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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon, police are looking for the criminals behind a home
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invasion robbery that targeted a college student. and a major gas tax is being voted on today in new jersey. and the big story on "action news" is a dramatic shift in hurricane matthew's track. it's expected to have a bigger impact on eastern florida. people on the barrier island is ordered to evacuate this afternoon. and the national guard is mobilized and people are being told in charleston and beaufort to leave today. disaster teams in the caribbean are working to assess the damage in haiti and cuba. the storm is heading for the bahamas next. david murphy is tracking the hurricane's path and what it means for our area. >> reporter: things change for our area as well. it has past cuba and is barrelling in on the southern bahamas. can you clearly see the eye of the hurricane. a strong hurricane at category 3 and probably growing as it heads
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towards florida. the current watches and warnings probably include all of the bahamas. and a good portion of the east coast of florida as well. and even down toward the keys, you have a tropical storm warning there. and then a hurricane watch farther up the coast and that will almost certainly become a hurricane warning as the storm gets closer. where is the storm going? the beginning will not look a lot different. this looks like a category 3 and then a 4 going through the northern bahamas by thursday evening. but look at the new track and how close it is to areas just north of miami. a hurricane on the coast like this will create tremendous form surge and heavy surf. and strong damaging winded as well. and then it looks like the storm stays as a category 4 storm past jacksonville before diminishing to a category 2 as it gets into
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the south carolina area. this developed in the models last night and kicked in tomorrow after 5:00 and now with the new run i show you here the storm doesn't want to come up the east coast anymore, the most likely range of tracks in this wide bubble you see here doesn't even come close to us. it looks like we have no impact from this except maybe choppy surf at the shore. what happens to the storm next is a question mark as it could do a retro grade back to florida over the next several days and after that it's anyone's guess, maybe up to the north and maybe out to sea. when i come back we'll look at the details on this storm and we still have to talk about tropical storm nicole. there may be a third feature in the process of developing as well in the tropics just west of the leeward islands. >> thank you david. visit our website, to monitor the path of hurricane
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matthew any time. our interactive hurricane tracker can give you current wind speeds and where the storm is expected to go next. >> investigators are searching for the cause of a fire that killed to people in the bustleton section of philadelphia overnight. katherine scott is talking to the victim's neighbors and joins us live from the scene with more. >> reporter: rick, neighbors say they were just nice people who just yesterday dropped their daughter back at college and last night tragedy struck. investigators were here on the scene throughout the morning and crews arrived to start clearing away debris. >> my husband woke me up and said there is a house engulfed across the street. flames roared overnight at this bustleton home. neighbors were stunned by what they saw. >> i thought my shed was on fire in the back, and there was someone pounding on my door. and they told me get out, get
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out. because the house is going up. >> i seen the flames higher than the trees and i ran out and my neighbor was screaming and running up to the door and banging on the door and she said the front of the door was hot. >> firefighters were called shortly before midnight and were met with thick flames and heavy smoke. they found a man and woman that lived there on the first floor. one was in the living room and the other in the foyer. >> broke them out and started cpr immediately. but sad to announce that we lost both of them. >> jack blanker shot this video on hi cell phone as the fire raged and firefighters place sd the fire under control in about 35 minutes, they had to briefly evacuate for a minor gas leak, this morning the fire marshals office was on the scene investigating and firefighters carried debris from the home. the couple just returned yesterday afternoon from
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dropping their daughter off at college. >> they were saying it's a great trip. no accidents no nothing. and now this. >> and back here live where you can see the damage is extensive. the entire back of the roof is gone and there are holes in the walls and broken out windows, one firefighter did suffer a minor injury in the middle of this fire fight. the cause remains under investigation this afternoon. >> all right katherine thank you. philadelphia police are investigating an early morning home invasion and robbery here in the city's winfield section. it happened before 5:00 a.m. on the 66 hundred block of woodbine avenue, police found the basement door broken into it. gray hall is on the scene checking on injuries and will have an update coming up on "action news" at 12:30. from our new jersey newsroom.
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lawmakers are meeting to vote on the gas tax. the agreement raised the gas tax by 23 cents a gallon and it will establish a fund to pay for bridges and road work, once signed by chris christie. there is a 14 day waiting period for the tax to go into affect and phases out the estate tax and a slight roll back in the state sales tax. and a spring of vandalism overnight. police say that cars were damaged on 18th from popular street. the suspect is expected to be charged later today. newly release video shows the suspect wanted in connection with a sexual assault and robbery in north philadelphia. police released the footage from
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september 11th. they believe that man followed a woman on 20th street before soughting her and beating her and taking her purse. the video shows the suspect using her debit card on the 2100 block of dolphin street. we have breaking news to pass along. from thornbury township chester county, chopper 6 hd is over the scene of a horse rescue underway at this hour. apparently a 1700 pound clydesdale is stuck in a mud pit up to his neck and efforts are underway to free him at this hour. the horse has been sedated. this is a drinking pond for animals and the horse ended up in the pit and stuck up to his neck and local veterinarians are on the scene and rescue officials trying to free him. we are told that the clydesdale
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cyrus has been sedated and a crew is on the scene trying to free him. we are monitoring the situation on chopper 6 hd and it's taking place on thornbury road in thornbury township. we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you more information as it becomes available. again if cyrus is freed we'll bring it to you as well. and police had to shut down a portion of the pennsylvania turk pine because of a crash this morning. a flat bed truck was hauling roofing materials when it overturned at 9:00 a.m. the southbound lanes were closed between the quakertown and landsdowne interchanges. drivers were encouraged to avoid that section of highway because of major delays. we are told there was no serious injuries. the philadelphia parking authority has once again cracking down on the ride
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sharing services uber x and lift. they will treat the services as illegal and begin ticketing and towing drivers, a temporary authorization has expired for the companies and they are easing regulations for taxi drivers after they complained the rules were making it impossible for them to compete with apps. and fresh off the vice presidential debate. tim kaine will be in penn's landing later today. he will speak to sheet metal workers about hillary clinton's plan to help the middle class and mike pence is at longwood university in virginia last night. they exchanged insults and interruptions barely getting in a word edge wise on donald trump's tax returns and hillary clinton's email probe -- >> -- this is open to
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discussion -- >> met my finish my sentence -- >> now i can weigh in -- >> she had a private server -- >> clinton and trump will square off in the second presidential debate on sunday. at washington university in st. louis, missouri. still to come here on "action news" at noon, local travellers have a new option for getting to europe. the new service coming to philadelphia. >> and a local community will find out if the high school is being demolished and replaced. the project up for a vote in south jersey today. and david murphy has your seven-day forecast.
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in camden county, one person robbed three different gas stations at gun point within 37 minutes. police say the suspect was driving this dark jeep suv possibly with pennsylvania license plates. he or she was carrying a pistol and demanded cash yesterday afternoon. no one was hurt. a homeless man was arrested in connection with the murder of a los angeles home of a former canadian talk show host. the victim was found beaten to death inside of the home in los angeles's hill neighborhood. the murder suspect has a criminal history and was tracked down thanks to evidence during the murder investigation. in cleveland, ohio, two children became victims of continuing violence after being shot in a drive-by shooting last night. the 9-year-old and 3-year-old westbound inside of a home when
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two men inside of a jeep pulled up and opened fire. one child is in critical condition and the other child is in serious condition. the boy that died after a teen gunman that died at an elementary school in south carolina was remembered as a super hero. his family encouraged people to dress as superheroes to enjoy what he enjoyed. it was decorated with life size balloons of superheroes. a 14-year-old boy killed his own father and drove to the school and shot jacob, a classmate and a teacher. their mothers when in labor after being rescued at sea along with 10,000 other migrants trying to reach europe. the women gave birth while the coast guard was bringing them to port. more than 3,000 refugees arrived in europe this year alone.
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breaking news now chopper 6 hd is over glen mills here in delaware county. and a very bad accident, a crash here along route 202, along applied card way. this happened at noon, it appears that the car carrier is involved with another vehicle, we don't know exactly what happened but a piece of the car carrier is on the second vehicle here. it's not clear what caused the crash or if there are injuries, but it looks bad there and there is an ambulance on the scene. we'll monitor this on route 202
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near applied card way in glen mills and bring you updates as they become available. a school project that impacts hundreds of families is up for vote in camden. they will decide whether to demolish camden high school and build a new one. it would finally give students the school building they deserve. and they will decide if they will approve funding for 1$130 million project. a new innational flight is coming to philadelphia international airport iceland air just announced non-stop service to iceland, fares aprisy but cheaper than other airlines. travelers play between $700 and $1,000 for a round trip ticket. mayor kenney was on hand for the announcement this morning. alicia vitarelli is live in
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the news owe room with a preview of 4:00. >> it's an interesting move. the country's largest shopping mall announced they will be closed on thanksgiving and that means that black friday will actually start on black friday. will other retailers follow suit? we'll look at 4:00. and a philadelphia teacher gets the surprise of a lifetime this morning. the tears are flowing there and cheers erupted as she was awarded with what is known as the oscars of education. hear from her all new at 4:00, take us with you on the go, if you have not downloaded the free 6 abc news app. watch our newscast streaming live on your cell phone. accuweather is coming up. keep moving. i know! try laxatives. been there, done that.
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david here with northern check of the accuweather forecast bright and sunny out there. >> nice today and nice for the next several days. and the weekend looking good because the changed track of matthew. stormtracker 6 live double scan looking good out there with the lack of precipitation and sky 6 hd or the action cam out earlier, and beautiful blue skies across philadelphia and across the region. and tranquil weather too you see the water moving. temperature 66 in philadelphia. a bit on the cool side and looking good. and winds north-northeast at 8 miles per hour. a bit a breeze. and as we look at the numbers across the region, mid-60s from allentown to millville and 65 in cape may. everyone is even across the sun, you see the cloud cover across the region and more high cloud cover off the coast.
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and partly sunny today with at times full sunshine and sometimes a mix. partly sunny in the lehigh valley. and 70 and pleasant. at the shore cooler holding at 66 degrees in most shore communes, partly sunny there and on the breezy side. in philadelphia we expect to add 5 degrees to the temperature and wind up at 71 degrees and partly sunny overall and a bit a breeze at 7 miles per hour. and clear and by morning there is one against fog developing, we didn't see much of that this morning. on to hurricane matthew, now 105 miles away from the central bahamas, a category 3 storm with 127 miles per hour winds. expected to get to a category 3 storm, and the red line is the most likely track. but it can go anywhere within this wide cone. and friday evening a category 4 close to the coast of florida
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and maybe even coming into contact with florida and going down to a category as it gets up to the carolinas, the next big story with this is how the storm this morning at 5:00 a.m. and now with the more recent model within the last hour or so, it's taking the storm so far south that the cone is well aware from us. it looks like we don't get an impact from the storm now. it looks like it may want to curve to the southeast and there is model indication that it may want to come back to the coast of florida before cutting north along the coast or heading out to bermuda. and the spaghetti plot models should give you high confidence that it stays to the south. and this is tropical storm nicole and that looks to stay a tropical storm and peter out before affecting bermuda. there is also a third issue, this tropical wave that only has
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a 10% chance of developing into a tropical storm at this point. 71 is today's high, accuweather says partly sunny and 75 and beautiful tomorrow and 73 and great on friday and now with matthew down to the south a front comes through and gives us mostly cloudy skies and a high of 70 and models have a period of rain at some point and not heavy rain though and if matthew stays to the south with clouds and sun and a high of 67 and staying with similar conditions, not a sure thing that matthew stays to the south and that is a consistent pattern for the last 0 hours. we hope it stays down there. >> thank you david. well, a new exhibit at the barnes foundation has you saying thank you. a wonderful display of french photography dating back to the 1800s, it's called live and life will give you pictures, master works of french photography, members will see hundred vintage
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see if you're eligible for 12 months free at katie v/she stays late.rd. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. hello again here are the stories we are following for you now. the search is on for armed
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bandits where local students live and robbed them. we have information on a tractor trailer accident that left part of the pa turnpike closed all morning long. and the word of an arrest on a threatening clown social media post in buck county. a local college student came face-to-face with armed bandits while they were robbing her apartment. gray hall is following the investigation on the 5600 block of woodbine avenue. >> reporter: this was a scary situation for the individual. they were armed and dangerous and dressed in all black. one had on a black mask and black hood. they got away with some of the victim's items thankfully she was not hurt. it was a frightening ordeal for st. joe's students living in this apartment a few blocks


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