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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon, in the news this noon. police are searching for a woman that stole from a philadelphia hospital. >> and new jersey transit is making changes in response to
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last week's deadly train crash. >> but the big story on "action news" this noon is hurricane matthew, regaining strength as it steams toward the florida coast. people have boarded up their homes and grabbed their belongings and hit the road. nearly 2 million residents from florida to the carolinas are being warned to evacuate the danger zone. the storm is barrelling over the bahamas. slamming the islands with strong winds and heavy rain carving a damage of devastation in the caribbean but the storm track continues to move away from our region. david murphy is here with an update. >> the center of the storm is over the bahamas right now and the eye is probably right about there. but into radar view now, and u.s. radar a array is seeing the bans. coming from miami down the
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florida keys may pick up a little bit of this. and heavier cells going into in shore near orlando. we see the heavier rain come in and thunderstorms are embedded in the outer rain bands. it would not be out of the question to hear about tornadoes at some point. hurricane matthew has restrengthened to a category 4 hurricane. this one is scooting up to the north. as we take a look at the current most likely track it looks to make landfall a little farther north now, probably close toward jacksonville friday morning. look at the 145 miles per hour winds. and jacksonville with 135 miles per hour winds and a category 2 drop-off by saturday morning but that is still a lot of wind and rain pushing into charleston, south carolina.
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along with the dangerous storm surge. it looks like it will be a category 1 and then eventually a tropical storm. obviously if it gets a second hit it will be a weaker storm, a tropical storm. that will not give you the tropical storm or wind. but a big rain makers. tropical storm watches are in affect on the far side of florida. and hurricane watches all the way up to charleston, south carolina. and the winds coming ashore will pretty significant. over 74 miles per hour. right along the florida coast through cape canaveral and daytona beach and jacksonville. and a drop-off in the wins in areas between savannah and charleston before the storm starts to pull away. and this is saturday at 12:00 in the afternoon, when i step back we'll talk about the hurricane and more about what to expect down in those southern areas
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second quarter but much better weather here. one small affect locally from matthew here perhaps some rain on saturday. we'll talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> we can survive that thank you. we'll check back in later. in the meantime the hurricane is expected to hit the florida coast starting tonight but the outer bands of the storms has already arrived. rick and sara the rain started falling here along the florida east coast. and we are hour as way before we feel the severe impacts of this storm. hurricane matthew moving towards florida. the massive storm threatening severe flooding and destructive winds, potentially the most powerful hurricane to hit the u.s. in more than a decade. >> evacuate. evacuate. evacuate.
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unfortunately this is going to kill people. >> possibly the largest evacuation ever in florida with orders in place for 2.5 million people from here to the carolinas. >> i'm thinking just to get as far away from the flood zone as possible. >> some gas stations running out of fuel. >> i spent almost an hour driving around looking for gas. >> store shelves left empty and more than 100 shelters open from south to central florida. >> i want to do what is best for them. >> taking the threat seriously after seeing the destruction matthew left behind killing dozens of people in haiti and battering the bahamas. >> i'm so squared really. >> and making a straight shot towards the sunshine state. forecasters expect matthew to make landfall as a category 4 late tonight. already 2400 national guard troops are deployed helping with
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the last minute evacuations. marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." >> from our new jersey newsroom now, we are hearing from a man that survived an explosion in trenton yesterday. two homes that nearly collapsed are at risk of completely falling over. nora muchanic joins us now from the scene, nora what is the situation there? >> hi there sara. first off investigators are here on the site all morning waiting for the arrival of heavy equipment that is just getting here right now. the plan is to pull the two homes apart piece by piece so the investigators can safely get inside. as you mentioned. i did talk this morning to a man inside of 46 wayne avenue, he didn't smell gas beforehand but before he knew it everything came down. >> i'm still shaking. i don't know where i'm at. >> this is william lewis along with his home health aid was
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inside when 46 and 48 wayne avenue exploded causing the home to collapse. >> it was two levels and my neighbors came to try to assist me. >> they pulled the two out of a front window but not before lewis and his aid tries to escape from the back. >> it blew out the back door again, thank god i had enough too to pull me through the window. >> the homes are now precariously tilted and will be taken apart piece by piece so investigators can determine the source of the explosion. >> it's like a house of cards sloped down and the other size isn't as bad but it's like tilted. >> they were talking but how one of the houses had been if the family. that is a little sad. >> the immediate area around the blast site remains cordoned off and gas and power is shut off around the site.
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a woman who lives next to the site moved her family down the block. >> i don't want to take chances and i have two small kids, i don't know what will happen when the actual house falls completely down. i don't want to take that risk. >> four families are displaced by this accident here. this collapse. they are being assisted by the red cross, one home that collapsed was vacant. the one where mr. lewis lived was owned by his grandparents, he and a friend staying with him hope to get inside or have investigators get inside to retrieve personal belongings but at this point that is off limits until the building is stabilized. >> all right nora thank you. well, ride the ducks will not be navigating the streets and waterways of philadelphia anymore. the company suspended their philadelphia operations
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indefinitely. in a statement on their website they stated that insurance premiums spiked 330%. it began in 2003 and the amphibious vehicles were involved in two deadly accidents, one hit a pedestrian and another one smacked into a dug boat killing two tourists. and a new policy for its trains pulling into his stations, a conductor must join the engineer when a train arrives at hoboken or atlantic city. they have platforms at the enof the rails. this after a train yacrashed a hoboken station killing a woman on the platform. the engineer says he has no memory of the crash. a 74-year-old woman was shot and killed while standing in a crowd in west kensington. police are still looking for the person that pulled the trigger.
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detectives say the victim was standing in front of her own home with a group of people when a green chevy trailblazer came up and opened fire. philadelphia detectives are looking for this woman. who allegedly stole from a hospital. they say she took credit and debit cards from an employee's locker inside of albert einstein medical center. the suspect was caught using the card at a cell phone store. call police if you recognize this person. it was a painstaking mission yesterday. it certainly paid off and a horse named cyrus is recovering today. we brought you the story during breaking news yesterday at noon, a horse became stuck in deep mud and authorities spend hours lifting him out of his predicament.
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the clydesdale names cyrus is back on his feet doing okay. he does not appear to have broken bones. you were there too? >> yes, it was some rescue. >> did he have anything to say? >> he is still recovering. police have caught a mafia boss on the run for years. where they found him hiding out. and activists have gathered for a womens rights conference. we'll take you there in the next half hour. and david murphy will have the accuweather forecast when "action news" continues.
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police in italy captured a mafia boss, they found him hiding behind some kitchen cabinets. authorities spend the last five years looking for anthony paylay, he was found behind the kitchen cabinets. a man that spent 24 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit is walking free. dow hollaway was wrongly
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convicted in a sex assault and burglary case in 1992, but new dna testing proves he didn't do it. >> i am still alive and blessed to see this day that i'm free again. most people may not get that chance. >> the wisconsin innocence project worked for years to overturn hollaway's conviction, the state will give him up to $25,000 for the injustice. both presidential candidates are campaigning in pennsylvania today. he heads to pittsburgh this afternoon. indiana governor, mike pence held a town hall in pittsburgh and tonight he'll hold a rally in johns town. meantime it's just four days until the next debate. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail doing debate
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prep. and david murphy is in new hampshire for an event tonight. a local mom hits the jackpot during a grand opening. the big prize she won in king of prussia today. and the new program allowing seniors to live in their own homes even with health problems. we'll explain how it works.
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dozens of shoppers turned out in montgomery county to celebrate a brand new store. >> three, two, one! >> the nordstrom rack we opened. and lucky shoppers won $300 gift card and one lucky winner got a $1,000 shopping spree and the store to herself. >> i have five children and they thought i was crazy for getting up and out of the house before i even got them to school. so yes, i was xitsed to win! >> the new store is slightly smaller than the other location near the king of prussia mall but officials say the new location is better for customers. as the saying goes it take a village to raise a child but in today's art of aging, ali gorman talks about an organization
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applying the same concept to seniors. >> reporter: when joan dill had trouble making her medical appointments they suggested she join pal village. >> they take me to all of my appointments it's the difference from living and dying really. >> penn is the village to village network, neighbors helping neighbors to allow seniors to age in their own home. >> seniors want to be active and learn new things. they hold workshops from everything from navigating medicare and understanding smart phones and social media and almost entirely run by volunteers. >> i have drifb driven people to the supermarket and doctors and cleaned one lady's closet for her.
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>> now that she is healed from spinal surgery she is part of the committee. >> my main contribution was to presents a concert in my house. i play the harp. >> for many of the volunteers it's like a second career a way to put their professional careers to work in their post retire many careers i like to use my skills i learned as a social worker. >> i feel a relatively personality cog in the wheel. that is important to me. >> pennville able age is in center city. and more nationwide. >> this is an international movement that is redefining aging. ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." >> the "action news" team is out working on news stories tonight beginning at 4:00. lets check in with alicia vitarelli live in the newsroom with a preview.
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>> hey guys, here is a question today. in a world of friday night lights and high school football can a team be too good? coming up today at 4:00 we'll tackle the question we'll tell you about a powerhouse team that out scored opponents 127-0. other teams are choosing to forfeit rather than get pummeled by the team and this is causing quite the controversy. and find out the touching reason are why this young man spent his spare time collecting money to hopper the father he never met. take us with you on the go, you can watch our newscast screaming live on our smart phone or tablet. >> thank you alicia. your accuweather forecast coming up. because sally chose to get extra chances to win by playing wild ball,
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meteorologist, david murphy, is back here now with a look at the forecast. did we done a bullet? >> yes, as of monday and into tuesday it looks like the storm may come up the coast but fort flightily the trough got big. >> thank that trough for us. >> i will when i see him. we are looking at dry conditions close to home today as we take a look outside we have got sky 6 hd and how about all that blue sky and sunshine and wins over the commodore barry bridge and some of you seeing fair weather cumulous but in this picture hardly a cloud insight. 67 degrees getting close to 70. and as we look at numbers, everybody is comfortable at this point. we started out at 45 degrees for a low in allentown. but you bounced back to 67 and 66 in reading and 60s in the morning in philadelphia and up close to 70 now.
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and that is the story in south jersey. satellite and radar showing you a lack of significant cloud cover in the region and fair weather cumulous is possible as times. lehigh valley mostly sunny and pleasant and warm with a high of 75. down the shore cooler but better than yesterday. 70 is your high and mostly sunny and nice there. 60s in the water. philadelphia mostly sunny and pleasant and high of 74 degrees with light winds, a nice day to get out and walk the dog and take a jog. >> a few clouds moving in and patchy fog, for the most part it's sparse. once again we are on the lookout for that tomorrow. 52 is the low in philadelphia and some out lying suburbs getting into the mid to upper 40s. and then we get into tomorrow, there is a possible of low lying cloud cover early and other than that no worse than partly sunny during the day and this is the 6:00 at night view, and another warm one with temperatures in the mid-70s. but fast forwarding into
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saturday morning, you see the change. a frontal boundary from the northwest triggers more clouds from across the region and during the afternoon there is a chance of sprinkles and showers beginning, the new run model has steadier rain in the afternoon and evening. i think we are a-okay in the morning on saturday for the walk to stamp out parkinson's, i'm honored to be the honorary chair again this year, right next to the art museum. the walk 3 miles long starts at 8:30. and you can sign up on site at 7:30. and now hurricane matthew, a category 4 hurricane. it looks to creep up the coast and wreak havoc for the florida coast, georgia coast and south carolina coast and then dips back down to a tropical storm. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 74 and mostly sunny and nice be 75 and nice tomorrow and showers particularly in the afternoon on saturday and a high of 72.
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sunday mostly sunny and breezy and a nice recovery from the front coming through and coolwer a high of just 66 and columbus day looking sunny and 64 and 69 on wednesday with a late day shower not out of the question. >> thank you david. >> quick break and more news in your second half hour. stay with us.
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"action news" at 12:30
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continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again, here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30. hurricane matthew has strengthened even more back to a category 4, and millions are urged to evacuate. and you will no longer see the duck boats cruising center city anymore. the company is suspending operations in philadelphia indefinitely. and the show notorious gives a peek behind the curtain on tabloid tv shows. now the details, florida's governor has issued a plea to residents living in the evacuation zone. in his word, the storm will kill you. at least 2 million people from florida to georgia to south carolina are surged to head inland. right now it is expected near the coast thursday night with


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