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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  October 12, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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already cast their ballots and thousands of iraqi soldiers and advisers are moving into battle against isis. >> the water main break on temple university campus is affecting hundreds of students in several dormitory. walter perez is live with the details. >> reporter: hi sara we'll give you a live look at the scene things have dried out but the work is just beginning, water officials received a call to hours ago, we are told that a 12 inch main ruptured and they have shut down water service to the area, the area around norris at 13th and broad and that affects homes and buildings and at least two temple university dorms currently without water service. they are trying to figure out the exact location of the rupture. as you can see it's safe to say if it's not here at the intersection of 18 and and
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norris it's somewhere nearby. the water official we spoke with off camera was not too keen on giving us a time frame on getting it back up and running but optimistically four to five hours. again 13th and norris water service is shut down in the area. we'll have an update on the situation starting on "action news" at 4:00. walter perez, channel 6 "action news" back to you guys. >> thank you. water department crews are also on the scene all morning lon fixing a water main break in chestnut hill. it broke at 1030 this morning on ardly street. about 52 customers without water at this hour. the department is hoping to have the main fixed and service restored by later today. a fast moving fire damaged several homes in the city's hunting park section overnight. this is the scene at broad and
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west pike streets after 1:30 a.m. it started in a vacant home and spread to a neighboring home that was also vaken't. anthony williams says he was sleeping when police suddenly knocked on his door. >> i had to leave with nothing on. some of the people out here gave me some things to put on. you know basically looking out for everybody williams and his grandfather escaped without being injured. the cause of fire is still under investigation. after a cool start we have a pleasant day for the middle of the week and the good weather should continue. sky 6 hd is looking live now at the jersey shore and the beach in cape may, a pretty picture there. meteorologist, karen rogers is in for david murphy with another preview from accuweather. a nice day to get out and walk around a bit. >> it is a nice afternoon. whatever your plan is. it's a nice day for that.
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did you notice from that shot too. the bright blue skies with when we looked down at cape may. satellite 6 along with action radar showing yes we have nothing but sunshine in cape may and atlantic city, but for most of the region we have clouds that just moved in. a good looking day right now. 62 degrees new numbers in martins creek. 59 in quakertown and 66 already in coatesville. we are getting more sunshine farther to the north and west and sunny skies in lancaster and 63 in saint davids and partly sunny skies in philadelphia. 64 currently in center city. and 62 in browns mills and 67 a warm spot there, and hammonton new jersey 67 and 69 right now in smyrna, delaware. temperatures are treating us as they should. 6 degrees for today's high and that is our average high tore
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this day. the average low is 53. we are not breaking records, it's a seasonable day. i believe my husband is playing golf and playing hooky, sunshine and nice and comfy. 2:00, 67 degrees, by 6:00 coming down from that at 65 degrees. a good looking day and we'll bump the temperatures up more tomorrow and give us a slight chance for a shower. i'll show you that with future tracker 6 in just a few minutes. now to the race for the white house, election day is less than a month away but early voting is already underway in some states. indiana, ohio and california and some counties in new jersey are among the places allowing absentee ballots. in orange county, california, people are casting early ballots in person or dropping them off. it's a republican strong hold and the most early voters they have seen in years.
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voters in the battleground state of florida have extra time to vote because of hurricane matthew, the federal judge extended it until today and may extend it longer. and would be voters deserve more time because more than a million of them were urged to evacuate as the hurricane approached. a high-profile supporter of donald trump sheriff joe arpaio is charged with contempt of court one day before the early voting began there. arpaio is running for his seventh term in office. he defied a judge's order stopping his patrols along the border. meantime, donald trump increasing attacks at leaders within his own party and hillary clinton is battling more emails released by wikileaks. kenneth moton has the latest.
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>> reporter: donald trump and his campaign unleashed and unshackled. >> some of the establishments people weak and unaffective people within the republican party. >> he would not be in a fox hole with gopper ez that pulled their support. house speaker ryan focusing on down races after the video came to light. >> enough of busy footing around, do you support us or not support us. the fact is, you know some of these leaders have been wishy washy. >> divided republicans united democrats. former vp al gore came out of the shadows to campaign for clinton. and took on trump and wore t-shirts saying bill clinton rapist shirts. >> those folks were auditioning for a reality show. >> clinton in the polls but
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dealing with more fallout. and after wikileaks release trump claims updates about the private email server case but it was information already available to the public. >> that was kenneth moton reporting for abc news. in other news, the world health organization is rushing a million doses of cholera vaccine to haiti in order to stem an outbreak in the wake of hurricane matthew. nearly all the water systems were destroyed by the storm 145 miles per hour winds and haitians are drinking whatever water they can get. the world health organization fears another outbreak like the one seven years ago that killed 10,000 people. the iraqi army is preparing the battle that will take back mosul from isis. it's an important staging area
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for the attack and the operation to retake mosul is the most complicated yet and turkey is making it morecomplicated. 46-year-old david shallic was indicted yesterday for allegedly conspiring with chaka fattah jr. if convicted he faces prison time and restitution up to 3.9 million there's. police are warning that male college students in the pittsburgh area about an online blackmail scheme. they say that students at carnegie melon and other colleges are told to make payments in order to stop the release of sensitive photo graphs and videos. they are tricked to engage in
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sexual acts on camera and then contacted by someone claiming to record the acted and demanding money. american airlines will reduce the number of flights out of philadelphia international airport beginning in january. right now the airline operates eight major waves of flight out of phl, they will cut the number down to six, that is 30 to 40 fewer flights a day. american says it's to boost efficiency and profits and philadelphia will remain their fourth largest hub. people were parking at casino at atlantic city but revenue from hotels are up. that is the latest report on tourism in a.c. and a dip in parking revenue in the second quarter of 2016 but and uptick in hotel rentals, that may mean fewer people are day tripping but more are relying on it as a destination. there is more ahead on
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"action news" at 12:30, a school principal in missouri is accused of hiring a hitman with school field trip money. his assignment killed the principal's pregnant girlfriend. and tim tebow to the rescue for a fan suffering from a syracuse. those stories and more when we come right back. planned parenthood.
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a former st. louis school principal is charge ready hiring a hitman to murder his former girlfriend. he hired childhood friend, phillip cutler to kill jocelyn peters last march. >> he committed the crime in such a way that he would be as physically far away on the night the murder occurred. unfortunately for him there is a lot of other evidence that points to him being directly involved. >> the victim a teacher was seven months pregnant when she was killed. and that green gave cutler $2500
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money intended for a class trip. a 4-year-old girl kidnapped in florida over the weekend is back with her family and her abductor a long time family friend is in jail and due to be at a court appearance later today. here is the story of the dramatic reunion. >> cameras were there and rolling when authorities reunited rebecca lewis with her family in florida. >> bring me home. >> she had been missing since saturday until police found her more than 800 miles away at baptist memorial hospital in memphis. a young woman saw the girl walking hand in hand with her alleged abductor and recognized her from amber alerts from facebook. >> said she is wearing the same outfit and we went straight to
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security. >> tennessee authorities are now under fire for waiting until monday to issue the amber alert. the faa is looking into a minor collision between two planes at the newark international airport. the united airlines plane and a lufthansa jet. federal investigators joined the investigation into a possible explosive device left in front of a colorado police department. a detective found a backpack outside the building at the star of his shift and brought it inside. they found an explosive device, two robot searched the bag and removed pieces from it. a pharmacy is creating quite a stir for one pricing for men for its products and one for
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women. they said for one day female customers should stop tax free and male customers should pay a 7% male tax. they wanted to bring an aware on average the price for womens products. she received a tremendous amount of positive feedback and emails and calls from angry men. tim tebow was signing autographs and a man went into a seizure. he prayed and talked college football with the man and the man opened his eyes and chatted for a bit before paramedics brought him to the hospital. this summer tim tebow helped a man having a medical emergency on a plane. the way to get people to look up from their electronic
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devices. looking outside blue skies over the commodore barry bridge. karen rogers has your update from accuweather when "action news" comes right back.
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well, the grim reaper is walking the streets of downtown pittsburgh not looking for new victims but trying to save people from their electronic devices. wearing a long black cape the creepy masked figure is actually an actor. part of a safety campaign called look alive. and trying to bring attention to the danger of distracted walking and driving. >> hey buddy i'll see you in a bit. mr. got his head in the cell phone, go ahead and check your facebook and you'll be face planting pretty soon. they don't listen -- >> sounds like someone i know. i can't place the voice though.
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the ceo of the port authority hopes it cuts down on the number of pedestrians that walk right into buses on occasions. fatal crashes among teenagers are on the rise in decades. 18-year-olds are most likely be involved in fatalities, the study says that boys are more likely to be speeding and girls are more likely to be distracted. female drivers are more likely to be wearing their seatbelts in cars. i'm still thinking about the grim reaper, that is pretty extreme. >> mean but fun. >> i as you thought the voice would sound different than that. hey buddy! >> all right lets take a look right now at stormtracker 6 live double scan around the area work are dry and looking good. no weather problems just clouds out and about. we'll go out live and check sky
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6 hd, and at times we see a bug just climbed on the front of it. it looks halloweeny, and we are looking at clouds up above on the center city skyline and no major problems as you head out this afternoon. looking good and feeling good with the temperatures, here is the highlights today. seasonable day temperature where's they should be this time of year. a mix of clouds and sun. tomorrow a touch milder and on friday. it's turning cooler. so you can make your plans with that. temperature 64 degrees, comfortable. and the dew point 49 degrees and a fair amount of moisture in the atmosphere and the winds are holding steady and out of the west at 3 miles per hour. here is the image of satellite 6 along with action radar you see how the clouds are over the i-95 corridor over the past couple of hours have filled in but enough sunshine mixing through it feels good out there. sunshine in parts of south jersey and farther to the north and west. a mix of clouds and sun today,
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at 2:00, 67 degrees at 6:00 sun and clouds and 65. and 8:00 getting down to 61 and at 10:00 we dip to 60. later on tonight the overnight low 53 degrees and not quite as qual as it has been the last couple of mornings and light breeze 3 to 6 miles per hour. tomorrow this frontal boundary we are talking about inches closer to us tomorrow. 72 degrees for your high ahead of the front you have a southwesterly flow and that allows the temperatures to bump up a bit. and as the front crosses our area we have the chance for a shower in one or two spots. most of us stay dry though. this is future tracker 6 at 3:00 in the afternoon in the northwest suburbs you have the chance for a quick shower. not a lot of rain and then watch it kind of fall apart as it comes across the i-95 corridor, just a slight chance for a
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shower. and it dissipates as the front moves through south jersey. hurricane nicole a category 2 hurricane, it became a category 2 at 5:00 this morning. look at that eye, you see the eye beginning to form more so now and taking a northwesterly turn and expected to maintain category 2 status as it hits bermuda tomorrow and then pushes out to sea and not giving us any weather impacts, watching for bermuda tomorrow to be hit by hurricane nicole. today clouds and sun and a seasonable high of 68 degrees, a nice day and early low clouds are possible tomorrow and mild 71 for your high and only a slight chance for a shower especially north and west of the city. we go from the 70s to 65 on friday. the weekend is not bad starting off cool partly sunny and nice on saturday. 66 degrees at least better than that wet weekend we had last weekend, sunny and milder and 70
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for your high and great for the union game. straight hour at 71 and we look unled next week and a couple of showers and warm and 74 degrees on tuesday. good looking seven day. >> thank you. tonight on 6 abc the philadelphia flyers once again play a special role on a special episode of the goldbergs. it's family bonding that does not go as planned. adam goldberg is a self proclaimed flyers fan and includes team references and logos in every episode. drake is the artist to beat at the soul train awards, he nabbed 12 nominations for video and song of the year, drake canceled several recent shows including one in philadelphia due to an ankle injury. beyonce has the second biggest numbers at 8 followed by
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rihanna, kanye west and adele. do you own a plane?
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one final check from accuweather. >> satellite 6 and the numbers. 64 in philadelphia and 65 in allentown and 66 in millville. and 68 in beach haven right now. especially nice there. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we have a lot of cloud cover that comes through the region and a mix of clouds and sun today a bit more cloud cover than yesterday. our high of 68 will hold much of the day and temperatures dip to the low 50s tonight under partly cloudy skies. >> thank you karen. a look now at stories coming up on "action news" at 4:00. cam dep police are partnering with a social network. >> and also a local group is
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going behind statist joiks find out how they are beating the odds coming up today at 4:00. don't forget to join us today for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> for karen rogers, david murphy and sara bloomquist i'm rick williams, we'll see you later today beginning at 4:00.
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