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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  October 14, 2016 1:37am-2:11am EDT

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that was it. >> one of a growing number of sexual assault claims against donald trump. meanwhile, the republican nominee says he's never met some of his accusers and don't know who they are. it is thursday night. the big story is a hands on fight that is now dominated the campaign with emotional claims and furious denials. monica malpass has following all the developments today and tonight. she has the latest. >> six women, including jessica leads that you just heard from say donald trump groped or kissed them in unwanted sexual advances. they range from 11 years ago to 30 years ago. none filed legal complaints and trump says it's all lies. >> to be lied about, slandered and smeared so publicly and before your family is painful. >> reporter: trump denies the sex assaults or knowing some of the women. he blames "the new york times,"
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calling it a conspiracy between the corporate media and the clintons. he's threatening to sue the times. >> they are outright lies. these events never, ever happened. >> "the new york times" is ready for a fight and they stand by their story. >> this wasn't just locker room banter. this was a powerful individual speaking freely and openly about sexually predatory behavior and actually bragging about kissing and groping women. >> reporter: the first lady lashed out against trump in an uncharacteristically direct attack. she said his attitude toward women is shocking, and pe low standards of basis decency. >> we have learned who donald trump is. what we have to prove is who we are. >> reporter: trump says he has proof he's innocent. he is promising to release son.
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the ceo says they are planning a brutal attack on bill clinton's womenizing saying they will turn him into the next bill cosby. >> do i think he is a womanizer? i think over time he's changed and he's a great american. >> reporter: both sides are desperately trying to win women's vote, especially sub you are an college educated republican women. some voters are so disgusted, they may not turn out at all. >> thank you, monica. hillary clinton is doing better against trump winning by seven points, 45-38. this poll conducted by fox news, it was taken after the last debate. before the debate, clinton was ahead of trump by two points in this particular poll. gary johnson, 7% support, jill stein 3%. vice presidential candidate mike
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pence addressed the sexual allegations against trump tonight in the lehigh valley. pence said the media and hillary clinton are responsible for what he called a discussion of slander and lies targeting his running mate. pence also appeared in bethlehem tonight. some pundits say which ever candidate wins the philadelphia suburbs can start measuring for new drapes in the oval office. if that trees true, clinton is in good shape. this is the first poll we have seen for the counties outside philadelphia. hillary clinton has a 28-point lead. the same poll has clipton leading statewide by nine points. the importance of the philadelphia suburbs was highlighted by ivanka trump's tour today. she visited with supporters in drexel hill, delaware county, ivyland bucks county and montgomery county.
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her message, the country needs fresh perspective and leadership. the office of chris clis ty will appeal -- christie is guilty of criminal misconduct, make that official misconduct in failing to order the removal of lane closures of the ga gorge washington bridge. they said christie learned about the lane closures on the third of four days. the complaint was filed by a firefighter william brennan, described by christie's office as a serial complain tant and history of abusing the system. we have breaking news in the winfield section of philadelphia. police are on ford road where a teenager has been found dead. details are sketchy right now.
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the 17-year-old male reportedly got into an altercation with a staff member and died. if we get more information we will certainly let you know. traffic tragedy tonight in chester county. a person was struck and killed along baltimore pike and schoolhouse road. state police aren't releasing information at this time about the victim or whether the striking driver stopped at the scene. philadelphia police arrested a woman for the murder of a germantown man in mid september. he had been stabbed 77 times, then set on fire. it turns out this isn't the first time we reported on this women suspect. le's deal with this crime first. christie ileto is live at police headquarte headquarters. christie? >> reporter: jim, her name is tina and police were able to track her down in a may fair apt many where she was staying with a friend. residents are stunned to learn
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they were living so close to a wanted woman with a checkered past. >> come running. i seen them running up. i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: arnold stepped outside to make a phone call when his building was swarming with u.s. marshalls and homicide detectives. >> he said listen, open the door, i'm a u.s. marshall. i'm a detective. i need you to stay outside. go in there and open the front door. what's when i seen all the different detectives, six or seven of them. >> reporter: authorities tracked her two floors above. she's the knife-wielding woman who stabbed lynch 77 times before returning to his apartment to set him on fire. >> when you look at the reality of it, i'm shocked. i'm horrified. i can't believe she was in this building. >> reporter: it's unclear how long she had been staying here with her friend. residents never noticed anything out of the ordinary.
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this isn't her first brush with the law. in 1997, prosecutors asked for the maximum sentence after she was convicted of selling her 2-year-old son for $500 to buy drugs. she's had multiple arrests for prostitution, theft and bad checks. >> in shock. i don't get it. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: she will be arraigned sometime overnight or tomorrow morning. she faces murder and arson among other charges. reporting live at police headquarters, christie ileto, channel 6 "action news." jim? >> thank you, christie. dozens of mourners gather for a vigil for a 22-year-old man gunned down on the 4200 block of north franklin street at 10:00 last night. his mother is appealing for justice. >> i just need somebody to say something.
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this needs to stop. i'm tired of losing our kids. it needs to stop. >> closure will come when she turns on the news and doesn't see another man senselessly killed. two men and a woman held up a metro pcs store. it shows the robbers forcing the employees into the back rooms taking wallets and stealing cash and phones from the store on veterans highway. it happened last night at 7:30, a half hour before closing. nobody was hurt. we told you about the vandals that destroyed the field that is home to a youth football team in camden. things are looking up for the kids thanks to generosity and good will of neighbors. dann cuellar is live with the story.
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dann? >> reporter: jim, first and foremost, police tell me tonight they are working on leads that may result in an arrest. second, maintenance crews have made significant progress to the football field as you are about to see. tuesday night we showed you the damage someone did to the football field. the culprit drove a pick-up truck in the field leaving turned up grass and mud and deep pits makingette hazardous for kids to play. >> i don't think it was right. we here for practice every day. >> it wasn't right. we have our game right over there where they messed up the field. >> reporter: take a look at the field after work by maintenance crews the last couple days. the loops, turned up grass and pits gone. the field, completely leveled out. >> it's a blessing we were able to fix it that fast. we are not able to play on it but it's progress. >> reporter: for the time being,
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the youth football teams practice on the sideline of the football field. nevertheless glad to see the field fixed. >> the first time i seen it i was angry. >> reporter: the kids, ranging in age from 5-14 will have to play their game in pemberton. it has them split up in four teams. the players and teams are gratified by the public response and those who donated money to the gofundme page. they will be able to buy much needed equipment. >> there's people out there that care. you go through a bad situation like that and see people stand-up to make sure you are okay. >> reporter: you win on saturday, okay? >> yes! >> reporter: we learned police had good surveillance footage from cameras outside the community center. the hope is it will lead them to the culprit responsible. live in camden county police,
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i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. another youngster from our area is in trouble with the law over the so-called clown threats. the district attorney office charged a 16-year-old girl for making terroristic threats. prosecutors say the west lawn teenager admitted posting clown message on instagram on october 4th hoping to get school canceled. a 17-year-old arrested for breaking into an off-campus home at st. joe's university for students then tieing a female student up and robbing her. philadelphia police say a tip call taken yesterday over a stolen bike led them to hayward. he was subsequently identified as a suspect in a home envacation on the 5600 block of woodbine avenue.
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two officers are recipients of citations. the officers were given the honors for keeping their cool in the face of a life and death situation. a despon dant man in upper dublin tried committing so-called suicide. the officers were able to grab the man's gun as he fired shots and wrestled him down safe. still to come on "action news" tonight, federal investigators explain what is keeping them from getting answers in the deadly hoboken crash. meanwhile, the new jersey transit has an unsafe tract ft. it's going to be cool tonight. temperatures dropping into the 40s in most regions. a chilly start to the weekend. record warmth next week.
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the ntsb released the first of several reports on last month's deadly new jersey train crash in hoboken. it formalizes much of what we already reported. the train was going 8 miles an hour 30 seconds before the crash, then sped up. emergency braking was applied only a second before impact. investigators say heavy damage to the front of the train is hampering the probe. the electronics controlling the brakes and proportion systems were destroyed. the engineer, thomas gallagher says he went to work feeling
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fully rested. he tested the brakes as required before departing and the train operated normally on the trip. he has no memory of the accident itself. ntsb is waiting on toxicology reports. we are learning new jersey transit has had more accidents and paid more fines for safety violations than any other commuter railroad in the country over the past five years. the associated press analysis found there had been 157 accidents since the beginning of 2011. human factors such as speeding and drug impairment account for half which is more than any other agency in the country. new jersey transit declined to comment but in the past said safety is priority. the trump taj mahal drug down in the final weeks before closing. revenue fell by half.
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amid the strike by the union, they say atlantic city faced another serious head wind. the threat of hurricane hermione prompting a state of emergency and two canceled beach concerts. revenue fell 1.5% compared to 2015. bob dylan was awarded the 2016 nobel price in literature for music. they recognized him for creating new poetic expressions in the great american song tradition. they compared his work to greet poet homer. dylan is the first american to win the nobel for literature since tony morrison in 1993. health check at 11:00, women taking hormonal birth control may be susceptible to depression. they analyzed 14 years of data
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of women between 15 and 34. they were more likely to take antidepressants compared to those using nonhormonal contraception. one doesn't necessarily cause the other. more study is needed to understand the correlation. penn medicine is celebrating their new out patient center. it's on route 70. it's big enough to offer 28 specialties under one roof. high-tech scanning equipment allows patients to get tests done on sight. there's a pharmacy so you can pick up your prescriptions as ordered by the doctor. let's go to cecily tynan on the seven day warming trend from accuweather. >> we are cooling down first, then warming up. something for everyone. you like fall, you have that, warmer is on the way, too.
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the double scan showing dry conditions. the clouds we had earlier cleared out quickly. take a look up and see the nearly full moon. it's 94% illuminated and will be full on sunday. you will see a few clouds streaming over. kind of spooky as we head closer to halloween. right now, temperatures are generally in the 50s. the accuweather highlights show that we have a crisp, cool morning tomorrow. 46 degrees in philadelphia. 46 in wilmington, 43 in trenton. notice the northwest suburb temperatures will be dropping into the upper 30s. heading into the weekend, finally, a gorgeous fall weekend. no rain this weekend, saturday wall-to-wall sunshine on the cool side. 67 degrees. seasonably cool on sunday. it turns milder and still bright sunshine. a few high, thin, cirrus clouds. philadelphia 59 degrees. allentown, 52.
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trenton 56. millville and wilmington, 54. cape may milder, 63 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar. a cold front moved through and brought a lot of clouds and brief showers early in the afternoon and now, poof, the clouds are out of here. cloudless sky, high pressure building in. that will bring up wall-to-wall sunshine tomorrow but a chilly day at 8:00. 48 degrees by lunchtime still in the 50s. 58 degrees. by 4:00, climbing up to 64 before temperatures drop into the 50s by 8:00. high pressure in control. 65 degrees is the high. cloudless sky. winds will be light. generally out of the north 5-10 miles per hour. what will happen as we head into the weekend, the high pressure will migrate to the east. more sunshine saturday. 67 degrees on sunday. the return flow with temperatures in the 70s. tuesday and wednesday next week, could you believe it? we could be in the 80s.
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so, may want to not put the shorts away yet. the exclusive accuweather forecast, tomorrow a cool day. loads of sunshine. don't forget the sunglasses. 65 degrees is the high. saturday, sunny. comfortably cool, 67. the warm up on sunday. bright sunshine, 73 degrees. great weather for the union game. monday, clouds with a possibility of showers in the morning, partly sunny skies in the afternoon. we warm up to 76. tuesday, back to the 80s. the record high on tuesday is 85. we won't be too close to that record, but the record high on wednesday is 80. we could actually be setting a new record with a high of 81 on thursday. a nice day with a high of 74 degrees. something for everyone. if you like fall, we have that. if you miss summer, it comes back for a brief visit. >> thank you. good news here, the north philadelphia playground is getting a much needed makeover.
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children helped with the renovation. philadelphia parks and recreation commissioner was joined by community members for the ground
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st. joe's men's basketball coach kicked off the coaches versus cancer school initiative program. it was held at great american pub tonight. the program challenges student athletes, fans, parents and school staff to be champions for action, raising awareness and raising money to fight cancer. redskins/eagles week. always an emotional match up, particularly in washington. >> you have deshawn jackson. only 16 games in the season, but this feels more important. the eagles visit the redskins. the birds first divisional game of the season and the first game since sunday's loss in detroit. we may be talking this one up,
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but the eagles aren't making anything more out of it than it already is. >> i don't think there's any added pressure. i think there's enough motivation. we are coming off a loss. we want to get back in the winning column. it's a divisional game, on the road. it's enough motivation in itself. we don't feel any pressure that if we don't win everything, all of a sudden, it's out of control. >> the redskins tight end jordan reid did not practice. he's diagnosed with a concussion. the loss of reid would be a serious blow to the redskins. they are still a tough opponent. espn analyst roger offers his assessment. >> the redskins can play good defense. they have a lot of injuries. they mask their deficiencies. on offense, kirk kocousins play
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well. he has capable wide receivers. they are going to use that running game. it's an nfc east battle. >> well said. still ahead, the ♪ you need blinds. now. right now buy one get one half off all wood blinds and cellular shades. blinds to go. blinds for life.
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katie v/she stays late.rd. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead.
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katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. and we're saying thanks during the last 10 years blinds to go's customer apppreciation sale! buy one get one half off your favorite products. we love our customers and we're showing it. blinds to go. blinds for life. the sixers are less than two weeks away from opening the regular season. tonight, they face the wizards in make believe play.
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the bright spot is joel embiid. 11 points in 14 minutes. a double double at halftime. the sixers lose, 100-9. to baseball, nats and dodgers in decisive game five. we are in the bottom of the seventh inning, dodgers lead, 4-3. it was tied at one. former phillies catcher, had a pinch hit. the union cut the ribbon on their power training complex in chester. it's down the street from the stadium. the facility has two regulation size fields and a pretty plush locker room. danny garcia was home to promote his boxing max. they will meet november 12th. garcia is the current welter weight champion. he is 32-0.
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>> alicia vitarelli got a chance to tour philadelphia magazine's 2016 design home tonight during a sneak peek preview party. the society hill house pegged $3 million. some of the features include a state of the art kitchen, a wine room and rooftop pool. the design home is open to the public saturday. proceeds to the ticket sales go to mana to provide meals for people with diseases. jim my kimmel is up next. "action news" continues at 4:30. from cecily tynan, ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner.
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