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tv   World News Now  ABC  October 24, 2016 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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this monday morning on "world news now," polling data and how it's not looking good for donald trump. >> the new abc poll shows a jump for clinton nationally, but it's where they stand among women and minorities that could be the difference in the election, now almost two weeks away. details straight ahead. battle overseas, iraqi and kurdish trooped backed by american air power are closing in on the last isis stronghold in iraq, but isis is still putting up a fierce fight. a report from the front lines on the dangers american soldiers face, and the biggest battle that's still yet to come. hundreds of women took to the streets in rhode island in yoga pants because of comments made by a neighbor. hear what he said that prompted the protest and why women said it got a strong reaction. gearing up for a date with
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destiny. the chicago cubs make it to the world series for the first time in a lifetime, and their championship drought rived by the indians. going to see how the two teams match up and see why teams hope to finally end the winless reign of the billy goat. it's monday, october 24th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> what a reaction to the victory. >> yes. in fact, they are still partying. those were sanot from saturday night, but live from wrigleyville from two minutes ago. >> could be. we begin with a big boost for hillary clinton opening up a 12 point lead in the latest poll. >> double digit advantage atraited to disapproval of trump. he rallied supporters in florida over the week and repeated claims that the system is rigged and broken, and during a rally in north carolina, clinton called on democrats and republicans to work together. >> president obama was also on
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the campaign trail in las vegas, both blasting trump and making a pitch for clinton and nevada's democratic senate candidate. it's your voice, your vote. here's abc's mary bruce. >> reporter: hillary clinton took her message to church sunday. >> i won't tell you who to vote for. >> reporter: the democratic nominee looking confident, antetracking poll taken after the final debate shows why. she's now ahead by double digits, up 12 points over rival, donald trump. >> my opponent thinks belittling women makes him bigger. that may be who donald trump is, but this election is about who we are. and what we believe. >> reporter: clinton, sunday, targeting the battleground state of north carolina where she'll make her first joint campaign appearance with the first lady, michelle obama, later this week. >> you people in naples, you have a lot of energy.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, trump focuses on florida, but fighting accusations of sexual misconduct. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: as trump pledges to take the accusers to court, a new woman has come forward, adult film star, jessica drake, says trump kissed her and two other women without consent two years ago. abc news is unable to confirm drake's allegations. the campaign insists this claim like the others is untrue and say it's trump's right to sue the women. >> he's just trying to defend himself against false accusers, as he said, saying those incidents never happened, but yet they are covered in the media every day. he can't get fair coverage. >> reporter: the new poll shows 69% of voters don't like the way he's handling ak saaccusations sexual assault, and 59% don't believe his claim that the vote is rigged. mary bruce, abc washington. more on troubling poll
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numbers for trump. >> trump appears to be losing ground in some of the strongest areas, and clinton's lead is being driven by women voters. here's the details. >> reporter: hillary has a 20-point lead among women, a high water mark for her 55-35, and among men, she's winning within the margin of error, 44-41. if the numbers remain anything like that, you could be looking at not just a loss, but a blowout. keep in mind, he's losing dramatically, not surprisingly, among non-white voters. hillary clinton with 58% among nonwhites. the support among whites, only has a lead within the margin of rer other, 47-3. keep in mind that mitt romney won white voters by 18 points in a race he lost. the horrifying bus crash in southern california leaving 13 dead and dozens hurt. the bus slammed into a truck in the early morning hours.
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>> reporter: investigators scrambling to determine the cause of the massacre on a southern california highway. >> in almost 35 years, i've never been to a crash where there's been 13 confirmed fatal accidents. so it's tough. it's tough for all of us. >> reporter: just before dawn, a tour bus from a casino slammed into the rear of a semi truck. emergency crews racing to the rescue, pulling over 30 injured out, some in critical condition, survivors believing all the passengers were asleep at the moment of impact. officials saying most of the 13 killed sitting near the front of the bus. >> the bus was traveling significantly faster than the tractor trailer that it struck from behind. zbhr the force of the collision so severe the bus careened 15 feet into the bed of the truck. this is all that's left of the truck behind us here. from witness accounts, it appeared the big rig swallowed that bus. officials saying there were no signs that the drive hit the
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brakes. highway shut down for hours as crews identify victims and clean up the scene. the bus driver among the fed. the tour bus company with no history of mechanical problems. there's so many questions for the loved ones waiting to hear back from the chp as to who was on that bus. they still have yet to identify the victims, and we talked to a couple family members here who are waiting to find out if a mother and grandmother survived. abc news, california. >> such horrible images there from the desert in southern california. we move on now to a man hunt that's underway in oklahoma for an armed an dangerous suspect wanted for shooting two police officers. the wanted man is identified as michael vance, recently released from jail for child sexual assault. he opened fire on two officers with an ak-47, carjacked a woman, and shot her. all the shooting victims are expectsed to survive, however. in central california, police are looking for people who fired more than a dozen
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rounds at app officer's patrol car trying to pull them over. the incident caught on police dash cam. the officer was not hurt, but a civilian in a ride along was injured when the windshield shattered. the tsa is investigating a s disturbing breach at the philadelphia airport. two people walked on a flight up authorized because the plane was unlocked. the two passengers had ticket to the flight, two hours early, no boarding passes, and all passengers were taken off the plane and put on another plane. the father and daughter who boarded early were not detained and do not speak english. a car crashed into the building, and witnesses said it sounded like a bomb went off. the driver swerved to avoid another car and lost kror before the crash. thankfully, no one was seriously hurt, and the minister continued to service to, he said, thank god it was not worse. at&t's plan the takeover the
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time warner faces criticism from democrats and republicansment regulators would have to sign off on the glr $85 billion deal, and mes of congress want to look at it closely. donald trump says if he's elected, he would not approve it. there's no comment from hillary clinton as of yet who has expressed misgivings about other corporate megamergers. a rhode island man in the downward dog house of criticizing women for wearing yoga pant. they responded by hundreds of women protesting in a yoga pants parade, passing by his house. >> oh, man. >> a local newspaper publish his comments say women over 20 shouldn't be in yoga pants. he said it was a joke, but the women were not laughing. they sate it was against men trying to dictate how women should dress. >> guessing he's not sharing the joking opinions anymore. >> exactly.
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must have been a boring trip or maybe the movie that was on at the time was bad? >> i don't get it. >> watch what happens when the dvd logo hits the right corner of the screen here. this team on the bus went wild. >> you'd think they just won major. apparently, the screen saver, if you watch it, it bounces off from wall to wall and never lands in the corner. someone who claims to be on the bus, they waited 45 minutes for this to happen. >> guessing no one brought a dvd? >> it is a frustrating thing back in the days we had dvd, pause it, and that thing floats around, and you can just, like, get lost just watching it. >> feel such a strange sense of satisfaction when it lands in the perfect place. >> never thought it hit that corner. it's the little things. >> the video's gone viral.
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other people are feeling one with their reaction. >> understandably. coming up, the world's showdown that's decades in the making. the chicago cubs won their first national league pennant in 71 years and now facing off against the cleveland indians who have not won a world series themselves in 68 years. >> okay. so they are overdue. overseas, stakes are high for the u.s. led coalition in the battle to retake mosul from isis in iraq. what ash carter says about the progress of the mission, and do you remember you can find us on facebook at, twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural
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police in northwest france are expected to demolish this makeshift migrant camp this week. at least 8,000 people are said to be living at the camp from places like syria, afghanistan, and ethiopia. over the week, migrants clashed with police ahead of the expected relocation. to the front lines of operation inherent resolve. the international campaign to retake the city of mosul. >> iraqi and kurdish troops
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backed by american air power, apparently closing in on the last isis stronghold in iraq, but isis is putting up a fierce fight. martha raddatz has the latest. >> reporter: a hard fought week of territory regained from isis. >> the largest scale any army has undertaken from probably our push to baghdad in 2003. >> reporter: front lines west of the river and north at the mel tear base, 30,000 kurdish and iraqi troops moving towards the final prize with the aide of u.s. artillery and air strikes. but resistance has been fierce. morta mortars, automatic weapons and squads of suicide bombers. even isis armed drones here shot down by kurdish forces.
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visible from space, bomb craters and the smoke of war. isis blew up oil wells and sulfer stocks in a fact try for cover, air so toxic, some iraqis dawning hazmat gear to keep going. amid violence, celebration too. villages and victorious iraqi soldiers mac the end of the terrifying reign of isis. >> you cannot guess when will they take you at night. >> reporter: church bells in the village outside mosul rang for the first time since the extremist takeover. it's not come without cost. dozens of iraqi forces believed killed this week and one american. navy chief petty officer jason hit by an ied. the first u.s. death since the operation began. secretary of defense ash carter
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addressing u.s. troops here about the loss. >> there is no more serious responsibility for me and nothing i take more seriously than putting americans in harm's way. >> reporter: there's more than 5,000 u.s. service members in iraq. 500 are out on the ground with the iraqis. i sat down with secretary carter here in northern iraq and asked him about the dangers the americans are facing. >> make no mistake, whether they are flying airplanes overhead or whether they're advising units on the ground, even behind the front lines, they are at risk. it's also important to everybody understand that we must do this. we have to protect ourselves from isil. they intend harm to our country. >> reporter: how would you assess the progress? >> i'm enconceuraged because it going according to plan. isil will surely be destroyed. >> reporter: the biggest battle,
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however, yet to come, the most hardened isis fighters, an estimated 5,000 digging in for the last stand in mosul. it will come at a high human cost, the injured, the dead, and the displaced. this refugee camp outside mosul already humming may face a million displaced before this is over. despite progress in the first week, retaking mosul will take many, many months, and the aftermath will be even more complex, something the next president will have to deal with day one in office. >> coming up in the next half hour, new developments in the search for a young hiker missing for nearly a week in the oregon wilderness. first, reversing the curse in chicago. the cubs celebrating the first national league pen napt in seven decades. look at the tears. now the bigger challenge they are facing. you're watching "world news now." "world
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zblmplgt it's a showdown most baseball fans thought they'd never see in their lifetime. >> the chicago cubs celebrate their first national league pennant in 71 years now facing against the cleveland indians who have not won the world series since 1948. >> reporter: the lovable losers are finally winners. champagne shower uncorked in the locker room. tears in the stands. >> it's, like, hard to believe. i'm, like, in shock. this is my first time here, and i love seeing the cubs win. >> reporter: after a 71-year drought, the cubs head to the world series, winning the pennant for their long suffering fans. >> the city's been hungry for a moment like this, and so excited to be part of the team that gives them the opportunity to
3:21 am
see a chicago cubs team in the world series. >> reporter: could it get better? one of the celebrity fans caught up in the fever. the last time they made it to the fall classic was 1945, truman president, gas was 21 cents a gallon, and a loaf of bread was 9 citizen. it was at that last appearance that they cast a curse on the team after he and his smelly pet goat were kicked out of the game and the curse of the billy goat was born, a curse the die hard fans believe it broken. >> amazing, a lifetime in the making. >> friends lining up to take a picture at the marquee here. winning in 1908, and taking on the cleveland indians who's last world series win was in 1948. the stakes high across the board here. alex perez, chicago. the cubs have not won since
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1908, the indians 1948. >> history will be made. >> we didn't have an income tax then.
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time for "the mix," starting with nostalgia. ready to be old? >> okay. >> the ipod is celebrating its 15th anniversary. they are 15 years old. remember the commercials? the dancing silhouettes with the white ear buds. >> this was everything. >> so yesterday, the ipod turned 15, and to take you back, remember the original ipod cost $399 featuring a 5 gigabyte -- >> $399? >> yep. 5 gigabyte hard drive holding a thousand songs, which at the time was unbelievable. you'd show friends. a thousand songs, and it fits in my pocket. >> i was one of the people who held on to the boom box saying, nope, nope, nope. this thing is never, ever going
3:26 am
to catch on. >> take your lithium ion batteries, i have any dds and good to go. >> your whole stack of dds. >> highest capacity model in 2014, 160 gigabytes. >> a little ipod tribute, first song ever played on an ipod, supposedly, something called grove jet. >> what is that? >> i don't know. by the fillers. >> anyone? no one? no one. >> no? >> not even jack. >> no. >> yeah. okay. so a little of history being made right now, and it is awesome. so the girl scout cookies, of course, are coming out, and they are coming out with cereal versions. girl scout cookies teaming up with general mills to bring you girl scout cookie cereal so thin manipulates and caramel crunch
3:27 am
as cereal. what took so long? >> tagalongs immediately. >> why not on inso-- >> it's available for order in january. >> we need cuteness in the mix here. this halloween dog parade was held saturday, and -- >> this is adorable. >> look at superman. >> very cute. >> hot dog. >> hot dog. >> yeah. yeah. >> i think i like these better than the adult costumes. oscar the grouch. >> scram, i see. >> oh. the rat. a new york city rat. >> that's smaller than the actual rat. >> so this is cool. check this out. a father has a home surveillance system here in florida, and he noticed something creepy taking place, and turns out, it was his son that he caught on camera jumping around in the middle f
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this morning on "world news now," the final push, hillary clinton and donald trump campaigning hard in the next two weeks in key battleground states. the new abc news poll showing how trump's controversies may be helping clinton. president obama stumping for his choice of successor with tough words for donald trump. a crash on a california freeway leaves 13 people dead after the bus plowed into the back of a tractor trailer. the severe damage of the truck is offering clues into what caused the accident. police clash are protesters by shooting down the drones. >> act vis activists are trying to prevent the building of a pipeline, what happened, and why police targeted them. it's another one. dee jay, the superstar sharing hashtags documenting the birth
3:31 am
of his son. is this the moment snapchat users say tmi? either way, we will bless it on this monday, october 24th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> happy to have another opportunity to say bless up. >> trying to use it more and more. >> a catch praise, and trying to make it yours as well. >> and another one, but that gave me the keys to say bless up. >> there you go. >> another deejay moment there. let's talk about politics a moment. we'll get to the deejay, fascinating snap chatting over the weekend, but hillary clinton vaulting ahead o a double digit lead with election day now just over two weeks away. >> a poll tracks hillary clinton up to 50% and 38% for donald trump. they are fueled by disapproval for trump. >> the republican nominee is
3:32 am
spending another day in florida as the campaign acknowledged for the first time he's behind. david wright is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: as he starts to swing through the must-win state of florida, donald trump is appealing to women voters in particular. >> so we're setting records with men, but i want to set records with women. i hate to tell the men this, but if i could swap, i'd swap you out so fast. >> reporter: the manager acknowledged it's not easy for him to close the gap. >> we are behind. she's some advantages like $66 million in ad buys. >> reporter: showing 65% of voters disapprove of accepting clinton's presidency as legitimate. >> i think we're going to win. >> reporter: at a speech, trump outlined the vision for the first hundred days of trump
3:33 am
america. >> it's a contract between donald j. trump and the american voter. >> reporter: but he is still mired in battle threatening revenge on women accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: his opponent is not letting up. >> to go to gettysburg saying he's going to sue women making accusations against him. >> reporter: snl mocking trump's claim the election is rigged. >> mr. trump, it's become very clear you're probably going to lose. >> correct. all of the newscasters are making me look so bad. >> how are we doing that? >> by taking all of the things i say and all of the things i do and putting them on tv. >> reporter: democratic vice presidential no, ma'am know calls trump is sore loser, but that's, obviously, premature.
3:34 am
frump has an aggressive campaign schedule fighting hard in the battleground states all week long. david wright, abc news, new york. the latest wikileaks released 6 hacked e-mails revealed how hillary clinton's campaign strategized to court black voters. they are believed to be stolen from the campaign chairman show staffers were worried that bernie sanders might appeal to african-americans and concerned whether clinton should give a speech on race relations. she did deliver a speech in harlem on racial disparities. a fundraising swing in california today after stumping for clinton. the president pitched for down ballot candidates saying the crowd had a winning hand with clinton and slammed donald trump and republicans for driving the birth movement and other lies. >> donald trump didn't start it. he just did what he always did, which is slap his name on it, take credit for it, and promote it.
3:35 am
that's what he does. >> the president said republican lawmakers stood by and said nothing about the comments because it gave them a political advantage. officials trying to determine the cause of a horrific bus crash in southern california. 13 killed and dozens injured when the bus slammed into the back of a slower moving truck. the bus was returning from a casino sunday morning and passengers were asleep at the time. there was utility work going on, and traffic was periodically slowing down. >> we'll tell you the speed of the bus was so significant that when it hit the back of the trailer, the trailer itself entered about 15 feet into the bus. >> unbelievable footage. the bus driver was among those killed, and most modern busses have black boxes, but this bus was 20 years old so may not have had one. overseas where iraqi forces advanced five miles within mosul. it's the fifth day to retake the
3:36 am
second largest town in iraq from isis. there are more than 5,000 u.s. service members in iraq, 500 are out on the ground with the iraqi, and secretary of defense was in iraq talking about the dangers. >> make no mistake, whether they are flying airplanes overhead or whether they are advising units on the ground, even behind front lines, they are at risk. >> carter says the battle is going according to plan, and that the noose is tightening around mosul. the site of a proposed pipeline in north dakota, police opened fire on a drone used by the activists as it got too close to a law enforcement helicopter and passengers on board, quote, feared for their lives. more than 200 people have been arrested since demonstrations started there in august. and that that you're seeing there is a flaming rv on the
3:37 am
major bridge connecting delaware and new jersey. flames and smoke seen for miles and caused traffic delays last night. the cargo? 50,000 worth of marijuana flavored can day. a total loss. the weed world can day's vehicle was headed to philadelphia at the time. no one was hurt. strange, a bunch of people showed up for the contact high. in sunday night football, the seattle seahawks and arizona cardinals had to settle for 6-6 tie. it was fascinating. not really. first, this 24 yard kick bounced off the left upright. yeah. then the 27 yard attempt by seattle was wide left, 7 seconds remaining, this attempt blocked, in a stunning play by bobby wagner, and nfl's last tie was two years ago. it was an offensive-like showdown. in this weekend, over in the u.k., home of the english rugby, you had the giants who were
3:38 am
playing the los angeles rams. the quarterback there for the rams, four times there was an interception on the way to a 17-10 victory for the giants. not one of the interceptions run back for a touchdown. you see the sort of day he had. >> ouch. >> late in the game, ensured the third straight loss for the rams. nascar news, joey lagano wins in talladega, but he qualified for the championships already. deny hamlin second, and two tied in points, and hamlin advanced on a tie breaker. we cover it all. wait, pro-basketball players turn coaching, there's another sport. on to basketball now. >> oh.
3:39 am
>> and golf by the way. 7'6" yao loves to hit the greens. >> he met up with a golfing legend who is two feet shorter than him. he's human. >> he makes everyone around him look tiny, though. >> exactly. >> that woman there is 7'0". >> look at him. look at him next to someone who is actually a bit closer to his size. so, you know -- >> amazing. >> nope as being a big guy at 6'0", and even next to him, this is what john daly looks like. >> wow. >> the pitching wedge is 45 inches long, an inch longer than most players' drivers. i don't play golf. i don't know what that means, but i'm sure that's really, really long. compared to what it's supposed to be. >> i wonder if it actually helps his ball get further down the green.
3:40 am
now we know what he's doing in retirement from the nba. >> and the size of his driver. >> yeah, exactly. coming up, another unbelievable temper tantrum. >> why bieber stormed off stage in a concert last night and what happened during the show? the rest of it at least. the story is in "the skinny." terrifying police ride along for a civilian passenger. this is what happened when a chase erupts in gunfire. >> you can see the shots there. here's a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by mucinex. yeah, that stuff only lasts a few hours. or, take mucinex. one pill fights congestion for 12 hours. no thank you very much, she's gonna stick with the short-term stuff. 12 hours?
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confirmation of second s confirmation of second stage capture. >> with that, the international space station is again receiving supplies from orbital atk and launch facility in virginia. the delivered 5,000 pounds of food and research materials and other supplies. back here on earth and to oregon, the search called off for a missing hiker from portland. the 21-year-old andy smith last seen a week ago. investigators don't suspect foul play, but may have got lost or injured. the search is expected to resume, if there's any credible leads to develop. a man hunt underway outside a fresno, california after a traffic stop erupted into gunfire. >> all of this happened while a
3:45 am
police officer brought a civilian on a routine ride-along at the time, and it quickly turned terrifying. >> reporter: 4:30 a.m., the california police officer with a civilian guest in the patrol car on a ride along tries to pull over a silver mazda. at first, it's pulling over, but veers away and takes off. >> he's not stopping? >> we have a pursuit. the officer behind the wheel turns on the sirens, now in full pursuit, then? >> he has a gun! no, no, no. >> shots fires. >> reporter: turned right, and a volley of shots from the passenger side. >> shots fired! >> four shots fired. >> are you okay? >> rolls to a stop. >> reporter: the photos show the patrol car's shattered window, and just how close the shots came to hitting the officer and the civilian. the police officer was not hurt r. the civilian in the car suffered minor injuries from flying
3:46 am
glass. the suspects got away and are on the run. abc news, new york. >> yeah, the suspects abandoned their car and ran away on foot. one civilian said, stop the pursuit. >> they found the car shortly -- close to where the officer saw it, but unbelievable, seeing the bullet holes and the glass that no one was seriously injured. >> very, very fortunate. when we come back, bieber's latest tantrum. president obama caught on video doing something we have not seen him really do in the last eight years. getting down to drake's hotline bling. the skinny's next. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
we are so happy to start monday skinny with a complete and utter meltdown on stage by justin bieber. >> so, yep, another tantrum again during a concert, this time in manchester, england last night after being booed for telling the crowd to stop screaming. this is what happened. >> he did drop the mic at least. >> not quite the way we intend it. >> or just throw it on the floor? fans on twitter were not happy. concert goer ws impatient with the star talking to the crowd,
3:49 am
and just wanted him to sing. >> he returned to the stage to finish, but fans tweeted to say he refused to speak to the crowd for the rest of the show. >> you can't win. you want him to stop talking. you told him to stop, right? >> he comes back and doesn't talk anymore. >> yeah. >> that's fine. >> like he complied with the wishes of his fans -- after storming off. >> i give him a pass. >> at home on camera, president obama getting down. >> getting down. the president was recorded jamming out to drake's hotline bling with usher, and while hosting the bt love and happynd. oh, look at his moves. does he keep the card with the moves? >> it was an afterparty. he did dad dancing moves. intentional or --
3:50 am
>> i think it happens automatically for the president. on top of it all, the president was joined on the dance floor by usher, and that was the president's final musical event at the white house and did warn the crowd beforehand there would be no twerking that night, at least by him. he was saying back in the kennedy administration that they would have people twisting, and that was a big deal. >> oh. >> it's the equivalent of twerking. >> did they do the twist? >> oh, man, that's crazy now. that's cray. a star studded salute to bill murray. >> the mark twain prize of american humor. and true to form, he couldn't resist stealing the show from up in his seat in the balcony. >> this is happening right now in washington, d.c.!
3:51 am
the 51st state in the union. >> so highlights from the award ceremony will be on pbs on friday. and finally, sharing the joy of childbirth on snapchat. >> only like he can. going through the birth of his son this week through a string of clips, which added together and amounted to ten minutes of incredible footage. >> but there was this moment, the most touching of them all as viewers say. >> baby's here! beautiful. >> that's your son. he's quiet. >> that's my son. oh. >> he kept the delivery room rocking with a mix of tunes from reggae to islamic tunes and samples from -- >> a lot of it was his.
3:52 am
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♪ speaking of best friends, nothing quite makes best friends like a little boy and a little dog. >> no. but this morning, we're hearing about a particular pairing that's been a long time in waiting, and brought tears to many who witnessed it. here's abc with more. >> reporter: here it is. the moment that ky, the boy, meets tornado, the dog, and, yes, it's a big moment in the life any kid this happens to, but why in that moment did the dome cry? it starts with this fact about her all-american kid. >> he was 4 when diagnosed with
3:56 am
autism. >> reporter: meaning a particular challenge connecting with people, playing with other kids, not easy, nor did conversation, but he showed a knack for a different kind of communication. >> we go to the play ground, and he would seek out interactions with dogs specifically opposed to people where he was having a harder time. >> reporter: enter who tornado, trained from birth to be with kids can autism, trained to be loyal. here's why the mom cried. >> seeing him immediately when he laid down, and in that relationship being reciprocated back to him was just -- it was breathtaking. >> reporter: because now they are friends, and in ky, that shows. >> he seems so much more content. he seems more fulfilled. dog, inseparable.
3:57 am
abc news. >> amazing how they just hit it off like that immediately. >> and they said nay waited over a year since his diagnosis to come to this point, but you see the immediate bond between them and the mother's reactions, just so touching. >> absolutely. the entire family traveled from japan to ohio for that moment, and it was worth it. fantastic there. there was another interesting scene in massachusetts, by the way, and a teenager there back on the field thanks to the generosity of boston marathon bombing vick ims. >> 13-year-old tommy lost his leg in a boating accident two years ago, but two bombing victims' brothers presented him this month with a $5,000 check for a high-tech prosthetic leg. >> and now? as you can see, he's back on the field, breaking in that new leg. cool stories. all right. don't miss updates on facebook at >> stay with us. more news coming up right here on abc. >> stay with us. more news coming up right here on
3:58 am
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4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- the battleground focus of hillary clinton and donald trump. our new polls show trump has ground to make up. only 15 days to go, the strategies both are deploying. more on the the deadly bus and truck crash. the horrific death toll and injured now recovering. and breaking news this morning, a fiery plane crash. the aircraft going up in flames seconds after takeoff. late word of european officials on that plane. and shots fired, caught on camera. an officer and hi guest chasing a car in a police cruiser when the passenger of that car opens


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