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tv   Action News 7pm  ABC  October 15, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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quarter against illinois, he had a couple of these. that's a safety. crawford standing right in the hole. newby max him miss and another first down in this ball game and it's newby again, this is all on him. newbie inside the the ball came loose. indiana, holy cow! >> referee: the ruling on the field was the runner was down prior to the ball being fumbled. first down nebraska. >> ed: now, listen, if the ball is recovered in the immediate action after the play -- ooh, you know what, he's down. the knee's dowell. >> mike: up think? >> dave: yeah, and i'm not
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sure -- knee's down. >> mike: you're right. >> ed: i mean, it's within literally one frame of our video before this ball comes out. and remember, it was ruled down on the field. so this would volcano to be indisputable. >> mike: that is not indisputable. >> ed: no, it is literally within a half frame one way or the other there that ball came out. i don't think it did and i don't think there is. >> mike: there have been times when we said you couldn't possibly overturn that. >> cole: right there, it's on the ground. again, it's within a half of -- whoo. drk that angle is the closest one that looks like a fumble. from the other side, ifft doesn't look like a fumble.
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>> ed: the looks like the ball is just starting to come loose right as newby's knee is start ing to. >> i think if they called it a fumble on the field, i'm not sure they could overturn it. but because they call candidate it not a fumble, i think that's stands. >> it was. >> referee: after further review, the ruling on the field of the runner down prior to the fumble stands as called. nebraska football, first down and ten. >> ed: good for v for jeff
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sr.ervink vskki. that is the right call. they got it wm it was a quarter of a frame when the ball was coming out. >> when you have but this is as close as it gets. and give the officials on the field credit did it. thap goes one way on the other, and and nebraska can almost, almost run this out youcht, newby wraps both arms around the ball. >> mike: now, they can wait until after -- they use one of the time-outs here. one of the plays, they have to let the clock one. back in a second.
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♪ take on the night shift. introducing the new titan with america's best truck warranty, 5 years, 100,000 miles bumper-to-bumper. ♪ >> mike: let's take a look at this week's a.p. rankings, and alabama justry minding everyone. not only are they number one. they're number one with a star by the logo as they ran over tennessee, wisconsin, ohio state, huge game tonight. three of the top ten with byes and clemson had to fight, fight, fight to the end to beat nc
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state. looufrl had a battle with duke and nebraska and indiana. nebraska clinging to a two-point lead. >> ed: if they win this is a quality win. this is a very good indiana team that's going to go to a bowl game this year. they fought and skramped it. they have plenty of talent. i know a lot of people are wondering how smart nebraska is. they have hung in against a pretty good team. >> mike: they go with the end around to westbrook. indianas had one time-out. one of the plays they have to let the clock run but they will use the time-out here. 1:35 and we check in with cassidy hubbarth. >> number 1717 virginia tech on upset alert. a one-yard run caps off a 17-yard drive and syracuse is up 31-17 in the fourth. later tonight, a big one in the big ten. number two ohio state in madison takes on number eight wisconsin.
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that game at 8:00 eastern on espn. mike, ed, back to you. >> cassidy, thanks very much. pierson-el had the last carry. tonight on abc, more big ten action. j. k6789 barrett, you can watch on espn. ohio state, the only team in the country ranked in the top five in total offense and total offense drk well, total offense last week for ohio state took a little bump against allen's group. indiana played really well, two weeks in a row, against an explosive offense, held them well below their average and you look at drew brown, the kicker. if i'm nebraska, i'm not so sure getting the time off the kloss -- we have already had one blocked field goal today. >> mike: a blocked punt. >> ed: a blocked punt.
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and you line up for a field goal. surprised if you don't have a run here. >> mike: and they they will run wild. "nfl insiders" wanted on out of bounds play sbhsm they were within an ench of getting it dpk he goes out of bounds, you save a lot of time and a field goal just puts you up by five. so this is going to be quite a bit of time for indiana. >> ed: the worry about nebraska. you do need to kick it here. overize, you only need three. if i'm mike rye quli, i don't think we have a field goal in the house. and nebraska deciding to ice their own kicker with a time-out.
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mark clock did stop. 48 seconds. >> ed: and indiana, the last game at home against michigan state. michigan state missed a field goal in the first overtime. then indiana got the ball back and after a couple tries, griffin oakes was able to knock it through for the field goal. >> mike: indiana has not beaten a top ten team in 30 years. 30. >> ed: they have not beaten back-to-back ranked teams which they would doll if they win this since 1945. a lot on the line for kevin wilson and remaining in the top ten for nebraska. >> mike: and remaining perfect. it's been a 14-play drive. that has taken seven and a half minutes. and the field goal is good to make it a five-point game.
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>> ed: and a good job by indiana using those two time-outs. they've got 45 seconds or a little less of the kickoff return. in the college game, first down it is, the clock stops. incomplete passes, it stops. and lagow was not have any time-outs, they should have time to work with and because of the field goal, they know they need seven. >> mike: offhand, i do not remember why indiana took the earlier time-out. but just skr if they had it in their pocket, they could have stopped with it 1:40 left. plenty of time to go down field and score. >> ed: there was confusion on offenses. they didn't have the right people in. why they called the time-out. those are the ones you think about. there's mark banker, and came with pat reilly.
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they had a down here at oregon state. and coach said, what do you think of lincoln, northbound snb and he said, the program i grew up watching as a kid? and he said, i could consider going from oregon state to nebraska. >> mike: veteran coach who gets a lot of respect in the business. >> ed: and indiana, they have been put back on the field and back on the fieldle and have played really well, especially in the secondary. >> mike: williams will take a knee so 4 an an connell pleat pass is way better. be careful if, you throw underneath, you have to be careful. that can be 12, 15, 20 seconds which can be death if you're indiana and need a touchdown here.
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>> mike: richard lagow leads them out. remember on a first down, the clock stops so they are move the chains. you get a break there. lagow rifles this one. too high, almost intercepted. jones couldn't quite come down with it and the williams couldn't quite come down with the the pick. >> ed: and lagow, a little gimpy on the left leg. jones was wide open. if you take just a little off the ball that is a fist down at about the 40 yard line. the incomplete pass helps to stop the clock.
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>> mike: lagow, guns this one. it's picked! aaron williams! indiana needed a miracle and they didn't get it. >> ed: williams a sophomore from atlanta, georgia. mark banker told us, this is a young man coming into his own. he is playing in a nickel back slot coverage position. this is just a missed throw by lagow. once again had his man open. westbrook had an inside route. williams playing over the top. they were not going to give up the big throw. happy to give them a 10 or 15 yard throw and lagow just missed it. >> mike: it was a struggle for nebraska but a well earned victory. they go to 6-0.
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and preserve the top ten ranking as they win it 27-22. huge win for mike riley and a heartbreaking loss for kevin wilson. >> ed: terrific win for nebraska down the stretch. they have a couple tough ones, wisconsin and ohio state. but almost every other game is winnable for the cornhuskers. >> mike: let's go to jerry punch, doc? >> jerry: coach this is like a hef qulif weight championship fight. punch, counterpunch. what was key for the huskers to hang on? >> i really, really appreciate the resiliency of the team. we're not always pretty although we played a lot of good defense tonight. we kept playing and the indiana team kept playing. it was really hard sbift was nts all good. buff i love our our team plays in the end. >> jerry: coming in 5-0, there
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were people that said that he is a shell out on the huskers. what you did learn about your team made? >> i learned our team will fight. i have known that all along. that's what i can trust just about every week out. we have to them them get better and better as a football team. but i know they are working like crazy and they will fight in a game freal hart. >> coach, 2-0. >> it's great for everybody. it's particularly great for the 2016 team. is a really -- this team's been through a lot. since the end of last season to where they are right now. they have hung together and they have thrown. what it means nor team at this minute, it's very good. >> thanks, coach, go celebrate. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, jerry, and thank you coach. even though inn dudsn't pull this one out, this may be a
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homecoming they will remember for a long, long time. the final here here in bloomington, nebraska 27, indiana 22. tonight at 8:00 eastern, saturday night football and number two ohio state and and for jerry punch and ed cunningham, this is mike patrick. so long from bloomington, indiana.
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♪ ♪ action news, delaware valley's leading news program. malik wells magee, and walter perez. saturday night. a police officer in new jersey is attacked with a cleaning solution. a nationwide ban on certain cell phones aboard all airlines went
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no effect. the big story is a fire damaging three homes that was started by a woman who was allegedly trying to set her boyfriend's on fire. action news report bob brooks has details from west philadelphia. >> reporter: they work as quick as they could but there was no stopping the flames from spreading three row homes were destroyed. after officials say a female suspect lit them on fire on girard avenue. >> it was very, very scary. the smoke was like, you couldn't see anything. the black smoke was bill loading out the building and going on the street. >> reporter: she lives next door and captured the flames on her cell phone. no firefighters were hurt but could have been. take a listen. >> some of the people in the front of the house fell on some of firefighters fortunately didn't get them too bad. >> according to detectives the reason why the suspect set the blades was to light her boyfriend on fire. >> reporter: officials say the suspect started a fire in the middle row home. it was vacant.
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unfortunately there were people living on both sides. you can see from the damage. there's not much left that can be saved. >> it's a total loss, they have been condemned. the suspect has been caught. she's being treated at a local hospital for minor burns. reporting in west philadelphia, bob brooks. channel 6 action news. a police officer from west deptford had to be checked out at the hospital after someone through a cleaning solution at the officer. on the 100 block of. reports it was of a domestic disturbance and tried speaking to a woman through the closed door, she open the door and through pine sol in the officer's face, the woman glynis henson has since been arrested and formally charged. an unprecedented move by nation's airlines. all samsung galaxy note 7 cell phones have been banned by all domestic rerelease. airlines. if you have one, you're not
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allowed to bring it on board a commercial airport. action news report is live at international airport with details and passenger reaction. jeaneatte? >> reporter: walter, people were told to turn hoff their neat sevens when going on a flight now there's a ban, you cannot bring it on a plane at all. comes after a scary incident from baltimore where one of the phones started smoking on the plane. what we're finding today, enforcing this rule is going to be tricky. >> really, just a little bit of a. >> reporter: last several weeks there have been numerous reports of the samsung galaxy note 7 bursting into flame. >> it's crazy, my girlfriend just got one. >> reporter: after initially asking passengers to just turn off their note sevens. the transportation department is going a step informant >> the u.s. department of transportation has issued a ban on all samsung galaxy note 7
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devices >> as of noon, the smart phone is banned from all u.s. flights. the faa going as far as threatening to confiscate any phones they find and denying boarding to those who try to sneak it in. passengers could face fines or criminal prosecution. >> they're very serious about it. had to keep your phone off. if you had it on, you had to keep it off. >> reporter: the warning sound serious but seems that's about it. arriving passenger lisa stone says she heard about the ban before boarding her flight in seattle but not much what you said about it. >> did you notice any difference today >> no, i just came in from seattle they didn't even announce anything about the samsung galaxy note 7. >> this move is in the name of safety but enforcing the rules is a different story. >> the phone is probably a good step if they're such an extraordinary risk. but flight attendants will not be able to enforce that. >> reporter: several major
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airlines have already taken the step to place fireproof bags to contain any flames from these phones if absolutely necessary. but of course, the hope is that people don't bring it on the plane in the first place. reporting at philadelphia international airport channel 6 action news. five city owned vehicles were among 16 with their tires slashed this morning in center city. police say they caught the vandals. officers were on patrol when they say a man with a knife stab, the tire of a ford escape doing right in their sight. they took him into custody before finding 15 nor vehicles with flat tires. a veteran took time to give back to us had community. he organized a clean-up event in upper darby. along with volunteers and friends was able to pick up trash along a nine block stretch. this fun run benefits one of philadelphia's oldest schools. hundreds of alumni students and
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supporters showed up for the hallahan 5k. catholic girls high school has been educatingomen in philadelphia one 15 years. jordan reed beat up on the bird. the eagles defense catching a break. they will not have to defend the redskins jordan reed who's of the fastest tight end in nfl history 200 catches, reid officially ruled out for tomorrow's game with a concussion. >> you'll bounce backing baby. >> reporter: eagles fans wishing the guy good luck as they leave 30th street, carson wentz headed for washington. and they're ready to bounce back from that loss. >> it's been a lot of excitement around here. we're not leting that fade away. we're going to keeply same approach and attacking it. i like this team, they're a bunch of resilient guys, we're not going to get phased. >> on our biggest thing is
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coming out here, getting the win now that put in perspective. ok, that was a game that they let slip away. it all happens if you come out and you give the job done, you know, next game, that's what we're folking on. i feel like accomplished made -- nobody has their heads down, the guys are smiling and feeling good. that's a good thing. >> reporter: them to believe that loss in detroit will spiral. >> thank you. time for check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. day was lovely. >> milder as we get to sunday. we'll show you storm tracker 6 double is scan radar, dry, quiet, no issues with precipitation. temperatures today seasonal. in fact one above average. right now with a south easterly wind coming in at 62. 50 in the poconos, 59 in off the coast in cape may. satellite 6 along with action radar showing you high pressure is in control. nice and dry. this high is moving off to the
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east. we're tapping into return flow as we speak. we stay clear and moon lit for rest of tonight. it won't be as cool. we'll drop down 50 in philadelphia and 41 in the suburbs for the overnight low. it's mild for us on our sunday. a high temperature of 72. 73 for reading. the exclusive accu weather seven-day forecast showing you by monday a return of summer, high of 80 then the 80's back on tuesday, wednesday, then we're back down into the 30's 70's once we get into thursday. >> i should have left my lemon tree outside for a couple more days. >> thank you, melissa. if yi philly is next on channel 6, now for the entire action news team, i'm walter perez, we'll see back at 11:00.
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