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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  October 3, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> good morning it is monday, october 3, matt o'donnell is off, nydia han is joining us. >> we're following new information on scary clown threats targeting philadelphia schools, police are not taking any chances. new overnight, gunfire erupts in delaware sending a teenager to the hospital. >> masked gunman robbed kim kardashian and west in paris. we have details on the robbery and her husband's response. >> it's a crazy story we'll have it in a moment, but first let's go over to david murphy,
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hopefully the rain is clearing out and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: we don't have a lot of the rain left over, we have showers in delaware and a little bit in southeastern pennsylvania, but it's very light and it should be passing through and getting out of here before too much longer. the wider view shows instability to the west, this afternoon a spotty pop-up shower is possible. but we'll get the return of sunshine. for now there's fog around the region. in millville, a half mile visibility. under a mile at the airport in ac. worse in toms river and allentown and reading and lancaster. in and around the area you might run into fog. slow it down if you encounter that. 63 degrees, somewhat cool in philadelphia. 59 in allentown. 63 in wilmington, 60 in trenton. 64 in cape may.
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not much wind out there, there's a helpful factor for the fog. as we go through the day, 62 degrees by 7:00. still probably fairly cloudy by 10:00, 64. midday we're expecting to see sunny breaks, temperature of 69 degrees, at noon we'll get up to 70 degrees we'll see sun and clouds mix. there's a chance of a spotty shower today. karen i'll track the potential of showers today and a few more tomorrow. and update on hurricane matthew big issue in the tropic its. >> septa regional rails are back up and running today. swells lease trains when you add that together they will be running on regular service today. starting today we're hoping for
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no more delays and things back on schedule like before this mess. pottstown, we have an accident state street at 5th street and 202, some of fog it's evident in some of the cameras. remember to use the low beams and travel carefully here, that's northbound traffic heading toward king of prussia moving in the fog right now. pennsylvania turnpike, westbound between bensalem and willow grove construction blocking the left lane, watch for the crews special with the visibility. >> scary clown threats are a concern across the country as now they are here as police investigate threats on social media particularly as they target local schools. katherine scott is outside neumann goretti high school. what can you tell us. >> reporter: threats have been coming in, and the one against
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neumann goretti. a different clown attack threatened other schools in philadelphia came out overnight calling the post a joke saying it was over. >> that's disgusting. >> reporter: it's a post on instagram made by an account called clown of philly over the weekend, it states coming to neumann goretti on monday, going to shoot all the kids and the teachers. last night at the italian festival word spread fast. >> it's a such a close knit community we don't let it happen. >> social media is getting out of hand now, we need to stop and think before we post stuff. >> reporter: recently scary clowns have been popping up across the country spotted on roads and social media.
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clown 215 threatened students at northeast high school, that person posted again saying the clown joke is over. police and schools of philadelphia sent this joint news release, philadelphia police department is actively investigating the social media post and those responsible for them. we know that homeland security is assisting in the investigation. gunfire wounded an 18-year-old man in new castle, delaware. police are holding the car as evidence on the 100 block of jillian's way. the teen was shot after midnight. he is in critical condition. >> now to the latest on the deadly crash of the new jersey transit train in hoboken. the engineer says he has no memory of the accident. the national transportation safety board said engineer
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thomas gallagher was going ten miles per hour as he approached the station, thursday's crash killed a person and injured 100 others. investigators have been confronted with a series of hurdles one of which is getting access to the evidence. >> it is slow and methodical process be because unfortunately the train has come to rest at the point where three structures have come together. >> a black box retrieve over the weekend was not functioning at the time of the crash. investigators hope to retrieve a second data recorder buried under debris. we have information about the search of a lehigh valley woman missing for three years. state police searched a property in connection with the missing holy grim. police say the owner of the property searched with the co-worker of grim. they are not commenting on
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whether he is cooperating with police or not. a police officer was injured when a subject chase went wrong. officers were responding to a foot pursuit at south 26th street. two police vehicles collided and the officers are expected to be okay. a wilmington community came together to remember they don't firefighters who made the ultimate sacrifice. balloons we released in memory of christopher leach and jerry fickes. last night as candle light vigil was led by the rmhurch. christopher leach and jerry fickes died last week battling a
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rowhouse fire. >> developing this morning, thieves from paris targeted reality superstar kim kardashian west tieing her up and robbing her of $10 million in jewelry. five armed masked men were dressed as police officers as they burst into the apartment where kardashian was staying. they stole a jewelry box and 4 million-dollar ring. she was badly shaken, but unharmed. kanye west was performing in new york when he got word of the robbery. >> i'm sorry, i have an emergency. i have to stop. the rapper abruptly ended his set saying he had a family emergency. kardashian west has been in paris for fashion week. it's unclear if her two young
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children were with her in the hotel room. democratic board of presidl nominee will be in pennsylvania. donald donald trump may he legally paid no income tax for almost two decades. abc's maggie ruly reports. >> reporter: donald trump on defense this morning using his supporters to help him tackle his latest controversy, his tax returns. an anonymous tipster sent trump 17995 tax return. 916 million-dollar loss could make it where he didn't have to pay taxes for 18 years. >> he used the laws to do that. >> it's legal application of
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the tax code. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign pouncing on the new report saying it reveals the colossal nature of his past failures. bernie sanders calling this line of thinking an assault on american people. >> if mr. giuliani thinks mr. trump is smart all of us are dummies they have a distorted view. >> trump is dialing up the attack on clinton mocking her recent bout of pneumonia claiming without evidence she was unfaithful in her marriage. >> i think it's an impulsive move by the candidate. >> reporter: clinton remains on message speaking out about gun violence speaking at a church in north carolina this weekend. >> we'll have to wait to see if trump brings the new line of attack to the debate.
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we'll be hearing from their vp picks tomorrow night in farmville, virginia. maggie ruly, channel 6 "action news." >> we'll be watching. a clash at the albuquerque international balloon festival is caught on camera. >> reporter: jackets on the kids with temperatures in the 60s. there's a sprinkle or shower around, this afternoon must have you warm up, we might see the return of sun. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> new video shows the volcano
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in western mexico spewing gas. it sent a column of ash and vapor into the air. thunderstorms have evacuated the people around the 12,533-foot volcano known as the volcano of
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fire. >> let's turn to our accuweather, really great damp weekend. it was nice at the game, cool. >> reporter: it was cool and nice, wasn't ryan howard's goodbye wonderful? i was like ooh ooh, now, i'm like -- [laughter] no baseball for 6 months. we have showers in the center portion of the region. areas in south jersey the movement is west to east. down south there's heavier cells. if you get caught in that it won't last long, but something to keep in mind, and it's foggy in spots around the area. as we go outside we have sky6 live hd in atlantic city, we have the fog obscuring the tops of the condos and casinos. you can see fairly far down the coast with the boardwalk lights.
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67 degrees in philadelphia. cool to start out. wind out of the north at 5 miles per hour. they will stay light today. in terms of cloud cover, looks like between now and noon we're probably going to see a cloudy start and some breaks in the clouds by midday and later in the afternoon a few more breaks. in the afternoon there's a chance of a couple more spotty sprinkles and showers popping up. obviously not a washout today. we'll get into the evening and maintain some clouds out there and some breaks, as well. as we go through the day it will warm up a bit. 62 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 64 by 10. 69 by noon, 76 by 3:00 p.m. 74 in reading, 75 degrees in trenton. 75 in wilmington. the high in millville, 72. 72 in cape may this afternoon.
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tomorrow looks like the clouds will be a factor, again there might be a drizzle around maybe a spotty shower that's the noon view, you get up to 6:30 p.m. still cloudy and spotty sprinkle or shower. hurricane matthew is a category four as it takes aim on costa ca rica and cuba. wednesday evening it's plowing slew the bahamas as a category three and then category 2. by friday it's due for the south carolina coastline. most of the models have it going away from us and curving out to sea. there's one model that could have an impact here, we'll continue to watch matthew for you. today's high, 76 degrees, clouds in the morning, sun breaking as the day goes on, chance of a spotty shower. mostly cloudy tomorrow, drizzle around, maybe a light shower,
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wednesday, 71. 73 on thursday, clouds and sun on friday, 74. the coming weekend, clouds and sun, saturday, a chance of a spotty shower, but not a washout. sunday, sun and clouds, 67 degrees. remember, when we're not on the air you can get the latest weather information at and the storm tracker 6 live app and "action news" app, 6abc app on your smart phone work. >> thank you. new information this morning thunderstorms in north carolina say two college students who were shot and killed over the weekend were innocent bystanders to a fight. it happened at an off campus party near north carolina a and t state university. the student who held the party told everyone to leave when a fight broke out. he said another fight broke out outside and that's when he heard three shots fired. they are trying to figure out who pulled the trigger. activists in los angeles
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are asking police to name the officer who shot and killed a man. police shot and killed snell. police said a handgun was found at the scene. it is not clear if snell was carrying it. >> a hot air balloon crashed into power lines knocking out power in in him in them. this happened in albuquerque balloon fest yesterday. nobody was killed in the crash. the week long balloon fiesta draws tens of thousands of spectators and pilots all over the world. it's an incroabl sight. up next, karen rogers will give us an update on the roads on this rainy monday morning. >> police pick up a 102-year-old woman and take her
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say it all? we're looking live on the commodor barry bridge sky6 live hd, lots of fog, damp, a rather
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drear start to the day -- dreary start to the day. that may cause problems on the roads. schuylkill expressway a little damp, fog through much of the region. westbound traffic heading toward the turnpike. if you're doing so this morning, no delays, but give yourself extra time with the weather conditions this morning. we have an early morning accident in north wales welsh road at keystone drive. we have an accident in pottstown that has cleared. state street moving much better at 5th street. some construction blocking a lane eastbound between downingtown and valley hill road. speeds down a notch with reduced visibility and crews out there, you want the to be careful. one more live look, not too bad on i-95, damp southbound traffic as you head toward center city, tam. >> thank you are karen. time to get the first look at business. here we go, beautiful car, the tesla, the company said new cars
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sales have doubled since last year, they have sold 25,000 cars in the past month. the ceo sent an e-mail to sales associate saying never discount a new car saying he pays the full price. you can get a gift card for a ride around town, ride sharing uber is selling gift cards, they will be available at walmart target and cvs. that will happen in the coming weeks. major stock indices, do do dow s gained 170 points. all the futures are pointing higher. police are searching for a gunman who opened fire on a man in south jersey overnight. details at 5:00 a.m. >> it's the crookedest street in the world, the san francisco roadway has become so swamped
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with tourists, city leaders need to take action. more when we come right back. >> new on "action news," the
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crookedest street in the world is so swamped with tourist, they are adding a toll for the street. city transit leaders are considering possible solutions including charge ago toll and adding more parking control officers. >> 102 missouri woman got a
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wish on her bucket list by getting arrested. edie simms has never been in the back of a police car. they put her in handcuffs and took her for a ride in the back of a cruiser. by the time she was back at the senior center, she was a star. >> sometimes the people you reach out and touch is the only person that they will talk to in a day. >> last year, simms sewed and stitched more than 400 handmade items for everyone at the senior center. she has a lot of energy. >> 4:57. talk about pain at the pump. a woman has to fight for a refund after she was charged for 27,000 gallons of gas. >> hurricane matthew could deliver a devastating blow to the caribbean islands.
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5:00 a.m., monday, october 3, i'm tamala edwards, here's nydia han, matt o'donnell is off this morning. >> here's what's happening creepy clowns tarring schools strike a nerve with local and federal officials, charges could come as soon as today. philadelphia orchestra ends a brief strike, but the fight is not over yet. >> islands in the


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