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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  October 8, 2016 11:30pm-12:05am EDT

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i don't blame him. here he is right here, just using his speed. does a good job of getting around him. you can see, he's not quite 100%, but still quick enough to get around trevor darling there. >> chris: only two assists allowed by miami. those guys in orange up front getting whipped lately. and vogel's punt, fair caught at the 15 yard line by wilson. so, 5:48 to play, and the noles so, 5:48 to play, and the noles sitting on a seven-point lead. ♪i will follow you, so, 5:48 to play, and the noles sitting on a seven-point lead. ♪ever since you touched my hand i knew♪ ♪i love you, i love you, i love you.♪ ♪where you go i'll follow, i'll follow, i'll follow.♪ ♪you'll always be my true love, my true love, my true love,♪ ♪forever ♪
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>> chris: quarterback comparison is the pacific life game summary. the stats, kirks are pretty similar, but that one interception in kaaya's column there, the pick in the end zone, really turned things around. >> kirk: i agree, but this is a case where the stats really don't tell the story. francois's played a great football game tonight, beyond the stats, getting hit the entire night and just -- he hasn't flinched. he just continues to come back. what i want to see here is, jimbo fisher with a seven-point lead, how does he attack this miami defense? because the canes defense needs to make a play to get their offense a short field. >> chris: have to tackle cook. and they do. quick penetration by michael pinckney, the linebacker.
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>> kirk: we've seen a lot of great young players tonight. michael pinckney and shaq quarterman, joe jackson on the defensive line. there are some true freshmen out there who were playing high school football last year and tonight, they're in the miami/florida state game and they're making plays and playing with poise. >> chris: they bring five against francois who flows incomplete off the hands of saunders. it will be third and 13. >> kirk: as much as jimbo fisher trusts his young quarterback, because of what he's seen from him in the first six games this year, still has to be smart. 5:08. defense has been playing very well against kaaya. you got to be smart here and not put him in a position where he can potentially make a mistake and cost you. because miami desperately needs a break.
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they desperately need to give kaaya great field position. >> chris: first time in a long time, kirk, the noise is back. canes rush four. francois delivers into traffic, incomplete. and a flag comes in very late. carter and jenkins converged on whitfield -- it wasn't interference. was it a personal foul? >> kirk: you got to think it's got to be targeting, potentially, defenseless player. i want to see where the contact was. >> referee: personal foul. targeting, defense, number 6. 15-yard penalty. the previous play is under review. >> kirk: you can review this. it can be looked at. dave, help us out with that. >> every targeting penalty is reviewed, regardless of what. so, you have it here. >> kirk: hit him in the chest. >> it looks like the primary
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contact was into the chest area. let's see. >> kirk: live, i thought he hit him in the chest. >> take a look at it right here. >> chris: carter they flagged, coming in. whitfield's helmet does snap back. >> kirk: i think it's a reaction because he got hit in the chest. >> chris: it's on the shoulder pad, just the edge of the helmet. >> kirk: yeah, yeah, that was a much better look. that's a close call. >> that's really close and i'm not sure they can change this call. >> kirk: let's see that contact. boy that is -- that's right at the gray area. that's right, depending on who is in the booth. >> if we're in the gray it's going to stand. >> chris: his head did snap back. the flag came from very deep. if they don't call that, it's fourth and 13 from the 12. this is an enormous review by joe ryder. >> kirk: you could almost feel carter trying to intentionally go low. keep in mind, kermit whitfield is 5'8". and he was kind of scrunched
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down, getting ready to engage in contact. it just felt that carter was trying to get as low as he could. when you look at the different angles -- >> chris: first down, anyway, whether the targeting is taken away, it's still a personal foul. >> it's a personal foul if they call it for a late hit on the receiver, but if it is only targeting and they take the targeting away, the foul goes away, as well. >> chris: did he call personal foul with targeting? >> that's not what he said. so, we'll have to say. he said personal foul, targeting, which makes me think that's all it was. >> kirk: yeah. you talk about a huge call. >> referee: after review. the ruling on the field stands. player number 6 is disqualified from the game. >> chris: carter is out. but more importantly, for the flow of this game, the noles, after a fourth, or a third and 13, have a first down, fresh set
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of downs with 5:01 to play. >> chris: and there's debris coming down now. mark richt loses one of his leaders in the secondary. >> chris: they are going to have to hold off the game. debris is flying into the end zone out of the upper decks. this is shades of the old orange bowl crowds, which would get frequently out of hands this is going to be a lengthy delay now. >> chris: the miami players are really frustrated with their fans. >> chris: i mean, there is debris everywhere. >> kirk: and jimbo fisher said, why is that not 15 yards? he's going to talk to the head official and ask him if that should be a 15-yard penalty. i mean, there is debris -- the entire field at that end is littered with debris. >> chris: richt is out there. this will take some time. as carter walks off, this crowd
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may not like the call, but the judgment he made to go after the receiver, the ball was not -- was not going to be caught, really. >> kirk: as i said, it was in that gray area, and it's in the gray area, going to have to go with the call on the field. and at the end of the day, you can -- if you're a miami fan, you're going to say, he hit him low, and the contact sent him up into the face mask. if you are a florida state fan, you're going to say, look at his head. he hit him in the helmet, the face mask there. so, it's a gray area call, and you have to stay with the call on the field. >> chris: the ball's been moved to the 27 yard line. th dave, one final look at it. >> you're going to see it here. he's defenseless. the head goes down. all right? and there, the shot, you can't really see the -- here's another angle coming in here. now, let's see if we can see any contact clearly below? right there, you can't. you can't see a definition. it's a gray area.
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you have to stick with the call. >> kirk: there's really not enough there to definitively say he definitely hit him in the shoulder. or hit him beneath the head gear. >> chris: had that not been called targeting on the field, you don't believe the booth would have intervened? >> not on this one, i don't think. >> kirk: miami did everything they needed to do to get the stop. now, they have to crank it back again. >> chris: after the degrbris delay. francois is grabbed high and wrestled down for a loss by chad thomas. >> kirk: first time we've called chad thomas' name tonight. does a great job of getting around, because of his quickness. keep in mind, 265 pounds, the left guard, kareem are, who came around. he was surprised. he came around and, boy, number 9 went right around him with that quickness, reading that play as well as he did. another good stop on first and
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ten for the canes. >> chris: loss of three. cook. a into heavy traffic. battles back to get to the initial line of scrimmage. >> kirk: keep in mind, the confidence that he has to have, maybe for the first time this year, in his defense, and the way they play here in this second half, i think it's impacting on how he's calling this right now, especially deep in his own territory. >> chris: does he throw the ball here or -- >> kirk: yeah, i think you give francois a chance. you have to trust him. but if it's not there, you throw it away, or check it down to cook. >> chris: pressure. throws off the back foot and just fires it into the bench. it was thomas again making his
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presence felt, and it's fourth down. miami's defense makes a stand, despite the targeting penalty. and now a noel is on the field there, and that's kareem are, the left guard. gerngs we've seen the big boys on both sides in the trenches feeling the wear and tear of this punishing game. >> kirk: by the way, chad thomas -- i was wondering if he got outside of the tackle box. >> referee: offense. loss of down at the spot of the foul. fourth down. >> chris: they called an intentional grounding, which will move it back and still fourth down. >> kirk: again, for the fans, when you throw it away, you've got to get outside of the tackle box. does he get outside? that's kind of the area that he's in, inside that pocket. he's inside the pocket and now he throws it up here. there's nobody up there. the receiver is cutting to the inside. there's nobody up there. but if he doesn't get outside of
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that tackle box where he can throw it away, as long as it goes beyond the line of scrimmage. >> kirk: it looks like brad kaaya is going to get the ball back. 3:32 to play. miami has all three time-outs. desperate to snap this losing streak against the noles and a potentially career-defining moment for kaaya, if he can lead a comeback. around here the early bird
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>> chris: monday night, buccaneers and the panthers, nfc south collision. coverage begins at 6:00 with "monday night countdown." and then the ball game at 8:15, also streaming live on the watch espn app. still down on the field is kareem are, the guard for the semino seminoles. didn't see a whole lot that was of concern during the play, kirk, but he went down to the field and is just now finally able to walk off. >> kirk: a long game for those offensive linemen. what i love is are is surrounded by the other four starting linemen. they all walk off with him as a group. very cool. >> chris: there's logan tyler, mindful of the fact again that the canes have blocked two punts this year. and braxton berrios, the speedy returner, a chance to give kaaya excellent field position for what could be a game-tying drive. will they come after it here? got to set the return up.
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>> kirk: great field position with a return. gifts away a kick and berrios -- no fair catch. cuts it back. braxton berrios, fsu territory! and cut down inside the 20. finally, a special teams play, as berrios hit a crease and accelerated. a touchdown is saved at the end. >> kirk: great job here. watch the freshman, richards. he does not block in the back. he kind of pulled back. they set up a wall, and he just set those blocks up perfectly. >> chris: how about the fact that the punter got a hand out there and saved the touchdown, kirk? >> kirk: that was the only thing. >> chris: 43-yard return. >> kirk: and a very low punt. and now, here comes brad kaaya with a chance to possibly tie
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the game for miami. remember, it's been a rough second half for kaaya. look at the numbers in the first half versus what he's done here in the second half. great field position. >> chris: from the 16. it's walton. cuts it back. knocked down hard after about a five-yard gain. >> kirk: isidore are leading the way there. tough to get wild against the speed and athletic ability against this florida state defense. sweat coming in there, as well, to clean that play up. but a good gain of four. >> chris: no rushing touchdowns for miami tonight. walton again. barrels forward. knocked down two yards short of the first down by pugh. third down. >> kirk: you got to love this. mark richt, first year head coach. school that he played.
11:49 pm
back from being so successful at georgia and the s.e.c. crunch time in his first miami/florida state game as a head coach of the canes and it's coming down to this. >> chris: walton. nothing. stuffed right there by demarcus walker, who came around the edge. interesting call. >> kirk: yeah. your stud's got to take over when the game's on the line. and that's what just happened with demarco walker and derrick nnadi. completely not fearing the quarterback run at all. they were completely locked in on the running back that time, mark walton. >> chris: the timing wasn't good. he bobbled the shotgun snap. fourth and five. here it comes. last gasp, perhaps, for the canes. kaaya for the end zone. coley -- touchdown!
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a fourth down touchdown and michael badgley, who has made 72 consecutive p.a.t.s must deliver one more to tie the game, with 1:38 to play. what a throw by kaaya on fourth down. it's blocked! it's no good! the noles blocked the p.a.t.! and badgley's streak ends at 72 in a row. is that demarcus walker who made
11:51 pm
the block? there's a couple of flags down. let's check the markers. but the canes are walking off. >> referee: after the play, we have dead ball unsportsmanlike conduct fouls on both teams. 98 on florida state, 63 of miami. that is both of their first unsportsmanlike conduct of the game. we will have a kick from the 35 yard line. >> chris: nobody's been more automatic making p.a.t.s than michael badgley. >> kirk: watch the hold. a little bit, maybe affects the rhythm there, be no question, it is demarcus walker, who gets his hand on it and knocks that ball away. talking about one of the best kickers in the country. houb about t how about the leader, walker? penetrates right there. puts the hand up and knocks that away. unbelievable. and just when it looked like miami, with the throw there on fourth down, was going to tie
11:52 pm
this football game -- >> chris: talking about -- here's a look at the touchdown, first. >> kirk: watch the touch. great coverage by mcfadden. he is stride for stride. the only thing he doesn't do is locate the ball there at the end. perfect throw by kaaya. always, he and coley just always seem to be in sync. that is a gutsy play to potentially tie the game. and then they miss the extra point. >> chris: demarcus walker, mambo mode he calls it when he's playing well. what an enormous play. if you are a noles fan, you figure you are overdue to make a play, with all those field goals that have flown wide right. now, if you're richt, do you try and onside kick, do you kick it deep and use your three time counts here? >> kirk: they're taking a look at this. >> chris: it is under review, we're told. dave, any idea what they might be looking at on this? >> i don't know.
11:53 pm
unless they're looking for numbers of players on the field, i'm not sure what they're looking at. the play was clearly blocked. it's certainly too late to review the touchdown. but that was clearly a touchdown. possibly numbers of players on the field and i'm not certain. just have to wait. >> kirk: see if number 63 for miami, takes the helmet off and slams it down. that you will cost you 15. so, they had -- there were already offsetting penalties, they said, the normal kickoff from the 35. maybe that's one they didn't spot nishly? >> kirk: right. >> chris: saw the flag come out. >> kirk: the offsetting penalties didn't affect where they'll be kicking the ball off. >> chris: no. >> kirk: still have all three time-outs. 1:38.
11:54 pm
got to believe it's the onside kick coming up, depending on what's going on here with the officials. >> kirk: a turn of events here. berrios' dramatic punt return, setting up kaaya who needed a fourth down complete to coley. and the inconceivable from the miami point of view. badgley, automatic on p.a.t.s. i guess i'm being told they're reviewing whether or not people came off the sidelines -- well, they certainly did off the florida state sideline to -- there's no question about that. half the team's out there and a bunch of coaches. >> kirk: i think everybody's in shock. >> chris: we had offsetting unsportsmanlike calls. all right. >> referee: after review, the unsportsmanlike conduct on florida state is on number 89. 89. >> chris: they have to review this because if you get two, you're kicked out of the game.
11:55 pm
>> exactly. >> chris: they have given it to the noles '89. >> that's why it's so important. >> kirk: backup wide receiver. >> chris: kick it deep? >>. >> kirk: i'd kick the onsides kick and trust that the defense can get a stop on three straight plays and -- >> chris: take a chance on the skron side kick here? >> kirk: yeah, i -- >> chris: kind of a funky formation. >> kirk: going deep. noles expecting the onside kick. >> chris: he was chased back to his 2 yard line. and the canes get down there. covered very well. so, the noles will have to operate from inside their 15. 1:33. miami with all three time-outs. >> kirk: the logic there from mark richt is, let's kick it deep. more than likely, jimbo fisher is going to run the ball three times. we have three time-outs. you get three stops and three time-outs, you force the punt on fourth down and you're out of time-outs, but you get the ball back with maybe about a minute to go.
11:56 pm
but you got to, obviously, you can't give florida state a fist down. >> chris: cook. takes the toss. and gets nothing. met immediately right there by michael pinckney. and they do spend a time-out. the ford wrapup show followed the game with cassidy hubbarth. be talking about a miami comeback or a seventh straight win by the seminoles in this sere reefs. i mean, these teams have battled tooth and nail over the years, has been so many big plays and so much emotion. so many hard hits. we've had all that tonight. and so often it's come down to a kicker, more often than not, mi missing. all those names of the florida state close calls, the heartbreaks, the wide rights. what's the name for this one?
11:57 pm
the block party? demarcus walker? >> kirk: well, here he and derrick nnadi both, when the game is on the line, they started to make plays late in the game. >> chris: boy, it was a bull rush block, wasn't it? he just got up the middle, got a hand up. >> kirk: yep. all right, same thing. florida state's thinking, let's get one first down. the khcanes are think, we have stop them again, use that second time-out. interesting. >> chris: play action. all kinds of room for francois who doesn't really want to get out of bounds. falls down. it's a first down. >> kirk: that is all jimbo fisher. great call. everybody expecting run. everybody thinking, let's stop three straight runs. use the time-outs, get the ball back, but instead, they boot, run him to the outside. keep him inbounds, pick up the first down, now you work the clock. >> chris: richt not calling the time-out here.
11:58 pm
they don't have to snap it until 40 seconds. they are going to hold onto these time-outs until after this first down. that was a gutsy call and a great call by jimbo fisher. >> chris: snapped it five seconds before he had to. cook around the edge. may not matter. dalvin cook. another first down at the 35 yard line and now miami is going to have to spend a time-out here. n sunday morning, tomorrow at 10:00 eastern over on espn, "nfl insiders" sunday edition. at 11:00, the new "sunday nfl countdown" takes you right up to kickoff. both shows also streaming live on the watch espn app. what a crazy final chapter to this. remember, the seminoles once done 13-0, it was a 20-0 run. kaaya and the canes offense had
11:59 pm
don nothing. berrios sets them up with a punt return. fourth down completion to coley for a touchdown. and the blocked p.a.t., demarcus walker. >> kirk: just says a lot about the florida state resiliency. everything they've been through this year. some tough losses. most recently, last week on a last-second field goal at home against north carolina. they get down early in this game and they just keep plugging away, keep plugging away, and that young quarterback just keep making plays. the defense kept making plays. >> chris: final time-out for miami, right at 40 seconds. they lose on the kick of the life by -- 54-yarder. you win on a blocked p.a.t., something that's been absolutely automatic for badgley. all right, tonight's streit credit, brought to you by all had state. >> kirk: we've been doing it all year with allstate, #streitcredit. look for the team of the week. and some great choices,
12:00 am
including this game tonight. but we're going to go with navy. with a big upset over number six houston. they beat them 46-40. and lee corson actually picked that, so, congratulations to the sunshine scooter for the pick and also for his noleses maybe finding a way to win. >> chris: shot of badgley there. and the final kneel downdown by francois. they had leads in the second half of all of them. and this florida state team's going to improve to 4-2. they get their first conference win. keep slim hopes alive. they have to beat clemson in a couple of weeks. hope louisville loses a game. but for now, forget all that. it's francois in a testament to toughness. fisher still perfect against miami. and demarcus walker, expect him to rush the passer, to tackle
12:01 am
the ball carrier, but comes up with that big high reach and a blocked p.a.t. to preserve the victory. cook rushes for 150 yards, and you go back to sam with jimbo fisher. >> samantha: coach, you just said wow. how would you describe what you just experienced? >> florida state/miami. that's what it is. always been that way, always will be that way. they have a great club. our kids fought, played a great ball game. we had mistakes, but that's a florida state/miami game. heck of a game. >> samantha: the guy standing right next to you right now, your quarterback, as a freshman, to get banged up the way he did, take the hospitals he did, what can you say about his performance tonight, especially in the second. >> i'm very proud of him. when your quarterback's not tough, your team's not tough. when your quarterback's tough, you have a tough team. he's doing the right things and he's growing. very proud of him tonight. >> samantha: last thing before i talk to deon dre. coach, there was so much conversation about your defense. and what was going wrong and
12:02 am
should you make a change and all that kind of discussion. what can you say about what your defense did tonight? >> our kids battled, scratched and clawed. they went and got a blocked p.a.t. two weeks in a row they've done that in that situation. we got things to fix, no doubt. but our kids love us. they believe in what's going on and we're going to get better. >> samantha: thanks, coach. talk to your qb now. getting a little love from his coach. not a lot of love from miami tonight. they were all over the place defensively, obviously you're dealing with a shoulder injury. how would you describe, first of all, the pain that you were in, especially after you went down that first time? >> yeah, i was hurting a little bit, but my team needed me, so, the trainers got me right and i came back on the field and played a good game. >> samantha: how do you do that, just mentally? i saw you keeping your shoulder moving. just from the perspective of a guy who is knew to this at this level, how do you do that? >> yeah, it got tight on me, but i kept telling myself mentally,
12:03 am
just keep playing. don't worry about the injury. if i was thinking about my injury, i wouldn't be able to play. so, i blocked it out, focused on my game and my mind took over my body. >> samantha: what stands out to you the most about the way the guys around you helped you tonight? >> we stuck together. we stayed a family. and we been through this before. we came into games down early and we fought back like we did tonight. >> samantha: so, what does it feel like? i know you are hurting, but it's going to be fun? >> yeah, it oos fun. i'm really happy. >> samantha: thanks, go get healthy. >> chris: thanks, sam. francois, he ran for five first downs, as they will take a piece of the sod here, take it to the sod cemetery in tallahassee. >> kirk: just an incredible game. and i thought what he said to sam was perfect. this is florida state/miami.
12:04 am
it's kind of what you hope for, a competitive game. dalvin cook gets his third win over the miami hurricanes in the town that he grew up in. decided to go play college ball up in hall as ttallahassee. it was great. back and forth, miami came out, kind of showed that this is a new era with mark richt, and then give francois and this noles team a lot of credit for the way they persevered and fought back. >> chris: couple things that really turned this game. miami was throwing. kaaya threw a pick in the end zone. mcfadden made the pick that turned things around. then the targeting call on jamal carter, the safety for the her capes on a third and long play. if he doesn't target, if that call isn't made, and upheld by the booth, canes get the ball back, who knows how it would have gone. but that was another play that loomed large. >> kirk: i think there were a few plays that kind of went back and forth, if we went back and looked at this and watched it,
12:05 am
you could say, how about that one and how about that one? it was definitely one of those kind of games, but the extra point at the end. miami did everything in their power, offensively, to finally get good field position, after the big punt return. coley on fourth down, the touchdown. just kind of assume it's going to be a tied game and headed to overtime, and walker comes up with the big blocked p.a.t. that's what you have to do in rivalry games. >> chris: miami loses for the first time. down to 11 undefeated teams. the huskies have moved up into the four position after a big win. >> yeah, i flipped alabama and ohio state at one and two, again, this is something that can change weekly, clemson a solid three, and at four, you've got teams like louisville, despite their one loss, michigan out there, i decided to move washington up there to four because of what they've done, now in the last two weeks. they just continue to play dominating football and i think they deserve to be up in the top four right now. >> chris: what's cool, ohio state is at


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