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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  October 13, 2016 6:30pm-6:51pm EDT

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defense.ght, breaking o women ba and what he's nwords, you tell on the new and a direct hit onn body armor. the bombin stretcher. and the outrag on emergency
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deadly.ith us here on a thursday gh donald tr were just words or if he had done that to women. when pressed, he said he never did it. tonight, some believe it was that moment in the debate that drove some of the women to come forward. but tonight, donald trump blames the media, the clinton campaign, saying they're driving this. abc's david wright leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, a growing list of women are accusing donald trump of inappropriate conduct including sexual assault.
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they insist his boasts on the bus to billy bush were much more than just locker room talk. >> i just start kissing them. it's like a magnet. just kiss, i don't even wait. and when you're a star, they let you do it. you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ], you can do anything. >> reporter: asked point blank about those statements -- >> are you saying that what you said on that bus 11 years ago, that you did not actually kiss women without consent or grope women without consent? >> i have great respect for women. nobody has more respect for women than i do. >> have you ever done those things? >> and women have tremendous respect for me. and i will tell you -- no, i have not. >> reporter: an unequivocal "no." but even some trump supporters feared that denial would open the floodgates for women to come forward. >> he was like an octopus. it was like he had six arms, he was all over the place. >> reporter: today the "new york times" published the stories of two women. one of them, jessica leeds, says trump assaulted her more than 30 years ago on an airplane, after she was upgraded to first class on a business trip.
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>> i sat down next to a young man, blond, tall. and he introduced himself as donald trump. >> reporter: and in the middle of the flight -- >> somehow or another, the armrest in the seat disappeared. and it was a real shock, when all of a sudden, his hands were all over me. if he had stuck with the upper part of the body, i might not have gotten more i might not have gotten that upset. but it's when he started putting his hand up my skirt, and that was it. that was it. i was out of there. >> reporter: leeds is now a supporter of hillary clinton. >> these claims are all fabricated. they're pure fiction. and they're outright lies. these events never, ever happened. >> reporter: today, trump threatened to sue "the times" for libel, demanding the paper retract the story and publish an
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apology. the "times" declined in a letter to trump's lawyers, insisting "the women spoke out on an issue of national importance. it would have been a disservice not just to our readers, but to democracy itself to silence their voices." and there were other voices too today. among them, natasha stoynoff, a reporter "people" magazine who traveled to trump's mar-a-lago resort in 2006 to profile the billionaire and his wife, melania, who was pregnant. stoynoff said while melania was out of the room, "trump shut the door behind us. within seconds he was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat. i was grateful when trump's longtime butler burst into the room a minute later, as i tried to unpin myself." she says that as they waited for melania to return, trump leaned in and told her, "you know we're going to have an affair, don't you?" today, trump denies that ever happened, asking why stoynoff would have left such explosive details out of her "people" magazine story.
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and then, he seemed to attack her appearance. >> take a look. you take a look. look at her. look at her words. you tell me what you think. i don't think so. i don't think so. >> david wright joins us live from trump tower tonight. and david, i want to clarify for our viewers tonight, none of these women filed any kind of criminal complaints against donald trump? >> reporter: they did not, david. and they say, to a person, that they felt powerless to challenge him on this. the "people" magazine reporter, though, says she did tell her editor and asked never again to be asigned to the trump beat. david? >> david wright leading us off tonight. thank you. and tonight, donald trump denying any of this ever happened, and you heard there, threatening to sue "the new york times." you heard him single out one of his accusers, saying, quote, look at her. you tell me. abc's tom llamas with the rest of the case trump made today in defending himself. >> reporter: today in florida, donald trump lashing out at the women accusing him of sexual assault.
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>> these people are horrible people. they're horrible, horrible liars. >> reporter: trump denouncing the avalanche of accusations. >> these false attacks are absolutely hurtful. to be lied about. to be slandered. to be smeared so publicly. and before your family that you love is very painful. >> reporter: blaming a conspiracy between the, quote, corp rate media, and the clintons. >> anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenoph they will lie, >> reporter: today, trump's tea to campaign solo for her rudeness. an
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undeterred. >> dhe's a great american. >> repnver his own sex nonsaying, quote, we'ooreiinto . three of his accusers to the , you go independence day condition after a deadly shootout.
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>> tom llamas substantial evide 10:50 p.m., a 911 call comes in for a domestic disturbance between roommates. police say when officers arrive, 33-year-old kirk figueroa, armed with a tactical shotgun and wearing a ballistics vest, opens fire. >> we have a 303, possible officer shot. >> reporter: wounded in the firefight, officers richard cintolo and matt morris. >> advise the units that this d one of hillary clinton's shooter is still shooting. most lady took aim at o the >> reporter: one man recording the sound of gunfire outside his window. >> over 30 gunshots. co. >> reporter: tonight, praise for the officers who pulled those >> reporter: today in injured officers out of the line of fire. >> i got to commend the officers >> i can't believe that i'mf tht for rushing into that building with no fear whatsoever to rescue two fellow officers. >> reporter: and david, police and i have to tell you that i -a are not calling this an ambush, but authorities remind us, domestic dispute calls are some of the most dangerous for police to respond to. david? >> gio benitez in boston for us
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tonight. gio, thank you. we turn i cnald trump video emh now, to a developing headline right here in new york city tonight. a court appearance for the suspect in the bombings that rocked new york and new jersey last month. abc's linsey davis now with our first look at the suspect since that day on the gurney. >> reporter: bandaged and bedridden, today ahmad rahimi -- the man accused of three bombings in new york and new jersey last month -- made his first appearance in court via video conference from his hospital room. >> were you provided with a copy of complaints charging you with various offenses from the city of linden? on the tv. >> reporter: campaigning for >> yes. hitrump. >> reporter: his attorney at his >> the shameful comments about bedside entered a plea on his behalf of not guilty to five counts of attempted murder of a police officer and weapons offenses. our bodies, the disrespect of our ambitionaniturts. hard hitso the last time we saw rahimi, he was on this stretcher after a shootout with police. rahimi was cooperative during the arraignment, answering to the judges questions, but he made no other statements. bail is set at $5.2 million.
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heierd campaign volunteers. david? >> linsey, thank you. overseas tonight, and the pentagon making good on its promise to retaliate for attacks on a u.s. navy ship in the red confidence, the optimism, and sea. a u.s. destroyer launching tomahawk missiles at three radar sites inside yemen. those radar is where iranian-backed rebels are known to be active. live. we saw that hiltonight, the u.s. response came after the uss mason was targeted twice in recent days. another drop the first time in recent memory that an american warship has been targeted by missiles. many from inside the clinton and there still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the 911 operator facing charges, other aboutvate server? accused of hanging up on emergency calls. police saying possibly thousands >> reporter: that's right, adv of calls were cut short, including a robbery that then turned deadly. also, there is breaking news tonight in that commuter crash. the new image coming in of the like her wrote, used a word we t deadly train crash near new york city and vest gators revealing two major clues. and robin williams' prized collection. what the family is now auctioning off. something dear to his heart. and one of the most impressive
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monster of ay eye land country,. collections in the world. we'll be right back. boost it's about moving forward not back. it's looking up not down. it's feeling up thinking up living up. it's being in moon boost. it's not just nutrition,ms of pr. ling through whiteout. up. >> reporter: then st two weeks. slamming the island with has allowed me 120-mile-per-hour winds. police warning people on the radio to take cover. >> we want to say categorically mt a free sample at at this point in time, we need everyone inside. >> oh my. >> reporter: not everyone did. >> my family's insane -- >> reporter: the category 3 storm's massive eye more than 30 miles across, big enough to engulf the entire island. john drnek inside his home as
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the eye wall approaches. >> all the windows were bowing, water was coming through doors, the whole house was shaking. ou just one dose of the prevnar 13- an illness that can cause has allowed me protect yourself.mococcal . >> reporter: watch this drone video shot as the eye passes coughing over, an eerie calm short lived. walls collapsed. trees toppled. prevnar 13®s and roads washed out in nicole's wake. >> and so here we are talking about another hurricane now, u ve had rob's got the track tonight. >> reporter: it's moving away, that's the good news. but this tiny island has gotten a severe allergic reaction hit three times in the last two years. 120 miles away from bermuda and it is moving out to sea. but the big swells are hitting you may have a lthe inje, the u.s. coast. on the west coast, storming lining up across about vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. atmospheric river pointed right at the northwest. the first storm tonight. the next one on saturday. that one could bring wild spread damage. we'll have another update ask about prevnar 13® at your next vis tomorrow. >> thank you, rob. next, this evening, to that deadly firefight with police in help defend against those dist boston, leaving two police officers critically injured. the gunman reportedly wearing body armor. abc's gio benitez is in boston.
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>> reporter: tonight, two boston police officers are in critical up on emergency here's abc's claytonfeline lp. >> i just thought my phone had dropped the call. racing down frwilliams disconne purpose, saying up on. >> reporter: digging deeper, discover was shot andeen
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only miralax hydrates, eases, and softens to unblock naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. to the index. the preliminary report into that deadly train crash near new york city. the ntsb releasing a new image of the train the roof peeled back there. one woman was killed. authorities say the train nearly tripled its speed just 38 seconds before the crash. the emergency brake was activated less than one second before impact. robin williams' prized collection on the auction block now. the late actor at one point owning more than 100 bicycles. many are stunning one of a mind models. some valued up to $15,000. the money going to his two
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favorite charities. well, the hockey rookie off to a hot start. 19-year-old auston matthews playing his first nhl game, scoring the first goal of his career, moments later, scoring for the second time. apparently that wasn't enough. then he scores his third goal of the game. you get how this goes. then comes goal number four. a report for a player in his first game. his mother in the stands there moved to tears. and look at this, holding four pucks to celebrate history made. when we come back tonight, america strong. the nobel committee announcing a major winner today, the room shocked. and then, cheering for an american great. we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more
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>> reporter: today, the nobel committee shocking everyone in the room. >> bob dylan. >> reporter: and then cheers. the first american to win the nobel for literature in more than 20 years and the first time ever awarded to a musician. so many of bob dylan's lyrics with profound meaning. ♪ come gather round people wherever you roam ♪ >> reporter: anthems for the civil rights movement. ♪ for the times they are a-changin' ♪ >> reporter: defining a generation. ♪ hey mr. tambourine man play a song for me >> reporter: in 1965, writing one of his greatest songs of all time. ♪ once upon a time you dressed so fine threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn't you ♪ >> reporter: "like a rolling stone" was his masterpiece. ♪ like a rolling stone ♪ >> singularal talent, and
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