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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  October 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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florida coast and while some officials there say they dodged a bullet, authorities in georgia and south carolina say the worst could be on the way. >> looking live now at jacksonville florida in a matter of hours matthew is expected to cross state lines. difficult to see through this picture here potentially though the storm would plow right into south carolina's coast. now officials are making their pleas to evacuate even more urgent and here's why. haiti continues to feel the effects of matthew days after it made its first landfall there. tonight the death toll has topped at least 270 and threatens go more. >> the big story on "action news" is the continued threat hurricane matthew continues to pose. >> we have live team coverage on its effects on travels in philadelphia first the latest from the storm from diane
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gallagher in jacksonville florida. >> reporter: fierce winds, gushing waters, and flying debris. hurricane matthew whips into florida's coast forty two morning battering areas like daytona beach saint augustine with more than 100 miles per hour winds. northeastern florida now braces for impact. >> we're very focused on jacksonville. potential for significant flooding there. >> reporter: coastal communities in georgia, south carolina and north carolina are also on notice as hurricane matthew continues on its path. >> storm force winds that are affecting the state of georgia and will continue to do so we're told for about the next 24 hours. >> it is getting worse and so we are looking at major storm surges. we're looking at major winds. >> the greatest impact to north carolina will be saturday through sunday
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morning. >> reporter: president obama is urging residents in those areas to be on guard. >> those of you who live in georgia i think should be paying attention because there's been a lot of emphasis on florida but this thing is going to keep on moving north through florida into south carolina. there are large populations centered there that could be vulnerablism diane gallagher channel6 "action news." >> our coverage continues with meteorologist cecily tynan. she's at the big boards with the latest track of hurricane matthew tonight. cecily. >> rick and sharrie hurricane matthew has yet to make landfall and it has weakened. maximum sustained winds down to 110 miles per hour so now it's a category two hurricane. as we zoom in you can see just how close the eye is to the coast. it's been really just parallelling the florida coast all night long all day long and it's only about 40 miles east of the florida coastline and it looks like it will continue to move to the north hugging the coast and it will
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start to make a turn. now, the peak wind gusts reported this one in cape canaveral i want to explain that, that was actually taken on a tower 50 feet above the surface so 107 miles per hour winds but at the surface generally they have been getting winds 65 to about 75 miles per hour. vero beach 74, daytona beach 67, saint augustine 67. so the official track of hurricane matthew shows it moving north at 12 miles per hour but making that turn to the northeast skimming the coast of south carolina weakening as we head into the weekend as a category one hurricane and then possibly even doing that curve i have been talking about for a few days possibly returning to the bahamas or even south florida in a much weakened state next week as a tropical storm. we have tropical storm warnings and watches cape hatteras. the main concern where we have
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the hurricane warnings from daytona beach to wilmington. we're looking at the potential for a six to 9-foot storm surge parts of georgia south carolina. more details on the storm and also tracking rain here over the weekend in the accuweather forecast. back to you guys. >> cecily thank you. >> dozens of members of the pennsylvania task force one which is a federally funded search and rescue group are in florida tonight helping with the recovery efforts. the action cam was there as they left last night. search and rescue crews from new jersey have also been deployed. >> more than 4,000 flights have been canceled nationwide because of the hurricane. "action news" reporter john rawlins continued our coverage at philadelphia international airport with the effects matthew is having on travelers john. >> hi, guys. yesterday we reported that both miami he officials and airline officials said they were hopeful they would get service back to miami today. by gosh they were right. while matthew is churning along in the northern portion
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of florida, two big airports in south florida are opened for business. getting in and out of florida is still problematic but possible. late today cancellations started to give way to flight. miami airport reported limited flights at about 1:00 p.m. fort lauderdale saying flights were due out an hour later. for travelers getting out of the state could be a two step process. this woman drove from orlando to tampa slept at the tampa airport in order to get on a flight to philadelphia. >> we were scheduled to leave today from orlando but of course then the flight was canceled but they were able to reschedule us. we had to drive to tampaism monica lopez who was staying in tampa says a lot of people wanted to get on that 2:00 p.m. flight today. >> it was a full flight and it seemed like everyone was already there by the time i got there. a lot of people wanted to get there early to make sure they secured their seat. >> reporter: while miami and fort lauderdale airports are operating other airports are
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shut down. orlando officially remained closed to commercial traffic today. the expectation is be there limited service saturday. at this point orlando is expected to reopen to commercial traffic at 6:00 a.m. that's certainly good news for folks headed in that direction, that resort city. however after any shut down like this it will be phasing in process so if you have tickets or reservations to go to orlando tomorrow from here in philadelphia, you might want to check with your airlines. in fact definitely check with your airlines to see if your flight is going to take off. live at the airport john rawlins. sharrie. >> john thank you. you can continue tracking matthew around the clock this weekend online. we have the latest information on where the storm is and its strength at and the 6abc news app. >> in other news a bethlehem police officer has been charged with indecent exposure tonight. he's accused of inappropriately touching himself in public twice. according to pennsylvania
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state police 35-year-old glenn woolard was first caught in the act in a target parking lot in lower macungie township last week. he was seen again on wednesday while driving down hamilton boulevard. in both incidents he was in his own car. woolard has been suspendsd from bethlehem's police force. a plan to raise new jersey's gas tax is headed to governor chris christie desk. both the state senate and the assembly passed the plan today. supporters of the bill day the increased funding is needed to keep vital transportation work up and running. governor christie he is expected to sign the measure into law. it will take effect two weeks after the signing date. >> well in less than an hour the ppa is set to stark cracking down on ride sharing companies uber x and lyft after an outstanding legal fight that has escalated all week long. "action news" reporter vernon odom covering the story live in spring garden with the
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detailsism a parking authority spokesman tells me they'll be using a classic sting operation to catch ride sharing drivers this evening, this follows an ongoing court fight that is not over yet. a busy friday afternoon in center city. lots of vehicular traffic including tax he sees and lots of uber x and lyft activity not apparent to the naked eye. that's because they're illegal again in philadelphia. following a lower court ruling that outlawed them from operating inside city limits. the lower cost outfits had a three month temporary authorization courtesy of demand during the democratic convention here. but the unified taxi workers alliance which represents the government regulated cab drivers went to court to get them shut down. >> uber is still operating in the city of philadelphia. they're disrespecting the judge's decision and if they this up we'll force to go back to court and ask for a motion for contempt of court. >> reporter: the parking authority has tried sporadic
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crack downs on uber in the past. now they say they'll resume sting operations this evening in philadelphia. those could result in cars being confiscated and substantial fines. >> you have a service for in philadelphia. we got clean cars. the fare is very reasonable you know what i'm saying and now, okay, so we were good for the dnc. so now you saying you no longer need us. >> gives me extra money to do the things that i need to do. plus, to me it's a lot cheaper than a cab. >> reporter: for regular uber customers in center city today a condemnation of any crackdown on the popular uber x and lyft service. >> you can call one when you're coming out of the theater or you're coming out of something or you're just not going get a cab. >> it's just a better service than regular cabs. they'll pick you up exactly where you want you can be with a group of people make sure you have enough people to get wherever you're going. like there's a clear demand for it.
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>> reporter: sharrie and rick, uber and lyft appealing now to a higher court here in pennsylvania. the customers, the parking authority tells me will not face any penalties here. both sides could be back in court next week. live in spring garden i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news." >> all right, vernon thank you. and speaking of traffic and vehicles, let's get a check of our "action news" traffic report tonight. >> all right. matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center for us. hi, matt. >> he we which we could lyft these speeds instead they are uber slow he in a couple spots rick and shore relike on the route one the not so super highway in bucks county backing up from woodhaven road in northeast philadelphia approaching pendel just behind the overpass there there's an accident taking out the right lane. so you might want to come up 95 instead of northbound one. coming south on 95 we had three separate issues in the work zone on the cottman jammed coming down from cornwells heights. northbound at girard a broken down truck take out the right lane and in west philadelphia watch out for a crash at lancaster and girard.
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that's affecting septa's 15 trolley. three separate accidents on the pennsylvania turnpike this afternoon. two eastbound, one westbound all off to the side. it's still heavy in both directions. and in pottstown a chunk of charlotte street has been closed for months because of a building collapse but north of there another chunk is closed this afternoon because of a crash. bottom line is hanover or keim would be better bets. and we'll check it again rick and sharrie in the next half hour. >> okay. he see you then. thanks matt. >> much more ahead on "action news at 5:00. preparing for faceoff number two. ahead at 5:30 the movement on the campaign trail today as hillary clinton and donald trump prepare for this weekend's presidential debate. >> but first in health check, protecting yourself from the sun is certainly a priority during the summertime but what about for the rest of the year? ali gorman explains the importance of year round skin protection when "action news" continues in a moment.
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>> it. >> just because summer is over doesn't mean you can forget about protecting your skin. >> dermatologists say skin prevention should be year round and now is also a good time to get your skin checked. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman joins us from the "action news" big board. >> when it comes to skin
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cancer screening there are no official recommendation for the general public but most experts say seeing a dermatologist once a year is helpful and checking your own skin or having a family member check can also help to spot problems early. >> letlet me see how your back is. >> dermatologist dr. christine sanko is checking tony's skin formols or spots that look abnormal. tony learned how important this screening is five years ago. he says his wife noticed a suspicious spot on his back and sent him to get it checked. that freckle turned out to be fine but dr. sanko spotted another area of concern. >> there was a very dark looking freckle in this area. >> and it looked different than the rest. a biopsy determined it was melanoma. >> if it does spread it's the most deadly form of skin cancer. >> fortunately in tony's case it was caught early before it spread. >> he she said thank your wife for getting you in here. which i am very grateful for
5:16 pm
that. >> tony admits when he was younger he spent a lot of time in the sun with no sunscreen. now he's vigilant about wearing it and seeking shade. dr. stanko says even though it's not summertime prevention is still vital. >> the sun is still there and it's still intense enough to have damage so we do recommend year round use to exposed areas. >> she says fall is also a good time to get checked. any color from the summer should be faded and that sometimes makes it easier to spot problems. tone he knee also recommends looking out for loved ones. >> look at your spouse our partner. if you see something that is concerning mention it to them and perhaps have it checked out by the doctor. >> and you're looking for something that looks different. this is a simple guide. if you're looking at your skin if it is eight. symmetrical has a jagged border darker in color and diameter bigger than other
5:17 pm
spots or freckles and e for evolving if it is changing. even if you are not a hundred percent sure it is best to go and get it checked out by a dermatologist. rick and sharrie, back over to you. >> okay. good. >> advice ali. thank you. >> thank you ali. quick break. more news when he we come right back. stay with us. eight.
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>> we have breaking news from northeast philadelphia at this hour. chopper six is over the scene of an accident that took place here. police are investigating. this was a apparently two children were struck by a car and have been rushed to the hospital. it happened just after 4:30 this afternoon at large street and langhorne avenue. again, this is northeast philadelphia. according to authorities the seven-year-old child -- a seven-year-old boy an two-year-old girl struck by a vehicle. we believe it might be that dark vehicle in front of the police cruiser there. both of the kids taken to torresdale, aria torresdale hospital. no word on their conditions. police are investigating. no word yet on any charges being filed either but we're continuing to follow the story bring you more information as it becomes available. two children hit by a vehicle here in northeast philadelphia. >> hundreds of students in cinnaminson got a hands-on lesson about clean water today. the township held its 15th annual make a splash water festival at palmyra cove nature park.
5:21 pm
students from rush intermediate school were able to take part in 16 different interactive stations. the goal was to teach the kids about the importance of water safety and conservation. a section of media delaware county is being transformed into the mediterranean. that's because the annual greek festival at saint george greek orthodox church is going on this weekend. there will be authentic food souvenir and of course live music and dancing. the festival runs through sunday at the church on east forge road. >> ♪
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>> italian american heritage and pride will be on full display this weekend in south philadelphia. the 2016 columbus day parade kicks off at 12:30 sunday at broad and moore streets. and 6abc is a proud media partner. our very own alicia vitarelli host the live coverage of the parade sunday right after "action news" at noon. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. meteorologist cecily tynan is at the big board with a look of the weekend. we're also following matthew as it continues to head south of us. >> that's right. we're get something residual cloud cover from matthew right now. sky6 taking a look at the center city skyline. we had blue skies and sunshine earlier today. but some of those high thin clouds cirrus clouds are
5:25 pm
beginning to move up from the south. but temperature-wise felt great today. our high our normal high is 70 the. today so far 77. right now holding at 75 in philadelphia. the same in allentown and lancaster. wilmington 74. millville 70. little bit cooler on the beach with the wind off the ocean, 68 degrees. so satellite6 along with action radar showing you can see the clouds streaming up from the south. that's really all thanks to hurricane matthew and then there's a cold front that's moving in from the midwest. these two will really interact tomorrow and that's what will bring us a chance of some showers mainly the second half of the day and saturday night. tonight with the cloud cover, though, acting like an atmospheric blanket not going to be as cool as the past several nights. we had temperatures dropping into the 40's the past few nights. 51 degrees in the cooler suburbs philadelphia down to 59 degrees. future tracker showing tomorrow morning we wake up it's cloudy. not a -- there is a possibility that we could see an isolated shower. i think most areas will be rain free saturday morning.
5:26 pm
but then we begin to moisten up the atmosphere into the afternoon and evening hours. by 5 o'clock some light showers continuing to push to the east. could have some heavy rain along the coast overnight and sunday morning is a transition period. we'll still have some showers right along the coast, lots of clouds and then as we head through the day, the clouds will be clearing from the west to the east but much of the day it likely will be cloudy along the coast. in the meantime tropical satellite showing we have two tropical systems. of course we have matthew that's spinning up the florida coastline. maximum sustained winds 110 miles per hour. we also have tropical storm nicole. it was a category two hurricane last night. it's really weakened mac mum sustained winds 65 miles per hour. it just is kind of meandering. nicole is no threat to the u.s. but what that could do nicole actually could help steer matthew down to the south and perhaps over the bahamas and again over southern florida by next week known as a fuji war
5:27 pm
effect almost like a slingshot. it can deflect another tropical system. tomorrow morning charleston south carolina wilmington north carolina getting inundated with very heavy rain, some high gusty winds, some system will spin up to the northeast. by saturday evening hatteras norfolk get something heavy rain and then moving out to sea and again possibly looping so we're looking at an additional about 2-inches in jacksonville. but wilmington, virginia beach could get more than 7-inches of rain. in addition to that the storm surge. that will cause quite a bit of coastal flooding. so back at home the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow not the best day. clouds afternoon, evening showers with a high of 70. sunday transition. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. it will be breezy, 66. columbus day plenty of sunshine but cool, 65 degrees. tuesday partly sunny, a dry start to yom kippur 67. wednesday we cloud up with a high near 70 and melissa magee will let you know if that warming trend continues
5:28 pm
towards the end of next week coming up in the full accuweather forecast guys. >> thank you cecily. >> "action news" at 5:00 will be right back. katie v/o: she works hard. she stays late. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message
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because it's your turn to get ahead. >> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick
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williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> hello again. monica is off. sharrie williams joining us tonight. here's what's happening on "action news" this evening. only about a month ago until the presidential election and less than 48 hours until the next debater. how hillary clinton and donald trump are spending their friday nights. also a judgment day for the business partner turned murderer convicted of killing a couple he he owned a delaware business with. >> a chester county school is tasked by thief in the middle of the night. >> now to the 2016 race for the white house. we are just 31 days away from electing the next president of the united states. it's crunch time for the democratic and republican nominee. >> hillary clinton and donald trump and their is your gates have just a month to show up their base support and swing undecided voters over to their side. they'll have another chance to do that with a second presidential debater this sunday night. >> like the days leading up to the first presidential debate, hillary clinton is taking time
5:31 pm
off the campaign trail to prepare. however, yesterday she did attend a private fundraiser in new york city. donald trump met with the national border patrol council at trump towers today. the union representing border patrol agents has endorsed him for president. as far as trump's debate preparations, we've learned that new jersey governor chris christie is playing a big role. >> according to the latest quinnipiac university presidential poll, the next debate is especially important for the trump campaign. with likely voters hillary clinton now holds a 45 percent to 40 percent lead over donald trump. before the first debate, the lead was 44 to 43 percent clinton over trump. the debate is a different one from the first one in it's a town hall type setting meaning that the candidates will take questions from voters in the audience. >> republican vice presidential running mate mike pence hit the battleground state of ohio to push donald trump's commitment to strengthen the military.
5:32 pm
pence also talked about the nominee's willingness to put words into action. >> he's a doer in a game usually reserved for talkers and when donald trump does his talking, he doesn't go tip toeing around all those thousands of rules of political correctness that the media and the political class puts in the way of men and women who want to make a difference. >> governor pence went on to talk about trump's plans to bolster the economy and he create jobs. >> democratic vice presidential running mate tim kaine spent day rallying hillary clinton supporters in nevada. kaine spoke about clinton's commitment to strengthening the middle class and working families. he added it's been a life long passion of hers. >> he she decided when she was a teenager i really want to make my life about serving others and with a particular focus on how to make families and children successful. >> kaine went on to say that clinton is committed to making
5:33 pm
sure that older americans are also taken care of and that healthcare is never an issue. >> abc's martha raddatz will co-moderate sunday's sector presidential debate. hillary clinton and donald trump will answer questions during this town hall style showdown live from washington university in saint louis, month movement coverage begins at 9 p.m. right here on 6abc. >> back here vice president joe biden campaigned for hillary clinton today in bristol bucks county. after the rally he spoke one-on-one with our own jim gardner about the upcoming presidential debate between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> everybody knows who this guy is. the question is are he they going to know who she is. are they going to understand just what he she brings to the table and that to me is what the campaign is about. he may do that to keep that from happening,. >> jim will have much more from his one-on-one interview with the vice president coming coming up tonight on "action news at 6:00. the deadline to register to vote in pennsylvania is
5:34 pm
october 11th that's this coming tuesday. in delaware it's october 15th. and in new jersey the last day is october 18th. and this reminder you can get breaking alerts from the campaign trail by downloading our free 6abc news app. it's available right now on the apple and google play stores. >> a man who portrayed himself as the grieving friend after his business partners were found dead will now spend the rest of his life in prison for their murders. it's a story our delaware news room has been following for the past three years. "action news" spoke to christopher rivers following the 2013 murders of joseph and olga connell outside the pal laidian club condos in edgemoor. rivers told us how he couldn't imagine who would want to hurt his friends but after a thorough investigation and a trial, a jury determined that rivers who owned cns auto services with the connells murdered the couple with the help of three other people. today a judge sentenced him to
5:35 pm
two life sentences plus 50 years. well, authorities hope this surveillance video will help track down an armed thief who robbed a north philadelphia metro pcs. the suspect went into the store on the 1400 block of west girard avenue back on september 21st. he initially appeared to be a regular customer until he pulled a large handgun and threatened the person working behind the counter. police say he got away with cash and was last seen riding a bicycle away from the scene. >> athletic robber used the drive through to get his hands on cash at a north philadelphia dunkin' donuts and he targeted the same location twice. detectives released this video showing him climbing through the window and going straight for the register. the first robbery happened around 9 o'clock tuesday night. employees say he then came back at 2:00 a.m. on thursday. the search is on for the person who stole from a popular halloween attraction in b-county.
5:36 pm
the suspect took more than a thousand dollars in power tools from a haunted house that's under construction here. the tools belonged to a volunteer who is working on building the at tracked here at the trout run sports complex in exeter township. proceeds from the haunted house go to local organizations be students. >> thieves targeted a chester county school overnight and made away with thousands of dollars of electronics. authorities say that they busted into uwchlan hills elementary school in uwchlan township early yesterday morning. they took 12 ipads from cart and took out. surveillance cameras were rolling at that time and detectives are looking at the video to identify who is behind the break-ins. well the philadelphia school district is helping students and parents get financial help for college. superintendent william hite announced the district will have designated coaches to help get more students to fill out those free application for federal student aid also known
5:37 pm
as fa fsa. it's a school high school seniors and families fill out to apply for federal grants and work study funds. >> understand the burden on families i understand the burden on many people who graduate with gigantic debt loads simply for expanding and continuing their education and so it's really important for the young people here in the school district of philadelphia to do this. >> philadelphia is one of 22 cities selected to participate in the national fa fsa completion financing college initiative. police officers in camden county got a chance to meet with members of the community while also enjoying a free breakfast. mcdonald's at haddon avenue and federal street in camden hosted the event as a way to thank the county's police department. community members could also talk with officers over a free cup of cough he fee and there you see him ronald mcdonald on hand to entertain the young
5:38 pm
children. >> bringing smiles to a lot of faces. >> ours too. >> yeah, all right. speaking of happy meals maybe it's happy out on the roads tonight. matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. yes or no. >> and it is world smile day. >> will there you go. >> no, we don't have a lot of that going on on the roads this evening a lot of frowns because of a lot of issues like the broken down vehicle on the schuylkill expressway eastbound approaching south street taking out the right lane so traffic is at a crawl at best coming east of city avenue through that pointer approaching south street. westbound s is taking about an hour to get from the vine to the blue route with just a whole lot of volume and speeds like 10 miles per hour. on 95 there was another crash this one southbound near allegheny. gone now but just 8 miles per hour. and northbound you're locked up from broad street up to girard but at least the broken down truck there is finally gone. 422 not moving so well either from 202 through this point on out to oaks. there's an accident on the shoulder and a broken down truck on the off-ramp to oaks. egypt road saw a couple problems giving that you say
5:39 pm
17 minute travel time that should be about five minutes. another accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, this one's westbound approaching willow grove blocking a lane. we still have the crash on route one the not so super highway northbound approaching pendel it's taking out the right lane. being treated to 2 miles per hour there and those northbound delays are spilling back onto the eastbound turnpike. i would stick with 95 instead of route one this afternoon. all approaches to the walt whitman bridge are jammed as people head down the shore for the holiday weekends but at least our broken down truck southbound on 42 approaching 55 is gone. enjoy that holiday weekends rick and sharrie. see you monday. >> you too matt. still to come the eagles are anxious to get back in action and they've set their sights on detroit. jaime apody has more on the birds' final preparations for sunday coming up in sports. >> and a big celebration for a special member of the philadelphia zoo family. we'll have that in a moment and melissa magee is in for adam tonight. hi melissa. >> hi sharrie. storm tracker6 live double scan radar 3-d showing you the
5:40 pm
center of matthew due east of jacksonville florida, it continues up through georgia and the carolinas as we head through the weekend. details coming up with the accuweather forecast. >> we'll have those stories and much more when "action news" at 5:00 comes right back. >> ♪ when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> the ceo of an adult classified web site has waive extradition from texas to california to face charges of adult and child sex trafficking. 55-year-old carl farrow the owner of back was arrested in houston yesterday. authorities say he forced adult and minors into prostitution through escort ads posted on his web site. >> back seems to have knowingly and willingly allowed women and children to be exploited in return for his own financial gains. >> he's charged with felony pimping of a minor conspiracy and a host of other charges. authorities have also issued warrants for the site's controlling shareholders. >> time now to talk sports. jaime apody is here and i'm sure fans anxious to see if the birds can keep this win streak going. >> it's been a long time. we had the bye week so yeah anxious is the right word. almost time for a detroit do
5:44 pm
over. last year the eagles spent thanksgiving being eaten by lions. this year new coach new quarterback hopefully new results. carson wentz getting set for another test hoping for another perfect outcome. the eagles yet to lose a game and yet to turn the ball over. but they're facing a lions team that is just one and three they are getting zach ertz back but also a team that crushed the birds 45 to 14 last year. a turkey day massacre. revenge on everybody's mind and it means even more from someone like brandon game. >> because it's my hometown i do want to get a win. last year did give me a bad taste because i will to eat in front of my family who are big lions fans. at the end of the day i do want to go in there and get a win. call it what you want. i ain't go to say revenge factor. i just want to go four and o. >> last year is last year. we have a whole new coaching staff and we approach the game a whole lot different.
5:45 pm
>> eagles knock on wood are the only team injury free right now. michael delgado will be out with a lower body injury. sixers without ben simmons for at least three months. they took to the court at home last night for the first time and joel embiid facing the fans for the first time ever got a huge ovation. came up big in the paint still playing limited minutes he scored five points in 12 minutes pretty intimidating on defense too. afterwards the team's focal point was tough on himself. >> defense i think i did my job and i did pretty good and offensively got excited, kind of rushed my shots but defensively i think i did pretty good. offensively i got to work on a lot of stuff. >> it was a homecoming performance for the villanova
5:46 pm
wildcat daniel ochefu. the owls gave up 27 unanswered points in memphis. to find themselves trailing by 14. and so after that kickoff return, it was catch up time. late in the game philip walker to i didn't had thomas 9-yard touchdown. temple back within seven but they never get closer because walker picked off on their last possession. owls fall to three and three with a 34-27 loss. today ducis rodgers caught up with coach rhule. >> you have to win three more games to go to a bowl game. if you win all the rest of your games you still win the conference and go to the conference championship game so while it's been a work in progress so far there's so many things that they can get done but the only way you get that done is by starting and winning next week against ucf. >> ducis and coach will break down all the break downs on temple football playbook that you can see right here tomorrow morning at 9:45 on
5:47 pm
channel6. >> all right jaime you're leaving for detroit right. >> i am. got my green dress packed. >> all right. good luck. thank you. she's going to the game actually. the ncaa made it official that they are moving seven championship games out of north carolina to protest the state's so-called bathroom bill. the first and second rounds of the men's tournament will be played in greenville south carolina. the ncaa also announced six other events that will be relocated although none are being moved to our area. the controversial law requires transgender people to use restrooms that correspond to the sex on their birth certificates. more than 800,000 people gathered to celebrate japanese olympics and paraolympics medalists from the rehe yo' he games. spectators waved and called out cheers in tokyo's central district. japan won 41 medals. the paralympians got 24 medals.
5:48 pm
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z24knz z5yz y24kny y5yy >> meteorologist melissa magee is here now with a closer look at the accuweather forecast. of course we're still tracking matthew but folks here sunday should be a pretty nice day. tomorrow a little on the wet side. >> i mean we've got the clouds that roll in tomorrow and then we're tracking some showers. not a whole lot of precipitation and certainly not like what our folks to the south will be dealing with this weekend. we'll show you what's going on with storm tracker6 live
5:51 pm
double scan radar its dry, no issues with precipitation. in fact it's been a pretty fine day across much of the delaware and lehigh valleys. highs maxing out in the upper 70's right now in philadelphia coming in at 75, same thing for allentown and lancaster. wilmington down to 74, 67 cool up in the poconos at the coast and at 67 degrees as well. satellite6 along with action radar showing you it's still dry with high pressure in control but we are noticing some clouds and some moisture streaming northward from matthew but we are tracking this cold front off to our west. that will move in from a west-east direction as we go throughout the day tomorrow and that will give us a little bit of precipitation. the call from accuweather increasing clouds not as cool as recent nights. we'll drop down to 53 in reading, 59 in allentown, 61 in dover and 52 degrees in toms river for the overnight he low. here is the setup for us on our saturday. it is a mostly cloudy start to our day. especially as this cold front approaches from west-east direction. high temperature tomorrow coming in at 70 degrees.
5:52 pm
tracking afternoon and evening showers and you notice this cold front keeps matthew well to our south and east as we get into saturday. cold front moves on off the coast by sunday, clouds to some sun. by then a high temperature just 66 so it is a cooler day with a north to northwesterly breeze at 12 to 28 miles per hour so definitely a taste of fall and feeling like that in the air by sunday. down to the tropics hurricane matthew it is a category two storm right now with winds sustained at 110 miles per hour so the latest upfrom the national hurricane center is that this storm has weakened to a category two. you can see the center due east of jacksonville florida and all of that moisture and all of the heavy rain moving into georgia and the carolinas as we speak. here's the path with matthew as we press forward into time here, category two storm moving over georgia later on tonight. then also a we get into the weekend coming very close to the carolinas as a weaker system a category one. then it moves back over the
5:53 pm
open waters of the atlantic as we get into the latter half of our weekend and potentially moving back down to the south and east and possibly over southern florida as we get into early next week so this is a system that we will be tracking for days to come. watches and warnings posted. we've got a hurricane warning posted from wilmington all the way down to savannah and jacksonville florida and storm surges also a big concern with this system as you get the piling up of water, storm surge at the ground anywhere from six to 9 feet above ground and this could lead to some coastal flooding across many of those coastal communities and a lot of low country areas as well. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast showing you on saturday it's mostly cloudy, high temperature up to 70. we've got those afternoon and evening showers on the way. on sunday clouds to sun, it's breezy, it's a cool day, high temperature in at 66. sunny on monday but it's cool and 65 not a bad one. tuesday partly sunny, high temperature of 67. wednesday clouds and sun and at 70 degrees and on thursday a mix of clouds and sun, high
5:54 pm
temperature of 71. next friday it is seasonable with a high temperature coming in at 68 degrees. so, cloudy tomorrow, guys, but we are tracking a very nice finish as we get into sunday. >> all right melissa, thank you. and this reminder our coverage of hurricane matthew continues on and the 6abc news app with live streaming video from locations within the storm zone photo galleries of the flooding and wind damage and a hurricane tracker to monitor matthew's progress 24 hours a day. >> quite the celebration at the philadelphia zoo today. batu the female orangutan turned seven years old. there was a special celebration at the peco primate reserve. plenty of treats for the guest of honor as visitors sang happy birthday to her. the primate reserve has experienced a bit of a baby boom as of late with various species listed as endangered they have been now born at the zoo this year alone.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> victims of domestic violence were remembered in south jersey. there was a ceremony and special exhibit put on display at burlington county college in mount holly. it show cases life sized silhouettes that represent victims who died from domestic violence. this is part of the program called the silent witness project. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories and more next at 6:00. matthew continues to churn up the east coast. we'll survey the damage in florida as the hurricane makes its way to georgia and the carolinas. new jersey lawmakers approve the gas tax. when drivers will feel the pain at the pump. >> also the results are in on led testing of water in philadelphia's schools. there and much more coming up next. now for monica malpass meteorologist adam joseph cecily tynan jaime apody sharrie williams the entire "action news" team, i'm rick williams. have a nice weekend. good night. >> ♪
5:58 pm
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night atlantic city offers retirement buyouts to its workers and the philadelphia parking authority starts a crackdown on uber x and lyft. but the big story on "action news tonight is hurricane matthew's push up florida's atlantic coastline. fierce winds sent metal deb he bree flying today and pushed huge dumpsters into the street in daytona beach. hurricane and tropical storm force winds continued to batter both coastal and inland communities.
6:00 pm
matthew sideswiped the state toppling trees and pushing the ocean from the shore to meet the street. and it is that dangerous storm surge that continues to be a real concern. some people who didn't heed evacuation orders and chose to stay in their homes witnessed the fury of waves crashing into their windows. and we had this, power lines exploding like fireworks in merit island florida near cape canaveral. 1 million residents are without power right now across the state. and this live look at waves in the surf in charleston. tonight the massive storm is battering north florida and taking aim here at georgia and the carolinas. meteorologist cecily tynan is at the "action news" big board with the latest track of matthew. >> and jim, hurricane matthew has not made landfall yet. the eye of the storm has just been parallelling the c


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