clock or maybe 10 o'clock and again in philadelphia just a little sprinkle in the process of saying bye-bye to areas of center city and pretty soon northeast philadelphia. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies of course over the commodore barry bridge near chester and maybe a little bit damp still in some spots across the region but most of your rain down to the south and east getting on out of here. 67 degrees is the current temperature, dewpoint is up there at 63 an indication of how moist the atmosphere is
6:39 am
when you get those two numbers close to each other. winds out of the west at 8 miles per hour, just a slight breeze. future tracker6 picking up the rain story and it does look like between now and about 9 o'clock or 10 o'clock most of this is pushing off the coast. the other thing we'll be watching today is the reemergence of sunshine to the west and pushing into philadelphia as the afternoon goes on and by 5 o'clock or 6 o'clock this afternoon we might be brightening up fairly well down at the shore as well. your temperatures are going to treat us fairly nicely today. 66 by 8 o'clock, still a similar number by 10 o'clock as throws clouds are still around. but as the clouds break, those numbers rise. 69 degrees by noon, 74 by 3 o'clock and that high of 75 right in there around 4 o'clock this afternoon. 74 under the sun by 5 o'clock. high temperatures across the region mid 70's from philadelphia up to allentown and low 70's as we get closer to the shore. pretty comfortable from north to south. we are getting into a pattern where we're going to have a chance of showers around, though, for the next several days. wednesday i think mostly is going to be pretty nice with the best chance of showers late in the day or at night.
6:40 am
and then thursday it looks like it could be a pretty good chance of rain maybe even a couple of soaking downpours during the day. 50 percent chance of some lingering showers on friday and then less and less as you go through the weekend. it's all because of what we call a cutoff low pressure center that's a low that doesn't really have an attachment to the jet stream. it can't move through quickly. it will take wednesday through friday for it to get from chicago to our neck of the woods and probably not away from us until sometime sunday so that instability causing low is the problem over the next several days with some periods of rain possible. 75 degrees clouds to sun breezy today. rain leaving quickly way passing front. tomorrow sun back to clouds, 75 is your high and at night in particular there could be some showers. then thursday cloudy with occasional rain an high of 69 degrees. then we get into a mostly cloudy sky cover on friday and saturday with a spotty shower both days probably a little better chance on friday than saturday and then sunday clouds and sun. we can't rule out a.m. spotty shower but as you saw a moment ago only about a 10 percent
6:41 am
chance. rosh hashana arriving at sundown to wrap up the weekend. >> okay, thank you david. it's now 6:41. and showdown in charlotte. angry residents protesting the fatal police shooting take their concerns to city council. >> unbearable encounter. a hungry beast makes a mad dash towards a homeowner. karen. >> we've got another new accident on the roosevelt boulevard. let's look at this one southbound approaching henry avenue. looks like a few vehicles involved. penndot is on the scene and we are jammed on the boulevard. are -- it's not our only accident. we'll check on other problems around the region when "action news" comes right back.
6:42 am
does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them."
6:43 am
pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> ♪ >> 6:43. taking a live look at philadelphia city hall from our sky6 camera. just damp here in philadelphia, not raining anymore but still could be some issues out there on the roads. >> let's go over to karen rogers and see what she's seeing. good morning. >> good morning. we've had lots of problems with these wet roads. here's our latest accident of many. this is on the roosevelt boulevard southbound approaching henry avenue. we can see this accident off to the side and southbound traffic on the boulevard really heavy in this area so your latest accident on the boulevard southbound approaching henry avenue. also other problems around the area here, so that's the roosevelt boulevard. i want to show you the ben franklin bridge. it doesn't wander to show that you for some reason. there you go. ben franklin bridge look how heavy it are on the ben franklin bridge. we were scanning all of our cameras. no reported accidents at this point but we can see how heavy traffic is. if you're trying to come in on the ben this morning you're heavy on the ben, heavy on the vine as you try to work your way into the city. and the roads are wet and that seems to be the reason for the
6:45 am
problems right now. also an accident lincoln drive, it's right at rittenhouse so we're looking at very slow speeds on lincoln drive because of that accident. you can see the slow speeds on the schuylkill expressway. and we have an accident on the schuylkill westbound at the boulevard. you're crawling along at about 10 miles an hour in that area. we had an accident on the schuylkill westbound near the vine. it was a multi vehicle accident. that has since cleared but you're still only traveling about 34 miles an hour in that area of the schuylkill as well. and you can see we had an accident on i-95 southbound. it was a multi-vehicle accident on the betsy ross bridge, or near the betsy ross bridge. that has since cleared but you're traveling at times only 15 miles an hour on i-95 so some really slow speeds just trying to come in. it seems like on all of your majors, even though as you look at storm tracker6 live double scan, you can say, oh, it's really an improving situation, you're dry in the west, you're dry for the most part in the city and that rain is just hugging dover, millville, route 40 seeing some heavier rainier hammonton and surf city so it's moving
6:46 am
off the cost but the roads are already wet matt so looks like the damage is done. >> thanks karen. protestors in charlotte, north carolina are calling for the resignation of the mayor and the police chief. angry residents packed a city council meeting last night. they are unhappy about how both have handled the investigation into the fatal shooting of black man by a black police officer last week. >> we need leadership that is willing to stand up and speak boldly for truth and justice. >> that our fathers and mothers are killed and we can't even see them anymore. >> police say keith scott refused to drop a gun during the incident. family members say he did not have one. body cam and dashcam footage do not clearly show if scott was holding a gun. >> it was an emotional sad night for the miami marlins. they were back on the baseball field for the first time since the death of their young star pitcher josé fernandez over the week. the team huddled around the mound each player sporting the number 16 jersey in honor of
6:47 am
fernandez. the 24-year-old athlete and two other men died in a boating accident saturday. the hurt of the night was most obvious when leadoff batter dee gordon who had not hit a single home run this season smacked one right out of the park. he and fernandez are guessing close. he cried his way around the bases and back into the dugout. marlins went ton a seven-three victory over the new york mets. >> touching moment right there. >> 6:47 and a live preview of "good morning america" is next. plus, don't mess with a hungry momma bare. the homeowner high tails it back insides during this very close call. >> ♪
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i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way. including with nukes, yes including with nukes. i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me. nuclear, just the power the devastation, is very important to me. i want to be unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable, unpredictable. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
6:50 am
>> trying to get through this wet morning commute even though the vein moving out the accidents are moving in. let's take a look at the latest one. this is i-95 northbound approaching academy road. northbound we don't usually have a big delay. you see how slow it is northbound even though this accident now off to the side. but i-95, i-95 southbound has been extra heavy because of an accident we had at the betsy ross bridge. a 34 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine and don't forget about this accident on lincoln drive at rittenhouse dave. >> all right. still a little wet out there karen. the rain has cleared philadelphia for the most part but it's still a little bit damp on some roadways and obviously damp down in south jersey where between now and
6:51 am
about 9:00 you're still going to be looking at some lingering showers passing off the coast. if you're dressing the kids and you are over in those parts of south jersey still seeing the rain, umbrella a good idea obviously. this afternoon though it's shorts and t's as we're going to dry out nicely. here's where the flubs are going to go. 66 degrees by 8 o'clock, 67 by 10 o'clock. but as the sun gradually reemerges and we start to dry out we do improve that high of 75 will slot in about 4 o'clock this afternoon and by 6 o'clock we expect a lot of sunshine matt and a high slipping down to about our temperatures slipping down to about 73. >> crews making progress in a wildfire burning here in a geo thermal facility in california. as of monday night flames were 45 percent contained. about 90 people in the santa cruz mountains were under evacuation orders or advisories. workers at the power planter also left the ground for a short time but it is once again fully operational. >> new this morning a southern california man saw a bear foraging when the encounter took a terrifying turn.
6:52 am
frank ramos made it back into his shouse safely. >> i really wasn't frightened but it was like whoa. to me it was sort of like a mock charge. you know, they -- probable to scare me off or whatever. i don't know if he would have continued if i stayed here but i didn't wait. >> the glendale man says he's seen a tagged female bear several times but this one was a bit bigger. >> less than eight minutes away from "good morning america." >> time to check in with robin roberts. robin yen george and the whole team there probably running on the on a lot of adrenaline a lot to talk about. >> yeah, he's got a little red eyes this morning. and rightfully so matt and tam. but we have all you need to know on this put at a -- our month you house team is here including a fact check
6:53 am
even a body language expert plus both vice presidential running mates will join us this morning with their big take on the big night. gee i want they're both going to say. >> the body language experts that will be interesting. thanks so much. we'll be right back. >> you got it. >> you got it.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> top stories here at 6:55. detectives are trying to sorter out a deadly triple shooting that happened in front of a germantown apartment building. police believe two different people opened fire shooting one man to death and wounding two others. vice president joe biden will be at drexel university today stumping for hillary clinton. he will also kick off a volunteer voter registration drive. >> yet another new accident, this one on the 30 bypass eastbound past 340 jamming up and you can see we have lanes blocked eastbound and westbound with this multi vehicle accident. accidents pretty much everywhere. i think this map sums it up. we had an accident on the schuylkill westbound at the boulevard, that's still out there. we've got an accident on the boulevard southbound at henry avenue. one at lincoln drive, at rittenhouse, i-95 northbound and academy, i-95 southbound at the betsy ross bridge dave. >> rain clearing the coast after about 9 o'clock. after that guys 67 degrees by 10 o'clock. 69 by noon. looks like a nice afternoon with more sunshine building in breezy conditions and a high of 75 around 4 o'clock. >> so if you want to see the full debate or get another
6:57 am
look at some of the highlights incredible resource for you. you can take a look there and of course we'll be back in 30 with all your updates on news weather and traffic. for karen matt dave, i'm tam. we hope you're having a great tuesday. >> ♪ it was doggie destiny
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7:00 am
good morning, america. a fierce historic debate. >> well, donald, i know you live in your own reality. >> she doesn't have the looks. she doesn't have the stamina. >> hillary clinton and donald trump go head-to-head for the first time in front of their families in what could be the largest audience ever. >> whoo, okay. >> trading blows on taxes. >> they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax, so -- >> that makes me smart. >> the war on terror. >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> and iraq. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. >> that is absolutely proved over and over again. >> wrong. >> both candidates getting personal. >> i have a feeling that by the end of this evening i'll be blamed for everything that has ever


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