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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 26, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, fighting until the final bell. donald trump going after everyone, even telling vice president joe biden to bring it on and he's seizing on the rising costs coming to obamacare. plus, hillary clinton riding high as she celebrates a birthday. many of us are bracing for a blast of cold air. here where the freezing temperatures are right now plus snow in the forecast for the northeast and unrelentless rain on the west coast. a woman pulls out a gun and fires on a group of people just feet away. and the cleveland indians take game one. it was a dominating performance on the mound. shutting down the cubs plus the senior who predicted a cubs world series in his yearbook 23 years ago.
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should we hit him up to see who wins the presidential race. >> i would like to know the lottery numbers. good wednesday morning to you. we begin with donald trump on the attack this morning seizing on obamacare as millions of americans brace for a dramatic spike in premiums. >> this as hillary clinton provides confidence and caution. trump is taking direct aim at the media, president and vice president and abc's angelica spanos is here. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump is still maintaining the system is rigged, that president obama is a phony guy and even went as far as warning supporters about voter fraud in major cities. now, he's hoping all that works because he's spending the big bucks this week with his most expensive advertisements yet. with 13 days to go and armed with fresh political ammunition, donald trump is taking on obamacare. >> together we're going to
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deliver real change that once again puts america first. that begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obamacare. >> reporter: this after it was revealed that health care premiums will rise substantially next year. the nominee also taking i'm vice president. >> you know when he's mr. tough guy when he's standing behind a microphone himself. he wants to bring me to the back of the barn, oh. >> oh, thank you. >> reporter: meantime, hillary clinton supporters wish her a happy 69th birthday. in florida, clinton hammering trump for his attacks on democracy itself. >> donald trump is attacking everything that has set our country apart for 240 years.
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>> reporter: helping fellow democrats in florida win, while still attacking her rival for his unwillingness to respect the outcome of the election. >> and i have serious doubts about whether donald trump even understands what that means. in america we don't say we're going to keep you in suspense about whether we will respect the outcome of an election. >> reporter: and clinton's getting a boost from a top republican, former secretary of state colin powell. powell says he'll vote for her saying she has the temperament and stamina to be president. >> they're trying to get all the high-powered voters they can. angelica spanos, angelica, thank you. hillary clinton is spending a second day in florida where she'll hold two more early voting events and tim kaine heads to pennsylvania after the grand opening of a d.c. owe
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hole. trump has stops in washington, d.c., charlotte and kinston. a hacked e-mail appears to show an aide to hillary clinton was concerned that president obama could be linked to her e-mail controversy. the e-mail believed to be sent to clinton's campaign chairman says clinton had e-mailed the president from her nongovernment address. but the white house says the president had no knowledge of where clinton's server was or what type of arrangement had been made regarding her e-mails. millions of americans in the northeast are waking up to the first freeze of the season. the 70s and 80s of last week are long ago memory. these numbers, hard to watch. below freezing in burlington, boston and d.c. 32 in new york city and boston and weather system that is moving in tonight into tomorrow will likely bring snow to upstate new york as well as new england. take a look at the radar. those storms still pounding the west coast mostly in the pacific northwest but by the end of the week they're expected to move south giving beneficial rain to
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california as far south as los angeles potentially. ending the fight against isis an elite unit of the army is a mile from mosul, the city still held by the terror group. the u.s. trained force moved in from the east through a region which once held christian residents before isis took over. meanwhile, the u.s. led coalition is setting its sight on an isis stronghold in syria. defense secretary ash carter says preparations are already under way to invade the city of raqqah. the coalition wants to make sure extremists forced out of mosul don't take refuge there but they caution it's unlikely both would be conducted at the same time. new developments in the case of national guard members asked to repay bonuses. house speaker paul ryan is leading other lawmakers in calling on the pentagon to suspend efforts to recover that money. president obama has ordered the investigation into the case, fed up but the white house hasn't backed a waiver of the
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repayment. the defense secretary's promising to resolve the issue. a deadly amusement park accident in australia is now having repercussions in the u.s. bush gardens has closed a similar ride. both rides sent participants on circular rafts down a river into a pool of water but four people died in australia when one of those rafts bumped another and flipped over. and with the cleveland cavaliers celebrating their world championship right across the plaza, the cleveland indians got a little closer to their. >> doing so 97 steps away there at the "q" and shut out the cubs, 6-0 in the first game of the world series. some cubs fans showed their colors at last night's game. >> we have a lot of respect for cleveland fans and so far they've been pretty respectful to us. we're here to witness history. >> even through the mask.
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tonight's start time has been moved up an hour because of the threat of rain. we'll have full highlights of last night's game later this half hour in sports. still ahead, why apple sales are down for the first time in 15 years. a woman pulls out a gun, opens fire on a group of people at a park. the dramatic shooting caught on camera. plus, the selfie by justin timberlake that nearly had him under investigation. how the picture is now highlighting an election law in many states you might not know
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check out this high-tech drug tunnel that was found between the borders of mexico and the u.s. the 563-yard-long passage was equipped with ventilation and lighting. the tunnel also had rails. apparently used to push loads of drugs through. it began in tijuana but
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officials did not reveal the exact end point in california. the high-profile sheriff of phoenix has been charged with contempt of court for ignoring a judge's orders. sheriff joe arpaio is expected to plead not guilty and face a trial in early december. arpaio is up for re-election to a seventh term in november. police searching for a killer in oklahoma saying he had a hit list and intended to kill up to eight more people. he shot two officers with an ak-47 and carjacked vehicles. people on the hit list have been offered police protection. vance was last seen on sunday and authorities say he may have died from his gunshot wounds. owners of nearly half a million volkswagens will get a payoff. the largest auto scandal settlement was green lighted
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giving owners full trade in values for vehicles fitted with software designed to fool diesel emission tests and spew excess pollution. the $10 billion buyback could begin next month. there aren't enough people buying at chipotle. the chain is still struggling of e. co e. coli outbreaks. the co-ceo insists they are recovering with more efficient food production lines and order taking technology as well. despite apple's refresh iphone 7 shares of the company slipped nearly 3% after posting its third successful quarter of declining sales. a girl who survived a plane crash. hear how she survived. a youth league football coach accused of putting an dull on his team. what exactly tipped them off.
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the long lasting scent of gain flings it's being called the world's first commercial delivery by a self-driving truck and with precious cargo no less. 45,000 cans of beer. anheuser-busch worked with otto for the trip across colorado. there was a professional driver on board the entire time just in case. and it made it there thankfully with all the beer intact. there should be no weather problems for those driving across colorado today. do watch out for wet roads in the northwest and along the northern california coast and roads will be wet in much of the midwest around the great lakes and there could also be some minor flooding and even light snow. if you're flying airport delays most likely in chicago and detroit. this year's ugly election rhetoric has many rethinking the use of schools as polling
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places. >> some are moving them to new locations. others canceling classes on election day. and election officials have another concern this year. the increasing desire to take selfies everywhere. but not every state allows them in voting booths or near voting booths for that matter. abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: should voters think twice before posting a selfie at the polls? on monday justin timberlake posted this writing i flew from l.a. to memphis to #rockthevote. no excuses. that voting selfie that could land people in hot water. in tennessee where timberlake cast his ballot voters are prohibited from taking photos or videos inside. timberlake appears to be in the clear. the district attorney tells abc news no one in our office is currently investigating the matter. >> it's very likely anyone will
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be fined or go to jail over that but best not to risk it unless your name is justin timberlake. police in florida searching for an armed robber caught in a chilling video. it shows a woman approaching the group and gets a victim's purse but still fires a shot hitting a 12-year-old boy in the stomach. the victims toss their wall lahores and phones and scatter but still she fires seven more shots. a 20-year-old woman and 17-year-old male suffered graze wounds that 12-year-old boy is recovering after surgery. in neighboring georgia, a little girl is describing her survival in a plane crash. 8-year-old london buckley was with her grandfather when their small plane went down in henry county and landed in trees. she suffered multiple broken bones and is now recovering at an atlanta area hospital. now, london says she didn't know if she would live or die. she describes the moment after the crash. >> i can still picture it in my
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mind, just the plane turning and then like i feel like i passed out. >> well, she might be able to go home as soon as this weekend. london's grandfather is recovering from broken bones, as well, that were suffered in the crash. a youth football team in rhode island has been disqualified from the league indefinitely after an apparent ringer was sent to the field. a man appearing to be about 18 years old was captured briefly playing in a game meant for 13 and 14-year-olds. one outraged parent said you could clearly see his facial hair and arm tattoos. the team's founder calls the coach's decision to send him in disgraceful. >> maybe it was the man bun. a lot of men playing sports last night in cleveland. >> and we get details from espn. good morning, america. i'm wearing purple because the lakers opened their season on wednesday. they're right across the street. find out what happened tuesday. let's start with the nba
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champion, the reigning champs, cleveland cavaliers raising a banner. they have this one dude lebron james, you may have heard of him. stop looking at my lemonade. the knicks may be james had a t. cavs won by many. down the block from lebron james' playground the cleveland baseball stadium. game one of the world series. jon lester pitched well but not well enough. jose ramirez. no play for kris bryant. bases loaded in the first, 3-0. top seven. andrew miller, i mean, this guy is just -- i'm just going to leave it at that. he's just. and then perez made a 3-0 game a
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6-0 game. his second homer of the game. cleveland wins in baseball and cleveland wins in basketball and cleveland has the rock & roll hall of fame. there's no better place to be right now than cleveland. >> up next in "the pulse," the yearbook prediction from 23 years ago about the world series that might be coming true. and momma monster riding shotgun. lady gaga in "carpool karaoke." this is humira helping to relieve my pain test test symptoms. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened,
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yearbook that in 23 years the cubs would win the world series. so we'll see. >> we'll see if michael lee knows something we don't. >> he actually predicted 2016, world series champions. you heard it here first. >> well, there was "back to the future" last year that predicted last year would be the year for the cubs. we'll see how this works out. whatever your favorite team, you may want to thank cleveland indian shortstop francisco lindor. taco bell promised one if someone stole a base. last night in the bottom of the first, lindor did just that. >> cash in on my free taco. some would do anything to have their love story told. >> but a new bride and groom recently made it into "the new york times" vows column were the victims of an embarrassing journalistic error. the paper got mart of the story wrong. it misstated the number of stones in the engagement ring.
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>> "the times" printed a correction saying it was nine stone, not seven. >> ah. we wouldn't want to make that mistake. next to lady gaga who goes for a ride on the late late show with james corden. >> a perfect rendition of "perfect illusion". ♪ it was a perfect illusion mistaken for love ♪ ♪ mistaken for love >> into it, james gets. >> even more than the singers. >> and play acted a fake telephone conversation with corden playing the role of an executive. >> then it was all about fashion. >> hi. >> what are you doing early next year? >> oh, my gosh. are you talking about the super
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bowl? >> yes, it's amazing you even knew that from that small bit of information. do you want to do the super bowl next year, the halftime show? >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> i think she said yes. >> then at one point she also took the wheel. >> which is scary because she just got her license. all right, more news after this. (becky) i've seen such a change
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>> ♪ >> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell. it is 4:27. it is wednesday morning. we're following breaking news here on "action news." the coroner has been called to the scene of a fast moving overnight fire in chester county. a wild scene in delaware. a shooting leads a driver to crash into a pole. taking a live look on sky6. there it is, the ben franklin bridge, delaware river. a freeze warning is up for much of the area and meteorologist, david murphy has the chill you're waking up to this morning and the warmth you'll be waking up to later this week. we'll check the um packet of overnight construction with karen rogers and traffic and also the self driving beer truck. >> ♪ night's defeat. >> but still just getting to the world series has been a lifetime wait for many cubs fans.
4:28 am
but for two of those fans it's only been four months. jacqueline driscoll from our station in springfield, illinois, has the story. >> reporter: it's the curse of the billy goat that many cubs fans blame but maybe they just needed a good luck charm or two. >> as a superstitious cubs fan i'll put some correlation there. >> reporter: clark and addison mcfarland, recognize the names. that's the intersection where wrigley field stands. >> into the evening hours. >> reporter: scott, clark and addison's dad says he's a lifer growing up watching the cubs with his grandpa. his wife was converted from the south side. >> she started out as a white sox fan when i met her at western and took her to wrigley one time and converted pretty easily. >> reporter: after months of trying to decide what to name their twins, the idea of clark and addison was given to them by a friend. >> a friend of ours mentioned this idea and it was around
4:29 am
opening day and we joked that, you know, the cub also need all the help they can get. >> reporter: even their birthday, june 27th, 2016 foreshadowed just how influential these little bundles of joy could be for chicago. >> they were born on a very good night where kris bryant broke a record by hitting three home runs and two doubles and, you know, they've only been around for four months and the curse has been broken. >> our thanks to jacqueline. >> dad hoping that good luck from the twins rubs off during this world series. >> yeah, but cleveland, the official twitter account for the police department already talking trash said the missing persons report has been filed for the offense for the chicago cubs. >> ouch. that's what's making news in america this morning.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 a.m. on this wednesday october 26th. >> we're following breaking news. the coroner is on the scene of a house fire in chester county. >> detectives in philadelphia are investigating a recent string of crimes in center city. we'll have a live report on word of a crackdown. >> let's take a live look now from sky6. it was one of our coldest nights of the fall so far. accuweather is talking about freeze warnings and frost advisories. >> we'll get to karen rogers and traffic in a moment. first up dave murphy and accuweather. good morning. >> and that is the big story this morning. temperatures have dipped down close to the freezing mark and even


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