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tv   Action News at 530 AM  ABC  October 6, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> smoke in a cabin, a smart phone scare on a jet could signal problems for samsung. >> good good morning 5:30, october 6. david murphy is watching matthew and more, and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: we have widespread cloud cover and patchy fog in spots, that's not a big problem overall. the northern and western suburbs, allentown, 46. same number for reading. chilly there. trenton, 57. 61 in millville. 59 in cape may. 58 degrees in philadelphia. we'll have sunshine, 55 degrees by 7:00 a.m., 61 by 10:00 a.m., 68 by noon, 73 is the high.
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71 by 6:00 p.m. we're watching matthew category 3. it will come close to the coast of florida as a category 4. i'll have the latest from the hurricane center coming up. >> reporter: looking live from the ramble a close shot of it huh, the ramp from the schuylkill expressway eastbound, the vine will be close overnight tonight messing up your overnight and morning commute, as well. darby, hook road at industrial drive, we have police and ambulance on the scene. you will see emergency workers, so give them space to deal with that one. the accidents maple avenue at easton road, the accident in limerick has cleared. let's check out burlington county, construction restricting traffic about another half-hour
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on route 70 in both directs, between 206 and 72. one live look at the ben franklin bridge, looking good, westbound traffic coming into the city, a few more people than a half-hour ago, but no delays just yet. >> hurricane matthew is hammering the bahamas right now, it could save his biggest assault to the southern u.s. some of the flights still going to florida, 1600 flights canceled. american airlines are not flying to miami or fort lauderdale or palm beach. 2 million americans are under evacuation orderses across florida, georgia and south carolina. it's leaving fuel in short supply. >> there's no gas, no water at could say -- costco.
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>> this is serious, it could mean the dinners between life and death when it comes to a storm of this magnitude. >> there's widespread construction in haiti has forced 300,000 people into shelters. the u.s. is providing $1.5 million in food and disaster assistance. follow the path of hurricane matthew at any time at you can find our inter active hurricane tracker showing you where the storm is at this point and where it could go next. >> an explosion has rocked a neighborhood in trenton, new jersey. two homes suffered serious damage, one partially collapsing. the action cam is live on the scene, the collapsed home is not done, it is slowly falling crumbling to the ground. police and fire officials immediately evacuated the entire block yesterday afternoon. one home was vacant and the other was occupied by william
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louis and his nurse aid. they were trapped in there and not ain't get out. >> clawing at the windows, a couple of guys threw bricks in the window and then there was a tire on the street. they threw the tire up at the window and climbed into the house. the. >> fire director said appears that the explosion caused by a natural gas leak originated in the rear of the house that was occupied. there's new information about a deadly pedestrian crash in atlantic county, new jersey. 61-year-old david jackson crossed directly into a path of a honda that had the right-of-way and he was killed. the driver, 23-year-old woman stopped at the scene, she suffered minor injuries. >> the rocky ride is over for ride the ducks in philadelphia. the company abruptly closed its operations citing a gargantuan jump in insurance costs.
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katherine scott has more with reaction. >> reporter: matt we're at 6th and chestnut where the duck boats would park and the tours would gather and everyone would pour on the duck boats, not any more now that operations have been indefinitely suspended. the announcement seems sudden ride the ducks philadelphia has suspended operations indefinitely. they started their philadelphia route in 2003. they are a cross between buses and boats and function on land and in water. you may have heard them quacking as they drive around the city between independence mall and the art museum area and a ride on the delaware. ride the ducks said due to circumstances beyond their control including 330% increase in insurance premiums it is not financially feasible to operate here. the company was the target of lawsuits after several accidents
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in philadelphia. in 2010 two tourists in hungry were killed after a tugboat pushed a barge into the disabled buck boat on the delaware river. the parents received $15 million from ride the ducks and the tugboat company. a tourist from texas was killed by ride the ducks vehicle walking near the convention center. witnesses said she was crossing against the light and appeared to be distracted. the attorney who represented the victims released a statement last night saying a city without duck boat tours is a safer city. so operation for ride the ducks in philadelphia has been suspended indefinitely but they continue in other cities. we're live on independence mall, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you for that. the search is on for two bandits who broke into a house of a saint joe's university student and terrorized a student living in the basement.
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two men broke in one armed with a knife the other with a gun. they duct taped the mouth of a student and vip tied her -- zip tide her hands. they took her outside and she escaped. >> all my friends are saying get home safe it's crazy now, because normally you don't think about it. >> the thieves got away with her iphone ipad car keys and purse. gomp tom wolf signed a bill shortening up the time to wait for a divorce from two years to one year for no fault divorce.
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>> the people in florida are getting ready format that you. >> reporter: it's good they are leaving the coast. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows no such issue. we are no longer dry, as we look outside we have plenty of sunshine building up over the horizon. the water and delaware is looking calm and tranquil because there's not much wind around. the temperature currently in philadelphia is 58 degrees, there are some suburbs that are still in the mid to upper 40s. at least it's not all that windy, though, the winds are out of the northeast at 3 miles per hour. as we take a look at satellite, cloud cover has evaporated overnight in most places, there could patchy fog here or there, but we're not seeing much of that on our models or reporting stations this morning. a little bit of patchy cloud cover here and there. overall we're expecting a mostly sunny start and mostly sunny finish. 61 degrees by 10:00 a.m.
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lunchtime, 68 degrees. the high, 73 degrees, 6:00 p.m., 71 degrees. 73 in trenton. 74 in wilmington. the northern and western suburbs looking warmer at 75 degrees in allentown. 76 in reading, 72 in millville. 68 degrees in cape may with a high probably around 670 a little farther up the coast. we get into friday. looks like another nice day, mid 70s, getting up to that in philadelphia in a lot of surrounding suburbs, a lot of sunshine maybe a few more clouds. i want to advance this into saturday morning, saturday is when we have a front coming in. we are going to cloud up quickly in the morning. now there is the chance of a couple showers around, the model will put most of this down the shore, karen rogers pointed out it will be a good steady rain for a while down the shore, i'm not sure the model will place
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this where it wants to go, technically this is moisture from matthew being drawn north. the feature is a cold front not matthew. matthew is a category 3 hurricane expected to be a category 4 as it comes up friday, from friday night and io friday afternoon. when it says friday overnight that means friday in the overnight period. saturday it looks like it's up by georgia, florida getting hammered by the storm. and even the carolinas that's a category two. it looks like the storm will can you curl around to the south again, if it goes back to the bahamas it will be a weaker storm with the second pass. 73 sunny and nice today. 75 tomorrow. for the weekend, 72 cloudy on saturday, with a shower
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possible. mostly sunny on sunday, 66 degrees and breezy. sunny and cool for columbus day, 64. 67 on tuesday, yom kippur arriving. 69 wednesday late shower. >> a man barges into a business and beginning swinging at employees with a knife. >> an overheated samsung device fills a commercial plane with smoke and sends it back to the normal. >> reporter: looking good, the boulevard at fox street we're clear and dry. we'll take you to radnor, delaware county and check that when "action news" comes right back.
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look at miami, florida, from our sister station down there where it is peaceful, seems very quiet, but later this morning they are expecting tropical storm force winds to arrive from the coastline as hurricane matthew makes its approach to florida. it could do a loop out in the ocean and come back again. a rough 48 hours and maybe longer for the southern florida region. >> let's go over to karen rogers and see what's going on with the thursday morning commute. >> reporter: good morning, let's hop over to radnor township, we're live on the blue route, 16 minute ride from i-95. yesterday it was 145 minute ride
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when they shut down the blue route entirely. things are moving better today, but that would be a given. we have an accident at hook road at industrial drive in darby township. we have police and ambulance on the scene with this one, a lot of crews coming out here right now. the accident in horsham has cleared, maple avenue at easton road looking better right now. i want to go to the commuter traffic report, we have an accident super highway bensalem by the neshaminy mall. we're looking jammed, you can see that on waze app with the area of red. angie you're not a member of the 6abc team you got to join that when you're on waze. i want to show you the temperatures through the area as you head out. it's chilly, 40s in the martins
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creek, 45 in pottstown, and fleetwood. 51 in chester. 50 in levittown, 47 in browns mill in new jersey. 59 in glassboro. 06 in dover, delaware. one of those days, a transition day if fall, it's chilly out there right now, beautiful high of 73 this afternoon, matt. >> surveillance video captured terrifying moments inside an oklahoma business. he began taking swings with employees with a knife. one employee was knocked to the floor, several others were able to get walker outside where police arrested him. one of the employees was cut in the face and expected to be okay. >> employees say walker had been in the store earlier in the day making threats. new this morning, a burglary suspect shot and killed a sheriff's deputy in los angeles county. a long police procession escorted the coroner's van
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carrying the body of steve owen. he and another officer responded to a robbery in california yesterday. sergeant owen was a 29 year department veteran who had previously won the agency's highest honor for courage. a smoldering samsung plane caught fire while a plane was taking off yesterday morning. the phone's owner said this was a replacement phone for the recalled model. he was shaken up and nobody was hurt. >> i noticed smoke pouring out of my pocket, i threw it on the ground and it continued to smoke and smolder and burn into the carpet. >> this is the first report of a replacement phone. the company cannot confirm that until it takes a look g. brand new parents if utah were hit with a 40-dollar bill for
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holding their baby. the hospital charged them for skin-to-skin contact on the bill. the charge was actually for an extra nurse who came in to fill at a time that, the father started a go fund me campaign, the goal, $40 and poking fun at the hospital for the charge he has raised more than $40 and gotten their goat, i think. it's like charging you to ride a goat. it's a fun thing. it's your baby. an island in vermont subpoena for sale, it can be all yours if the price is -- is up for sale, it can be all yours if the price is right. >> residents in flint michigan are dealing with a nasty stomach bug.
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go to the highest bidder, cedar island in the middle of lake champlain. they own a five bedroom house and cottage and tennis court and hot tub. it is expected to go for $850,000. a luxury auction house declares this a steal saying the entire island is going for less than an average price for a one bedroom condo in manhattan if i had an extra $1 million lying around yeah. >> reporter: as a girl who lives with three kids and her mother sometimes i would like to go to an island. this is route 1 approaching business route 1. northbound traffic heading toward langhorne. the accident blocking the right lane, watch how jammed the traffic is. we're heavy from the
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pennsylvania turnpike to business route 1. watch for that accident. another accident northern liberties, 6th street at fairmont avenue we have injuries reported with this one, watch for police and ambulance on the way. karen, multiple accidents for the day when there's no weather weather-related reason for it to happen. it's chilly out there, outlying suburbs in the 40s and philadelphia in the mid to upper 50s. shorts and ts this afternoon as you can see. 55 degrees we are expecting mostly sunny skies for the day. 61 by 10:00 a.m. a cool start. noon, 68. the high 73 degrees atmosphere 3:00 p.m. light winds lot of sun. matt and tam. >> thank you, david. if you want to track hurricane matthew, go to and use our inter active hurricane tracker. more health problems are plaguing residence of michigan.
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it's a bacteria that spreads when people don't wash their hands. last year flint residents experienced rashes and hair loss, many are forced to use filtered or bottled water and bathing less and refusing to wash their hands because they think the water is dangerous. a wisconsin man who served 24 years in prison for a crime he did not commit is free. darrell holloway walk out of the green bay correctional institution yesterday. dna cleared him from sexual assault and burglary case from 1992. the wisconsin innocence project worked for years to overturn his conviction. >> i'm a lived and blessed this day that i am free again, you know, most people might not get that chance. >> under state law he receives about five thousand dollars for every year he wrongly spent in prison, but it is capped at
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so-called brimming gate trial wrapped up his 8th and final day in new jersey. david wildstein said the goal was to insulate chris christie's office from blame. one suggestion was to suggest
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that the closures were for traffic studies. he pleaded guilty that the scheme was political retaliation gains the mayor of fort lee. christy said he had nothing to do with the closures. >> this is new on "action news," the bucks county home of a famous broadway producer is set to become a museum. doylestown town zoning board gave approval to the home of oscar hammerstein. it will include costumes and props and exhibits. oklahoma, carousel, the "the kig and i" and the sound of music. he died at the bucks county property in 1960. >> untraceable facebook rolls out a new massaging feature promising greater security. black friday backlash, a new mall decides whether to open
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on thanksgiving day. >> od morning everyone, it is
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6:00 a.m., thursday, october 6. here's what's happening. >> philadelphia police are searching for answers after a woman is killed in a drive-by shooting. >> millions of people down south you are under evacuation orders as hurricane matthew bashes the about bahamas and ses sights upon florida tonight. >> ride the ducks is over in philadelphia. >> let's go outside to david murphy with accuweather and karen rogers has traffic. good morning. >> reporter: take a look, cloud cover has departed the area overnight. a couple of you waiting for the last little bit of that to


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