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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  October 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday october 4th and here's what's happening. >> gunfire erupts during a long tense battle between a man and police in south jersey. we're live with the details. >> new poll shows one of the candidates is gaining more grounds in the highly coveted state of pennsylvania. >> rapper kanye west cancels his philadelphia show after his wife a robbed at gunpoint in paris. >> dave murphy and karen
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rogers joins us. >> on satellite there are clouds to the north and east of philadelphia. a little bit more to the south and they are going to start to gather. within those clouds we also have a little shower that's opened up. this is still on the other side of trenton but it is angling down out of the northeast towards trenton and if it doesn't fall apart we might get a little bit wet in parts of bucks county and eventually northeast philadelphia. we'll see whether or not that holds together. future tracker six has been showing us that there's the possibility of some fog out there and this morning visibilities are below a mile in mount pocono. most of the stations are not bad. where you see patches of gray that's an indication of possible fog. careful of that again this morning. 60 degrees currently in philadelphia, 50 degrees in allentown, 51 degrees in reading. 61 in trenton. 56 in wilmington. not a lot of wind but certainly on the cool side. 61 in cape may. and as we roll through the day it's going to be mild maybe not quite as warm as yesterday and we are also looking at a gathering of clouds so that most of the day looks mostly cloudy. but 59 degrees under partial
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sun at 7 o'clock. 67 by 10 o'clock. and then 69 comfortable enough by noon and a high of 71 by 3:00 before we're back into the up are 60's by 6 o'clock. hurricane matthew is really doing a number on haiti and points to our south. looks like it could be up in our neck of the woods by the second half of the weekend. i'll have details on that. late of the track from the national hurricane center coming up. >> you mentioned the fog. now as we look in new jersey this is 42 at 41, a little touch of light fog, not really that bad and traffic here moving just fine so far on route 42. how about i-95? starting to get a little slow southbound approaching cottman. no major jams, just your normal morning volume slowing you dune tad on i-95 here approaching cottman. kind of slow past academy to cottman. in south philadelphia a new problem, a disabled truck in the right lane. this is i-95 southbound at broad street. a little bit ago i was showing you an accident just prior to this i-95 southbound approaching broad street. that has cleared and now we've
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got this disabled truck out here so watch for that on i-95 headed towards the airport here. we've got a problem on main street at valley forge road. this is in lansdale a new accident just coming in to us. also we had a hit-and-run accident with a tractor-trailer that sideswiped a pickup truck. that has cleared. traffic moving better on the northeast extension southbound past lehigh valley. tam. >> thank you karen. the tense standoff between a man and police in atlantic county ended with the exchange of gunfire. neighbors say it sounded like fireworks were going off. "action news" reporter coastal storm center city live in the satellite center with the details. very disturbing for those neighbors in the middle of the night. good morning, katherineism good morning tam. that's right. and we're still waiting for more information from authorities. we do know that one person was injured but so far investigators haven't confirmed the extent of those injuries. i want to start with viewer video. first we hear shouting and then you hear gun shots. [gunfire] >> reporter: that was the exchange of gunfire that rang
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out around 7:45 last night in ventnor heights. we were able to confirm that at least one person he received medical care on the scene and was transported by ambulance. the area remained cordoned off for hours and police were still on the scene this morning. police had initially been called around 7:00 p.m. they received a report that a man was holding a relative hostage. fire personnel was on the scene. s.w.a.t. was called in after the man refused to come out. when neighbors heard those gun shots, some panicked. >> it sounded like fireworks. we opened the door and then we came in and i says -- then i heard them again. i says they're not fireworks, they're gun shots and we ran out of the house. we saw the cops here. it was scary. >> reporter: and today we're hoping to hear more information from authorities as to what led up to that gunfire and the status of the alleged gunman. we are live in the satellite center katherine scott channel6 "action news. back to you.
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>> thanks. new here on "action news a woman was shot in the city's crescentville section along the 100 block of east comly street. police say the woman believed to be in her 20 was shot in the back. medics rushed her to einstein medical center for care. no word on her condition arrests or a motive. more teens in south jersey are accused of putting on a creepy clown hoax. police in washington township new jersey arrested a 13-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy in separate incidents yesterday. they say the girl confessed to making online clown threats against fellow students. she is charged with cyber harassment. police say the boy was making a general threat to do harm to the public. >> i don't think pranks that threaten lives are innocent anymore. you know, we -- this nation in 9/11 was invaded from the outside and we've had terrorist incidents since then. >> philadelphia police identified a 13-year-old girl who made clown threats toward local schools.
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>> ♪ >> new this morning franklin and marshall college poll shows hillary clinton's lead is widening in pennsylvania. the numbers just out show hillary clinton leading donald trump 47 percent to 38 percent among likely voters. clinton has gained two points since the last poll. the pollster terri madonna says last week has not been a good one for trump. >> there is no doubt that donald trump had one of the worst weeks of his campaign last week when the franklin and marshall college poll was in the field. he we picked up the debate performance which universally he did not do well. >> in the hotly contested pennsylvania senate race democrat katie mcginty is leading over republican incumbent pat toomey 41 percent to 35 percent. the margin of error is plus or minus 6 percent. >> americans are buying fewer cars which might mean this is a good time to go out and make a deal. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq if times square with some advice. good morning, maribel. >> good morning, matt. auto sales were down in
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september as the industry's seven year winning streak looks like it's coming to an end. ford saw an 8 percent drop in new vehicle sales last month. chrysler and gm slipped less than 1 percent each. incentives are at an all time high as automakers try to lure car buyers. the average incentive is more than 3,900. stocks posted modest losses yesterday on worries about the state of germany's deutsch bank and a possible interest rate hike here in the u.s. right now looks like futures are pointing to a higher open. no major economic reports scheduled today. holiday travel just around the corner. now is the time to start thinking about booking. the week of october 31st is the best time to book air travel for thanksgiving according to travel web site sky scanner. tickets could be more than 7 percent cheaper than average that week. if you really want to save fly on thanksgiving when fares can be 30 percent lower. as for christmas sky scanner says book the week of november 21st when you can save more than 6 percent on fares. matt and tam you know christmas is my thing its only
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81 days weigh. >> she is counting down. >> somebody has done her shopping. >> thanks maribel. >> we are off to a decent start this morning. it looks like we'll have a sun and clouds mix a little bit later on. storm tracker6 live double scan and there's a little bit of a shower up on the other side of trenton but everybody else is looking drive. as we take a look outside we have sky6 and we are checking out the ben franklin bridge. tranquil waters beneath the camera rock solid as there's not much wind out this morning. it's a little cooler. only 50 degrees in allentown, run in -- 51 in reading. a lot of you will grab that jacket. 60 in philadelphia. still in the mid-50's in wilmington and millville and 61 in cape may. future tracker6 showing you how the sun will be mixing with clouds early on and then we get into midday and it does look like we're clouding up so that most of you will probably have mostly cloudy skies for awhile. could be that it breaks up a little bit later in the day. along the way a spotty shower or sprinkle is not out of the question. then by 10 o'clock tonight it
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still looks mainly drive. up in allentown today and the rest of the lehigh valley getting up to about 70 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. a bit cooler at times. you'll get some sun breaking through and down the shore it's more of the same. some sun at times but mostly cloudy otherwise and some drizzle or a passing shower can't be ruled out. even cooler down the shore. 66 is your high. in philadelphia we'll go for 71 under mainly cloudy skies. some passing showers or drizzle is possible but a little drizzle drop here or there. looks like generally speaking we're mostly dry today. winds out of the northeast picking up a little bit this afternoon as high as about 13, 14 miles per hour. and then overnight tonight mostly cloudy skies are still in place. we could have some more fog developing by morning. there's a little bit of that around this morning and 55 degrees is the overnight he low, so a cool start again tomorrow across the region. on we go to hurricane matthew. this is a major category four hurricane as expected. it is coming in on haiti right now and from there it looks like it will go across eastern cuba and then right up through the bahamas over the next
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couple days as a category four and then a three. it also looks like it's going to be a two as it comes into the south carolina coast and then goes right along the north carolina coast reemerging as a two probably overnight saturday night into sunday. or sunday into monday depending on how you estimate that forward progress and it's still a little bit uncertain. the models have been bringing more and more of the tracks closer to us as we get into, say, sunday and maybe monday as well. so, if this plays out we could be looking at some rain and maybe some wind from that storm as it passes by. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast 71 today, mostly cloudy, a passing shower is possible but mainly dry. wednesday, thursday and friday all look like beautiful days and mid 70's by thursday and friday. then on saturday we may have some sun in the morning but we're expecting clouds to gather as the day goes on and depending on the track of matthew there could be some late day or night time rain on saturday. 73 is the high there.
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then on sunday we're really watching matthew. a high of 67 degrees, cloudy skies. if one of those coastal tracks works out, that could be a day where we see a lot of rain and wind around here and accuweather right now is leaning toward improvement on monday but if the track of the storm slows down a little bit monday would also be impacted with perhaps some lingering rain. >> thanks, david. 6:11 now. new fallout from the kardashian west cape interparis. if you were planning on seeing her husband in concert tonight it's any other going to happen. >> the ford model made infamous by the oj sim som police chase is making a come back. >> north broad at spring garden, watch for one lane being blocked. we'll take you to i-95 and check on that disabled vehicle. cindy and frida appreciate the arts.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look there of course the commodore barry, it is 6:14, 60 degrees right now. >> what's slowing people down on this tuesday morning karen. >> we're looking at a disabled truck. i think they're slowing down just a touch to check it out but it's off to the side. a disabled truck on i-95 southbound in south philadelphia just past broad street. we had an earlier accident approaching broad street and
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now we have a disabled truck southbound past broad street so watch for that as you're heading towards the airport, maybe a touch slow and that's it. in lansdale we had an accident here and that is looking a little bit better right now. just cleared on main street at valley forge road so traffic moving better. a construction problem here and this is over on valley road. it's going to close down at gradyville and watch for this closure. it's from 9:00 until 3:00 today and tomorrow so you'll be dealing with that today and tomorrow in edgemont township. stick to 352 as your alternate while the crews are out there from 9:00 until 3:00. one more issue in merchantville cam county maple avenue will close between popular avenue and browning road. stick to chestnut. that's today and tomorrow. we have been noticing a little touch of fog but not as bad as yesterday. looking at 3-mile visibility in toms river four in atlantic city and millville, and the mile visibility at philadelphia international airport. 9-mile visibility right now in allentown so not too bad. it's a little cool out there. 60 degrees in the city, most of the suburbs just in the 50's right now and only headed up to 71 today.
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matt and tam. >> all right, thank you karen. the georgia father accused of purposely leaving his toddler son to die in a hot car is on trial for that child's death. during opening statements prosecutors claim justin ross harris was leading a double life. messaging teen girls on line and cheating on his wife and his child got in the way. harris' son cooper died in 2014 after spending seven nurse a car seat in a hot tar. that day temperatures in the atlanta area reached the low 90's hotter inside the car. the defense maintains the death was an accident. >> the ntsb says it could be days before crews secure the second data recorder in the wreckage of last week's deadly new jersey transit train crash. officials located the first recorder from the train but that device was not functioning. the second recorder is located inside the cab control car at the front of the train but that remains trapped under a collapsed section of the roof at the hoboken terminal. the crash on thursday killed one person and injured more than 100 others.
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funeral for a boy who was slot at a south carolina elementary school takes place tomorrow. six-year-old jacob hall died on saturday after being shot at townville elementary school. another student and a teacher were wounded. family members say pallbearer will dress as super heroes and people attending are encouraged to wear costumes. the suspected shooter who is only 14 years old is also charged with killing his father shortly before the shooting at the school. >> new on "action news" rapper kanye west will not be taking the stage tonight in philadelphia a change made after his wife was robbed at gunpoint in paris. this new video of kim kardashian and west arriving back in new york yesterday. he was scheduled to perform at the wells fargo center tonight but overnight he we learned that has been rescheduled to december 13th. west saint pablo tour will resume the current schedule on friday in chicago. yesterday armed robbers broke into a private residence in paris where kardashian was staying. they left her bounded in a bathroom as they fled with more than $10 million in
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jewels. >> coming up on 6:18 fast food is gone to the dogs. lehigh valley pet owners can now treat their four legged friends to a yappy meal. david. >> all right guys we are dressing the kids in jackets this morning as temperatures are in the upper 50's maybe even mid-50's in some neighborhoods. not a lot of wind. this afternoon it's shorts and t's. i'll have your 12-hour forecast and we'll also get you to the airport see if there's any delays there. >> in today's tech bytes facebook taking the wraps off its new shopping feature. >> called marketplace it's supposed to compete with craigslist and ebay. people are using it to sell things that violate facebook's policies including drugs animals and adult services. >> google is unveiling its new smartphones today. but it won't be much of a surprise. >> that's because promotional image of the google pixel xl have been leaked the phone will have a screen with gorilla glass for protection plus a 12 mega pixel rear camera. ford is bringing back a classic. social media started buzzing after union reps confirmed the bronco he is making a return
6:19 am
in 2018. >> no word from ford on the design but with cameras usb ports and navigation systems now in ford suvs you can expect a more high tech version compared to the bronco of the 80's and 90's. >> and those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. >> ♪ look, the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd,
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so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> matt just called me dude. >> dude now. >> i think he likes you. >> take a look outside our third problem of the morning on i-95 southbound approaching allegheny as you head towards center city. a disabled tractor-trailer on the shoulder. it's really not causing any extra slowing. just watch for it there off to the side. but southbound does jam academy to cottman and then slows approaching girard. it's our second day with septa regional rails back to their normal schedules. we have a 22 minute delay with a train on the trenton line dave. >> on the big board karen we have storm tracker6 live double scan. we have started picking up
6:22 am
showers coming down out of the northeast and starting to get in close to areas around trenton. some of you are seeing a sprinkle around there. they seem to be falling apart before they get across the river to bucks county. but if you're in bucks and montgomery county that's something to keep an eye on much it's cool out there. while we'll have early sunshine we expect to transition to mostly cloudy skies. and not quite as warm as yesterday but not bad this afternoon 69 by noon. then we'll see a high of 71 degrees at 3 o'clock this afternoon. again mostly cloudy skies and occasionally a spotty shower maybe some drizzle. it's dry most of the time though. at the airport today all green aircraft no major delays and for now no sign of rain in any of our big travel destinations. tam. >> thank you david. a new stud he dee suggests patient care may vary depending on your doctor's political views. yale university researchers found in republican and democrat doctors approach treatment options when it came to three topics marijuana abortion and firearms. republican doctors were more likely to discourage abortions
6:23 am
and ump less pot use. while democrat doctors were more like to tell patients not to store guns at home. republicans safe storage. >> flyers open the season in los angeles in 10 days. they hosted the rangers in preseason action last night. claude giroux was back on the ice following the success at the world cup of hockey. flyers blue a three-nothing lead then jake voracek's seconds goal gave the flyers a four to three win. >> 6:23 now. hurricane matthew on the move. >> haiti is bracing for a direct hit. accuweather is updating the path and projections for the hurricane's climb up the east coast coming up at 6:30. >> ♪
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(foot steps) ♪ (crickets chirping) ♪ (jet engine)
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>> new this morning a central pa mayor has been censured by city council over racist facebook post. charles wasko posted pictures of apes with captions of president obama and his family. the town solicitor has been given authority to look into ways in which he could be removed from office. wasko said he is the victim of a witch hunt. eagles starter nigel bradham arrested for carrying a loaded gun inside miami international airport. police say bad ham tried to carry the gun through security but an x-ray machine picked it up. he told worker he forgot the gun was from in the bag.
6:27 am
he's facing a mess did he mean weapons charge. bradham was arrested in miami in july for allegedly attacking a hotel employee during a dispute involving an umbrella. he's out on bond for in charge. >> dogs in the lehigh valley now have a restaurant to call their only they opened its doors in wilson northampton county over the weekend its a drive through restaurant for dogs. pet owners can pick out various meats vegetables and fruits for their dongs add a few items for taste and preference. of the restaurant owner hopes to expand her business across the region. >> dave murphy is tracking hurricane matthew where it is now and what that could mean for us by the weekend. >> a reported hostage situation leads to gunfire atlantic county. details on the tense police standoff next.
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>> haiti begins to feel the fury of hurricane matthew. accuweather is tracking potential impacts for our region later this week. >> veep stakes as the running mates take their turn in center stage. we're in virginia with what to expect from the only vice presidential debate. >> campaigning continues at the top of the ticket. hillary clinton will be in delaware county today. >> good morning out there, 6:30 on this tuesday october 4th. let's find out about that accuweather and matthew from dave murphy and traffic. we've got karen rogers. good morning. >> most areas are going start out with sunshine across the region. as you take a look at storm tracker6 live double scan there is a band of cloud cover and some he related showers that are pushing in toward trenton. some of this has made it through the city of trenton and then kind of has a tendency to fall apart before it gets into bucks county. but if you're in the area around mercer county near trenton and over into bucks county you might want to keep an eye outer for that shower over the next hour to half hour. satellite shows you we have a lack of cloud cover across most of the region but those clouds off to the north and east are going to manage to
6:31 am
filter in as the day goes on and we'll probably wind up mostly cloudy. we have a bit of an issue with fog. it's not everywhere. most of our reporting stations actually are not showing it. but those areas of gray that you see in parts of south jersey and a little bit up in southeastern pennsylvania, those are areas where you might encounter some patchy fog on the way in. 60 degrees this morning, cool, not much wind in philadelphia. 61 in trenton. still in the mid-50's in allentown. low 50's in reading and upper 50's in wilmington. 56 in millville. 61 in cape may. as we roll through the day it's going to improve this afternoon temperature-wise. we'll be up into the upper 60's by 10 o'clock, 69 by noon and 71 is your high at 3 o'clock before we slide back to 67 degrees by 6 o'clock. but we are anticipating mostly cloudy skies through most of the day and there could be a spotty sprinkle or shower. hurricane matthew is moving in on haiti right now and it looks as though later in the weekend and early next week it could be affecting our neck of the woods. i'll have more on that from
6:32 am
the national hurricane center and accuweather coming up. karen. >> dave check out the jam with this accident. look at everybody on 422 moving so slowly. it's because of an accident just coming in. 422 approaching 23. this is eastbound as you're heading towards king of prussia. you can see we've got penndot on the scene. they've got the arrow board blocking the right lane so that's why everyone is jamming up with only 139 get by. an 11 minute ride from oaks to 202. you're really jammed from the saint gabe's curve to 23 he with this new accident jamming you up. i-95 southbound here traffic jamming approaching academy to cottman and then slowing again approaching girard. we still have that disabled tractor-trailer at allegheny butter it's off to the side so not really adding to the delay too much at this point. in south philadelphia we had another disabled truck on the shoulder and police have been on the scene with that one on 95 southbound. overall there have been three different problems on i-95 southbound this morning.
6:33 am
let's check out the fog in new jersey. it's not too bad. earlier we were looking at it and it looked more dense. visibilities down just a touch right now on route 42. that's northbound traffic at creek road. an easy 10 minute ride from the a.c. expressway to 295. matt. >> thank you karen. a tense standoff between a barricaded man and police at the jersey shore led to this violent exchange of gunfire. [gunfire] police received a report last night that a man was holding a relative hostage in a home at bergly avenue and dorsett drive in ventnor. then a s.w.a.t. team arrived because the man refused to come out. one person was injured during the exchange of gunfire. it is unclear if that person is the subject of the standoff. >> the bridgegate trial resumes in new jersey today. the defense is expected to cross-examine a star witness for the prosecution. david wildstein was once an ally of governor chris christie. wildstein claims christie knew about the scheme to shut down lanes of the george washington bridge in september of 2013.
6:34 am
christie has denied knowledge and has any other been charged. former christie aides bill baroni and bridget kelly are on trial for plotting the closures with wildstein as political pay back when the mayor of for the lee did not endorse christie's successful reelection bid. a federal judge has barred bill cosby from attending his accuser's deposition butter he'll allow cosby's lawyers to he review the deposition afterwards to be sure andrea constand didn't violate a confidentiality agreement. constand is suing former district attorney bruce castor over his comments that she changed her story about her 2004 encounter with cosby. cosby is awaiting trial in june over charges he sexually assaulted constand at his home in montgomery county. >> ♪ >> happening today, hillary clinton campaigns in delaware county. the democratic nominee will talk with families of the haverford community recreational and environmental center at noon. her daughter chelsea will join her along with actress elizabeth banks. the candidate had star power
6:35 am
as her campaign rallied pennsylvania voters yesterday. actor ted dan son stumped for clinton in west chester. >> tonight it's all about the running mates. if you don't know them and polls show many americans do not, now is your chance. tim kaine and mike pence will square off in their one and only vice presidential debate. abc's maggie rule is live for us at long wood university in farmville virginia. that's where that show down will take place. good morning mag he go. >> reporter: good morning, tam. the anticipation here is certainly building. we have been listening to the school's marching band practice all morning. everyone getting ready for tonight. the first and only time the vice presidential candidates will get the nation's political attention all to themselves. tonight will be their biggest moment of the campaign so far. the vice presidential debate at long wood university in farmville, virginia pits hillary clinton's running mate democratic virginia senator and former governor tim kaine up against donald trump's number two, republican indiana governor and former 12 year
6:36 am
congressman mike pence. >> we have two seasoned politicians who know how to -- how to talk in rough terrain and respond to difficult questions. >> reporter: kaine a former harvard trained trial lawyer has been an intense debate preps. pence a former radio talk show host has been preparing for this debate in overdrive making sure he avoids the criticism of being unprepared that dogged trump after his first debater. both will have their jobs cut out for them, kaine building up clinton in a state she needs to win while clinton spent the day in ohio bashing trump's taxes and rallying the state. >> toledo is the kind of place where people work hard, look after one another and, yes, pay their taxes, right. >> reporter: meanwhile for pence. >> pence has a lot of defense to steer away from some of the things trump sales. >> reporter: that means addressing trump's tax controversy something the candidate talked about last night. >> the unfairness of the tax laws is unbelievable.
6:37 am
it's something that i've been talking about for a long time. you've heard me talking about it. despite being a very big beneficiary i must admit. >> >> reporter: you mentioned that not everyone knows much about these vp candidates. an abc washington post poll found 40 percent of americans couldn't name either party's candidate. so they'll have a lot to prove tonight. in farmville virginia maggie rulli channel6 "action news. tam. >> maggie we'll see he if any of those have winning lines and those numbers change after the debate. you can watch that debate here on 6abc. live abc news coverage will begin tonight at 9:00. >> developing hurricane matthew is bearing down on haiti generating life-threatening winds and pouring as much as 40-inches of rain in isolated spots. the outer bands of the category four storm have already caused street flooding and forced evacuations. many people in poor villages will not leave because they are afraid of looters. matthew has also brought heavy
6:38 am
rains to jamaica. the storm has cuba in its sights next and florida is already under a state of emergency. >> time now to turn to dave murphy to talk about what's going happen with matthew and what our weekends will look like aftermath that was. >> depends on the track and speed of that storm as it comes up to the north. as we take a look outside right now we are mainly dry. there is a little bit of a shower that's pushing in toward trenton and kind of falling apart as it tries to come across the river into most of bucks county but if you're in bucks or mercer county this morning you might see a little bit of moisture there and then we'll see how far down the i-95 corridor that thing can make it. everybody else is dry. as we take a look outside we're looking at sunshine building unover the horizon over the commodore barry bridge before too much longer. and across much of the region before we transition to mostly cloudy skies later. your temperature is 60 degrees in philadelphia. a bit cooler than yesterday so it might be a good morning to fish out that jacket. winds out of the northeast at five. not all that much wind. future tracker6 showing that you morning sunshine does fade behind increasing clouds as we
6:39 am
go into about midday. there is the chance of a spotty sprinkle or shower around maybe a little drizzle down to the east and then late in the day it's possible that we'll start to transition back to a little bit more sun but generally speaking we're going to call today mostly cloudy and then tonight partly cloudy skies with some fog redeveloping again tomorrow morning. there is a little bit of that patchy fog around this morning. 60 degrees by 8 o'clock. 67 degrees by 10 o'clock. he so a cool starter to the day. and then up close to 70 by noon and it looks like your high of 71 by 3 o'clock. for several hours there the numbers really aren't going to be moving very far. by 5 o'clock down to 69 degrees. again mostly cloudy skies with some periods where the sun is coming out a little bit better. high temperatures on or about 70 for millville up to allentown. 66 in cape may this afternoon. down to the tropics we go and hurricane matthew is still a strong major category four storm with 145 miles per hour winds at the core right now. and winds close to that are starting to batter areas of the peninsula of haiti and it still looks like that storm is going to push as a category
6:40 am
four in through the southern bahamas the turks and caicos wednesday overnighter and then into wednesday afternoon. then it continues through the bahamas and comes close to the florida east coast as a category three. now even though florida is on the weaker side of the storm they're still going to get a lot of wind and rainy out of this. then it looks like it's a category two as it makes landfall in south carolina. skirts the coast of north carolina. on saturday overnight and then saturday into sunday and ahead of the course if it's close fluff to us it will be throwing some rain bands into our area and kicking up the breeze. where the storm goes from there really makes a big difference for us though. a lot of models this is a change from yesterday are pushing the storm closer to our coast and that would give us a very windy and wet sunday and maybe monday. however there are still some outliars a little farther off the coast. in those cases we would not see as big an impact. likely we'll see rough surf and dangerous rip currents as this storm comes in somewhere in the saturday through monday period. what's still unknown is there exact track once it emerges from the carolinas and the
6:41 am
exact timing of how fast it comes up north is still in question. your exclusive accuweather 7-day 71 mostly cloudy with a sprinkle or shower today. wednesday thursday and friday all look great and then saturday sun in the morning but clouds gathering as the day goes on and we've got a question mark behind that rain because it will depend on the track and proximity of matthew. monday clouds to sun we may still be looking it's a some rain on monday though and very changeable forecast possible the second half of the weekend and early next week because of that storm. >> okay, thank you david. it's 6:41 and when we come back a surprise visit pope francis makes an unannounced trip to comfort victims of the august earthquake in italy. >> drivers have a real dog day on the highways as they get stuck lined a runaway pooch. karen. >> the accident we slowed you on 422 is cleared. look at the delay. this is eastbound at oaks. we'll take to you that accident scene and talk about a new accident coming in in delaware county. sounds like a serious one,
6:42 am
when "action news" comes right back.
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> ♪ >> 6:44. where is the sun? not going to see it when it comes over the horizon. a lot of cloud cover over the delaware river as we take a live look at the ben franklin bridge. >> let's go over to karen rogers. she said we have new accidents coming in. a lot to tell you. good morning. >> we're jammed on 422. earlier accident we had i told that you cleared but you can still seat jam at this point. eastbound on 422 really slow. we're looking live now past oaks and eastbound jams from approaching oaks to 23 and that's where that accident has cleared but the delay is still out there. it's an 11 minute ride from oaks to 202.
6:45 am
normally it would only be six or seven minutes. we have a new accident coming in and it's a serious one. we're hearing there are injuries on the scene here in delaware county and it's right on longacre boulevard at rockland road so watch for crews on the scene, the ems crews are out there helping to respond with this accident just coming in here in yeadon in delaware county. we have construction that's going to be going on in hard ford. haverford community recreation center doing a hillary clinton campaign event. you'll see lots of congestion. it starts at noon but the doors open at 10 o'clock so expect lots of restrictions around this area and congestion too. we talked about fog earlier in the morning. it's been hit or miss. 8-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport no big deal. let's look at storm tracker6 live double scan as david has been saying we've got a couple of showers here that are moving from the northeast pushing a little closer to the he city. they've been in trenton getting a little wet on i-95 right now and heading near
6:46 am
florence. you're going to see it moving towards riverside and heading south of jenkintown so we're watching for a few showers out there. otherwise just mostly cloudy skies, tam. >> thank you, karen. strong gusty winds are making it hard for firefighters to get a handle on a wildfire in southern colorado. the fire started yesterday afternoon. it's already destroyed seven structures and burnt four square miles in the town of beulah. more than 1200 residents have been evacuated. more residents have been told to be ready to leave if necessary. >> new this morning, pope francis has made a surprise visit to the site of the devastating earthquake in central italy. new pictures show the pope praying silently amid the rubble in the hardest hit area of amatrice. he arrived about three and a half hours ago. francis met with some of the victims like this man who lost his wife and two children in the august quake. plans of the trip were kept private. the pope explained that he wanted to go alone to be close to the people. >> it's 6:46 and a live preview of "gma" is up next. also a 60-yard touchdown for a
6:47 am
young player for a montgomery county team who is blind. david. >> we're dressing the kids in jacket because it is kind of cool. some areas still in the 50's this morning. this afternoon though it's shorts and t's weather again after a little spotty shower. i'll show you one on storm tracker6 live double scan and give you your 12-hour forecast coming up. planned parenthood.
6:48 am
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>> about 10 minutes away from "good morning america" is we're going check in with our friend robin roberts. we know hurricane matthew is hitting haiti a place already so troubled. robin we can only imagine what we'll find later. >> oh, yes, after the earthquakes of some years ago. matthew looming over haiti and jamaica just hours away from landfall. residents are heading to emergency shelters as streets have already started to flood. we're live in jam today. we're also live in haiti this morning as we of course keep an eye on the threat there as well as here in the u.s. also ahead, big week in politics. hillary clinton on the attack after donald trump says he brilliantly used tax laws to his advantage. the running mates facing off in virginia tom llamsa.
6:51 am
sharing her experience about the sexual area has. as well as ongoing lawsuit. amy will sit down and talk to her. he have we have molly shannon, mario batalli and matt and tam back together. >> thanks so much robin. good to see you as well. we'll see you in. >> reporter: all righty. >> she notices these things. that's what makes robin so great, you know. >> i knew i loved her. let's check out this problem on i-95. this tractor-trailer i have been watching as it's trying to clear. it was disabled sure putting out a lot of smoke like the little engine could trying to leave the scene. this is 95 southbound approaching allegheny. jammed approaching academy to cottman and the betsy ross bridge to girard. that disabled the tractor-trailer trying to move out. septa regional regional rails bn schedule. >> a couple sprinkles and showers up in mercer county trying to push across the river toward new hope and this stuff closer to trenton is
6:52 am
also going down the new jersey turnpike. these are fairly light. a little heavier pocket there but it does appear to be falling apart. if you're in bucks county in our not yeting wet yet. you might be before too much longer. your 12-hour forecast 60 degrees by 8 o'clock. we'll have some sunshine across some of the region and then 67 degrees by 10 o'clock. close to 70 by noon and hanging in the low 70's for a few hours this afternoon before getting down to 67 degrees by 6 o'clock. your high is going to be that 71 and we are expecting mostly cloudy skies and we can't totally route out a sprinkle or shower. on saturday morning it's still looking dry and that's good i got the walk to stamp out parkinson's that i'll be co-chairing or honorary chair again this year. it's at the mlk art museum much the actual walk is at 8:30. if you get there by 7:30 you can register on site. matt. >> sounds like a good time. thanks, david. an unusual police chase unfolded on a nevada highway yesterday afternoon. that tiny dog ran down the road shutting down route 95 in las vegas for nearly 30 minutes. the pooch even began running in the opposite direction of traffic which had slowed down
6:53 am
to see what the heck was going on. police sprinted after the animal and it eventually ran down an off-ramp. >> the benches cleared saturday to celebrate a touchdown even though there was no chance at a win. it was a very special score because the player with the ball is blind. take a look. >> that is awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome. zero man. >> what else can you say but that is awesome. marvin pierson is a senior at pottstown high school. he entered the game with three minutes to go. pierson took the snap and charged forward for 60 yards never slowing down. his teammates and fellow classmates congratulate him on his extraordinary accomplishment. as prosecutors, we checked out pat toomey's record...
6:54 am
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>> here are your top stories. standoff between a barricaded plan and police at the jersey shore led to exchange of gunfire. police received reports that a plan was holding a relative hostage. one person was injured. >> let's go outside and check on that 422 delay and what do you know it's gotten worse. 16 minute jam from oaks to 202. eastbound jams past 29 to he 23 but the accident cleared. dave. >> couple showers by trenton. the rest of us are will see early sunshine then we transition to mostly cloudy
6:57 am
skies with the slight chance of a passing sprinkle or shower. 71 is your high around 3 o'clock. not a bad day overall. >> right on time. time for "good morning america." for karen rogers dave murphy tamala edwards, i'm matt o'donnell. have a great day everyone. see you later.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, hurricane matthew slams the caribbean. the eye hits haiti this morning. a deadly category 4 storm. 145-mile-an-hour winds. fears of a life-threatening storm surge and more than three week of rain triggering floods as cruise ships reroute to avoid the storm. now the east coast braces for its impact and states of emergency already declared in florida and north carolina. donald trump fighting back against that bombthey will tax story. >> i have brilliantly used those laws. >> hillary clinton hitting him hard. >> here is my question, what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year? >> as new polls show the democratic nominee topping trump after the first debate. and their running mates prepare for their own big showdown


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