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tv   Action News Weekend 9AM  ABC  October 1, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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of duty. philadelphia orchestra is on strike. we'll hear from those who left without a concert at the last minute. looking live over center city skyline, the clouds and showers are hanging around. chris sowers says we're not in for a washout, which is good news. >> reporter: but we're not in for the sun, either. we have same as yesterday, we'll have clouds and misting and drizzle, but the good news we won't see the steady driving rain like thursday. nonetheless it's damp and dreary. patchy fog in some locations. it's breezy, winds out of the northeast at 10 to 15 miles per hour. making the 50s feel cooler. 59 in philadelphia. feels like 57, 56. allentown 56 on the the nose. millville, 62. cape may, 63. trenton, 57. satellite and radar, the close off upper level low still pins across the ohio valley this
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morning. here's the next round of moisture which is getting ready to lift north an move into our neck of the woods this afternoon. it's cloudy and damp, drizzle, expect to see showers probably sometime after lunch that's when the next batch of moisture begins to pull on through. the call from accuweather today, cloudy and damp, breezy, 69 or 70 give or take, a couple of showers possible later on. when i come back we have sunshine for you in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, i'll let you know when it arrives and have the latest on hurricane matthew. thank you for the update. island like -- island like to remind -- island like to i would like to reminds you can get the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast at the public will turn out today to salute two wilmington firefighters who were killed answering the call. the memorial for christopher leach and jerry fickes begins at
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1:00 p.m. at the chase center on the waterfront in wilmington. will stream the memorial live. [bagpipes] yesterday hundreds of mourners attended the funeral for christopher leach at saint elizabeth catholic church. senior firefighter jerry fickes was laid to rest in a private funeral earlier. both men died in a home they ran into believing chin were trapped inside. they are remembered as heros. >> we don't care the day or night, cold or hot, we're firefighters. >> i think by the turnout in wilmington you're seeing he was a respected and honored man he died doing what he loved to do. >> 28-year-old beatriz fana-ruiz who lived in the burning home faces murder charges for allegedly setting the fire. new this morning, a house fire in wilmington, delaware, injured a woman.
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flames spread from one home to neighboring homes on the 100 block of west 30th street. crews took the injured woman to christiana hospital. three other people living in the home got out safely. the fire is under control. investigators are working to figure out what caused it. musicians with the philadelphia orchestra they are off the job. as you see here walking the picket line. they are on strike, "action news" reporter, john rawlins explains the sticking points and let's us know when the talks resume. >> reporter: inside the kimmel center, the black tie fundraiser was a go, but no music. outside there was a brass ensemble with the picketing musicians. all this unexpected after the talks stalled came to a vote to walk out to the disappointment of fans. >> to fly in from ohio i heard about the orchestra for years and careers, this is my first time to see it, so yeah, i was disappointed. >> i was upset, but as a singer
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myself i understand musicians have to eat. >> reporter: there was a last-ditch effort to try to strike a deal, both sides said they were close. >> we came very close to finding a deal and our musicians decided it wasn't enough and decided to walk out. >> reporter: the or which he is offered a three year deal that would boost pay $127,600 a year to $135,000. but the union said that falls short of the $152,000 boston musicians make and overall time philadelphia will lose top talent to other orchestras. >> we had been around boston salaries and without better increases, we would be as much over a 30 year career of a musicians we would be $1.8 million behind a boston symphony member. no scheduled concerts this
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weekend, saturday and sunday shows canceled because of the walkout. john rawlins. >> prepare for pain at the pump if you live in new jersey. 23 cent gas hike is likely to take effect on wednesday when they vote on this bill. compromise will restart hundreds of highway projects. jeff chirico will have more on the deal in the next half-hour. feather investigators are waiting to talk to the engineer -- federal investigators are waiting to talk to the engineer of the new jersey transit crash in hoboken new jersey. eva pilgrim tells us about him. >> reporter: this morning the damage to the train station slowing down investigators in
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their search for answers as to why a new jersey transit train crashed into the platform killing one person and injuring 114 others. >> because of the asbestos and the unsettled structures we are not sure about i'm not allowing anybody in there. >> reporter: trapped in the evidence key evidence, the plaque box and the image recorder. one recorder was sent to the manufacturer, to figure out how fast the train was going and if the brakes were used before the disastrous stop. officials have not said how howt the train was going. witnesses say it was going three times faster than normal. the train hit with such violent force part station ceiling collapsed debris raining down on hundreds of people waiting for trains. >> our objective is not to find out what happened, but why it
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happened so we can prevent it from happening again. >> reporter: investigator are planning to speak to the engineer identified as 48-year-old thomas gallagher, preliminary drug and alcohol tests have come back negative, but the ntsb is doing further tests. >> that was abc's eva pilgrim with that report. donald trump holds a rally tonight in manheim, lancaster county. it will be held at a place that labels itself as the largest indoor sports complex in america. some polls put donald trump and hillary clinton in a dead heat in pennsylvania. hillary clinton's campaign is setting its sights on ohio and florida. democratic nominee rallied on monday. vice president joe biden will be stumping for clinton in florida. she courted voters in florida yesterday she holds a sizable
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lead in florida due to hispanics voting democrat. there's bad news for the sixers as the preseason is about to start. ben simmons rolled his right ankle during practice that happened thursday. x-rays revealed he has a fractured bone in his foot that could sideline simmons up to 8 weeks. 9:08. much more to come on "action news" saturday morning. a camera captures a school bus crash. we'll tell you why the school district is defending the driver. volcanic eruption sends people in a village running for coverage. we have rain on the way and downpours and thunderstorms this morning. i'll have the latest on when this arrives and the latest on matthew the monitor with winds up to 155 miles per hour.
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i'll let you know where's heading when we come right back.
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you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. (voand exceptional customerity pre-ownservice,les... head t to your neiborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. >> the outer winds of hurricane matthew pumped up waves along the coast of columbia, south america while the monster storm grew to category 5 with winds up to 160 miles per hour. that storm a cat 4. as you heard chris sowers say not too long ago.
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strongest storm coming out of the atlantic ocean since felix. in 2007. chris sowers is tracking it all for you. >> reporter: it could be a threat later on. there's a lot of question marks it has to move over the rugged terrain of cuba, they have mountain tops of 7,000 feet. that will weaken the storm. we'll get into that in a minute. in the meantime let's focus on the weekend weather. live look over the commodor barry bridge. same song and dance here. we're stuck in a dreary pattern we have drizzle and mist and maybe a passing shower. most of the steady rain are south of the immediate philadelphia area. 59 degrees, dewpoint, 56. pressure reading finally starting to rise a little bit. that will promote sunshine tomorrow. winds out of the northeast at 10 miles per hour.
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ocean temperature, 69. 50s north and west, low 60s south and east. cape may, 56. there's our 59. 56 in allentown. poconos 50. we have patchy fog out there, especially across south jersey where the visibles is 2 to 3 miles per hour cumberland and cape may county and monmouth and ocean counties in south jersey. take it easy on the roads and keep both hands on the steering wheel. satellite and radar, lots of clouds up and down the mid atlantic and the northeast. here's the next round of rain that will get in here this afternoon. today cloudy and drizzle, breezy and chilly. this will get in here probably after 3:00 p.m. we'll see a round of wet weather. that continues into the first part of the overnight and hopefully clears by tomorrow we'll get sunshine in here before the weekend is threw. we get -- through, we get ups and bands of showers in here 4, 5:00 p.m.,
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it will feel lift north and first thing tomorrow morning gray and gloomy and damp and patchy drizzle and mist. what what happens by afternoon, sunshine and that will dry everything out. it will help to warm the temperatures in the mid 70s that will be a nice change. here's the spaghetti plots on hurricane matthew. it's a category 4 on the brink of becoming a category 5. it has maximum stained winds of 150 miles per hour. here's aruba, and south america and jamaica and cuba. most of the model take the storm up over the island of cuba and over the about a mawm -- bahamas. where does it go from there? there's a couple of forecast models it's a miss altogether. that's the european model which is widely regarded as the most
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accurate forecast models out there. it's well to the south in the carribean but expected to lift to the north. the races in dover, drizzle taking place, showers, cloudy, 74 degrees. tomorrow, partly sunny with more sunshine increasing during the day. warmer temperatures, highs around 78. philadelphia, cloudy and damp, drizzle, passing shower, breezy, high of 69. overnight tonight, cloudy and rain and drizzle, patchy fog again, 57 degrees outlying suburbs, 63 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll get clearing here next week. 69 today. damp and drizzle and showers, mostly cloudy for tomorrow, sunshine increasing during the afternoon with a high of 75. there's a shower threat, but i think most of tomorrow is dry, 77 monday. tuesday, 70. wednesday and thursday, combination of sun and clouds, 68 and 72.
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we'll watch matthew about a week away if not more. the bigger story will be finding sunshine next week. >> the sun loves us, but it's taking a break. 9:16 take a look at this, earth has opened up in mexico volcano smoke and ash spewing into the side there. the government evacuated two villages at the bottom of the mountain. it is one of the most active volcanos in the western hemisphere. there were 30 eruptions several since 1990s. fbi conducted a raid at the home of the man accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey. they were in ahmad khan rahami's home in new jersey. he was captured in a shootout with police in linen and is in
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the hospital with gunshot injuries. video shows bus driver taking her eyes off the road momentarily as she asked if anyone needed to get off the stop. that's when the bus goes out of control and lands on its side in the ditch. 16 students and the driver taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the driver was not charged by police or disciplined by the school district. school leaders say the driver was experienced but driving that specific route for the first time. our temple play book comes your way later in this hour. but first we have "shelter me rescue of the week." >> reporter: i'm rick williams this is pumpkin one of the pups saved by the tree tops animal rescue. you'll meet her and some of the other animals later on "action news."
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and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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>> so glad you stayed with us, your time 9:20 a.m., jimmy kimmel is having a yard sale and you're invited. there are hundreds of items on the auction block cruised on jimmy kimmel live. there's suits and a whole lot of pictures. the auction is taking place today where the show is taped. you can bid on the items right now on ebay. all the money raised will go to an organization that helps homeless kids in hollywood. in this morning's technically speaking, apple is pressing forward with the plan to get into the smart home market they are testing a prototype that would control home appliances and lights and other devices and using siri as voice control.
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an announcement by apple could happen at the 2017 conference. here's a look at what's happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. walking dead fans guess what you may want to head to the expo center in montgomery county for walker con. there will be walking dead, bates motel and a whole lot more. they will pose for pictures and sign autographs, from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. mark the feast of saint francis of assissi.our lady of a assumpl bless all the animals at 10:00 a.m. the 56th hero thrill show
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especially when it comes to snacking.g new. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. >> so glad you stayed with us on this saturday morning, 9:24, 59 degrees outside. sky6 live hd over cape may, new jersey, you can see it is gray and dreary. it is going to be that way for the better part of the day, probably not a good day to go to the beach.
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the sun will return soon, chris will let you know when. in "shelter me rescue of the week," we meet a woman who was so inspired by her rescue friend she became involved with the tree top rescue. rick williams has the story. >> lexi is a mama's girl. >> reporter: when meghan adopted lexi8 years ago she didn't realize it would propel her into animal rescue. >> none of the foster dogs would be part of our lives fit wasn't for this one. among the many foster was frankie who meghan fell in love with and kept as her own. >> frankie is cheyenne reserved. lexi and frank are the best of friends. >> i don't think they could live without each other. >> reporter: they even help with the fostering process. >> my two dogs can teacher
9:26 am
foster dogs how to use the bathroom and interact with other dogs. >> reporter: meghan became the vice president of tree top rescues to help animals in need. >> they were a tiny organization, but park nate. all -- passionate, all they wanted to do was rescue. >> reporter: sweet pea loves other dogs, all she witness to do is cuddle. >> bonnie bell is a beagle hound mix. she also sweet, small, very good with kids and gentle and loving and great with other dogs. >> reporter: this is pumpkin is an adorable hungry chihuahua best in a home with orderly or no children. if you're interested in pumpkin, visit the tree top animal website. if you would like us to share
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your shelter success story post-it to the "fyi philly" facebook page using the #shelter me. tells us how much they mean to you arena we'll feature your stories on the up coming "shelter me rescue of the week" segments. with pumpkin, rick santorum channel 6 "action news." >> temple play book starts in 15 minutes. phillies fans are saying goodbye to ryan howard. his contract may be bought out after this season. the big piece doubled in last night's game. the mets won it 5-1. the series continues this afternoon. there will be a tribute tomorrow before the big game. carson wentz is cashing in on his week off, he is the pitch man for real the first commercial was taped in north dakota, which ises home
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state. carson wentz won player of the week and player of the month in his first three games in the nfl stay with us, top stories coming your way up next. i think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. i would bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves. get him out of here! get him out of here! get the hell out of here! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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priorities usa action is responsible "action news," saturday at 9:00, a final farewell to two hero firefighters who lost their lives as they work to save others. new jersey gas prices are
9:30 am
among the lowest in the nation, but not for long. lawmakers are banking on a hike at the pump. the queen of the modern soap opera has died she was right here from our area. let's go outside to chris, did you find the sun out there? >> reporter: not, yesterday we topped out at 63 it was the coolest daytime high since march. it will be chilly especially for this time of the year, occasional shower or two. 59 in philadelphia. allentown, 56. poconos, 50, millville, 62. cape may, 66. atlantic city, 63. if you look closely toward the left-hand side of the screen you can see the counter clockwise swirl that's the upper level low sitting there since wednesday afternoon. that's when the clouds came through, we've been pretty much stuck in the pattern ever since. if you look at the bottom of the
9:31 am
screen that's the next batch of moisture heading this way it should arrive after lunchtime. the counter clockwise swirl in the middle of the screen. that's the cut off low that's been sitting there since wednesday afternoon. forecast for today, feeling the influence for the cut off low, lots of clouds, breezy and chilly, highs in the upper 60s, look for the occasional shower especially after 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m., otherwise there will be patchy drizzle and mist from time to time, dealing with patchy fog down the shore this morning. that will lift in the next couple of hours. here's the thest on hurricane -- latest on hurricane matthew. maximum stained winds up to 155 miles per hour. it touched category 5 strength last night. it's the first time it happened since felix in 2007. it's expected to lift to the north. it's moving to the west at 7 miles per hour. it will make the northern turn
9:32 am
tomorrow evening that will put it in the southern bahama islands in the beginning part of next week. it's from that point on, all the forecast models are all over the place as to where the storms will go. there are a couple of scenarios out there, is it an east coast threat or does it miss us out to sea. right now it's about a 50/50 split. it depends on what happens with the high pressure system that's off the coast. if the high tracks closer to the coast, the storm will have a track closer to the coast. if the high is farther out to sea, the storm will be farther out so sea. this is something we'll watch over the neck several days and wait and see what happens. but it is monster, monster storm. when i come back, gray in just a few minutes, i'll have the accuweather seven-day forecast which features some of the sunshine you're looking for. >> thank you so much. folks a public memorial is
9:33 am
taking place at 1:00 p.m. at the chase center in wilmington, delaware for the firefighters who died battling a fire. you can warm the services streaming live at yesterday hundreds filled saint list -- elizabeth's catholic church for lieutenant christopher leach. jerry fickes was laid to rest in a private ceremony. christopher leach and jerry fickes was killed last saturday when they entered a burning home thinking children were trapped inside. police have charged beatriz fana-ruiz a resident of the home with murder. investigator said she started the fire. the firefighter logo was placed on the hood of the nascar pro series race. the firefighters were invited into the victory lane to join him as a salute to the fallen
9:34 am
firefighters. 23 cent tax on gas is coming to new jersey and it could happen as early as next week. the deal includes a handful of tax cuts. jeff chirico reports. >> reporter: 23 cents may not seem like much, but new jersey drivers know. >> wow, that's a lot. >> reporter: it will add up quickly. >> it's big price to me. [inaudible]. >> for someone who doesn't make that much money living off paycheck to paycheck, it hits me a lot. >> reporter: the common reaction we got after breaking the news that lawmakers reach a deal to pay for transportation projects with the gas tax. >> that's way too high, the gas is 1.85. >> reporter: new jersey drivers pay among the lowest gas taxes. the hike lower than pennsylvania taxes may mean crossing the river to fill up may not offer
9:35 am
as much savings. >> if you're here it's cheaper. >> reporter: it will start roads and reconstruction projects. for some motorists that's worth the cost. >> do you mind paying 23 cents a gallon if they fix the roads and bridges. >> as long as they do their job and keep their roads. >> reporter: as long as the money goes to fix the roads and bridgeses -- bridges and not other places. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> state leaders have a vote wednesday if the it goes through, the higher gas tax will be helped with a decrease in sales tax. investigators have not examined the train in the fatal
9:36 am
hoboken crash. until the debris is cleared, the data recorder in the car will not be retrieved. the packed commuter trained crashed into the platform and bounced up and hitle wall. the engineer -- hit the wall. the engineer was slumped over the controls. a 34-year-old woman standing on the platform was killed after dropping off her baby at day care. seven others of the 100 injured are still in the hospital. about 100 people marched through the streets of pasadena, california protesting a death of a black man during a struggle with police. the peaceful protest started at the apartment building where register signal thomas was killed friday -- reginal thomas was killed.
9:37 am
efforts to revive him were unsuccessful. a funeral service will honor agnes nixon the queen of soap opera of one life to live and all my children. her funeral will be at saint thomas villanova chapel in rosemont. temple football play book, meteorologist chris sowers will be back in 15 minutes with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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for senate, katie mcginty will stand up to the big oil polluters. she'll work to protect our air and water and make us a leader in clean energy jobs. and millionaire pat toomey? he's for the big oil polluters. toomey voted to protect twenty-four billion dollars in tax breaks for oil companies. and they've given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. pat toomey: he's not for us. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> welcome to temple play book along with coach matt rhule, the win last week, you said afterwards you don't know what you have in this team. what did you mean by that. >> we're a young team, we had great moments on saturday, there are things that had to get corrected. we had balls in the ground on special teams and gave up points in the 4th quart. we are -- quarter, we are trending in the right direction, but we're on the up swing. >> here's what the guys had to say about trending in the right direction. >> we have the younger guys playing harder, i think we've come a long way. there are things we can get better on, but we're close.
9:41 am
all the players are coming together. we're coming back to the temple football. we had a slow start, but we are together and coming out strong. coach told us coming out the same. we all here playing and coming together. >> despite you had 20 points, what's going on there? >> you look at the stat line at the end of the game. we had over 400 yards of offense. we're a top 25 defense we don't normally do that. i was frustrated after the game. going back and looking at it, we gave up 146 of those in the 4th quarter. maybe we didn't play to the level weapon wanted, bus that's -- level we wanted, but that's good experience. we have to stop the run if we want to be a great team. >> you had one sack last week it was by a tightened who you moved to defensive end.
9:42 am
laroche what's going on with this guy, you move his position he makes a play. >> it started a couple of years ago, i was upset with him i made him play on the d line. he was a natural path to rush the passer. he had pressure on the first one and sack on the second one. i am proud of him he worked very hard. >> quite a celebration with you, we have photographic evidence. take a look at this. hey, coach, you got up there. >> i feel like my vertical jump was better than what i was in college based on on that film. i have film that shows i can still jump and get up. >> reporter: let's switch to the offense side of the ball. the running backs are playing great. what do you like about the way the offense is playing? >> i like that it's
9:43 am
multidimensional. the different running backs are making plays all the big receivers making plays, when everyone touches the ball and makes a play that can change a game, as a defense it's hard to defend. we're scoring more points. one of the guys you didn't expect to touch the ball, dawkins. >> he is a great athlete he can dunk a basketball for being 320 pounds, when jihad fumbled, he put it away and took off. it was a great play for a great kid. >> we went one on one with mr. dawkins. >> what was going on in that charlotte game when you saw the ball and picked it up. when were looking at the endzone? >> no, i was looking at my first down, i was looking to
9:44 am
defend the quarterback. it's a great experience, i'm grateful that i got to touch the ball, it is every offensive lineman's dream you have to push forward that's over with. >> reporter: how about the smu game it was a shootout last year, a high scoring game. >> smu are a great team just like us, if we don't come out there with that mindset things will go bad. but right now we're heading in the right direction. they have great players, but so do we. we'll push for greatness and we'll see what happens. earlier this year we did a story on you little, talk about this. >> little has become a star around campus, everybody loves her, now, it's like can i see
9:45 am
littles and stuff like that. people look at you like this big guy with this small dog, it's just a dog, i mean i'm a nice going to off the field, on the field i'm a totally different person. >> can't get enough of dawkins and his little dog. >> i love littles. >> reporter: you have not played a conference game in a while. this is a game you beat by 20, it was much closer than that in the last two minutes. talk about the challenge they bring. >> it's been kind of cool rivalry over the last three years, to have that amount of fireworks going off in a game it's been kind of fun and fun to watch. they are a good football team. they lost their quarterback, but bringing in one of the top receivers in the country that can do it against tcu and barely and against us -- baylor, they
9:46 am
can do it on both sides of the game. >> reporter: do you expect a high scoring game? >> i would like a nice 17-14 game. i think that we're prepared to score a lot of points we're growing in that area that's what they do, i hope we play great on defense, as long as we have one more than them at the end of the day, i'll be happy on saturday night. >> reporter: that's all ma -- matters. the guys are getting ready. >> the they have a good defense,. >> the job is to stop the run. once we stop the run, they will try to air the ball out and it is up to the d-line to bring the pressure. >> we'll talk about walker and we'll talk about who is influenced over the field.
9:47 am
temple football play book will be right back. because sally chose to get extra chances to win by playing wild ball, (sally) yah! (vo) she can now replace the number 4 with tonight's wild ball, number 3. making her a winner! (sally) thanks, wild ball! (vo) don't change the way you play, change the way you win! learn more at
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temple football play book, coach you said smu is good, you had no interpretations last week. >> he has played very well. he has been extending drives, getting first downstairs and we added the deep ball element. he hit deep plays to open up. if he continues to do what he does and plays his game running and throwing, he'll have a good day. >> we talk football we forget that these guys are here to get their education and a great one at temple university. they have influences off the football field and morgan
9:50 am
siegfried has more on that. >> we all remember that one teacher who made a significant impact on us, shout out to you mrs. miller. the college football foundation inspires and honors and empowers all the fantastic teachers who left a mark. >> miss hartford took the time to understand me as a person, learning was difficult, so she took extra time out of her day to help me understand whether it was math, reading, writing, different things other kids that things came easy for other kids that didn't come easy for me. >> i loved miss century, any extra work he needed she would do it. i wanted to be around here and you listened to her because she cared about you. >> my mom and dad made me the man i am today. >> i wouldn't have graduated
9:51 am
from college in 3 1/2 years there's no way i was prepared to go to college and the gifts that those schools have given me, holicong middle school and archbishop wood and temple. it helped me pursue my masters and done a ton for me and hopefully get my masters and finish up here at temple strong. we welcomed teachers from local school, dunbar elementary. >> that made me feel really, really good, i thanked temple for that, i'm not the only one that noticed that i am trying to make a difference in not only our school, but in the community, so, it made me feel good, especially when i want back to school and the students were hugging all over me, saying our teacher is famous. they thought i was famous because of it, i was just like no, it's just one of many.
9:52 am
>> reporter: temple's relationship with schools like dunbar elementary is one of many ways they are giving back to the local community him for temple football play book, i'm morgan siegfried. >> coach talk about the balance, after practice they have to run for class, because they are here for their education first. >> that's our main mission to make sure the guys get not only an education, but the education they want. i'm proud on this team, 25 guys are earning 26 degrees. we have a bunch of people who are graduating this december on the team that's a lot of hard work an people helping them giving them the support they need to balance the schedule and guys getting done in the classroom. let's talk about the big picture, here you are 2-2. heading into your first conference game. where do you see the team going? >> i hope we find a away to go each week by focusing in on that
9:53 am
game and opponent. what better way to start than the smu team 2-2 playing their first conference game. while they are on the west side all games count. we want to find a way to win whatever it takes and keep getting conference wins and get back to the conference championship game. >> that would be nice, he is coach matt rhule i'm jamie apody. that's temple football play book, we send it back to "action news."
9:54 am
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saturday morning, 9:56, 59 degrees outside. sky6 live hd over atlantic city, you see the rain on the camera, gloomy gray all day. chris no sun at all? >> reporter: not today, maybe tomorrow. >> we'll take it. >> reporter: here's the forecast for today, let's you out with storm tracker 6 live. this is the next batch of moisture that will get in here around 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. from now until then it will be damp and dreary. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. 68 degrees by 1:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m., showers arriving 69. and then by 5:00 p.m. 68. look at this there's hope fore sunday clouds some sun after morning fog, with the increased sun we'll see temperatures in the 70s. 69 today. 75 tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows even warmer temperatures for monday partly sunny, still the isolated
9:57 am
shower threat, 77 sounds nice, 70 tuesday, wednesday and thursday look good, 68 and 72. >> there's hopefully'. >> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is next on channel 6. "action news" continues later tonight. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. here's some of the stories we're working on for you. hurricane matthew is impacting parts of south america. we're keeping an eye on the powerful storm. we'll let you know if it will head our way. plus, one of the oldest collections of the philadelphia museum of art has reopened following a two career renovation and we have -- two year renovation and we have a look inside. for chris sowers, and the entire "action news" team, i'm gray hall. make it a great day. packed full of flavor,
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announcer: "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide. jack: hi, everybody, i'm jack hanna coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." no matter how much i learn about animals, they never cease to amaze me. golly day. good night. their agility and grace-- i never dreamed i'd be this close to a hummingbird in a million years. their ability to adapt-- doug: look, jack, there's an anteater. jack: golly, i love seeing those things. even their perseverance. wowee, look at this. this is like dung ball city. kathaleen: oh, my gosh. jack: i've never seen that many ever. and later, my blooper of the week. hey, pal. 6 wild but true animal wonders, coming up next on "wild


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