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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  October 18, 2016 12:30pm-12:47pm EDT

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armed men morning. police say that unknown amount and the suspect reese main on believe theington. katherine scott has t hheere told me lastt was over a0nd
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>> they >> looked down and lights at 11:30 piddle of the road sh ihe hospital and pronounced dead a >> based on witne involved in motive for t witnesses and captured the shoot released. > the shocutoff blue
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foot in a detectives want to hear lead on a stringt on camera setti mart at cars.oday. we could see records beach but it's and n if we
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for more on th david murphy outside o, if you with can if we i ls where it says satellite and radar up in new york state and canada. lots of bright sunshine and bits and pieces of clouds later this afternoon. but we are looking good. temperatures are looking good up to 76 in philadelphia under the sun 77 in central park in new york city and down south in washington 73 degrees and 76 in pittsburgh, everybody is warm in the mid-atlantic and places like buffalo, new york, where you rarely have temperatures in the 70s this time of year because of that ridge is of high pressure building to the east and allowing warm temperatures to abound from the south to upia b your winds are not all that bad
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either, farther to the west in buffalo it's breezy and up and down the east coast mainly single digit winds and we expect to stay in the 7 to 14 miles per hour range but not 2:00, and th probably and 78he second half is of of stars outrow but a you missing autumn. gorgeous da raleigh, northictims of billion
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o all the help logging into lumberton, a donat >> y school forcquery provided.
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chopper 6 hd was s near 206 at tal health regionalcondition. the pentagon s iraq is happening this hour and citizens to flee the country. we are joined live now from new york. >> reporter: yes that is right rick, good afternoon to you, here we are on day two, we are told that troops are still on the move toward mosul, but at the same time as you mention the race is on to get the people the
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civilians in the city out of harm's way. the battle for mosul advances with u.s. and coalition forces conducting air strikes while kurdish and isis troops are launching attacks from the ground and isis not going away without a fight. releasing a dozen suicide bombings on the first day alone. american special forces also lending supbut mostly in an advisory role. dropping leaflets warning people to stay safe. >> stay low and stay quiet. >> aide workers are bracing for an influx of a million people fleeing the fighting. >> they have set up emergency camps to take the people in and this fighting could go on for quite sometime.
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>> they talked to the residents many who live under the terror of isis. >> you can't sleep without fear? >> you cannot guess when will they take you at night. >> for months the u.s. and iraq pland this military operation, retaking mosul from isis. the biggest prize for the terrorist group to date. so far they say they are making good progress. >> yes, making good progress but pentagon officials say they are work on an iraqi timeline, their hope right now is to wrap up the mission by the end of the year. that is the latest here live in new york, channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> thank you. the candidates for the u.s. senate seat representing pennsylvania met face-to-face. pat toomey and katie mcginty met in pittsburgh where they focused
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on health care. and asked about gun violence and toomey touted crossing the island about background checks. >> i'm a big believer in the second amendment, i think at and individual write, and important one, there is not a -- >> it was the right thing to do for joe mansion to lead the charge and for the senator to lead his name that closed background check loopholes, that is when it fail bid a couple of votes, the senate says the senate has spoken lets move on. >> yet again senator toomey had yet to say if he would vote for donald trump. he opposed trump's claim that the election was rigged. >> and send us your questions for the candidates through social media using #6abcaction
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or the debate is this coming monday at 6:00 p.m., here on 6 abc. we are one day away from the third and final presidential debate, anchor, monica malpass is in las vegas for reports there is giving you a special opens this hanging up ton
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of an the imare from maven atmosphere coming up david murphy has your updat
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so you stay ahead of your symptoms. viberzi can cause new or worsening abdominal pain. do not take viberzi if you have or may have had: pancreas or severe liver problems, problems with alcohol abuse, long-lasting or severe constipation, or a blockage of your bowel or gallbladder. if you are taking viberzi, you should not take medicines that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d... with viberzi. several inches of snow are covering northern california. how about this? the snow storm covered higher elevations and caught drivers off guard but lucky for them warm, drier weather is returning to the area today. we are not looking forward to that. >> we are at the exact opposite. >> a lot of times when it's warm in the east it's colder out west. we'll see about that in a moment. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing you we are high and dry
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this afternoon and a beautiful picture from the action cam in manayunk at the canal there hardly anything going on in the water and not much wind there. every now and then a leaf drops and it goes straight down. a pretty fall picture for us. not feeling like fall. we are looking at highs in the 80s tonight and tomorrow. thursday we may see 80s on some thermometers and by the weekend we'll be back in the low 60s. dew point is up there at 64 and feels humid if are you out there work ougt. winds south-southwest at 7 miles per hour. and as we look at satellite. lots of sun in store the rest of the day with pop-up clouds coming in from the west in the afternoon. overall we'll call it mostly sunny than is what we call it so far today. allentown 85 that would be a
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record and 86 just barely a new record by a degree. and 78 in millville and down the shore 72 to 74 degree range upp down the beach. here are the records we think will be challenged. philadelphia is close but we may get the 86 that knocks out the 85 and wilmington and trenton and a.c. may be easier to beat and adam joseph and cecily tynan will have more for you on how that shapes up. 82 by 2:00 and high of 86 at 3:00 and by 4:00, 78 by 6:00 and evening in the back to the low 70s by 8:00 and 70 on the nose by 10:00. the overnight low is not bad, only 64 for the overnight low, that is around the average high for this time of year. tomorrow we'll do it again. high pressure is in control and beneath it we see out a high of 85 degrees, similar to today and
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another challenging high and a slight chance north and west that late at night or during the day we may squeeze out a shower. an area we are watching the last couple of days, may come into tropical depression category or a tropical storm. it's up to a 40% chance of development and five days 70%, maybe another named storm before we finish out the season. sunshine and record warmth and tomorrow 85 and sun and clouds and another day with records on tap and thursday close to a record, we'll go 78 and the record is 80 not out of the question and spotty shower on thursday, and we get to the bigger ridge on friday, and it works its way back in and 71 degrees and stray spotty showers are possible and hopefully dry for the big temple football game for the friday night game. and windy and cool and 62 on
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saturday and 63 for eagles and union fans on sunday. >> thank you david. the philadelphia film festival kicks off with movie showings at several local theaters, alicia vitarelli is here with a preview. >> hey guys, if you like scary movies this one is for you. with halloween a few weeks away the festival as i series of dedicated to the most suspenseful and spooky who oh flicks. this is the 20th annual philadelphia film festival. more than 100 of the best movies of year. we fly around the world starting with sundance and berlin and cans and venice. >> you help us get ready for the oscars because you bring all the best here to the city. >> over the last five years four of the best picture winners had their picture in the festival. >> and the silver anniversary,
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there are more than a dozen. four of the most intense horror flicks from the film fests around the world. >> this is for people that love their horror films. >> i would suggest being a real fan yes. >> and the autopsy of jane doe. >> eyes of my mother, it's pretty gory and intense and fantastic. >> hand made and screeningsecret. wells start a 9 fullu like the mo
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row. >> you sendid you know th comin housewives. in westport, connecticut. many neighbors try to knock her for her size and dysfunctional family, she take its all in stride and has an at butte that makes her relatable to everyone. >> she is not always correct or saying the right thing but has a heart of gold. she is constantly struggling she wants to be who she is but feels bad about herselves sometimes and i think that is humanity. we are waking up feeling real amazing and towards the ends of
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the day we are struggling. for me it's really just humanity and a celebration of celebrating who you are and trying to like, not look to the left or right and marching to the beat of your own drum. >> an all new american housewife airs at 7:30, we saw it all right there. the real o'neils at 9:30 and the night wraps up with "action news" at 11:00. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. vo: donald trump and pat toomey have plenty in common -- they're both putting pennsylvania women at risk. even after trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, toomey stood by him. on women's health - both trump and
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on aboiosome form of "
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han a few records are down to
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mid-70s there.up on hundreds of section. see how t on how to b. >> that will for the he voted to change the laws... .
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pat toomey: out for himself, all in for wall stre
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