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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  October 23, 2016 11:35pm-12:01am EDT

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skversky, walter perez and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist. have a great night and a good week ahead. fun to watch our defense play. >> tiring and it is in. >> they tried to win the ball. interce intercepted. >> they held! they held! >> made him uncomfortable. >> yeah. yeah. >> crawford. he had the football. the eagles have recovered it. >> you know, the defense and special teams sparked it out. >> touchdown. somersault into the end zone. >> do you think against detroit and washington, the eagles just played down? i don't know. they have given up a total of 13
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points to the steelers and the vikings. >> this is a team that, two weeks in a row, got their lip bloodied a bit. >> we can be a great team and win a lot of ball games. to beat the vikings confirms what we do. ♪ announcer: this is "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi. thanks for checking in. welcome to sports sunday with mike missanelli. i'm ducis rodgers. all is right with the world, again. sort of. the the vikings 21-10. the eagles had four turnovers. is this a sign of a good team they are able to overcome that? >> they dominated. a matter of pride for them. they heard the hype about how great minnesota's defense was and they said we are going to
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shed something today. they did. they are back in the playoff race. where would the team be without the special teams? >> obviously, the play by josh huff was a great play. they set a mentality, also. doug pederson going for it on mid field. they converted that. they did convert it. they show a confident mentality. >> definitely show she's got good onions. >> yes, onions. let's get the full highlights now. for that, we go to jeff skversky. >> this week, all week long, jim schwartz says it's my job to put out a fire. bradford has been on fire, a perfect record and number one completion percentage in the nfl until the eagles doused him with six sacks and puts him out. sam bradford has love for carson wentz, but none for eagles fans.
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booed after he takes the field. first quarter, eagles fans love this. picked off in the end zone by rodney mcleod. his first interception of the season. welcome back, sam. eagles take over. not for long. wentz fumbled the exchange. vikings recover. the next play, the vikings fumble it back. malcolm jenkins recovers. eagles combine for five turnovers. wentz now picks off for the second time in the game. the eagles third straight drive with a turnover after an ugly and scoreless first quarter. second quarter, eagles finally hold on to the ball. the kick off. they were just talking, watch him go. huff is going to huff and puff and blow the roof off the house. 98 yards. first time in history, kick off
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in back-to-back games. eagles up by eight. the halftime score has been 11-3. third quarter, the eagles offense 21 straight drives without a touchdown. finally, wentz took green back on the first as an eagle and the first since the third quarter in detroit. eagles up 18-3. fourth quarter, bradford and the vikings make it a one-score game. the defense not up here. the vikings get two shots at one yard, third and inches, no. next play, fourth and inches. ma matt. eagles, a two-game losing streak is over. as much as bradford was battered and beat up, wentz not sacked once. not once did they get their hands on him. this is after a career high five sacks last week.
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the offensive line had their issues, but they kept wens dry. >> thank you very much. give the man his due. last week, you picked the birds over the vikings. all week you were saying the eagles would win. why? >> because it's crazy. from week-to-week, you never know what is going to happen in the nfl. this win establishes a homefield advantage. they have beaten pittsburgh and minnesota. they clamor to get the homefield advantage. maybe it's arrived. the defense was mind boggling the way they got after people. pressure on bradford. they hit him 19 times. that's a lot of hits on the quarterback. >> we'll hear more about the defense. right now, jamie apody has more on how our opinion of the birds keeps changing. >> reporter: last sunday, it looked like this team was going nowhere fast. 27 penalties between the two. a 3-0 record turned mediocre.
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this game changed all that or at least doug pederson said. >> i have always had a lot of confidence in the game. this is the type of team i have seen and hopefully you have seen, you know, in the first part of the season, but, like i told the guys in the locker room, you have to believe. you have to eliminate the penalties and the mistakes. you can see just how good you can be. >> for us to come out with a win, we found a way. that's what good teams do, find a way. we had chances at the end. for us to come out and get this win is huge for us. >> reporter: confidence is a magical thing. beating a previously unbeaten team and their previously unblemished quarterback who happened to be a previously unappreciated teammate feels good. >> it was one of those games. did a great job. all quarters they did a great job. we got to sam and made him
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uncomfortable. >> you don't have success if you don't play the way you want to. the winningest team in the league to come to your house. you have to throw your best game. it's reaffirming that everything we believe in, everything we work for and talk about doing is there. >> reporter: the trick, of course, is maintaining this. the eagles have the toughest remaining schedule in the nfl. it starts next week in dallas. back to you. >> jaime, thank you so much. still ahead, we give the eagles defense more love. how they were able to bounce back against minnesota. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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sunday. defense has been uneven, bounced back today. what changed? >> i think schwartz fot on them and showed the footage of the game. a great play there. graham was relentless. he blitzed more in this game. firing guys all over the place. you can see right there, blitzing from corners and safeties and stuff like that. i think it really confused bradford. it took his soul, his heart away from him. the players got back to the basics today. >> focused on ourselves.
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focused on the things we need to get better at. >> it feels good to know that we played together defensively as a team. i think brandon and connor took advantage of it. they are back on top. they did a good job of rushing the quarterback. >> we heard so much about minnesota's defense. can the eagles defensive be the best in the league? >> no. >> how it worked, we are leaping to that conclusion. they played well in this game. they are not the best in the league. they have a long way to go. they have a weakness and quarterback. they are banged up a bit. the depth isn't as good. the eagles had a good game plan against the vikings and former quarterback. we have more on that. >> reporter: how did the eagles stop a two-game slide? it's easy. use pressure, hit and sack sam
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bradford. sacked him six times by six players. not easy to do. what did schwartz do? blitzed him. that resersed a season long trend by schwartz. he only blitzed 14% of the time. that was an nfl low. he decided to blitz bradford and that's how the eagles won. what was bradford's problem in the game? our offensive line was soft, got overpowered. a safety beat a tackle to our quarterback. you can't win football games like that. he said bradford missed some throws he normally makes. bradford was asked about that, he said yes. he didn't blame his offensive line. coming into the came, with wentz and bradford, they down played the significance of the game. the eagles won this game twice,
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right? they won with the first round pick from the vikings in the trade shg then won it today. back to you. >> thanks, al. both the redskins and giants were in action today. that's always of interest with us. we'll check in, next. the way we played today was
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unacceptable. we did a lot of things we haven't done in the first five weeks. things we did today will keep you from winning football games. >> bradford had a bad day. carson wentz wasn't great either. 138 yards. one touchdown, two interceptions, the second straight so-so game. wentz says he's not worried. >> i have to be smarter with the football. for me, it's short term memory.
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can't dwell on it. if you do, it's going to bite you in the rear. >> mike, what concerns you most about carson? >> his fashion sense. the v-neck t-shirt and sports coat. he has to retire that look. put a tie on or something. he's losing his confidence a little bit. that's wearing me the most. he threw a couple balls behind guys, over their head. i hope he gets that swagger. i think he got chipped away in the game by the defense. >> more eagles take later. now, time for a check around the nfl. >> i like the jacket. i like carson's jacket. the eagles knocked off the last undefeated team in the nfl. things don't get yeezier in dallas. they have won five straight. the eagles have the toughest schedule the rest of the way. the redskins up. final seconds on the road in
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detroit. 60 seconds left. stafford, boldin, the redskins four games. the winning streak is over. they lose in the final seconds. the eagles move in front of washington. the eagles not the only team dominating today. new york gets a giant showing in london against the los angeles rams. four interceptions, two by landon collins, including this ridiculous 44-yard pick in the second quarter. watch collins go. ties it up at ten, plus former eagles dominique rogers interceptions, including this to steal it in the final minute. giants win, 17-10. they are 4-3. well, the best team in football, tom brady and the 6-1 patriots. among the worst team, kelly's 49ers. the most in franchise history. chip has now lost 18 of the last
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26 games. all right, the union officially qualified for the playoffs today for the second time in team history. the union are a mess. they have not won any of the last seven matches, including a 2-nil defeat in the season finale against the new york red bulls. union will open the playoff in toronto on wednesday. they have not won a match since august. what is that tom petty song? "free falling"? >> we turn our attention to the cowboys after this break. than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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forecast, sunny and breezy monday. a high temperature 63. cool and crisp tuesday, 57. five to ten degrees below average by wednesday with a high of 55. cloudy with rain thursday and 58. early showers on friday, 63.
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temple at home on saturday with a couple showers at home high of 65. back to you. >> thank you so much. mike, the cowboys are up next, next sunday night showdown. for the second straight week, the eagles get a team coming off the bye. >> how cool is it the dallas/eagle game is meaningful? i think dallas is good. their defense is surprising. that's the thing that stood out for me. the quarterback, obviously, prescott, it's going to be a showdown. prescott versus wentz. right now, i'm not feeling it, by the way. not feeling i right now. it could change by the end of the week. >> penn state is now ranked 24th in the country, following the stunning win over ohio state. what does it do for james franklin's job security? >> he can put an addition on the house. the for sale sign is going to be
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taken down. this is a job saver for him. he knows it. look at that. it was stunning they won that game. i watched that game. i couldn't believe they were hanging in there. their defense played out of their minds. again, the eagles defense, most surprise thg weekend. >> recruiting for him. >> a great deal. you win a game like that and that atmosphere had 100 recruits to the atmosphere. he's going to get a lot of them. >> good stuff. the eagles will take on the dallas cowboys sunday night football. that's our show tonight. for the entire sports sunday crew, i'm ducis rodgers. thanks for watching. see you back here next week. i'll get you dancing... ♪
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