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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  September 30, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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transit train in hoboken just across the river from new york. smashed concrete, broken glass, dangling wires. this was the landscape in the wake of a terrible mishap. and tonight the central question, why was the train going so fast when it entered the station and crashed through the barrier at the end of the line? thursday night, the big story on action news tonight is the latest in the probe into the deadly train crash in north jersey. one person was killed. a woman waiting on the platform identified as 34-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon of hoboken. 108 people were injured including many passengers on the train. the engineer has been identified as thomas gallagher. he has worked for new jersey transit for 29 years. the last 18 as an engineer. he is out of the hospital. authorities are having trouble reaching part of the wreckage because the canopy of the train shed collapsed on top of the
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lead car. with more information tonight, action news reporter christie ileto live in our satellite center. christie. >> reporter: jim, ntsb is focused on the locomotive with the event recorders and video cameras and hope they will explain what went wrong. >> the lights went out. and then the roof just came down on it. >> reporter: immediate chaos followed as new jersey transit train 1614 plowed into the hoboken terminal. >> multiple walking wounded. we have serious structural damage. >> really loud. flew in never stopped. >> reporter: surveillance cameras caught the train 30 minutes before crashing. more than a hundred people injured and a woman identified as 35-year-old fabiola bittar de kroon was killed by falling debris on the platform. witnesses, the terrifying seconds that followed. >> a man, one eye was gone.
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only one side, the blood everywhere. >> it was not going as fast, but not slow enough to come into the station. >> reporter: it's unclear if the engineer tried to slow down. but ntsb is eyeing one of the two event recorders for clues. >> we can currently access the locomotive, which is at the end of this train. and we'll be pulling the event recorder this evening. from the event recorder we hope to get information such as speed and braking. >> reporter: the crash raises familiar questions about whether automatic braking or positive train control could have stopped this. not one of new jersey transit rail's 440 trains have the life saving technology >> the ntsb has been recommending positive train control for 40 years >> until you know what caused the problem you don't know the solution. >> reporter: but for those who survived, gratitude. >> how do you feel generally?
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>> happy to be alive. >> reporter: this could have been so much worse. we're told that the train's engineer has been discharged from the hospital and service in and out that have train station has been suspended. christie ileto, channel 6 action news. >> thank you, christie. let's talk about ptc. in this area amtrak began installing the system that christie talked about from may of last year it is now active on that stretch of the northeast corridor. septa has it on six of the regional rail lines so far. the agency says the rest will be finished by the end of the year. check the 6abc news app in between newscasts for updates and to see photos and video taken by survivors and witnesses in the aftermath of the crash and the action news team on the air at 4:30 to bring you any
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developments on this investigation overnight. a tractor-trailer plowed through nearly a dozen cars tonight in boardentown new jersey. it ended up off the root near georgetown road. authorities have not determined whether the wet conditions contributed to the crash. yes, we are expecting another round of rain overnight. this was old city in philadelphia tonight. the immediate area could get up to another inch in delaware and south jersey it could really pile up. let's get the latest information from meteorologist cecily tynan. >> and we get waves of rain and some of it is pretty heavy. one area of heavy rains working out of new castle county into chester county. another area moving off the ocean into cape may county. all pivoting up to the north and the west. today, though, most of the
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heaviest rain has been concentrated south from wilmington, millvale, cape may county. 2 to 5 inches in this one area. sussex and delaware, 5 to 10 inches of rain. and more rain rolling through overnight, the national weather service posted flash flood watches for the i-95 corridor and areas south and west. additional rain could cause localized flooding. i don't think we'll see widespread flooding inland. along the coast it's another matter because of the wind. 39 in philadelphia, dover, 38 in atlantic city and wilmington, 43. off the ocean it piles the water inland. causing coastal flooding. continues overnight tonight. along the shore, along the coast we're already past high tide. but we have delaware bay flooding happening right now. i'll talk about this system when
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it finally pulls out coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. we have seen the effects of the steady rain tonight at the shore. parts of route 9 flooded causing cars to navigate the high waters ever so slowly. police were on hand just in case. they shut down other stretches that were unsafe such as shore road. and in in addition to the rain, cars buffeted by whipping winds. windshield wipers can't do much about this. a bank bandit on the run after holding up a td bank in philadelphia just minutes before closing at 8:00 tonight. authorities say the robber was wearing a black ski mask and a black hoodie. got away with about $800 from the branch at wood haven and knights roads. nobody was hurt. the deadly fire in wilmington was set on purpose. 1927 lake view road in wilmington went up in flames
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saturday and end up costing the lives of two wilmington fire fighters. today police charged 27-year-old ruiz with arson and murder. she is being held on $6 million bail. also tonight family, friends, and shaken colleagues began to say good-bye to the fire fighters. action news reporter john rawlins live at fire house number four. much mourning tonight in wilmington. >> reporter: indeed, jim. we have the first of several gatherings that will be he would over the next several days. tonight about 12 miles from here it was at grace lutheran church in hokesen. a rainy gust caused this giant american flag suspended between two fire ladders to snap loudly. nearby ranks of somber, first responders came to pay respects to the family of senior fire fighter jerry ficus.
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remembered as somebody who served others in many ways. >> he served everyone first. he was out with his snow blower. >> reporter: saturday he and christopher leach were killed in a blaze. >> i just heard that. and i hadn't heard it before. just devastating. >> reporter: charged, 27-year-old ruiz, a resident of the house who allegedly confessed she started the fire inning anker and fled. those at the visitation say the arson finding turns the tragedy into a senseless tragedy. >> makes it doubly difficult. you -- families are senselessly hurt. >> pay your respects like this, coming here. it's sense liless. >> we go in n there and risk our lives every day. for somebody to intentionally set a fire.
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horrible. >> reporter: this woman's fatherfuls a fire fighter and her husband was injured in the fire. angry? yes. she struggled for the right words. >> i probably can't even say on tv what i want to say about that. >> reporter: there will be a second viewing and a private funeral service for the fire fighter tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow morning there will be a viewing and a mass for lieutenant leach here at st. elizabeth roman catholic church in wilmington. and then on saturday a joint memorial service for the public at the chase center here in wilmington. live in wilmington, john rawlins, channel 6 action news >> thank you, john. philadelphia detectives on the hunt for an arsonist tonight. fiery crime caught on camera. you can see him at the autobody shop on september 19th.
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he pours flammable fluid on to several vehicles. then he leaves. he lights the place ablaze on his way out. fingers of flame race through the garage and the vehicles are engulfed. nobody was hurt, but vehicles were badly burned, dealing significant financial damage. a man is finally behind bars tonight for the hit and run death of a home in the homesburg section of philadelphia. this in 2014. 43-year-old christopher cooke has been charged with homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter. 33-year-old teresa posey was crossing the 8300 block of state road two days before christmas when she was hit. an anonymous tip led police to cooke. new details about a man shot and killedly police after allegedly stabbing two children. 32-year-old christopher sowell tried to choke his daughter at his home before slashing his
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8-year-old son in the face and neck. police he also turned the knife on a 13-year-old relative and then ran to a friend's home in cobb's creek where he allegedly attacked two women, stabbing one of them. police shot and killed sowell outside of the home. all three stabbing victims are in critical condition tonight. sowell's daughter said it was fueled by drugs. following a frustrating summer, septa says it will have regular weekday schedules starting monday. after delays because of a rail car defect. more than 15 of the 120 rail cars have been repaired. they are leasing trains from amtrak, new jersey transit and other agencies while it fixes the remange cars. she is a two-time olympic gold medalist and a world cup champion. now carli lloyd is also an
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author. the soccer super star greeted fans of all ages in cherry hill. the pack is called when nobody's watching. she became one of the best. >> just great to get my story out. because i'm a local kid who, you know, grew up in a blue collar town. and, you know, trained and not the most glamorous places. there's goals, balls, cones, that's really all i need. >> lloyd's autobiography details never before told stories about her estrangement from her family. rock and roll legend bruce springsteen teen made fans happy tonight. a meet and greet on the parkway in philadelphia. the music icon is promoting his new memoir born to run. all 1200 tickets sold out in less than ten minutes. his next book tour stop it seattle. still to come on action
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news. they call it the gone girl case. police accused a woman of faking her own kidnapping. tonight the final twist to settle it once and for all. and on health check, those with teenage acne may have the last laugh. we also have a coastal wind advisory in effect until 6:00 tomorrow morning. i'll let you know when the system moves out and what it means for your weekend. and yet another honor for carson wentz. jamie apody with that story when action news continues tonight.
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a disbarred attorney in
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california, he admitted in federal court today that he natched the woman and held her for ransom. the 39-year-old previously pleaded not guilty to abducting denise huskins. she was turned up late. and place called it a hoax. huskinss sued accusing the police of wrongly likening the case to the movie gone girl and damaging her reputation. hillary clinton brought her campaign to iowa today and urged voters to begin casting their ballots today in early voting. iowa is the first battle ground state to offer early voting. clinton lashed out at her opponent after a washington post story said that donald trump explored business opportunities in cuba in the late 1990s despite the u.s. embargo. donald trump held a rally in new hampshire today and at the same time denied the cuba report. he told the new hampshire
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television station i never did business in cuba. trump today referred to what he called the clinton's sordid past. he's apparently made the decision to go after bill clinton's marital history and allegations that hillary clinton made trouble for the women illicitly involved with her husband. the federal government will not have to shut down at the end of the week. president barack obama signed a short-term funding bill. pushing the deadline back ten week welcomes past election day. measure congress passed late tonight includes $1.1 billion for the fight against zika. pennsylvania sprout say -- supreme court says the way the state has been forcing kasees no help out their local communities is unconstitutional. they struck down the local share assessment. it's a roughly 4% cut. but the high court ruled it's illegal because it isn't applied
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uniformly. sugar house in philadelphia, for instance, is exempt. and valley forge casino resort doesn't have to meet the standards. health check at 11:00. it turns out there's a benefit to teenage acne. however the payoff comes decades after the embarrassment that many people feel. a new study links higher levels of adolescent acne with a slower aging process. those people had longer telomeres, which are parts of chromosomes that help protect cells from breaking down. dermatologists previously noted that people with acne ended up with fewer wrinkles later in life and this could explain why. the finale of the week long police k-9 competition hits the field in camden expectant. with some help from their human handlers, competing to be top dog. the host for this year's national principal dog trials but the on the by the u.s. police dog k-9 association. the dog's obedience, agility and
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senning skills were all put to the test tonight. and it was dry in there. >> it was inside. it's raining cats and dogs. >> oh. >> a rough joke there, huh? >> rough. >> on to the weather. it is raining cats and dogs. take a look on storm tracker 6. and we do have areas of heavy rain. one out of new castle to chester county. moved through wilmington, hitting newark, chad's ford. also a heavyier batch near, and up to the north and the west. and cape may county, the winds are howling and it is pouring from cape may through stone harbor, seattle city. and all pushing up to the north and west. it's unlimited source of moisture off the atlantic. that's what bringing us the waves of the heavy rain. right now temperatures almost holding steady all day. high, 65, 61 in philadelphia currently. alantown and trenton, 58.
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cape may, 66. and wilmington, 61. satellite 6 with action radar doesn't look much different than yesterday. the low pressure cutoff spinning over kentucky. and there's a blocking high pressure. so what's happening? that low pressure can't move to the east. so it just has to weaken. it will eventual retreat up to the north. what it's doing is pulling in the wind off the ocean in the form of the waves of rain. so tomorrow morning it's going to be another wet morning at the bus stop. damp and dreary, umbrellas, rain jackets, a good idea at 6:00. 59 by 8:00. 60 degrees, and future tracker timing out the showers. by 7:30, scattered showers. especially along the coast. through the day, lingering showers in the afternoon, not as heavy as tonight. but then on saturday, it looks like we have another round of heavy rain around 8:00 in the morning. especially philadelphia and areas to the east. and even into the afternoon. we will be dealing with some showers.
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sunday looking to be the better of the two days this weekend. in the meantime, matthew became a hurricane earlier today. it continues to strengthen. maximum sustained winds 80 miles per hour. moving into warm waters. as it does this will really strengthen the storm. it will become a category two we sunday evening southeast of jamaica. likely hitting cuba by monday evening as a cat 2. and heading up to the north and threatening the east coast by the middle or latter of next week. does it head to the outer banks or out to sea? at this point, early to tell. i'll be tracking. so the seven day forecast. periods of rain t tomorrow. the heaviest overnight into the wee hours of the morning. windy, 66. saturday, breezy, cool, occasional showers, especially the first half of the day. take the rain gear to the temple game.
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saturday, mostly cloudy, a few scattered showers, not as widespread at saturday. and monday, here we go, finally, brighter skies. warm up to 77 degrees. tuesday, partly sunny, a nice day. seasonal. high of 72. mostly cloudy with a high 70 and a possibility of a late day shower. we are making up for a dry summer with a very wet three days still looks like the better of the two days this weekend will be sunday. >> thank you, cecily. action news at the legacies awards dinner tonight at penn's landing. the celebration led by former governor and mayor ed rendell, hopes to strengthen awareness of the city's cultural heritage and the importance as katie mcginty: franny, johnny, mikey, maureen, jimmy,
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joey, ricky, eileen, me, and colleen... all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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it's pretty clear the nfl has become aware of carson wentz. >> how can you not? >> i know. >> big name he is. the kid better get a bigger trophy case. nfc player of the week, now the nfl's rookie of the month.
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it's the first time in eagle's history a rookie quarterback won that honor. five touchdowns, no interceptions in september. right know he is taking a break hunting in north dakota. not the only one hunt organize racking up awards. fletcher cox also hunting and the nfc ice player of the month on the defensive side. three sacks, two against the steelers, fifth in the league. and has 14 tacks and a forced full basketball. if you have tickets for the final phillys game on sunday, get there early. they are going to honor ryan howard. he should start all three home games this weekend. and his fans travel well. third inning, hoping to avoid a sweep in atlanta. herrera, bloop single, scores hellickson. he would lade later leave the game with a knee sprain. tied at one, and the bottom of the eighth, break it wide open.
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matt kemp, deep, and off of gomez. and right there. rbi double, the go ahead run. swept 5-2. they gave up 68 runs on the road when pat toomey went to washington, he didn't stop...
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working for wall street. toomey's plan would risk social security on the stock market, lining bankers' pockets with fees from our benefits that... could total billions, even if the market crashes, and seniors lose everything. katie mcginty is working for us. a mother of three, and ninth of ten kids, mcginty knows what matters. she'll fight for equal pay, affordable college, and... she'll always protect social security. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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sixers continue outstockton. several were held out of the scrimmage for what was termed load management. the former episcopal anyway star
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and sixers newcomers likes what he cease. >> it's been great. a lot of energy in the gym. you know, a new team for me. so, you know, good to see a lot of new faces and, you know, i think their team's coming along pretty well. >> temple owls hope to start a winning streak this weekend. the guys hard at practice as they get set to host smu. both 2-2, and the conference opener. and talked with coach rule about the road ahead. >> i hope we find the way each week by focusing in on that game and opponent. what better way to start than an smu team that's 2-2 and playing its first conference game. on the west side, all the games count. we want to go out and find a way to win. whatever it takes. more with me and the coach as we preview temple and smu this saturday at 9:45 a.m. temple football playbook. this is the story of the day. ryder cup is known for rowdy galleries.
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and during the practice round, a heckler harassing recovery mcilroy after missing a put. and henrik stenson pulls it out and justin rose lays a hundred dollar bill down. and wouldn't you know this fan nailed the putt. his name's davis johnson. look at him go nuts. loud cheers, high fives from the euros there. and guess what? the guy's from north dakota. what is it about people from north dakota? >> it's a big month for people. >> a great month. >> thank you, jaime. jimmy kimmel live next on channel 6 followed by nightline. jimmy's guests tonight, army hammer, piper perabo and music. and we begin at 4:30, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for cecily
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