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tv   Action News  ABC  October 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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winding down. harbaugh and michigan will use their second time-out, eat up as much of the clock as they can. 44 ticks remaining on the game clock. third and seven is upcoming. >> brian: this does not take wisconsin out of any conversation. i mean this is a loss, a one-touchdown loss on the road against a top five team and they get a bye. they need a bye. they need to regroup after this game. but then they're going to welcome the buckeyes into madison, which is never an easy place to play. and with this defense, steve, you know, anything is possible. certainly ohio state looks like the number two if not the number one team in the country, but they'll have their hands full in madison. >> steve: and this michigan defense today that's on display against alex hornibrook and wisconsin, 159 yards for wisconsin, eight first downs and the three turnovers for hornibrook. the three interceptions, all coming obviously at terrible times. but they need more. they needed corey clement, more
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of the running game. >> brian: and he's going to grow. hornibrook is going to grow. but to me if i'm paul chryst, when i go watch the film and meet with the team on sunday morning, i'm talking accountability for everybody. fumagalli, wheelwright, the offensive line, all of them need to watch this film critically and get better and learn from it as to how you can play as a team. >> steve: wisconsin needs a stop here to have any chance. and that should do it. that play took just enough time that now they don't have to run another play. >> brian: these two coaches long-time friends. you know, respect each other to the end. harbaugh said, you know, we respect each other, we love each other, we're going to try to gouge each other's eyes out for three hours, make no mistake, but a ton of respect between paul chryst and jim harbaugh. >> steve: how good are kenny allen and ryan tice feeling right about now? michigan is going to hang on.
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michigan knew there would be a game they wouldn't score 45 points in, and this was it. they score 14 and that's enough to beat wisconsin. down to todd mcshay. >> todd: hey, jordoun. >> how ya doing. >> todd: so i talked to you yesterday and said what's your best game tape. where is this one going to rank? >> i don't know. i still felt a little rusty. i made a few plays but definitely if you're talking about one of my best games, it's about the effort. i don't know if this will line up as one of the best. >> todd: talk to me about that pick, that was something else. >> i know i had to make a play. i knew i had to go up there and get it. thank god i went to go get it. it was a heck of a play. >> todd: take me through when you're up in the air and the
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one-handed, what's going through your mind? >> i mean i jumped too early for the two-hander so i'm like i'm going to put a hand up there and see what happens. >> todd: you go up against darboh all the time, the wide receiver, in practice. how clutch was it? >> it saved us definitely. the offense was stuttering a little bit and they came out and executed and that helped us a lot. it gave us the confidence to go out and finish the game. >> todd: how good can this team be? >> the sky's the limit. we've got to keep preparing for a championship season. we have a good one. >> todd: thanks, man. congratulations. >> thanks so much. >> todd: guys. >> steve: michigan goes to 5-0, 2-0 in the conference. they'll travel to rutgers next week. wisconsin suffers their first loss of the season. they have the bye. be sure to tune into abc tonight at 8:00 eastern, saturday night football. louisville takes on clemson, another top ten showdown. that's it for our top ten showdown. michigan gets by wisconsin here
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avenue's leadings delaware valley's leading news program. ♪ . i'mter perez. it's discovered in the station. but the big story on action news is an emotional fair well to two wilmington firefighters killed in the line of document. hundreds came from across the country. including vice president joe biden to honorable the lives and sacrifices of jerry fickes and
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chris leach. bob brooks was there. >> reporter: good evening, this was a ceremony where jerry fickes and chris leach were thanked time and time again for their service and their families were reminded again and again they can always depend on this wilmington community for support moving forward. >> firefighters from all over the country packed the chase center to pay final respects to chris leach and jerry fickes. a touching opening prayer. >> almightily and mercy if you will god. >> reporter: the families of them were produced numerous metals and honors. first fire chief anthony good fault through tears. >> reporter: joe biden also spoke >> hold each other time.
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when you do, they will both be there. >> reporter: we heard from fellow firefighters who personally knew the men. we're told jerry fickes left a high paying financial job to pursue a firefighting career and jokingly spent a lot of his saving buying his father firefighter brothers for ice cream. >> we all heard jerry had a high paying job before he came but laura said that jerry had to pick up a third job to support our guys. >> reporter: chris leach had a big personality an nickname for everything. >> like uncle buck, baby kyle, jay and buddy boy. >> he used one of those nicknames before running into the burning home where he died. >> he very calmly stated to another officer you got to get up there buddy boy. >> reporter: according to chris leach recently texted him a saying, just remember to keep doing your job.
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and do it well. that is what we do. >> reporter: donald trump the ceremony jerry fickes was promoted to lieutenant jerry to captain. a brother of a man shot and killed by philadelphia police after stabbing four people is speaking out. comes day after the police commissioner revealed officers fired more than 100 shots. jeaneatte reyes spoke with the suspect's brother a short time ago and joins us from police headquarters with more. jeaneatte? >> reporter: walter, police say christopher soul stabbed four people including his 8-year-old son after he was shot at 100 times by police. we spoke to his older brother about the tragedy that hit this family and many questions that will likely go unanswered. >> when i heard, i was shocked. i dropped the phone. >> reporter: the news was hard
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to believe let alone processed. wednesday, police say his younger brother christopher slashed his 8-year-old son's throat. the 32-year-old would walk a quarter of a mile to a friend's home, stab a 70-year-old and punch a 42-year-old. >> that wasn't him. it was the -- it's still unreal. >> reporter: his brother would die after being shot multiple times by philadelphia police. officers say they were operating under the belief that christopher soul was armed with a gun. his victim suffering from gunshot wounds. police commissioner richard ross says officers confronted him outside of the second home, ordered him to take his hands out of his pockets. when he did so abruptly, nine officers fired weapons, a total of 109 times >> the same thing he did on kids and in the end, it's -- i mean, it wasn't fair that the cops shot an unarm man that many
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times. >> reporter: commissioner ross says he too is concerned about the number of shots fired but believe this may have been a case of something called contagious or reaction anywhere fires. under high stress, one officer shoots and the others believe they're under fire. the preliminary answers offer little consolation. he says his brother's violent death justified or not. will forever leave unanswered the question of why. >> i did see had my angry and he never did what he did. so why? i'm saying why? why he do it? . >> reporter: police say one of the victims said christopher soul's seemed to be high on drugs. that wasn't confirmed by police and his brother couldn't say either way but he did say his brother christopher soul was going through personal problems and family issues that may have contributed. the family really does not know
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a christopher soul was going through or thinking when all of this happened. reporting live at police headquarters, jeaneatte reyes channel 6. >> thank you for that. a man from north philadelphia woke up this morning to a gun in his face. the 23-year-old says he was asleep inside his home on the 1500 block of west thompson street when he was weaked by an arm man, he made him disable the tracking device on his iphone and laptop. he grabbed both devices along the with the wallet. the roommate came home during the burglary. the roommate says he heard another set of footsteps and encountered a second armed man who quickly reason away new information involving the attempted home invasion in delaware county. police now say last night two men tried to get into a home on the block of north pin knell road of middletown township. they reportedly fired several shots from outside hitting a 31-year-old man inside the home and his dog.
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the victim remains hospitalized in stable condition. the gunman are still on the loose. family and friends gathered in montgomery county to say good-bye to soap opera legend agnes nixon. had he funeral held this morning in rosemont. a long-time resident of the mainline was a master mind behind it's shows like one life to live. she died wednesday at the age of 93. investigator to why a new jersey transit train crash into the hoboken terminal is being hampered because the train cannot be removed. it turns out asbestos is believed to be in the debris. that debris must be removed before crews can remove the train. federal investigators now obtained video of other trains. but investigators not been able to recover the event recorder and camera from the contact of the train involved in that crash. officials interviewed the train
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engineer but not revealed what he said. one person killed and more than 100 injured when the train barrelled into waiting passengers then into wall. sad news from south carolina. where a little boy wounded in the school shooting this past week died. 6-year-old jacob hall died three days after being shot in the leg at townville element school. another student an first grade teacher were shot by a 14-year-old boy who opened fire on the playground there. both of those victims have since been treated and released. authorities have not yet announced the motive behind the shooting. much more to come on action tonight tonight, a big anniversary for landmark in philadelphia. gino's cheesesteak marks 50 years in business. we'll take you to the zoo's celebration. melissa >> lots of clouds on the way for rest of tonight and areas of drizzle as well but with the sunshine for some as we get into the second half of the weekend. the answer coming up with the
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exclusive accu weather forecast. >> the steaks were high at citizens bank park. not for the phillies, it was the mets playing for a spot in the post season, joe skversky has sports when action news comes right back. ♪ approve this message.
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i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body?
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no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. family friend brock party today. the new attraction in wilmington was called delaware one state many stories. museum officials say this exhibit is dedicated to sharing experiences of african-americans in the first state. newly planted trees will help spruce things up in south jersey. members of the new jersey tree foundation spent part of their saturday planting trees surrounding the park in camden. the trees will be providing shade for the softball field. you're looking at the brand new headquarters for lisa's army
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in roxboro. she was 20 when diagnosed with ovarian cancer. with the help he have her family and friends, her army was formed. lisa's army provides personalized comfort care packages for cancer patients. an iconic eatery in south philadelphia mark add major milestone with a huge carnival theme party. gino's celebrated 50 years of their famous cheesesteak. musical performances of course, cheesesteak were the star of the show. he wanted to thank his customers for continued support over the years. for continued support over the years. ♪ "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms."
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i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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and a long good-bye ryan howard. they expect to buy him out and say bye-bye. ryan howard says she's not thinking about this weekend being his fair well. he still plans to stay next season and next year, he's trying to stay in the moment and not think about anything more. he gets a standing ovation. how about this? down two, howard, deep to right. gone. phillies tie it at 2 and howard gets the curtain call. listen.( [cheers and applause] >> two-run shot up david hernandez phillies down two and in the 9th the chance to tie but the mets hang on and clinch the wild car in philadelphia. phillies lose 5-3, the final one
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game left for howard who appreciates the celebration by phils fans on that curtain call. >> i think the awesome. you know, kind of get the curtain call and be able to hit hit home run and have the fans be able to show that kind of appreciation >> i'm taking the weekend as is. you know, just trying to enjoy it. embrace and take it as is >> talk about another bad break, rookie ben simmons will have surgery on his right foot and could miss roughly three months. a source confirms to action news. he roland his ankle and broke a bone yesterday will miss a big chunk of the start of the season, he could be out until late december or january recovering. college football pastor getting empty embarrassed, penn state trying to bounce back. of the last thing the quarterback wants to do is
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apologize to the fans again today. penn state trying to avoid getting beat up. penn state downed pen in the third, lions roar back. trace mcsorely, urban charles a freshman from sicklerville new jersey, 80 yards, penn state will come back to tie and take the lead on 17 unanswered points. but final minutes michigan for the lead. how about empty it carpenter? penn state down three but tyler davis just kick add field goal to tie it with seven seconds and we're tied up at 23. a nail biter. capital falls behind. phillip walker, 42 yards. temple up seven and the owls are on the way with it. arm steady runs for two scores
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159 yards, that's more than he had all of september. temple, winning 45-20, that is two straight for those temple owls. we'll see how this penn state game finisheses up shorely. time for a check with melissa magee. >> high there, walter. >> on the cool side across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. here's storm tracker 6 double scan radar. we have cloudy conditions in areas of spotty drizzle. the high today in philadelphia, maxing out at 65. the normal for us this time of year is 72. the record 89 set back in 1927. we still have a constant and stiff north eitherly winds. 53 in the poconos. in cape may 66 and 60 out to the west and lancaster. we got the upper level low sitting and spinning to our west of the we're getting moisture from the south that continues to stream northward as we go
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throughout the rest of this weekend, the upper level low will move to the east and movie to the north while away from our region and that will create brighter skies for some as we get to the second half of the weekend. future track 6, 8:00, mostly cloudy. drizzle as we go throughout the overnight hours. sunday, 6:00 in the evening, there could be breaks in those clouds. and some late day pockets of sun before the sun sets later tomorrow evening. speaking of tomorrow, we got a big nascar weekend going on in dover. the race is happening there. patchy fog. that temperature coming in at 71. at 4:00 p.m. the big weather for most locations is hurricane matthew a category 4 storm. it's well to the south and east of jamaica. you can see the center of that storm and it is starting to move to the north and west. we're timing out the hurricane
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as we put it into motion, as we move through the northwest for the rest of today. late sunday early monday coming close to jamaica at potentially a category 3 or 4 hurricane and continues as we get into literary this week. as we get into next weekend. models want to take at the storm system out to sea. it's something we will fine tune. the exclusive seven-day forecast showing you on sunday fog mostly cloudy, a high temperature of 73. sunny and brighter on monday and 76. tuesday, cloudy with spotty drizzle around. high of 71. 68 on wednesday. then on thursday, it's a seasonal day, high of 71. rather cloudy friday, rain possible at 74. and watching the tropics closely. high temperature then coming in
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at 72 >> keeping an eye on matthew >> yes, >> all through the weekend for weather updates and remember to check storm tracker 6 live double scan radar before you head out. facebook and twitter are great ways to get updates. animals at the philadelphia zoo were treated to pumpkins today. the zoo kicked off its annual beast feast celebration. they didn't waste any time chomping. you can what time animals throughout the park enjoy the fallfestivities. we're back here on 6:00 action news at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, and the entire action news team, i'm walter perez.
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back here at 11:00.
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> i'm erin o'hearn. >> and i'm alicia vitarelli, >> tonight on fyi philly/ saturday on fyi philly. >> who doesn't love a food truck? >> it's our annual food truck special! >> from sweet treats. >> you guys want one? >> to savory sandwiches. >> this is more of an experience. >> to healthy choices. >> i like brie, avocado, i like bread. >> take a ride with us for the best mobile meals in the city. >> yo, i got some food. >> that's perfect. >> yesss. >> wow. >> chicken's really good. >> yeah! animation >> hello and welcome to our annual food truck special. >> we are about to run down some of the city's best street vendors. >> we've got charlie from chewy's here catering our special. and it's his birthday. >> (all) happy birthday charlie. >> we'll take a look inside charlie's truck in just a bit. >> you're going to see more than 20 trucks featured on our show. many providing award winning cuisine. >> but we had to search to find our favorites for this show.


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