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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  October 13, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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at 12:30. as more and more women come forward with allegations against donald trump. ivanka trump is in our area campaigning for her father. and it could be a classic in the making, star wars fans are already piecing together clues from the new movie trailer, we'll show you a clip. >> but first we continue to follow breaking news. new jersey governor, chris christie, facing legal troubles over the bridge gate scandal. a judge signed a summons allowing an official misconduct complaint to move forward against chris christie. a private citizen filed the official misconduct complaint accusing the governor of having knowledge of the politically motivate the closure of the george washington bridge.
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>> this is a dishonorable complaint by a known complainist. the simple fact is the governor had to knowledge of the lane realignments before or while they were happening at the time. several women have come forward accusing donald trump of groping them. "the new york times" and the palm beach post are carrying accounts that say trump aggressively grabbed and kissed them several decades ago. it comes after trump's lewd comments aboard a "access hollywood" bus captured on tape. which trump dismissed as locker room talk. trump's daughter ivanka trying to assure voters campaigning in our area. katherine scott is at the first appearance in malvern. >> reporter: this was event was invitation only and attendees want to hear about the issues
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and what needs to be done leading up to election day. more than 250 people grabbed their coffee and croissants and will have coffee with ivanka today as she campaigns with her father, donald trump. >> she is actually my favorite of the trump children. i really admire her. a new mom, has a wonderful job and juggles a lot in her life. >> attendees of the invitation only event asked questions, they wanted to hear about the platform. >> lets keep this aboveboard and tell us what you will do for us. that is what we need to know. >> trump is trying to put is the leaked recordings from 2005 behind him and now allegations that he groped multiple women
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that his campaign says it's fault false. >> i am upset the way the media treats him and the way other republicans treat him. >> i hope at the 11th hour they will jump in because i feel like hillary clinton is a bad, bad choice. >> in the final stretch the voters believe it's important to focus on the positive and stay on message and trump's children play an integral role. >> he is a family man and has great kids and know what's goes into a family and kids to make them successful. >> ivanka is making stops in delaware and bucks and montgomery counties. katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> today hillary clinton is off the campaign trail for fundraising events, she picked up the endorsement of the "washington post" this morning. clinton surrogates are campaigning in full force. michelle obama heads to new
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hampshire and vice president joe biden is set to campaign in nevada. clinton is dealing with her own problems these days, wikileaks reportedly hacked the emails of her campaign chairman where they urge them to call needy latinos for their support. the first moments after a toddler wandered away from his babysitter this morning. and now looking how he ventured out alone. walking here in the philadelphia point breeze section. they found him and called police. he was taken to the hospital as a precaution and did not appear to be injured. and they have identified the boy's mother. hurricane nicole is now a dangerous category 3 and headed straight for bermuda. these are videos taken within the past few hours, you see how high the winds of already.
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expected to bring maximum sustained winds of 135 miles per hour. this from space is hurricane nicole from the international space station. lets get a look at weather here now a nice day for your thursday. karen rogers is in for david murphy on the terrace and the temperatures certainly on the fall side. a nice coat. nice coat weather. >> i have no sleeves underneath otherwise i would shed the coat. it feels good. and the clouds are thickening and the progression of showers are getting closer to us. lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, you see from the image it's heavier to the west in lancaster and reading getting a few more showers and allentown at least sprinkles there traveling along i-78 and 22 and on pottstown pike you see route 100 just about to get wet in a minute or two. in pottstown some showers and lighter along the 30 bypass a quick sprinkle but more where
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that came from, from the west. we see that to the northwest and the model is suggesting a lot of it break as part as we get closer to the city itself. a spotty shower around north and west of the city and the satellite image showing ahead of the front coming through and bringing the showers you see a lots of clouds in place, that is what we have for now across the region. how about the temperatures there? 60 in martins creek and 67 in coatesville. 62 in kennett square and 66 in chester. nice and mild there. 65 in center city. and in new jersey, 6 in hammonton and 70 in vineland and 72 in glassboro. and 71 currently in dover, delaware. here is how the afternoon will look as you head to the playground, north and west a shower and the rest of us will not be too bad. sunny at 12:00 and 72. and 5:00 coming down to 69 degrees. we have quite a weekend coming up making up for last weekend.
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we'll have details on what is ahead in the accuweather forecast. >> all right karen thank you. two boston police officers are in what is described as extremely critical condition after being shot by a man during a domestic disturbance, the officers were shot and nine others slightly injured in a gun battle with the suspect. marcy gonzales has more. >> reporter: boston's mayor is asking for prayers for those officers we are told they are listed in extremely critical condition after what they colleagues describe as a hectic scene. >> officer shot, 303, officer shot. >> three officers shot and critically injured. they were responding to complaints from roommates. when a man wearing body armor opened fire on the officers. >> the police came speeding down the street like i could hear the
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engines. and it was vibrating, pop pop pop pop. >> other officers rushed in pulling their badly wounded colleagues from the scene and killing the suspect. >> the officers were screaming officer down and several other officers being outside proceeded inside and they engaged further in an exchange of gun fire. >> this just days after two police officers in palm springs, california were killed responding reports of a domestic disturbance, the suspect in that case, john felix was wearing body armor and using body piercing ammunition. >> investigators calling it a trap. >> the big problem with domestic disturbance calls you don't know what you are walking into it an ambush or two people arguing? and until you get there and figure it out. it can be a touchy situation. >> that palm spring suspect faces capital murder charges,
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investigators have not yet said whether the boston case was also an ambush. back here the search is on for the person or people that set off an explosive device in a trash can in barnegat georgia overnight. witnesses heard a loud boom at 1:30 a.m. the blast left debris scattered 10 yards around the garbage can that was left out for pickup. several law form agencies including the atf are combing the area for clues. it was loud. so loud that we didn't know what the heck happened. because it was right here. it was very scary. >> an explosion like this raises concerns after the garbage can explosion in seaside park last month right before a race. authorities say they do not
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think this explosion is terrorism. the man accused of setting off bombs in new jersey and new york, leaving more than 30 people injured is set to be arraigned today. prosecutors say ahmad rahami is set to be in court. he is hospitalized since a police shootout and accused of detonating a pipe bomb along the route of a charity race in seaside park and a pressure cooker bok in new york city two days before that. nursing students put their schooling to the test in chester, widener university school of nursing hosted a disaster simulation, an opportunity for student to practice protocols in emergency situations, officials from crozier medical center and the chester fire department also took part. philadelphia police are searching for two men riding bicycles that attacked a man in south philadelphia. investigators have not released this new video or just release tropical disturbance that
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happened back on september 28th on the 1600 block of morris street. the two suspects ride by the victim and then park their bikes and surround him and one threw an object and the other punched him knocking him to the ground and took his money and cell phone and fled. >> authorities are looking for two men and a woman that robbed an atm at the lucky chinese food restaurant it happened last week on october 2nd. the two men went into the store and managed to force open the atm while the woman stood outside as a lookout. the thieves managed to get $1700. if you know who these suspects are you are asked to call police. one south jersey community paid their respects to those that served in the armed forces. the action cam was here at pennsauken high school. this memorial honors all alumni of pennsauken high that serves in uniform as well as any
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residents that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a veggie burger made in the lab but tastes like the real thing. the brain child of a former professor that spent years crafting this impossible flavor. and star wars fans are rejoicing after the trailer is release. we'll show you a clip when "action news" comes right back.
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the king of thailand is the world's largest reigning monarch has died but for the people he was more than a ruler he was a demi god. he became king in 1946 and led the nation during upheavals and revolutions and traveling to villages and remote rice pattys to meet the people. he is out of the spotlight because of poor health, it's king was 88 years old. we have more on the hot
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death trial in georgia. jury was shown footage of the father and young child. we see pictures of justin ross harris and his son cooper before the boy died in the heat. video from security cameras, harris is seen taking the boy and shaking the restaurant worker's hand. he was suppose to go drop the boy off and prosecutors say while his son was dying outside he was sending lewd pictures to women that was not his wife. two airplanes clipped wings on the ground at new jersey's newark liberty airport. a united airlines plane was backing out and made can't with an austrian airlines plane, days after a u.s. airlines plane and a lufthansa plane clipped wings.
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nobody was hurt and they remain under investigation. the richard nixon presidential library and museum is reopening after a $15 million makeover. it intends to bring it's 37 and president closer to younger generations. there are touch screens and video speeches of nixon's speeches and the water gate exhibit was redone and other expects were not redone since 1909. still ahead on "action news" another check of the accuweather forecast. looking live outside now sky 6 hd showing you the beach at cape may. a pretty picture at the jersey shore. meteorologist, karen rogers has the update from accuweather.
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meteorologist, karen rogers is here with the forecast. >> we have showers out to the north and west. see here on storm tracker and you get a better sense. allentown, reading and lancaster
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is getting it. this is the front we are tracking across our region as it gets close toward the city it break a part a bit and right now a couple of sprinkles near quakertown and green lane a little heavier shower there. and a quick shower moving through pottstown on 422 and honey brook a couple of showers have just past you and you have a few more coming your way watch for that. lets go outside, lets see what is looks like down the shore, we look bright there, you are away from the front that comes through and looking good. as we look at sky 6 hd, it's 65 degrees in philadelphia. we are going up from there. the dew point is 57 and a lot of the moisture in the atmosphere this morning and the pressure is holding steady and the winds are out of the southwest at 10 miles per hour. the ocean temperature is 65. satellite 6 along with action radar showing how the clouds move in ahead of the front, here is the front we are tracking, you see the shower as head of it. not a lot of precipitation, it was heavier to the west.
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and it's falling apart a bit as it hits the i-95 corridor, and 2:00 in the afternoon, we may get a shower in philly but the best chance is north and west of the city. we watch as it tries to progress to the shore and kind of break as part. the best chance is philadelphia and north and wet of the city. you can look at this at 7:00 and you really see the clouds break and a bit of sunshine before the sunsets today. here is your hour by hour forecast. 72 degrees that is your high for today. a little bit above average and feeling good. 4:00, 71. and 6:00 p.m. 68 degrees. 8:00 p.m. the skies clear and 62 degrees and 10:00, 59 and cooler in the overnight hours down to the 40s. tomorrow a big change in the weather, here is the front behind is high pressure moves in and nice and sunny and a pretty day and breezy with a gust out of the northwest and temperatures dip to just 65
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degrees for your high, we go from the 70s to the 60s tomorrow. i want to show you hurricane nicole. look at the eye of this storm as we track it. it's a category 4 this morns and now winds sustained at 120 miles per hour. we watch this in motion, it hit bermuda today as 11:00. bermuda record the an 87 miles per hour sustained wind and a 119 miles per hour gust and move ago way from bermuda and kicking out to sea now. lets look at your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast mild today and partly sunny skies and 72 degrees for your high today with a chance for a shower especially north and west as we saw on the radar, tomorrow breezy and cooler and cool only 69 for your high. we make it up to 67 onnice and bright and a good weekend. nice and sunny and dry and great for the union game. late sunday night into monday you may get a shower, mostly cloudy and 73. tuesday and wednesday 76 even warmer, partly sunny skies on
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wednesday and 76 and chance for a shower. most of the seven day is looking at above average temperatures. >> thank you karen. a san francisco restaurant unveiled a burger that some say is just impossible. it was made in a lab from plants and apparently tastes just like the real thing. the brain child of a professor that creates impossible foods, it's the result of painstaking research after picking apart every aspect of a real burger, the secret ingredient sayd from a soy bean. and this bonus, zero cholesterol. topping the people scene at 12:30, singer elton john's life story is coming to print. he is now writing his memoir, he
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enjoys the process of looking back at his life. the only official biography of the singer. the book will be established in 2019. president obama showing off his geek side. he guest edited an article for wired magazine. his number one sci-fi flick is 2001 a space odyssey and followed by blade runner and close encounters of the third kind and the president offers a line about each movie and why he like its. we are getting a new look at the newest story from the star wars franchise, rogue one is the first stand alone star wars movie. the trailer that premiered on "good morning america" gives us a preview. >> what chance do we have?
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>> we have hope. rebellions are built on hope. >> the new movie is set between the events of accept said 3 and 4. and follows gin and her plans to steal the plans for the death star. felicity jones plays the lead charact character. >> she is incredible determined and an absolute survivor and at th i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer.
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if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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. karen is here with accuweather. a chance of a shower in the northwest. 2:00, 72 degrees and 4:00, 71 and 7:00, dipping down to 68 and clouds and sun. >> thank you. enjoy your afternoon. coming up on "action news" at 4:00, the ntsb released their preliminary report on the new jersey transit crash in hoboken. >> that will do it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> have a nice afternoon we'll see you later.
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