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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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definitely accounted for and the other house was listed address vacant. >> at least two people were pulled from the home and taken to a nearby hospital. dann cuellar is on his way to the scene and he'll have a live update coming up on "action news" at 6:00. there are shelters for everyone. there is absolutely no excuse not to evacuate. >> if you do not leave are you putting a law enforcement officer or national guardsman's life on the line when they have to go back and get. >> you if are you told to evacuate you need to go. >> georgia and the carolinas are calling for quick action as hurricane matthew continues to churn toward the united states, the storm is a major hurricane and could potential strengthen putting millions of lives in danger. the storm track has changed dramatically letting our area off the hook. but matthew is posing a threat
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to a lot of cities in the southeast cecily tynan is here with more. >> reporter: good news for our region but this is a dangerous storm heading to the southeast coast of florida, still a category 3 hurricane. maximum sustained wins of 120 miles per hour. it's probably undergoing eye wall replacement cycle. there is florida only 400 miles away a huge storm 300 miles across and making a beeline moving northwest at 12 miles per hour. this is the latest track from the national hurricane center, it does have a category 4 lan fall near cape canaveral with maximum sustains winds of 130 miles per hour. it parallels georgia and brushes the coast of south carolina saturday afternoon as a category 2 hurricane, before it makes a quick hook out to sea. as a category 1 hurricane and
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perhaps meandering off the southeast coast. since yesterday we had a major shift in the official track of this hurricane. yesterday at this time talking about it rolling up the coast and now there is pretty good computer model consensus shifting it down to the south. that takes us out of the danger zone but this could be potentially devastating to florida, georgia and south carolina. major hurricane likely making landfall in florida near cape canaveral. the first hurricane to hit lan since 2005. and florida and georgia and south carolina, ma means many communities could be impacted by the storm. for more details coming up in our local weather in a few minutes. matthew is already blamed for deaths in the caribbean.
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the southern part of the country took the hardest hit. >> all eyes are on florida which is bracing for the worst. residents are stocking up on food and fuel and flights in and out of the area are canceled. officials are urging everyone on the coast to clear out in case matthew take a turn to the west. steve barrett has more from merit island, florida. >> zero hour as approaching for residents of harbor square marina just off the beach line, these are residents that plan to stay on their boats. >> what i worry about most is my boat is docked there and there are 30 other boats tied in behind me. this sardine can of vessels is called hurricane hole, locals believe it's the best protection on the water. >> we feel safer in this marina than we do up on land. the coast guard pulls in and locks this all down. >> workers have taken boats out
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of the water in cape canaveral they are taking out docs too. >> we are getting hammered and the bahamas getting hammered this is a crazy one. restaurant owner, joe worries that this could top damages from 2004. >> everyone who is a praying person out there, pray it up we all need it. >> in other news tonight. students at st. joe's university are on high alert after two robbers broke into an apartment home of their classmates when they came face-to-face with a student inside they tied her up and stashed her in the closet. it happened on woodbine avenue, in the city's winfield section. that is where gray hall is live tonight with all the details. >> reporter: well rick, some chilling and horrifying moments for the 21-year-old victim inside and she wakes up to two
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armed individuals the place she called home and she was not hurt and her sense of security is not rattled and she hopes that police will make an arrest soon. >> terrifying, i got up this morning and could not leave my roommates room. >> there is a call for security for the st. joe's student living on woodbine avenue a few blocks from campus woke up to a nightmare. two armed men had broke inside one had a knife and the other had a gun. >> the light from her phone wakes her and she sees two males heavily masked and doesn't know why they are there. the criminals ransacked her apartment five other roommates were asleep with no clue the crime was taking place, they duct taped her mouth and threw her in the closet. when they got what they wanted they took the victim outside and
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likely had a sinister plan and talked about putting her inside of the car's trunk. >> the motivation was to get more money and they would try to put her into there to take her to a mack machine. thankfully the intruders were distracted, still tied up she went into her apartment and woke up her friends and they called police. they stole her wallet and cell phone and stole her car. >> i am concerned. one of my friends is on 54th street and she has two break-ins at her house too. security has to be higher. i live in manayunk but my friends live around here. >> we have a security system here and we leave it on all the time but it's terrifying. >> fer if iing ordeal indeed. understandably none of the students would talk to us on camera. they are too shake and and we
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can tell you that police recovered the stolen vehicle not too far from here, the criminals had changed the tags on the car and officers tell us they are searching video for hopes of a better description of the suspects. if you have information call the tip line. live in winfield, gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. two people are dead after this house went up in flames overnight in the city's bustleton section, fire marshals are on the scene at the 9800 block of bridal road. firefighters found two people inside of the first floor. both were pronounced dead a short time later. no word on what caused the fire. a 1700 pound horse is recovering after being trapped in the mud in chester county. it took crews hours to finally free the horse that was stuck on its side. >> sara bloomquist was on the scene when the horse was finally rescued and streamed the whole thing live on her facebook page.
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>> sara joins us live with more on the incredible rescue. >> reporter: well rick, this was some rescue effort on thornbury farms this afternoon. cyrus, a 1700 pound clydesdale was discovered missing early this morning and it took hours to get him out of the mud where he got stuck and it was quite a sight when it happened. chopper 6 hd was overhead when rescue workers and veterinarians tried to figure out how to free cyrus using a drinking pond. they knew it would be a delicate operation and they started by sedating the horse. >> the most delicate part is the legs. if you pull too hard, we are using heavy equipment, you really run the rick of hurting the lower limbs if not breaking them. >> the farm manager found him deep in the mud unable to move.
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>> he was probably chased by another big horse and was scared and ran into the mud and got stuck. >> crews trained in mud rescues, removed the suction and freed cyrus's legs and gave him sail saline and other medication to keep him comfortable and then lifted to safety on the other side of the pond. >> lost it, i was scared for him. i have been emotional all day. >> cyrus was rescued at auction three weeks ago, he living here at the farm until you goes to his new owners in virginia. >> he likely spent his entire life working the field. they hope he has more year as head of him. >> this is the icing on the cake we want to do everything we can to keep this horse. >> reporter: tonight cyrus is in guarded condition, it doesn't appear he suffered any broken bones but veterinarians will watch him closely as the
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sedation wears off, they have to make sure he can stand on his own. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. all right time for a check of "action news" traffic report midweek. >> matt pellman is in the traffic center with the low down on the slow down. >> reporter: we are traffic standing still on this hump day. 95 southbound through wilmington thanks to a crash at mlk boulevard and 4th street where the left lane is blocked because of the accident, on the approach to it, just 6 miles per hour approaching 202 the concord pike on down to the scene at mlk boulevard. come down 495 southbound instead of 95 southbound through wilmington this afternoon. in prospect park a crash close to pennsylvania avenue. traffic on the schuylkill expressway this is the westbound scene by the exit for the roosevelt boulevard and the eastbound travel time is slow at
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34 minutes. and a crash on east conshohocken at church street and one in new town township, buck county at friended lane. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> see you then thank you. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. a somber memorial for a little 6-year-old boy killed after a teen opened fire on his school playground. why family and loved ones got the super hero costumes on to honor that boy's life. >> plus, we remember his selflessness and gift to the day i die and will not take it for granted. a retired marine gets a new lease on life thanks to a life changing transplant. ali gorman has the details.
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amtrak service in new york is back up and running after this freight train derailment in the bronx according to officials eight cars jumped but nobody was hurt. service was suspended from penn station to westchester. but it has since resumed. >> captain america and iron man
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and wonder woman were among the people that packed the south carolina pews today. hundreds of people wore costumes to pay tribute to 6-year-old jacob hall, a little boy that loved superheroes, he was one of three people shot at recess at his elementary school last week. he way laid to rest in his batman costume. the teen accused of killing his own father and then killing hall is now charged with murder. turning to health check a man that received two purple hearts for his service in the armed forces is now receiving a transplant. ali gorman has the details. >> reporter: it's a remarkable story for everybody involved in his journey the retired marine is sharing his story in boston and thanking the people that helped him.
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>> my deepest condolences to my donors family. >> before saying anything else 32-year-old retired marine sergeant thanked the donor and family that made his double arm transplant possible. >> every time i look at the arms i will drive on through the pain and never give up. >> that gratitude and determination helped peck come so far. in 2010 he lost both of his arms and legs after stepping on an ied in afghanistan. he underwent an arm transplant in brig ham hospital. they attached his arm bones to the donor's bones and hooked in arteries and vains and connected nerves. >> we expect over many months he will regain both function and sensation in his new hands. >> he is working hard with
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physical and occupational therapists, he hopes to one day become his dream of becoming a chef but looks forward to doing every day tasks and sharing simple things with his fiance jessica. >> i hope one day to hold jessica's hand and feel it. that is truly a precious gift. >> this is the fourth bilateral trance plants for the hospital and he took the time to thank his doctors and nurses and everyone that supported him. he says it was painful at first but now he feels well and every day is a new learning experience. >> that is something story. thank you ali. we'll be right back with more.
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center city is home to another target. the action cam was inside of the new store of 19 and and chestnut. the company is calling the new 20,000 squarefoot space a flexible format that means they can adjust merchandise to accommodate shoppers. they opened their first center
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city location at 11th and chestnut this summer and a third location will open in spring garden next year. >> and philadelphia airport will be a gate way to ice lan. iceland air announced non-stop service to philadelphia to the capital of iceland. the route begins on may 30th and flights run four days a week in the spring, summer and fall. and the flight time is five and a half hours and a good tail wind can get you there an hour early. one the biggest career fairs in years drew crowds at drexel university. employers came to recruit new hires from 1800 students. that is the largest group of companies in five yours. they offered jobs in business, engineering computer science and more. students of course dressed to impress and brought their resumes. good luck to everybody. a once vacant lot in philadelphia is now transformed
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into a beautiful place to spend time. the new mural is the cornerstone of a new rain garden at 55 and street. it includes trenches underneath the land. with new sidewalks and pathways. coming up on "action news" at 5:00, another check of the accuweather forecast. looking outside at the ben franklin bridge, looking terrific with blue skies up above. cecily tynan has your five-day for the rest of week.
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. meteorologist, cecily tynan, has the latest on matthews track and the entire accuweather forecast. good news. >> i knew exactly what you meant. we do have good news for us. unfortunately matthew continues to head towards florida, but today here at home it was gorgeous, temple university and sky 6 hd looking at the skyline, bright skies in philadelphia and more clouds across south jersey and delaware keeping temperatures cooler there. cape may 63 and dover 64 and philadelphia 70 degrees and allentown seeing bright sunshine and temperature of 71. satellite 6 along with action
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radar showing again it depends where you are. areas to the south and east seeing high, thin clouds north and west. clear skies and that will continue overnight tonight. it will be on the cool side and temperatures running 3 degrees below normal and a mixture of clouds and stars and a few areas of fog. and philadelphia dropping down to 52 degrees. tomorrow looking very nice as well. a little warmer than today. sun with a few clouds, nice day and philadelphia 75 and allentown the same and wilmington 73 and cape may more in the form of clouds and all eyes are on hurricane matthew, category 3 hurricane with maximum sustained winds at 120 miles per hour. the eye is moving into the central bahamas and moving into the northwest at 12 miles per hour. it looks like it will continue that track towards florida. because of its broad circulation it's still interacting with the
5:27 pm
high terrain of cuba and it looks like it will move into a more favorable situation and that could strengthen the storm into a cat 4 before it makes landfall at cape canaveral on friday afternoon and then brushing south carolina as a category 2 hurricane and then farther out to sea and weakening as we head into early next week. the track has shifted down to the south, we are out of the threat zone. that is not the case for florida, georgia and south carolina. this shows the sustained winds right there. you see the red those are winds more than 110 miles per hour and that is what they are are dealing with in vero beach and cape canaveral. we are looking at hurricane force winds to the coast and up to charleston, it will cause a lot of problem there's. tomorrow back at home beautiful and 75 and pleasant and the same on friday, saturday mostly cloudy and showers as the cold front moves through and 68
5:28 pm
behind the system a cool breeze but sunshine on sunday and 68 and columbus day 66 and plenty of sun. >> all right sounds good thank you. quick break and more news in our next half hour. we'll we be right back.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. two allentown teens are cut down by a mystery gunman while sitting in a car. and one did not survive. we'll have more from the victim's loved ones. >> philadelphia police are looking for the man in this surveillance video, they say he preyed on a woman walking down the street and is still on the loose. and both vice presidential nominees did not back down and they are both declaring victory. now the details, two allentown teenagers became the victims of a violence attack as they sat in a parked car. johnny lopez and a 15-year-old girl were shot by a lone gunman, lopez did not make it.
5:31 pm
they heard people arguing before shots were fired. walter you spoke with a friend of the the victim's family today. >> reporter: we did rick, and it was heart breaking, this whole thing unfolded last night at 9:00 and as you imagined the victim's loved ones are simply devastated. >> friends and family say that the death of 17-year-old johnny lopez is more than they can bear. nora is a family friend who lopez referred to as grandma. she says that johnny was a good boy that loved children. >> she says that it was yesterday afternoon when they all went to their granddaughter's birthday party and johnny was hugging all the little kids and quote, told me he loved me very much. what is the kind of person he was. hours later he was in his car with a female passenger at 9th
5:32 pm
and liberty streets. and someone opened fire and lopez and his passenger were shot. this video captures the scene as he drove away careened into a stop sign and garbage can. the gunman got away on foot and johnny lopez was pronounced dead a short time later. we spoke to his classmates who describe him as a dedicate the student that kept to himself. >> he was doing his work a lot. he stood to himself, occasionally talked but not much. >> his family and friends say he was praying for justice. >> she said i don't know why this happened? >> i don't know who did this. if i knew i would tell you, i would tell everyone. >> we are told that the 18-year-old female victim was shot in the legs and remains hospitalized at this hour. anyone with any information is
5:33 pm
asked to call allentown police. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a woman was sexually assaulted walking down a north philadelphia street. and police release surveillance video of the man that they believe is responsible. the victim told police that the attacker started talking to her as she headed down 20th street on september 11th when he got to york he pulled her behind a truck and self you'lly assaulted her and beat her until she dropped her purse. this video shows the suspect at the store where he used the victim's debit card. sentencing is underway for a doctor convicted of running a $50 million pill mill. he was found guilty of money laundering and fraud and selling prescription drugs at his southeast philadelphia and levittown offices. they proved he did it with help from the pagan's motorcycle club. they found him guilty of 123 of
5:34 pm
127 counts. politics, the race for the white house the focus is turning back to hillary clinton and donald trump and the next political debate on sunday. their running mates went head to head last night with both campaigns claiming victory. we are live with the latest from new york. >> reporter: that is right. who won the debate last night depends on who you ask. but tonight all agree that the pressure is back on trump and clinton scaring off this weekend for round two. donald trump and hillary clinton stumping for votes and praising their running mates for a job well done. >> mike pence did an incredible job and i get a lot of credit because that is my first so-called choice, that was my hire as we would say in las vegas. >> and now preparing for their next big showdown with their vice presidential candidates
5:35 pm
also back on the campaign trail. >> from where i sat, donald trump won the debate. donald trump's vision to make america great again won the debate. and we are going make history by electing hillary clinton our first woman president on november 8th. lets go make it happen. >> this after a night filled with jabs and 100 interruptions most by kaine. >> he has called mexicans rapists and criminals. >> experts think kaine won on substance and pence on style. >> let me talk about this -- >> senator -- i am on my time -- >> isn't this a discussion -- >> but neither did much to move the needle in winning over undecided voters that raises the stakes higher for trump and delicious come sunday.
5:36 pm
>> between now and sunday sources tell abc news once again there are mock debates and time off the trail for clinton while trump's team says he was prepared last time and he will be ready on sunday. channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> thank you. and this reminder you can get break agoing alerts from the campaign trail. by our 6 abc app. a nasty crash blocked 202 in glen mills this afternoon. two car carriers collided leaving wreckage and metal behind. it happened in front of wegmans shopping center and firefighters and investigators tried to determine what led to the collision. if you were stuck in traffic on the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike today. this is why, a flat bed tractor trailer overturned spilling roofing materials on the road.
5:37 pm
southbound i-76 was closed and traffic was backed up for miles between the quakertown and landed down interchanges at 9:00 a.m. all lanes were open by 2:0030 this afternoon. >> it was a challenging morning that is for sure, we'll see how the evening is shaping up in the traffic center. >> oh the challenges continue that is for sure. we have people stuck in a lot of traffic this afternoon. rick and monica here on 95 the worst spot southbound lanes jammed solid from cornwell heights to this point approaching academy road. we had the disabled vehicle and now a crash and the fire trucks are on the scenep the two left lanes are blocked and traffic is barely squeezing by on the roadway, come down frankford or the southbound boulevard in the great northeast. not so great this afternoon. and not so great in wilmington. 95 southbound at mlk a crash blocking the lane and coming
5:38 pm
down from marsh road looking at single digit speeds and 495 southbound is the way to go from delaware instead of 95 southbound instead you want to get stuck in a long line of traffic. traffic on the schuylkill expressway and fire activity in center city because of an issue at jefferson station. and a crash at penn and one at plymouth township by the giant store at butler pike. and the building collapse in trenton has portions of wayne avenue and wainright avenues blocked. rick and monica back over to you. >> thank you. he was one of the two men convicted in the center city collapse. why his family and the local chapter of the naacp are calling for justin for griffin campbell tonight. >> the eagles get back to work tonight. more from coach petersons and players as they set their sights
5:39 pm
on the eye lons. winds sustained at 120 miles per hour heading into the bahamas and then come close if not making landfall in florida. we'll let you know how strong it will be and where it tracks thereafter in the forecast.
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the family of the demolition contractor serving more than 15 years in prison for the deadly center city building collapse says his conviction was a miscarriage of justice. the family was joined by naacp president, campbell found guilty of involuntarily manslaughter for the collapse had little to no authority over the project. >> griffin campbell for all practice purposes was the fall guy. we believe they felt that somebody had to pay for what happened. obviously six lives were lost. somebody has to answer for that. >> the family says that campbell's case should be reviewed and should be granted an appeal. uber x and lift are illegal
5:43 pm
again according to the parking authority. the temporary authorization of those car sharing services expired and they are giving uber x and lift 48 hours notice that they will start to ticket and toe driver and at the same time they are relaxing regulations on taxis. and jeff skversky is here with sports and the eagles getting ready for detroit. trying to go 4-0 for the first time since the super bowl season. coach peterson says it's a new season and it's 0-0 and they go against the lions. they wore pink cleats to support breast cancer awareness month. wentz was there at 9:30 a.m. that is rick williams time. trying to get refocused after the by week.
5:44 pm
>> i'm chomping at the bit to get back here. once we are here and in football mode it's easy to get locked in. >> our season starts now and what we did already is great, and we are in a good position but we need to buckle down and prepare as if this is week one. >> linebacker nigel bradham is setting to start against the lions despite getting arrested for having a loaded gun in his bag. bradham says he simply forgot he had the gun in the bag. >> everybody knows what i have to do. pretty much take control of my actions and be more responsibility for everything i do. >> guys have to make better decisions when they are away from the building and it's unfortunate l it's out of my hanned now and a legal matter. but you just got to use your head and be smart.
5:45 pm
>> basketball now still no time table for when sixers rookie, ben simmons will return to the court following foot surgery but brett brown is optimistic that simmons will attack his rehab. the conversation caught me off guard because it had nothing to do with sort of misery or woe is me, he is looking forward to getting back here in this building and diving into a holistic plan, a development plan we have in place for him. >> and he is expected to play his first home preseason game tomorrow against the wid ards and they will restrict his minutes to around 12. and winning last night was therapeutic to the team. >> getting a win in amherst it helps validate some of the stuff we have been doing. and those things add up. and i think to put a timeline on
5:46 pm
when you feel like you really arrived is hard. >> the memory of the 1993 world series finish still haunts phillies fans. and last night in toronto another painful reminder of joe williams walkout. the do or die wild card playoff game. a toronto fan threw a bottle at kim as he makes the catch. adam jones calls it pathetic and a baltimore restaurant is offering a 1,000 there's resss the three run shot. the first in the playoffs. they face cole hamels next in the divisional series. cole hamels in position now by the way to go after another world series ring. >> i like the wild card games. >> it's do or die i love it.
5:47 pm
>> hunter pence in tonight's game. and designated survivor is on tonight. he is working to keep it a secret just as he is working to give his first television interview. >> president richmond fired you from his cabinet on the day of the attack at the capital. were you fired and if you were you can understand why people say you have no business being the president of the united states. >> talk about a bombshell moment delivered by elizabeth vargus no less. but the evening starts with the goldbergs and speechless at 8:30 and blackish at 9:30 and then designated survivor and wraps up with "action news" at 11:00.
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we are going to check the accuweather forecast seeing how the week shapes up without hurricane matthew now. >> we saw the models putting it out to sea each more. >> you predicted that would happen. >> we started to say that was turning. >> good. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan it is four days away things
5:51 pm
are bound to change. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing locally here not inch much going on but a lot of sunshine inland and moving the temperatures back to 70 or above. low 70s for philadelphia and most of our counties in pennsylvania. 71 in allentown un69 in wilmington and lower 60s from wilmington to cape may to atlantic city. stars and clouds overnight and more clouds to the south and more stars to the north and west and areas of fog are developing, if you saw fog the last few mornings you more than likely will see it tomorrow. 44 to 52 sounds chilly and feels chilly but average for the beginning of october. there you see the clouds filtering in with the wind off the ocean in southern areas, as we head down to the south this is the big weather story and continues to be that major story as we go into the upcoming weekend for the southeast coastline of the united states. hurricane matthew approaching the bahamas now, you start to
5:52 pm
see the outer bands of the rain in the bahamas heading towarded southeastern florida and miami. that is where we have warnings in effect and from miami straight up to daytona beach and now added north of daytona beach to savannah, georgia, a hurricane watch because they are in the direct panel of this strong, significant hurricane. winds sustained 120 still a cat 3, winds moving to the northwest 12 miles per hour. and back to a category 4 status prior to making landfall near cape canaveral, florida. and winds ustained at 130 miles per hour. and itle hug the coast and affect the entire eastern coastline from miami to the carolinas going into saturday as a category 2.
5:53 pm
and then there is that hook out to sea and heads back down to the south into monday as a category 1 hurricane. as it scrapes the entire coastline it will do a lot of damage and the change with that steering pattern in the upper levels of the atmosphere. we talk about the two track scenarios and high pressure builds in the middle part of the atlantic, that trough we talk about the cold front. it's weaker today compared to yesterday and faster moving so it cannot draw matthew up the coast. and good news from the mid-atlantic to the northeast and high pressure is building in the upper levels of the atmosphere in the southern part of the united states and that traps matthew and could hook and head back to florida in the middle of next week so it could make two landfalls in florida days apart. as we look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sunny and pleasant and bright and comfortable thursday and friday mid-70s above average, clouds as we roll through.
5:54 pm
68 degrees and damp at times to begin the weekend, beautiful sunday through wednesday. seasonable temperatures and a decent amount of sunshine with highs in the upper 60s. not a bad seven day despite saturday's showery at times. the pennsylvania conference for women is tomorrow at the convention center and 6 abc is a proud media sponsor. 9,000 women gather for work shops on professional development hosted by successful women in the workplace, the senior vice president of beneficial bank shared hips on branding for women working for for a promotion women need to get out there in their company and make the goals known, be invited to meetings and work on projects in different areas of the company. people get stuck in their silos and think if you have relationships with the organization it makes you more
5:55 pm
marketable. >> go to and search pennsylvania conference for women to learn more.
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college students searching for jobs didn't have to go further than the campus of rutgers university camden. close to 60 employers from south jersey showed up to provide information on a variety of full and part-time positions as well as internships. it's an annual event giving students a chance to network and brush up on their interviewing and communication skills. jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. breaking news from trenton where two homes were damaged in an explosion. a raging house fire claims the lives of a couple in philadelphia this morning. where investigators focusing their search now. and the efforts to free a horse that got stuck in the mud.
5:58 pm
that and much more coming up next. for cecily tynan, jeff skversky, monica malpass and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. good night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night and the big story on "action news" is breaking news in trenton. an explosion has damaged two homes in the unit block of wayne after few. two people are in the hospital and the entire block is evacuated live at the scene of the blast is "action news"
6:00 pm
reporter, dann cuellar. what can you tell us? >> reporter: jim, fire personnel remain on the scene here investigating this gas explosion the second here in new jersey in as many days. the good news is the gas is shut off to the affected homes so there is no more danger of an explosion. the scene shows the scope of the damage caused by the explosion here on wayne after few. one of the homes partially collapsed and it was 3:15 and trenton police got calls of an explosion of some type. >> i was asleep and i heard a loud boom. and i jumped up and said what is that and she ran and said the house is down. >> i was cooking and felts my house shake and the power went out. >> the homes affected are 46 and 8, one was vacant and the other occupied by three people and they said they had to break the


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