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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 5, 2016 1:35am-2:10am EDT

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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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action news, delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. this is the way it looks from space. this is hurricane matthew. and, yes, it is a killer storm.
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now responsible for the loss of at least nine lives. matthew has already left enormous destruction in the island of haiti. already the poorest country in the western hemisphere. said one hatian official, this is the worst hurricane i have seen in my life. it is tuesday night and the big story on action news tonight is the latest on hurricane matthew. after slamming haiti this morning with up to 40 inches of rain, the storm set its sights on the eastern tip of cuba, making land fall tonight with sustained winds of 140 miles an hour. the center of the hurricane was expected to pass about 50 miles northeast of the u.s. base at guantanamo bay. meanwhile, residents of the bahamas are battening down and boarding up in advance of matthew's arrival tomorrow. and for us the big question is how will matthew hit the united states? will it skirt the coast? or come barreling ashore? or head out to sea? action news reporter christie
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ileto is live in ocean city where folks are paying extra close attention. but first cecily tynan and adam joseph. let's start with cecily. >> and the latest shows it's a category four. weakened somewhat, down to 130 miles an hour. it's typical, interacting with the high terrain of cuba. if you look at the image, you can see how the eye wall kind of collapsed. now passed through cuba. the change in color is patiently visible satellite. that's not an indication of its strength. but this is the second land fall for hurricane matthew. it came ashore on the southwest coast of haiti this morning. 6:00 this morning as a category four hurricane. maximum sustained winds 145 miles an hour. second land fall, cuba, 8:00 tonight. the eastern tip as a category four hurricane with maximum sustained winds 140 miles per hour. so now matthew sets its sights
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on the bahamas. hurricane warnings across most of the island chain. looking for the potential for up to two feet of rain. a ten to 15 foot storm surge. and the national hurricane center extended the warnings to florida. last night i was talking about the track shifting west. it's resterred east and could be good news for our region. let's head over to adam joseph. >> yes, early this morning we started to see that trend. this afternoon and this evening models, that trend continues even further. so as we take a look at the latest model data, the spaghetti plot, it's a different model where it thinks matthew is going to head. and great consensus unfortunately that it now skirts, touches, or makes land fall to the coast of florida friday night at 9 p.m. there you can see the turn already as it skirts the coast
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of south and north carolina saturday evening around 7:30 p.m. there after watch happens. the concentration to the east, off the coast of the carolinas well to the south into the latter part of the weekend and early parts of next week. so what we know at this point and tonight's trends, the major hurricane now inching closer near florida's coastline friday. then that northeasterly turn towards the carolinas. and after that, could head out to sea after the carolinas with minimal impacts locally for the upcoming weekend. great news, jim. it is a trend we're seeing today. hoping it continues into tomorrow. cecily tynan will have more on this and our seven day forecast in a little bit. >> thank you. authorities sounding the alarm in the south. states of emergency in florida, georgia, both north and south
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carolina. tomorrow south carolina's governor plans to issue an evacuation order to give a million people time to flee the coast. stocking up on groceries, buying pro pain and plywood and long lines at gas stations. once again the jersey shore is a potential target for some destructive weather. but christie, adam joseph, just told us that most of the projections now say that the jersey shore will not be ground zero. but what's happening there tonight? >> reporter: it's obviously good news. it's a little blustery here. they were dealing with hurricane hermine last month. this month it's hurricane matthew. and that could potentially come in and dampen another big weekend for businesses along the board walk. the original fudge kitchen is open year round. and like other board walk
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businesses they bank on this weekend's fall block party for their bottom line. >> this is the last chance for people to kind of enjoy the city. a lot of the businesses close after this weekend. >> reporter: now swirling around the caribbean, the likelihood that hurricane matthew could hit the east coast increased. meaning beach towns along the jersey shore have to be prepared for the worst. including local shops and the 500 vendors coming to town. >> it rains, we're here for people to come in. >> weather impacts all businesses. especially retail and food industry and crafters. we're just keeping our fingers crossed like last time. >> reporter: the office of emergency management says it's too early to tell, but monitoring the conditions. like these people who pulled their boat from the marina. >> you have less and less opportunity to get it out of the water. so you got to be more proactive instead of reactive. >> i had hurricane sandy, i was fine.
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i survived. >> reporter: the ocean city fire department is checking their vehicles. especially these 5 ton trucks used for water rescues. >> 72 hours with start with the batteries. tomorrow and thursday. >> reporter: and stand at the ready for whatever mother nature dumps on the shore. now, fortunately the latest model that adam was talking about speaks to what many people said to us which is they hoped that hurricane matthew would just turn away from the jersey shores. reporting live in ocean city, christie ileto, channel 6 action news. thank you. we urge you to visit our website at to monitor the path of hurricane matthew any time. our interactive hurricane tracker can show you current wind speeds and where the storm is expected to strike next. this was debate night in america and tonight the running mates claimed the spotlight. mike pence and tim kaine engaging in spirited debate. live in the satellite center
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tonight, action news reporter jeanette reyes. and they may have been the debaters, but the focus was still hillary clinton and donald trump. >> reporter: it certainly was throughout the night. the candidates were second in command and met for the first time and battled it out. their mission was to defend their presidential candidate and touch on issues that weren't discussed in the first debate. >> i have to tell you, i'm a small town boy from a place not too different from farmville. i grew up with a corn field in my backyard. >> reporter: the debate heated quickly. after instructions were made and pleasantries were exchanged. >> let me talk about this >> it's my time. >> isn't this a discussion? >> reporter: jabs were thrown. senator kaine attacked donald trump's character and governor pence for supporting him. >> and i can't imagine how he can support the insult-driven self-ic donald trump. >> you would know about an
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insult-driven campaign. >> reporter: and the public's distrust of hillary clinton. >> there's a reason why people question the trustworthiness of hillary clinton, that's because they're paying attention. >> reporter: the senator talked about the leaked tax returns. pence had a response. >> he had a difficult time, but used the tax code it was supposed to be used. >> reporter: but they stepped away from personal attacks and spoke on issues currently dividing the country. >> senator, please. enough of this seeking every opportunity to demean law enforcement broadly by making the accusation -- >> people shouldn't be afraid to bring up issues of bias in law enforcement. >> reporter: and of course there was a lot of chatter about the debate on twitter. but we don't officially know how the public feels the candidates did. we know historically the vice
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presidential debates are inconsequential for swaying voters. jim. >> thank you, jeanette. the campaign trail wound its way back to the philadelphia suburbs today with hillary clinton and her daughter chelsea appearing before a largely female audience in haverford township. they talked with penn grad elizabeth banks. the polls show clinton with a nine point lead in pennsylvania. donald trump was in arizona today, defending his use of the tax code after that new york times report said that trump may not have paid federal taxes for the past 20 years. trump blamed hillary clinton for failing as a senator to change the tax code. said trump, quote, why didn't she ever try to change those laws so i couldn't use them? other news at this hour, 126 workers at the philadelphia housing authority are now out of a job. the agency announced the layoffs today in the face of a
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multi-million dollar deficit, including previous cuts and early retirement. the restructuring amounts to 14% of pha staff from senior management on down. but the agency says with fewer federal dollars coming in it needs to focus more on maximizing housing opportunities for people in need rather than maintaining a larger work force. the philadelphia parking authority has given notice to uber x and lyft tonight that their operations are once again illegal in philadelphia. within 48 hours the agency says it's going to start ticketing and toking drivers breaking the law just like two years ago. the ppa says it is simultaneously relaxing information on official taxis in the city regarding various policies ranging from camera systems to driver training to mileage limits. next we have the story of a bucks county man who returned from a caribbean vacation with
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an unwanted stowaway. it ended with a trip to the hospital. dann cuellar has the story. >> reporter: meet holly and buddy of a-1e terminators. over the years, they have been called on to handle all sorts of animals. >> we have done alligators, tortoises, emus, owls, 13-foot snakes. we have done everything. your and. >> reporter: and now add a scorpion. got into the back back of a 22-year-old man who was returning home from a vacation in st. thomas. >> came back and reached into his computer backpack to get the computer and a scorpion bit him. >> reporter: then the scorpion, an elusive creature active at night disappeared into the bedroom. you would never believe where they found him. >> went up in the bedroom, pulling everything apart. and flicked the sheets, fell on the ground by the officer's foot and we captured it. >> greatly feared by some, most scorpions are not deadly.
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and the sting is equivalent to the skinning of a bee and hurt just as much. >> the little ones are meaner and more aggressive than the bigger ones. >> reporter: the man was treated and released. his mother says he's okay. but the the exterminators say it's a cautionary tale. >> if you go where there's poisonous stuff, take the stuff home, put a white blanket down and go through it gently with gloves or a stick to make sure you don't have nothing so they don't have the situation they had. >> reporter: sage advice that can be used after returning from places where scorpions are found. i'm dann cuellar. still to come on action news tonight, if you have yahoo! mail, there's a new report who may have seen your inbox. plus investigators recover key pieces of evidence from the new jersey transit train wreckage. and moment of impact, this morning's house explosion is caught on camera.
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the high today, only 68 degrees. i am tracking warmer days ahead. details on that and the latest on hurricane matthew in the accuweather forecast. >> rod rod with the end of the two year wait, the sixers big man, joel embiid. katie v/o: she works hard.
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she stays late. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty,
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and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
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this is surveillance video captured the moment when a house exploded in patterson, financial, this morning. the blast was strong enough to flatten two homes and send debris flies across the street. moments before the blast authorities received at report of a gas odor in one of the homes. they were able to evacuate all the nearby homes in time. federal investigators say a new jersey transit train was speeding when it entered hoboken terminal last thursday.
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based on the extent of damage investigator estimate that the train was moving two to three times the speed limit. today crews also located a data and video recorder from the rubble. officials say those recorders should provide them with significant information including throttle positions and braking systems data. bomb shell testimony in the bridge gate trial today claimed that new jersey governor chris christie talked with new york governor andrew cuomo about a fake report to blame the lane closures on a traffic study. no report was issued. the governor's office calls is false and delusional. governor christie denies any knowledge of the shutdown or coverup. yahoo! drawing new scrutiny over email practices. but this time not because of a cyber breach. a reuters report claims that yahoo! was secretly scanning
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user's email traffic on behalf of government intelligence agencies. the alleged system allowed the nsa or the fbi to look for a specific phrase or string of characters in real-time. yahoo! did not deny the report. only saying it complies with the laws of the united states. kanye west's concert schedule for tonight in south philadelphia was postponed to december 13th. he has suspended his tour for several days in the wake of his wife, kim kardashian west, being robbed at gunpoint in paris. on monday police say the reality tv star was assaulted and robbed in paris. an estimated $10 million in jewelry was taken. police say they're looking for five suspects seen on surveillance video. kardashian-west is now back in new york with her husband and two children. health check tonight. ben stiller has revealed that he battled prostate cancer and credits early diagnoses with saving his life. actor is now cancer-free and
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speaking about the importance of the psa, or prostate-specific antigen test. stiller had his psa test when he was 46. that's four years before the american cancer society recommends. critics of the test say it is inprecise and can lead to unnecessary treatment of non- lethal cancers. >> work you have done does not stop. >> the united 40 days for life bus tour stopped outside planned parenthood. the tour bus traveling to 125 cities holding rallies and prayer vigils against abortion. the campaign ramps up on november 6th. cecily tynan with the latest on the track of hurricane matthew. does and it appears the track changed. >> caution optimism for our region that it will be heading out to sea and the impact will be minimal. that being said, four days out computer models can shift back
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and forth. you don't want to let your guard down. but at this point, knock wood. find some wood to knock. it's looking more promising for the weekend. storm tracker 6 live double scan. we are getting a little bit of ground clutter. this is an indication that the lower levels of the atmosphere are beginning to moisten up and we could have areas of fog developing overnight. temperature-wise, a little bit on the chilly side. allentown, 55, philadelphia holding at 60 degrees and cape may currently 63. so the bus stop forecast will be a little bit chilly. some areas of patchy fog. 6:00, 56 degrees by 8:00,57. skies brightening tomorrow. action radar showing the earlier flow all day long due to high pressure building in. but as it builds over us tomorrow it will bring us at least partly sunny skies. i think mostly sunny skies. temperatures rebounding back into the 70s. in the meantime this cold front,
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this trough that's rolling through the plains, this likely will be instrumental with the path of matthew. and looks like it has a chance of kicking matthew out to sea before reaching our laity attitude. great news for us. but a lot of real estate to get through before it reaches our laity attitude. maximum sustained, 135. just hitting cuba. moving north at 8 miles per hour. but beginning to make that shift to the northwest. and this ridge of high pressure pushes it towards the west. heading through the bahamas as a category four hurricane wednesday evening, likely causing a lot of problems there with the storm surge, flooding. and then gets dangerously close to the border of florida and georgia. still as a major hurricane. either a cat 4 or a cat 3. this could cause major problems. and then looks like it builds along that ridge of high
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pressure. the latest track, just off the coast of the carolinas saturday evening as a category two hurricane. and the trough picks it up and accelerates out to sea. if this trend holds we could have a pretty decent weekend. maybe some showers from the trough rolling through. but the impacts from matthew would be minimal. but again, four days out, things are subject to change. so stay tuned. so the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, morning fog, afternoon sunshine tomorrow. nice day, 72, bump it up to 75 on thursday. friday, 76 degrees. heading into saturday if matthew gets close enough, could have some rain developing. but again, that's subject to change. 73 degrees. sunday, lingering rain, breezy conditions. clearing, columbus day looking really nice. mostly sunny. a little bit cool, though, 64. and tuesday, sun and clouds with a high of 67 degrees. and david murphy will have an
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update on hurricane matthew tomorrow morning. the trend is promising. hope it continues for us. >> thank you. the philadelphia orchestra and its musicians found harmony as the board of directors unanimously approved a new three year contract. and it is music to their ears. ♪ to make amends for the short-lived strike, the musicians went on tour across the city today playing small popup performances at more than 20 concert locations, including here at triangle policy at 23rd and south. ♪ you need blinds. now. right now buy one get one half off
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all wood blinds and cellular shades. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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and we're saying thanks during the last 10 years blinds to go's customer apppreciation sale! buy one get one half off your favorite products. we love our customers and we're showing it. blinds to go. blinds for life. as breast cancer awareness month gets under way, the philadelphia eagles continuing their commitment to raising awareness and raising money. survivors and advocates walked alongside eagles players in south philadelphia tonight for a private tour of lincoln financial field. the walking together event promotes the health and overall well being of breast cancer patients. it only took a couple of yours, but we finally saw
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mr. embiid tonight in action. >> and he's giving us reason to get excited. the sixers preseason basketball open for business. so is joel embiid's career. makes his debut against the boston celtics. first game action since march of 2014 when he was in college. check us out footwork. a fade way. and two blocked shots. the big man, jim, can step outside. a 22-footer. embiid with six points and four rebounds in 137 -- 13 minutes of action. and darius saric. sixer down seven, and saric can dish the rock. the alley-oop to nerlens noel. the sixers win 92-89. >> ben simmons underwent surgery to repair the bone fracture in his foot. it was successful, but haven't
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said when he'll return. some reports say two to three months from now. the 3-0 eagles visit detroit this weekend. connor happens to be from detroit. he told jamie apody he wants revenge for last year 31-point loss. >> it's fun to go back to detroit and play in front of my friends and family that can't see me play. i wasn't a proud person the way we showed up as a team last year in thanksgiving. i can play a lot better in front of my family and friends, and the team can play better in detroit. >> he spent his off week hunting. >> saw that. >> reporter: and shooting a commercial in the streets of fargo. >> sounds about right. i could see this -- from what i've got ton know from carson that that is exactly what i probably thought he would have done. >> reporter: is this kid's life about to change? >> i can't wait.
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i don't want to get excited. we'll leave it to you guys to talk about. >> lane johnson continues to play the waiting game. had a hearing in new york today to appeal his ten game suspension for testing positive for p. evidence d.s. an arbitrator can uphold, shorten, or get rid of
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when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's a short week for temple. one that could be difficult as well. the owls hilt the road thursday
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for a night game at memphis. back-to-back blow out victories. memphis tigers are 3-0 at home, but the owls are not deterred. >> obviously playing at night on the road is not necessarily a challenge. but something different. we, you know, i think phi of our six games on the road were at night. i think we won four of the five. excited to play. as excited as i have been in a long time. >> should be a good but tough one. >> all right. thank you, ducis. fashion met high-tech tonight on a runway show in center city, philadelphia. creations from the senior and senior students at the moore college of design. it was hand x machine. inspired by the mets current action in an age of technology exhibit and happened tonight at moore. jimmy kimmel live next. followed by nightline. billy bob thornton, kristen,
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ryan donahue. and 4:30, meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers with traffic. for ducis rodgers, cecily tynan and the entire action news team, i'm jim gardner. ♪ ♪


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