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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  October 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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when government bureaucrats refused to approve a cancer vaccine equally for both girls and boys, i stepped in to change that rule. when my own party held up recovery funds after sandy hit us, i took them on and won. and when veterans were forced to travel out of state for health care, i brought in new local clinics and expanded services. but there's much more to do. my mission is to protect south jersey's way of life. i'm frank lobiondo and i approve this message. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara
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bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news, hillary clinton and donald trump face off with their third and final debate. we are live in las vegas with a preview. and police are trying to piece together a shooting on rittenhouse square that left a person severely injured into but the big story is the strike at state universities. at 14 universities leaving 100,000 students in limbo. 24 is the scene at kutztown university. they were out with their signs before the sun even came up. students were urged to come to class and wait for updates. and the same is true at westchester university. annie mccormick is live. >> you can see the growing
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support for the factory union here at westchester campus. joining them are the people from the communities and students. this after the state system said they gave their last and best offer last night and the unjob decided it was time to strike. >> minutes after the 5:00 a.m. decision to strike. members of the faculty union decided it was time to strike. they came to an impact with the pennsylvania state system of higher education. more than 100,000 students are impacted. under the current contract full-time professors start at $46,000 and top out at $112,000 plus benefits. in a three year deal they are offering from a 7% to 17% increase and increased medical benefits cost.
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and they say they will not agree to share more costs for their health care like ever else has. the union disagrees. >> the state is giving with one hand and taking with the other but the end of the day the union is committed to quality education. >> many students went to class. there is usually 200 kids in our class and there was only six of us and we sat there in the dark. >> right now i have four today. i don't get done until 12, so three of my classes are canceled and one i'm unsure about. they will not necessarily be faculty doing the work stoppage, some are going to class and teaching. that is why we want students to go to class. if the teacher is there they will engage in class and if not they may leave. >> the entire campus is open, the dining halls and everything
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is suppose to go on as normal. they are taking the situation day by day. some sports programs are still going on this weekend is the big homecoming football game and i am told by administration here that that game is going on as planned even if there is still a strike. reporting live annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." turning to our weather now the, it's unusually hot for october today and we could break a record high. david murphy is here with the first check of the accuweather forecast. >> several records across the region fell yesterday and more will fall today. right now in philadelphia 81 degrees and a lot of warm air across the country, however notice the difference today. yesterday i showed you the map places like cincinnati and st. louis were warmer than we were but not so today. the area of high pressure is breaking down and heading east. very warm around here today with more record highs but tomorrow we'll start to see the numbers
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go down and a little more on friday and by the weekend yes colder air is coming in and that stuff you see highlighted in green on the other side of minneapolis will be here. for now lots of sunshine mixing with clouds and a few more than yesterday. the showers to the west are falling apart on schedule and sun and clouds through the rest of the afternoon. 81 in philadelphia and 82 in trenton and 81 in wilmington and 79 in millville and cooler 72 in cape may. as we take a look at the aft afterno afternoon, a high of 82 in the afternoon a closer call in places like allentown and trenton and wilmington. and the airport in atlantic city. but the idea here is that like yesterday we'll eseveral records fall across the region. what comes next? cooler air up in canada than is going to be coming in behind a frontal boundary along with showers tomorrow. i'll have details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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>> thank you. chopper 6 was over a school bus crash in newark delaware. this happened before 7:00 a.m. at old baltimore pike and salem church road. the bus collided with a car and students were on board at the time and several complained about muscle pain but none had to be taken to the hospital. in center city police say a good samaritan trying to stop a robbery was shot several times last night in rittenhouse square and now they open that surveillance cameras can help them find the gunman. katherine scott is live with more on the investigation. >> reporter: rick, it was a nice night last night. a lot of people in and around the park when this happened. today the victim remains in the hospital in critical but stable condition. as the search continues for two suspects. >> i was floored. rittenhouse square.
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>> shock in right are enhouse square the day after a good samaritan was shot after stopping an armed robbery in the park. >> it's surprise that that would happen because it's so crowded at night. >> a mild evening turned chaotic and gunshots pierced the air at 9:30 p.m. we were sitting at parking and bang bang bang bang bang. we said firecrackers? >> people were screaming gunshots and got up from our table outside and jumped behind a wall. >> as police search for victims and evidence and police say that two suspects were attempting to rob a small group of people when the 39-year-old approached. >> the 39-year-old victim actually intervened and made some sort of statement, you are not going to rob these people and one the perpetrators fired multiple shots. he was hit in the chest, torso
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and shoulder. and police rushed him to hahnemann hospital in critical condition and has since been upgraded to stable. >> some witnesses state that our shooter and the person he was with, are known to the area. we have a nickname, i don't want to release that at this time. >> reporter: there are a lot of surveillance cameras in and around the park including on that gazebo right there. that could help with the investigation, if you have tips central detectives want to hear from you. >> katherine, thank you. philadelphia police are searching for the driver of a car who touched off a dangerous chase season shooting late last night. it started at 11:00 p.m. after some sort of altercation spark aid shootout and investigators spotted a vehicle involved at 5th and ar sch arch street.
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police gave chase surrounding the area of independence hall but the suspect was able to get away. a pedestrian was critically injured after being struck by a car in pine hill, new jersey. it happened at 6:30 a.m. in front of a restaurant. police arrived and rushed the victim to the hospital and that person is said to be in very critical condition. turning to politics now, we are less than nine hour as way from the third and final showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump. it will take place in nevada in las vegas. monica malpass is live now with a preview. >> reporter: hi rick and sara, i am here in the spin room the media center, there are 600 desks set up for us to do our work and many tv stations set up at the edges and the risers outside where we have tv cameras
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and a few of the larger networks are in the debate hall itself. the media aspect is covered here and tensions are definitely higher now that debate day is here. >> the candidates are both here now, hillary clinton landed last night and prepping with her experts, donald trump landed too and he is preparing as well. students were given the day off to ease the vehicle and foot traffic issues but security is ramped up triple compared to yesterday. we went through three levels, security used bomb sniffing dogs and metal detecters. and secret service checked us coming in the building even though we were precleared with media background checks. >> las vegas is a town known for hospitality as i said. and there are major events that occur on a regular basis but
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this is the super bowl of politics and this is huge. >> what are voters from all parties hoping to hear tonight that is different? >> i would hope that trump could actually speak to the people instead of walking around angrily and answer the questions and stop fighting. >> stop talking about sex and things they say each other has done and actually go into what they will do and how they will run the country. >> the final debate is just a few hours away and we are prepared to bring it to you with analysis before and after and the debate itself at 9:00 p.m. we hope you'll tune in here at 6 abc. >> all right monica thank you. much more to come on "action news" at noon, the case a missing boy whose face haunted the nation for decades goes before the judge today. why the family of eton hopes for
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two men that became caught in fog and rip currents were rescued across massachusetts last night. a man and his son-in-law failed to return home. it took the coast guard an hour to find the men. and they are expected to be okay. one of the nation's most famous missing child cases will be heard in a new york courtroom today. again. in the trial of pedro hernandez accused of kidnapping and killing eton patz. his pictures were splashed across television newspapers and the first missing child to be printed on a milk carton. last year the jury deadlocked on charges. a man subject is underway in san francisco for the gunman that shot four students yesterday.
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one of the wounded students, a girl who was critically injured was the intended target but the motive is unknown. four men with dark hoodies were seen run ago way from the area. a little girl from north carolina was given the gift of hearing and the moment was caught on camera. gracie lynch and her grandmother laurie were waiting for this appointment. the doctors performed the surgery last month, but before they could do a followup visit, hurricane matthew tore lieu their home town and flooded their home and were living in the red cross shelter and laurie was finally able to make the five hour drive to charleston to turn on gracie's cochlear implants. >> did you hear that? >> i want her to be able to understand everything. she is an intelligent child. >> lowry is grateful for the american red cross and the doctors that gave her
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granddaughter the gift of hearing. coming up on "action news" at noon, social media wants to keep you organized. we'll tell you more about that. and are doctors getting -- on friday. a new study will put your mind at ease.
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samsung is facing legal
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trouble over their galaxy note 7 smart phones. the first lawsuit. they are asking for damages because they had to pay down their contracts while waiting for replacement phones. samsung told everyone to stop using them immediately amid reports of those phones catching fire. facebook wants to be your personal secretary. a new feature called recommendations, finding things to do and new restaurants to try and performances to see, thanks to your friends. friends responses will be turned into links and put on a map. and it will help you make appointments and integrating ticketmaster as well. vice president joe biden will be in boston today to talk about the cancer moon shot initiative. his speech comes two days after his progress report to the president. biden says there is a greater
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exception of urgency and cooperation with private and corporation efforts. some wonder if it's not a good idea to have elective surgery on a friday as doctors may be thinking ahead to the weekend but a large new study in canada suggests that there is nothing to worry about. researchers looked at 403 thousand elective surgeries and found the risk of death in 30 days was similar no matter the day the procedure was performed but more experience surgeons tended to operate on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. intended to avoid post surgical care over the weekend. and we are working on news stories for today at 4:00. alicia vitarelli is here with a look ahead. >> reporter: today in big talkers a local police department is calling it a
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teachable moment. a police officer stepping on board of a bus to teach a student what he thought was a valuable lesson opening up a big conversation on social media. today at 4:00 we break down the story and tell you all about it and what the police department had to say and the parents that took the picture. and also, a philadelphia tailer makes custom suits and more for men and they are being discounted. how you can get in on the deal coming up today at 4:00. you won't want to miss that one. don't forget you can take us with you on the go. if you have not downloaded the 6 abc news app you can watch us streaming live on your smart phone or tablet. >> thank you. we'll check accuweather, it's a hot one when we come back.
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david here now with more on summer like temperatures. on a day when we see records fall in the region. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we are precipitation free and as we look outside a good looking day so far. some clouds mixing in and a little earlier this morning there were folks going for a ride at the 6 abc zoo balloon. and the temperature is 1-degrees and the dew point 64 that is the sort of dew point in the summertime we would start talking about the humidity is kind of noticeable. that does apply today. winds from the southwest at 3 miles per hour. and taking a look at the numbers, 80 in allentown and 81 in reading and philadelphia 82. and upper 70s in millville and dover and low 70s in cape may. had some showers on radar this morning, we talked about how they were falling apart and they have. now sun mixing with clouds the rest of the way today. and on the warm side. up in the lehigh valley today'
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high is 82 and that is the record high and a record breaking 83 with the sun and clouds mix. down the shore as i mentioned not quite as warm and 76 degrees is your high temperature and partly sunny skies overall down the shore, pretty pleasant and a record high of 84 degrees, that is easy to beat and we have beaten that record high of 80 degrees and the current 81. we are already there in philadelphia. sun mixing with clouds and winds from the southwest at to 16 miles per hour. for the evening commute the sun and clouds mix and warm and 84 by 4:00 and 83 by 5:00, and by 6:00 holding on to the low 80s and 78 by 8:00. if you enjoyed yesterday afternoon and evening you'll like it this afternoon and evening it's it's same story. a spotty shower is possible mainly towards morning. and 63 is the overnight low and winds run fairly light 6 to 12
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overnight. at 4:30 in the morn i'll be back on the air for you, we'll probably see showers on radar. the last couple of model rubs wanted to keep this basically from philadelphia to the north and basically through the morning hours. and afternoon clouds mixing with sunny breaks, but we'll allow for a spotty shower. the issue tomorrow is temperatures, we think warm in philadelphia with the high of 78, just 2 off the record by the way but with a front draped through the region, the more north and east you go from philadelphia the cooler it will be. low 70s in spots and some out lying wears may only get into the upper 60s and form south we may get 80s in delaware or south jersey. 84 is today's high and more record warmth in philadelphia. and many other spots across the region and tomorrow mostly cloudy ain spotty shower in the morning and 78 is your high. friday and cloudy with showers and start to see the affects of
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the cooler air marching in and we only get up to 73 and spotty showers around and hopefully dry for the temple game at night and on saturday, things change big time, might be rain around in the first part of the day, and the big story is the high is of 56 degrees and gusts of over 20 miles per hour. that is a windy big change. and dry for the eagles and union. >> thank you david. there is much more ahead on "action news" at 12:30. we'll take you live back to las vegas, the candidates are facing one another in a live debate. we have a preview coming up. and michelle obama reached new heights in the art of political dressing. the message this sent to the world. women's health - both trud
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toomey would defund planned parenthood. on abortion: trump: "there has to be some form of punishment" toomey: "i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: too dangerous for pennsylvania women.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again, here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at at 12:30. professor at 14 state schools walked off the job leaving at least 100,000 students in limbo. plus, a wild scene outside of the u.s. embassy in the philippines as a police van rams protesters and sending a message through fashion, what michelle


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