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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  October 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday october 19th. we're following some big breaking news. >> faculty members from pennsylvania's state run universities have walked off the job. the action cam is live at west chester university where the strike began about an hour ago. it impacts more than 100,000 students at 14 universities. we will have a live report. >> but first up we're going get you a preview of your weather and traffic. dave murphy is outside where for the last day you may in short sleeves and we've got karen rogers helping you out with that commute. good morning.
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>> tam it's a pleasant morning right now. take a look at satellite and you can see that there's some cloud cover out to the north and west of philadelphia but most of us are looking at at least some stars this morning. it will probably be fairly bright to start out and we'll get more of a clouds and sun mix. 68 degrees in philadelphia. winds not really all that strong, below 10 miles per hour in most cases and these numbers you're looking at are already above average highs for this date so a mild start and it's going to be another very warm finish. 67 degrees by 7 o'clock. 75 by 10 o'clock. but as soon as noon we're up into the low 80's and we're looking at a high of 85 this afternoon around he 3 o'clock and that is 5 degrees over the record so once again today a lot of records are going to fall. when i step inside the accuweather 7-day will show you a drop in temperatures coming pretty quickly. karen rogers, those details just ahead. >> all right dave. no weather related problems hitting the roads. we're clear and dry. this is the boulevard approaching ridge and we've boone watching for a touch of fog, not seeing it so traffic is really moving nicely with no delays. and on the bug picture you can
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see this is the blue route moving 55 miles an hour. here your on the schuylkill near conshohocken 55, 47 closer to the city, no problem. i-95 we had some construction that caused huge delays earlier. that is cleared and now southbound traffic between cottman and bridge street moving in the 20's. one issue though he is in abington. we had a big accident that closed shelmire street. they cleared the accident but there's a downed pole involved here so it's still closed here between peach tree drive and perry street here in abington so stick to township line road as your alternate. burlington bristol bridge about to go up. stick to the tacony palmyra bridge instead, matt. >> thank you karen. breaking right now, faculty members from all 14 state run universities in pennsylvania walked off the job this morning. this is the very first strike in the school system's history. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at west chester university where teachers are picketing right now. annie. >> reporter: and matt you're right in fact in the past they have voted to strike before but they've never actually walked off the job in the state's history. you can see the picketers
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behind he me. now in a statement the union said 11:35 they made a last attempt to negotiate through back channels. last night the state handed its last and best offer and said they were done negotiatorring. negotiations are between the pennsylvania state system of higher much indication and its faculty union, the association of pennsylvania state college and university faculty. there are more than 5,000 faculty and coaches across the state there are part of that. at issue, a number of contractual changes including proposed raises offered over a three-year period also healthcare contributions. in the latest offer the state offered raises to permanent faculty. they withdrew a he proposal that would add an additional charles for faculty he to teach a semester. a strike now affects 100,000 students at 14 state universities. we have reaction from both the union and also students here at west chester. >> very unfair situation. going to be very difficult for these students. we have 17,000 students here at west chester. they're working hard. this is a very difficult time for them as well.
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we hope the state will come through with a fair contract. >> if it asks more than a couple days that we won't graduate on time. this is my last year. i don't want to spend another semester just because someone can't come to a decision. it's crazy. >> reporter: but that doesn't affect your feelings? your feelings are -- >> no, i'm a hundred percent for it. they need to compromise. they need to come to an agreement but i'm a hundred percent for the professors. >> reporter: in fact there are some students out here that are showing their support. now, i just got off the phone with the spokesperson for the state system. they said that they offered an identical plan that other members covered by the state have according to the state, the sticking pointer they say is the union does not want the psalm plan 33 want a better one and to pay less for it. now, last night governor wolf did weigh in saying that avoiding a strike is paramount because a work stoppage could
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be devastating for the state system. now, a lot of students still don't flo what to expect even he though they are on strike, even though you see professors picketing out here, that does not mean that some professors will join everyone on the picket line and will not cross that line. association because of that many of the web sites are saying if you are a student still go to class. if your professor does not arrive within 10 to 15 minutes then you can leave. more to come. for now live on west chester university's campus annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> more breaking news a suspect in a possible road rage incident with another vehicle jumped out of his souvenir independence -- suv ner independence mall. officers and park rangers chased the man through the mall but they were unable to catch him. the other vehicle involved has not been found. it is 6:05. also developing right now usually rittenhouse square is a beautiful and peaceful place but not last night when a man stepped in to try to stop a
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robbery. the thieves then opened fire on him as other people in the park hit the ground. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live near the scene at 19th and walnut streets with the latest on this investigation. good morning, katherineism good morning, tam. and a 39-year-old victim remains in the hospital this morning in critical but stable condition as the search continues for two suspects. there are a number of surveillance cameras in and around the park and police are hoping they can find some footage that can help in this investigation. >> people either heard it or seen it and were jumping over the fences and running like breezy. >> reporter: a mild evening in rittenhouse square park turned chaotic as the sound of gun shots pierced the air around 9:30 p.m. police say a 39-year-old good samaritan was shot as he stopped an armed robbery in progress. >> we were sitting in the pack and bang bang bang and we said firecrackers? >> people were screaming gun shots. we actually got up from our table outside and jumped behind the wall. >> reporter: the park turned into a crime scene. detectives searched for
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witnesses and evidence. the victim's bike and belongings lying nearby. police say at least two suspects were attempting to rob a group of three to five people when the 39-year-old approached. >> well, our 39-year-old victim actually intervenes and made some sort of statement like you are not going to rob these people. what are you doing? and that's when one of the perpetrators fired multiple shots. >> reporter: the victim was shot multiple time in the chest, tours so and shoulder. police rushed him to hahnemann hospital in critical condition. he has been upgraded to stable. >> this 39-year-old victim who intervenes was very courageous very brave but ended up getting shot. >> reporter: police say the two suspects are known to this area. they do know one of their nicknames but they haven't released it. central detectives want to hear from you if you have any tips. we are live in rittenhouse square katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thanks katherine. also developing hazmat
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crews have contained the chemical leak at temple university. nitrogen spilled from a tank in the school of engineering. firefighters evacuated the building on the 1900 block of north 12th street. no injuries have been reported. >> new evidence shows students are coming out of college further in the hole than ever before. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq if times square. a lot of money to be paying for about a decade maribel. >> a lot of money. i'm still paying for my law school debt. graduating college seniors burdened with an average of 30,100 in loans up over 4 percent and translates to a monthly student loan payment of $300 for the next 10 years according to an annual report from the institute for college access and success. on stocks, a batch of stronger than expected earnings reports sent stocks higher yesterday. futures are pointing to a lower open. report on housing starts due out later today. that's the latest in business. back to you matt and tam. >> one more really hot day and then we get changes. >> things cool down a little bit tomorrow and especially as we head toward the weekend.
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storm tracker6 live double scan currently shows you dry conditions and taking a look outside we do expect a fairly bright start over the ben franklin bridge and elsewhere across the region although clouds are going to move in from the west and give us more of a clouds and sun mick later on. 68 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. 68 is already a couple of degrees higher than the average high for this date. 63 degrees in allentown, so very mild out there. winds not all that strong, pretty comfortable morning as you head out. there you see the clouds, thicker cloud cover out to the we have. these showers are falling apart. i don't think we'll have to worry about any showers until overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. big story today is going to be that temperature again. a sun and clouds mix up in the lehigh valley. the record high in allentown today is 82. we're going to call for 83. that would be the second straight day that you've gotten a record in allentown if that works out. at the shore, 76 degrees, partly sunny and pleasant on the beach today and 85 is your record setting high in philadelphia. the existing record 80 so it looks like we'll pretty easily
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get beyond that. today -- or yesterday by the way technically we hit 84 which was 1 degree below the record but it's really a tossup. you've still got a similar day today and it just lapse to be a record breaker today. winds southwest at eight to 16 as we go through the afternoon. all of these records are forecast highs i should say are in philadelphia allentown trenton wilmington and at the airport in atlantic city are all expected to break the existing records so we had several fall yesterday and several more today. the overnight low he is 63 degrees mostly cloudy with a spotty shower toward dawn. in fact if we take a look at the forecast or at the call for tomorrow you can see that there is a frontal boundary in the vicinity and there could be a little shower particularly in the morning and then just some spotty stuff through the rest of the day. tomorrow's high 78. and that's going to be the other part of the story tomorrow. it's still going to be very warm in philadelphia and the farther south you go we might still get into the 80's in a couple of spots but the farther north you go up into northern bucks, montgomery county, the lehigh valley might stop in the 60's.
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going to be a cutoff. 85 is today's high more record warmth. tomorrow 78 cooler up north warmer down south a spotty shower can't be ruled out. friday a high of 73 degrees mostly cloudy skies and again on friday a stray shower is possible at times. hopefully dry for the temple game but you'll want to keep your eye on the forecast before you head down to the game just to make sure. then on saturday late of the model information is calling for mostly cloudy skies. some models have a little bit of rain on saturday. so we'll see about that. 59 degrees and windy otherwise. and then 64 with sun coming back sunday. >> it's a big difference. >> yeah. >> thanks, david. 6:11 now. supermarket scare. a mother catches a stranger trying to take her toddler right from a shopping cart. >> pint sized hero. a brave new jersey boy helps police catch a burglar. karen. >> we're live on the blue route right here past the schuylkill. no issues. blue route moving nicely for a change so we're glad to hear that. we'll tack you live to for the washington and check out 309 and the turnpike when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. of course we're staying on this breaking news. the action cam live on the campus of west chester university where you see those professors picketing and this is the scene you can expect as well at the state's 13 other state run universities. it's the first strike in the
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school system's history. the faculty contract expired in june of last year. the faculty union says he they will not leave the picket line until a new deal lab signed. we heard some chanting what do we wander, a new contract. when do we want it now? the decision affects more than 100,000 students. the general advice is go he to class in case your professor is not on the line. for more specific info you can check out our web site for the different college contingency plans. >> turn to traffic now and karen rogers what are you seeing out there. >> big story there. we're just trying to get to work right here and you know what, it's actually a good traffic day today. we don't get to say that too often. hopefully we can keep it that way. this is 309 at the pennsylvania turnpike. coming from perkasie or montgomeryville and you're about to head out no delay no, weather related problems. looking good. burlington bristol bridge expected to go up right about now so you'll want to watch for that and head to the tacony palmyra bridge instead. one issue coming in in south jersey. this is salem county main
6:16 am
street at center street. we've got an accident here with police on the scene. looking at the big picture right now on the waze app no reported problems. here you are on the blue route moving fine. this is the schuylkill up and around the conshohocken curve down to the city traveling pretty nicely. the one area that's been kind of slow is i-95. we had earlier construction southbound between cottman and bridge street. still kind of slow your normal morning slowing now as well as as you head a little closer to the city. no weather related issues today. it's an unseasonably warm day, 68 degrees already and we're making it into the 80's again with a good amount of sunshine, matt. >> thank you karen. police in houston texas have released surveillance video showing a possible kidnapping attempt in progress. in the clip you see a man walk up to florence monauer in the grocery store and lift her 14 month old daughter from her shopping cart. the little girl was strapped in and that may have prevented the stranger from taking off. the mom quickly took her
6:17 am
toddler back. police are searching for the man to figure out what his intentions are. the little girl is okay. >> an 11-year-old new jersey boy is being credited with thwarting a would be burglar in his home. surveillance cameras caught the burglar in the act. al and will came home from school in wayne on monday and heard a man inside. allen left quickly and quietly and flagged a neighbor who called 911 and the police came right away. police arrested thomas coughlin who is now facing burglary and theft charges. >> it is 6:17. the final faceoff we're just hours away from the third presidential debate in has say. our monica malpass is there and she'll bring us a preview up next. >> in today's tech bytes samsung facing its first class action lawsuit over its note seven smartphones. >> the case is not directly connected to the phones catching fire. owners are seeking damages because they have to keep paying on their contracts. >> apple plans to have new products for you to take home for the holiday. >> the giant will reportedly
6:18 am
introduce new macs next week including updated mac book pros. patriots head coach bill bell check keeping things low tech. >> he tossed a surface tablet a few weeks ago and says no more. >> there isn't enough consistency in the performance of the tablets. so i just can take it any. >> he's going back to the paper. microsoft says it respects his decision but stands by the surface. >> and those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day. >> ♪
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>> the iconic ruby red slippers from the wizard of oz have lost a little bit of their solicitor their shine. to prevent them totally falling apart the national museum of american history launched a kick starter campaign to keep the movie magic align. they're looking to raise $300,000 to conserve the shoes
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and bailed state of the art display case to protect them from the elements. >> we said it would be better to call it a click starter. >> yes. >> click the heels. >> i like it. am i the only one that thinks i wouldn't spend the money? that's terrible. but i don't think i would. i hope somebody else does. let's take a look outside right now and check the vine. the vine is moving nicely. we've got no issues if you're about to head out the door and you're looking on the vine this morning. let's check mass transit. so far everything is running on time, dave. >> all right, on the big board karen, bus stop this morning, it's not too bad. we've got temperatures in the upper 60's. a little bit humid out there. mainly clear skies. some of you might have some patchy fog. going into the afternoon, though once again today we're going to be well into the 80's. 81 degrees by noon and your 3 o'clock high is 85 and were he do expect that to shatter the existing record of 80. in fact like yesterday a lot of spots are going to see new record highs today. at the airport hoping for all green aircraft which would indicate no major delays.
6:22 am
that's what we've got. also no chance of or sign of rain this morning in any of our big travel destinations, matt. >> thanks, david. flyers have a day off to recover from their second loss in a row. it was a slippery start in chicago as ivan provorov fell in the first quarter and that allowed the blackhawks to score. goalie michal neuvirth gave up four goals on 16 shots and was pulled from the game. the flyers managed to tie it up at four in the third period but ended up losing seven to four. >> 6:22 now. breaking right now, professors at pennsylvania's state run universities are out on strike. >> annie mccormick is live on the campus of west chester university where the picketing is under way. annie. >> reporter: and that's right, negotiations between the pennsylvania state system of higher much indication and the faculty union have stalled. the union is still impact. we'll have information about the impact on students. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands.
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and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party.
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my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> eight ain't over until it's over. president obama toasted his guests during his 13th state dinner also his last state dinner. obama and mirrors lady michelle greeting prime minister matteo renzi and his wife. look at the dress. mr. obama dazzled in rose gold chain mail gown by italian designer versace. >> done night is the third and final debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. their last chance to address tens of millions of voters before the election in 19 days. monica malpass is in las vegas
6:26 am
for this final faceoff. we are just hours away from the final bout of clinton versus trump. the questions are who will look more presidential, who will stay on message and who could possibly get ruffled by their opponent. we are just three weeks away from election day society stakes are very high for the candidates and even for the people staging the debates here in las vegas. experts say this debate is less about defending the scandals that we've been hearing so much about in the last 10 days, more about staying on message and giving real details about how each one would defend and improve america. in turnpike there are fewer undecided as always by the time of the third debate but key demographics may not turn out. if that's the case those undecideds would be crucial to the winner. we'll be live throughout day and evening for full coverage. you can watch the debate at 9 p.m. on 6abc. i'm monica malpass reporting from las vegas, nevada. >> also i'll be hosting a live
6:27 am
inside story debate special at 11:30 p.m. right after "action news." >> 6:27 now. breaking right now, faculty at all of pennsylvania state run universities are walking off the job. they're on the picket line right now. a live update on the strike is next. >> an upscale philadelphia neighborhood sees gunfire many people enjoying a mild night in rittenhouse square are sent running. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> braking now on "action news" faculty at pennsylvania state owned universities are officially on strike walking off the job on the picket line this morning. we're live. >> developing now robbery in rittenhouse square. a man gets shot trying to stop the crime in the popular park. >> it's another short sleeve kind of day. accuweather is calling for more record breaking highs before that fall feeling comes back. >> just about 6:30 on this wednesday october 19th. good morning everyone, let's
6:30 am
turn to dave murphy and karen rogers. >> all right, matt and karen and tam, we are off to a nice start across the region right now. the winds are calm. you can see we're probably going to see a fair amount of sunshine early across most of the region. some of you some patchy fog. those clouds will filter in as the day goes on. we expect no worse than a mix of clouds and sun. 68 degrees on the terrace. it is on the mild side. already over the average high for this date and as we roll through the day it stays warm for the seconds straight day we'll break some records across the region. 75 degrees by 10 o'clock. but by noon low 80's and that 85-degree high at 3 o'clock is going to bust through the old record of 80 in philadelphia pretty easily and that will not be the only record that falls. when i step inside cooler air is gradually going to march in over the next couple of days and the weekend a big change there. details coming up in the seven-day from accuweather karen. >> all right dave. let's check these roads. starting with your majors. this is i-95 past academy and you see that southbound traffic particularly heavy
6:31 am
here. overall it's a 26 minute ride from woodhaven to the vine. as we look at the big picture you see he those slow speeds. southbound 17 miles an hour as you head towards bridge street, 23 miles an hour past it at this point. schuylkill expressway kind of jammed in the normal spots. 37 miles an hour as you head eastbound as you head towards city avenue as well. let's take a look at some of the other problems. we've got a downed pole here. this is in abington. shelmire street is closed between peach tree drive and perry street. it's a an accident in abington that brought down a pole. they're still out there trying to fix it. as we take a live look at new jersey this is 42, your northbound traffic coming from deptford or turnersville, no major delay but certainly some building volume here tam. >> breaking news of course that faculty strike at pennsylvania's 14 state universities. they hit the picket line at 5:00 this morning. they said they're not going back until they have a new deal. contingency plans are in place for most students. as you might imagine for all of them there are a lot of
6:32 am
questions. "action news" reporter annie mccormick is live at the campus of west chester university with the picket line right there behind her. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tamala. and both sides say that their phones are on. well, this union also said that 11:35 last night they tried to come to an agreement through back channels but were unable to do so. the state says that last night they handed its last and best offer. but lined he -- behind he me you can see the picket line that started at 5:30 after making their decision to strike at 5::this morning. negotiations are between the pennsylvania state system of higher education and its faculty union the association of pennsylvania state college and university faculty. now, there are more than 5,000 faculty and coaches across the state that are part of that. at issue, a number of contractual changes including proposed raises offered over a three-year period. also healthcare contributions. now in the latest offer the state says they have offered raises to permanent faculty. they withdrew a pro he oval that would add an additional
6:33 am
class for faculty to teach a semester. a spokesperson for the state says that the plan that they offered is identical to other state contracts. now, a strike would affect about 100,000 students at 14 state universities. we have reaction from the union here and students at west chester university. >> we want to get this resolved. the strike is helping no one. 17,000 students at west chester working hard. this is a very difficult time for them. >> i think it's kind of crazy but i support the faculty a hundred percent. like they're making crazy proposals to bring in like grad students that aren't qualified to teach us. the proposals they're making for their contracts are absurd. >> reporter: now, the governor did put out a statement last night just saying avoiding a strike is paramount about a work stoppage will be devastating for the state system. what they're really talking about is they're honestly concerned about enrollment as well the impact it will have on that. now, this has just started this strike. again both sides say that their phones are on.
6:34 am
students are still a little confused about what they're supposed to do. we're told that not everybody in the union may be picketing that some may cross the line and go to class. because of that each university said that they're going to lathe this differently. some say go to class and within 10 to 15 minutes if the professor doesn't show up then you can leave. that's how they're dealing with it right now. for now we're live on west chester university's campus annie mccormick channel6 "action news." back to you. >> a confusing day for all those students. thank you annie. now to a developing story a man was shot several times in philadelphia's rittenhouse square as he was trying to break up an attempted robbery in the middle of the park. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live on the scene where a gunfire sent people running for cover. katherine. >> reporter: matt, people out here are pretty surprised. last night it was a nice night. people were out and about and then the gun shots rang out as a man tried to break up a robbery in progress. the victim remains in the hospital this morning in critical but stable condition. and the search continues for two suspects. >> we were sitting at park and
6:35 am
bang bang bang and we said firecrackers? >> reporter: but it was gun shots fired after police say a 39-year-old good samaritan intervened in an armed robbery in rittenhouse square park. it was a mild evening around 9:30. people in the area ran for cover. >> we were sitting at park and we actually -- people were screaming gun shots. we actually got up from our table outside and jumped behind a wall. >> reporter: detectives looked for evidence the victim's bike lying nearby. meals say at least two suspects were attempting to rob a group of three to five people when the 39-year-old victim approached. >> well, our 39-year-old victim actually intervenes and made some sort of statement like you are not going to rob these people. what are you doing? and that's when one of the perpetrators fired multiple shots. >> reporter: the victim was shot multiple times in the chest torso and shoulder. police rushed him to hahnemann university know critical condition. he has since been upgraded to stable.
6:36 am
police are now searching for the suspects. >> some of the witnesses state that our shooter and the person he was with are known to the area. we have a nickname. i don't want to release that nickname. >> reporter: now, there are a number of surveillance cameras in and around the park including that gazebo you're looking at right now so police are hopeful there's footage that can help in this investigation but they want to hear from you if you have any tips as they continue to search for these two suspects. we're live in rittenhouse square, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> thanks, katherine. police still do not know how a four-year-old boy from saudia arabia seeking medical treatment in philadelphia fell from a seventh floor balance couldn't flee he to his death in the city's wynnefield heights section. it happened at the imperial apartments on conshohocken avenue yesterday evening. police say the balcony had a tall railing and are unsure how he scaled it without help. the boy's parents were home at the time of the accident. the mother had just given birth to another baby days before.
6:37 am
>> a vandal wanted for wrecking a youth football field is behind bars this morning. camden county police say alexander peters drove his ram truck on the camden raiders field last week ripping up grass and creating deep tire tracks. the 20-year-old man from gloucester city he is charged with third degree criminal mischief. he's in jail after being sentenced in a separate aggravated assault case. >> less than two weeks until november. >> yeah. >> and it feels like july. >> it real does. >> i'll take it. >> especially in the afternoons, right. storm tracker6 live double scan shows you that we are dry this morning and very tranquil. let's take a look outside. we are looking at sub coming up over the airport before -- sunshine coming up over the airport before too much long are. there may be a clouds and sun mix as the day goes on. it will feel pretty good this afternoon. it's not bad. 68 degrees that's already over the average high for this date. dewpoints up there at 63 and you may find that it's a bit humid as we go through the day. just another element that kind of reminds you a little of summer today. winds out of the southwest at 7 miles per hour. satellite shows you the lack of cloud cover. we do have some additional
6:38 am
clouds to the west but eventually they'll start to filter in. you can see how the showers in these clouds are falling apart for now. i think there's a shower in our future but probably not until the overnight hours and toward dawn tomorrow. big story today once again will be the temperatures. 68 degrees by 8 o'clock but by 10 o'clock 75. and as soon as noon we'll be in the low 80's and then a high of 85 at 3 o'clock. that will bust through the existing record high in philadelphia of 80 today. so, like yesterday we'll see a number of areas seeing new records. by 5 o'clock still 83 and even 6 o'clock probably still the low 80's. so, very warm again this afternoon. high temperatures i put asterisks flex to all the areas that might he see new records. 83 in trenton, 83 new record in allentown, 84 in wilmington, new record of 83 in dover. 76 in cape may no record there but feeling pretty good. tomorrow morning we're looking at a cloudy start and perhaps a little damp at times during the morning rush hour with showers showing up mainly from
6:39 am
philadelphia off to the north and then as we go through the rest of the day mostly cloudy skies and another spotty shower possible. the other issue tomorrow is the temperatures. it's still going to be fairly warm in philadelphia. we're going to go for a high of 78 but there's going to be a frontal boundary just to the north and there will be a quick cutoff in our northern suburbs where you might get stuck in the low 70's or even the upper 60's. same story down south. temperatures could be a little bit warmer down south. the farther south you go below that front. so, temperatures kind of a range tomorrow. and maybe that spotty shower. your seven-day from accuweather 85 today more record warmth on the way in many neighborhoods. tomorrow mostly cloudy with that spotty shower chance, a high of 78 in philadelphia but cooler up north and a little warmer down south. then friday cloudy skies for the most part. 73. a little bit cooler and again some spotty showers are possible on friday. if you're headed to that temple game friday night you might want to check out the forecast with cecily and adam before you go just to make sure there aren't any showers around tomorrow evening. and the new models on saturday are suggesting mostly cloudy skies. windy and cool with a high of 59 and unfortunately we're
6:40 am
reintroducing the idea of the possibility of some rain for at least part of saturday. sunday a lot of sunshine, breezy and 64 for the eagles and union. >> saturday is harry potter day chestnut hill. >> breezy for harry potter day. >> we'll all be wearing capes so it's just a as well. >> got to send pictures. >> i will. got my little scarf ready and glasses. a new jersey bar brawl spills into the streets. now one man is fighting for his life and police say it may have started with a misunderstanding. >> super mom goals the extra mile for her son honoring his request for two school lunches. what he does with the extra one will make you smile. karen. >> looking forward to that. schuylkill expressway starting to really jam up here as we look live approaching belmont. no accidents but some heavy traffic right here. we're going to take you to 422 and show you what it looks like there when "action news" comes right back. >> ♪
6:41 am
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6:43 am
>> ♪ >> 6:43. we continue to follow our breaking news story. teachers at all of the 14 state run universities in pennsylvania went on strike less than two hours ago. this is video just in from kutztown university in berks county where pickets are up there. we saw them up at west chester university. now these universities are telling students to still go to class because perhaps your professor is not out on the picket lines and is still having class. but if that professor doesn't show up in 10 or 15 minutes, you can go. so, it may be a very inconvenient day for students particularly ones that have to commute and also a confusing one but a story we're following here on "action news." go to our web site or our "action news" facebook page with more information on what students need to do and
6:44 am
also any of the developments as we go through the day. >> let's led to karen rogers taking a look look at what your commute will be like. >> it's that time of the morning where we're jamming up on your majors. here's a live look at 422. you can see that eastbound traffic headed towards king of prussia. this is a live look here near trooper and from oaks to 202 an 11 minute ride so a slow go on 422 eastbound. a new accident coming in in whitemarsh township on baron hill road at scarlet oak drive. police on the scene with that one. also over here shelmire street is closed if you're in abington we've got this downed pole because of an earlier accident. so that's been causing problems as well. overall looking at the big picture i-95 southbound 17 miles an hour when you're near cottman. near allegheny 21 miles an hour southbound. schuylkill westbound really heavy kind of in the usual spot approaching to past belmont is the heaviest spot
6:45 am
on the map with 9 miles an hour right there. 31 miles an hour if you're traveling eastbound near girard. let's take a look at your commuter traffic report because we found vince out here talking about 322 near upper chichester a new accident that he's reporting coming in so watch for that one. it's mild out there today no weather related problems. we're drive it's already 68 degrees. we're warming up today. another record breaker. 85 for your high matt. >> thanks cath. a wild brawl outside a bar in north jersey left two cousins hospitalized one fighting for his life. witnesses say it started with a misunderstanding inside the club. surveillance video from a nearby dello -- deli shows the melee. someone ran over the 19-year-old with a car. the misunderstanding involved one man bumping into another in the will be with words being exchanged. police are still looking for those involved in the meeting. >> new mexico mother was paying it forward when she honored her son's request that she pack two lunches for school every day.
6:46 am
josette duran said she made the extra bag because her son asked him to. what he she doesn't know was the lunch was for a classmate whose own mother lost her job. that woman offered to pay duran back for all those lunches she made but duran said she had a personal reason for not accepting the money there he says this is embarrassing but i just got a job and i know you've been feeding my son. this hits home to me because a few years ago me and my son were homeless. i was living in my car. i was washing him in bathrooms and we didn't have food. >> other parents on the volleyball team duran coaches pitched in to raise more than $400 and duran took that money to her son's school cafeteria and paid off all the past due accounts so that no student will have to go hungry. planned parenthood.
6:47 am
i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would suggest we have penalties for doctors who perform them. would you put people in jail for performing abortions? at some point doctors performing abortions i think would be subject to that sort of penalty. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
6:48 am
6:49 am
>> time now for a look at what "gma" has coming up. >> amy robach joins us live in the "gma" studios with a previewism good morning matt and tam. coming up next here on "gma" we all know the candidates are gearing up for their final presidential debate in just a few hours. trump says he's bringing another guest, the half brother of president obama. this announcement coming after obama recently referred to trump as a whiner. our team here to discuss debate prep and go over all the latest polls. gas stations around the
6:50 am
country thieves taking valuables out of cars as owners fill up their tanks and others installing credit card skimmers virtually undetectable to customers. we'll tell you what you need to know to keep your money and things safe. maroon5 frontman adam levine targeted in a hoax accused of abusing his wife and child. the lapd finding news reports after the investigation now they're looking for the person responsible for those bogus claims coming up next right here on "gma." matt and tam back to you. >> thank you amy. >> wow. >> as you're headed out the door let's check the traffic for you. this morning so far on the ben we're looking at some jammed traffic westbound. look at everybody trying to come into the he city at the same time. westbound traffic jams from the mid span to eighth and vine on the ben franklin bridge. let check mass transit. so far septa is report nothing problems. buses new jersey transit patco all good to go dave. >> all right karen it is a mild start. i actually have t-shirts in the second half of october in the morning for the kids as we are in the upper 60's across much of the region.
6:51 am
some of them might want a light jacket but they'll not need it for long. 68 degrees by 8 o'clock 75 by 10 o'clock today. your 12-hour forecast shows a very warm afternoon once again with a high of 85 degrees at 3 o'clock. that will bust the old record of 80. once again today, records are going to be set. by 6 o'clock, 81 degrees, still very mild. and as we take a look at our forward forecast over the next 24 hours, warm today and then overnight well you can see where we're up around 69 at 8 o'clock this morning but only 60 tomorrow cooler air is in the process of coming in matt. >> thanks, david. new here on "action news," the man who pulled a woman from a fiery crash in florida says it was just the right thing to do. video shows an explosion at a miami area gas station on sunday. the suv had flipped over and slammed into the pumps. the driver escaped but a woman was left unconscious inside. herbert tarvin an few others ran in and pulled them to safety. >> i have to go over there and do something.
6:52 am
i hope other people they get rewarded for that too but not only me but it's just the right thing to do. >> he says he is just he relieved that both people who were in the suv will be okay. >> a south carolina family flooded out of their home by hurricane matthew. this morning they're not thinking about what they've lost as much as about something they're incredibly grateful for. >> bop bop bop bop. >> that is the moment that little gracie is hearing for the very first time. slaw born jeff deaf. last month she had a cochlear implanter surgically implanted. the hurricane nearly prevented the family from being able to go back and actually have the implanter turned on but they did finally make the drive. fema is assessing the damage done to their home.
6:53 am
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6:55 am
>> ♪ >> breaking news here. faculty members at 14 of pennsylvania's state colleges and universities have walked off the job. this is brand new video just in from slippery rock university in butler county. that is near pittsburgh. action cam is live at west chester university. professors here walked out just after 5:00 a.m. more than 100,000 students are affected. it is the first strike in the school system's history. we have more information for students on and on our "action news" facebook page. a man was shot as he tried to stop a robbery in
6:56 am
rittenhouse square last night. the 39-year-old man is in critical but stable condition. police are still looking for two suspects. our monica malpass is reporting live from las vegas for tonight's third and final presidential debate. watch the showdown live here on 6abc and i'm hosting an inside story debate special live following "action news" at 11:00. >> let's check traffic before you head out the door. look at the jam on i-95. southbound traffic jams solid from academy to cottman and you can see from allegheny to girard a 27 minute ride overall so pretty heavy traffic. no major accident dave but everyone is trying to get to boardwalk. >> we're looking at a sunny start across most of the region. you can see clouds out to the north and west showers falling apart. overall we'll look at a mix of sun and clouds. today's high 85. that's going to be a record by a long shot. the existing record today in philadelphia 80 and of course well above there 66-degree norm. >> all right. well, we'll be back in 30 minutes to give you the latest weather traffic and breaking news. we hope you enjoy this last warm day because you'll be back in sweaters before you
6:57 am
know it. >> it's going to be so cold. >> it will be. [laughter] >> listen, for karen rogers matt o'donnell dave murphy i'm tamala edwards. make it a great wednesday. >> see you later. >> ♪ katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
6:58 am
vo: donald trump and pat toomey have plenty in common -- they're both putting pennsylvania women at risk. even after trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, toomey stood by him. on women's health - both trump and
6:59 am
toomey would defund planned parenthood. on abortion: trump: "there has to be some form of punishment" toomey: "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: too dangerous for pennsylvania women.
7:00 am
america good morning, america. the final showdown. donald trump and hillary clinton facing off for the last time tonight. >> she's been doing this for 30 years. now she has to do debate prep for five days. >> the gop nominee planning another debate surprise. his special guest, president obama's half brother as the president takes on trump and his claims of a rigged election. >> he starts whining before the game is over, then you don't have to take. >> and the first lady in versace as the obamas host their final state dinner. also this morning, fire and fog. a major blaze sparked out west overnight as record heat spreads from texas all the way up to new york city. forcing fog to swallow this boston skyline. a terrifying home invasion caught on camera.


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