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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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suddenly coming to an end in philadelphia and the latest on a horse rescued from a mud pit. that's next. announcer: "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. it the big story on "action news" is breaking news and tragic news from the west kenington section of philadelphia.
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a woman was shot and killed by a drive by shooter. christie ileto is live with more. what happened there tonight? >> reporter: jim, like you said, police say this is a drive by shooting. they believe that victim was standing on the corner with a group of people when the man drove up and fired. >> i heart gunshots, constant and nonstop gunshots. it was crazy and i was scared because i had my little niece. >> reporter: he didn't want his face on camera but herd the bursts. a 47-year-old woman was standing with a group of people at a street and somer set when a barrage of bullets filled the intersection. >> a green chevy trailblazer from a street to somer set. stopped in front and fired multiple times into a crowd of people. the victim, the female victim
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with is one that has sustained the gunshot wounds. >> reporter: the victim was hit once in the head, the neck and the shoulder. medics pronounced her dead at the scene. now, police say there's no clear motive on this shooting, but are looking into whether this may have been drug related. the green suv that the gunman was in -- anybody with information is asked to contact homicide detectives. live in kenington, christie ileto "action news" 6. two homes suffered damage when an explosion rocked wayne avenue and trenton. police evacuated the entire block. live at the scene is dann cuellar. dann, what are the latest developments there? >> reporter: jim, emergency crews remain on the scene trying to track down the cause of the
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explosion. as you can see, the twin homes continue to collapse endangering neighboring row homes. the natural gas has been shut off to the homes. they were looking for other victims. at this point, it does not appear there was anybody else other than the two people, the disabled man and his aide. this home continued to collapse further tonight. as this was happening, firefighters kicked open the door to look around for other victims. neighbors say it was 3:15 they heard the explosion. >> i was asleep. i heard this loud boom. i jumped up and asked my granddaughter what was that? she ran to the window and saw the house. >> i was in the kitchen cooking. i felt the entire house shake and the power out. >> reporter: one of the homes was vacant, the other occupied by 45-year-old william lewis and
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his nurses aide. >> saw him at the window. a couple guys off the street threw bricks in the window and a tire on the street. told him to back up and they threw a tire at the window and they climbed out. >> reporter: they are isolated the problem. >> a gas leak at 46 and 48 wayne avenue. >> reporter: they don't know the cause. it was the second explosion in as many days. a gas explosion in patterson destroyed two homes and left 38 homeless. as the investigation continues into the investigation in trenton, alice jackson says the home thwas occupied by her neph. >> i hope nobody got hurt. i hope they don't find anybody in there. the house has history. >> reporter: back live here on the scene of this dramatic scene
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where the row homes slowly collapse to one side. they are being watched closely. i spoke with william louis who suffers from disabilities. he was treated for scrapes and bruises. the nurse's aide was also treated. he is thankful for neighbors helping him get out of there and grateful to be alive. dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you, dann. >> one person was killed tonight on i-295 when a tractor-trailer overturned on top of a pick-up truck crushing most of the vehicle. it happened in the southbound lanes in carneys point at 6:30. motorists were required to get on the new jersey turnpike to cross the bridge. authorities haven't said what caused the accident. an accident in galloway
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township. ette was on jimmy's court. the driver of the vehicle stopped at the scene. no word whether charges will be filed. philadelphia firefighters went door-to-door in bustleton tonight. they were handing out smoke detectors to neighbors of a couple killed in a fire early this morning. the blaze broke out just after midnight, leaving a man and woman in their 50s dead. there is no word, yet, on the cause of the fire. investigators appear to be focusing on the rear floor, the first floor rear of the home. there it is tonight. hurricane matthew coming up through the caribbean and poised to do significant damage to the southeast united states. they are bracing for impact along hundreds of miles of coastline from florida's beaches to north carolina's outer banks. by this time tomorrow, matthew could become the first major hurricane to make land fall in the united states since wilma,
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11 years ago. authorities are taking to chances. governors are urging nearly 2 million people to evacuate. that's caused an understandable run on gasoline and supplies and a strange sight as highways in south carolina have been switched for traffic in one direction only, away from the ocean. those who plan to ride it out will want to protect their property or busy boarding up and sandbagging. let's get the latest track from meteorologist cecily tynan. the good news for us, it seems we will likely dodge this monster storm. >> that's right. the storm system will stay south of us. this storm is making a beeline for florida. it remains large and powerful. category 3 hurricane, sustained winds 115 miles per hour. it's the same as the 8:00 update. as we zoom in, you can see how the eyewall is beginning to try to reform again. that's an indication it is
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moving into more favorable atmosphere, lower windshield. this is expected to become a category 4 hurricane overnight and expected to hit central east coast of florida as a cat 4 by early friday morning. right near cape canaveral. this is making history. if this happens, this is only the fourth time since 1970 that a cat 4 or higher hurricane hit the u.s. andrew, hugo and charlie the other three. then it takes a dangerous path hugging the coastline of florida, georgia, south carolina into the weekend before eventually heading out to sea. that will bring a lot of damage right along the southeast coast. then it could meander there for a while. more details on this system and the system that kicks it out to the sea. jim? >> thank you. rescue workers in haiti are trying to get a complete picture of matthew's impact. a key bridge has been washed out.
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roads are impassable. communications have been cut off in the poorest country in the western hemisphere. at least ten people are confirmed dead. the united states is providing $1.5 million in food and disaster assistance and hundreds of u.s. troops. in cuba, where matthew made land fall last night, dozens of homes have been destroyed in the eastern most tip. the effects, far less severe than haiti. we have this information coming into "action news" tonight. the ride the ducks is shutting down operations indefinitely in philadelphia. the company says this is because insurance premiums are spiking more than 300%, making the tours no longer financial feasible. ride the ducks opened in 2003, but infamously involved in a deadly crash on the river in 2010, which killed two hungarian
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students. the tour operator employed 42 full and part-time workers. police in philadelphia are trying to track down the bandits who broke into the house of st. joe's university students and terrorized a female student living in the basement. "action news" reporter, jeanette reyes, it is hard to imagine how this could have been more terrifying for this one student. >> reporter: it really is horrifying to hear. to be honest with you, students here are absolutely scared and terrified to hear about this brutal home invasion. take a live look behind me. investigators are inside that home on the corner with the lights on. they are collecting new evidence after finding brand-new surveillance video, hoping it will lead them to their perpetrators. >> everybody is on edge. some people went home, believe it or not. >> reporter: it didn't take long for residents to hear of the horror of st. joseph university
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student went through early this morning. we caught up with robert nervously walking home from class. >> what's freaking me out is all my friends are texting saying make sure you get home safe, just because it's crazy now. normally, you don't think about it. >> reporter: around 5:00 a.m., a 21-year-old female woke up to two strangers in her room. they likely climbed in through an open window. >> they forced her in the closet, taging her iphone, ipad, car keys and her purse. >> reporter: the perpetrators duct taped her mouth shut, restrained her with zip ties. the women's five roommates were sound asleep in the upper floor as the ordeal went from bad to worse. >> possibly the trunk and car. at that point, she sees an opportunity to run. she runs back to her house. >> reporter: tom patterson and the victim share a mutual
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friend. >> she's in shock, still. obviously scared. it's a tragedy. she's traumatized. >> reporter: the incident brought back memories for this senior who lived down the street. are you surprised it happened? >> no. >> why not? >> we got broken into. >> reporter: it could have happened to anyone. >> honestly try not to think about it, but it's always in the back of your mind like it could happen. >> reporter: philadelphia police were able to recover the victim's car a mile away from here. we are told the victim is okay, but, of course, shaken by all of this. reporting live, jeanette reyes, channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you. still to come, our one-on-one interview with vice presidential nominee, tim kaine at a south philadelphia rally tonight. plus, a horse rescue. we'll show you how this lucky equine is doing tonight. also, another smartphone
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battery explodes forcing an airplane emergency. the phone's owner says there is a new concern about samsung galaxy note 7s. is there a limit to human life span? researchers reveal just how old people can get. cecily? >> hurricane warnings are posted for most of the east coast of florida from miami to jacksonville. i'll talk more about the hurricane matthew as it heads to florida and track rain over our weekend in the accuweather seven day forecast. ducis rodgers with the eagles looking ahead to the detroit lions when "action news" continues tonight.
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horse named cyrus was rescued from deep mud in thornbury township. cyrus, a 1700 pound clydesdale became stuck this morning and it took all day to free him. it was a pain staking operation. the horses legs are delicate. they needed to dig him out with
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care. he is eating and does not appear to have any broken bones. >> hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine made a stop in philadelphia. he's feeling good about the vice presidential debate. he talk about creating jobs and achieving equality. he also threw jabs at republicans donald trump and mike pence calling trump, quote, a pretty scary guy. sharrie williams spoke with senator kaine and asked about his demeanor and why he interrupted so many times. >> there are so many things donald trump has done that are indefensible. i wanted to ask governor pence over and over again, how he can defend this. he responded the same every time saying i want to talk about something else.
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>> mike pence was in virginia and delighted with what many thought was his victory last night over kaine, at least on style points. some of the same pundits have saying it was a reminder of donald trump's lack of composure in a debate against hillary clinton. some wondered if pence cared more about november 8 or 2020. >> trump congratulated pence calling it the most decisive victory. he claimed much of the credit for himself. here is how. >> i'd argue that mike had the single most decisive victory in the history of vice presidential debates. i believe that. ladies and gentlemen, thank you. thank you. >> trump claimed credit was he said that pence was his first hire that he hired a good man to be his running mate.
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of course trump has the chance to even the debating score in st. louis. a smoldering samsung prompted an emergency forcing everyone to evacuate a jet liner. it happened at the louisville airport by the flight took off. it overheated during the safety demonstration. nobody was hurt. faa warned passengers not to use or charge a samsung galaxy note 7 on board. that phone has been recalled for batteries blowing up. the phone's owner says this one was a replacement that samsung gave him for the recall. the company says it cannot confirm that until it gets the device. health check at 11:00 tonight. is there a limit to how long humans can live? research suggests, yes, there is. the record for the world's oldest person, 122 years.
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it has been 20 years since that record was set. the researchers think the human life span likely maxes out at 115 years unless there is some unforseen medical breakthrough that slows ageing. the analysis found despite life expectancies rising dramatically, most of the gains are among children, women giving birth and the elderly, but not for people over the age of 100. so, there is that. let's get the latest on the accuweather forecast for this area and of course the track of hurricane matthew. >> yes, this time tomorrow night matthew will be closing in on central florida as a category 4 hurricane. closer to home, we have quiet weather. storm tracker 6 showing dry conditions out there and the action cam tonight taking a look at the memorial. this is actually to commemorate aviators killed in world war i. clear. you can see the moon behind that
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and a little bit on the chilly side. may want a sweater. early tomorrow morning, philadelphia 51 degrees. cape may 61. the poconos dropping to 41 degrees and satellite 6 along with action radar, the cloud cover to the south and east during the day is beginning to dissipate and tomorrow we are looking at a good amount of sunshine. fog is possible in the morning, the areas that got it today and yesterday will see more tomorrow then sunshine, a few clouds and warm. average high for this time 70. philadelphia 75. willmington 73. all eyes are on hurricane matthew. this satellite 6 action radar showing the outer rain bands are already beginning to hit florida. this is making a beeline for florida. maximum sustained winds 115 miles an hour moving northwest at 10 likely to become a category 4 hurricane as it hits
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the central east coast of florida, paralleling georgia, south carolina, moving out to sea, doing a loop and meandering off the southeast coast into next week, possibly making another hit. weekend in the bahamas or perhaps in florida. later next week. this is going to be the main impact. again, late tomorrow night into friday morning. you can see all the communities affected. looks like it will likely make land fall near cape canaveral. kennedy space center is shut down. orlando, daytona, jacksonville and jupiter is going to be raked with a high storm surge and winds more than 110 miles per hour and could get 4-8 inches of rain along the path. these are the bullet points. possible category 4 to hit florida. this will be historic. major damage expected, hugs the
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coast for us. fortunately, it will not impact our area. the exclusive accuweather seven day forecast, tomorrow and friday, beautiful weather, 75. saturday, showers moving through, could happen anytime during the day. clouds, 68. the sunshine is back sunday with a cool breeze. columbus day, 66. tuesday, nice and sunny. wednesday, sun and clouds with a high of 69 degrees. so, all eyes on the hurricane and david will have an update tomorrow morning. >> thank you. the great american space race is on. another private company calls blue origin is hot on the heels with space x with what it accomplished today. it shot off the top of a rocket like a champagne cork and deployed parachutes to come back to earth.
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it safely landed in the texas desert. launching people into space. it is run by billionaire amazon founder, jeff.
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back on the field today. carson wentz enjoyed his time off going home to north dakota. the kid was itching to get back to work. >> toward the end of the week, champing at the bit to get back here. once we are here and in football mode, it is easy to be locked in. >> really, our season starts now. what we have did already is great and we are in a good position. we need to buckle down and prepare as if this is week one. >> the eagles still havishe iss to deal with. nigel bradham was arrested for having a weapon at the airport. bradham knows he needs to make better decisions. >> i'm here now. that's a blessing. i can't take that for granted. a lot of guys on the league made
11:29 pm
mistakes and truly only get one chance. got to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> last year, the eagles lost to detroit by 31 points. matthew stafford had five td passes. not long ago stafford was the hot nfl rookie. >> i'm impressed. he's playing at a high level, not turning the ball over. making plays. seems to be a sharp kid, really talented. every game is a learning experience. >> still ahead, the sixers give us an update on ben simmons. hear what coach brett brown says his star's mind set is following yesterday's surgery.
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sixers first round draft pick ben simmons had surgery for a fracture in his left foot. >> the conversation i had with him caught me off guard because it was -- it had nothing to do with misery or woe is me. he's looking forward to getting back here in this building and diving into a holistic plan, still a development plan we have in place for him. >> the plan for joel embiid is 12 minutes. the big man looked good against the celtics.
11:34 pm
he will play tomorrow at home against the wizards. he reported no soreness today. mets and the giants in the one-game wild card. gillespie. san francisco will face the cubs beginning on friday. the mets play exactly one more game than our phillies. >> there you go. thank you. finally tonight, some of the top baseball players in the city of philadelphia had quite a night. these young men and women make up the four championship teams from the police athletic league baseball finals. the members gathered at the pal center in fair mount to show their trophies and celebrate their victories. we congratulate them all. jimmy kimmel next. "action news" continues at 4:30
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a.m. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. tonight -- zach galifianakis. and idina menzel. and now, while we're at it -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. wow, oh wow. i appreciate that. we have a lot to get to. i have no time for nonsense tonight, all right?


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