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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  October 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 4:30 a.m., friday, october 21. here's what we're following for you, the presidential candidates roast one another at an annual political function drawing laughs, boos and an claps. hundreds of people gathered in california to smoke up a milestone without fear of an arrest. >> let's go over to david murphy with accuweather and
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karen rogers is looking at the commute. >> reporter: it's getting cloudy this morning, the farther south you are, the better chance of seeing sun early. we have watch boxes out to the west, the rain you see will be pushing toward the east and well get a shower, most of it in the evening hours. 68 degrees under mainly cloudy skies in allentown. 67 in wilmington, 67 in trenton and 67 in cape may. overall these numbers are still pretty mild. there's a little fog out there, especially by the coast. millville under a half mile visibility. airport at ac under a mile, that appears where the fog is for now, we'll keep an eye elsewhere in case it pops up in other nairdz. neighborhoods. 63 by noon, 76.
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and 3:00 p.m., 80 degrees. 6:00 p.m., 74. tomorrow looks cooler and blustery. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: not blustery after summer-like. it's too much change. let's hit the roads, we have a problem in the early hour. this is the schuylkill expressway westbound in conshohocken. you can see police with the flood watching lights, we can see the vehicle off to the side on the schuylkill expressway westbound as you round the curve in conshohocken in the same area an accident involving a dump truck westbound near conshohocken. a couple of vehicles out there, with police on the scene. you need to be careful. david is talking about a touch of fog that's not helping the matters. overall on the big picture, that's the only issue out there, blue route, schuylkill expressway, i-95 for the most part moving okay. we have an accident in landsdale, 6th street at
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kennelworth avenue. watch for that. >> it will be getting political in the delaware valley as both presidential campaigns return here this weekend to nail down votes in pennsylvania. tonight donald trump will be at the newtown at let he -- club in newtown, pennsylvania. trump and hillary clinton appeared together last night. stephanie ramos reports. >> i took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here. >> reporter: and republicans. >> it's great to be here with 1,000 wonderful people. >> reporter: unite for a few good laughs at the annual al smith charity dinner in new york city benefits catholic charities. first up, donald trump.
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>> after listening to hillary clinton rattling on and on and on, i don't think so badly about rosie o'donnell. >> reporter: this joke getting the biggest laugh. >> michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. my wife milan in a gives the exacts same speech and people get on her case. >> after some zingers, trump tried knocking clinton on corruption and e-mail that's when the crowd turned on him interrupting with boos. >> clinton started with self dep deprecating jokes about her stamina. >> donald trump looks at the
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statue of liberty and sees a 4. >> reporter: clinton taking a swipe at trump's personality and relationship with the russians. last night ending on a handshake. today the candidates are back to business and on the trail. trump is in pennsylvania in north carolina, in washington, stephanie ramos, channel 6 "action news." >> a gunman who fired into a crowd in wilmington, delaware, striking a woman remains on the loose. this happened on south ford avenue at 8:30. a red car pulled up a crowd and someone in the car opened fire. the woman was hit in the jaw and taken to the hospital. chopper 6 hd was over croyden bucks county where a man was struck by an amtrak train and survived. the victim was along the track when he was hit by the
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fast-moving 193 heading from new york to washington. the man was rushed to the hospital for multiple injuries. happening today, a former aid to new jersey governor to chris christie testifies in her own defense at the bridgegate trial. brigette kelly will take the stands in newark. she is charged with jamming the george washington bridge to punish a democratic mayor who did not endorse chris can christie. wildstein has pleaded guilty and turned state's witness testifying against kelly and baroni they deny his account. governor chris christie is not accused of any crime. mikeueary is among the witnesses to be called in
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his trial today in which he is suing penn state for $4 million in damages. graham spanard testified yesterday, they are a waiting trial on charges they covered up the abuse claims against sandusky. >> hundreds turned out to smoke pot in aiken ovals. as our dann cuellar reports not everyone is celebrating. >> three, two, one! >> reporter: on that note they lit their joints and started smoking away. >> i'm feeling very high and fantastic. >> reporter: they are calling it a celebration, happy that smoke ago joint in public no longer leads to an arrest if you're carrying less than 30 gaps, but can get 100-dollar citation.
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>> we no longer want to be jailed for this, we would rather pay taxes than put in jail. >> reporter: not everyone is happy especially throes walking their dogs or pushing toddlers in the park in rittenhouse square. >> terrible, makes me feel. we have big signs no smoking that includes pot, doesn't it. >> i don't like it personally, i think they need to toughen up a bit. >> reporter: philadelphia police did not issue any citations that was great for valerie who was at woodstock 47 years ago, and praying for a day like this. >> i'm 66 years old today you know you might think i'm goofy, now i'm not.
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now it's legal, we're happy. >> reporter: they look forward to the day in pennsylvania when marijuana is fully legal like alcohol. on the parkway in center city, dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> happening today, lawmakers will huddle in trenton to talk about imrooshing train safety -- improving train safety. they will add positive train control orpc. lawmakers claim a deep cut in the nj transit budget, authorities trains have been involved in 157 accidents since 2011. >> we have more news stories you did not see last night. police dash cam video captures an officer saving a little boy's life. a thief makes off with
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$100,000 worth of hockey sticks. >> reporter: some areas could see patchy fog we're picking that up in some areas closer to the coast. mostly cloudy patchy fog, i'm dressing the kids in jackets this morning, but t-shirts work this afternoon, i'll have the details and the weekend call coming up.
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>> 4:42 a.m., good morning, every, taking live look on sky6 live hd, philadelphia international airport, not feeling like fall once again, which some people don't have any problem with. >> reporter: i know, others are probably sort of pining for the more autumnal weather.
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>> they will get it. >> reporter: they will get it tomorrow. as we look outside, as we have sky6 live hd, we're looking at cloudy skies overhead this morning, doesn't look like there's rain on radar or anything like that, but it's gray. 66 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. the dewpoint, 64, feeling a little bit humid out there, the fact that the temperature and dewpoint are close to each other, it is an indication we may develop fog considering the winds are running light at 6 miles per hour. the fog is down in south jersey closer to the coast and southern delaware, but it could pop up anywhere over the next couple of hours. future tracker 6 showing we are mostly dry today. there can be a passioning -- passing shower, but most of rain holds off until the evening. the model has it pushing into the berks county and lancaster county. could be here faster than that
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in the western suburbs. showers push closer to philadelphia. by the end of the temple game if you're heading to that game, like i am. bring rain gear, temperature today are warm, 64 by 8:00 a.m. 71 by 10:00 a.m. noon, 76. 3:00 p.m., 80 degrees. it will feel like summer with mostly cloudy skies and passing shower possible during the day. 77 in allentown and trenton. 78 in reading, 79 in wilmington, 76 in millville. if you're down the shore looks like low 70s this afternoon. for the temple game tonight against the bulls of south familiar, -- florida, mostly cloudy, 69 degrees. arrival of showers possible and the drop in temperatures and the winds may pick up a little bit, too. tomorrow we'll start out with
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clouds and a couple of sprinkles around, as we go into the afternoon, afternoon or so. there's the return of sunshine. the thing about tomorrow it will be cooler on saturday and there will be the possibility of strong, gusty winds at times, perhaps going as high as 40 miles per hour or higher. there you see future tracker showing the mid 30 to 40-mile an hour gusts and these numbers could be on the lower side and at times higher. sunday, sun comes back for the eagles, 60 for the eagles, 63 in the 4th quarter. seasonable cool, bright and you'll want layers at the stadium. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 80 is the high, most cloudy and mild. cooler and blustery winds on saturday, high of 58. run returns on sunday, high of 63 degrees. the union play, as well. mostly sunny on monday, 65. back in the up are 50s on
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tuesday and wednesday, there could showers on thursday. remember, when we're not on the air get the latest weather information by going to and man, are we looking at weather related changes over the next 24 hours. >> thank you, david. new video on "action news" shows an unusual break-in, a thief in canada drilled a hole in the roof of a sporting goods store and stole $150,000 of hockey sticks. he spent an hour in the store pricing sticks costing $300 a pop. investigators are questioning if this is an inside job. >> this is new, dash cam video captures a texas police officer saving a little boy's life. officer responded to the restaurant where the 3-year-old was having a seizure. his lips were bright blue and had an elevated pulse. officer miller put on a mask and
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performed cpr. >> i did my job and i'm sure any other officer i work with would have done the same thing. >> brandon's mom who panicked during the seizure is forever grateful to officer miller. haunted houses is supposed to be scary, but one comes with real life skeleton. they were sitting in storage and they popped them open. >> we pulled the casket out of storage and discovered there was skeletons in there. they are medical skeletons, one the whole skeleton is in tact. they are part of the act for thrill seekers as they walk through the room of fake skulls. blair murphy brought the grand midway hotel in somerset county on ebay.
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he created the display, he put a ouija board on the roof, he opens it will be the largest board ever. philadelphia parking officials are consider replacing the parking booths. >> business you may be thinking you are buying a genuine apple product, you might want to look again, you'll see how many of the products are fake. we'll have more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> hey are everybody, we're looking live on sky6 live hd and seeing a touch of fog in a few spots this morning, as we look over the ben franklin bridge, so be careful of that as you drive around. no big problems with that, and it is friday, that's good news, right? looking at the boulevard, approaching the schuylkill expressway, southbound traffic no problem on the boulevard. we have a couple of issues with disabled vehicles on the highways, 422 westbound near 724 a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane, you can see past
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that point 55 miles per hour going there. a problem on the schuylkill expressway westbound a disabled vehicle here, too, it's kind of tricky because it's right around the curve in conshohocken. as you're traveling westbound we have police there, they are in the right lane and the shoulder. schuylkill expressway web same spot near conshohocken we have an accident involving a dump truck, so a few problems this morning as you head out. turnpike eastbound roadwork blocking two lanes, matt and tam. >> the city of allentown is testing a new way to get people to pay their parking tickets. instead of using parking booths they are using a barnicle. barnical stays in police until the driver gets a code to unlock
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the device and stop the suction. a lot of people go on amazon to find apple products like cables and chargers. apple said 90% of the stuff you would find is fake. the revelations coming in a lawsuit filed by apple against a new jersey suit. they imprinted apple logo os on on -- low -- logos and cables and chargers not only is it fake it could cause fires and shock. futures across the board look like there's going to be a lower open this morning. look at switch, it allows user to say switch anyone --
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nintendo. we're heading into day three of the strike by pennsylvania state run universities. we'll have more on the homecoming at west chester this weekend.
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she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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>> fbi and abington police are looking for the robber who held up an bb and t branch yesterday at 9:00 a.m. the robber got away with an undisclosed amount of catch. a former pitcher honored another, jamie moyer and his wife run the moyer foundation sporting families dealing with addiction. 2008 champ is still giving back. i heard a lot about both of them, and just how involved they are in the organizations. >> kicker of the new york giants is benched after reports
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he abused his wife. >> reports of a smell on an lax bound plane, those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. >> good morning it is
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5:00 a.m., friday, october 21. here's what's happening. >> the candidates clash, hillary clinton and donald trump attend a charity dinner roast and some of the jokes draw boos. >> west


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