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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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one of their own is dead a 17-year-old male student. police say he died after an altercation with at least three staff members. as you can imagine there are a lot of concerned parents looking for answers something they say they haven't been getting. >> they don't know who it is. they don't know. >> reporter: not telling the students inside anything. >> nothing. >> reporter: according to investigators around 9 o'clock last night ems was called for an american at the academy. detectives say faculty searched the student's room for something. after they last he began barricading the door. staff members tried to stop him but the teen started striking them. police say during the attempt to gain control, the teen lost consciousness and died. it's also reported that the teen was placed into a headlock. >> i've heard stories like this in the past and when he was referred here obviously i did my research and there were horror stories from other programs. >> reporter: they provide students with a variety of services and some like the student who passed away lived here full time. some parents we spoke with today say after this they're
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pulling their child out as soon as they can. >> i'm mortified. i can't believe that this happened and this probably is the last day my son is going to be here. >> reporter: not all parents feel the same. one mother says the school lab working wonders for her 10-year-old. >> i talk to my son. he's not scared. he doesn't feel threatened. he wants to stay here. >> reporter: the school would not minute on camera but did release a written statement. it reads in part because we are licensed by multiple public systems the investigation into last night's incident could take several days if not more. we are unable to comment on it at this time. i'm sure there's a lot of people who want to know who this victim is but at this point his name is not being released. reporting live in wynnefield heights, bob brooks channel6 "action news." brian. >> bob, thank you. police have just released the names of two teens who died in a crash on the roosevelt boulevard in feltonville. 17-year-old maggie goloff and 19-year-old osman zeylnov were
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patches in a hyundai sonata killed when a car ran a red light and was struck by an oncoming suv. the hyundai is being driven by zeylnov's younger brother. turns outer they were rushing to the hospital at the time to see their dad who had just been robbed and assaulted. neither of the drivers were hurt in that crash. cumberland county college in vineland new jersey was briefly locked down this morning as police searched for an armed suspect. chopper six was overhead as police were on the scene about 9:30. the lockdown also impacted the college's nearby vo-tech school. investigators say someone robbed a subway restaurant near that campus. that person has still not been caught but the lockdown was lifted after an hour. >> the man who police say attacked a septa bus driver is now under arrest. "action news" first showed you this surveillance video when the incident happened back in early august. well, we learned today that investigators are charging 26-year-old reuben johnson with aggravated assault. he allegedly got into an
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argument with a driver on a route 37 bus and started throwing punches. the driver's head was slammed on the dashboard. he was also bitten on the face. police say johnson turned himself in. >> all right. it is just after 4 o'clock which means almost 5:00. of course time to kick off your weekend. it is now in site. >> i'm there. it's friday. let's head outside to meteorologist adam joseph. >> it's even better when the weekends looks flawless for the most part as we go into saturday sunday and today not bad either. a lot of sunshine and cooler temperatures than yesterday. 65 degrees with that northerly wind but that's close to normal. 61 in new york city and only 50's in syracuse and burlington today and caribou maine 48 degrees at the present time. high pressure came in from the north. just some high clouds streaming in from the south and west very late this afternoon but overall it continues to be a great end to the week. so, as we head to some high school football games here this evening, there's going to be a quick drop in temperature once that sun sets under a
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moonlit sky, almost full here, calm and chilly 53 for the kickoff and 47 by the fourth quarter. so, typical football weather definitely want to bundle up in a sweatshirt. as we take a look at the frost advisories on top of that tonight, later on that's between 1:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. early on saturday morning north of the pennsylvania turnpike and also the pine barren and basically all of our counties here in new jersey dealing with a possibility of some frost by saturday morning. we'll chat about a big turn around though in that temperature department in fact record breaking. we'll see how warm it gets and when in full accuweather forecast. sharrie. >> adam thank you. >> ♪ there are new jolting accusations out today of sexual misconduct against donald trump despite that he is forging ahead with his presidential campaign. he was on the trail for a rally in north carolina vowing to win that state and the white house. he attacked hillary clinton
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and the media. he calls his rise to the gop nominee he a great movement but despite his glowing review of his campaign he could not avoid the recent allegations of sexual assault from several women. trump forcibly dismissed the allegations. >> i am being viciously attacked with lies and smears. it's a phony deal. i have no idea who these women are. have no idea. i have no idea. and i think you all know i have no idea because you understand me for a lot of years, okay. >> well, donald trump has another campaign event scheduled in charlotte tonight at 7 o'clock. meantime hillary clinton is off the campaign trail right now but her is your gates are out in full swing and that includes president obama. he gave a passionate speech today at a voter registration event in cleveland, haiti. the president says this election is critical to our
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nation's democracy. >> donald trump's closing argument is what do you have to lose. the answer is everything. all the progress we've made right now is on the ballot. democracy itself is on the ballot right now. >> the president also called out mr. trump for claiming the election is rigged against him. >> former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is trying to avoid spending any time in jail. she's due to be sentenced october 24th for perch he reand obstruction charges but today her lawyers are asking for leniency. they've requested a home confinement reassessment. that means they're seeking probation or house arrest. they say kane is a first time nonviolent offender and the primary kay giver for her children. the two men running for cane's former office. the candidates came to our studios for a discussion moderated by our own matt
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o'donnell. republican senator john rafferty and democrat josh shapiro answered questions on gun violence marijuana laws and criminal justice reform. they also explained how they would restore trust in the ag's office after kathleen kane's conviction and resignation. you can see that forum on a special inside story that airs this sunday at 11:30 a.m. only on 6abc. >> instant college acceptance, that's what happened to dozens of students at crystal ray high school in the logan section of philadelphia. they learned today that all their hard work has paid off. "action news" reporter vernon odom was right there as the students had their college dreams come true. >> reporter: talk about joy and jubilation. this was a scene at crystal ray high school today as dozens of seniors went in for interviews with select local colleges and based on their academic transcripts were admitted on the spot. >> yay!ism colleges ranging from rosemont to chestnut hill
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to neumann university were here to make their snap decisions from this catholic charter school. clearly the students are thrilled. >> i am super excited. i'm at a loss for words and i don't even know how to explain like the amount of joy and happiness i have right now. >> she had already looked at my grades and standardized test scores and my recommendations before i came in there. she already got a feeling what kind of person i was. >> reporter: this is crystal ray's second graduation class. the cooperation with the colleges began last year. the school's founder and director left the business world on a mission. >> our goal is graduate from college. so, they're getting into college, that's good but our goal is that they will graduate from college. >> reporter: scholarships and tuition aid will be worked out in the months ahead before graduation in the spring. this will be an annual event here from now on. by the end of this day 49 students will know their college destinations for next year. in logan, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news. >> exciting news for those students.
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>> yeah. >> time now for the "action news" traffic report. >> all right, matt pelman standing by in there "action news" traffic center and might we say it's your birthday. >> happy birthday. >> very kind guys. thank you so much. my birthday wish was an afternoon free of traffic troubles. >> did you get it. >> no, i don't think i'm getting it but maybe next year. as we look outside live in delco 95 southbound at least the troubles are not horrific but there's a crash. southbound side of 95 approaching the blue route. the accident takes out the left lane. you can see police and penndot on the scene so it is a slow pace coming south of the airport through this point approaching the blue route along 95. crossing into delaware, it's 495 that's giving us problems because of another accident there. also the southbound direction at terminal avenue. vial out of commission so just 11 miles per hour so once you get into delaware, you want to stick with 95 and don't duck off onto 495 southbound. that one is jammed solid. crossing over into pennsville salem county we have a crash that brought down a pole and it's blocking busy route 49
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broadway so hawks bridge road app possible alternate around that this afternoon until they can get that downed pole repaired. in burlington county there's a broken down vehicle partially blocking the ramps from 73 to the new jersey turnpike but you can squeeze by. speeds just starting to slow there in the southbound lanes of 295 traveling through burlington and camden counties. and we had some delays on the norristown high speedline because of a disabled train. hearing that's just gotten cleared out of the way so returning to normal there with 10 minute delays on some of the regional rail lines. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this friday avenue. lehigh valley 78 west there's a minor crash but some major delays with speeds just in the low 20's at best. we'll check it again brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> all right birthday man. see you in a bit. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 a highly anticipated grocery store opens its doors in center city. we're there way look inside the new whole foods. >> plus, they've been banned for decades but now travelers can bring cuba's most famous
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export into the country. >> and we wrap up our beating the odds series with a local zookeeper who spent her days with the animals but is also following a new passion, promoting early screening for breast cancer. her story still ahead. >> but first a look at the closing numbers on wall street on this friday afternoon. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> flood waters from hurricane matthew continue to ravage towns in north carolina. the high water now creeping its way down two different rivers in the eastern part of that state. now the sliver of good news here is that these communities have had time to prepare. most people followed orders to evacuate and are living in shelters today. well, teams from fema are also out surveying damage in various locations across north carolina. >> well, beginning monday, u.s. travelers will be able to come home with some of cuba's most famous exports. today the obama administration announced that it is easing
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restrictions on cuban cigars and rum. people will be allowed to bring them into the country for personal use. you still will not be able to order online or have them shipped to you. this is the latest step to a normalization of relations between cuba and the united states which began in december of 2014. well, the relocated whole foods market in center city is officially open for business. the action cam was at 201st and pennsylvania this morning as company leaders held that traditional bread breaking ceremony long lines formed out front as curious customers waited for a chance to get inside. in addition to groceries this new location has two bars, a coffee and juice counter and four different restaurants. the old location on callowhill street closed wednesday. >> well, morning cups of coffee at mcdonald's in delaware have been helping local charities. it's all part of the restaurants are coffee with a cause program. today the delaware humane
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association was presented way $3,000 check from september's sales and through march half of all coffee sales on monday mornings are going to different clarities in the state. >> life is never the same after a breast cancer diagnosis and the impacts are as different as women themselves. one young woman has turned hers into a platform to help others beat the odds against breast cancer. >> ♪ >> come on, girls. >> after 20 yearsly len still loves every day she spends with the animals at the philadelphia zoo. hippos sin he dee and una are her favorites. >> they know me and they could pick me out of a group of, you know, a hundred people. >> after turning 40, ellen went for her first mammogram. it should have been routine but doctors found a worrisome spot. concerns escalated after a second screening. >> he they looked at the films
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and said you need to contact a breast surgeon. >> genetic tests he revealed she had a mutation raising her future risk of breast and ovarian cancer so this former college basketball player went on the attack with aggressive surgery. luckily, she didn't need radiation or chemotherapy. >> to be so fortunate to not have to go through what i've seen other people go through. >> this sent ellen on a mission to mobilize other women to go for early and regular screenings. >> i thought this could never be cancer. i'm so healthy. i go running during my lunchtime. i run three to 4 miles during my lunch hour. this can't be me. and it was. >> ellen is also a passionate fundraiser. together with two of her friends, one of them a fellow survivor, she leads team brave and they lead even more friends and coworkers including some from the zoo in wilmington's making strides walk. >> everybody's there for each other and because of each
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other and it's -- it's just -- it's awesome. >> and right now we are answering your questions on breast cancer with experts from the sydney kimmel cancer center at jefferson. log on. speak with them. we've will some questions and they've been pouring in all week and our experts of course answering that them for you right now. tremendous rehe sources here at 6abc today. and do not forget the philadelphia making strides against breast cancer walk at memorial hall in fairmount park, it is tomorrow morning. our very own sharrie williams is your emcee so we hope you'll come out for that. >> i'm looking forward to being there and also of course hearing the stories of survival and fighting tomorrow so thanks alicia. >> all good stuff. alicia thank you very much. weather is this not going to be an issue for that walk as you head out tomorrow morning. >> let's hope not. meteorologist adam joseph with the good news for the weekend, right, adam. >> yeah, especially a lot of sunshine but wear a few layers first thing in the morning. it's going to be really chilly and then you start to warm it up as you walk around.
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lake wallenpaupack you see that vibrant color kind of pong here, a lot more this weekend than this past weekend and that sunshine in control so if you're heading up to the poconos this weekend specifically here tomorrow it will be a crisp start, plenty of sunshine, new time the temperatures still only 41 degrees so bundle up if you're heading to the mountains and by 4 o'clock your temperature at 63 degrees. so, a nice recovery by almost 20 degrees in about a four-hour time period. 61 reading, 65 wilmington, the same for philadelphia. so temperatures a little bit cooler than average but overall not too bad with that full sun especially if you are in the direct sun and it's not sitting in the shaida because there was a breeze as well. satellite and radar we are crystal clear, just some high clouds streaming in from the west but high clouds will drift through at times overnight tonight but really the moon will be the star of the show and also some frost developing in the suburbs north and west of philadelphia
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and through much of central and southern new jersey. millville 35 by -- 37 by tomorrow morning, 35 in toms river, 34 allentown, 35 reading, 37 degrees in lancaster as we wake up. future tracker temperatures tomorrow afternoon 66 philadelphia. so, pretty close to today. maybe a degree or two above in most locations. if you heading to the shore beautiful there, in the lower 60's and then as we head into the second half of the weekend, temperatures will really start to jump up here on sunday afternoon back into the lower 70's well above average inland and right along the shore upper 60's to around 70 degrees. that's sunday at 4:00 p.m. then sunday at 8:03 p.m., you may want to check out a rocket launch. it's going to be launched near wallops island there but it will be heading to the south and east. what you want to do between one and two minutes because we're in the orange area after that 8:03, so between 8:he 04,
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8:05 look to the horizon maybe you can see that rocket launch being lifted to the sky from nasa as it sends supplies to the space station. the first launched in two years. the last one blew up in 2014 but nobody is on these rockets thankfully. as we take a look at four day at 4:00 forecast a chilly morning on saturday morning, a nice afternoon with temperatures at 67. 73 degrees turning milder on sunday. 80 october warmth on monday and a surge of summer. tuesday 83 degrees and records by wednesday we'll have that seven-day forecast in the next half hour and it's taking a couple years for them to kind of re-evaluate everything and try to send these supplies up to the space station. >> all right. i'll be looking. >> 8:04 to 8:05 in the southeastern sky. >> thanks. >> thanks adam. >> i'll need you to tell me where the southeastern sky is. >> help us out. >> thank you adam. >> all right. >> still ahead on "action news," we have a major update about the local viewers vying for a chance to co-host with
4:22 pm
kelly ripa. >> and coming up in big talkers, it is the video you have to see. people who go swimming with sharks got a real surprise when one got a little too close to the cage. let's just say it got in the cage coming up in big talkers. >> ♪
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>> it is often called the forgotten war but today some of its brave warriors were both remembered and honored. 40 veterans of the korean war were presented with the korean ambassador for peace medal this morning. the award is being given out by the korean government as an expression of appreciation to u.s. service men and women. the ceremony took place at saint katherine of siena paris in fda philadelphia's frankford section. >> today marks the start of the flyers 50th season in philadelphia. they celebrated the milestone golden anniversary with a pep rally outside city hall. mayor jim kenney helped kick
4:26 pm
off the season with the drop of a golden puck and a little help from several flyers alum. the flyers start their regular season tonight in los angeles. >> well, it is a pretty big exciting day for two local stars on the rise. we could not love this any more. how exciting. today kelly ripa announcing its top five finalists in her kelly and you contest which gives one lucky fan a chance to play co-host for the day. two of our local contestants not only made it through they made that list. >> here they are. they are dena blizzard for moorestown, new jersey richard curtis from perkasie pennsylvania. >> or perkasie. we get the point. richard curtis is a tv teacher at souderton high school. we introduced you to him last week. here's how his students reacted when they heard the news at a little viewing party they had during their tv class
4:27 pm
this morning. >> richard curtis. [cheers and applause] >> needless to say they are beyond excited and proud of him. dena blizzard is a comedian from camden county. dena and richard were among those who got the most votes. if you seen her you can still log on live and see them. they joined the rest of the five finalists in new york on monday to compete for the guest co-host chair. the winner joins kelly ripa as a host on october 21st so you guys there's five finalists left and two are from our area. >> very cool. >> anyone any perkasie will be watching closely. thank you alicia. still to come after a deadly crash in hoboken there is a he plea for new jersey transit trains to become more safe. >> and this routine diving trip was anything but. sharks are baited to come by the cages but they're not supposed to end up inside. find out what happened next when "action news" at 4:00
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returns. >> ♪
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. >> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> ♪ >> hello again. 4:30 now and "action news" continues with the story of a man who was arrested after moon walking through a new jersey store. >> and a courtroom showdown caught on camera. it began with an argument between a judge and a defendant and ended up with
4:30 pm
the judge leaping into action. >> penn state's place kicker is a fan favorite but most people didn't know he's battling a much bigger fight than any he's ever experienced on the field. but first, new jersey's congressional delegation is calling on the federal government today to hand over $10 million to make new jersey transit trains safer. in the meantime new jersey's lawmakers are planning to take a hard look at the agency that runs that state transit system. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic live in our new jersey news room this afternoon. and nora you've got the latest. >> reporter: hi brian. that agency is called new jersey transit and it's been under fire since that deadly crash in hoboken last month. now, its budget has been cut dramatically over the last several years and legislators want to know if that may have that contributed to the crash. after the crash that killed one woman and injured more than a hundred others the new jersey senate has set october 21st to begin hearings into operations at the agency
4:31 pm
that was once a national model. >> we want the find out what's wrong, what we need to fix and how we get new jersey transit back to being one of the top transit systems in the nation. >> reporter: the assembly is planning hearings. senator sweeney hopes they can be combined. the cause of the hoboken crash hasn't been determined but critics say there's been catastrophic disinvestment in transportation infrastructure in new jersey including little if any progress on installing ptc, positive train control the technology that automatically stops a train. >> 21 percent of new jersey transit operating budget comes from their capitol budget. this means less dollars for the capitol projects. >> reporter: new jersey transit riders pay the highest fares in the country and deal with delays and crashes. >> now reports more accidents and has the worst safety record than any other major system in the country and we need to understand why.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: gordon says amtrak and septa has made great progress installing ptc technology. some riders we talked with today are surprised new jersey transit is so far behind. >> i would think that they would have the latest technology on the trains. >> reporter: when you hear they don't. >> it's very sad. the money that they get from all the commuters. >> i think it's ridiculous that we don't have it already. it's 2016 about to be 2017. that should have been done. >> reporter: senator sweeney says funding has been cut from $300 million a year to $30 million a year and he thinks that's obviously having an effect. we reached out to new jersey transit for a comment but we haven't gotten a response. live in our new jersey news room, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." sharrie. >> all right, nora, thank you. a dump truck lost control and ended up on its side this afternoon in bucks county. it happened just before 2 o'clock on the 6700 block of easton road in bedminster township.
4:33 pm
the driver was not hurt. no word on what caused the driver, though, to go off the road. philadelphia police have arrested a man in connection with several burglaries. i believe this is in reference to an accident, though, that happened. here we go. they arrested this man, tyrone thomas they say on four occasions back in april he stole laptop computers from businesses in center city and north philadelphia. investigators say they were eventually able to identify thomas by looking at surveillance video. the 24-year-old is also facing charges for crimes in abington township. >> a south jersey man is in jail today thanks in part to his dance moves. police in toms river say they were called out to the speed way gas station on hooper avenue on wednesday for reports that this man mark wixler was moon walking up and down the isles and wouldn't leave. while speaking to him police say they found an active warrant out for his arrest. they also say they found him
4:34 pm
in possession of heroin at the time. wixler is being held in the ocean county jail. >> doing the plan walk you'll get noticeed. >> my dance moves could get me arrested but that's a whole different story. >> i've seen it and i will concur. >> can't be that bad. >> let's talk about the forecast. >> let's move on and talk about that beautiful forecast as we take a look at the sunshine out there right now live from penn's landing here on sky6. 65 degrees the air temperature. the dewpoint is really low at 35. and during the fall and winter months that dewpoint if you have a clear sky and a calm wind the temperature could crash to that dewpoint so we're going to watch for some frost in the northwestern suburbs with dewpoints in the 30's, winds out of the north-northwest. as we look live at the talen energy stadium home of our philadelphia union team they'll be playing the second half of the weekends 65 degrees. wind is calm and again very dry air with those low dewpoints. in fact, if you're heading there this weekend, 3:00 p.m. on sunday, sunshine, just a
4:35 pm
few clouds, warm and pleasant the start, 72 degrees on sunday afternoon. the finish at 69. and you know what, forget the 70's. we're going to go into the mid 80's here in that seven-day forecast. we'll talk about the return of summer in just a little bit. >> all right. sounds good adam. thank you. dozens of people gathered in center city philadelphia today to commemorate their enslaved ancestors. the morris science temple of america held a moorish american remembrance day in front of the visitor's send on market street. they read a proclamation recognizing the contributions of their ancestors. the moo. >> at&t delivered a 500,000-dollar check today to the diplomas now program. the ninth graders at frankford high school will use the program to stay on track and make the right choices for their futures over the next four years. diplomas now was selected as one of 18 recipients
4:36 pm
nationwide that will share in on $10 million from at&t. >> coming up at 5:00 a horse that's had a bit of a tough life is getting a new home. "action news" anchor rick williams live now in the news room with more on this horse story. rick. >> that's right, sharrie, thank you. you may remember cyrus the clydesdale from a couple weeks ago when we showed you his rescue after he he got stuck in some mud at a farm in chester county. he was trapped there all day. he was finally rescued with a crane. there's some video of it. well, cyrus had just been saved from a farm where he spend his life working in the fields. he was kind of having a tough time when he got stuck in the mud. today he got some amazing news. he found a permanent home in virginia. and the news gets even better. coming up tonight at 5:00 we'll tell you who he'll spend his new life with. also coming up tonight an update on the twin boys who were joined at the head and after a 17 hour operation, they were finally separated. today their mom shared her
4:37 pm
thoughts on facebook. it's an emotional story we'll share with you what she had to say. those stories and some of the other news of the day we will of course share with you on "action news" when we see you at 5 o'clock. until then back to the studio. brian see you later. >> lots to talk about. see you then. 500 senior citizens quite literally strutted their stuff today to celebrate an important designation. led by a mummers string band the seniors lined up outside boathouse row this morning and showed off their dance moves. the senior strut comes as the american planning association names fairmount park one of america's five great public spaces. as part of the party the seniors were also invited to take part in a health fair today. >> great day to be outside. >> oh, yeah. >> so much more to come on "action news" at 4:00. a cage diving adventure turns violent when a shark rams its way through the metal bars with the dive erin side. >> a veteran gets his high school diploma 70 years after
4:38 pm
leaving school and the heartwarming event was a total surprise. >> meteorologist adam joseph is coming up with that full forecast from accuweather including the weekend and a big warmup when "action news at 4:00 continues next. katie v/o: she works hard.
4:39 pm
she stays late. but she gets paid 21% less than her male coworkers. pat toomey has voted time after time against equal pay for women, against pay that helps hard working families get ahead. katie o/c: for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it.
4:40 pm
katie v/o: i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead. >> ♪ >> new video shows the drama in a michigan courtroom when the judge ripped off his robe and jumped down from the bench to subdue an unruly defendant. that happened after the defendant repeatedly cursed and defied orders from the judge to stop talking. when the man stood up, the judge said he felt the court officer was in danger and that is why he got involved. a county review found the judge acted within reason. the defendant was in court because he allegedly harassed a woman and then violated the protection order granted to her. he was ordered to spend a year in jail. >> friends and family gathered at a south carolina church today for the funeral of a man shot and killed by police. 43-year-old keith lamont scott
4:41 pm
was shot while police served a warrant on someone else at his charlotte apartment complex on september 20th. police say he had a gun. but his family says he was not armed. scott's death sparked days of unrest in charlotte. the police officer who shot scott remains on paid administrative leave. >> ♪ >> big talkers now and a big personal admission from a penn state football star. kicker joey julius is a fan favorite known as much for his size as his ability. now the sophomore is opening up about his private struggle with an eating disorder. he doesn't look like your typical kicker. fans say that's what they love the most about the nearly 260-pound player, his size. julius, though, was recently diagnosed with binge eating. he took a break from the team to get help at a treatment center and shared his secret in a stunning facebook post. he says he would binge eat alone until he got sick. >> i would have to lay down to
4:42 pm
the point where i was so sick i couldn't move and just, you know, lay there. there's sometimes i would cry. i was always calling myself fat disgusting, lazy. >> well, julius says he's now talking about this to increase awareness and to let people know that if he continued down this path, he might not be here right now to have this conversation. all right. this is a story that tugs at the heart strings and reminds us there's really no time line for achieving your dreams. in lackawanna county pennsylvania a world war ii veteran finally got his high school diploma 72 years after leaving school. >> tonight pop i'm honored to give you your diploma. [applause] >> george was back in his old high school in taylor, pennsylvania. this graduation ceremony a surprise planned by his family. you can see the 90-year-old well up in tears as the school's principal david walsh
4:43 pm
also crying gives him his diploma. it just so happens that is his grandson. >> i was really surprised. never expected this. >> such an amazing story. ps, he celebrated with karaoke, his favorite. no word on what his go-to song is. got to find that out. swimming with sharks it's a popular adventure that takes a lot of courage, right? but a recent grate white shark cage diving trip in mexico got really scary when it went really awry. check out this terrifying caught on camera moment when a shark smashes open the diver's cage. >> he's in the cage. >> oh, my god. >> yeah, there he is. now we are told this shark was not on the attack but was lungeing at the bait that they put out for them so they can come close to the cage but it accidentally hit the side of the cage. so, apparently sharks can't swim backwards.
4:44 pm
with nowhere to go but forward the shark breaks open the cage. picture this, there's one dive erin side. there he is. he ends up at the bottom of the cage with two great whites directly below him staring him in the face. now, talk about adventure. this experienced dive are calmly we don't know how swims back up through the cage, no injuries but 33 did call those a few very long seconds. >> wow. >> i bet. >> yeah. >> it looks like it just watching it. >> i've watched the video about 50 times today. i just can't figure out how the shark got in and how that diver got out. >> got out, right. >> incredible. >> alicia, thank you. let's get another check on the roads right now. >> all right. matt pelman is standing by as we continue to celebrate that birthday in the studio. >> and we're celebrating with some traffic problems unfortunately brian and sharrie here on 95. we had a crash on the northbound side at the girard point bridge. crash is now gone so that's the good news. the delay is starting to thin out but it's still heavy
4:45 pm
coming north of philadelphia international airport. and headed southbound away from the airport you're also hitting the brakes because of the earlier crash approaching the blue route. there has cleared out of the way as well. so, the accidents are gone but the delays aren't along 95 in southwest philadelphia. over in upper darby a crash along route one township line road by saint dorothy's parish at burmont road. were uninvolving a pedestrian in mayfair along cottman avenue at charles. word that of just coming in. watch out for a crash in upper salford along sum flee town pike at long wood road by fuzzy dice auto center. don't know if it comes with a pair of fuzzy dice. a crash along 113 at sherri boulevard a wreck in wilmington along 495 southbound at terminal avenue. right lane is still blocked. speeds still in the teens. come down 95 even though it's businesses see instead of 495 and across the river in pennsville a crash and downed pole is closing 49. hawks bridge road an alternate
4:46 pm
there. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the 5 o'clock hour. >> matt thank you very much. retired general colin powell was in bucks county today to recognize one of his good friends powell was at the pearl s. buck estate in perkasie for a luncheon honoring jim roy hu for his accomplishments in business and philanthropy. our own nydia han was proud to emcee that event today. >> ♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. thank you. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever. now get 100 meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer these speeds at this price. only fios can.
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>> feels like in recent days and weeks especially with the election there's been so much negative news you have some very good news to share today. >> the weekend. >> yes. >> perfect news. beyond that if you're a summer lover even better news and i'm sorry if you're not because some people are saying no, uh, don't want thissing. >> that wasn't me. >> it will come. >> it l we have no choice. as we take a look at storm
4:49 pm
tracker6 live double scan out there, a lot of sun today. perfect blue sky, just some high clouds coming in very late this afternoon but overall those temperatures running pretty average. a couple degrees below in a few locations, like reading at 61, allentown 64 degrees. philadelphia 65. 63 in dover. and right around 60 or so at the shore with again a very light wind at this point. it was quite breezy early on today and notice the poconos, pretty similar to the lehigh valley at 64 degrees. so, for tonight a moonlit sky out there. it's almost full. it's pretty much there. very chilly. dropping to 34 degrees in the suburbs, 44 degrees for center city. so, it's those suburbs that have the best chance early in the morning between 1:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. of some frost to develop so an advisory has been put in place here north and west of that pennsylvania turnpike, lehigh valley, northern montgomery bucks as well as chester county and also pretty much the entire
4:50 pm
area of southern new jersey with the exception of the immediate shore line there. want to protect the plants or bring them in if temperatures are going to get very close to the freezing point in some of those areas. high pressure is coming in so we have fresh high meaning lots of sun. again some high clouds coming in from the south but throws high clouds he'll really going start to fall apart here late tonight so by tomorrow sunshine is once again in control. 67 degrees with a lot of sun. and then on sunday, some high clouds mixing in with that sunshine but turning much milder with temperatures well above average at 73 degrees. and we're not going to stop there. the jet stream going to take a dip in the west coast. cool and stormy there and whatever lapse on the west coast, it's opposite on the east coast. it's kind of like a atmospheric seesaw. so that jet stream is going head into southern can today. high pressure building down to the south and that building ridge of high pressure will send a southwesterly wind here
4:51 pm
monday through wednesday and that is when the 80's are going to make a return. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 67, chilly early tomorrow, then a nice afternoon. milder, 73 on sunday. and then 80 degrees here on monday. monday early there could be some clouds or a quick little shower with a warm front. then sunshine returns in the afternoon and then that surge of summer with record shattering numbers by wednesday, 85 degrees. not as warm but still good, 10 degrees above normal on thursday, 76. and a lot of clouds with the next system on friday. maybe a couple of showers at 68 degrees. so, that is quite warm for this time of year but the good thing when you have temperatures that warm in october -- >> yeah. >> the sun angle is lower you don't have humidity so it still is rather enjoyable. >> we'll enjoy it. >> the positive if you don't what happened that summer feeling. >> thank you. >> how about this? a pint sized athlete is showing enormous power can come in
4:52 pm
small packages. this is four-year-old ayahna. she's the youngest boxer training in this gym in kansas. her parents say she lovers it so much so they want her to learn as much as she can about the sport. she's been practicing for only two months but her coach says she's a natural. >> punch like that. >> she's a fast learner. i'll tell you, if you had a whole bunch of her in this gym, they would be champions right there. >> bring on more of her. ayahna has plenty of time though to practice before her first official match. according to the rules there, she has to be at least eight years old to officially compete. >> ♪
4:53 pm
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>> it is freebie friday and did you know it's national pizza month.
4:55 pm
so, to celebrate, villa italian kitchen in moorestown, new jersey, is giving away a free slice of its neapolitan cheese pizza. you can get the free pizza until october 24th but you can start printing the coupon right now and we will show you just how to do it. when you sign up for the loyalty program called pancakes revolution at ihop you get free pancakes right there on the spot. then on your anniversary every year you get pancakes and then pancakes every year on your birthday. if you like pancakes that's the freebie for you. cycle bar is a national indoor cycle studio opening its first area location here in exton, pennsylvania on october 23rd. but from now until opening day they're offering free classes to anyone who registers and they have a grand opening party next wednesday on the 19th with lots of freebies, food drinks and all kinds of details on our web site right now. so, if you like to spin, that one is for you. for parents out there, here's the yummy freebie for the little ones. you join ella's kitchen little
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foodie club you get a he free starter pack with fun things for your little foodies. finally there's a really fun event happening tomorrow in sister cities park. we have all the details right now on have a great weekend everyone. >> all right alicia, you, too. thank you. finally at 4 o'clock some of the most talented tattoo artists from around the world are gathered in hong kong right now. this is the fourth annual international tattoo convention. hundreds of customers and tattoo aficionados couldn't wait for their chance to get their first ink or add to the ink they already have like this guy. many of his designs being done at the show are fanciful asian inspired tattoos. >> body art is a big industry. >> yes, it is. >> that will do it for "action news at 4:00 for brian taff alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of "action "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> we'll see you tonight but in the meantime here are rick
4:57 pm
williams and monica malpass way look at what's neck at 5:00 hey guys. >> hi there. coming up next at 5:00 car cash claims the lives two of teens. meals say the driver was speeding because his dad had been attacked on the job. >> the government has banned note sevens from all planes and that means carry-ons as well as checked baggage. >> those stories and much more coming up next on "action news" at 5:00. >> ♪ most people owe the bank.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> new details tonight about a deadly crash on the roosevelt boulevard that took the lives of the driver's brother and a friend. we now know the teen driver was speeding but he told police he had an urgent reason. he and his brother's father had been attacked. friday night and the big story on "action news is the investigation into a crash that left two teenagers dead. >> this all happened at the intersection of front street and roosevelt boulevard just before 1 o'clock this morning. an "action news" reporter john rawlins live at the scene with more on this tragic mishap. john. >> reporter: hi, guys.
5:00 pm
well, a sad story at multiple levels. one family which was responding to an emergency situation has lost a 19-year-old son. another family has lost a 16-year-old daughter. police say the driver of this car rushing to temple hospital to see his father who had been assaulted during a rob he re. the car ran the stop signal at front street and collided with this suv. this driver was behind the car saying it also ran a signal at rising sun. >> he was going too fast. trying the run the light probably about 70's miles an hourism sterling scott heard the crash helped the driver then focused on the passengers. >> two people that were in there, one guy kind of moved around. then he slumped back over and they were saying it was a baby in the car but it wasn't a baby it was a young teenage are under him and nobody could see. >> reporter: the front passenger later died. identified as 19-year-old osman zeylnov the brother of the driver. the young teen dead at the scene 16-year-old maggie


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