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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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to get a lot worse and people in the storm's path need to find a safe place to hunker down. earlier today matthew tore through the bahamas leaving a path of destruction behind. the capital of nassau will feel the affects of the storm into the night. and now florida where matthew is headed next. the first major hurricane to hit the state in more than 10 years and officials warn that the affects of the storm could be unpress denned for that area. >> the big story is the state of emergency and the affects from florida to the carolinas as hurricane matthew barrels to the northeast. scott mcclean has more on the preparations and evacuations on the way there. >> the storm will kill you. we don't have that much time left. >> florida governor, rick scott, is not messing around and
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neither is hurricane matthew. the category 4 as already killed more than 100 people in the caribbean most in haiti. and now packing sustained winds of 140 miles per hour. it's next stop is the florida coast. expected to make landfall early friday. >> there are no excuses you need to leave. evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. >> 2 million people in matthew's pack are being told to get away. they are warning that the hurricane can destroy homes and cut power to millions possibly for days and first responders will not be there to help. >> we may not be able to save you, we'll have to cease services because it puts the first responders lives in danger. >> people up and down the coast are preparing for what is to come leaving bare shelves at
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grocery stores and long lines at gas station. >> needing all the fully need for a week. >> coastal counties are evacuated today and in south carolina nikki haley says a quarter million people have gone inland so far and another 200,000 could leave today. airports in ft. lauderdale and mime have closed and thousands of flights are canceled ahead of the storm and national guard troops are standing by bracing for the worst but hoping it won't come. scott mcclain, channel 6 "action news." our team of meteorologists are tracking hurricane matthew since it formed in the atlantic. information is coming in all throughout the day. cecily tynan at the big board with the latest track of this storm. >> reporter: this is stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that this storm system is dangerously close already to florida and the outer rain bands already from northern florida
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and the center is 100 miles off the coast and it's a compact eye and the eye itself is only 10 miles across, that is where you have the highest winds, maximum sustained winds a category 4, pushing to the northwest and winds 140 miles per hour and moving northwest at 13 miles per hour and it's 100 miles east-southeast of west palm beach and we did just get the new track and it has shifted a little farther north, looks like landfall will be early tomorrow morn near cape canaveral and the georgia border as a category 4 or strong category 3 hurricane and paralleling the coast and raking south carolina and moving back out to sea and possibly returning to florida next week, insult to injury as a tropical storm. we are looking at a potentially life-threatening hurricane for northeast florida and georgia and parts of south carolina. this is the reason why, it's not
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just the winds it's the storm surge, 7 to 11 feet above the ground and that is very flat area that storm surge will head very far inland and i'll have more on the storm and hurricane matthew and tracking rain on the way in our area this weekend. >> thank you. meanwhile matthew brought air travel to and from the southeast to a halt. the "action news" cam was at philadelphia international airport where passengers were scrambling to find a way to their destination and they warn that more cancellations could be on the way. john rawlins is monitoring air travel and will have more coming up on "action news" at 6:00. and you can monitor the track of hurricane matthew any time day or night. accuweather is online 24/7 with the latest information at or the 6 abc news apps. now, to developing news out
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of north jersey in the last hour, federal investigators say that the new jersey transit train that crash nood hoboken terminal was going more than twice the speed limit at the time of impact. the speed limit was 10 miles per hour and the train was going 21 miles per hour at the time. they say that the train's engineer hit the emergency brake less than 1 second before the crash. this comes as new jersey transit announced a new policy that a conductor must now be alongside the train engineer when train as arrive in hoboken. the engineer in last week's crash was driving by himself. ride the ducks, a popular tourist attract in philadelphia has suddenly shut down until further notice, officials say that rising operational costs are to blame. vernon odom spoke to tourists who were caught off guard by the news. >> reporter: good evening monica, it's a beautiful day here at independence mall, but
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relatively quiet, why? because gone are the duck call toys that conductors passed out as noise makers and souvenirs. the ride the ducks kiosk was shut down and locked tight. the company that runs the tour operation has closed down in philadelphia after 13 years they blame soaring insurance premiums. due to circumstances outside of our control, including a 330% increase in our insurance premiums, continued operations in philadelphia are not financial feasible at this time. tourists found out when they came to buy tickets for today. >> we came here monday and they were operating yesterday and be thought we would do those tomorrow and today is our last day here and we are very disappointed. >> the reputation of the duck boats started suffering in the wake of the 2010 disaster on the delaware river when a crippled
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duck boat was rammed by a barge killing two hungarian tourist and then last may a duck boat killed a tourist. >> a small number of duck boated killed eight people in america in the last five years, their insurance rates deserve to go up because they are dangerous on land and dangerous on the sea and they kill pedestrians and tourists. they are fashioned out of world war ii amphibious vehicles. they operate them in boston and seattle and missouri. he has always been leery of the safety. >> my kids talked me into doing tx i explained to them i'm navy and about safety and the fac that we couldn't have on the life jacket when i took it, thats with a problem for me. >> the company issued a further statement today saying it is
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offering severance and replacement activities and opportunities for the 42 full and part-time employees now out of the work. i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news.." >> all right thank you. from our new jersey newsroom tonight we are hearing from one of the people inside of a trenton home when it exploded leaving behind extensive damage. officials are figuring out what caused the blast. nora muchanic is live where one of the billings collapsed in the last hour. >> we got official word that it's just as they suspected it was an accidental gas leak in the basement of one of these homes that caused the explosions and turned this neighborhood upside down. heavy equipment was brought in
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to dismantle the two homes on wayne avenue in trenton that collapsed yesterday afternoon after a gas explosion. >> everything came down. the bedroom was in the front room. >> edward lewis was inside when the blast occurred along way home health aide. >> they told me to go out the back door but it blew up again and this time i had enough time to pull me through the window. >> lewis and his health aide had only minor scrapes and while their car suffered heavy damage but they are glad they parked a truck and two vehicles in the driveway. >> i'm happy the truck is there, because if it wasn't, i think the whole house would have slide into my house. >> miguel was staying with lewis but was not at home at the time. >> to see if we can get anything
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as far as personal identification, social security or license that we can use. >> they have sealed off the block and so unnerved the woman that lives across the street, she stayed at friends. >> i don't want to take chances and i have two small kids, i don't know what would happen when the house falls completely down. >> the house looks like a house of cards, it sloped down. >> that was until 4:00 this afternoon when the front of the what was left of those houses came all the way down. >> it was quite a crash, this is what it looks like now the big pile. investigators went through the base many debris to fine a live valve that was partially open and leaking and leading to the explosion. four families are displaced and being helped by the red cross. live in trenton, nora muchanic,
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channel 6 "action news." >> nora thank you. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report thursday night. lets go to matt pellman with the latest on the accident on the king of prussia turnpike. >> this accident happened just before 1:00 this afternoon. involving a police cruiser, a motorcycle, and a pickup truck that was towing a classic car but the investigation into the accident continues at this hour. you can see vehicles are still out there, westbound lanes of the turnpike remain completely shut down in the king of prussia area. are you forced off the westbound side at valley force and the jam starts past willow grove and single digit speeds to the blockage point at valley forge and eastbound is a parking lot and the eastbound accident past norristown is gone and the westbound schuylkill stop and go past montgomery to the purpose took where you cannot access the westbound lanes and the westbound blockage is 202
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southbound to 30 westbound to 100 northbound, it's going to be really busy but at least you can get through. if you have easy pass you can get on via 29 malvern. all lanes are blocked at the route 1 media bypass. this too is a parking lot. >> okay thank you matt. much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00, coming up in health check, a robot that looks and sounds human, it's teaching real first responders the life saving tools they need in the event of an emergency. and they still can't get no satisfaction, what the rolling stones are up to next for the first time in a decade. and orlando, florida, we continue to track hurricane matthew as it edges closer to the united states. they continue at how tall are you?
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how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. college that leads to opportunities... not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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the owner of epi pen is having trouble with the federal government. >> in this latest new problem comes from the agency that runs medicaid.
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they say that mylan overcharged medicare for epi pen despite being warned it's estimated $220 million. according to medicaid milan should have been giving the rebate on epi pens because it's a brand name drug. the medicaid says it notified milan of the different several times. they say that it identifies it as a generic drug. robots are used more and more and in many cases it's a high tech device used in surgery and they are used to help teach. but this is trauma how e used with real equipment like a
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defibrillator and can speak and simplate bleeding and a seizure. >> so the instructor can do whatever needs to be done that he has the responsible for the first responders. he is not tethered down or plugged in but controlled by a tablet hundred feet away. trauma howell was introduced this week and first responders practiced different emergency situations with the robot and that kind of hands on training is always helpful. >> thank you ali? the rolling stones releasing their first album in a decade. they go back to their blues roots. the band that came to fame by covering blues hits and it will have a live feel and blue and lonesome sits stores on december
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2nd. and the opening of a new store has people lining up in king of prussia. "action news" will be right back. %her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. z24knz z5yz
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. dozens of shoppers turned
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out in montgomery county to celebrate a brand new store. >> three, two, one! >> the nordstrom rack in king of prussia opened their doors for the first time since reloebt locating the king of prussia town center and one raffle winn winner got a $1,000 shopping spree all for herself. >> i have five children and got here before i got them to school. i was excited to win! >> the new store is slightly smaller than the location near the king of prussia mall but the new location they say is better for customers. two retail joins will stop selling a controversial halloween costume. amazon and wal-mart are vowing to remove the tranny granny.
5:22 pm
the costume sparked outrage online saying it's offensive to the transgender community. a senior student athlete at st. joe's is chosen for an elite honor, deandre smith is chosen for it's army all american bowl. he was presented with his jersey today. the second prep player in history to be chess enforce the team. the game is on sunday july 27th in san antonio.
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back live with hurricane matthew special coverage, here we are in west palm beach, winds of 50 miles per hour and it's still 100 miles offshore and causing significant impact already. evacuations are required. we'll keep an eye on matthew throughout the night. cecily tynan is here with accuweather. we may have dodged a bullet but we are talking about florida. >> this could be catastrophic damage for central and northern florida and georgia and south carolina. this is about 950 miles north,
5:26 pm
you see a difference, calm conditions here however the surf will get rough as we head through the weekend. especially sunday as we are matthew to the south and high pressure building to the south and high pressure is over us and lots of sunshine and mild as well. philadelphia 75 and allentown warm for this time of year 77 and wilmington 73 and atlantic city airport with the winds off the ocean 67 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have clear skies here, i want to show you what is going on to the south. there is a stalled front that just over the border of virginia and north carolina. that front will sink down to the south and as it does that will become a bit of a magnet for rain from matthew as we head towards the weekend for the carolinas. but tonight back at home it's a quiet night and partly cloudy and once again a few areas of fog and 54 in philadelphia and allentown 45 and cape may 58 and wilmington 50, seasonably cool
5:27 pm
tonight. hurricane matthew continues to roll toward the florida coast. maximum sustained winds 140 miles per hour, it's a category 4 hurricane. it's healthy running into warmer waters and could intensify slightly before it makes lan fall as a strong category 4 or strong 3 hurricane. maximum winds 19 miles per hour close to west palm beach, as it makes landfall near daytona beach, then as it moves up to the north savannah and jacksonville still hurricane force winds and weakening at south carolina but winds still at 60 miles per hour. the problem is the rain intensifying as it moves to the north because of that stalled front.
5:28 pm
wilmington, north carolina escaping the brunt of the winds but could get a foot of rain. a serious situation. back at home sunny and 75 and showers rolling in the afternoon best chance from 3:00 until 6:00. and sunday, monday and tuesday a fall chill temperatures in the 60s. but dry and i'll let you know if the trend continues in the exclusive accuweather forecast. more news coming up in our next half hour. stay with us.
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i survived breast cancer. if the doctors hadn't caught it early i might not be sitting here. so i'm outraged that pat toomey voted to defund planned parenthood... which thousands of pennsylvania women depend on for cancer screenings. pat toomey was even willing to shut down the federal government to eliminate funding for planned parenthood. shut down the government over planned parenthood? i think we ought to shut down pat toomey. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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"action news" continues as we monster the westbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike. chopper 6 hd is overhead at the valley forge exit. at least two people taken to the hospital with serious injuries. all westbound lanes are shut down for several hours in fact. that causes major backups around the area. lets head to matt pellman with the issues we are seeing and chopper 6 hd shows you the severity of the situation.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: that is the scene. they have not moved the vehicles, it's a pickup truck toeing a classic car and a motorcycle and a police cruiser involved in the westbound lanes of the valley forge interchange and the westbound lanes remains closed. westbound there for is jammed solid from past willow grove to the blockage point at valley forge and all traffic is forced off and eastbound is not so pleasant, gaper delay. schuylkill you are on the brakes past montgomery to the turnpike where again you can't get on the westbound side. the detour for the westbound pennsylvania turnpike is 202 southbound starting to slow to the 30 bypass, or if you have easy pass gets on the westbound turnpike at malvern route 29. you may want to think about 422 westbound or business 30 westbound, the bottom line is
5:32 pm
allow a bunch of extra time. same situation here on the blue route, because of an overturned vehicle crash at the route 1 media bypass. but a 99 min travel time that should be 19 minutes. if egg harbor township, a crash brought town a pole and westbound is blocked at tillman road. >> a major mess that is for sure. the outer bands of hurricane matthew are hitting the east coast of florida and the bahamas, you are looking at live pictures at miami and orlando simultaneously. it's forcing residents in florida and georgia to move to higher grown. rick scott put it plainly earlier today. he said quote, this storm will kill people, evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. from the tip of florida to the georgia area and the carolinas people are packing up and moving
5:33 pm
inland trying to escape matthew's high wins and the storm surge expected. >> president obama declared a state of emergency. residents spent the day boarding up homes and moving inland. officials did not mince words, they told residents that the time to leave is now. and in a very rare move disney world theme parks and university studios were closed because of matthew's imminent arrivalal. residents live ago lon georgia's coast were ordered to evacuate. they did not hesitate to head inland and national guard trucks got into place near the south carolina and georgia border in preparation for hurricane matthew. they will likely be deployed once the storm makes landfall.
5:34 pm
red cross volunteers are heading to florida. sara bloomquist has more on that. >> reporter: that is right red cross volunteers from our area are joining theest mobilizing now to get in position to best respond to the victims most in need. they are heading to the hurricane and they drove from their home in center city to the poconos. to pick up this emergency response vehicle and head to north carolina and await orders. >> we are mostly feeding and running food back and forth for feeding in the shelters, we won't be out in the field as much yet it depends on how badly the storm hits and how many people go home. >> the storm swept across haiti, cuba and the bahamas cause can damage. and the american red cross is making decisions on how many
5:35 pm
volunteers to send and where on an hour by hour basis. >> this is a fluid situation it's hourly, we are assessing the impact and as matthew makes landfall and move as long the coastline we determine where resources need to be deployed whether they are humor physical resources. >> diane responded for hurricane katrina and they just rereturned helping the victims of the san bernardino wild fires. the first volunteers to travel into the hurricane zone with many more from around the nation in our area likely to follow. >> it's interesting something to do. you meet wonderful people. >> it's about the people. >> people we meet are amazing. >> our promise is to help. to always be prepared to help. so when people sign up to be a red cross volunteer and i hope that many people will sign up, it enables us to help other
5:36 pm
people in need. >> what the red cross needs from people out of danger, donations and not just money, blood drives across the south are canceled so there is an urgent need for blood donations. and they hope that people evacuate, the red cross cannot help people that decided to stay in the danger zone. >> thank you sara. vacationers caught in the middle of hurricane matthew are sharing their experiences online. a woman staying with her family at the atlantis resort in the bahamas, they were gathered with other guests to keep everyone safe. the conditions outs side explain why. winds were gusting around 125 miles per hour. follow the path of hurricane matthew any time at there you can find our interactive hurricane tracker and get the latest from accuweather on any impact
5:37 pm
matthew could have on our area. a bartender was held up at gun point while working a shift in philadelphia's fairmount section. detectives just released video of the suspected thief. it happened early saturday morn on fairmount avenue. the 33-year-old bartender told police that a suspect walked in and point aid gun and demanded money. once he handed over the cash the suspect took off. a man armed with a threatening note robbed the royal bank in center city philadelphia this morning. it happened about 8:30, bank employees say he was wearing a black hoody and blue and white polo shirt and black shoes. no one was hurt. two delaware high school students are under arrest accused of making threats against their school. smyrna police say that the 15-year-old boy and 14-year-old girl posted about a clown committing violence at smyrna
5:38 pm
high school and then allegedly email aid bomb threat to a teacher and the school was immediately evacuated. the threats were made up and no students were ever in danger. now to the race for the white house. democratic nominee hillary clinton spent much of the day deep in preparations for the presidential debate coming up on sunday but stepped out for a fundraiser in new york city. her running mate tim came spent time in pennsylvania holding a rally in pittsburgh. pennsylvania is one of the key swing states crucial to both candidates. because it's so important, republican, mike pence, spent the day campaigning in gettysburg for donald trump. donald trump has his own event in new hampshire tonight. as for debate prep, trump's campaign did not say if he would take time off the trail to prepare for sunday. house speaker paul ryan will
5:39 pm
campaign with donald trump this weekend. the first time they will appear together since the republican national convention in july. they will appear at a festival in ryan's home district of wisconsin. and he was campaigning with ryan costello, he is running for re-election. they visited a highway safety business to talk about success and spurring job growth in the region. and don't forget the deadline to vote in pennsylvania is october 11th and delaware october 15th and new jersey the last day is october 18th. still to come on "action news" tonight. thousands of women enspired to make a difference in their own lives come to center city and we'll take you there. and part of children's toy boxes for generations and taking a special place of honor at the please touch museum. we have the details on mr. potato head. we look at hurricane matthew the center of the storm now
5:40 pm
within the radar's range off miami and west palm beach as the feeder bands are wrapping in. we'll let you know when the worst will hit florida. in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you. jeff skversky has eagles news as they get ready to take on the lions.
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
top receivers came to inspire thousands of women in philadelphia today. including soccer super star amy wombach. katherine scott was there. >> it's the 13th annual conference for women at the pennsylvania convention center it was their biggest turnout ever with 9,000 attendees. >> it inspires you to be your best. >> i think there is strength in terms of coming together, the networking and the sharing of ideas and things that you don't get when you are in your normal day to day setting. >> it's time to get this convention going. our own tamala edwards served as
5:44 pm
emcee complete with speakers and break young sessions and not just for women. >> we need leaders to take us to new places in our organizations and think about things differently. we have to look at cultural and gender diversitdiversity. and platforms for issues that women still face. >> there say feel that we are on an even playing field but the fact is we are not. unless women know this, especially young women we can't improve it. >> the lineup included wharton professor adam grant. >> the irony of opening a women's conference with a man is not lost on me. >> annie clark the victim of sexual assault took to the podium along with anita hill. >> my challenge is to remove assault, harassment and any other obstacles that women that have stand in the way of gender
5:45 pm
equality. >> for attend sees there are benefits, because part of what will he then today could help shape their futures. >> a group of young women from callahan's catholic high school came to the conference. >> it's an inspiration when the community comes together and lift you up. you are capable. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> terrific event. >> now time for sports, jeff is here as the eagles back from a by and on to motown. >> trying to pick up where they left off from the by beating team business a combined 65 points. eagles fans you are not the only ones missing eagles football. rookie quarterback, carson wentz is chomping at the bit to get back to work. and he will get the shot in detroit. he could be the first rookie quarterback to start a season
5:46 pm
4-0, as they face the lions on the road. as great as he has played and the awards he has won so far, he stayed humble and hungry. >> there are things he can do better at and has done a great job of protecting the football that is the ultimate goal. he is slowly each week getting better with more reps and more time. >> it's oath three games and we have more work to do and coming back after the by, we say it's a new season we are 0-0, and have to win every day. >> last thanksgiving still makes eagles fans sick to their stomach, the lions feasted on the d for 45 points, the beginning of the end for chip kelly and now going back to detroit with a new coach. here is ron jaworsky. >> it's funny when i put the detroit lions tape on the first
5:47 pm
tape i looked out was when the eagles when and got pummeled. i'm sure that doug showed the players that tape. one of the worst performances of an eagles team in a long time in detroit. it's not the same detroit team this team is not very good but it's an nfl team and a quarterback that can light you up in matthew stafford if your not careful. but if the eagles stay focused one play at a time they win this game. >> perhaps a little revenge is on their mind. for all the penn state fans not happy with the work of coach james franklin and the zero wins against it's top 25, the athletic director says be patient, he is not going anywhere. matt rule and temple football looking for their fourth win in the last five games.
5:48 pm
temple beat texas when they were ranked 21st in the country and in search of another upset in a short week. >> it's really short it's a quick turn around from playing on saturday and coming around and turning around and playing on thursday. >> it's harder because we just played saturday, and they played saturday as well. we have to play at a high level and be ready on saturday. recap the games on temple play book saturday at 9:45 on "action news." and lets not forget the sixer fz action tonight at home. their preseason home debut. action tonight at home. their preseason home debut. we'll get to see joel action.
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meteorologist, adam joseph here talking about matthew but here we have nice conditions. >> the only day we see clouds and rain is saturday but for the majority of the seven day a nice stretch is on the way. stormtracker 6 live double scan a lot of sunshine this afternoon temperatures topped off at 76 in philadelphia 6 degrees above average and still in the middle and upper 70s in the lehigh valley. right now 73 in wilmington and right along the shore with the wind coming in from the
5:52 pm
northeast cooler off the ocean of 68 degrees and 66 to 67. partly cloudy and areas of fog will be developing, we drop to 45 degrees in the suburbs, flip the number around that is the number for philadelphia at 54 with the east-northeasterly wind. you see a clear sky up and down the i-95 corridor for maine and the mid-atlantic region ahead of another front that comes here for the beginning of the weekend. tomorrow similar to today. lots of sunshine and 75 philadelphia and lower 70s lehigh valley, and same thing for the state of delaware and southern new jersey and the shore tomorrow touching the 70 degree mark and the clouds decrease friday night into saturday morning, you wake up saturday it's dry and mild with temperatures in the lower 60s about 10 degrees above normal for the morning startoff temperature here and rain holds
5:53 pm
off and watch what happens when the front comes in and turns quite rainy here at times saturday afternoon and heavier rounds of rain in southern parts of the area with temperatures warm in the lower 70s. hurricane matthew winds sustained 140 a cat 4 in the northern section of the bahamas, florida the entire state except the panhandle right now dealing with strong winds and bands of heavy rain on the western side of matthew and there you see that eye, really well defined at this point. still a monster of a storm. category 4 expected to remain a category 4 as it heads to the north and west at 13 miles per hour. the worst of the storm near vero beach and cape canaveral and daytona beach with winds of 130 to 140 miles per hour friday morning in friday afternoon and weakens to a 3 in northern florida and gets to georgia and
5:54 pm
south carolina a category 2 and then weakens to a 1 as it skirts off the coast of south carolina and you can see here it does a perfect circle almost so by next tuesday it's still a tropical storm as it starts to head back to miami if it holds together could make another landfall at the middle of next week. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast sunny and nice here tomorrow and 75. saturday the wet day especially in the afternoon, 72 and breezy and cooler on sun with high pressure 68 degrees if you head down the shore. it could be rather breezy with an on shore wind sunday and monday with the fall chill and beautiful with bright fine, and 66 on columbus day itself. yom kippur begins at sun down and 68 with full sun and hey we go back into the lower 70s and stays dry on wednesday and on thursday. so only one day that we have threat for rain around here in
5:55 pm
the next seven good thank you adam. a new exhibit at the please touch museum features a toy that is an american favorite since 19 125u -- 1952. adventures include a jungle safari and under the sea, and space exploration. this spud is still going strong.
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right now jim gardner is standing by with these stories. philadelphia police are looking for a serial rapist. that they think just attacked ative and victim.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. thursday night state senate president steve sweeney will not run for new jersey governor after all. and a serious crash shuts down the westbound lanes of the pennsylvania turnpike. but the big story on "action news" is hurricane matthew now posing an ominous threat to the east coast of florida. this is a live picture from west palm beach and up and down the east coast they are warning of a 9 foot high surge that could threaten property and lives as well. this is what they are worried about. this is the way it looked in the
6:00 pm
bahamas as matthew roared through crashing and causing extensive damage to resorts and residential damage but nowhere was hit harder than haiti where 108 people are confirmed dead. the hurricane's outer bans are causing rain and wind in florida but the situation will get much worse with landfall expected overnight. president obama has declared a state of emergency in the state of florida. "action news" reporter john rawlins is covering major travel disruptions at philadelphia international airport, and first latest on the storm itself from meteorologist, cecily tynan. what is the situation? >> reporter: the situation is potentially devastating for the east coast of florida, coastal georgia and coastal south carolina. this is matthew on stormtracker 6 live double scan about 100 miles off the coast of west palm beach. we see bands of rain across northern florida


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