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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  October 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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"action news", delaware valley's leading news program, with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist and walter perez. sunday night, dells keep up their efforts to win women's vote in philadelphia. and good samaritan saves a woman from this fiery wreck in west philadelphia. but the big story on "action news" is a big win for the eagles. birds dominated sam bradford
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and vikings today. >> that is right, bradford and vikings had all kinds of problems giving up sacks and turnovers. end result was minnesota's first loss of the season. jeff skversky has highlights. defense is the star of this game. >> absolutely this was absolutely ugly, carson wentz, and sam bradford combined for six turnovers. six of the eight turnovers by the quarterback, and ugly, but you get a win, that is most important thing. sam bradford returned to town with the best record in the nfl but bradford, back at the link, well, same old quarterback eagles fans are used to seeing. a turn over machine. it would be what turns into a ugly game today between eagles and vikings. sam bradford booed back to the link seven weeks since the trade. bradford booed, beat up, beat down. he turns it over twice in the red zone in the first quarter. rodney mccloud with the pick. bradford, three turnovers today, in all, against the defense he used to practice
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against. carson wentz, throws two interceptions and fumble in an ugly first quarter. but wentz will regroup, third quarter after 21 straight possessions without an offensive touchdown, bam, dario green-beckham. eagles win 21-ten ending their two game losing streak and they send bradford back to minnesota with his first loss. >> they really took it the upon themselves this week to really make the corrections, number one from last week and adjustment, practiced great, and, you know, veteran leader ship stood up, today. they stood up to take command of the game. that is what you like to see this this group. >> for starters vikings are a great team. they have played well. defense played well. but for to us come out with the win, we found a way. that is what good teams do they find a way to win. that is what we struggled with. we had chances down at the end. for us to come out and get this win today, it is huge for us. >> wentz and eagles finding a way to get the a win. oh, by the way, wentz could not find bradford he was
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looking for him to shake his hand. no where to be found. >> really. >> missed that part. >> all right. >> okay. >> thanks, jeff. we have developing news now out of south philadelphia where a gas leak has prompted evacuations of several homes. it is happening near tenth and christian streets, that is where "action news" reporter janet reyes joins us live with the very latest. janet? >> reporter: walter, dozens of resident have been evacuated after a gas leak was reported. i will step out of the way and taking a live look behind me that white home that you see. that is the home at center of all of this. right now crews of pgw and peco are frantically working to resolve the problem. the gas leak was reported just past 4:00 this afternoon, neighbors say a man hit the gas line while working on the the water here. he tried to hold the line together until crew is a arrived, neighbors on both side of the 11th and alter streets were evacuated as a precautionary measure. they grabbed what they could and then left. police say their response is
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significant just in case things take a turn for the worse. although at this point no injuries have been reported, and we're told that things are under control. but still people are a bit nervous. >> they told us very little. they said don't worry about it basically is what they have said. they told us we had to get out. that it could be bad. >> this poor gentlemen all the way upstairs from the bakery because that is where we come from and they won't let him go get his dog. >> reporter: just minutes before this newscast, we got word that he was able to get his dog. he walk by here and very relieved. officers really didn't want to take any chances. we are told that this should be resolved fairly quickly and these residents should be able to go back inside their home. reporting live from south philadelphia, janet the reyes for channel six "action news". >> thank you. a family doggies credited with saving the life of its owner and neighbors when a fire broke out this morning in port richmond. the "action news" reporter dan cuellar is live now at the
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scene with more on exactly what happened now, hi, dann. >> reporter: hi there, sarah. you know the saying a doggies a person's best friend and it proves true overnight for a woman in her 60's. the neighboring are calling the dog a hero to wake them up to let them know there was a fire. scene is a 3100 block of memphis in port richmond. 4:30 this morning, andrea block's doubt started barking. >> the doggies really protective of her. if you go past her house, it is all that kind of stuff. >> reporter: neighbors say it the is highly unusual for a dog to be barking. >> when i looked out bedroom window you could see the whole first floor was engulfed. >> reporter: they found the dog on top of her who was unconscious. >> the dog stayed on her chest the whole time, from being burned totally, you know. >> reporter: that is how fire fighters found her. >> yes, dog on top. >> reporter: she was rushed to temple university hospital, listed in critical, with burns over 50 percent of her body. fire fighters also used oxygen to resuscitate the dog.
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he is in an animal hospital in langhorne being treated for smoke inhalation. neighbors say that he is a hero. >> it is a beautiful thing, because i alms heard, stories of where animals would help save their owners. i never lived through one. now i have lived one. i have seen witt my own eyes. beautiful thing. >> i think it the is because of the dog being there, you know, that really saved her, and if the dog wasn't there she would be dead. >> reporter: with the dog barking. >> yeah with the dog barking. >> reporter: tell me about it. >> yeah, she would have been hurt. >> reporter: now spokeswoman for red paw emergency relief says that shay who was at least ten years oldies an will on pound mixed chow and golden retriever. they said it is still uncertain if he will survive because of the smoke inhalation and his age. we're live from port richmond, i'm dan cuellar for channel six "action news". all right, thanks, dann. off-duty police officer struck and killed a man with his vehicle this morning in west chester pike.
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it happened in east goshen township near chester hallow road at 6:15 a.m. investigators say the officer was on his way to work when it happen. he and a a bystander then tried to administer cpr but man didn't make it. police are asking anyone who witnessed the accident to call them, with information. this fiery scene in west philadelphia, was the end result of two cars colliding this morning. the driver of one of these vehicles is alive tonight thanks to the bravery of a bystander. investigators say woman was driving the vehicle that was struck by a speeding suv at the the intersection of the 53rd and chestnut the streets just before 7:00 o'clock this morning. vehicle then burst into flames. unidentified man was then able to pull would the man from the car and drag her to safety. the flames then ripped the awning the of the grocery store setting it on fire and forcing police to evacuate nearby apartments. injured woman and driver of the suv were both taken to penn presbyterian in stable condition. the campaign trail came through philadelphia, yet again today, as democrats work to solidify support for
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hillary clinton among women. vice-president joe biden, teamed up with the wife of the democratic vice-presidential nominee. "action news" reporter bob brooks has the story now from the spring garden section of the city report the report it is second day in the row for clinton campaign in philadelphia. doctor jill biden and ann holton, vice-presidential nominee tim kaine's wife. they called for community college of philadelphia, their speech focusing on equality for women. >> when i think of the incredible change that has happened just in my lifetime, it really amazes me, from equal rights to equal opportunities. >> reporter: in the work place and economy. >> sixty plus percent of minimum wage workers are women, many of them with children, many of them trying to get by paycheck to paycheck. so when we, when we, together increase the minimum wage we will be helping lift women and children out of poverty. >> it was also a chance to get to know holton personally. >> i didn't know a lot about her.
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i didn't know that she kept her own name she's not ann kaine which i think as a woman, in the work force abe everything it is really important to me. >> reporter: two speakers campaigned for democratic nominee for senator katie mcginty. the she's autopsy begins incumbent republican senator pat toomey. >> it delivers hillary a working majority, when kate i mcginty assumes that senate seat you here in pennsylvania have a lot of power. >> reporter: it was a busy day for two after rally here in philadelphia they made their way out to phoenixville for a rally there this afternoon. reporting from spring garden, bob brooks, channel six, "action news". six abc is hosting the final live debate, for the pennsylvania senate race, on monday night, join jim gardner and live debate from temple starting at 7:00 o'clock right the here on six abc. meanwhile donald trump is campaigning in another swing state, right now he is in naples, florida. the a experience comes as hillary clinton has jumped out to a double digit lead in a abc news election tracking poll. clinton now leads trump by two
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percentage points among likely voters in the new survey 50 to 38 percent. that marks her biggest lead to date in the race for the white house. world news sunday will have latest on the campaign trail coming up at 6:30 right here after "action news". much more to come on "action news" tonight a flight from philadelphia international is delayed after two unauthorized people access a plane, latest on the investigation. plus halloween goes to the dogs, in south philadelphia, we will take you to this a adorable mutt strut, melissa. and sarah a, plenty of sunshine today and touch milder on our sunday, mostly staying breezy as we start our workweek. that is on monday. then temperatures bottom out again. details with the accu weather forecast. and we will head to the link live with more highlights an reaction after the eagles and vikings get their first loss of the season. that and much more when "action news" comes right back. nearly three thousand miles - that's how far away
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a scheduled flight from philadelphia to boston was delayed this morning, after a couple gain unauthorized access to the plane. officials a say that the american airlines flight was set to take off at 8:00 a.m. but two hours before take off a man and woman walk through an unlock doorway to the jet bridge and simply grabbed two seats. airline officials figured out what was happening a short time later during boarding. foul play is not expected, in fact, the couple had tickets to that flight but became confused and somehow boarded through the wrong entry way.
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still the plane was deboarded and searched and another plane was used out of an abundance of caution. nearly a dozen men and women who used to be homeless celebrated a a major accomplishment today. action cam was in wilmington as they graduated from the cycleship program a sunday breakfast mission. the it helps establish a foundation to support themselves and to reconnect with family and communities. the graduates spent a year working to reach this milestone. along walk for a great cause today. hundreds of people in south jersey hit road to fight juvenile diabetes. they walked 3 miles around camden county college in gloucester township. organizers hoped to raise half million-dollar through this event, and money will be used to fund juvenile diabetes research. this event was mced by our very own, karen rodgers. ♪
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of tomorrow possible. jeff's back with sports now. it wasn't pretty. >> no. >> eagles were able to pull out this win against undefeated vikings. >> unreal, tough watching this but defensive coordinator jim schwartz says his job was to put out a fire. sam bradford and vikings were on fire until today. success. sam bradford returns with the best record and the best completion percentage in the nfl, but that would be before facing the eagles defense. bradford beat up the at the link. the hit 19 times. he was sent back to minnesota with his first loss. bradford, well, he was loved for carson wentz with you none for eagles fans. booed as he takes the field seven weeks after the trade. first quarter from the two, bradford picked off in the end zone, rodney mccloud hits bradford's first interception. eagles take over. well, not the for long. oh, no, carson wentz fumble with darren sproles. vikings recovered. you will not believe this. very next play, bradford gives it right back.
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connor barwin strips it, malcolm jenkins recovers. eagles/vikings combined for five turnovers and five straight drives in the first. plays later wentz pick off his second of the game. eagles third straight possession with the turn over. finally, someone holds on to the football, second quarter on the kick off. josh hoff to the house, 98 yards, first time in team history with kick off returns in back to back games. wow. eagles up by eight at the half. third quarter they put it away, wentz and dario green beckham and their first touchdown in weeks. eagles up 18-three. fourth and inches in the the fourth, math asiata, doh, you can smile, eagles win 21-ten handing bradford and minnesota their first loss. let's go live to jamie apody live at the link. you witnessed one of the most ugly eagles game you have ever seen. bottom line, they get a win ending that losing streak.
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>> we will take ugly. defense took this one upon themselves. and, they got some help by a little inside info. they polled carson wentz and chase daniel after some of the things that sam bradford didn't like that they did to him in training camp. they took some good notes the because the defense, six sacks, forced four turnovers, all added up to one big win. >> it was just, fun to watch, our defense today. that is a a defense that we expect every week, come forward. >> we knew, to win that game, we would have to show up defensively. they have number one rated defense coming into this game. we wanted to compete. we feel like we're best defense in the league. >> it feels real good. when we play together collectively as a defense and team. >> we had to stand up. we had four turnovers. you don't win too many games when do you that but our defense did unbelievable and kept us in the ballgame. >> much more on this huge win,
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the good, bad, ugly tonight on "action news" sports sunday. ducis rodgers will be joined by 97.5 the fanatic's mike miss until toy break it all down. coming up later tonight on "action news" in sports i will show you how eagles number one fan reacted in the first row, mike trout, very happy with this one. we will see video on that. eagles next stop, dallas. it does not get easier, jeff. live, jamie apody, channel six "action news". >> as much as bradford was hit the how about wentz, not the sacked at all. eagles three and zero at home out scoring teams by 61 points at the link. next up first place cowboys sunday night. odell beckham and giants they are not throwing punches on this trip to london. final minute, clinging to a seven-point lead. he is pick off by dominic rodgers cromartie, remember him, former eagles, giants win 17-ten. college football now, we are ranked. penn state rang in the top 25 for the first time in five years, nittany lions are
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number 24 in the ap poll after last night's improbable win. penn state upset second ranked ohio state scoring 17 unanswered in the final 15 minutes. first time in 52 years an unranked penn state team beat a top two team in the country. speaking of wins, union did not get one today but they do qualify for the playoffs. they are limping in the playoffs. they have not won since august. >> thanks, jeff. temperatures could fall again this week. >> meteorologist melissa a magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back.
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time for the accu weather forecast. today was a whole lot better then yesterday. >> yes, i mean yesterday we had whipping wind, and today it is milder but the wind are still a factor and it is staying breezy for monday, before we cool back down. we will talk about the details. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. it is dry. to issues with precipitation. we have had sunshine thanks to that westerly win. we will show you picture outside action cam was outside earlier today at penns landing. we are looking at ben franklin bridge you can see clouds and sunshine today. it does look like we will have more of the same as we start our workweek on monday. still, quite blustery in some locations especially with a westerly win. peak wind gusts reported at 45 . lancaster 40 miles an hour. the atlantic city 37. clocking in at 46 miles an hour today in reading and 32 miles an hour wind gusts
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reported in philadelphia. despite those blustery wind with a westerly wind, it was mild tore day. 11 degrees warmer in philadelphia then this same time yesterday. 9 degrees warmer in allentown. 9 degrees warmer for atlantic city and wildwood then this same time yesterday. temperatures, are currently in the 60's along i-95 cover cover. sixty-four in philadelphia after a high of 66. fifty-one in the poconos. sixty in lancaster a long the coast in cape may coming in at 63. down in dover in the lower 60's. here's satellite six with action radar. you can see we have a area of low pressure that was the low responsible for showers, and the wind, we had across our region yesterday. that low is a starting to depart but then another shortwave that is moving across the great lakes. this dips down to the south of our region as we go throughout the day, and tonight, and that could lead to some showers, north of the lehigh valley overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. the partly cloudy over next 12 hours, showers likely, well north of philadelphia. forty-four in allentown. forty-eight in lancaster.
6:26 pm
we will drop down to 52 in the city and 57 in cape may for overnight low. set up for our monday, we have an area of low pressure a shortwave that moves through overnight tonight. it is well off the coast as we get into monday afternoon. high temperature tomorrow, 63 degrees. still those breezes around. the gusting up to 30 miles an hour. then high pressure takes over. chilly high, on tuesday, so much cooler day, high temperature in a at 57 and plenty of sunshine nonetheless but temperatures should be in the lower 60's this time of the year. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, sunny, breezy on monday, high up to six 36789 then that cold front comes through monday night, so it is a much cooler day by tuesday, cool, crisp high temperature of just 57. could be some freeze likely overnight tuesday into early wednesday morning with our overnight low bottoming down to 37 degrees. five to 10 degrees below average on wednesday with a high of just 55. on thursday, mostly cloud which some late day rain developing, a high of 58. early shower on friday,
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otherwise, it is milder in at 63. sixty-five next sat the day with some showers possible. sixty on sunday, with clouds and sun. the not the that bad tomorrow. that breeze is around. then 50's coming back in our area. >> okay, melissa, thank you. finally halloween isn't just for kid, of course, four legged pets got in the halloween spirit early in south philadelphia. pet owners dressed their dogs up for tenth annual paws mutt strut, action cam spotted a super man snow white, a bum many bee and even elvis. dogs and their owners walked through navy yard to raise money homeless animals. world news sunday is next on channel six. don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we are back here again on six abc at is 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky, walter perez and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock. >> ♪
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welcome to "world news tonight." we're following a mass casualty event on an american highway. the tour bus ramming into a semi truck. at least 13 killed, dozens hurt. the highway shut down for hours. investigators now on the scene. fight to the finish. donald trump, losing ground in the polls. now, his own campaign staff acknowledging he's falling behind. all-out assault. the new offensive against isis, backed by u.s.-led air strikes. the fight to liberate the terror group's biggest stronghold in iraq. martha raddatz in the region tonight. dangerous ride. >> shots fired! >> a police officer taking a civilian on a ridealong when a traffic stop erupts in gunfire.


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