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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  October 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night, a cabdriver is stabbed several times, in an attempt robbery. also carson wentz gets beat up by the redskins as the eagles suffer another loss. but the big story on "action news" is possibility of the strike that could impact tens of thousands of commuters, in and around philadelphia.
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>> that is right, members of the union representing septa bus, subway and trolley operators voted to day to authorize a strike and they will walk off a job if a deal is not the reached by october 31st. "action news" reporter bob brooks has details. >> reporter: right now thousands of septa workers say they are not happy and they will strike if needed essentially shutting septa down. >> the way they treating us. >> reporter: how. >> it is just the way it the is around the country. >> reporter: septa workers union transit union 234 met in south philadelphia for latest on contract negotiations. what they heard, they to not like. union members say septa wants to cut into their health care. >> they want to take away our benefits. they didn't touch management why would they want to touch ours. >> reporter: additional dehand are an increase in the cab's eligible pensions, are calculated from 50,000 to $07,000. they want higher wages. president brown says they voted to strike the at the end of their current contract if their demand are not met.
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>> we have been negotiating for a couple years now. it appears septa is not taking us seriously. we have to do what we have to do. >> reporter: new strike is possibility it could still be in effect on the november 8th election day. >> will you strike past november 8th election. >> yes, we will. that is leverage for us. >> reporter: those who depend say this is the last thing that they need. what will happen if they did strike. >> septa went on strike, i would probably have to miss work. >> reporter: what would that mean. >> more money out of my pocket. >> reporter: septa released this statement saying both parties exchanged proposal july 13th and continued to meet since that time. we remain hopeful as we hope to bargain an agreement to the interest of our employees, riders and the public. >> again, we want to clarify we know this was vote by septa work tours day but that does not mean a strike starts today or tomorrow but wouldn't take effect until november 1st. now reporting from center city, bob brooks, channel six "action news". and stay with six abc on
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air and on line for the latest on negotiations between septa and union as they work to avoid a possible strike. a cabdriver was stabbed, several times today in west philadelphia, and what appears to be an attempted robbery. "action news" reporter christie ileto was live now at the scene, with the full details, christy? >> reporter: well, sarah stabbing happened not far from here reportedly inside of that cab, that is when the suspect dashed out from the car, and the driver began chasing him down the street and that is when he crashed right here, in front of his home. >> disturbance, in a cab. >> reporter: victim is a 35 year-old cabdriver, for all three luxury sedan and town car company. police say he was, stabbed six times this is back and shoulder before crashing at 58th and vine. >> just allowed boom. >> reporter: this man did not want her face on camera but tells "action news" that she had no idea that the accident in front of her doorstep was part of an attempted robbery.
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>> i didn't know what was going on, i just thought it was an accident. then someone said that the guy was stabbed and he had i guess he was chasing. >> reporter: it is unclear where the driver picked up the suspect or for how long they had been driving before he was stabbed but this isn't the first time a taxi driver has been targeted. in 2013 a attack efficax i driver in west and southwest fail were victims of attempted robbery. a violent robbery at cobbs creek parkway and walnut street where a driver was shot to death the by a pays tron demanding his money. but still than the didn't really, you know, it didn't bother me until, you know, right now that somebody would be stabbed so that is creepy. >> reporter: now, the cabdriver is listed in stable condition, at an area hospital. but suspect was wearing dark colored clothing with last seen heading north on 58th and east on vine. anyone with any information is asked to contact detectives. reporting live from west philadelphia, christie ileto for channel six "action news".
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christie, thank you. developing right now, news out of ridley park, delaware county, investigators are on the scene of an apparent home invasion. police say that two men entered the house near ward and harrison street, and somebody shot a person inside, the victim suffered a grazed wound to the ear and is expect to recover. police are still looking for the two men who took off, after the shooting. home coming festivities at lincoln university were marred by an overnight shooting on campus that injured a security guard. just a after 3:00 this morning police say several people were involved, in some kind of an misunderstanding and that is when someone pulled out a gun and fired several shots right there in lower oxford township chester county. one of the bullets hit a man who was carrying employees of a private security firm, hired for home coming weekend. a female officer was struck and then taken to christiana hospital. no word on her condition tonight. so far, no arrests have been made. investigators in philadelphia are concerned that an arsonist is on the loose in the city. fire fighters were called to the home, on 1300 block of dire street just after
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3:00 this morning, but they have not put out three separate fires in inside. a few hours earlier fire fighters in that same company, dealt with the similar situation just a few blocks away. there they put out several small fires inside of a home, on the 1600 block of pratt. anyone with any information is asked to call the police. to the eagles now and another tough loss for the bird. >> sure was, especially difficult day for quarterback carson wentz who was sacked five times, just skversky is here with more and granted lane johnson was not there but o line did not the look good. >> it did not. to this is toughest test for carson wentz today but he is not the losing hope in this philadelphia eagles team, even though they have lost two straight. after their three and zero start everyone was on the wentz wagon, and the eagles band wagon but since the bye week eagles look like a completely different team. today, in washington, carson wentz and offense, they failed to score a touchdown. this is what carson wentz day looks like in a nutshell. ripped apart by redskins.
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eagles d ripped up for 500-yard, cousins to a wide opened vernon davis. eagles down 14 to nothing for second straight week. the just like last week back they could, wilmington delaware native wendell small wood, 86-yard return. eag would also tie it at 14 despite zero points by the offense in the first three-quarters. ten seconds to go in the half, matt dylann untouched, eagles down by seven at the break. fourth quarter final two minutes, down by seven, a chance to tie it. down goes wentz. sacked for fifth time, a career high eagles lose 27-20. their second straight loss this one the redskins have had double the amount of yard then the eagles. >> it is all about assignments and doing your job, it starts with me and making sure that we're putting our players in the best possible situation, you know, we do have some things to clean up. >> it is all about how you react and respond to losses. we didn't come out here and perform the way we wanted to
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but we will get back to the drawing board. season is not over. the it is a long season. we're not losing hope or any of that edge that we bring on sunday, so, i still like this team and we will get back to the drawing board. >> penalties, of course, a big problem again today for the eagles. one was a dumb mistake according to fletcher cock. we will have much more including a live report from jamie apody in sports. >> all right, jeff, thank you. a lawsuit filed by the man who helped convict jerry sandusky being a sexual predator goes to trial tomorrow. former assistant football coach mclaughlin query is suing penn state university, claiming he was defamed, retaliated against and mislead by a high ranking administrator. he said he reported to then head coach joe paterno about the abuse in 2001. mcqueary claims university retaliate by firing him n2012 the same year sandusky was quick of abusing ten boys. mcqueary civil trial starts tomorrow, he is seeking four
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million-dollar in damages. hundreds of people marched down broad street today taking a stan against racial injustice and police brutality. this peaceful protest marked the anniversary of the first, million man march. marchers started at broad and cecil b more with the rally and walk down from that spot. many held black lives matters signs. turning now to accu weather, it was fairly warm later this afternoon for october, and if you liked this kind of weather you will love tomorrow. meteorologist melissa magee is enjoying the last few seconds of sunshine and she joins us now with the first check of the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> yes, sarah, we have a nice warm up on the way for the rest of this week and today it was a touch milder, then it was yesterday, so showing you the numbers right the now most are in the upper 60's and at 07 in philadelphia. same thing, in lancaster. sixty-seven in reading. sixty-five in allentown, lehigh valley. at the coast in atlantic city at the airport 66 same thing down in cape may. satellite six with action radar we had some sunshine to
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get the day started but you see cold front off to the north and that did produce a few more clouds that spilled a cross the region as we went throughout the rest of the afternoon. they're with us throughout the rest of the evening, as well. so if you are stepping outside on the town, 66 degrees the number at 7:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. at 64. sixty-three at 9:00 at 10:00 o'clock tonight we have a partly cloudy sky at 11:00 p.m. future tracker six is showing you it only gets warmer, by monday afternoon, look at these numbers, long the i-95 corridor. we are in the upper 70's to 80 in philadelphia, 77 in allentown and 78 degrees down in dover by monday afternoon. so we will talk about the weather headlines. we have a blast of summer on the way with temperatures in the 80's this week, we're also tracking some record warmth, quite contrast from what we were dealing with this same time last year we will look closer with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast, now back inside to you, walter. annual aids walk raised a quarter million-dollar today, walkers and runners took part in the 5k which kick off right there along martin luther king
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drive and ended in that same location. money raised goes to the aids fund which sponsors a variety of programs all throughout the year while offering assistance to people with hiv and aid. the aid walk it is a 30 year tradition. >> much more to come tonight on "action news" some local fire fighters returned home, after stepping up to help those affected by hurricane matthew. we have one fire fighter about what they were able to accomplish. walking on their hand while walking their dogs, they are getting a tension for a wonderful cause. plus we will head out to d.c. where jamie apody has more to the eagles heart breaking loss to the redskins, that and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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emergency responders back home after helping people affected by hurricane matthew along south east coast. pennsylvania task force one returned to the fire department special operations
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centers here in northeast philadelphia this afternoon. they spent more than a week in north carolina and made multiple rescues and evaluated more than 100 people and their pets. >> it was a very worthy mission, and we were able to have a positive impact on the communities that were hit the with the storm. we were able to do some very good work. >> about 80 people from all around the state helped make up that task force. people of all faiths came together at congregation rodeth shallom in the spring garden section calling for education equality. this thinks 23rd annual children's saabbat educational service. representatives from the all religions shared messages about the moral responsibility, of educating children this gathering combined, inspiring word, inspirational music. ukraine orthodox community in philadelphia is celebrating the 90th anniversary of saint vladamire ukraine orthodox
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cathedral. in the east oak lane section a special service was held to celebrate this milestone. dogs of all shapes and sizes strutting their stuff in delaware county to support a local charity, today. the dogs were not the only ones showing off their skills, these teenage gymnast went head over heels to join with the fun, you can see them there event at wilson farm in wayne served as a preview of the upcoming philadelphia national dog show, that is set for next month. planned parenthood. i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions?
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at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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jeff skversky has a wrap up of the eagles game. special teams looked good. >> they did. unfortunately offense did not. zero points, by the offense. >> wow. >> even carson wentz says he has to get better late in the game. eagles quarterback carson wentz has been number one quarterback in the nfl against the blitz but today under pressure in washington that is
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a different story. wentz, eagles offense no where to be found. event having trouble without right tackle lane johnson, rookie halapoulivaati vaitai, beat up by washington's joe kerrigan. washington's jersey, torn apart. big v not only big problem. d allows 500-yard, second quarter, kirk cousins to vernon davis wide open. eagles down 14 to nothing for second straight week but for second straight week, back they come. philadelphia kick off smallwood the rookie from wilmington delaware, 86-yard kick off return. eagles on the board down by seven. he needs air. minutes later cousins too much air on this, pick off, malcolm jenkins to the house, 64-yard pick six. eagles tied at 14. despite zero points, from the offense. the eagles, they beat themselves is the. final seconds of the half fletcher cox, hits cousins late, he calls it dumb, it would have been fourth down but instead a penalty. eagles over a hundred penalty
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yard for second straight game. washington with a fresh set of downs. matt jones walks it. late fourth. down seven. chance to tie. zach ertz through his hand, could have been game tying touchdown. another shot to tie it. final two minutes, wentz drills, sacked for the fifth time. eagles go down for second straight week 27-20, is the final. >> lets go live to jamie apody, doug pederson said this would not spiral after that lions loss and this was a different team then last year but again, lots of issues. >> yes, jeff, i mean how do you explain it. last week they are penalized 13 times for 111-yard, 14 times for 111-yard this week 13 for 114 yards, even more. they are beating themselves. carson wentz said as much after the game. after he threw for 12 whole yard in the first half buff he had guys in his face all game long. >> hard game to get in the rhythm. then we were shooting
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ourselves in the foot. it is something we have toe rim nate. last week we had a lot of penalties. this week we had a number as well. it is something we have to clean up and being discipline. >> we are killing ourselves. whether or not, you know, the touchdown catch at the even of the day was called, so we cannot complain about it, we have to get it fixed. >> we have a lot of work to to a lot of things to address. i'm not worried about the mental state of the team. >> we will have much more tonight on "action news" sports sunday with ducis rodgers is joined by 97.5 fanatic's mike missanelli. they will talk about their mind set. we will hear from rookie halapoulivaati vaitai getting in depth about what went wrong here at "action news" at 11:00. into stats and i know most of you are, eagles lose to go day means that hillary clinton will be president of the united states according to the redskins rule. you see, since or for a long time now redskins, win, their final home game before a
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presidential election the incumbent party retains the office. it has only been wrong twice since 1932. so there you go. i don't know much about politics. live from fedex field, channel six "action news". jeff. >> there you go, hillary in office, why even vote. redskins have had many rushing yard as eagles had total yard. now redskins or cowboys can runaway with the nfc east. dallas up by 11 in green bay in the third. unlike eagles eli manning and giants big day on offense against baltimore. the giants receiver odell beckham, two touchdowns, 222 yards, most by a giants play in 54 years. giant win 27-23. by the way, the union losing, again today, so whether or not they make pray offs will come down to the final game in the regular season, next sunday. >> thanks, jeff. warm up on the way for start of your workweek. >> meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when
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"action news" comes right back.
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well, melissa has a check of the accu weather forecast. it is summer-like this week. >> yes, break out flip-flops again this week guys, because it will be on the warm side especially as we go throughout the workweek, record warmth on the way in some locations too. we will show you storm tracker six, live double scan radar, you can see it is dry, no issues with precipitation. high pressure has been dominating our region but this ridge of high pressure is moving off the to the south and east, allowing for a southeasterly wind to move in. that will pump in a lot of
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warm air, as we go throughout the rest have of our week ahead. we will show you what is going on, outside right now looking at the numbers you can see what is going on with this leaf peeking season in full bloom. peeping we are looking at late october or early nova long i-95 corridor but good color going on as well. high today in philadelphia in at 71 degrees. normal for thus time of the year is 67. record is 88 setback in 1897. it will be backup in the 80's as we go throughout the next several days. currently outside with that southeasterly wind 70 in the city. sixty-seven in reading. zero seven in lancaster. sixty in the poconos. sixty-six and 65 degrees in beach haven. here's satellite six with action radar. we have had sunshine to get the day started but a few more cloud starting to move on in and there is a cold front off to our north and west, and this front will sag to the south and east, as we go throughout the overnight hours and even early tomorrow morning. so that will allow more in the
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way of cloud cover and maybe a spotty shower, if you are north and west of the city. in fact, the call from accu weather over the next one hours, otherwise it is partly cloudy. we will drop down to 54 degrees in the suburbs, and 58 degrees in philadelphia for the overnight low. and the set up for your monday, well, warmth continues, little bit of the summer feel on the way, it is 80 in philadelphia for the high, and lower 80's for reading and lancaster. seventy-nine in allentown. 76 degrees in cape may. high in dover maxing out at 78. 78 degrees in toms river, new jersey. early shower and then that warmth explodes a cross the region. eighty's are making a return. the here's is what going on, monday, tuesday, wednesday, we have got this dip in the jet stream over pacific northwest, so it is cool, and stormy, folks there in higher terrain are dealing with feet of snow, wind advisory and flood warnings, posted across this region quite the contrast across the eastern half of the u.s. we have a dominating ridge of high pressure over the south east and wind are clockwise, we will tap into that warm,
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southeasterly wind and that will be the case, not only monday but even as we go in the middle half of our workweek and numbers will be well above average for october. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, cloud, sunshine on monday, it will be cloud cover overhead but it will be a warm day, high temperature of 80 degrees. summer feel on tuesday, at 86. this time last year, tuesday, wednesday, we had temperatures, in the 50's, and then this year, wednesday, record warmth on the way with high temperature of 85. record is 80. setback in 1947. and then on thursday, not as warm, and sunny, with a high temperature of 77 degrees. cloudy on friday, with some showers possible. high of 71. rain likely as we get into saturday in at 67. eagles at home next sunday, guys, high of 65. good looking start to the week ahead. >> melissa, thank you. abc world news sunday next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we're back here again on six abc. >> now from all of us here on
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welcome to "world news tonight." donald trump intensifying his conspiracy claims. saying the election will be rigged, that the media is plotting against him, even accusing "saturday night live" of a hit job. this, as he faces another allegation of sexual harassment. while questions are mounting for hillary clinton over new wikileaks. over the edge. a pickup truck plunges 60 feet from a california overpass, slamming into a motorcycle festival, killing four. what we've now learned about the driver. double threat. the powerful storm lashing the west coast. from san francisco to seattle, hurricane force wind gusts. and one wildfire's path of destruction. home takeover. a woman brought in to help moves in and won't move out. now the legal trouble.


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