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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  October 18, 2016 4:00pm-4:54pm EDT

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to get scared. >> are you on fairmount avenue during the day and someone pulls out a gun and robs you. that makes people feel -- >> horrible. i take my son on a walk almost every day. >> that is the story for many victims in the last month. >> on fairmount this is happening. >> more than once. >> reporter: what if the robberies happened at 14th and fairmount at 1:00 in the afternoon. he says he was robbed three weeks ago. >> he just stole one of my tools when i was up in the scaffolding. >> and one happening here on fifth, making five in the last five days. not all have gone down in the daytime. this one is at 20th and
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brandywine they approach the suspects and get into the get away van. they approach people in the neighborhood and know someone this has happened to. a shady looking gentlemen was patrolling the area and sort of picked a culprit or victim. and looked vulnerable with a cell phone or laptop out. and sort of quickly approached her. >> okay now people should not have to be squared that way when they go about their days. no word on an arrest and police are investigating. we have spoked to a lost neighbors now keeping an eye out. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. two armed suspects stormed into a home this morning in center city philadelphia. philadelphia police were called out to the 1400 block of lombard street at 11:30, a woman told them that two men got inside and made off with catch and an xbox.
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investigators say that the suspects are still on the run at this hour. >> well, police are working to piece together the details surrounding the deadly shoot that happened late last night. the 30-year-old victim was actually killed on his birthday. neighbors say they heard arguing and several shots were fired on the 700 block of east allegheny. the victim was hit multiple times in the head and back and police rushed him to the hospital where he die aid short time later. and they are talking to witnesses and looking at surveillance footage from that area. faculty from 14 pennsylvania state universities are preparing to walk off the job. members of the faculty union are meeting in westchester now ahead of the strike deadline. the 5500 member union is locked in negotiations with the state's higher education system unable
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to come to terms on a new contract. if it happens, the strike would be the first in the 34 year history and leave tens of thousands of students in limbo. jeanette reyes will have a live report later tonight. to accuweather, it's an extremely warm day as we press pause on fall for a bit. >> records are falling around the region today as the temperatures soar. meteorologist, adam joseph, lucky guy outside with the jacket off. first check of the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: i'm not complaining being outdoors, a little humid as well today. and some areas seeing record high temperatures. three cities so far. allentown 84 degrees, trenton 83 and wilmington 82 degrees and some cities that haven't reached a record just yet it's extremely warm. philadelphia 83 degrees, and our record is at 85 and mt. pocono
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75 and a bit cooler at the shore with the sea breeze coming from the southeast 71 for beach haven and 72 for cape may. and really rare evening temperatures here to see them holding into the lower 70s past 9:00 at night. and once we go through the deeper part of the night, our low will only drop to 66 our typical high for this time of year. and wednesday another breaking day around the region and skies turn dirty and more cloud cover on wednesday and 50s for highs as we go into saturday. we'll talk about that dramatic drop and if there is any rain in between with the transition coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right thank you. >> if you can keep track of these record breaking temperatures at, you can see the hourly forecast to know how warm it will get and use
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facebook and twitter to see each of our meteorologist. turning to the race for the white house. with the election exactly three weeks away, donald trump's campaign is focus on colorado. the republican nominee held a rally in colorado springs where he touted his jobs plan and looked ahead to the final presidential debate. and says his camp is in good shape while his opponent hillary clinton is not preparing for the debate but quote resting. trump has a second event in grand junction, he says this is an election about truth. on the democratic side of the race, former president, bill clinton, is campaigning for his wife, holding an event at montgomery county community college in blue bell. the campaign says mr. clinton won montgomery county in 1992 and hope he can rally support around his wife. hillary clinton is taking a break from the trail to prepare for wednesday night's debate.
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>> and preparations are in full swing for the showdown, it's the last chance for each candidate to make their case for america. construction crews are hard at work now putting the finishing touches on the stage at the university of nevada las vegas. monica malpass is live now on the campus with a look at what the candidates need to focus on. it's going to be a big night. >> reporter: absolutely, it's fitting this is the gambling capital of the united states, because tomorrow night is a big gamble, and donald trump has to do damage control because of all the sexual allegations and hillary clinton has to reply against the wikileaks record. and some voters to come out because they are disheart earned by the way this has played out and the stakes are high and the campaign has taken on a momentum of its own. >> this gives them a chance to
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make closing arguments. >> hillary clinton and donald trump's final face-to-face showdown before the general election comes at a time when both candidates face challenges. >> i pushed them off and moved away. several women came forward and say they were sexually abused by the republican nominee in the past. >> trump platt out denies the alligation. they say trump needs to focus. >> he needs to find a way to get past the allegations of inappropriate behavior that have dogged his campaign of the past week and find a way to give it back to the issue of change. >> that was a mistake i'm sorry about that. >> hillary clinton's emails continue to haunt her campaign and has difficulty with voters that question her honesty, but she has to stick to her guns invoking the stance of michelle obama's stance they go low and
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we go high. >> as much as possible talk about issues and to the extent that this debate will not be about issues but about some of the character questioning swirling around the candidates hillary clinton would probably be best to avoid that and take the high road and stay positive. >> with voter going to the polls three weeks from today, the question is will a third presidential debate really matter. >> it's difficult to know if a 90 minute debate can actually do much to change the forces that are already in play. >> i think voters already have enough information about the candidates to make up their minds. >> by the way when it came down to mitt romney versus barack obama for the third debate and they were neck and neck and barack obama took a hold of the audience and both candidates hope that they can sway the few remaining undecides. and it comes down to the last
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few votes. i'm monica malpass we'll take you live to see the stage later. >> thank you. we'll be watching. you too can watch tomorrow night the debate here on 6 abc coverage starts at 9:00. and don't forget "action news" anchor, jim gardner will moderate the last live debate for the senate race of pennsylvania. send your questions through social media, use #6abcaction or email the debate is this coming monday 7:00 right here only on 6 abc. the commission on african-american males is now a permanent part of philadelphia's government, mayor jim kenney formerly appointed the members of the commission today at city hall, they are working to identify challenges within the city's african-american community and also to find solutions. >> breaking news right now. chopper 6 hd live in woodland,
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burlington county. here a car fire that has shut down route 70 in burlington county, shut down in both directions now. dispatchers tell "action news" that at 3:30 that car was being towed and burst into flames and at the same time fuel began to leak and on the roadway and on fire across the roadway spreading to nearby woods and they have the situation under control now. two concerns in this one, the car itself on fire and then the fuel that spilled on to the roadway where other driver was be as you see firefighters are on the scene and the fire is out and still the car is being tended to by firefighters and we are working to get more information as to how much this is impacting traffic and how roads are being affected. and route 70 is closed in both directions. >> near dakota trail in woodland. speaking of traffic lets get you caught up on the rest of that.
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autumn marisa is in for matt. >> reporter: we'll get back to that route 70 car fire in a minute. first schuylkill expressway a slow go but nothing like yesterday when the schuylkill was shut down because of a vehicle fire. the westbound lanes though at a crawl right now around the boulevard and those northbound lanes heading up towards the boulevard very slow going. the eastbound lanes of the schuylkill clear going down towards the city, looking at speeds across the region dropping down to the single digits on the schuylkill and 95 as well. let talk about the incidents again. in woodland, new jersey, it's shut down in both directions and we'll keep an eye on that and give you an update in the next half hour. newcastle, route 13 southbound between central afternoon and 295 an accidents there as well. going outside to the ben franklin bridge, we had an earlier construction lifted. we are nice season clear in both
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directions. other area bridges looking good as well. back to you. >> autumn thank you. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00, the gift of warmth, more than 1,000 local children are ready for the winter thanks to a huge donation. >> plus, closure for a youth football team left without a place to practice. we have a brand new update about a camden field destroyed by a vandal. and a look at closing numbers from wall street --
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a second day of fighting is underway in iraq as troops work to take the city of mosul back from isis control. where they have already secured some 20ville ables. iraqi and kurdish forces are
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doing the ground work and the u.s. from above s president obama says there are advances and set backs and it's suppose to last until the end of the year. >> retirees that receive social security benefits will see their benefits go up next year but tiny. .30 of 1% higher in 2017. that means the average person will see $4 more a month. the fifth year in a row that older americans have to settle for historically lower raises tlrk was no increase this year and the average payment is $1,238. >> this morning more than 1400 student as arrived in buses and piled into the convention center, this was an important
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one and even though it was in the 80s, they came to get a new heavy coat and keep them bundled this season. >> this is important because so many children live in circumstances of poverty and things like coats become a challenge for some families. >> for kids always changing and growing, a winter coat is a necessity. for many local families it's a luxury. >> this may be the only new coat or piece of clothing these kids even get. every year the auto dealers caring for kids organization buys thousands of coats and letting kids choose the style and size for a perfect fit. >> i like it. >> because it's so big. >> and warm. >> yes! >> they worked to make winter a warm one for area school kids in need. they pulled dozens of vehicles into the convention center and
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the trunk packed with warm coats because the need is real. >> 77% of the kids in philadelphia are in the improve riched group and everybody needs a new coat and it gets cold in the winner time. >> this year they are giving away 40,000 coats sending the number past 265,000 since they started the program in 2008. >> one, two, three -- >> these kids now ready for whatever winter may bring. >> i like my coat because it is big and it's a nice coat. >> i like it because it feels soft and nice inside. >> love those smiles. >> this is a record year for drive ago way the cold program, that will hand out the 45,000 coats throughout the fall and the five county philadelphia region. >> great story. think about this though, hard to think about the winter coats when the temperature is
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stuck on summer mode. and more heat in the future. >> our summer stretch has a little bit of life in it. but when fall comes it comes with a vengeance. adam joseph is back inside with the details. >> you said you had chocolate. chocolate cupcake day? >> i never said that. >> he has nothing for you. >> sky 6 hd live over center city. the sunshine to work here this afternoon, little in the way of cloud cover and that brought the temperatures to record levels for some cities, 83 in philadelphia. matching that in trenton and 83 in allentown and 84 in lancaster and 83 in dover and so far we are at the middle part of october. our temperatures running 2.5 degrees above normal so far this month. coming of a top 10 warmest except for philadelphia as well. we look at the globe, here is the northern hemisphere and the
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southern hemisphere. this came out yesterday, september globally went down as the warmest in record history for the month of september. and in fact these particular data that comes in from nasa that does all of this globeal type of forecasting here, their analysis date back to 1880. will he of the past 12 months the exception was june, set new records, every month over the past year, every month globally has gone down as the warmest ever. they used over 6,000 weather stations that includes buoys over the open waters of the atlanticic ocean and every ocean globally. and the antarctic station. interesting. that ever month has gone down as a record warmest. we are crystal clear along the mid-atlantic and clouds building in from the north and west and the clouds holdoff during the
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morning hours and it stays clear and patchy fog developing by morning and the lows are close to the typical high temperatures for this time of year, low 60s to the north and 66 for philadelphia and as we look at the records that could be falling again tomorrow. philadelphia surpassing it by 5 degrees set back in 1947 and all the other cities smashing their records as well. and even atlantic city could go down by 3 degrees. 85 degrees record crushing around the region tomorrow. the exception more cloud cover coming in and a lot of clouds on thursday, and could be a morning round of rain as the front comes by at 78 degrees. more clouds on friday and 73. and we really crash here on saturday, windy and chilly and gray. with a high temperature of 58 degrees. so look at that drop from wednesday to saturday, reality
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slap. >> a little whiplash. >> the seven day in the next half hour. >> thank you. still ahead a break in the case of vandalism that destroyed a local football field, destroyed that field where a young team had to play. >> plus, an incredible rescue caught on camera. hear from good samaritans that helped to save a woman that was trapped in a car. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands. and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger
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police announced the arrest today after the field behind the hall community center there in camden was torn up and vandalized last week. police say alexander confessed he drove his truck on the field and ripped up the grass and left mud and holes everywhere. it's in such bad shape it's too
4:26 pm
dangerous for teams and kids to play on and peters confessed to spraying facility puts localt's one our . arey could be on thestreet. >> with third degreeggravated assault on aay for play in theautiful morning for . weather to good use annual
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are diagnosed wd the track in an ate should parents bullied. samaritans came to the resr car. see >> and newaware community
4:28 pm
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are williams and brian taff.n news" delaware county.iece of philadelphia. and the smithsonians $300,000. why it's nee first at
4:30 pm
samaritans saving a wom it he actually lifredible name kelly was trapped. maria gallagh aerar from ad ande her. >> i was is crushie first on ship.
4:31 pm
hat is the passed the effort. come down on her. >> while police sergeant helped the good samaritans lift the car. the victimns hospitalized in critical condition with >> that is a huge relief, i it, everyone came together to help somebody, and there are still good people out there. so that is a good thing. >> gallagher who heldictim's hae arrived had back surgery last yr,g to lift the car but is g o >> lot of okay
4:32 pm
it's worth it. >> hamile chief says he is proud of everyone involved and this rescue is an excellent example of polmembers working together e i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> an awesome group effort thank you. >> a very different kind of to threaten store re, 2 by 4 employees, the first robbery happened in thhree days later a person used a 2 by 4 to rob the 7-eleven in port richmond.che ty from the cash register. the went to extreme lengths to break into a grocery store. he broke a hole through the wall at lolita grocery. he filled a bag with cigarettes
4:33 pm
and cash and was able to get out by crawling through the hole again, police are looking for this man right now. three people are in jail after a 12 hour investigation. they were meth lab was discovered in a home. c meth lab inside of the rear apartment mcdade boulevard thi robbery at a nearby drug store. spotted the suspect trying to get inside of a home a mile away. >> small town police officers, everybody knows the back streets and back short cuts where to go. officer mccauley new where to go, he went to the bacally way and there was the guy. >> they arrested the duplex the other apartment attached and were g graphic on
4:34 pm
thinking it's july and it's not it's october. nton and t record or not. it's exceptional. hot and a little muggy. lot of blue upstairs. at 83 degrees. down there the home of the philadelphia side with the south-southwestly wind at 10 miles per hour. and even the heat index is 1 degree above the air temperatur index this afternoon as well. and we are not the only ones, much of the parts of new england on the brink ofere and charleston west virginia 83 and roanoke and richmond still at 75. here is the reality
4:35 pm
winter like temperatures are brewing in western canada as well as alaska, fairbanks, 29 degreestime. and peace river below freezing at 30 degrees. the air mass will obviously but we'll tal this ti year in just a few days in the seven-day forecast. >> okay peace river should keep the cold. >> if only. >> they share. >> oh thanks. investiga released the identity of the driver who died in a crash on the schuylkill expr night in the eastbound lanes ne exit. state police say that the driver of an suv hit a concrete barrier and was thrown from the vehicle and a tractor trailer rear ended the suv and cause tropical ll no word on here. atlantic city could avoake
4:36 pm
approves the fiscal plan this week. the vote tomorrow including mild airport is one of many city hopes to raise revenue to cover its 100 million there's budget deficit avoid a take over by the state. andd swimming pool. eporter: that is right, neshaminy wood private pool in a quiet neighborhood in langhorne, you can imagine the shock when the owners found this damage graffiti all over the side of the pool and the does not have the funds for coming to help. alsoup, we know how im
4:37 pm
bodies, and a new study shows not enough drinking of water and if you don't driwenkight. ali gorman will have the report on health check. more when we see you in a little bit on "action news" at weight gain. it's important. >> you have you now. guess what rick williams -- >> okay. >> i plan to stay in shape sir. thank you. how about now a live look now at raleigh, north carolina where a foodthe victims from hurricane matthew our sister station is trying to fill two trucks with donations. flooding from the storm caused an estimated $1.5 billionn that. a great efforts underway there. the east coast sdo, go information on what you can do to help.
4:38 pm
well, people who live in camden have a newhance to check out the new ride today. coach usa and motor neighborhoo on canes and from that center and the bus is also used for student field trips and even for parents that want to take their kids on college tours. still ahead here, schoo districts are trying to combat bullying but should parents be punishedehavior. and what may have cause aid jet to crash into an apartment complex. and find out what help this wind surfer needed once he became stuck in nd meteorologis joseph is back with the full forecast from accuweather. vo: donald trump and pat toomey have plenty in common --
4:39 pm
they're both putting pennsylvania wen even after trump bragged about sexually assnwomen's heald toomey would defund planned parenthood. on abortion: trump: "there has to be some form of punishment"orm" pat toomey and donald trump: too dangerous for pennsylvania women.
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federal investigators released details on what caused a jet to crash into an apartment building last november. it killed the pilot and seven passengers, it shows the jet descending over a high rate of speed over trees after crashing and exploding. according to the investigators the piloted needed more training and there was no adequate maintenance checks on the plane and no one on the ground was hurt. a surfer's accessory likely saved his life while stranded in the water. the coast guard was able to rescue the wind surfer on lake michigan. it left him strand aid mile from the beach in evanston illinois but he brought his cell phone with him and was able to text afriend and they called the coast guard and they were able
4:42 pm
to locate him and bring him safely back to shore. the big question, when a bully strikes who should be held responsible. a wisconsin mother is now behind an anti-bullying ordinance that would make bullies and their parents pay. for beth harmon it's personal. she says her son in middle school was repeatedly bullied and beaten on the playground she tried several times to work with the school about this and even turned to local authorities. >> even the police department said that since they are 11 there is nothing they can do. there has to be something that steps it up to the kids that says this is unacceptable and the parents know about it. >> it starts with a warning letter to the parents and from there the ordinance means fines for the offenders. now, it is going to take a lot more than a click of the heels to save hollywood's most
4:43 pm
famous heels. dorothy's ruby slippers are in bad shape, the sequins falling off and the soles are warn. and to save this iconic piece of wardrobe, the smithsonian says they need a lot of money. $300,000 and they are asking for your help through a kick starter campaign and apparently the world is coming together to save the ruby slippers, they raised more than 10% of that $300,000 goal in one day. so wait why $300? not just to repair is the shoes but create a climate controlled case for them at the american museum of history. there is no place like home. a keysy place for a famous pair of shoes. donations end next month if are you interested. and a proposal, one college football player pulled off a spectacular one a team effort --
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>> see what they did there, they all took a knee, social media is going wild after the game the sanford line backer dion pierre got his teammates together and holding roses and circling he and his girlfriend jasmine and singing and doing a choreographed dance to thinking out loud by ed sheeran. they started dating back in the 10th grade and distance separated them when went to stanford and she went to florida atlantic but they kept the long distance relationship going and now going the distance and they won the game and yes she said yes! pretty good right. >> like you said a team taking the knee together. pretty cool. >> love that. thank you. lets get a check of the roaded right now. autumn is standing by with the update.
4:45 pm
>> reporter: lets go out to one of bigger delays on 95 the northbound lanes coming off the vine street expressway and heading up towards woodhaven, taking you about a half hour longer than normal to do that. and the southbound lanes from woodhaven not that bad only 20 minutes. lets go to the big picture, speeds across the region dropping down into the low teens and single digits in areas, and schuylkill expressway nice and slow in the westbound lanes as you make your way to the king of prussia area and a disabled vehicle on the southbound lanes of the boulevard coming over to the schuylkill expressway slowing things down. northbound boulevard looking nice and slow too from the schuylkill up to broad street right now. a few incidents to tell you about. this is the vehicle fire that has route 70 shut down and the alternate around that is oregon trail and moving over to doylestown, an accident on 313 and saw mill road. and one more to tell you about over in new jersey, 130 between
4:46 pm
beacon avenue and marlton pike. and looking at the 42 freeway in new jersey looking good, there was an incidents at 55 to 422, an earlier vehicle fire pushed out of the way and that is cleared right now. we'll keep an eye on things and bring you an update in the next half hour. >> thank you. it has been another great day outside and temperatures are in the 80s. lets head outside, live look from sky 6 hd over atlantic city. my goodness. picture perfect but a big change is coming, adam joseph is standing by with the exclusive accuweather forecast.
4:48 pm
meteorologist, adam joseph, joining us now with the accuweather forecast. talking about really beautiful days followed by some -- what do
4:49 pm
you want to call that? >> really cold days. using the air conditioning at times now and the heater in a few days. we are all confused i'll tell you but hard to get in the fall spirit when it's this warm. take a look at this, the action cam out and looking at what is typically a fall scene, deep blue sky and greentrees and the grass needs to be cut. and a pumpkin there for $2. make sure you have a good stem. there is nothing worse than a pumpkin with a broken stem, then it's not a pumpkin. >> alicia agreed. i'm learning about the pumpkins. it doesn't have that top head, so to speak. you make it into a jack-o-lantern, stormtracker 6 live double scan lot of
4:50 pm
sunshine and not much in the way of cloud cover, 83 in philadelphia, the high so far 2 degrees off of tying the record at this point. we'll know the official high in the next hour or so. the airport shy of a degree at 82 and wilmington breaking their record of 82 and 84 degrees, sea breeze in affect and 71 in cape may and 72 in beach haven and poconos right now 75 degrees. a front to the north and west and this front is attached to low pressure developing in the plain states that rides to the north and west here on thursday. this front slowly progressed in to the north and south but some time before it spills our way and clear and patchy fog developing by the morning and the lows tonight of 62 to 66 as our average high temperature for this time of year. so abnormally warm overnight tonight and that will excel the
4:51 pm
temperatures here tomorrow, into record category for most locations everyone with an asterisk here and video humid tomorrow as well unlike what it should be this time of year. and the sea breeze in affect along the shore at cape may at 76, the front is put on the brakes to the north and west and ahead of that front youket a surge of warmth, 75 degrees and you'll notice more clouds tomorrow compared to today. not a full cloudy day but not the brilliant blue sky. we'll have to watch where this warm front sets up it will be the dividing line to 70s, 80s, to 60s and 50s for highs, it may only be at 60 here in lehigh valley on thursday where southern areas are near 80 degrees, and we'll have to watch this and it could send showers our way on thursday morning. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast record
4:52 pm
crushing around here tomorrow at 85. rather cloud on thursday and a couple of showers the beginning of the day at 78 as an arrange temperature and on friday left over sun and 83. and windy chilly and gray and high of 58 on saturday, and 2:00 p.m. on saturday, look at the 50s and even 30s in northern new england, and we stay well below formal sunday, monday and tuesday, with highs between 59 and 60 degrees and those overnight lows in the suburbs going back into the 30s. get out and enjoy if you like this warmth because it's going it way and it's going away for an extended period of time. >> coming back. you scare us. as we head into the holiday season we have ideas to help you pay down your debt in what's the deal. from college loans to credit card paymentses find out how to improve your finances. nearly three thousand miles - that's how far away
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republican party bosses looked to find brian fitzpatrick. they "hand-picked" him to run for his brother's seat. but all mike and brian fitzpatrick share is a name. brian fitzpatrick supports a radical republican agenda, including defunding planned parenthood, just like donald trump. a hundred and sixty miles down the road in dc, brian fitzpatrick will put his party first, not pennsylvania families. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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today in what is the deal we are tackling debt and for many it can be crippling from college students to working families, they are struggling and trying to climb out. they found that households carrying debt have $16,000 worth of it on average. the good news is that experts at the company motley fools say there are things you can do now to pay off debt. the first one seems like a no brainer, we are telling you to stop using the credit cards right now. instead swipe the debit card or use good old cash, if you need to use credit for whatever reason there are ways to do it that are smarter than others, know it's about the interest. if you look for a card now go
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for the 0 apr offers and zero balance fees. and make sure you know when the apr goes up and gets the balance down before then. because then you start accruing interest. and pay more than the minimum balance, if you find you can pay more during the month do so multiple paymentses help your credit card score and climb out of debt. >> always needed advice thank you. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me with sharrie and adam for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. now here is rick williams with a look ahead at 5:00. >> hi sharrie, thank you. coming up next on "action news" atta 5:00 police are trying to track down two suspects. after a home was broken into
4:57 pm
during broad daylight and monica malpass is live at the place of the third and final debate. >> those story and more coming your way next on "action news" at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. a neighborhood pool targeted by vandaled tonight the pool is getting major community support after their pool was covered in graffiti over the weekend. monica is on assignment, for the presidential debate in nevada s sharrie williams is joining tonight and the big story is the vandalism investigation. walter perez is live now. >> reporter: hey guys you know it's a tiny local swim club it's been around for generations but someone decided to spray paint the entire property. and i'm talking the entire property but the mess left behind will not be there for
5:00 pm
very long. >> how could anybody do something like this. >> that was jerry's reaction when she found out that the swim club in langhorne was vandalized. her brother called her sunday morning saying the property was covered in graffiti. but she never dreamed it was this bad. >> it took my breath away and broke my heart. there was graffiti everywhere you could look. >> the vandals had sprayed everything from the bathroom sinks to the pool house wall decorated by children and to the pool itself that was recently drained for winter. jerry didn't know what to do. >> we are a nonprofit and we had no money. >> but responding officers told jerry about a little kwn


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