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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  October 21, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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firefighter talks about surviving a gas explosion and how he risked his life to save people nearby. now the details, a third day faculty and students at state universities in pennsylvania are marching the picket line and the teachers and staff went on strike after contract talks broke down. vernon odom is live now as they prepare for their homecoming despite the strike. >> reporter: it's a big day for students, faculty and the entire university and their alums but so far no signs that they will have a contract settlement by tomorrow. the no new contract talks. now, that means there is no face-to-face negotiations, i am told there are back channel negotiations here on the campus and there are no hostilities. day three of the faculty strike
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here at westchester and across the system. bringing to 5500 the number of state workers and more than 100,000 students missing classes and roughly 900 striking here and 1700 students affected at westchester. this is homecoming weekend here with the exception of the band not being able to perform everything else should go as planned. >> a number of activities and we'll have a parade tomorrow as well. the parade will be at 10:00 a.m. and everything will go on. >> minus the band. >> the marching band will not play because that is led by a faculty member. >> the union members that are faculty members that run the band we hope we'll keep that union strong. >> they are part of a separate bargaining unit and not on strike. the union will picket but has no plans to disrupt.
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>> our management on this campus are not thugs and we are not thugs either, we are a bunch of people professionals that want to get back to work. >> reporter: rick, governor tom wolf is here in town today for a political fundraiser, he has not visited the campus yet but the students invited to come to the campus to talk about this but the governor is not the point person in the stalled negotiations that is the chancellors office and the governor is separate from that. >> vernon thank you. the man who testify that he saw jerry sandusky abuse a young boy could take the stand today to prove he was wrongly fired. mike mcquery a former football coach fired a whistle blower defamation lawsuit. one of the potential witnesses in the civil trial saying that the school retaliated against
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him. the trial is scheduled to continue into next week. lawmakers in new jersey are discuss how to improve plane safety with a hearing in trenton adding a system called positive train control, speed played a role in last month's deadly train crash in hoboken. new jersey won federal approval to install it six years ago but slow to actually happen. the authorities trains were involved in 157 accidents since 2011. a delivery driver stumbled upon a gruesome scene in the kensington section this morning. the driver found a burned body wrapped in a blanket along the railroad tracks of east allegheny avenue. not clear who the person is. neighbor says they are not surprised and the city needs to do something to clean up this area. >> a lot of activity on the railroad it's doubled.
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i don't know if they are pushing -- we have nothing in this community four months nothing but addicts and nothing but drugs. >> investigators say they are conducting the autopsy to determine the cause of death and identify the victim. a man remains in the hospital after being hit by an amtrak train it happened in bucks county. this is the keep from chopper 6 hd over the tracks in croyden at bristol pike. the train was heading to washington at the time. no word on how the crash happened. police are continuing to address a shooting in camden. a man was shot just after 8:00 at 7th and chestnut. the victim was rushed to the hospital and the shooter is still on the loose. turning to the weather now and the record warmth we have had over the last few days is about to be a thing of the past. fall like temperatures are returning and bringing strong winds our way and precipitation as well. a live look from sky 6 hd
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showing you the jersey shore and the beaches of cape may, and melissa magee is outside on the terrace with the cooler temperatures and a closer look at the weekend as well. >> reporter: we have changes up ahead for the start of our weekend and right now not bad across the area, clouds are around earlier this morning. clouds breaking for sun and temperatures respond nicely with the southeasterly wind. 75 in philadelphia and 76 in allentown and 65 in the poconos and 71 at the coast in cape may and upper 60s down to dover, here is stormtracker 6 live double scan had is what we are tracking, you see a cold front off to the west with an area of low pressure over the ohio valley and ahead of that cold front arriving we tap into a warm southerly wind bringing in warm air across the mid-atlantic region and eventually it makes progress to the east. future tracker 6 showing you 7:30, 8:00 tonight and showers to the poconos to lancaster and
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a little bit of wet weather continuing overnight tonight, you wake up earlier saturday morning, the bigger story will be the winds of change and cooler air with the northwesterly wind, 3:00 this afternoon temperatures in the upper 70s near 80. here in philadelphia, watch what happens as the northwest winds sweep across the area, 8:30 in the morning most spots in the upper 40s near 50 and feels colder when you factor in the blustery wind. a cooler day a high temperature of 58 degrees, winds gusting anywhere from 35 to 45 miles per hour. some recovery and bright and sunny and breezy as well. a high temperature of 63. we go from a summer preview over to a winter change just in time to head into the weekend and we have all the details coming up with the full accuweather forecast. >> we'll see you back inside.
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it's an exciting morning for a local teacher, richard curtis won a competition to cohost live with kelly in new york. the students and faculty found out he won -- >> here at souderton high school 2300 of mr. curtis's biggest fans are here to find out he won. >> there he is mr. richard curtuesday walked on to the set of live with kelly officially being here cohost for the day. >> and reaction from the souderton high school teacher students and faculty was priceless. >> shout out to souderton high school i know you guys are watching. >> and the live with kelly and you contest. the technology education teacher initially beat out thousands of people auditioning with pitch videos from across the country. 20 were picked to come on the show. whittled down to two yesterday.
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his family had no idea until this morning that he had won. >> from 9:00 until 10:00 almost every day, there is not much going on in the hallways other than rich curtis potentially being on kelly live. >> everybody is sided to get a glimpse of their favorite teacher. >> richard is an incredible guy and embodies souderton school and we are about inspiration and innovation and taking care of people. >> he killed it this past week, what he teaches in class reflects on the tv. >> i feel like every person i ever met took time out of their life to vote and share and say nice positive things and that meant so much and now the assistant principal has a request for kelly. >> kelly here is the deal you got richard for a and we want to
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invite you to souderton to broadcast live from our g gymnasi gymnasium. >> reporting from souderton, channel 6 "action news." >> great story. >> a spanish celebration took place this morning at the renaissance academy charter school in phoenixville. the school's annual spanish festival kicks off with dancing and music and students enjoyed whacking at a pinata and face painting, each year the festival celebrates the many aspects of spanish culture throughout the world. more ahead at 12:30, apple has a warning about their chargers being sold on a specific website. and how they saved three young children while waiting for their school bus. and the nfl under fire for the way they handled a case of domestic violence with a
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football player. how tall are you?
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three children continue to recover after they were hit by an suv at a school bus stop. it happened yesterday morn in louisville kentucky, the victims are just 9 and 10 yeared old. the suv was behind her and speeding and following too close. when the bus stopped the escalade swerved to avoid a crash and jumped a curb and hit the students. crews worked to save a child trapped under the suv. >> we hollered and asked guys to come over and raised the car up and the police pulled the little girl out. she was in bad shape. >> the driver of the suv was injured and is also facing charges of driving without insurance or registration. a fire lieutenant in oregon is hailed address a hero after saving dozens of people from a gas explosion.
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peter st. john responded to the scene after the first reports and he and his team saw gas coming from a bagel shop, they went inside of pulled the alarms and evacuated everyone. when the shop suddenly went up in flame. >> the next thing i knew there was an explosion, i saw the explosion from the basement to the third floor, i think there was fire because i saw orange but all i know was after the initial blast i must have blacked out a bit and i was on the ground and felt the heat wave push me back and i was on the ground. >> fortunately nobody was killed in the blast. earlier this week portland's fire chief called sane john a hero and he says he was just doing his job. the nfl is being criticized again for the way it handled abuse allegations against a player, now they are reviewing
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giants kicker josh brown again after admitting to abusing his wife in newly revealed documents. >> reporter: the nfl reopening an investigation into new york giants josh brown, the pro ball kicker suspended one game in 2015 for a domestic incident with his wife molly. he indicates it was a one time incidence. >> it was just a moment. >> now, newly released police reports show he admitted he physically and verbally and emotionally abused his wife. emails he allegedly sent to their friends like this one saying i became an abuser and hurt her physically and emotionally and i viewed myself as god and she was my slave and pages of hand written journal
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entry s like this one. >> when they suspended brown they were unaware of these details and made repeated attempts orally and in writing to obtain any and all evidence and they were denied but the police report says the league was wear of the discourse and before police, before the pro bowl, they were relocated to another room where josh would not know where they were. >> for the nfl to be in this situation again, it's mind boggling. brown was at team practice on thursday but the giants sidelining him overnight and many on the team standing by their kicker. >> i want him to get himself right. >> the giants will review the documents adding they do not condone or excuse domestic violence, but what happens to brown lays in the hands of the
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nfl. and still ahead on "action news" at 12:30, another check of the forecast for you. as we look live from sky 6 hd at a foggy atlantic city shore line there. we have rain moving in tonight and chilly temperatures tomorrow. immediate guest, melissa magee, will break it down for us.
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apple is warning customers about buying chargers on amazon, the company says it's buying apple charges selling as genuine and 90% are counterfeit. they said in a statement they have zero tolerance for counterfeiters. melissa magee is back now with a closer look at the weekend and the winds of change are blowing. >> yes, especially later tonight and into the day on saturday, it will feel much colder as we go through our weekend as well. lets show you stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see it's dry right now and we had
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showers earlier this morning across coastal sections of new jersey, you can see that lifting to the north and east and focus your attention to the west across harrisburg and central pa, this is a cold front working its way eastward overnight tonight and into saturday morning. we'll show you the picture outside. sky 6 hd a beautiful shot of the ben franklin bridge on this friday afternoon, we have clouds earlier this morning. clouds breaking for ample sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80 later on today. right now in philadelphia, coming in at 75. and dew point at 63 and a touch on the humid side in locates, the pressure 29.68 and starting to rise, the wins from the south-southwest at 8 miles per hour. and the ocean temperature coming in at 67. north and west of town we are in the 70s. 75 for slatington and 72 in tannersville and 77 in martins creek and 75 in warrington and 73 in oxford. in new jersey, 75 in vineland, 74 in you wing and at the coast
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71. and clouds more at the coastline, 70 at toms river and 70 in surf city. here is satellite 6 along with action radar we see we are awaiting the cold front to the west and ahead of the front we tap into the southwesterly surge of air and temperatures are above average feeling like another summer day in the delaware and lehigh valleys and high pressure may go rates to the none and east as we head into the weekend and we usher in a change. future tracker 6 showing you 7:30 this evening, we have the showers breaking out to the north and west to the poconos down to lancaster, overnight tonight if you are out on the town late make sure you have the wet weather gear because by mid item showers still overhead and they linger into saturday morning and in the wake of that the northwesterly wind takes over, the call for accuweather is clouds and sun and spotty
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shower and high temperature of 70 in the city and mostly cloudy and a rumble of thunder dropping down to 53 with the northwesterly wind. the winds of change on the way. a dip in the jet stream tonight into saturday allowing for the colder air to spill out of canada and once we get into the weekend, we are talking about winds gusting 35 to 45 miles per hour. and high temperatures tomorrow. highs only in the upper 50s, 80s today into the 50s for the start of our weekend, it's a cold one at the link on sunday with the eagles at home. here is the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast high today 80 considerings and cooler on saturday with the gusty winds at 58. and sunny and breezy sunday with a high of 63 and monday mostly sunny and sunny and 65. upper 50s as we get into tuesday and wednesday and next thursday mostly cloudy and showers around and a high temperature coming in at 58. break out the heavy coats
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tomorrow. you'll feel the change. >> maybe the fwlofs and boots. >> especially in the morning. >> have you had lunch? >> no, i'm hungry. >> fyi philly is showing the best munchies. alicia vitarelli is here with a preview. >> we know that philadelphia is all about sandwiches, this weekend it's the best of philly episode and our friends at philly mag zone rounded up the best bites between bread. >> looking for a good burger, philly mag says the hands down winner is south gate, a korean inspired gastro pub at lombard. >> take the elements from korean barbecue and put it into a burger. >> this is what you do when you get creative with a burger. >> hankering for classic fried
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chicken. >> it's a great neighborhood restaurant, wins for its simplicity. >> and artisan grilled cheese is all that is on the menu. i wants a three cheese grilled cheese sandwich from the guys that made the cheese soaked in duck fat and cured bacon. >> and the sandwiches are gooey perfection. and the best sandwiches at the italian market. the slow cooked heat tacos are cooked to orderer before your eyes, the search for the best dumpling was not easy. dim dim dim sum earned the nod. >> there is nowhere in philadelphia you can get the creative authentic dishes. our episode tomorrow night at 7:30 here on 6 abc.
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melissa is here with one final check of the forecast as we head to lunch. >> enjoy the summer warm and while it lasts, 80 in philadelphia for a daytime high and clouds and sunshine to get above average, still warm and 78 in reading and 78 in allentown and 76 degrees in toms river, the precipitation moves in later on tonight followed by the winds and colder air for the weekend. >> okay enjoy lunch. >> a young deer was rescued by a police officer in texas after being tied up outside of a home under construction. the officer untied the buck and they shared the video on facebook and gave the deer the nickname uncle buck and it
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walked back into nearby woods and even said thank you it looks like there. here is the stories coming up later this afternoon at 4:00, wizards, witches and muggles are getting ready to take on the chestnut hill neighborhood. it's the popular harry potter festival, a sneak peak at the magical event. and she is wearing a wedding dress but there is a catch. we'll explain the wildly viral experiment today in big talkers. >> we are done here and we'll see you later on 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00.
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