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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. speaker paul ryan vows he'll no longer defend donald trump in the wake of that leaked tape. the new polls also spelling trouble for the nominee as he warns the campaign could get even uglier. >> if they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things, we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. >> and overnight, hillary clinton holding her biggest rally yet as wikileaks dumps what they claim are 2,000 more private e-mails from the clinton campaign. what they say about chelsea clinton. water rising in north carolina after hurricane matthew. dams breaking. swallowing towns. thousands of people rescued. thousands more still stranded. roads completely underwater. >> we have not hit the most serious point of this flood in north carolina. >> as a new storm brews in the atlantic.
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power down. the major new warning about those exploding samsung phones. the government now telling owners everywhere to stop using them. now the cell phone giant completely stopping production of the galaxy note 7 after reports of even replacements igniting. and the woman at the center of the trump tape, nancy o'dell, speaking out. >> i felt it's very important i address you all directly. >> her message for donald trump as pressure mounts on the team behind "the apprentice" are there new damaging trump videos? and good morning, america. we are exactly four weeks from election day and let's take a look at these dueling rallies in the battleground states, hillary clinton and donald trump the day after that nasty debate. >> a lot watched. the numbers are in and that debate drew more than 66 million viewers. their final showdown is now set
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for next week. >> and in the meantime, donald trump is facing new fallout from that tape. this new poll shows him trailing hillary clinton by 11 points but the big headline this morning, developing in the republican party, who supports donald trump? abc's tom llamas is on the trail for us in pennsylvania. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. that troubling poll coming at a time when donald trump is facing a deep divide within his own party with speaker paul ryan. but if it's affecting trump you couldn't tell last night. he held a massive rally here cracking jokes, delivering his classic lines and claiming he won the debate. overnight, in a rare moment, donald trump sharing the spotlight calling up a trump mini-me up on stage. the toddler all n. >> do you want to go back to them or stay with donald trump? >> trump. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the sweet moment came after trump warned things could be getting uglier on the campaign trail.
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>> he was a predator. hillary clinton systemically attacked and discredited the victims of bill clinton's sexual harassment and assault. >> reporter: entering the final month of his campaign ditching his prompters ready to go scandal for scandal with the champions. >> if they want to release more tapes saying inappropriate things we'll continue to talk about bill and hillary clinton doing inappropriate things. >> reporter: the republican nominee referring to this video revealing his boast about sex assault recorded 11 years ago. trump calling it locker room talk. >> you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> grab them by the [ expletive ]. you can do anything. >> reporter: but some in the trump team apparently ready to laugh off that disastrous moment. >> money for the clinton foundation, boy, that is as phony as i can't say the word because i have to be nice. i might say it back in the locker room. >> reporter: the fallout from that recording may be the final
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straw between house speaker paul ryan and trump. ryan telling fellow republicans he won't defend trump and won't campaign for him. his spokeswoman saying the speaker is going to spend the next month focused entirely on protecting our congressional majorities. trump tweeting, paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting republican nominee. meanwhile, clinton holding her biggest rally yet in ohio overnight. >> donald trump spent his time last night attacking me when he should have been apologizing. >> reporter: polls show her riding high following that trump recording. >> he is an equal opportunity insulter if there ever was one. we are better than that. we are bigger than that. >> reporter: now hillary clinton has called donald trump's allegations her and her husband an avalanche of lies and trump
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reminding voters to keep a close eye on the election on election so saying the system is rigged. >> tom, thanks very much. we move on to that wikileaks dump. thousands of e-mails appearing to come from clinton campaign chair john podesta released and abc chief investigative correspondent is here to take a look. >> overall the e-mails which they believe were hacked by the rugs in an effort to mess with the u.s. election don't produce any big bombshells for the kremlin but do show how clinton campaign chairman podesta had to preside over a clinton family feud. a longtime aide doug ban complained about the boss' daughter chelsea calling her a spoiled brat who has nothing else to do but create issues to skwuf what she's doing because she as she has said hasn't found her way and has a lack of focus in her life and chelsea pfeifers back with a kind of i'm going to tell daddy about her rival band. as "the new york times" put it this morning, all of this is
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less like the drama intrigue of "house of cards" and more the n antics of "veep." >> they believe russia is behind it. trump not convinced. >> absolutely. they say they are highly confident the russians are behind this. something they say they've told both candidates in those classified briefings even though trump refuses to accept that and based on his debate performance continues to defend putin and the russians. >> okay, brian ross, thank you very much. as we said donald trump is behind double digits in the last it pot and jon karl is here with more. >> reporter: trump is in a freefall as seen in this poll. it was taken entirely after that videotape, the hot mike videotape was released but before the debate. take a look at this. as you mentioned an 1-point lead for hillary clinton but look at trump's number. 35%, barely over a third of voters saying they will vote for donald trump and if you look at how much he has fallen, 11-point
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lead for hillary clinton now, almost double where she was less than a month ago and, robin, in this poll we're seeing evidence that republicans in congress are suffering because of trump's implosion. if you take a look at it, set by seven points voters say they would prefer to have democrats control congress. that is the biggest lead for democrats, the lowest mark for republicans since the government shutdown three years ago, a shutdown blamed on republicans. >> we saw as you were walking over those numbers when it comes to women and voters. hillary clinton already had a substantial lead and has built on that. >> this is a gender gap that is like nothing we've ever seen, 21-point lead for hillary clinton among women. you know, almost double where it was just a month ago. >> let's bring this to matthew dowd. the dam has broke, it looks like. >> i think so. if you look at the last two weeks in this, every single piece of data shows that hillary clinton has risen and donald trump has fallen.
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we only have 28 days left in this race. nobody has ever come back from this far down and won the race. >> especially when the leader in the house is not going to defend you. that created we've been using civil war, paul ryan yesterday when he was speaking with his house members faced a real backlash from conservatives who want him to support trump as well as you were predicting yesterday this has put a lot of republicans in the worst possible spot. >> absolutely -- if this is a civil war general lee won and i think it's more akin to a divorce where the father got the house and the kids and a bunch of the kids don't want to stay with the father. that's where the party is right now. >> is there a real chance the democrats can take back the house? they have to pick up about 30 seats right now. it's very difficult to do that when you've got these districts that have been created to solidify the hold on the party. >> redistricting has put it it such a way you can lose the popular vote nationally. watch the number 7. if this -- if the generic ballot is above 7 the democrats have a
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high likelihood of winning back the house. if it is below 7 the republicans are likely to keep the house. >> we have a month to go before the final votes although people are voting right now. debate next week. what are the other big things that could shake the dynamic or is the structure set? >> well, i think there's a couple of things, one, the debate is the last thing you can control in this and then the unknowns of something getting leaked and what happens in the wikileaks, though i think what the wikileaks things have done is basically revealed to many americans how hot dogs are made. they don't like it. it's reduced confidence in the institutions as a whole. hasn't fundamentally hurt hillary clinton but people can't trust anything coming out of washington. >> we heard from donald trump on the stump. he'll continue with this basic scorched earth approach. >> well, yeah, i think he's just adopted what the conservative talk radio is saying the campaign they want to run over the last ten years, he's running the campaign they want to run and what it's doing we see from the latest polls is now he has a
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double-digit deficit that will be hard for him to come back from. >> matthew dowd, thanks very much. michael, we'll switch to the fallout from that hurricane. >> big fallout, george. take a look at these pictures. terrible scene unfolding down south. that's fayetteville, north carolina, it's still underwater thanks to hurricane matthew and, ginger, i spent a lot of time growing up in fayetteville, ft. bragg. a long way to go. it's not over there. >> some of the rivers will stay in major flood stage through the end of the weekend. that's how far we have yet to go and that's without rain so people are looking at this satellite image and saying, oh, no, please tell me that is not coming our way. that's tropical storm nicole and good news for the u.s., it is not coming. bad news for bermuda who is on hurricane watch. you're looking for it by thursday and stays out to sea. only rip currents. those rivers on major flood stage a lot from south carolina to virginia so not even north carolina but that is where it's at its word, the lumberton river
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stays at that record until saturday and that's why matt gutman is there this morning. >> i want you to look at this housing project. the water down there is about chest high and goes on for hundreds of yards. now, i spoke to local authorities this morning and say this place is such a mess they still haven't accounted for all of the people who may still be stranded and don't know yet how many people are still missing. this morning the water rising relentlessly. several dams and levees breaking or overwhelmed in the southern part of north carolina. swallowing most of the town of lumberton. more than 2,000 rescues since hurricane matthew dumped over a foot of rain here over the weekend. many were plucked from rooftops by helicopters. and by boat. >> it terrified me to death. i have never seen so much water. so quick. >> reporter: thousands more still stranded. >> you got to see it to believe
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it. we have not hit the most serious point of this flood in north carolina. >> reporter: so far, 28 lives claimed by the storm and its aftermath. many of them dying in their cars. >> i was worried about these guys here. >> reporter: we watched firsthand as this car plowed into a submerged road. >> these guys right now are trying to move in there to try to pluck that person out of a car. water is moving very, very quickly. >> reporter: those good samaritans helping that man out. flooding roads cutting off the southern part of the state. this was just the drainage creek but that floodwater came tearing through here ripping out the entirety of this bridge and accepting debris hundreds of yards in that direction. i-95 mostly impassable along a 70-mile stretch. roads that are passable are backed up with traffic. hundreds of families like the glovers stranded. >> i'm really worried about my kids the most trying to find any way to get to the house. >> reporter: now, you notice that it's dark here except for
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the lights that we have brought because nearly a million people across the southeast, many of them here in north carolina are still without power. and i want to show you guys a little bit of the scope of this flooding. i'm going to keep trudging this way through the water. it goes on for hundreds and hundreds of yards in that direction and so many thought that they could seek refuge from hurricane matthew here in these inland areas far away from the ocean but this turned out to be by far the hardest hit areas and as ginger has just mentioned these floodwaters are not expected to recede from their forecast record for at least a couple of days so lots of bad news ahead in hard times for folks here. robin. >> unfortunately so, matt, thank you. hurricane matthew as we all know also devastated haiti. the death toll there climbing and groups are now calling it a major humanitarian disaster. david wright is in port-au-prince for us. >> reporter: hurricane matthew was a wrecking ball here in haiti. up to 90% of the homes in the
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southwest part of the country either damaged or destroyed. we've been to jeremy, an entire city picking up the pieces and this region was the breadbasket of haiti so the haitian president is warning down the road there could be famine. aid has started to arrive but the need is overwhelming. 1.4 million people in urgent need of help and one of the most troubling signs we saw was that the local hospital, the hospital itself badly damaged by the storm, they've set up a cholera ward out air in open air. the conditions are squalid. dozens new patients checking in every day. some two to a bed. after the earthquake in 2010 there was a cholera epidemic and 10,000 people died. george. >> such a sad situation. okay, david, thanks very much. we move on to new trouble for samsung. company hauling production of the galaxy note 7 phone amid concerns they could overheat and catch fire. abc's rebecca jarvis here with the latest. good morning, rebecca. >> george, good morning.
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that's right. the warning is coming after at least five reports of galaxy note 7 replacement phones this morning samsung announcing it is halting production telling anybody with one of these phones should immediately power down, stop using the phone as the company conducts a full investigation into what's causing these problems. this morning the replacement galaxy note 7, the phone that allegedly did this. >> i saw a small red burst and then it started to smoke. sizzle and burn. on the nightstand. >> reporter: and this. >> i saw smoke and threw it on the floor. >> reporter: now the subject of a new government warning, regulators telling every galaxy note 7 owner even those carrying the new replacements to power down and stop using the phone immediately. after reports of at least five fires in the new replacement devices including one that caught fire aboard a southwest flight. >> we got smoke in the cabin. can you send the emergency equipment over here? >> reporter: another in a
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houston restaurant. samsung echoing the warning trucking all carrier and retail partners globally to stop sales and exchanges while the company investigates. earlier monday all four major wireless carriers suspending sales and exchanges of the new phone meant to replace the original galaxy note 7 after nearly 100 reported fires like this one that set an suv ablaze. >> this is a black eye for the recall system. and samsung, though, needs to step you now and fix it. >> reporter: the faa ex-stepping their warning to include those new replacement phones telling passengers to keep them turned off too. samsung now says it is working with relevant regulatory bodies to investigate the recently reported cases. >> a thousand what ifs ran through my head, what if my son or daughter were playing with it. what if it was in my pocket? >> reporter: now if you own one of these phones, the original or the replacement no matter when you purchased it, the wireless
7:17 am
carriers say they will exchange the device for a different model. that's what samsung is recommending. that's what i would recommend, do it now. get it done. >> samsung now stopping production of the phones. this is a real blow to the company. >> this is a nightmare for the company. the original recall analysts thought would cost the company a billion dollars. now that number is $17 billion because they were supposed to sell about 19 million of these phones. that could be a big deal for the company but keep in mind this is a company that is worth $235 billion. ultimately a problem but not necessarily the end of the world for them. >> they can absorb it. >> okay, rebecca, thanks very much. >> so a lot of absorbing. big baseball news, everybody. the san francisco giants, they're still in it. 1 innings, over 5 hours, you see that hit right there. that's by a guy named snow joe
7:18 am
p chp. panek. that 108-year curse, you still got a shot. >> don't panic, if you will. >> joe didn't and speaking of elimination. the red sox are out, everybody. swept by the indians losing 4-3 and also the final game for big papi, david ortiz, there he is right there. saluting the fans, he's a fan favorite for 14 years. >> shedding some tears and he ran out. saluted them and he called them the best fans worldwide. >> 15-minute ovation. >> 15-minute ovation. he deserved every second of it, george. this guy has been an amazing player for the red sox and great for baseball for a long time. >> he has. >> back down to ginger with a new fire sparking evacuations in california. >> yeah, napa. so evacuations actually taking place this morning and we go
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>> let's get to the tuesday trivia brought to you by amazon echo. >> good morning, everybody. we've got a chilly start to the day. some of the suburbs were just in the 30's. let's take a look outside right now and see what it looks like. beautiful shot sky6 looks lie, our temple university camera at the center city skyline. hardly a cloud out there and we'll see lots of sunshine today. and things will start to feel feel a little better through the day. accuweather 7-day sunny today less wind than yesterday a high of 66 degrees. we're sitting at 46 right now in philadelphia. tomorrow clouds and sun, a
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they're gr-r-reat! >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 7:23 on this tuesday october 11th. we'll go tow matt pelman much he starts with the blue route. good morning. >> yeah, back to work morning for some people after the columbus day holiday. rough ride back on the southbound side of 476 because of an earlier broken down vehicle. by now things are pretty much normal on the southbound side. normal on the northbound side but normal means jammed here in both directions by the route one media bypass. also have a bunch of suburban accidents this morning. one in upper gwynedd along prospect road near hancock road. that's involving a deer reportedly and just a bit to the north in montgomeryville by car sense a crash jamming us up along 309 between bergey and church roads just 13 miles per hour there. there's a wreck in perkiomen township along 29 gravel pike at 113. one in pottstown by the post office along high at madison.
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a wreck along lincoln road at monroeville road. tam. >> thank you, matt. we'll take a short break and come back for your accuweather. ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪
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>> good morning, everybody. grab your coat. it's chilly out here. let's look at these numbers especially in the northwestern suburbs. 30 degrees in tannersville, 33 in martins creek quakertown pottstown, 35 in coatesville, 371st time in the season we're seeing these numbers. 42 in chester, 46 degrees in center city. 38 degrees in browns mills in new jersey, 39 in hammonton and vineland a little better in delaware 41 in dover. a quick look at your accuweather forecast. 66 today with bright sunshine. tomorrow 68 inching our way back up there. thursday 72. tam. >> thank you karen. we'll send it back to "gma"
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but we'll see you back here in 30. >> ♪
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(to dog)i'm so proud of you. well thank you. get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer. welcome back to "gma." that is nancy o'dell right there. she spoke out overnight about being so center of that leaked tape. pressure on "the apprentice" to see if more damaging tapes exist. right now, donald trump and hillary clinton heading both to florida with just four weeks to go until election day. a new poll shows clinton with an 11-point lead after that fallout over the leaked tape and north carolina is in a state of emergency from that massive flooding left in hurricane matthew's wake. president obama now signing a disaster declaration for the area. it will provide federal funding to those affected by the storm. and the late night comedians, they had a field day. they got pledgety of fresh material from the presidential debate and a new star was born named ken bone that undecided voter who became a social media sensation in his red sweater.
7:31 am
well, he had a chance to catch up with jimmy kimmel. take a look. >> how did you ever get such a fresh and cool style? >> i think the short answer is that my wife dresses me like all great americans. >> i guess he's going along with it. we're going to have a lot more but all these late night laughs and all the fun they had with it. coming up. >> big hit, sold out. the red sweater sold out. yes. i kid you not. yep. >> that's coming up. that fallout from the leaked tape, donald trump facing it, nancy o'dell opens up as we said about being the focus of trump's comments. oreos that more tapes do be coming out there and linsey davis with the story. >> tweets are now coming in from the host of the british version of "the prentiss" urging nbc to release what he calls some, quote, real gems from trump's time on the show and nancy o'dell is breaking her silence on air saying donald trump's locker room defense is no excuse
7:32 am
for objectifying women. the woman at the center of that explosive tape is now speaking out. >> there is no room for objectification of women or anyone for that matter. not even in the locker room. >> reporter: nancy o'dell is tackling donald trump's hot mike conversation heard around the world. >> i did try and [ expletive ] her. she was married then all of a sudden i see her and she's got the big phony [ expletive ] and changed her looks. >> as a mom, i have to add our kids especially our young girls need to know that their hard work, their achievements, their intelligent, their heart are most important. ♪ money money money >> reporter: on monday "the huffington post reported it received an unedited transcript from "apprentice" featuring emily west. he said don't put this [ expletive ] on the show.
7:33 am
her skin sucks. she needs some serious [ expletive ] dermatology and geraldo rivera said he's combing through his interviews. >> we've just been starting to go through the tapes now and there are some statements that in the context of the current climate would be i think -- would be embarrassing. >> reporter: now tv exec mark burnett behind "the apprentice" is in the hot seat with many calling him and the owner of mgm to turn over tapes that some say contain damaging material on it. burn net was the focus of jimmy kimmel's emmy monologue. >> if donald trump gets elected and bills that wall, the first person we're throwing over it is mark burnett. >> burn net and mgm tell abc news he does not have the ability nor the right to release footage or other material from
7:34 am
"the apprentice" and has consistently supported democratic campaigns. >> there's a lot of legal quicksands in term of these out-takes. that's why they haven't been released. >> reporter: and as of monday, there's now a go fund me page that's raised more than $23,000 with the goal of raising $5 million to go directly to mitigating any legal costs for a potential whistle-blower with damning footage of donald trump. >> let's talk about it. you're here to talk about "murder in the courthouse." >> that's real blood on there, by the way. >> my blood. it turns out. yeah. >> so, dan, how about this claim from mark burnett he can't release the tapes. >> look, as a legal matter, he may be right that he signed a contract that said that he's only allowed to release it for x, y and z reasons. that's a different question from saying is he actually trying to prevent people from -- he says he's not but he can say i'm not technically allowed to do it.
7:35 am
but that doesn't mean that it can't get out. there are other ways for mark burnett to say i signed an agreement, doesn't really tell us a whole lot. >> is this $5 million fine enforceable. >> number one, it's -- there's the blame game. burn net is saying it's not me, it's mgm. he is right. mgm, not nbc but mgm could release it if they wanted to. however, there is a multimillion dollar punishment for anyone that leaks it. now, is that real? yes, that nondisclosure is real. if it was held against someone they probably would appeal it forever but here's the reality when you look at his track record, did trump it? of course he said it but is he going to be punished? differently than anybody else under the law, no. now, there is precedent for them to get this under chevron versus b burlinger. about the oil business and
7:36 am
"crude" was the movie and the federal judge insisted they have the outtakes. >> trump organization's is facing 20 lawsuits for sexual discrimination. could one of those lawyers compel it. >> those are civil lawsuit, right. you can't go in on a fishing expedition and say maybe possibly they have something and as a result give us everything you have. right. you can't do that. you've got to be specific. you got to be able to say, here's what we're looking for. we know that they have x, y and z and most important this is why it is directly relevant to our case. you can't just say -- >> you'll never get it before the electric. even if they get a judge to order it they'll appeal it. it'll be all over with and by november the 10th, nobody will want to do it anymore. >> the only way it's coming out is if it's secretly leak sfwld if they read my book they may get the answers on national tv, don't get your feelings hurt. i'm inviting dan abrams to my place, there's going to be popcorn to watch the movie.
7:37 am
on hallmark. and this is not a date. let's be clear about that. >> okay. >> thank you. >> i heard popcorn your place and i'm thinking, i don't know. i was getting nervous. >> october 23, 9:00 eastern. movie "murder with love." and this is out today. >> fantastic. >> congratulations on your book. >> let's go over to robin. >> it sounds like a date to us. it certainly does. coming up, the 4-year-old abducted and amber alert that didn't go off when it could have. how she was finally found. michael and i will head over to the big board. if you want to sell your car
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carmax will give you seven days to consider their offer. why seven days? science. join me as we walk through the seven stages of decisioning. 1. consideration. 2. questioning. 3. deciding. 4. queso. 5. nap. 6. sudoku. 7. tambourine practice. i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ♪
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time now for our big board and team of insiders standing by for more on this morning's top stories. dr. richard besser did here at the table. his story in just a moment. we wanted to begin with a major relief for a family whose little girl was abducted in florida. finally found safe days later in tennessee after a frantic search
7:40 am
across several states. but now controversy erupting over a delay in her amber alert. abc's eva pilgrim is in lakeland, florida. so, eva, bring us up to speed on what happened here. >> reporter: well, robin, 4-year-old rebecca lewis was allegedly taken if her family's home saturday morning by longtime family friend west hog. when should other states issue amber alerts? the sheriff concerned he would leave florida so he got on the phone and he started calling other southeastern states. this is because hog is from alabama and a truck driver who knows the interstates well so alabama and georgia both issue amber alerts. tennessee saying no. rebecca is spotted in florida. she's spotted in georgia and then a park ranger in tennessee sees the pair, speaks to them. hogs tells that park ranger he is waiting on the girl's mom so that park ranger lets them go. then he sees a police bulletin,
7:41 am
realizes she had a missing girl. by the time he has that realization the pair are gone. the state of tennessee then issued the amber alert and as -- because of that amber alert, this little girl was found. a hospital employee in memphis noticed them and called police. >> and, eva, the florida sheriff has harsh words for tennessee, take a look at this. >> the state of tennessee chose not to do an amber alert when we asked them to. well, here's a news flash, tennessee. he was there. >> but what was the reason for not issuing the amber alert? >> well, michael, tennessee says that they had no reason to think he was there. so that's why they issued the police bulletin. really interesting statistic, though, to keep in mind the national s national center for missing & exploited children say there were only 11 interstate amber alerts last year, nine of those cases, the children were found in states different from the one they were kidnapped in. in that's very enlightening.
7:42 am
>> good reason to do that. >> to just do it and put it out there. it can't hurt anything. thank you, eva. now to a fiery new interview with the attorney for jonbenet ramsey's brother burke. dr. werner spitz involved and sunny hostin joins us now. in this show that has this -- created this lawsuit, it's been theorized that 9-year-old burke did -- was the murderer of his sister jonbenet. when did you take from this. >> that burke hired the best of the best of the best attorneys in this area. this is what he specializes is. he's called a libel specialist and has won these burke did it claims against "the new york post" and won them against court tv and against "star" magazine. if lin wood sues you for libel,
7:43 am
you got to start shaking in your boots because he knows how to do it and even represented richard juliette lew jewel, remember him from the atlanta bombing and represented him successfully. you don't want this guy coming at you. >> some people are wondering why he would allow burke to talk after all these years. was silent for 20 years then speaks on -- with dr. phil. >> there was a little bit of inside baseball going on because dr. phil is also represented by lin wood, this attorney, so lin wood says the reason he allowed burke to speak to dr. phil was because he thought once the cbs docu-series saw this, they stop it and not air it. of course, that did not happen. >> we have a statement from cbs and said in part, cbs stands by the broadcast and will do so in court. so do you think burke ramsey has a case? >> does he have a case? remember, i called this a while ago when we covered this case. cbs has to show that these
7:44 am
allegations that they aired against burke ramsey are true. remember, this case has been going on for 20 years, law enforcement officials haven't been able to prove that burke ramsey killed his sister. how does cbs show that this is truey this is a very difficult case to defend. >> lin wood sued all these others and has won and you can't prove it, why would you even go near it? >> good question, michael. >> yeah. >> all right. >> all right. we'll move on now to a new study that could make you rethink your trip to the gym to blow off steam because according to research in the american heart association's journal circulation, exercising while angry could increase your risk of a heart attack. okay, dr. besser. i mean, this is a serious matter. >> yeah. >> what does this mean. >> it's a large multinational study and looked at more than 12,000 people who had a first heart attack and trying to identify what is the trigger? what is causing these heart attacks? what they found 8% were due to
7:45 am
somebody being angry or youset. 8% were due to strenuous exercise and if you were angry and did strenuous exercise the risk was even greater. >> so if you're angry, a lot to go to the gym to blow off steam. a lot of times i'm angry i have to go to the gym. what do you do, stay at home. >> exercise, long-term exercise is good for your heart and there are a number of things this study couldn't look at in terms of being angry and exercising. it couldn't look at, you know, did you exercise instead of getting into a car and driving when you were mad. did it help your mental health? did it cut down on your risk of having an user or getting in a fight with somebody. it just looked at this one slice so i would take that with a grain of salt. >> okay. and as we go away want to give a shoutout to a friend of yours. >> joel lean was my next-door neighbor in san diego. she's one of the first women heart transplant surgeons there in the country.
7:46 am
there she is. >> yes. >> she and her friends are here visiting. >> you're doing this study about hearts. >> i told her we'd pull her in and get her comment and she had absolutely not. >> sunny and eva, thank you very much. we appreciate you. coming up our exclusive interview with country singer "dancing" star jana kramer about her secret struggle. all the comedy and more on the big stars coming out of the debate. the big star, right there. >> nice sweater. i need that.
7:47 am
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7:48 am
okay, late night comedians had a lot to work with, the tape coming out and debate sunday, t.j. holmes was watching awful it. >> when it was over were you looking for debate analysis for cokie roberts or jimmy kimmel? the truth of the matter is kimmel and other late night comedians had a lot more to work with. >> more jeb bush. billy bush is his cousin.
7:49 am
he has to be sitting at home thinking why the hell didn't he release this a year ago. >> trump admits it was a love point, not the comments but riding the bus. caught me with a tall limo. >> trump campaign manager kellyanne conway said this morning that last night's debate was a good night for democracy. but i think what she really meant was good night, democracy. >> of all the stuff can you imagine how pissed he must have been when he heard arnold schwarzenegger wasn't supporting him after that. i would have loved to have been the fly on hillary's face when that news came in. >> oh, okay. >> all right. who won, trump, clinton, who cares? the big winner of the night was this guy, take a look at mr. ken bone. he became a star of the night. there he is, he asked the next to the last question of the opening and became an internet sensation. now, other video we can show. look at him mingling casually hanging out with the president, former president came over to speak to him. wanted to say hello.
7:50 am
so the memes we're talking about. let's throw up the first. everybody was calling him the hero that everybody needs. the outfit he was wearing became a big deal and a lot of people say they're going as this guy for halloween. that's the outfit. they got the whole outfit with the microphone and like you said that sweater has sold out at this point but you know what it was, he was the adult that america needed at the time. he asked an important question about energy policy and he was just an adult at a time that we had a nasty debate. >> and now a hero. >> he's a hero. >> t.j., thanks very much. we'll be back.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
glacier national park and killington had quite a bit of snow we can show you they're making. that's how cold it is. that's how cold it is. a lot of fre z254jz zi0z y254jy yi0y
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 7:56 on this tuesday october 11th. let's head over to matt pelman to talk a look at the boulevard. good morning. >> no shortage of slow spots out there this morning tam luke here on the roosevelt boulevard southbound side by fox street backing up headed toward the schuylkill expressway. earlier crash southbound under broad street is long gone but you still have plenty of heavy southbound traffic. also still watching a crash in perkiomen township along 29. that's gravel pike at 113 with normal eastbound slowing on 422. speeds in the teens passing okay. ben has speeds not so pleasant. westbound side jamming from the upside into eighth and vine. 42 northbound still heavy from blackwood-clementon road to 295 with normal morning volume. delaware there's a crash on highway one northbound at new castle red line. restrictions and slow speeds
7:57 am
there as well. tam. >> all right, thank you, matt. let's go to sky6 hd taking a live look across the commodore barry. look at that beautiful sun. now we'll head over to karen rogers. she's got the latest in accuweather. good morning. >> good morning. it is bright and beautiful but it is chilly. we just got our 8 o'clock numbers in. we were at 29 in mount pocono. a few minutes ago. now at 34. 36 in allentown. still the 30's in reading and lancaster but 48 now in philadelphia. 45 in millville. little better and 49 degrees in cape may. we rebound nicely this afternoon. we're going to see lots of sunshine less wind than yesterday so a-66 and it will feel good. yom kippur this evening tonight unclear clouds, tomorrow fog and 68 for your high tomorrow tam. >> thank karen. someone play have tried to set a philadelphia police cruiser on fire in the city's logan section. it happened at the 35th police district on the 5900 block of north broad street at 8:30 last night. an officer noticed a cruise are in the parking lot with
7:58 am
the gas cap opened and found a burnt piece of paper sticking out of the gas tank. the car was not damaged. that's it for now. we'll see you back here in 30 but first we'll send you to "gma." >> ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
paul ryan says he'll never again campaign for donald trump as the nominees get back on the trail. >> do you want to go back with them. a new poll spells real trouble for trump as hillary clinton holes his biggest rally yet. >> he is an equal opportunity insulter if there ever was one. we are better than that. we are bigger than that. >> 2,000 more private e-mails from the clinton campaign and what they say about chelsea. secret struggle. actress and country music artist jana kramer who stuns week after week on "dancing" opening up for the first time after surviving horrific abuse during her first marriage. >> take me from this place so i don't have to be here anymore because i don't know how to get out. >> and her recent surprise separation. only on "gma."
8:01 am
♪ picture perfect. the photo revealing the ultimate dad hack. how one ohio father got the triplets in the backseat and stopped all the fighting over snacks. all that, and get ready for cookie, taraji p. henson is here live and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ ah, taraji p. henson is something. good morning, america. great tuesday. can't wait to talk to her. i love the title. "around the way girl." she's been working so hard to be where she is. a beautiful book. >> all kinds of stars coming here every single day. last week, ben affleck, michael, you figured out what a die-hard fan he is. >> you see how much that hurts him i put that jersey -- >> the hair stood up on the back of his neck. he is a die-hard boston guy.
8:02 am
>> he was like -- you tried. his devotion to his boston teams so big, wait until you hear what he did at his own movie premiere coming up. >> now the morning rundown from paula faris. >> the big story, the civil war and republican party, donald trump facing more fallout from that audiotape filled with lewd remarks about women. the most powerful republican in washington has all but given up on him and now trump is responding taking aim at both sides of the aisle and tomorrow y'all has the latest. hi, tom. >> reporter: paula, good morning, the big story this morning, that deep divide between donald trump and speaker paul ryan. a fellow republican. paul ryan telling other house republicans he's done campaigning and defending donald trump. and trump firing back on twitter saying, the speaker should focus more on balancing the budget instead of fighting with the republican nominee. now, this comes at a time that trump is claiming he won the second presidential debate but he's facing a very troubling
8:03 am
poll that shows hillary clinton far out in front and a funny moment last night here in pennsylvania. donald trump bringing up a mini-me up on stage and then asking that toddler who he wanted to go with, his parents or with donald trump. the little boy said trump. paula. >> all right, tom, thank you. hillary clinton meantime, is campaigning in florida today with al gore. the clinton campaign is hoping gore's fight against climate change will help attract young voters. meantime, wikileaks is out with thousands of e-mails apparently hacked from clinton campaign chairman john podesta's private account. they don't really include any bombshells but in one batch of e-mails an aide to bill clinton refers to chelsea clinton as a, quote, spoiled brat with a lack of focus in her life. and the floodwaters are still riding in north carolina. officials call the damage catastrophic. this is all, of course, in the aftermath of hurricane matthew. feet of water are inundating homes. eight dams have broken in the state. nearly 1500 people had to be
8:04 am
rescued. and now there's concern about another dam giving way. some rivers could continue to rise for days. and the president of haiti is warning of a famine if his country doesn't get urgently needed supplies. the hurricane death toll has surpassed 1,000 and there is growing concern about a cholera epidemic. 750,000 people need assistance right now. we do have breaking news overnight. samsung has halted production of its galaxy note 7 smartphone because of safety concerns. at least five replacement phones have caught fire since last month's recall. now, owners are being told to power off these devices immediately. and police are investigating another creepy clown sighting. this one in detroit and it was especially dangerous video shows the clown hitching a ride on the back of a city bus. police are stepping up patrols, suspicious clown sightings have been reported in dozens of states. many near schools raising security concerns. finally a dad from ohio
8:05 am
getting an "a" in creative parenting 101. jake white came up with a simple solution to keep his 2-year-old triplets from fighting in the backseat. what you're looking at, a couple of pieces of foam core to ago as dividers. it is brill yaptsdz and the last week his selfie has been shared by blogs and newspapers around the world. we know it's very affordable so you can have peace in your home for under $15. if fact, if you want peace at the desk, you know, michael -- >> am i bothering you. >> just foam core right will. >> don't give purchases any ideas. you know that's going to happen next. great to have you here, paula. >> that's amazing. >> news that goes pop. >> indeed, good morning to you all and to you. and the name is craig, daniel craig who infamously said he would rather and i quote slash his wrists than continue to play the iconic character of james bond. now, though, he may be changing his tune. speaking at the new yorker festival this weekend, the actor explained that, well, after a year away from the gig and some
8:06 am
time back with his family and maybe some other things, money, money, money, a little perspective. money, saying if i were to stop doing it, i would miss it terribly. what was that song? ♪ money money money >> he gets a massive kick out of it and if he can keep getting a kick out of it, he will. what do you know? looks like someone has rebonded with the role that made him a household name. >> is it done? >> it is not officially done. i looked it up but based on this -- ? seems like if he wants to do it they would take him back. >> how do you like your humble pie served. shaken, not stirred. >> tight twofold. it could be money -- i spent time with my family. i have to get out of the house. >> that's true. >> hey, remember we were all like, ooh. why you got to say that. so anyway, i thought you would be interested in that. >> he's great at it. >> i loved him in the role so i'm -- >> i hope he does it.
8:07 am
>> hope he does it. ♪ money money money money next up, drake takes the cake. stacking up a record 14 -- no, make that 1 american music award nominations topping even the great michael jackson. the rapper leading the way, god, i love this song. >> i love that dance. >> he lees the way for all nominees in an array including artist of the year, favorite album, favorite rap artist. other nominees, i should say include rihanna, adele, justin bieber. catch them all and the action live, november 20th, where? >> right here on abc. >> but if he has 13 he's probably in like one-third of the awards or half. >> yes, good. >> good for him. >> i will be watching. >> a lot of speeches. >> yeah. then finally, ben affleck as we teased earlier made fellow red sox fans very proud after making his priorities clear even on the red carpet. then delaying the start of his new film at the premiere, "the
8:08 am
accountant" so he could cheer for his bosox as they tried to fend off the cleveland indians in the american league division series. this isn't the first time he's dropped everything to check in. he checked the patriots score in the middle of an interview. unfortunately for the boston native the sox needed a little more than his loyalty. swept by the indians in the series losing three games in a row. >> ouch. >> you're a little excited. >> not bad. >> and that, by the way, is "pop news." >> all right. lara, thank you very much. coming up, the new procedure exploding in popularity that really beefs up your eyebrows. does it work and is it the secret to making them bold, beautiful and full? an exclusive with "dancing's" jana kramer opening up about her secret battle and motherhood coming up next on "gma." ♪
8:09 am
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8:13 am
realize what life ♪ this is jana kramer on "dancing with the stars" and celebrated her most memorable year and now speaking out about her marital troubles and spoke with abc's kayna whitworth and kayna joins us from l.a. hey, kayna. >> reporter: george, good morning. she said she barely made it out of her first marriage alive and choosing this time to tell her story in hopes she can empower other women to get out of abusive relationships. >> hi. >> reporter: from the outside looking in, actress turned country music sensation, jana kramer -- ♪ -- seems to have it all. >> my mom told me never let anyone steal your life to you and i didn't listen. >> reporter: the 32-year-old speaking out about the years she spent living in darkness, a victim of domestic violence. >> i'll never forget sitting in the bushes. how the heck -- like i'm hiding in my bushes.
8:14 am
how in the world did i get here? >> reporter: that was the night she says she was almost murdered by her first husband, michael gambino. >> what happened? >> this happened a lot. he would come home from a night out at the club and literally take me out of my bed and throw me onto the ground. he said he was going to kill me. choked me and did all those things then i was like, this is it. >> you felt like you came face-to-face with the end of your life. >> yeah, my grandpa has always been my angel and i remember praying to him saying, i don't even want to be here anymore because i don't know how to get out of this situation so if there is a happier place like let me come to you or either save me or take me from this place so i don't have to be here anymore because i don't know how to get out. and when -- when we were struggling he was choking me and i see everything, my mom, my funeral. like i literally have that flash of like my whole life and i just remember like i screamed at my
8:15 am
mom's name like and that's the last thing i remember. >> reporter: she was only 19 a riding star and had just landed her first major movie role. >> he started to verbally be abusive then grabbing the arms. black eye. he was manipulating me to feel like it was my fault and so many women that are in abusive situations feel like it's -- they're the reason for this. and the truth of the matter is they're not. >> reporter: gambino was convicted of premeditated attempted murder. after five years in prison he was out on parole. she lived in fear until she got the news that changed everything. >> i remember getting the call that he committed suicide and i felt bad because my first feeling was relief that he was gone, that i didn't have to worry about him anymore. >> reporter: after a second brief marriage and broken engagement she thought she finally found love with former nfl star mike kocin.
8:16 am
in 2015 they married and had a daughter jolie but as she prepped for "dancing with the stars," news that rocked her world yet again. her husband's string of infidelities. >> he has publicly apologized. >> he is doing all the work that he's supposed to be doing right now and i acknowledge that and i see that. >> reporter: now she plans to use her platform and voice to help empower women everywhere starting with herself. >> through all of this heartache, what are you coming away with. >> that i'm so much stronger than i ever thought was possible and i am worthy of a great love and i know that i am truly enough just me. >> reporter: she is resilient and today jana says her biggest priority is being strong for her daughter and creating a happy household however that looks. george. >> okay. kayna, thanks very much. all of you at home can see more of her story tonight on "nightline." coming up next here we got that popular new beauty treatment called micro blading.
8:17 am
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♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features, for less than you expected. hurry in and lease the 2017 passat s for just $199 a month. when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. all right. >> we are back now. look who is here with he me. taraji p. henson.
8:21 am
how many people say to you i want to be cookie when i grow up. >> a lot of people. >> add me to the list. i'm right with you. we have a candid new him mower a lot to share with us. we can't wait to hear with you. first your local weather. >> thanks, ginger. right now it's 48 degrees. we're recovering from very chilly start. we're dry at least. let's check the forecast for you right now as we look outside what a beautiful start to the day. live over the commodore barry bridge nothing but sunshine coming your way. here's your accuweather 7-day. sunny he today, less wind than yesterday so a high of 66 and it's going to feel good for yom kippur tonight. we'll have mostly clear skies early on then clouds increase overnight. tomorrow clouds and sun, 68 for your high tomorrow. we're up to 72 on thursday. mor brows. and a new technique to fill them in that could last up to three years. abc's mara schiavocampo is taking a closer look, hi, mara.
8:22 am
>> lara, good morning. imagine having the eyebrows of your dreams without gels, pencils or shadows to get them. for those of us with overplucked or thin brows or no brows at all a temporary eyebrow tattoo could be the answer. big, bold brows, one of hollywood's hottest red carpet looks. seen on everyone from cara delevingne to keira knightley. it can last in some cases up to three year gls it is more superficial and not quite as long lasting or for outright tattooing. >> reporter: called microblading other embroidery. a semi permanent eye tattoo using fine brush strokes to mimic tiny eyebrow hairs. bella thorne demoing it. julia says this eyebrow ink is
8:23 am
in eye demand. >> it's hot fire already but it's really starting to get huge. >> reporter: milin says it starts with sketching them with a pencil before beginning the microblading process. an anesthetic it added for numbing then tiny scratches are made before injecting a temporary dye that fades over time. but while it may be convenient, doctors warn if not done right, it could make brows look much worse. >> the obvious risks are things like infection and scarring. >> reporter: the procedure costs anywhere from 500 to $1500. but it lasts one to three years which some say is priceless. >> i think they came out amazing and my mornings will be a lot quicker so i'm happy about that. >> now, the procedure itself takes up to two hours and it takes about a month to heal. in terms of maintenance you do have to clean it several types a day for two weeks and also have to initially avoid things like
8:24 am
sweating in the sun but sign me up because when i wash my face my eyebrows disappear. >> me too and then a big egg face. we'll talk more about it with "allure" magazine editor in chief michelle lee. welcome back. so talk to me about safety and pain. two big concerns i'm sure for everybody here. >> yep, absolutely. the befores and afters are amazing and obviously such an incredible procedure that people are excited about. there are some risks involved but as with everything you have to make sure you do your research and find someone who is reputable. >> what about the risk skwoos. >> as for risks i mean it's sort of like tattooing. if you have somebody great -- there are some risks, infection, but honestly in most cases you're not going to have a problem. >> and then pain level. >> pain level depends on your pain threshold but in most cases people who have done it says it feels like a pinch and got our model here today, hannah who just had it done this morning. you look amazing. >> oh. >> did it hurt? >> they look fabulous. >> i will say, though, it is
8:25 am
expensive. so luckily there are some ways at home everyone can do a similar look with just a few products. >> when you say expensive i'm looking at her. they're fabulous. what are we talking? >> hundreds of dollars. it's about 500 all the way up to about 900 so it's not cheap and does take a while to do so luckily we've got some products. >> a '90s girl you had no eyebrows. we were thinking skinnier is better. it lasts for three people. it might be a long-term -- >> it is a natural look. >> if you want to use your own makeup at home. >> we have this animation over here that shows how to find the right brow shape for your face. so everybody has a pencil at home and everybody has a brow. what you do is put that pencil next to your nose and stick it straight up. that's the inner corner. keep the bottom of the pencil on your nose and angle out towards the outside of your pupil. use that as the guide to fill everything in.
8:26 am
>> some people like more of an arch. some like less. do you have a product? i see you have many. >> brow promade. not one brow shape is great for every person's face. she has somewhat more of a square face and can take a nice bold brow. you can see the before and after on her which looks amazing. >> yeah, really, really nice. >> all right. and it's called brow embroidery or microblading? >> yes, exactly. it is a really great fun procedure that people can do and it is a time saver. >> michelle lee, we always love having you. helping us with cutting edge beauty. "allure" magazine on stands now and taraji p. henson is back with us.
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 8:27 now on this tuesday october 11th. matt pelman is looking at something pretty serious a bus accident in south jersey. good morning, matt. >> yeah, that's right, near princeton, tam, and chopper6 hd is high over the scene. this is the school bus involved in the accident. looks like it's wedged up against this bridge that runs over cell phone knee brook. this happening along mercer road between hutchinson drive and quaker road and the accident doesn't look terribly serious but you can see he police out here on the scene and mercer road is blocked. so i would just stay over on quaker road get around this school bus accident near princeton mercer county. meanwhile this is 95 southbound side just the typical fare here slowing southbound from past academy through this point near allegheny into girard. getting to 95 is a little tricky along academy itself. there was a crash at holme
8:28 am
avenue by saint davids church. sounds like that accident is in the process of clearing one in new castle county jamming up northbound highway one. lanes blocked at new castle red lion. delays this morning on the septa regional rails most between 10 and 15 minutes. tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. it's i was 8:30 karen rogers has it warmed up out there or do you still need coat. >> i'm feeling a little better right now. you might need a little light sweater but i think that will do it right now. we started off in the 20's in mount pocono and 30's in a lot of suburbs. still just in the 30's in the lehigh valley but 48 in the city, 45 in millville, 51 already in cape may just starting to warm up but it is a beautiful sunny days, less wind than yesterday. 66 degrees for your high temperature so a great afternoon. tomorrow clouds and sun, 68. so a few more clouds around tomorrow. thursday the mildest day of the seven day so get out and enjoy it, 72 own a slider chance for a late day shower. friday breezy and cooler 63. the weekend looks pretty good and dry tam. >> that's always a good thing. thank karen.
8:29 am
coming up on "gma" taraji p. henson and we'll see you back here in 30. >> ♪ y254jy yi0y
8:30 am
♪ you're so beautiful [ applause ] welcome back to "gma." welcome to a great audience in times square this morning. >> a great audience but a very special guest. golden globe winning actress here with something sweet this morning. give it up, everybody, for taraji p. henson. ♪ you're so beautiful >> handing out cookies. >> i have cookies. [ applause ] >> good morning sh, beautiful. >> look at you. >> look at you. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> mwah. >> i like to hug. >> you did. >> i'm a southern girl. >> thank you. >> channeling that golden globe
8:31 am
moment with the cookie. >> whenever i have cookies i pass them out. i guess that's my job now. >> i'll be honest, i saw you walk out with the cookies and i'm like i'm getting a cookie. you were out before you got here. >> i had to pass them out. >> you're getting the cookie, correction. >> even better. >> yep. >> so excited about "empire" back for another season. >> oh, my goodness. me too. very exciting. i love where cookie is going. finding a calmer cookie. she's co-ceo of a multibillion dollar company and can't slap people anymore. she has to be very diplomatic so i love that and it's going to be great for the audience to see her struggle to bite her tongue when people come for her. >> because she never has before. >> oh, it's so hard. it's so hard. >> i've written a beautiful book we'll talk to you about in a little bit. a little later about that. >> before we get -- speaking of stars and cookies and halloween is coming up, you came here for
8:32 am
halloween. you may not even notice but we got a little cookie was here. >> cookie was here. >> you were in times square. there you are. >> oh, oh. >> cookie. yes. >> i forgot that. >> purple is the royal color. >> robin, that is you. how do you think robin did. >> i think she gets an "a" plus. >> thank you. > when i want to go on vacation and they're filming. >> oh, wait a minute. don't go there. i wasn't the only one who was cookie for halloween. >> now, that i remember. >> i remember that. >> you don't want to go there. >> you might remember that. i'm trying to forget. how about that? >> don't get to see the tape? >> no! no tape. >> where is my phone? >> put it on your phone. >> oh, it's been burned. no evidence of that. but, now when you're going to join us for our topics here. >> just jump in. >> this is -- >> jump in. >> this is a while. jim gipp decided to go to las
8:33 am
vegas. he said first trip in 23 years without his wife. anywhere -- >> by himself. >> went to las vegas. >> oh, he would go to vegas. he had to go to vegas. go ahead. >> she had to take care of him so she made a necklace for him. let's show it right here. my name is jim. if i look lost please call my wife kim gig. if i am in a restaurant just staring at the menu, please order me some sort of asian food. i've never done anything without my wife. their son tweeted a picture of the necklace. it went absolutely viral. 70,000 likes right now. i still can't -- 23 years. >> there's no way he wore that the second he walked out of that house. >> not in vegas. >> you think he went to vague and put that on. you can get lost in vegas.
8:34 am
>> in so many ways. >> yeah. >> i don't know how -- >> your soul could get -- i wouldn't have sent him by himself to vegas. i would have sent him to disneyland. >> first trip. >> first trip. >> 23 years without a trip without your wife. >> have you all taken without your spouses and gone on vacation. >> i don't think he had been away on work -- i've gone a couple days at a time. not often. [ laughter ] >> hey, george -- you got to stick the landing. don't be afraid. yeah, i went on some trips by myself without my wife, yeah. >> i think you should play it safe. >> i did the right thing. you -- >> i'm feeling good. >> don't listen to him. don't listen to him. >> she's watching. >> i'm sure. >> yeah, it's good. you need a little time apart sometimes to go collect your thoughts. >> it's healthy, i'm sure. >> just not in vegas. >> i mean, you know, i wouldn't, all right. all right. >> ready to move on?
8:35 am
we going to save the gentlemen. okay, so there's a guy who is handing out cards because he's very tall. and his name is logan and he's 6'7" and tired -- he got -- not tired because he's a sweet guy but any time someone says the usual questions, he passes out this business card which says, yes, am very tall, you're very observant for noticing. 6'7". yes, really. no, i don't play basketball. the weather is perfect up here. i'm so glad we had this conversation. >> oh, that's neat. >> that's neat, yes. >> that's a sweet way to be saar cast take. >> i'm really feeling his pain. >> yes. [ laughter ] [ applause ] sarcasm.
8:36 am
>> pass it out like that. >> i'm going to make one that says, yes, i play cookie on tv. no, i am not cookie right now. when you call me cookie, it reminds me of work. please call me taraji unless you're on the set of "empire." >> that's a long card. [ applause ] >> yes. >> i mean, i feel like it does sort of complete the -- >> yes, it's nice. >> i love you. i'm going to put mine on cookies. right? >> that's a great idea. >> would yours be more about sports or tv? >> mine would be yes, i am that guy who looks like the guy you say i look like. you look like michael strahan. and then i'm like, i get that all the time then even if i say yes, i am they'll go, no, you're not. >> i get it too. >> no, we didn't go to high school together, yes, i wake up really early, i have no idea who
8:37 am
is going to win. >> robin. anything? >> everyone is always talking about height and i go, yes, 5'10", yes, worth the climb. worth the climb. >> whoa! >> good morning, america! >> you weigh in? >> usually about flea marketing. when i go to flea markets i'm like the elvis of flea markets, so it's true so i would say, people just want to know about sort of what i buy, do i really, you know -- >> what do you buy? >> a lot. two storage units filled. i know it's a problem. some people call it hoarding. i call it collecting. >> you're not alone. >> you're like the elvis, i'm going to buy this lamp. [ laughter ] >> what a good deal. that was fun. all right.
8:38 am
that's all for that. >> and when we come back we are going to talk more about your fabulous book. >> yes. >> how you got to where you are. we cracked open the vault. we did with you. your performance at the 2006 academy awards singing that year's best original song for the movie "hustle and flow." remember that. that was good. >> loved that movie. >> we'll be right back.
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> welcome back to "good morning america." look at my friends from wisconsin. they say this isn't that cold. we have frost advisories just outside the city. look where they're making snow killington vermont. it's happening guys we're turning over. if you're sticking around all y'all here in new york highs in the 70's. more with taraji p. hen none a moment. first a check of your local weather. >> that's right we're getting temperatures in the 70's but not today. let's take a look at your accuweather forecast. sunny he this afternoon less wind a nice high of 66 we inch up to 68 tomorrow with more clouds. it's thursday when we hit 72. l inside to robin. >> all right, ginger, thank you.
8:42 am
we are back now with award-winning actress taraji p. henson. her new book "around the way girl: a memoir" is hot off the presses and great to have you here with us. i love reading this book. people not familiar with the phrase around the way girl. >> if you've never heard of the handsome hip-hop rap star l.l. cool j., he did a song about it, yes. and i mean, he was talking about me, you know, and really what it represents is that i am just a girl from around the way who had a dream and with hard work, never giving up on myself and faith and love of my family i made my dreams come true so i wanted this to resonate with everybody who feels like they're just from around the way, i'm just a regular person and you can do it. you can do it. i know people who have been homeless and made their dreams come true. so this is really -- it's
8:43 am
something to inspire. >> it does. >> people -- twitter became really popular and it was the first time i was able to interact with my fans and they had been reading about my interviews and see me in interviews. i've always been candid all my life. >> yes, you have. >> so they be like, oh, you -- you had a son in college and you still graduated and you moved to l.a. with $700. how did you do it? you need to write a book. your life is so inspirational and it's like, you know, god put me on stage and he gave me the mike, what am i going to do? what am i going to do with this moment in life? how am i going to inspire other people? if people will be inspired by my story, little old me that's my duty. that's my computety as a human. >> you're at messenger. >> aren't we all, though? yes, we are. >> aren't we all. everybody has a story to tell. >> everyone has a story to tell and you almost didn't tell your story. >> i almost didn't. i almost sent -- the check back because i got nervous, you know, i decided to write the book
8:44 am
before cookie became this phenomenon and i got scared because you know i've been doing this for awhile and under the radar, i could go to target, you know. >> look at these great -- >> aaagh. oh, you're going to love -- i got scared because now all eyes are on me and sharing my most personal vulnerable moments in life and i don't know will people judge me so i almost freaked out and backed out then my makeup artist, very spiritual woman, she said to me, don't ever lose focus of why you started doing this. people need your story, taraji. they need you so recalibrated me and here we are. >> i'm glad she did. >> i'm so glad she did. [ applause ] and we were talking in the break and it's a real tribute to all the people in your life, your family member, those before you and those who are coming up behind you and the way you talk about your mom and your dad and you talked about how your dad schooled you in the game and your mom taught you how to live it. tell me first about your mom and
8:45 am
the contributions that she's made to you. >> well, my mom got -- mom marks i love you so much, ladybug. she -- she never sees her strength. she's always like she gets all of that from her dad and my mom, wait till you read the book. it is really a love letter to her and my father because the two of them who are opposite polar, i don't even know how they got together but thank god because they made me! but my mom is so powerful. she's the quiet in the storm. my dad was the storm and my mom was the quiet and it was just an even balance and the woman is just full of love. you talk -- she won't shake your hand. she will ball her fist up and hug you. i mean she's just the ultimate definition of unconditional love, this woman. >> that's a mom. >> she has such a forgiving heart and that's what she taught me and my dad, like i said, he was the storm. >> didn't you say some of the lines we have from cookie -- >> basically cookie is based off
8:46 am
my father. off my dad. everything thinks that she's from a woman. no, my dad. he was so candid and he was not afraid to live in his truth and i think that's how we should be. if we were all bold enough to live in our truths, this world would be a much better place because we would know what where we stand with each other. wouldn't have to hide anything. you either loved him or you hated him and i found that people who didn't like him had a problem with their truth. >> that's it. >> they couldn't deal with their own truth. >> because it wasn't that he was saying anything that wasn't real or had some facts to it. it was -- you either afraid of it or embraced it. >> you are so busy, have a wonderful son. you're a good momma. you got "empire" and you got this. "hidden figures." "hidden figures." tell people about that. >> how many of you women had anything to do with the great race to space? wow. well, women put men in space and
8:47 am
on the moon. women -- [ cheers and applause ] >> i love this. >> and i love -- have you seen the posters yet? it's so much for our little girs to look up to because they're not dress scantily. they don't have anything -- they're buttoned up. talking heroes in the 1960s. real, live heroes. look at these women. >> kathryn johnson who is still alive and i know she's up because she's very spry at 92, good morning, queen. she is the genius. she graduated high school at 14. college at 1. she is really a beautiful mind and it was her calculations that got glenn. he would not get in the capsule because ibm was just coming into the space program, but at that time no one trusted computers. what is that machine? ? and she was the one. >> she was the one he trusted. i'm not getting in that capsule
8:48 am
until my girl do the numbers. >> i love you're bringing these hidden figures into the light. >> they will be hidden no more. >> no more. [ applause ] >> i'm so happy for you. you've worked really hard. you've worked really hard and deserve everything that's coming your way and you know what's coming your way, this book. we're giving the book to everybody here. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's out right now and everybody in the audience is going home with a copy, as well. you are so beautiful. look, we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ]
8:49 am
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♪ we're back now with the star of "american housewife." take a look. >> katie, hi. you have something on the back of your shirt. >> it's pizza. i thought it came out in the wash. >> how did you get a pizza stain on the back of your shirt? >> honest answer, i was either
8:51 am
wearing it backwards when i ate the pizza or aim wearing it backwards now. yeah, now. >> oh. [ laughter and applause ] >> so many of us. >> in this new show, you play a character i think a lot of mothers can relate to trying to raise your three kids in a middle class household in a world that seems perfect but the world is far from perfect? she is an authentic lady living in an unauthentic world and trying the best with her husband greg to raise them in a grounded situation where it's not stable. >> i'm a big fan of yours. you came out. so excited to meet you. and in "mike and molly" you played melissa mccarthy's sister on that show. >> i did. >> i fillet like you were always burting at the sapps to bust out. now you have your own show and the star of it. how does it feel for you. >> i couldn't be more grateful.
8:52 am
i'm having the time of my life. i just -- i finished "mike and molly" january 24th and four days later i walked into the "american housewife" crew and auditioned and i was like back at it and here i am with you today. >> here you are. and another thing that's important of this show, the issue of "body image." tell us about that. >> me personally i don't -- have never let the media dictate my identity. i don't hold what i am either i'm a size 14 or a size 4, a size 8, i have never allowed that to be my self-worth. katie deals with it on a regular basis, so we touch on it as the series goes on. it's not the theme, you know. so we do all -- it's all many different other situations that happen. so -- >> a lot of things everybody can relate to. >> yes. >> one thing that i know your
8:53 am
beau greer -- >> engaged. >> he is a javelin thrower. >> four-time olympian. >> four-time olympian. >> world record holder. >> you work 15-hour days but i know one thing you make time for him first of all and secondly, sports. your favorite team. >> yes, lsu. and the saints. my daddy played football for lsu so on saturday, i'm studying for the next week with him and he's helping me, he's helping me with the next and we're watching college football and sunday nfl. >> you and robin. sports fans. who dat nation? >> who dat. >> and who is this. "american housewife." premieres tonight at 8:30 eastern -- eastern right here on abc. everybody, katie v/o: she works hard. she stays late. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead.
8:54 am
katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. do you own a plane? do you own a bank? pat toomey owned both. but it's the fact that toomey owns a seat in the u.s. senate that should really concern us. while on the senate banking committee, pat toomey voted to rewrite rules to help bankers like him
8:55 am
...and he tried to eliminate protections put in place to stop wall street's risky practices. pat toomey: looking out for wall street and himself, not pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:56 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by volkswagen. >> uptown, who dat. who dat. who dat. who dat. thanks for watching, everybody. have a great day. >> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. 8:56 now on this tuesday october 11th. let's head to matt pelman taking a look at the schuylkill. good morning. >> i don't know if we were ready for tuesday either tam but here it is and it's giving
8:57 am
us traffic troubles like a new crash on the schuylkill westbound side here bite city avenue on-ramp. off to the side but still plenty heavy in the westbound lanes from the roosevelt boulevard on out to gladwyne. and new complications on the pennsylvania turnpike. westbound approaching willow grove there's now a broken down vehicle taking out the left lane. so speeds they're not so hot from past bensalem on out to fort washington. ben franklin bridge still very busy westbound coming into the city from the upside into eighth and vine. in mercer county a crash on 295 northbound at sloane avenue in the median attracting attention. we still have that accident involving the school bus near princeton along mercer road. stick with quaker road to get around that. tam. >> thank you. let's go out to meteorologist karen rogers. looks like it could be a nice day. >> it's going to be a great day. lots of sunshine, the frost advisory officially expires in two minutes. let's take a look at these numbers right now. we started in the 20's in mount pocono. it's 44 now. started in the mid 30's in the lehigh valley. we're into the 40's.
8:58 am
it's 51 in the city and millville and atlantic city airport so recovering nicely with the beautiful sunshine. only a light breeze at best so much less wind than yesterday. 66 degrees for your high today. yom kippur begins this evening. we'll see more clouds filling in overnight. tomorrow clouds and some sunshine, 68 for your high. we're up to 72 the mild of the day of the week is on thursday with only a slight chance for a shower late in the day, tam. >> thank you karen. coming up on "action news" at noon we're following new developments after someone apparently tried to set fire to a philadelphia police cruiser. the evidence recovered from the scene in logan also the reaction from the city's police police commissioner. for now "live with kelly" is up next. i'm tamala edwards. have a great tuesday.
8:59 am
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