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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 13, 2016 4:00pm-4:49pm EDT

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you can barely see the spot where the garbage can blew up but neighbors heard it and felt it. >> we woke up from a loud bang and i thought it was a car accident and my husband thought it was an explosion. >> her husband was right. they found a small plastic garbage can blown to pieces. this photograph was taken by investigators. >> jarring. i thought maybe the house blew up. it was like five times louder than any fireworks i ever heard go off. >> al watched as investigator as state county and state investigators including the atf combed the debris. it was filled with grass and debris for weeks and was on the street for weeks. >> they are looking for evidence but it was like firecracker or an m 80, kids blew it up and
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kids are kids. >> i was asleep and it woke me up. >> linda wolf agrees. >> i think it's kids they hang there all the time. >> you can see the broken bottles and the trash. >> investigators removed several items and will determine if it was fireworks or an improvised device or items in the can. people are leaning toward criminal mischief and not terrorism. >> they are looking for highly populated areas that was not the case here. >> reporter: so the investigation continues was it criminal, some teenage mischief. that is what the experts will be finding out. live in barnegat, nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." the man accused of detonating bombs in new jersey
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and new york appeared via skype from the hospital. he pled not guilty to attempted murder charges for allegedly trying to kill the officers that captured him on september 19th and faces separate charges for the bombings in seaside park and manhattan. some were involved in the take down and the judge set bail at $5.2 million. a case of a missing woman from the lehigh valley may be solved today police say that holly grim was murdered by one of her co-workers and they announced the arrest of michael horvath. grim went missing in 2013. john rawlins will have more details on the evidence coming up at 4:30 today. governor chris christie is
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facing new trouble over the bridge gate scandal. this morning a judge in ber began county judge signed -- a private citizen filed the complaint accusing governor christie of having knowledge of the plot to close lanes at the george washington bridge three years ago. the spokesperson for the governor dismissed the accusations, they said this is a dishonorable complaint filed by a known complaintant with a history of abusing the criminal justice system. just this afternoon the ntsb released a first look at what caused the train crash in
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hoboken. first data collected showed the train never stopped instead it ran right over a bumping post meant to slow it down and then crashed into the wall of the terminal. that crash kill aid woman standing on the platform and more than 100 others were injured. the data event recorder has key information here. showing that 38 seconds before the crash the train was going 8 miles per hour. but the throttle was some how increased sending the train into the station at 21 miles per hour. the only sign of braking came less than 1 second before the crash when an engineer induced emergency brake was activated. that engineer, thomas gallagher, said he was fully rested and his cell phone was turned off and in his backpack and all he remembers is waking up in the cab of the train laying on the floor after the accident. no recollection of what happened
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before it. the conductor says he spoke with gallagher that morning and did not notice anything unusual. the ntsb is now waiting on toxicology reports, so far they have not released a probable cause but today a little more insight into that deadly crash last month. >> thank you. a toddler found walking the streets of philadelphia alone is now safe and sound. surveillance video shows the boy moments after he wandered away from his babysitter. he immediately started knocking on doors trying to find the boy's family. >> he kept saying mommy and daddy, and couldn't tell us his mom's name or his name. we kept going through the blocks searching franticcly. >> that concerned resident called police and they took the boy to the hospital but he did not appear to be injured. they have since identified his
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mom. >> a good thing he is okay. >> yes. a few more clouds out there this afternoon that we have seen so far this week. some of us saw rain out there this week. meteorologist adam joseph live outside with the latest word from accuweather. >> reporter: a few clouds and light showers passed through and then blue passed through and then the clouds filled in. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan the brief showers working to the east and falling apart in northern new jersey and southern new england taking the hit with this particular cold front with respect to more concentrated rainfall but barely dampened the ground this afternoon. the cold front is yet to push through. and 68 in philadelphia and 71 in baltimore. and 62 in new york city and boston at 70 and notice the 50s behind the front with the wind shifting out of the northwest. and by tomorrow morning chilly, upper 30s in the northwestern
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suburbs. 45 in philadelphia and even at the shore temperatures crashing back into the mid-40s for your friday morning. tomorrow overall it's cool and breezy and sunny. a beautiful fall weekend is setting up and temperatures are going to skyrocket next week. we are talking near 80 record warmth weather coming our way. >> that put a smile on my face. adam, thank you. turning now to the campaign trail. donald trump wasted no time reacting to alligations that he sexually assaulted women. speaking at a rally, he called the accusations a coordinated vicious attacks. >> these vicious claims about me of inappropriate conduct with women are totally and absolutely false. >> well, in the midst of all of
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this trump's daughter ivanka spent the day on a campaign blitz in our area. of course pennsylvania a battleground state for the campaigns. one event was held in delaware county, "action news's" sara bloomquist was talking to voters and joins us live in drexel hill with reaction. >> reporter: sharrie this was billed as coffee with ivanka, and here in drexel hill a series of events in the region headlined by donald trump's daughter. we asked the invitation only crowd why they are supporting the candidate and about the news over the last 24 hours. ivanka trump came to the suburbs of philadelphia to rally the party faithful at gatherings in buck county. >> he is actually my favorite of the trump children and i admire her, she is a mom, a new mom, and has a wonderful job and
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juggles a lot. >> here in malvern, ivanka trump talked about her parents and her vision for the country. >> one amazing thing my parents did was enable us to unearth what the passion was in us. >> and there was conversation over what needs to happen to get donald trump elected. >> we need to stay together and we need unity, and i wish we had more unity in the republican party. >> and then ivanka moved on to montgomery county. >> i'm excited about donald trump's policy and i look at the business angle. we have way too high taxes for the corporations and regulations. >> in the last 24 hours with women coming forward with allegations that donald trump groped them it's a nonissue. >> it doesn't bother me at all.
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first of all it happened 30 years ago if it happened and he denies and i believe him. they have to prove that. >> ivanka moved from here to another coffee and conversation event at ivy land in bucks coins and will be in king of prussia later this evening. >> all right thank you sara. first lady, michelle obama hit the campaign trail for hillary clinton today and had harsh word for donald trump. called his language disgraceful. and she spoke out about sexual assault, and believes that voters regardless of their political parties should be outraged. >> strong men don't need to put down women to make themselves
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feel powerful. people who are truly strong lift others up. >> clinton does not have any major campaign rallies set for today. she is set to attend a fundraiser in san francisco, california. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, philadelphia's soda tax is back in the spotlight, we have new information about the specific details being ironed out and we continue to highlight local cancer patients beating the odds. see how a south jersey woman is using the online community to make a big difference in many lives. >> here are the closing numbers from wall street. katie v/o: she works hard.
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she stays late. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. getting ready to kick off the evening commute. matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> westbound side of the vine
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street expressway, out here for a while sticking out into the right lane and when you get a big vehicle like this bus getting by it has to merge into the center lane and cannot squeeze by the police activity approaching the schuylkill, as a result westbound side is jammed across town and typical volume through the work zones. a food bizarre tonight in chinatown. starting at 6:00 portions of race and 10th are blocked off and right now though traffic is normal in chinatown. over here in bellmawr, southbound to 42 an earlier crash. and in delaware approaching 95 another crash and speeds like 20 miles per hour coming away from route 13 and a crash in newcastle at commons boulevard.
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and 495 getting in delaware past the 95 split there crash there as well taking out the center lane. lets grab the ipad and do the commute report. a minor crash along hartford road something to watch out for as you head home this afternoon. we'll check it again in the next half hour. philadelphia's new beverage tax was the topic of discussion in center city today. the revenue department took public input as to how it will regulate the tax. among other details, today's discussion focused on which sweeteners will be taxed and which will get special exceptions, a local group is trying to get the tax blocked but the city is moving forward with the plans. social media plays such a big role in our life it's only natural that it become an outlet for people dealing with breast
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cancer, a local woman is documenting her journey and now helping others beat the odds against breast cancer. >> breast cancer came as a wake-up call for kristin hurley. >> i went to turn off the alarm clock and it was big enough i thought it was my arm. panicked and freaked out, even before she got the biopsy on the lump, kristen and her husband decided to share her experience with family and friends in their tight knit community and kristin started a blog. >> it happened my teenage daughter not have to answer all the questions. now kristen has 10,000 followers and counting. >> it gives her an emotional outlet. >> putting it out there made it less scary. >> her physician says it's important for patients to
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express their emotions. >> it helps women digest what they are going through and process their diagnosis. >> kristin blogs but other women express themselves through other areas of art. kristen takes care to factually describe the treatments and side effects and tough decisions like mastectomies and reconstruction. >> she is now able to educate thousands of people. >> i didn't think that strong would never describe me and now it does. >> it does. kristen's journey opened up another opportunity. she was an actor in an ad that they created for their joint cancer program. if you get a chance follow her blog, i'll post a link on my facebook page and tomorrow we answer your questions about breast cancer with a live chat
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with doctors from jefferson. we are taking your questions and you enter them at >> great information thank you. time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> sending it now to adam joseph who has word on a warm-up coming our way. >> we have a cool down first and then the warm-up will really excel through here as we get through it's end of the weekend. right now as we take a live look west here in berks county and reading, you see haze in the atmosphere with sunshine returning after showers passed through. dry here in berks county. and the same in the philadelphia area. and we have drone 6 now live over fairmont park in lemon hill, some clouds in the distance, a few breaks of blue as the drone is showing you and slowly working and zooming around there in fairmont park. the trees are not all that vibrant yet in the philadelphia
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area and still sometime before we can pop some of those colors around the region. a really nice shot there from drone 6 live. as we look at fall foliage, locally it's low. philadelphia and delaware valley and up to the lehigh valley. have you to hit northern pa and the border of new york and catskills to see peak occurring and the same for northern new england. this is true for this weekend into next week. you have to go through the lehigh tunnel to see some colors. that is where you have to go to see leaf peeping. it's perfect for it. the delaware water gap and hickory state park are areas you may want to check out saturday or sunday or monday and tuesday as well. 68 in philadelphia and 62 in allentown and 68 in wilmington and millville and dover 71 degrees. right now a westerly wind, but
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after this front passes through the front has not come through yet, the showers race their way ahead of it. winds shift out of the northwest and that brings ins out 46 65 tomorrow and cool but a suns monday.arm
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the middle of next ted. >> she is very adam these 17 are living proof.he $3,000martie
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a real hamburgerin how they eve
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three thieves were caught on camera breaking open an atm in the cobb's creek area of philadelphia. three men were inside of lucky chinese food restaurant trying to force the machine open this month. meanwhile the police say a woman was outside looking at the group. and the group managed to get their hands on $1700. it ends with one man dea 500 bl the then chased after hisnounce dead at the sceto figure out
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they may play. on the would look at a at 4:00 today. from theic.stims of hurricane matt not want to heara e
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the real tfree.and kicked out tn death of a lehigm when missing. john rawli hi
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abuse of a defendcuffs and leg n 2013 and police followed co-worc coming back to mr. belonging to horvathearched his dow is were
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grieving and lnsoo that will unfold as thethat the f >> there was horvath's home and notesould the beer missing p through. >> a mnt that. both worked no word that toll police he wasd her move in a
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a 17-year-old joe's students and terrorizi off to heyward when heyward in i the home invasio up in her beoo loose athey caught the after i two other vehicleo the hospital withative son kill
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draped the . epartment of defense1969. d they are we done with that we are done with
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still west and thatt for the wi r temps they lp as northe and 3:30 this for and moves is in-day forecast. and we are c smiling here. >> yes. >> summer like warmth for next week. from our delaware newsroom,
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a $10 million renovation is complete in downtown wilmington we stopped by the ribbon cutting on king street. it has high-rise with a new conference center and cafe without door seating and celebrating new tenants like met life and a few law firms. we are hearing from employees from a cell phone store turned victims of an armed robbery. rick williams is live with the details. >> reporter: it all happened wednesday night after sun down at a metro pcs store in levittown. this is new video of the robbery into "action news," the thieves tied up two employees and made off with a dozen phones and $2,000 in cash. coming up one victim will recount the moments of terror to our own reporter, gray hall. also tonight, in health check
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we'll introduce you to the new jersey native trying to give a voice to those with cerebral policy. those stories and more coming up in just a little bit. until then back to the studio. >> sounds good rick, thank you. delaware got a bit greener, trees were planted in mount zion. joined by volunteers from the horticulture to make this all happen. the newly planted trees will help to restore the cemetery and help with the storm water. it's part of td banks td tree day initiative. >> a man armed with a shotgun, and wearing body armor shot two police officers in boston. and they are now fighting for their lives. >> plus, there is a change at a popular cheesesteak spot that most customers wouldn't even
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notice. we'll explain in big talkers. adam joseph will be back with a full and rather summer like accuweather forecast. when "action news" continues on a thursday afternoon.
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two boston police officers shot in the line of duty remain in critical condition. but they are out of surgery and surrounded by their families. investigators say that 33-year-old kirk figueroa shot the officers with a shotgun as they responded to a domestic disturbance call last night. other officers kill that suspect who was wearing body armor and reportedly described himself as a bounty hunter, a former military member and corrections officer. help for victims of hurricane matthew continues to pour into haiti. u.s. military helicopters are flying food and medical supplies to remote villages devastated by the storm.
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and a second military support arrived to give support. and now they are reaching some previously cut off communities, that katz category 4 hurricane kills hundreds of people and left thousands homeless. a local mom says her family is simply embarrassed and dehumanized after an incident at friendly's restaurant that did not live up to its name. >> she took her family in pottstown for lunch on saturday. and they were waiting to be served and one of her son's started to cry. he is partially none verbal autistic and needed a little food to calm him down. >> it was like five or seven minutes, and it's manager came over and people are looking at
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you and your child is crying excessi excessively, you have to leave. she asked for extra time but the manager still kicked them out. friendly's corporate is aware of the the unfortunate circumstances, and plans to address the issue. she not only wants an apology, she is still waiting for it but using this incident to raise awareness about autism. in south philadelphia today a controversial sign at an iconic cheesesteak spots is taken down. the sign used to sit in the window at gino's steaks it read when ordering speak english. now the sign is gone. joey put the sign up in 2006 and three years later, the philadelphia commission ruled against the complaints, that the sign was discriminatory. vento passed away in 2007 and
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called the sign a political statement. it came back in the spotlight when donald trump stopped by to order steaks. so his son geno now runs the eatery and we are waiting for a statement. we reached out this morning to find out why and what happened with that sign coming down. finally if you love everything about a burgier but not the beef. meet the impossible meatless burger. it still eats and bleeds like a real one. it was made in silicone valley. i am hearing yucks around the studio. how do they replicate the bleeding? it's a soy bean gene injected into yeast that allows the
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burger to cook like a beef burger and it has no cholesterol. next they tackle bacon. >> but how did it taste? >> apparently it is good. have you to try it for yourself. >> if it tastes good that is one thing but the blood i could do without. >> lets get a check of the roads right now. >> not to be cheesy but you can bet your buns that delays are beefy, let us look at them at the vine street expressway backed up to the work zone at girard avenue and backing up again farther north from the betsy ross bridge at cotman avenue. this is where you exit at the vine street expressway, the police activity approaching the schuylkill was out of the way. on the schuylkill you are being treated to 7 miles per hour right now in the westbound lanes
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in city avenue, not such a treat perhaps. meanwhile in blue bell, look for a crash at 202, just beyond 73 at skippack pike, the crash in delaware at 295 southbound has cleared and 295 southbound at 95. still 15 miles per hour there in newcastle. not far off a wreck at commons boulevard. in glassboro by the smash burger a crash along 47 at william dalton drive. and in franklin township. one more accident along buck road at monroeville road. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> all right thank you. it's another night of surprise and intrigue tonight on abc prime time including a new "how to get away with murder." the fate of a young client is in jeopardy after they find damaging information about
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analise. we'll find out what happens at 10:00. watch "how to get away with murder" and then "action news" at 11:00. still ahead here at 4:00, adam has the full accuweather forecast. do you own a plane? do you own a bank? pat toomey owned both. but it's the fact that toomey owns a seat in the u.s. senate that should really concern us. while on the senate banking committee, pat toomey voted to rewrite rules to help bankers like him ...and he tried to eliminate protections put in place to stop wall street's risky practices. pat toomey: looking out for wall street and himself, not pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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adam joseph is joining us with it's accuweather forecast but this week as gone quickly. >> it really has. the rest of this week, one more day going into the weekend. sunshine is taking control. unlike this video that the action cam caught. that hair looks like brian's with no hair spray. >> that is me in the morning. >> this is down in franklin square. you like that cecily? >> cecily says it's you with no
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makeup. >> i see where we are going with this. shut everyone's mike's off except mine. you see around the witch here the trees are not so much turning color but it looks like they are burning up and falling off because of the dry summer season we had. >> satellite and radar a little ribbon of showers came through but evaporated in delaware and new jersey. and to the west clouds lagging to the western part of pennsylvania but they break up pretty quickly tonight and that drops temperatures with the cool breeze, 39 in the suburbs north and west of the philadelphia
4:49 pm
north and west of the city. strong high pressure comes in and this takes up a lot of real estate. a cloudy sky, northerly wind 7 to 14 miles per hour. the high slips to the east and a lot of sun and gorgeous start to the weekend on saturday. a temperature of 67 degrees. and then the temperatures really kick up as the high moves off to the east. unlike a few of our showers today. they were walloped in bermuda early this morning. when nicole made landfall in the morning. winds of 120 miles per hour. one reporting station the gust was 122 miles per hour in the eye of nicole this major hurricane did make landfall and moved over bermuda itself. it's the first time they had a landfalling hurricane since 1926. extensive damage there and storm surge but now things are fairing better for bermuda and start the
4:50 pm
cleanup here tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast cool sunshine and 65 tomorrow and very comfortable on saturday of 67 and bright, beautiful on sunday. 73 degrees and a morning shower or two with clouds giving way to some sun in the afternoon of 76. a warm front races through and we are back to the 80s here on tuesday, sun and clouds and record warmth on wednesday 81 degrees. nice and not as warm but way above average on thursday with a temperature of 74. so no heavy rain. and temperatures really running way above we are getting another lsta >> i do we have thet
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follows jen an to steal the disney theand safest car seats d
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if you are looking for a car seat for your baby it can be stressful and overwhelming. consumer reports just finished testing and nydia han has the results in what's the deal. >> it included several infant seats, that is common in europe but only now working its what you into the united states. for over 40 years it's testing
4:54 pm
car seats a lot has changed in the seat and harness styles to the way they are secured in cars, but have dramatically improved child safety and the most is the load leg. >> it's support from extends to the base of the seat to the floor. making it more stable and safer for the baby. >> they have upgraded their ratings for car seats that children should be in until they are 4 years ole. the seats with load legs got the best ratings for crash tests. this side by side crash footage shows how similar seats perform with and without the load leg, although both performed well, the seat with the load legs that less forward motion than the one without it. >> the seat with the load leg had a 50% decrease to head injuriy with the dummy. >> even though it adds a step,
4:55 pm
they found it easy to use. you'll pay a premium for this new feature, seats that include a load leg are pricey from $250 to $400, but consumer reports believe that seat ways load leg feature offers an additional margin of safety. >> not all american cars are dined to work with this stylele of car seat. if you are considering it check your vehicle manual for any restrictions. and finally at 4:00 today some kids that could use an escape from sometimes harsh realities of life got that today. the action cam was at childrens hospital in philadelphia for one major halloween party. the kids many who are june going life saving treatment got to pick out their costumes some wore wigs and some face paint but they were all smiling. this was brought to them by the
4:56 pm
organization spirit of children. >> you have to love that. >> no question. good deal. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on pl 17.
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the prosecutor now has to decide whether to diet the governor. the big story on "action news" is the misconduct complaint that could lead to criminal charges against christie. wendy saltzman is live in camden tonight with all the developments today. >> reporter: that is right. if governor chris christie is found guilty of official misconduct he could end up in jail for five to ten years, but
4:59 pm
the governor has vowed to fight saying this complaint is dishonorable: christie has denied being part of the bridge closures that closed the george washington bridge lanes. but now they are moving forward with the misconduct filed by a firefighter from north jersey and that chris christie -- calling it an intentional and evil minded act. >> this corroborates the work of the committee and the suspicions that many of us had all along that the governor's office was not acting in the public interest but more for the political interest of the governor's campaign. >> and the judge agreed that there was enough evidence to summon christie into court. they cochaired the special committee that investigated
5:00 pm
christie's involvement in bridge gate. >> i believe there were people that came before the joint committee under oath and were not exactly forthcoming which is the kind of sway i can describe there are texts they never told us about or meetings. >> but david wildstein testified that christie did know about the


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