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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. ♪ action news, delaware valleys leading news program with metrologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. ♪ it's just awfully good that someone with a temperment of donald trump is not in charge of the law in our country. >> because you would be in jail. >> so the second presidential debate starts without a handshake, turns tense and intense to tackle the issues, in the end two very different candidates with two different styles try and present their visions for our country sunday night and the big story on
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action news is the second presidential debate, in a 90 minute town hall forum than outlined terrorism, taxes and healthcare. >> despite the release of audio with audio with trump groping woman and jeannette is live in the action center with details. >> reporter: a hope for a civil debate were dashed when neither went for the customary handshake each of their controversies were quickly brought up and the more important issues took a back seat. if viewers thought this may have been a sign of a more cordial debate. >> it's awfully good that someone with a temperment of donald trump is not in charge of the law in the country. because you would be in jail. >> reporter: they were quickly proven wrong. >> you started the last one out to the audience >> if he wants to start he can sta
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start. >> go ahead. >> reporter: constant reminders from the moderators to stick to the issues. >> mr. trump, mr. trump i want to get to audience questions and online questions. >> so she is allowed to do that but i'm not allowed to. >> you are going to get the response and more to that, no answer the question. >> why do you interrupt her. >> he did his best to listen to advisors and stay on the offense but could not escape questions about his latest scandals a recording of lewd comments he made about a woman 11 years ago. >> this was locker room talk. i'm not proud of it. i apologize to my family. i apologize to the american people. >> and he has said that the video doesn't represent who he is. but i think it's clear to anyone who heard it that it represents exactly who he is. >> reporter: and clinton wouldn't go out unscathed as trump repeatedly brought up her on going e-mail controversy. >> and i hate to say it but if i win i am going to instruct my
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attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation because there has never been so many lies, so much deception, there has never been anything like it. >> reporter: and there weren't many shockers tonight but the big one that a lot of people have been talking about on twitter and other social media sites is donald trump disagreeing with his running mate with foreign policy and has not talked to pence yet about issues in syria no word how viewers think the candidates did, live jeannette reyes6abc news. >> thank you and suburbs to downtown action news has been at watch parties with live political show downs talking to voters how they think their candidates faired and we are live from the watch party at a's place, christie. >> reporter: walter that watch party just wrapped up here and have been to various locations and depending upon who you ask
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there are two different winners from tonight's debate. it's round two and the gloves came off in the first moment of the 90-minute town hall style presidential debate neither hillary clinton or donald trump shook hands before taking the podium. >> unfortunate we have gotten there but certainly my perspective and belief that the loss of decorum is coming from the candidate. >> reporter: didn't take long for them to get personal. >> i think it's clear who has a plan and who is geared to talk about rhetoric, it's to deflect and not take any personal responsibility for anything what someone else has done and it's about what bill has done and what have you personally done. >> he has been pretty direct and honest all along or seems to be, i like to hear honesty on the other side. >> i think there is a little bit of nonsense on both sides. >> are you undecided? >> i'm fully decided and really don't like either of them. >> you are not go vote because
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you don't like either candidate. >> i have not liked the candidates for a while and do not represent me, it's a little civil disobedience. >> reporter: now unlike the last gentleman we spoke with not everyone is sitting this race out. many people that we spoke with said they are already decided and just watch night for reassurance about their decision live with channel six action news. >> christie thank you, tonight's debate is generating a lot of conversation on facebook and twitter be sure to log on to our facebook and twitter pages to share your thoughts and tune into good morning america from 7:00-9:00 for the latest reaction and analysis from tonight's debate. other news tonight high winds toppled some trees and clipped branches in the reason and firefighters went to west 65 where a high wind snapped a branch and toppled on wire and quickly removed the branch and no power outages. in lower merion where this tree
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came crashing down and blocked roadway of great springs and wood lee roads and utility wires came down with it but for injuries reported here. the latest from accuweather and melissa magee let's us know how long the windy weather sticks around. >> reporter: that breeze is sticking around for our workweek on monday and here is the reason live double scan 3d shows a cold front that moved through earlier today that did produce that heavy rain for south jersey and delaware and picked up some of matthew's moisture, you can see it moving on off to the north and east so in the wake of that we had those winds out of the northwest but not without dumping heavy amounts of rain south and east and wild wood you picked up 2 1/2 and a little more than 2 in atlantic city more than an inch and a half in dover wilmington inch and a quarter and philadelphia 1.15" of rain. the winds however were a factor today. they were gusting from 30 to about 45 miles per hour across the region with a constant
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northwest flow from 8 miles per hour in millville to as high as 15 in wilmington and philadelphia, you can feel the chill if you step outside 56 in the city, 44 poconos, 53 in lancaster and 58 degrees in cape may, 55 in dover so we will talk about what we can expect the coolest night since may on the way if we bottom out in the lower 40s and stays blustery on monday and temperatures this week in the 60s and 70s details coming up, with the exclusive accuweather forecast. all right melissa thank you the death toll from hurricane matthew in the united states stands at 20 and north carolina more than 500 people had to be rescued from high water after the storm dumped torrential rains there, five people remain listed as missing, in haiti officials still don't know the full extent of devastation because roads are washed out blocking access to communities one areas 82 homes are standing in a place where 40,000 people
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live. the latest estimates put the death toll at 900. police in philadelphia are investigating a hit-and-run involving a pedestrian in kensington and happened at 6:30 at the intersection of east lehigh and bee streets, investigators say the victim has been rushed to itemel university hospital at this hour police are still searching for the person responsible. firefighters in upper delaware county battled a house fire and flames broke in a home on the 500 of bethel avenue and quickly brought the fire under control, everyone there made it out safely. a busy road in north philadelphia is closed because of a water main break that occurred at an about 6:00 this evening, the action cam on the scene here along montcomery near broad street right in the middle of temple university campus, the water department since shut off the water after the 8" main ruptured still all customers in the area still have water and crews will be back out at the intersection either tomorrow or tuesday to repair the roadway which was damaged.
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chester police are investigating a deadly shooting. the victim was a young man and shot right in front of his family. at this hour the search is on for the person responsible. action news reporter bob brooks has more. >> reporter: this is the crime scene of a murder, the stretcher brought out for a young man who had his life cut short a 20-year-old was ambushed in his home just after 2:00 a.m. this morning putting to the neighbor sadly there is no surprise with the news today. >> it's bad, man, as far as the killing and stuff and the guns real bad. >> reporter: that is terry covington and says the crime today on third street is proof things are getting worse, this morning he was heading to church with his grandchildren. covington says he does everything he can to keep the kids away from something like this. >> living here it's rough man. it ain't easy and no jobs for kids to do around here. >> reporter: details of the crime are horrible.
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suspects barged in the 20-year-old's home and shot and killed him in front of his mother. no word of a motive yet. neighbors tell us the young man was a bright spot on their street. the victim used to give haircuts inside of his home to people who couldn't afford them. now detectives here at the police station say they need some help with this one and after a man who shot and killed a 20-year-old in front of his mother, if you know anything about this call them, in chester bob brooks 6abc action news. protesters interrupted the pride flag raising ceremony today during the ceremony moved inside city hall because of the weather the protesters called for mayor jim kenney to address allegations that some local establishments in the city's lgbt community are racist and issued a response a few hours later and he said the community will overcome hate and encourage people to attend a hearing later on this month headed by the philadelphia commission on human
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relations. closing time for the d taj-mahal and shut the doors for good in atlantic city and what customer had to say. the parade in south philadelphia and what is closed and open for the actual holiday which is tomorrow. the eagles lost their first game of the season by one point and jeff skversky has reaction from the coach and players when action news comes right back.
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tonight was the last night for the trump taj mahal in atlantic city and tomorrow the casino will shut down for good costing thousands of workers their job and bringing down the legacy in the sea side resort and the current owner icon was unable to reach a deal with workers on strike since july and caught up with a few people who stopped by tonight to see it just one last
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time. >> there is nobody in there. there are machines that are all cautioned off and you can't play them and a lot of them are shut off, there is a small area where you can play but there are a few tables open. >> it's been an icon on the boardwalk for a while now and everything about the boardwalk seems to be closing and just feel disappointed. >> reporter: the taj mahal will be the fifth casino in atlantic city to close over the past three years. celebration of italian culture took over south philadelphia today during the annual columbus day parade. ♪ as you can see here dozens of different string bands clubs and high schools marched down broad street today and televised on 6abc with our very own alisha with the broadcast and tomorrow is columbus day a federal holiday and offices will be
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closed and trash and ve recycling not collected so the rest of this week's collections will be delayed one day. all courts closed except municipal armainment courts and no mail delivery either but for the first time in years columbus day is no longer observed by the philadelphia school district and means students in the district will have class tomorrow. it will be a windy fall-like start to your workweek. >> that is right and metrologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when action news comes right back. [ roars ]
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of the accuweather forecast going to feel fall-like in the morning. >> a little chilly with the breeze out of the northwest and an extra layer before you step outside and look in the closet deep and find the coats and jackets and here is storm tracker six live double scan radar and dry and no issues with precipitation although earlier today and really during the overnight hours we have a healthy dose of rain in jersey
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and clear for the rest of tonight and picture sky six live in hd looking at the center city skyline on this sunday with a mostly clear sky and because of that temperatures in our suburbs dropping down into the lower 40s and here in philadelphia it could be the coolest night we have seen since may. peak wind gusts was the other part of the story and dover gust of 44, philadelphia today 41 miles per hour, ac, 38 and gust in poconos of 37 and 36 in reddening and constant flow of air out of the northwest and feels on the cool side after a high today of just 65 in the city. flip the numbers and 56 right now, 44 poconos, 53 in trenton, 58 cape may, 55 for wilmington and dover and 54 degrees in melville. here is satellite six along with action radar as the cold front that came through earlier today and really last night and as it did it picked up some of that moisture from matthew right now
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it's moving on off to our north and east, matthew by the way moving due east to the carolinas and it is not as expected to go back down to the south across the bahamas and florida moving straight out in the atlantic and looking good with that as well. mostly clear sky across ohio valley and because of that temperatures will cool down. the next 12 hours we have got a mostly clear sky windy and cooler 40 in the suburbs and 46 in philadelphia and if we hit this number the coldest temperature we have seen since may 16th here in the city. the set up tomorrow high pressure stays in control, high temperature of just 63 degrees we have a chilly breeze out of the northwest that stays with us sustained anywhere from 10-20 miles per hour and plenty of sunshine. on tuesday high pressure holds its ground across the region and sunshine and clouds close to normal with a high coming in at 66. the bus stop forecast the kids will need some jackets and sweatshirts with that cool breeze and 6 is 45 with plenty
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of sunshine, 8:00 a.m. the number is 46. exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast breezy and cool for columbus day on monday and high temperature of 63 and mainly clear monday and not surprised if we had patchy frost north and west of philadelphia as we get into monday night and early tuesday morning so by tuesday afternoon sunshine and clouds the high temperature in at 66, wednesday mostly sunny at 68. thursday a front does move on through so a touch warmer by then high temperature at 72 not a lot of moisture and in the wake of that front on friday it is slightly cooler with plenty of sun high of 65. on saturday mix of sunshine and clouds at 65 and next sunday it is seasonable with a high temperature coming in at 68 so we start out on the cool side tomorrow and the breeze stays with us temperatures all in all in the 60s and pretty quiet week ahead. >> that is good and thanks melissa. you can find the seven-day forecast and a live look at storm tracker six double scan radar on our website and go to
11:23 pm sports is up next, here on action news. >> the eagles suffer their first loss of the season and quarterback carson wentz throws the first nfl interception and we have more when 6abc comes back.
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more on the eagles disappointing loss to the lions today >> more disappointing because the lions had a losing record and going in there with the lead late in the game and could have one this thing. point the finger all over the place carson wentz interception but running back ryan matthews says point the finger at me, he is taking blame for his costly fumble saying i messed up and let my teammates down or point at the play charts and doomed in detroit from the get go and defense would not allow a passing and allows three the first half to the lions and matthew stafford and eagles down 14-0 and the biggest deficit of the season and back come the birds and second wentz to ryan
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matthews and eagles down 11 at the half and wentz to huff and eagles take the first lead and 49 yards and eagles up two so under three to go, it is third and two. they can run it out but ryan matthews fumbled lions get it it's the eagles first turn over all season comes at the worst time and d needs a stop and third and fourth and stafford to golden tate and first down and penalty and eagles 14 penalties 111 yards and matt prater good and eagles down one but look they have the ball back 1:28 left and field goal wins instead wentz on first down errors it out and mistake and eagles lose 24-23 ending the game with turn overs in plays and jamie apody has more from mo town.
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>> reporter: it happened, the undefeated team the unblemished quarterback perfect no more. >> interception and there is the game. >> kind of glad he got the interception out of the way, there is so much build up on that but it's not designed for that but the opportunity was there. >> obviously i tried to give nelson a chance to make a play and left it too far outside and the cornerback made a great play. >> reporter: wentz made rookie mistake but also tested for the first time and passed leading the team from 21-7 deficit to take a late lead and how does he think he played. >> okay but didn't finish and that is the thing i think the second half defensively we played off and came out and moved the ball but didn't make enough plays. >> has played great in four games and stood in there tonight and made some tough throws especially on third down and you
11:29 pm
know led our football team. >> reporter: pederson told the guys they are a good team and learn from this and move on but clear it may time a little time. >> when you lose games like in the locker room is hurting right now. >> we will win. >> reporter: what does a loss like this do for the team. >> reveals who you are as a manand football player because all of us had an opportunity to change the game some way somehow. >> reporter: agalar did not think he was interfered with and matthews took responsibility saying in a word i messed up, at ford field in detroit jamie apody channel six action news. more on the game next on action news sports sunday and mike missanelli and ducis rodgers is getting micced up as we speak and they lose the first place lead and the schedule doesn't get easier the eagles do not face a team with a losing record again until december, their next seven are against teams with a combined 23-8
11:30 pm
record. tony romo could be healthy by the team the eagles face cow boys but who needs them the way dallas is playing against cincinnati with prescott and elliot 134 yards and two touchdown and are four and one and eagles could not pull it out in the final seconds and redskins find a way on the ravens and 20 seconds less and fourth down and placco and redskins hang on to win 16-10. dallas takes over first place redskins on the eagles tail and eagles going into washington next sunday afternoon. if the flyers are not shorthanded enough in the season opener on friday they may lose another player not to an injury but to a suspension and he is facing a five game suspension with late and high hit saturday night in boston and he will have a phone hearing with the nhl
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tomorrow and without michael del-zotto and brandon manning and the flyers hopefully when they go out to l.a. to face the kings can get a w but they will be shorthanded regardless of what happens. still to come with philadelphia news the officer showed what true service means. a good reason they gave this young man a gift he will never forget when action news comes right back. finally a bike race put on by
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the felt police department ended with a surprise for one lucky young rider. >> there you go, buddy. oh, my god thank you. >> reporter: yesterday during the second police district's annual ride against violence several narcotics officers noticed a boy riding on a bicycle that only had a single gear and bad tires. so the officers went to the nearby target and bought him a new bike and helmet and surprised him with it, the boy thanked each officer by giving them a hug. action news sports sunday is next on channel 6 and action news continues at 4:30 with david murphy and edwards and matt o'donnell and karen rogers for walter perez and melissa magee and jeff skversky i'm sarah bloomquist have a great
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night. ♪ a touchdown and fires to the other side to reddik to a touchdown. >> and gave up. we shot ourselves in the foot one too many times. >> holding. number 79. number 22. >> it felt pretty good. >> wentz fires complete, touchdown. >> offensively we were there at times and other times mistakes happen. >> and the lions have it. >> people could start pointing fingers but they didn't, they rallied together and had an opportunity. >> letting it go deep, he is looking for agaular and interception and there is the game. >> i went


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