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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  October 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> good morning it is 5:00 a.m., friday, october 21. here's what's happening. >> the candidates clash, hillary clinton and donald trump attend a charity dinner roast and some of the jokes draw boos. >> west chester students join
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faculty on the picket line. >> we have an excited teacher from a local high school. he is one step away from a big time hosting gig. >> first up, let's talk about accuweather, david murphy has that and karen rogers is looking at traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everyone we are off to a cloudy start, it's fairly mild with the temperatures in place, most of the showers are down south some of this will pop through the morning or midday. we're looking at the showers out to the west and thunderstorm in a couple of neighborhoods later tonight. 64 degrees is the current temperature in philadelphia. again, dry across the region. 67 in allentown. same thing in trenton, 66 in wilmington. 67 in reading, 62 in millville. 67 in cape may as you step out the door. a little issue with fog, in central delaware, half mile in dover, millville, under a mile. toms river under a mile.
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ac is waffling back and forth. there could additional fog inlands, but right now it's down in south jersey and delaware. 63 degrees by 7:00 a.m. once again we're off to the races. when i say off to the races, i mean one more time. 7:00 a.m., 63 degrees, 10:00 a.m., 71 degrees, noon, 76 degrees and 3:00 p.m., 80 degrees. we have rain later tonight. once again, the winds start to build and the temperatures start to drop. >> reporter: i don't mean to be picky, maybe we could have the nicer weather on the weekend. >> you're being picky. >> reporter: [laughter]. schuylkill expressway, westbound, catch catch we have a disabled vehicle stuck on the side. in the same general area we have
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an accident involving a dump truck pushed to the side. watch for a couple of problems schuylkill expressway westbound near conshohocken. overall on the big picture looking good, though, blue route no issues, schuylkill expressway problems at conshohocken, elsewhere speeds just fine, even i-95 in good shape. on the ben franklin bridge no weather relace the problems, watch -- no weather-replated problems. we have an accident in lansdale 6th street and kennelworth avenue. watch for that. >> presidential hopefuls, hillary clinton and donald trump will be stumping the delaware valley. trump in bucks county today, clinton elsewhere. >> reporter: this is a light-hearted supposed to be a
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light-hearted events they traded jabs and at times things got tense. >> hillary clinton accidently bumpedded into me and she civilly said pardon me. >> reporter: donald trump kicked off the al smith dinner, and i politely talk to you about that after i get into office. just kidding. >> donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a 4. maybe a 5 if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> reporter: seated two seats a part with only the arch bishop of new york between them, the candidates were the main attraction at the annual dinner for catholic charities. it is a chance for the presidential candidates to show their fun side in the final
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campaign stretch. it is named after alfred smith the first catholic governor of new york. >> he was against prohibition, thank god he was, we couldn't get through the campaign, it's driving us to drink. >> reporter: at times it got awkward and at times prompted boos from the crowd. >> here she is tonight in public pretending not to hate catholics. >> reporter: the showcase of politics included plenty of jokes that got personal. >> maybe you saw donald dismantle his prompter the other day, they are hard to keep up with, anne sometimes it's harder when you're translating from the original russian. >> reporter: trump will be in
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newtown on friday and clinton and kain in philadelphia. candidates for pennsylvania senate seat are crisscrossing the state looking for votes. toomey was in philadelphia yesterday speaking at the belmont charter school. our jim gardner will host the final live debate between the two for the senate race, we want your input on what to ask, ends us your questions for toomey and mcginty send an e-mail to join the action at the debate is live from temple university monday night. it will start at 7:00 p.m. on 6abc. >> striking pennsylvania university professors are expected to return to the picket lines for the third day as the union pleads for reassumption of
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contract talks. several students joined the professors yesterday. the classes have stopped, but the homecoming celebration will continue, the football will go on as scheduled, but the band will not play. they suspended registration for next year's classes. a mayfair man shot by police is out of the hospital and behind bars. officers were called to the tim mcshane's home wednesday night after beating his wife. investigators say he was shot in the arm we refused to drop a rifle. mcshane is facing a number of charges including aggravated assault. the officers involved are on administrative duty pending an outcome of an internal affairs investigation. gunfire rang out in camden, the man was shot and wounded last night after 8:00 at 7th and chestnut.
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the unidentified victim was rushed to cooper university hospital. the gunman in this case remains at large. the fbi needs help tracking down a would-be bank bandit. the suspected walked into the wells fargo branch on south 13th street yesterday morning, he brandished a handgun, but eventually ran off empty handed. chaka fattah judge determined the government presented insufficient evidence for bank and mail fraud. the sentencing date has not been set. carl icahn is looking to reopen his casino.
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the state banned him from holding a license for five years. the state house and governor christie has not supported the senate's vote. we had a nice run of warm weather, if you liked it, you better enjoy it today. >> reporter: later tonight if you're coming out of the of the movie theater, you will notice the change already. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we are dry there are sprinkles and showers pushing toward atlantic city off the ocean, so they could be an issue later on. looking outside, basically dry across the region right now. now there's low-lying cloud cover in atlantic city on sky6 live hd. we have reports in some cases fairly dense fog in south jersey and southern delaware. doesn't look like it's that bad at the shore, but you can see a little indication of it. 64 in philadelphia. 66 in wilmington, 62 in
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millville. we're fairly mild as you head out the door. upper 60s in trenton, allentown and reading, as well. that fog in south jersey and central and southern delaware. future tracker 6 shows you as we move through the day there could be a shower coming up later this morning and into the afternoon, south jersey and east of philadelphia. philadelphia itself got caught with a little of that. clouds and sunny breaks this afternoon. at 6:00 p.m. we'll be looking at showers building in from the west. later this evening, there's a possibility it cruises into the western suburbs and makes it into philadelphia. if you're out in the city tonight or heading to the temple game you might want to keep rain gear handy. mostly cloudy a late shower possible in the lehigh valley, 77. down the shore we'll go for a high of 72 today. mostly cloudy, a spotty shower possible at times. mostly cloudy in philadelphia, high of 80. we'll allow for a spotty shower,
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most of the rain holding off until later in the evening or nighttime period and winds breezy today. heading out on the town, well you will want a jacket. 72 at 7:00 a.m. 11:00 p.m., 59. the later we go through the evening, the better chance we have of showers coming in from the west. overnight 53 degrees, a shower or thunderstorm during the evening and overnight hours, saturday it might be damp to start out, but generally speaking we're looking at clouds giving way to sun on saturday, the other problem with saturday, of course is the strong gusty winds, we're going to see wind gusts up over 40 miles per hour. mostly cloudy and mild, 08. a couple of showers around, most of the rain holding off until later, cooler tomorrow, gusty winds, a high of 58 degrees. sunday, sunny broken breeze for the union and eagles. 63 is the high. you want shades perhaps at the contest, but also several layers, because it will be breezy and a bit on the cool
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side. monday, mostly sunny, 65. looks like we get into the 50s after that, tuesday through thursday. >> oh, that's fall. its okay. >> reporter: well the temperatures are fally. >> it is 5:12. airline passengers heading across country saying a sickly sweet smell was turning stomachs. we'll have the details on the scare. >> a pennsylvania clown loses her side kick in a robbery that is no laughing matter. >> reporter: i-95 this is at cottman, southbound traffic heading toward center city. no major construction like the other day. we have problems on the schuylkill expressway, i'll give you an update when we come right back. 5:15 a.m., when the eagles
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win, you win, and when you go to work on monday, you're happier, right, that's the way things work in philadelphia. taking a look on sky6 live hd, i-95 a few people getting up for their early jobs. >> the early bird gets the easy ride in, karen. >> reporter: that's the truth, that's about all you get. 4:00 a.m. i was rare going to, now i'm ready for another cup of coffee. sunrise boulevard, you can see a touch of fog in spots. no problems coming down from phoenixville or chester springs. looking good at sunrise boulevard. schuylkill expressway, westbound we have an accident involving a dump truck, they pushed it off to the side. war to that as you approach the curve. we have a disabled vehicle
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schuylkill expressway westbound, as well. we have police on the scene. they have flares set up off to the right side, watch for that on the schuylkill expressway westbound a couple of issues, a disabled vehicle and accident involving a dump truck. also, new jersey turnpike northbound near burlington, emergency roadwork blocking all lanes, right now northbound, if heading new jersey turnpike northbound a major issue, it's temporary at this moment, you might want to stick to 295 instead. i want to show you the visibilities report ofs. we have an issue with fog. you want to be careful. 80 degrees a mild day, mostly cloudy skies, spotty shower, matt and tam. >> two children are in serious condition after they were hit by an suv in louisville, kentucky. the kids were getting on the school bus when the cadillac plowed into them. police say when the bus stopped
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the driver of the suv had to swerve to avoid a rear end crash. he ended up jumping the curb and hitting the kids. the driver was injured and did not have insurance or valid registration. >> new on "action news," an unidentified odor caused a health scare a board a plane at los angeles international airport. 20 passengers on the spirit airline flight were reported as taken i will. passengers reported a sweet smell, yes, sweet in the mid section of the plane. the pilots were alerted, but the smell dissipated and no emergency was declared. a long time clown in lackawanna county, pennsylvania, not laughing about this, the man stole the clown car with important momentos inside.
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a monkey puppet was not recovered. that has jordon heartbroken. >> a lot of kids know him, i bring him to the birthday parties i wish they would bring him back and i would be so happy, because he is like, he is like part of me. >> she looks so sad. jordon said she will take her clown monkey side kickback no questions asked. the team raised the banner honoring their 50th season. the flyers squandered power plays and let the ducks hang around, the final 3-2. eagles face the undefeated minnesota vikings, sam bradford
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returns to town looking to hand the birds their third straight loss, the eagles defense is struggling while the vikings is the best in the nhl. >> researchers think they may have cracked the mystery of what causes migraine headaches.
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this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. >> why do you always ask me weird questions right before we go on tv. luckily i'm a professional -- not. this is a live look at the blue route, at the schuylkill expressway, southbound traffic on the left heading toward i-95. mass transit is all good and we're laughing on a friday morning. >> reporter: that's right, should we discuss matt? >> reporter: no. >> reporter: all right, we have jackets on the kids, it's a little bit on the cool side, and it is shorts and ts weather this afternoon. 64 degrees by a.m.
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10:00 a.m -- 8:00 a.m., 10:00 a.m., 71. 3:00 p.m., 80 degrees. at the airport we're going for all green aircraft on the big board, no major delays or problems, there's fog in boston, however, that's something that could cause an issue later on tam. >> in "healthcheck" what's in your diet could be linked to migraines. people who suffer from migraines harbor more bacteria in their mouths. some contain nitrates and green leafy vegetables. if you suffer from migraines it may be a worth a voiding nitrates in your diet for a while. it may make a difference. >> reporter: in this morning's "g.m.a." first look, new information about the sudden shocking death of playboy model and scween -- queen of snap chat
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katie may. the 34-year-old mother cause of death in february neck manipulation by chiropractor. may had more than 2 million instagram followers before her death and active on social media, a short time before her death tweeting pinched a nerve in my neck on a photo shoot and it hurts days later tweeting it still hurts going back to the chiropractor tomorrow. we'll have officials saying what went wrong with thek manipulation session. mara schievacompo.
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plans to reopen the investigation of new york giants place kicker of josh brown, he admitted and verbally abused his former wife. the league suspended brown for the opening game of the season for violating the personal conduct policy. they want to review the new information and reach a decision on the kicker's future with the club. all the votes are in today is the day we find out if
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souderton high school teacher richard curtis will get to co-host with kelly ripa. curtis is no training to tv. he directs his students through a live broadcast through the school. as part of the challenge he had to read a tongue twister while eating peanut butter and dodging confetti and lightning. tune into 6abc later today when they reveal the winner. >> go curtis. a haunted house got a bit more than it bargained for when it opened before halloween. many light up in honor of the decriminalization law, not everybody is happy about it. we'll have that when "action news" comes right back.
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pat toomey: he was a founder of this pennsylvania bank and owned stock worth as much as a million dollars. under toomey's leadership, the bank used a controversial foreclosure practice called "confession of judgement" to take away homes from people across pennsylvania. the practice is banned in 35 states because it's considered predatory, but pat toomey didn't care. pat toomey the banker: he's really not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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roasted, there were funny moments and uncomfortable ones too, between the presidential
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candidates on a night that's supposed to be filled with lighthearted jabs. >> someone fires into a crowd and hits a woman. >> it's the final end to the mild weather, david murphy says you will feel the change tonight. >> david murphy and karen join us, david will it ever be warm again? >> reporter: this is the last day we expect it to be this warm in quite a while. enjoy it. you can see a shower coming up toward the jersey coast did you work the morning hours that might filter up from the south. the main body of rain will hold off until the evening hours until it comes in from the west. if year lucky in philadelphia we'll wait until 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. 65 in philadelphia. upper 60s in lancaster, reading, and trenton. 62 in millville and cape may. a little bit of fog in south jersey and central delaware, a half mile in dover. you can only see a


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