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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  October 6, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> good morning, good to see you, 4:30 a.m., ongt -- october 6. >> hurricane matthew is pounding the bahamas as it makes its way toward the u.s. >> you can no longer ride the ducks in philadelphia. the company has announced it is shutting down. >> reporter: we're cool, looking at sunshine, look at the lack of cloud cover, we have stuff along
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the coast anne patchy stuff north and west, that will break up quickly and we'll wind up with sun today. 57 in philadelphia. allentown, reading, mid to upper 40s, clear skies hassen couraged a dip in numbers. 61 in millville. 59 in cape may. as we go through the day, sunshine, clouds, 55 degrees, by 7:00 a.m. 61 by 10:00 a.m. 68 by noon, we'll get a nice high of 73. a couple of degrees above average. 6:00 p.m., 71 degrees. hurricane matthew category 3 will become a four as it cuts into the bahamas. karen what are the roads looking like? >> reporter: we're looking at the vine street expreas way, all lanes are blocked at 5:00 a.m. crews will be back tonight at
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11:00 p.m. looking outside live on i-95, southbound traffic no delays. the ramp from i-95 cottman northbound is open, as well. looking good. limerick, montgomery county, an accident at masters drive look for crews on the scene with this one. chester county, near downingtown we have construction crews are blocking the right lane. overnight construction on 42 has cleared, ramp 295 southbound to 42 northbound is better. >> hurricane matthew is pounding parts of the bahamas right now, the strongest carribean storm is expected to strength as it approaches florida. the governors of that state as well as, georgia, north carolina are declaring states of emergency. >> reporter: this morning, florida is preparing for this. hurricane matthew possibly the worst storm is hit the sunshine
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state in decades. it's ripped through the carribean. slamming into haiti. >> everything in my house is wet, i've lot eferg, the water took it. leveling towns in cuba. as it makes its way through the bahamas its making its way to the u.s. wind 120 miles per hour. florida, georgia and the carolinas have declared states of emergency. more than a million are being asked to leave their homes in florida. >> get out now, it could be decision between life and death. >> reporter: south carolina is expected to evacuate half a million people. traffic there has been bumper to bumper as residents flee. >> reporter: those who stay are scrambling for supplies food and bottled water. >> i've already been to three gas stations that have shut down because they are out of gas. >> we've been waiting 3040
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minutes, getting plywood. >> reporter: the president warning residents to a prepare for the worst. >> you get an evacuation order, just remember that you can also rebuild, you can repair property. you cannot restore a life if it is lost. >> reporter: the u.s. navy said it is prepared to help and has the east coast fleet in a heightens state of rdiness to be employed if needed. -- deployed if needed. an explosion rocked a neighborhood in trenton, new jersey. the action cam is live at the scene, wayne avenue right now the collapsed home is still slowly falling. police and fire immediately evacuated the entire block yesterday afternoon. one home was vacant, the other was occupied by 45-year-old william louis who is a nurse's aid. they were trapped and couldn't
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get out. >> a couple of guys threw bricks in the window and climbed up the house. >> louis suffered scrapes and was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. >> the explosion caused by a possible gas leak was in the rear of the home. a crash on east jimmie roads last night, a man was killed, the 23-year-old woman stopped. ride the ducks is no longer doing business in philadelphia. katherine scott is live where the tours cruised to start. >> reporter: that's right -- used to start. this is 6th and chestnut, this
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is where the duck boats would park and not any more. >> reporter: ride the ducks in philadelphia has stopped the operations indefinitely. they started their route in 2003. the vehicles are a cross between buses and boats function on land and water. you may have heard themking around the city. they said because of their insurance premiums it's not possible to continue here. the company has been target of lawsuits after several accidents in philadelphia. in 2010 two tourists from hung glee were killed after a tugboat bushed the barge into a disabled duck body on the delaware river.
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back in 2015, a tourist from texas was run over and killed by a ride the ducks vehicle as she walked across the road near the convention center. witnesses told police she was crossing against the lithe. the attorney who represented the victims released a statement saying a city without a duck boat tours is a safer city. operations in philadelphia have been suspended, but they continue in other cities. in the company's statement they did not address the accidents that took place in philadelphia. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> the search is on for two bandits who broke into the home of students from saint joseph university and terrorized a female student. it happened early yesterday morning, police say one man was armed with a knife, the other with a gun, the robbers duct tape the mouth of a female student and zip tied her hands
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and put her in a closet. she was able to escape and call her roommate. >> what's freaking me out, is everybody is texting each other saying get home safe, because you don't think about it. a judge sentenced a doctor to prison for running a pill mill money laundrying and selling prescription drugs. he did all this with the help from the pagans motorcycle club. pennsylvania has shortened the waiting period for no fault divorces. govenor wolf reduced the time from two years to one year.
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the new law will take effect in 50 days. surveillance from a store showing a man barging in and swinging a knife at employees. >> samsung phone burst into flames on board the plane, it's not even the phone that was recalled. >> reporter: we have jackets on the kids, it's a chilly start. some of the northern suburbs are in the 40s. we recover nicely, it's definite e -- definitely shorts and ts on the way home. we look at the weekend and see if we can avoid the showers.
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>> welcome back you're taking live look at fort lauderdale, near miami, the hurricane matthew is getting crosser to the -- closer to the bahamas, it will intensify and intk --
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become a category 4 hurricane later today. >> the storm may not make landfall. >> reporter: but you'll still have high surge flooding in parts of florida and maybe north later on. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we have a great day around here. looking outside, we have the ben franklin bridge, a tranquil morning you'll want that jacket again. 57 degrees in philadelphia. northern suburbs in the mid to upper 40s, get ready for that. winds are calm. there was a chance of a fog developing here and there, not seeing that this morning, but something to keep in the back of your mind. we'll start out with sun, every now and then you see cloud cover popping up on satellite.
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generally speaking mostly sunny day. 65 degrees by 8:00 a.m. 71 degrees by noon. 73 is the high at 3:00 p.m., before we dip to 72. high temperatures, 73 in philadelphia. 75 in allentown. 76 in reading, 74 in wilmington. 73 in trenton. 68 in cape may. 70 or not boardwalk in atlantic city this afternoon. future tracker 6 picking up a friday story, we'll have partly sunny skies tomorrow, warm, highs in the mid 70s. saturday, we cloud up a bit through the day from 10:00 a.m. through dinnertime there's a chance of a spotty pop-up shower, the model may not positioning that correctly. that may be moisture from a cold front of hurricane matthew. doesn't look like there will be much just a few showers possible during the day, not a washout on
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saturday. matthew still a category three in the bahamas. as matt mentioned, it may or may not make landfall. the red line is the possible tracks within the wide cone. friday it's a category three and potentially a two. still looks like it's going to make a dip to the south and by monday evening it's down to tropical storm strength and we'll see if the remnants of that storm angle back toward florida again. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 73 degrees, mostly sunny, pretty nice out there. tomorrow, mostly to partly sunny, 75 degrees, a couple of nice days for us. saturday, more clouds, approaching front, showers at times, 72. sunday, mostly sunny breezy, cooler, 66. columbus day sunny and cool, 64.
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tuesday, 67 a few clouds, yom kippur arriving. wednesday, clouds and sun, 69, could be a shower on wednesday. remember when we're not on the air you can get the latest weather information if you're cower to us about matthew surveillance video captured terrifying moments inside business, it shows joe walker walking into the business on monday and taking swings at employees holding a knife. they got walker outside where he was arrested. one of the employees is cut on the face. employees had been in the store earlier in the day making threats. a burglary suspect shot and killed a sergeant with a los angeles county sheriff department. sergeant stephen owens died ever
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he was gunned down behind a home yesterday, the suspect stole a deputy patrol car and hit a second vehicle and hid in a home where aways arrested. owen was a 29 year veteran. a samsung phone burst into flames in lieuy yesterday. the fire department said the phone overheated during the flight crew safety demonstration. >> it continued to smoke in my pocket. >> nobody was hurt. faa warned passengers not to use or charge samsung galaxy note 7 on board. that was recalled for batteries. the other owner said this is a replacement samsung after the
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recall. health problems are pledging flint michigan a highly bacterial disease that spreads when people don't wash their hands. people experienced rashes and hair loss when high levels of lead were found in a local water supply. many are bathing less and swabbing down with baby wipes and many of them are refuse to go use soap and water to wash their hands. >> 4:47 a.m. a european airline announces it is coming to philadelphia. >> new on "action news," the bucks county property was the setting for most of the most musical memories in history, changes coming to the home owned by oscar hammeris like
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>> reporter: good morning everyone, we're looking live at the platt bridge. traffic is move be okay. roads are dry, it's a little chilly out there, though. westbound traffic is starting to move on the vine street expressway. as we look live at broad street eastbound, it is clearing out, but they will be back tonight no
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worries. accident maple avenue at easton road and one in limerick at presstol road and rubert road. we have construction at route 70. we have construction blocking a lane at 6:00 a.m. absecon boulevard. >> new on "action news," a the bucks county home owned by oscar hammerstein is said to become a museum. approval was given to his grandson. oscar hammerstein is best known for his collaboration with richard rogers.
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oscar hammerstein died at the bucks county property in 1960. will hammerstein has to raise $2 million by next year which is currently a bed and breakfast. philadelphia airport will offer service to iceland in the spring. it will fly none stop to reykjavik which is the capitol. it will run spring, summer and fall. federal rules for prepaid debit cards, issuers have to provide balance and transaction history free of charge. fees may be displayed on packaging, and protection for customers of lost or stolen cards. futures point to a slightly higher open. target is spending a billion dollars to open smaller
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stores in urban areas. the new location chestnut and 19th street in center city one of those. it's opened yesterday. >> vice presidential candidates are in pennsylvania lobbing voters in battleground states >> a man who served 24 years in
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prison for a crime he did not commit is free. darrell hallway walked out of a green bay institution yesterday. dna cleared him from a sexual assault and burglary case from 1992. the innocence project worked for years to overturn that eviction. >> i'm free again, most people might not get that chance. >> under state law, hallway could get five thousand dollars for every year he spent in prison. it is capped at $25,000. some brand new parents in utah were slapped with a bill the most natural things they can do. the hospital charged them $39 and 35 cents for skin to skin-tn contact. momma given birth by c-section and asked if they wanted to hold
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their baby. the charge is for the extra nurse that came in after the c-section. the father ryan has started a go fund me campaign with a modest 40-dollar goal he has exceeded it. it's not like a poney ride it's your baby. new this morning, an island in vermont is going up for auction it's in south hero along lake champlain. it includes a guest cabin, boathouse and four beaches. it is a three season property because they get nailed during the winter. the property will start at $850,000 when it goes up for auction on wednesday, a boat to get to the vialed is included in the deal. >> i love vermont, sometimes it's lonely out there. >> it's good to be ray lone. one of the largest malice
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october 6. >> a women is killed in a drive-by shooting. >> people down south are


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