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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  October 16, 2016 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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>> in the first series wentz has been sacked twice. >> never got in the rhythm offensively. >> the red skins seemed to toy with them this afternoon. they ran right over them. >> always comes down to the offense and defensive lines taking control at the line of scrimmage. >> they just blew the eagles up at the line of scrimmage. >> they scored on damn near every drive. >> out, cousins back. he fires. and it is caught for a touchdown. >> penalties and third downs. that's the name of the game. >> personal foul. face mask. offense number 62. false start. offense number 71. >> shooting ourselves in the foot. it's tough. >> we have to play smarter. >> it is my job to make sure these guys are ready to go. mentally, physically. >> that's the ball you got to catch because you got the chance to stick this one into the end
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zone. >> we're not panicking as an offense. the guys, we don't got to reinvent the wheel. >> there's more film for teams to look at you. >> any time you put tapous, new rookie quarterback, new head coach. get a feel for how you like to play. ♪ >> this is action news sports sunday. sponsored by audi. >> uh-oh. welcome to sports sunday alongside with mike from 97.5, the phanatic. i'm ducis rodgers. the eagles lose for the second straight week, 27-20 to the red skins. now 3-2. not as close as the score indicated. >> they hung in and had a chance on drive. and wentz took two sacks. wound up having to punt. too many things going wrong. dominated at the line of scrimmage. ran 38 consecutive plays.
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are you kidding me? >> what happened from the beginning of the season to now? >> undisciplined, taking penalties, getting beat up on the line of scrimmage. flying up the field. a lot of teams taking advantage of that now. calling the right plays offensively to combat that. right know they're in a slump. and the quarterback did not play well today. i can count on one hand the good throws he made today. >> talk about wentz in just a second. right now the full highlights. and for that, we bring in jeff skversky. >> rookie quarterback, carson wentz, been the number one quarterback against the blitz coming in. but today under pressure in washington, as mike is saying, that is a different story. wentz and the eagle's offense, failing to score a touchdown against one of the worst defense in the the nfl. carson wentz's day in a nutshell is this, beat up, ripped apart. playing for the suspended lane johnson, big v. wentz sacked twice on the opening drive. just 12 passing yards in the
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first half. the jackson catch, set this up. end of the first, kirk cousins to a wood open jamieson crowder. eagles down 7-0. start of the second quarter. the eagles give up another cousins to vernon davis. wide open again. what's going on? eagles down 14-0, second straight week. once again, though. back they come. ensuing kickoff, the rookie from wilmington, delaware. the eagles on the board. down seven. huffing and puffing. smallwood needs some air. and minutes later, kirk cousins, too much air on this pass. picked off. malcolm jenkins, 64 yard pick six. scoring 14 despite zero from the offense. calls this dumb, fletcher cox hits cousins. and washington runs it in. ten seconds to go.
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matt jones. eagles down seven at the half. fast forward to the fourth quarter. eagles down seven. a shot to get back in this game. from the ten, down ten. could have been a touchdown. eagles, bun more shot. final two minutes. wentz can take it. drilled. sacked for the fifth time. losing 27-20. again, second loss in a row. and the eagles, they have lost four straight to the red skins for the first time in nearly 30 years. but wentz says he's note losing hope despite the ugly top to october. mark, ducis. >> thank you so much. what do you think the psyche of the team is right now. i think it's not good. they are getting beat up with the strength of their team. the defensive line has not shown up. and played an undisciplined game today. that was a terrible penalty. offsides penalty. these guys weren't plugged in today. now with minnesota coming in.
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what can the psyche be? playing a tough team. can they rebound? >> jamie apody filed this post game report from maryland. >> that's one way to be brought down to earth. just a few weeks from the unblemished team. the eagles dropped two in a row. they can clean it up on the field, but their heads have got to be a mess. >> didn't perform the way we wanted to. >> it's a long season. so, you know, we're not losing hope. we're not losing that edge that we bring on sunday. so, you know, i still like this team. and we'll get back to the drawing board. >> what's the challenge mentally to overcoming winning the first three and then losing two in a row? >> you know, it's never cool to lose any games at all. so it's definitely a challenge. but at the same time you got to look at how we lose them. we're coming and getting beat down. we're beating ourselves. >> it's frustrating, obviously.
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i mean, if we had a few more plays made we would be 5-0 right now. it's not the world's crashing down on us. >> i think we got some really mentally tough leaders that understand the big picture of a season. and -- but also the importance of the here and now. so we got a lot of work to do. >> the leaders saying all the right things, pederson pointing out he won ten straight after starting 1-5. but need we forget that sam bradford and the undefeated vikings are in town next week. wrap your head around that. back to you. >> still ahead. talk about the change the eagles made to the offensive line this week. with the suspense of lane johnson, how did the rookie do? discuss that coming up next.
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♪ we're back here on sports sunday. the eagles lose to the red skins for the second straight week, mike. penaltiespenalties are a proble. today, 14 for 113, last week, 14 for 111. how do you explain that? >> no excuse. this is coaching. comes down to the coach having them disciplined. and they're not playing disciplined football. i don't know what else to tell you. i mean, this is such a terrible play by a guy whose supposed to be one of the best in the league. he just lays on top of him too for good measure. i don't know what they're thinking. >> you mentioned it cost coaching. he put the onus on himself. >> i got to go back and evaluate. it's a discipline thing. >> the penalties? >> shooting ourselves in the foot. tough to overcome. hard game to get into the rhythm and then shooting ourselves in the foot. >> we got to be more explained. everybody has to understand that. we're killing ourselves. >> all right. penalties were just one part of the problem.
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protecting carson wentz was another problem. halapoulivaati vaitai got the start for the suspended lane johnson. that wasn't bad. i may have practiced his name more than he practiced during the week. how bad did he look. he was overmatched. i don't care what they say about practice. in the game you know the other team has a game plan to come at you. you got to help him out. design plays to the other side. quick screens to the other side. keep the defensive pleasure off your quarterback. because they're going to come at him. and he's not ready to play. >> the rookie knows he has some work to do. >> after this game the lens is a lot different. practice is practice. but games are different. i got to keep working. >> had a couple missed assignments earlier. and, you know, felt like that he settled into the game as the game wore on. we used more help on his side as game wore on as well. >> did you see him settle in?
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>> coach trying to protect the player. >> he was off balances the whole game. >> he's a beast. wentz tossed for 79 yards today. a lot of high, wobbly passes. has a little bit of the shine come off the rookie. i think he's feeling pressure, ducis. coming at him. getting in alive. and he had been good against the blitz. he made four good throws today that i counted. the rest over guy's heads. wobbly. he didn't play with the poise he normally plays with. got after him. maybe he's starting to believe he's in the nfl. i don't think he believed that the first few weeks. so successful and played with abandon. now he's thinking, uh-oh, i'm in the big leagues. he got sacked five times. two the at end, inexcusable. wentz talked about his struggles out there >> i got to be better. especially late in the game. any time an offense has the chance to win and you come up short, it's frustrating.
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and i put that on myself. >> carson makes some really good throws. and most of the throws, there's a guy that is in his face. he's trying to make a play p he's such a competitor. these types of things bother him. and he's going to clone it up and be ready to go next week. >> all right. more eagles straight ahead. what happened to the defense. the players themselves will try to answer that question. >> it's the rest of the day's sporting news coming up on action news sports sunday. women's health - both trump and toomey would defund planned parenthood. on abortion: trump: "there has to be some form of punishment" toomey: "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: too dangerous for pennsylvania
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we're back here on sports sunday. the eagles defense facing a washington team without tight end jordan reed. why are the red skin sos effectives on offense? >> ran right at them. took advantage of the guys up the field and ran the ball in a and b gaps and score scorched
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them. and kept the running backs fresh. made a great throw on that play. eagles had an extended drive there. and makes the throw. he made a couple good throws. but they just. >> running game opened up the passing game. jamie apody caught up with the d after the game. >> how disciplined are you guyses a a defense overall? with giving up the amount of yards you did today. we are very disappointmented. because we felt like, you know, they definitely earned some place. but a lot of this stuff we just kid ourselves. we just wanted discipline. penalties. guys getting out of the gaps. not making tackles. >> what do you think needs to change on defense? >> leaving a lot of gap on defense. so the linebackers really have to be the ones that clean it up. i didn't see good linebacker play at all today. the teams are going to run the ball against the eagles, the linebackers have to fill the gaps. >> take a look around the nfl. division suddenly getting a little more competitive. we head to jeff.
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>> the eagles fell from first to third in just two weeks. and things not easier. they don't play against a losing team again until december. including next sunday against sam bradford and the 5-0 vikings who were in the bye. as well as wentz played, have you seen cowboy's rookie quarterback dak prescott? three touchdowns on the road in green bay and breaks the record for most passes in nfl history without an interception to start a career. dallas still in first place. unlike the eagles, the giants, a big day against baltimore. odell beckham, two touchdowns, 222 yards. most by a giants player in 54 yards. giants win 27-23. chip kelly, leshawn mccoy, meeting in buffalo. chip can't shake his hand. and the defense can't get their
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hands on mccoy. three rushing touchdowns. and the bills run for the most yards in 24 years on kelly's d. chip kelly lost 17 of his last 25 games. big day for the brady bunch. in new england, home debut for the patriots. throwing three touchdowns against the bengals. patriots win 35-17. baseball, chase utley and the dodgers trying to recover after the disastrous relief appearance last night to the cubs. gave up two homers, including a grand slam. game two tonight, getting even in chicago. gonzalez says take that. 1-0, even at a game apiece. keeping the playoff hopes alive. they can clinch, but instead fail to do so. they fail to score. allow two goals. union lose 2-0. playoff chances come down to this.
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final game next sunday. and the union had hanging on to their playoff hopes for deer life. they were in the lead in the east just a few months ago. ducis, mike. >> all right, jeff, thank you so much. after the break, more eagles things. >> stay tuned for more action news sports sunday.
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action news sports sunday. sponsored by audi. challenge all givens. the exclusive accuweather forecast. clouds and sunshine on monday. hype up to 80. 86 on tuesday, summer making a comeback. records possible on wednesday. 85 for the high. not as warm on thursday 77. 71 on friday. 67 on saturday and 67 on sunday. ducis and mike, back to you. >> thank you so much. sam bradford and the unbeaten vikings are here on sunday. how important is this game become?
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>> this couldn't be -- the script couldn't be written anymore perfect. coming back undefeated. it's hard to say it's a must-win because they're playing the best team in the conference. but i look at the line, ducis. and two and a half, minnesota only favored by two and a half. the eagles have a chance to win next week. i would not be shocked if they flipped the script and beat minnesota at home. >> are you surprised by minnesota? >> no, one of the top defenses in the league. you have the great defense and the quarterback does not make mistakes. you win games. this guy is managing the game and the defense is killing people. >> looking ahead to the next few weeks. and you look at the schedule the eagles have. it's like murderer's row. >> yes. >> when you see the schedule, what comes to mind? >> they have to beat the vikings. if they can get momentum and then beat the cowboys and allow for a loss in there, that's tough. tough to figure out which ones are wins and losses here. but if they beat the vikings,
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would be a good sort. >> if this thing goes off the rails a little bit, will people start questioning doug pederson. i think they will. they are questioning him today. not the best game on the sidelines. it's funny. this season has taken us through ups and downs. started off 6-10, and then the playoffs, 10-6, now down to 6-10 maybe by the time they get through the schedule. >> right now, a playoff football team? >> no, they have to win ten to get into the playoffs. with dallas playing the way they are playing, win with 11 wins. the eagles get to ten. this doesn't look like it. >>s cowboys and red skins look good in the nfc east. that'll do it for our show tonight. thanks so much for watching sports sunday. once again the eagles lose to the red skins 27-20. next week at home to take on the minnesota vikings. thanks for watching.
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see you next week.
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